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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  April 25, 2019 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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you don't have to keep a secret. >> if you don't know you can't ruin it. >> have fun if you're watching it tonight. >> as we said, plan that large drink carefully because it's 3:01 long. good morning, america. breaking news as we come on the air, joe biden announces his run for president in a dramatic video. he calls the race a battle for america's soul. just moments ago the former vice president makes it official. joe biden jumps into the white house race with a direct shot at the president. >> i cannot stand by and watch that happen. >> calling out trump on charlottesville and hate. biden's message about america and our future as he launches his bid for president. also this morning, that wicked weather on the move. at least three reported tornadoes and deadly flooding hitting the south. the incredible rescue. good samaritans saving the life
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of that driver. now the new alerts as the storm barrels east. breaking overseas kim jong-un and vladimir putin face-to-face for the first time, inside their high-stakes summit on nuclear weapons and what putin plans to tell president trump. measles emergency. the outbreak now officially the worst in almost 20 years. nearly 700 confirmed cases coast to coast. and now the new warning from the cdc. a new twist in the college admissions scandal. how lori loughlin will try to stay out of prison and the message now from another star who faced a high-profile court battle, martha stewart. ♪ go big or go home and we're live in nashville where the nfl draft is about to get under way. nearly 300 players, one dream, all waiting for their names to be called. ♪ go big or go home and good morning, america. and good morning to robin in nashville. all set to host the first round of the nfl draft tonight. what a big day ahead, robin. >> if i had a cowboy hat, i'd
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tip it to you right now, george. big day for the players and the nfl too celebrating its 100th anniversary. this is a moment these athletes have been waiting for since they were probably playing pee wee football, cecilia. >> big moment there, robin. we're all looking forward to following you all morning long. it is also a big moment here for former vice president joe biden. he just released that announcement making it official saying he is running for president. robin, you'll sit down with him soon. >> yes. i'll head to pittsburgh for that. i will sit down with the former vice president and his wife, dr. jill biden. that will be next week and looking forward to that and he has a lot to say and can't wait to hear what he has to say, george. >> that is coming up next week. robin, this morning, the announcement, he made it official moments ago. kicking off that presidential campaign. i want to go straight to our senior national correspondent terry moran. good morning, terry. >> reporter: good morning, george. joe biden spent 36 years in the united states senate in this building, but he spent a lot of
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time thinking about running for president. he's run twice before and today he jumped into the 2020 race with a bold appeal to bedrock american values. joe biden jumping into the 2020 race for president with a stark and stunning video announcement. images of white supremacists marching in charlottesville framing his vision of what's at stake in this election. >> we're in a battle for the soul of this nation. the core values of this nation, our standing in the world, our very democracy, everything that has made america america is at stake. that's why today i'm announcing my candidacy for president of the united states. >> reporter: biden is taking direct aim at president trump. >> but if we give donald trump eight years in the white house, he will forever and fundamentally alter the character of this nation, who we are and i cannot stand by and watch that happen. >> reporter: and the former vice president is sounding a theme of progressive patriotism pledging a fight on first principles. >> we can't forget what happened in charlottesville.
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even more important, we have to remember who we are. this is america. >> reporter: this morning's announcement coming after months of speculation as biden's campaign in waiting was clearly ramping up. but he's been thinking about it for decades. his late son, battled brain cancer and he urged his father to run. he is the 20th democratic hopeful. and while he is a deeply familiar face to americans he's been in politics for nearly half a century, under president obama dubbed affectionately uncle joe, his old school, up close and personal political style could also be a liability. several women came forward this year describing unwelcome physical contact from biden like touching and kissing. they didn't accuse him of sexual harassment but say it made them feel unequal. biden promised to change with the times and change his style. >> the boundaries of protecting personal space have been reset
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and i get it. i will be more mindful and respectful of people's personal space. >> reporter: so joe biden will pair his message of fighting progressive populism with a rebuilding the middle class message. one of his first events will be at a local teamsters union hall in pittsburgh, that lunch pail labor union politics he's championed so long. >> he'll focus on taking back pennsylvania, but what a choice by the former vice president, the first word in the video is charlottesville taking on president trump directly and the comments that president trump made coming out of charlottesville. want to show more of the video right now. >> some very fine people on both sides. very fine people on both sides? with those words, the president of the united states assigned a moral equivalence between those spreading hate and those with the courage to stand against it, and in that moment, i knew the threat to this nation was unlike
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any i had ever seen in my lifetime. >> you know, most of the other democratic candidates have had to spend more time speaking about themselves. as you pointed out, biden so familiar to so many in america. he can go straight to the general election in some ways. >> reporter: that's it exactly. this is a message that unites all democrats and it's an important message for democrats. donald trump injected a new kind of nationalism into american politics, some would call it a reactionary nationalism. make america great again. biden is trying to frame a progressive nationalism that sometimes democrats have been reluctant to make that kind of argument. he is going full bore on it. >> he sure is. terry, thank you very much. wow, a brand new race this morning. >> a very crowded race and already weighing in. see if he can catch up with the fund-raising out there. a lot of people already have a lot of money. >> the first 24 hours is really important with the fund-raising. >> yes and we will see those numbers later. also, former vice president biden will be on "the view" tomorrow, and robin will interview he and his wife on tuesday. we turn to those deadly storms tearing through the
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south. reported tornadoes and pounding rain leading to flooding. abc's marcus moore is in dallas with the very latest. good morning, marcus. >> reporter: cecilia, good morning. this deadly storm produced tornadoes and dumped several inches of rain. take a look at the spillway behind me. usually it is very calm here in dallas, but this morning, it looks like a raging river. overnight at least two reported tornadoes ripping through texas, this laundromat in st. augustine gutted. the brick walls completely torn down, and the gas station in ruins. the dark funnel cloud forming over the campus of texas a&m. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: later a twister touching down in bryan blasting out the windows of this home and destroying others. the roof of this barn partially torn off. that same storm dumping rain and sparking flash floods across the state. some parts receiving more than half a foot of rain. in austin this truck overturned in a ditch. rapidly filling with water. watch as these good samaritans band together to flip that truck over. >> oh, my god.
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>> reporter: freeing the young driver trapped inside, but for others, tragedy. a woman and her two children killed when their car was swept away by floodwaters. the severe weather impacting thousands across the state and affecting travel. dallas-ft. worth airport reporting 373 flight delays and at least eight cancellations. and at least one school district here in texas has canceled classes here today because of the severe weather, and after two days of severe storms, they are just hoping for a break in this region, janai. >> thanks to marcus. you can see the water behind him. now let's go to rob with the latest on where that storm is heading next. rob, good morning. >> good morning, janai. at least texas getting a break but as you can see the slow-moving system still in louisiana as mentioned louisiana tech hit hard across the northern part of the state an this watch in effect for the next couple of hours as they make their way off towards the east. let's time it out as it pushes east down i-10. we look for severe weather from new orleans over towards tallahassee, biloxi in the mix. likely just strong winds with this but can't rule out a
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tornado. certainly some large hail, and this entire system moves up towards the northeast, and it's going to be a bit of a mess here throughout the day tomorrow, george. more on this later. >> thanks, rob. we go overseas to that first ever summit between north korean leader kim jong-un and russian president vladimir putin. the two american rivals meeting after president trump and kim hit a wall. our chief global affairs anchor martha raddatz has the details. good morning, martha. >> reporter: good morning, george. president trump has touted his friendship, his love for kim jong-un, but this morning, kim has a new friend, vladimir putin. just a short time ago, the two leaders both obsessed with their images on the world stage, toasting one another and their shared friendship with kim presenting putin a large, golden sword. putin made clear he supports the u.s. efforts to completely denuclearize the korean peninsula, but how they get there is the sticking point. talks broke down between the u.s. and north korea after the second summit in hanoi.
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president trump insisting there will be no sanctions relief until the north makes significant progress in de-nuclearization. kim wants a more step-by-step process. putin said this morning that kim is ready to move forward with talks, but he needs strong security guarantees to do so without explaining exactly what that means. cecelia? >> a lot of questions there. martha, thank you. we turn to this race to contain the terror threat in sri lanka after those easter bombings. this morning, the father of two of the suspected bombers is now under arrest. a abc's james longman is there in columbo with more. good morning, james. >> reporter: good morning, cecilia. the hunt goes on here for more suspects as catholic churches suspend all public services for fear of more attacks. 6,500 troops are now on the streets along with 2,000 air force and navy personnel. a successful businessman has been detained who authorities say helped two of his sons carry out these atrocities. one of them runs a copper factory where the bombs may have
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been made. nearly 350 people are now confirmed dead, and the pressure is mounting on the government to explain how it could have missed repeated intelligence warnings. a standoff is brewing with the president, asking for the resignation of the defense secretary and police chief. both have yet to do so. there are fears of a backlash against muslims. dark clouds are still hanging over sri lanka. janai? >> all right, james. well,now to that dangerous new milestone in the growing measles outbreak. it's now the worst in the u.s. in nearly 20 years. the cdc says 695 measles cases have been reported in 22 states. abc's gio benitez is at mt. sinai hospital in new york where they're battling this head-on. good morning, gio. >> reporter: that's right, janai, good morning. new york city has some of the most cases in the country and now experts are concerned about how long these outbreaks continue. this morning, it's a record-breaking outbreak. measles, one of the most contagious infectious decides
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-- diseases spreading across the country in the worst outbreak since 2000 when measles were eliminated from the u.s. nearly 700 cases have been reported, mostly impacting unvaccinated children who are among the most at risk for serious complications from the virus. >> they'll have high fever, things that are bad that can lead from measles are enreceive -- encephalitis, which is inflammation of the brain, and they can get bad pneumonia as well. >> reporter: meaning infants like 6 month old walter who are too young to receive the vaccine are in harm's way. >> i don't know where he got it from but his immune system is compromised. >> reporter: his mother says walter spent more than a week in the icu after rashes spread across his little body last month. >> it's really frustrating. i mean being walter's age, they rely on herd immunity. they're too young to get vaccinated. >> reporter: the contagious infection hitting adults too. 390 reported cases in new york city including two pregnant women. >> getting measles when you're pregnant is also extremely dangerous. it could affect the baby
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adversely, as well. >> reporter: all right, so let's talk about vaccines right now. doctors say children should be getting them around their first birthday with a booster between ages 4 and 6. they say they are very safe, very effective at 93%. cecelia? >> can't say that enough. gio, thank you. turning now to a police confrontation caught on camera that's raising new questions this morning. a police officer is accused of usiing excessive force against 22-year-old woman, and she's now speaking out. steve osunsami is in atlanta with more on this. good morning, steve. >> reporter: good morning to you, cecilia. we don't see what happens before the officer pulls this young woman over. police say he was responding to a hit-and-run and the police chief this morning says he is disgusted and embarrassed by what happened. >> driver's license, proof of insurance. >> reporter: tuscaloosa police are putting sunshine on this routine traffic stop that turned violent. >> tell you what, go on and step out. >> reporter: police body camera shows one of their officers
7:14 am
making an arrest friday. >> are you serious? have you lost your freaking mind? >> reporter: 22-year-old jhasmynn sheppard is begging the officer not to arrest her. as she turns around it's not clear how, but she ends up on the concrete with the officer on top of her. >> they know what they did was completely uncalled for. >> reporter: sheppard said they used excessive force. >> my face was in the ground. i can't even breath. i'm telling him to get up. i can't breathe. so i'm grabbing. >> reporter: people passing by recorded this cell phone video showing a second officer joining in. one of them beating her with a baton. >> oh. >> reporter: here's what one says when the beating is over. >> send medical this way. >> please, please. >> no. shut your mouth! >> if you do anything other than what you're told to i'll kick you in the teeth. do you understand me? >> reporter: police are investigating. >> i was disappointed in the officers. i was disgusted by what i saw, what i heard and i was embarrassed by it. >> reporter: they've charged this woman with leaving the scene of an accident, resisting
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arrest and assault but because of this video authorities are now considering dropping the charges. cecelia? >> wow, it's stunning video indeed. okay, steve, thank you. now to that big day in nashville. the nfl draft football fans will be watching every moment on the edge of their seats to see if and when their favorites get picked. robin is hosting the first round of the draft tonight. back again, hey, robin. >> hi there. we are celebrating also the 100th year of the nfl here in nashville and this is a city that knows how to throw a party. i'm just going to say that. tonight, 32 athletes will start the next chapter in their lives to become professional football players. a total dream come true. >> reporter: tonight, elite athletes will be on the edge of their seats, waiting to hear their names called as millions of fans anxiously watch every minute of the nfl draft. this year all eyes are on kyler murray. >> kyler. >> reporter: the projected
7:16 am
number one pick. >> kyler murray of oklahoma university. >> reporter: the oklahoma quarterback, the heisman trophy winner, is such an amazing athlete that he already has a major league baseball deal. the draft always puts quarterbacks in the spotlight. remember when peyton manning was a number one pick in 1998 going on to win two super bowls but you don't have to be picked first to be dubbed the greatest of all time. this guy turned out to be the 199th pick, but tom brady has managed to pick up more than a few rings over the years, but quarterbacks won't be the only stars in this year's draft, with a lineup heavy on defense. keep your eyes on nick bosa at 6'4", 267 pounds, you can't miss him. for this ohio state defensive lineman, football is the family business. his brother is currently in the nfl and his father and uncle played too. quinnen williams, roll tide, as
7:17 am
a defensive lineman at alabama, winning the outland trophy this season for being the best at his position. and usually does this after he has a sack and has had more than a few. will he have them in the nfl? we'll find that out. more on the nfl draft from here in nashville throughout the morning. and in our next hour, we're going to include the story of a young man who says all of his success on and off the field is thanks to his mother and he can't wait to share his inspiring story. i know you would think, yes, off the field she inspired him and helped. also helped him on the field as well. we'll explain. >> little bit of a tease right there. >> looking forward to that one. >> thank you. a lot of other stories we're following this morning as well including a new twist in that college admissions scandal. lori loughlin right there gave insight into her defense strategy. the big question is will it keep her out of prison? martha stewart has a message for her. plus this morning, selena gloe gomez is getting candid about
7:18 am
her health and a difficult year. the new interview ahead. first back over to rob. good morning, guys. let's talk about this storm that's so slow moving, painfully slow. but these are the fresh pictures that just came in. first time i'm seeing it out of ruston, louisiana. this is where that suspected tornado looks to be. there's certainly damage, potentially a strong one and getting some reports that there could be some people injured so we'll be updating that throughout the day. cedar park, texas, near austin, look at this yesterday. look at the wind blowing the rain sideways, up to 60 miles per hour. we had torrential rains with this and saw the flooding across texas and wind not helping. a lot of wind energy with this. it's now marching down i-10. we mentioned that, and the severe weather threat from baton rouge to new orleans, into nashville will get rain during the draft and rain getting more heavy tomorrow afternoon in through tomorrow evening. pretty strong squall line coming across i-95. time for your hot cities brought to you by febreze fabric refreshener.
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look what's back. good morning, i'm abc 7 news meteorologist mike nicco. yes, the cool sea breeze, so the record highs are over. this will turn into lahazy sunshine and stick at the coast a little thicker. mid to upper 60s coast in san francisco, mid-70s around the bay, lower 70s inland. lots of kids running around here today. >> i love it. >> we'll be right back. >> we'll be right ba.
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which may worsen kidney problems. i discovered the potential with ozempic®. ♪ oh! oh! oh! ozempic®! ♪ ask your healthcare provider today about once-weekly ozempic®. good morning, east bay. hi, good morning. i'm jessica castro from "abc7 mornings." in just about a few hours, su y sunnyvale officials are scheduled to provide an update on yesterday's crash three hours from now. they have arrested 44-year-old isaiah peoples. starting today, you can get a ride today from vta. nine bay area transit agencies are taking part in the celebration, and b.a.r.t. is handing out some free tickets for rides to some passengers. you can get a $20 ticket and use
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you're going to notice a difference when you step outside. cooler conditions this morning. a lot of 50s out there, and we've got the return of the sea breeze. coastal fog if you're commuting this morning. comfy and warm everywhere else with a light breeze. here's my 7-day forecast. a holding pattern for tomorrow, then the cooling will commence again saturday with temperatures
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finally back to average, sunday, monday and tuesday of next week. new reports about lori loughlin's defense strategy in that college admissions scandal. that's coming up on "good morning america."
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advil is... relief that's fast. strength that lasts. you'll ask... what pain? with advil. here goes nothing. >> welcome back to "gma." that is a man that needs no introduction, bond, james bond, thank you so much played by the one and only daniel craig. >> this morning we have got a very exciting exclusive announcement about the new film. are you excited about it? >> i am. >> was daniel craig your favorite? we got a special guest joining us live. you don't want to miss it. >> coming up in just a little bit. we have a lot of headlines we're following including joe biden who made it official. he's running for president.
7:31 am
he announced with a dramatic video that takes on president trump and calls for a battle for america's soul. deadly storm is on the move heading for the gulf coast at least bringing three tornadoes. dangerous flooding. just moments ago, there he is, prince harry made an appearance with duchess kate. they attended a special service at westminster abbey all coming as we wait for the royal baby and the nfl draft starts today. robin kicking it off in nashville. hey, robin. >> nfl royalty, nfl royalty here in nashville, tennessee. thank y'all for getting up bright and early and joining us because this is a huge night. it's the 100th anniversary for the nfl. these young men have been looking forward to this moment all of their lives and we'll share more of their stories coming up a little later. george. >> we are looking forward to that. right now the latest on the college admissions scandal. this morning a first look at lori loughlin's defense strategy. reports she and her husband are planning to argue they didn't know the activity was illegal. abc's whit johnson with the details.
7:32 am
good morning, whit. >> reporter: good morning to you. facing possible prison time, lori loughlin and her husband refused to take a plea deal like other defendants including actress felicity huffman. multiple reports now suggesting the couple will fight back arguing they didn't know they were allegedly breaking the law. this morning, new reports hinting to a possible defense for actress lori loughlin and her fashion designer husband mossimo giannulli pleading not guilty to charges of fraud and conspiracy in that college admissions scandal. a source close to the couple tells "people" magazine they just didn't realize that what they were doing was illegal adding they gave money to this consultant not entirely knowing everything that was going to be done. >> you've worked very hard for your success. you should be proud of yourself. >> reporter: the "full house" star, allegedly funneling nearly half a million dollars to the scheme's mastermind rick singer in order to get her daughters into usc as bogus recruits to the crew team. court documents highlight a
7:33 am
wiretapped phone conversation set up by law enforcement agents between singer and loughlin, in which the two apparently agreed to hide their story from the irs if they happened to call. singer saying nothing has been said about the girls, your donations helping the girls get into usc to do crew even though they didn't do crew so nothing like that has been ever mentioned. loughlin eventually responded, so we just have to say we made a donation to your foundation and that's it, end of story? singer, that is correct. >> i don't really care about school as you guys all though. >> reporter: loughlin's daughter, olivia jade, got into the school as an athlete despite never participating. just this week laura janke a former assistant coach at usc, accused of working to create fake athletic profiles for students including olivia jade agreed to plead guilty. the case highlighting examples of wealth and privilege in america. martha stewart who once served prison time for lying to federal authorities weighing in to "entertainment tonight." >> i feel sorry for them.
7:34 am
they might have made a bad mistake. >> reporter: that mistake putting loughlin and her husband in serious legal jeopardy. following the scandal this week usc just announced sweeping changes to its admissions process including reviewing athletic candidates on three different levels and auditing athletic rosters. george? >> whit, thanks very much. we have dan abrams here right now. we all hear from when we're young ignorance is no defense but in this case it may be? >> well, look, you can't say i didn't know the details of the wire fraud law and therefore that's the defense. but you can say as anyone would in this kind of case, i didn't know -- i didn't intend to do it. i wasn't intending to misrepresent or to defraud, et cetera. and intent is a requirement. meaning prosecutors will have to show that they -- in essence knew what they were doing and they were doing it on purpose. >> the facts may get in the way. her husband sent those rowing photos and money directly to the
7:35 am
athletic director. >> yep. that's right. but i would say two things to that. first of all, we need to treat them as two separate defendants. everyone wants to lump them in together and say the couple this and the couple that. they're going to be tried -- they're going to each have their own attorney and will each have their own defenses and one may be different than the other. she may say i didn't know he was doing it, et cetera. and the second piece of this is that they're still going to have to show that they knew what they were doing meaning i think the defense is going to be it sounds like, yes, i was sending in money, i didn't know exactly what it was for. it's not a strong defense for him. but i think that we're getting to a point where everyone is so angry at them and these other defendants that we're losing sight of the real legal defenses that would apply to anyone in this situation because they have had the book thrown at them as a legal matter. >> which is why it's still hard to imagine a deal? >> well, look, it sounds like a deal would require prison time and it sounds like it would be between a year and two years and as a result i wouldn't be
7:36 am
surprised if they say, you know what, let's roll the dice because even if we're convicted, we don't think a judge is going to give them ten years and so the worst case scenario you don't know what it's going to be, maybe would be five years. it's a big difference but you know what, but the reality is i can see why at least she may say, i don't want to cut a deal. doesn't mean it won't happen but it's not crazy. people are treating it like the defense is crazy and crazy she's not pleading. none of it is crazy. >> okay. an dan abrams, thanks very much. a powerful message of support to jayme closs who saved herself from a kidnapper. now six survivors of some of the most infamous kidnapping cases in america are speaking out offering hope in a new lifetime documentary. abc's linsey davis is here with this story. good morning, linsey. >> reporter: good morning, cecilia. they all share agonizing pasts at the hands of abductors but managed to triumph over the most harrowing of circumstances and in this lifetime special called
7:37 am
"smart justice," elizabeth smart who was abducted for nine months brings together six women to help jayme closs and survivors in general. >> i was kidnapped and held captive for four days. >> four days. >> 18 hours. >> two days. >> 17 days. >> 3,321 days. >> reporter: they are all survivors of some of the nation's most notorious abductions brought together by elizabeth smart to share messages of strength and hope to encourage 13-year-old kidnapping victim jayme closs. >> i remember hearing the news and thinking, she did it. another one of us got away. >> jayme survived the unsurvivable. >> nothing prepares you for being kidnapped and nothing prepares you for life after. >> reporter: closs was held captive in 21-year-old jake patterson's remote cabin for 88 days before managing to make an extraordinary escape. >> she was walking towards me crying saying you gotta help me.
7:38 am
you got a -- gotta help me. >> when i first heard about jayme, i was heartbroken. >> reporter: denise huskins whose 2015 abduction was dubbed the gone girl abduction. after police initially called it a hoax. urging closs not to dwell on regre regrets. >> it's hard not to reflect back at what you could have done differently. >> reporter: and gina dejesus one of three held captive by ariel castro in that cleveland house for a decade, also participating. >> that's 14-year-old gina. >> now you're a powerful woman. >> reporter: this sisterhood of survivors bound together by shared experience. >> it doesn't define who you are. >> exactly. >> it shapes you. >> it made me become a really strong woman and made me become a really strong mother. >> i'm just going to hug you for a second. are you okay with hugs? >> smart says that her hope is that any survivor could watch and walk away feeling that they
7:39 am
are not alone and that they can overcome whatever has happened to them and to closs specifically what happened to her has changed her life, it doesn't have to define it. "smart justice: the jayme closs case" airs saturday on lifetime. >> so powerful. from that group of women who have survived what they have been through, and really they're the only ones who have that perspective. >> such a poignant message for survivors in any case. >> yeah. linsey, thank you. coming up, selena gomez is getting candid about her therapy and her difficult year. it's a new interview coming up next. interview coming up next. just for a shot. or with neulasta onpro... ...patients get their day back... be with... ... family... ...or just to sleep in. strong chemo can put you at risk of serious infection. in a key study... ...neulasta reduced the risk of infection from 17%... 1%... ...a 94% decrease. neulasta onpro is designed to deliver... ...neulasta the day after chemo... ...and is used by most patients today. neulasta is for certain cancer patients
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7:43 am
back now with selena gomez. in an interview she opens up about seeking help for depression. and how she got through a difficult year. chris connelly in los angeles with the story. good morning, chris. >> reporter: good morning, george, and in doing so, selena gomez is again using her voice the way an increasing number of pop performers are, speaking forthrightly about their mental health issues and the help they're getting to address them. ♪ so let's be crazy >> reporter: she's one of the planet's pre-eminent pop stars speaking candidly about her mental health opening the window into the issues that last year led her to seek treatment for depression and anxiety. >> last year i took a lot of time off. i think that i needed a moment to myself. >> reporter: the 26-year-old singer and actress on a new podcast advocating for treatment. not only for herself but for others as well. >> i am a believer of therapy.
7:44 am
one of my friends asked me, you know, i want to start going to therapy and i said, it's good. like just tell me how your first experience goes. i said to her, you have to just give it a month. >> reporter: she's now hoping her candor will inspire others to get the help they need. >> i do think that it's helped me understand myself and my childhood a lot better. >> i personally could not be more delighted that selena gomez is speaking out about her mental health, about her treatment. it is doing volumes to reduce stigma. >> reporter: she's among those performers opening up about their inner struggles and their need for self-care. earlier in the week this from britney spears spending what she calls me time at a wellness facility. >> my family has been going through a lot of stress and anxiety lately so i needed time to deal. >> reporter: last month justin bieber on instagram explaining his decision to sit it out for awhile. i am now very focused on repairing some of the deep-rooted issues that i have as most of us have so that i don't fall apart.
7:45 am
also on social media, bebe rexha earlier this month of, the vocalist, bravely sharing her diagnosis with her 1.3 million followers. i'm bipolar and i'm not ashamed anymore. >> people are benefitting from celebrities talking about their conditions. the average person is more likely to see a professional about it. >> reporter: the hope now that this new candor will preserve the well-being of entertainers and the fans who look up to them. george? >> it can make a big difference. thanks very much. good for her. >> yes, so impactful. those millions of followers who end up seeing those messages on instagram and twitter. good for them. well, coming up, the "play of the day," and this song is a clue. ♪ i'll be living one life for the two of us ♪
7:46 am
7:47 am
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♪ back now with our "play of the day" and take a look. that's louis tomlinson's new music video for "two of us." the former one direction member just unveiled it, featuring 83-year-old richard green. both of them recently lost loved ones so louis decided to take richard on an epic bucket list adventure. you see it in the video and whipped around in a race car, flipped upside down on a roller coaster. richard even gave louis a tattoo. he also -- yeah, piloted a helicopter, did incredible things. when louis said he did well richard replied saying, we're still in one piece anyway.
7:50 am
finally louis invited richard to perform on stage in front of an arena. take a look. ♪ >> wow. >> and louis said he didn't know how he would do but he smashed it. the crowd went wild as you heard there. so has the world trending with more than a million views and it was just put out yesterday. >> looks like some things ended up on his bucket list that he didn't know were on it. >> exactly. had a lot of fun and you almost get teary-eyed watching it. very sweet. >> that was great. >> that was fun. coming up, that big james bond announcement right here on "gma." we've also got much more ahead with robin in nashville and a big surprise for some football fans. all right, time for our fans. if you have moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis, month after month, the clock is ticking adducci on irreversible joint damage. ongoing pain and stiffness are signs of joint erosion.
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all right, time for our "gma" moment. yes, this is a little tiny squirrel crawling up the leg of a police officer in syracuse, new york. no harm, no foul. he gives it a go. climbs a little bit then decides he'll go down maybe and fall and anyway this went on for several minutes. nobody got bitten. had a good laugh. similar things may happen on gm "good morning america" for a number of reasons. this weather segment sponsored by geico. coming up, tory johnson is here with amazing "deals & steals" for mother's day on bedding, jewelry and more and it's take your kids to work day. that's when it's going to get crazy. they are taking over "gma." stay tuned for that. more local news is coming up next.
7:55 am
"good morning america" is sponsored by microsoft surface.
7:56 am
good morning, south bay. good morning. i'm jessica castro from "abc7 mornings." mike nicco has our forecast. >> it's back, look at that. the cooling down, the sea breeze. that means the record heat is easing. it will still be warmer than average, 60s around the bay, 67 in san francisco. the cooling begins starting on saturday. we have a slowdown on highway 4. we have a disabled vehicle reported past bailey. delays continue here in the new normal, westbound 580 at the
7:57 am
richmond-san rafael bridge. about a 35-minute delay, unfortunately. that's due to the emergency road repair. preparing you for mother's day bargains every mom will love. we'll have another update in about 30 minutes. you can always (dad) this ice cream cake needs a freezer. (mom) freezer's full. (vo) only frigidaire's custom flex temp drawer can switch from fridge to freezer. (son) nice save! (vo) that's using your frigidaire.
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good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. breaking news this morning, joe biden says he's in the race for 2020 with a video that takes direct aim at the president and says the soul of america is at stake in the election. >> gives hate no safe harbor. >> he calls out charlottesville, white supremacy and our core values as a country. "gma" health alert. the brand-new research on eating disorders. girls who had childhood infections are more likely to teenagers.ting disorders as dr. ashton here to break it down. it's draft day. we're live from nashville this morning, as we count down to the moments that will change so many young players' lives. this morning, the mother who
8:01 am
raised one nfl player, poised to see her second son make history come true tonight. ♪ and we've got a license to thrill. secrets about the new james bond movie so under lock and key we can't even tell you for another 30 minutes. the exclusive interview this morning. ♪ take your kids to work. "gma" being taken over. the kids running the show from the control room to the cameras to the anchor desk. buckle up, america. they're here to say -- >> all: good morning, america. >> well done. [ applause ] >> so we now know why things are going so smoothly this morning. kids are running the show. >> yes. >> good morning, america. thanks for being with us. want to go to nashville. robin is there with our old friend jesse palmer getting ready to host the nfl draft tonight. how is it going, guys? >> look who i found here, guys. wonderful, couldn't think of a better teammate.
8:02 am
you know what this night is all about. >> this is such a big night. anxiety, mystery, excitement and so much energy having all these amazing fans. this is going to be a night to remember. >> we'll have more coming up, guys. >> looking forward to that. here it's take our kids to work day and we're celebrating with the tiniest take over ever. upstairs we have kids and their parents dressed for success in their matching work outfits. george, even got one of the kids was able to interview you. big exclusive. >> it was tough. they were pressing me hard this morning. we have a lot of news to get to including that announcement from joe biden. officially kicked off his presidential campaign this morning reshaping the democratic race. want to go to our senior national correspondent terry moran for the latest. good morning, terry. >> reporter: good morning, george. joe biden jumps into the 2020 campaign with this video announcement, highly produced and in some ways a highly emotional appeal targeting donald trump directly and also calling on a very different kind of american patriotism.
8:03 am
joe biden jumping into the 2020 race for president with a stark and stunning video announcement, images of white supremacists marching in charlottesville, framing his vision of what's at stake in this election. >> we're in the battle for the soul of this nation. the core values of this nation our standing in the world, our very democracy, everything that has made america america is at stake. that's why today i'm announcing my candidacy for president of the united states. >> reporter: biden is taking direct aim at president trump. >> but if we give donald trump eight years in the white house, he will forever and fundamentally alter the character of this nation, who we are and i cannot stand by and watch that happen. >> reporter: and the former vice president is sounding a theme of progressive patriotism, pledging a fight on first principles. >> we can't forget what happened in charlottesville. even more important we have to remember who we are. this is america.
8:04 am
>> reporter: joe biden will pair that message of progressive patriotism with an appeal to rebuild the middle class. his first event will be at a teamsters local union hall in pittsburgh. he has long been a labor union supporter, and that's where he's going first, george. >> he will be on "the view" tomorrow and, of course, robin has an interview with him and his wife dr. jill coming up on "gma" on tuesday. and we have breaking news. more than 30 people have been transported to hospitals after a chemical leak from a tractor trailer in lake county, illinois, spilling onto the road. residents have been warned to shelter in place with nearby schools closed as hazmat crews monitor that. george? jen ashton here right now because there is a new study out tying eating disorders to childhood infections. >> a massive study that appeared in the journal of the american medical society psychiatry and looked at half a million teenage girls and followed them prospectively down the road into the future and found girls
8:05 am
who had been hospitalized for childhood infections and who have received anti-infectives -- anti-biotics, anti-fungal agents, had a significantly greater risk of developing anorexia, bulimia and generalized eating disorders. >> do they know why? >> there are a lot of theories. they don't know why. this study based on association not cause and effect but there are a lot of theories about the gut/brain access and interaction between the immune system, inflammation and the central nervous system. there could be parental issues as well. but very, very interesting data and a lot of intense research in the field of eating disorders and terms of what causes them. >> what should parents be on the look out for when it comes to eating disorder? >> first of all that they affect boys as well as girls even though this study looked at girls. that's very important. so many different types of eating disorders but some basic clues would be irregular eating habits especially eating in the bedroom or avoiding food at the table, excessive exercise and an
8:06 am
unusual interest in food. >> either way. >> absolutely and seek medical attention. this needs to be treated and it can be treated. >> important study. jen ashton, thanks very much. a big announcement coming up. james bond exclusive. also, "deals & steals" for mother's day. tory johnson has great gifts starting at 50% off. and it's take your kids to workday. they're taking over. even in nashville, our correspondent getting ready for the nfl draft. and lar are a is upstairs. >> i sure am. as you can see, the mini mes taking over the show. we have no idea what they have planned. i'm getting something in my ear. why do i have giggling in my ear right now? what is happening in our control room? they have taken over "gma." you don't want to miss it. we'll be right back. we'll be right back. living with hiv? ♪ keep being you.
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8:11 am
♪ hey, prospects, i'm here to get you ready for the 2019 nfl draft. number one, always be professional. number two, make time for the media. >> celebrate a little. >> yo soy fe -- fiesta. >> number three, if you win, act like you've been there before. now you're prepped with my gronkology. good luck at the draft, kids. [ applause ] >> there's the man who is enjoying his retirement right there. welcome back to "gma." i guess it was last week -- do we have the video? he dented that super bowl trophy playing baseball. he can only get away with what he gets away with but he has a lot of fun doing it. the draft is coming up. right now, "pop news." >> that's right, george. [ applause ]
8:12 am
good morning to you guys and to you. we'll begin with leo dicaprio who has good taste in directors. following his year's long collaboration with martin scorsese he teamed up with quentin tarantino and now in talks to team up with guillermo del toro on a new project. it's called "nightmare alley." he swindles high class socialites and things go wrong. del toro won best director for "the shape of water." such an interesting, amazing film, and he will direct it. dicaprio hasn't been on screen, guys, since 2015. >> it's been that long? >> it's been a long time since he won the oscar for "the revenant." that project exhausted him. i think he needed a break. his first project back is "once upon a time in hollywood". that's this summer co-starring brad pitt and margot robbie. >> a bunch of others as well.
8:13 am
>> a really great film. looks fantastic. so we're so happy to have him back on the big screen. looking forward to seeing him. [ applause ] right? love our audience. [ applause ] olympic figure skater adam ripp rippon, friend of "gma." adam is breaking the ice on a brand-new youtube channel that he's doing. take a look at this. >> oh, hey, guys, i'm adam rippon. some of you might know me as america's sweetheart from the 2018 winter olympics. others might know me as the winner from "dancing with the stars." regardless of how we met, get ready for something spectacular. my youtube channel. >> he's great. >> he is so funny. i love working with him. >> i'm sure your kids are the same, but mine live on youtube. that's the kind of thing that will appeal straight to them. >> it is a great idea. so clever. adam promises that he's going to give us vip access to his life on and off the ice.
8:14 am
he'll skate around with famous friends for our enjoyment and he does have a lot of famous friends. he'll do a lot of great interviews. his series "break the ice" premieres may 1st with new videos coming every monday, wednesday and friday. adam, congratulations. [ applause ] he does stuff with "gma" and i always volunteer. i'll work with that guy any time. also in the news this morning, a bold move from the tv legend, judge judy unveiling a new hairdo. yeah, there it is, everybody. she unveiled it monday. the first time she's changed her hair in 22 years. >> wow. >> you go, girl. she moved to a longer pulled back look reminiscent of the notorious rbg, ruth bader ginsburg. the verdict from fans, most are loving it. the updo is a big win in the court of public opinion. not that judy cares what you think. the 76-year-old sold the archives of her show to cbs for
8:15 am
a cool 90 mill and still gets $45 million a year. she'll where her hair however she wants. [ applause ] and a quickie from missouri. you got to give the scott county fire department credit for this. they posted a help wanted sign on their billboard and it's not your average recruitment tool. the sign reads -- it really tells it like it is. describes the job they're trying to fill as, quote, hard labor, odd hours, low pay, cool helmet. the chief says most help wanted ads are boring. they wanted to add some humor to catch people's attention which they just did. they just may not attract many employees with this honest approach. they need firefighters there. if you live in the area, please go. obviously a wonderful place to work. [ applause ] so, it is take your children to work day. in honor of this it's a "pop news" tiny takeover. [ applause ]
8:16 am
please welcome our mini anchors. zoe, jeff, logan, cara. zoe is the daughter of sally hawkins, an abc producer. she has news about a very important study to bring us right now. go ahead. >> yes. we have some breaking news in the world of desserts. a new study today helps -- can help make healthier choices. according to very important research published in a scientific journal, people ate less calories when they picked a dessert before their meal. see, mom and dad? i'm just trying to be healthy when i order dessert first. >> obviously. obviously. [ applause ] >> and we thought we'd start the day with some sweet treats so we brought you some. guys, bring it out. [ applause ] >> now you'll make healthy choices for the rest of the day. >> we sure will. [ applause ] >> wow, thank you. >> nice job. nice job.
8:17 am
>> high-five before the food. >> thank you, guys. >> way to go. >> a treat always helps. >> it does help. let's go to rob. all right, guys. i brought my daughter, madeline to work with me today. she has the lab coat and microphone. are you having fun? >> yeah. >> all right. i think so. one of daddy's jobs is to talk about weather, but also we get to show some cute animals and pictures. let's show the puppies. >> puppies. >> see, every time we show cute animals we get that reaction from the audience. one more time. how cute is this? oh, yes, those are pugs. look. that's vince. he's 11 month old, just one month older than your little brother, mason. do you think mason would like the puppies? >> yes, mason would like the puppies. look what's back. good morning, i'm abc 7 news meteorologist mike nicco. yes, the cool sea breeze, so the record highs are over.
8:18 am
this will turn into lahazy sunshine and stick at the coast a little thicker. mid to upper 60s coast in san francisco, mid-70s around the bay, lower 70s inland. lara is here. now let's go back to robin. >> in nashville. >> hey, guys. you know i don't have any kids. so i thought i'd bring -- i brought a kid correspondent. you know, bring your kid to work day so i brought -- remember him? remember camdyn? he went to the super bowl for us, right? >> yep. >> good. he is a big seahawks fan and he knows how big this morning is in nashville. the draft is kicking off just hourgs fr hours from now, and for hundreds of athletes, their lifelong dream of playing pro football will become a reality. one of those athletes, university of georgia wide
8:19 am
receiver riley ridley. he says his success on the field is thanks to one very special person, camdyn, he said it's his mom. ♪ ♪ never seem to ask the questions why ♪ >> that's calvin as a baby. this is riley. >> touchdown, riley ridley. >> my mom would probably say she taught us everything we know. she was really fast. she ran track for ft. lauderdale high. she got us running, swimming, anything with sports in it, being an athlete, it came from her. ♪ my dad is from south america.
8:20 am
one day my mom came home and told us our dad was deported and he would be going back to his hometown. i was about 4 or 5, and i mean, i didn't really understand what was even going on. >> their father was the breadwinner and he took care of me and my four boys before he got deported. >> my mom, she had to step up and fill those shoes to be the mom and dad. she did a great job and i feel like when i'm physical in the field that's just my competitive edge to things, and i feel like i got that from my mom. >> this is riley and a friend. this is calvin. i helped do activities with them so i used to take them outside. i used to make them run, turn and i would throw a football to them. >> i remember i was playing in little league football and hear my mom, screaming, you got to be rough, you got to be tough. >> catch that ball, riley. you tough, you strong. run, riley.
8:21 am
>> the atlanta falcons select calvin ridley. >> my brother is calvin ridley for the atlanta falcons. >> my oldest son made it to the nfl. i had so much joy in my heart. >> it's like a dream. once i started seeing my brother was able to do these things, i was, like, yo. i can do these things. >> just imagine a mother that raised four single boys and for them to pull through all that of that, and become the men they are. that's a blessing. >> a blessing, indeed. run, riley, run. this is just an exciting time for players like riley. their families as well. jesse palmer is back with me and we already got the gronkology. >> that's right. >> you know what it's like to play in the nfl as well. >> sure. >> so what can these young men expect? >> i think the advice you have
8:22 am
to give them, today especially, one is reflection. you have to think about the journey, getting to this point but you also have to have a lot of gratitude and thank those people who helped you get to this point. my advice for a lot of these young men today would be be humble. your bank account is going to change. there are a lot more zeros in the bank account, but the journey is just beginning. you have just now arrived. the real work starts now because now in the nfl, you're playing with the best of the best. >> oh, my goodness. great advice. thanks for that, jesse. you know what it's like to wait to hear your name called. what is that feeling like when you -- and the giants finally said your name. what was it like? >> it was one of the greatest days of my life. for me, it was a realization of my childhood dream. you see my mom and dad right there. they made the day so special for me. they painted the house, got it all ready. they put my pictures up, got my hats around the room. the general manager for the giants said how are you feeling. i said good and he said you should because we just drafted you. everybody screamed in the room. it was a very special moment. >> it's going to be very special being part of our coverage.
8:23 am
what are you excited about seeing? >> the first pick, the arizona cardinals and we don't know who they'll take. i think they'll take kyler murray but it's a big mystery. i can't wait to find out. >> i'm going with bosa. but it is a mystery. >> it is a mystery. >> we don't know what's going to happen. >> tune in and find out. >> stay here because we are going to have more from nashville and we're excited. we're going to host the first round of the nfl draft at 8:00 p.m. eastern on abc but these fans are here and three special fans are in for a surprise and you'll see in our next half hour. lara? >> robin, thank you so much. right now time for "deals & steals," everybody. this is our mother's day edition. great gifts for the mom you love so much. get them here right now in time for the big day, all 50% off or more starting with -- we are coveting these sheets. >> oprah called cozy earth sheet, the softest ever. when she did, i splurged and bought them and she was not kidding. this is the single best investment i have ever made for
8:24 am
the greatest night's sleep. it's bamboo. it's softer than cotton. it is temperature-regulating. if you have night sweats, say good-bye to that. if you have a different temperature preference, don't worry, you're both going to be super happy because it's just the most delectable thing. here's the crazy thing, you never get immune to it. every night when i get into my head and the cozy earth sheets, it is heaven. it's heavenly. >> before they came to us, robin was on. she said if you want them, order them because they will sell out. >> we have got sheet sets, pillow cases, duvets, comforters, the whole nine yards. this is an investment. i have to tell you that before i tell you the price. normally $69 up to $659. today everything is slashed in half and it's free shipping. free shipping. >> okay. tory, thank you. i mean from great sleep to good wine. i'm in heaven. >> you're in heaven. this is ullo, an incredibly chic
8:25 am
aerator and purifier. you want to pour this? you want to do the honors? >> sure. i've never done this before. how do you do it? >> it's very satisfying watching it so that now is being purified so it takes out the sulfites which is, you know, what gives you the headache the next day. it takes out the bitter taste so you are able to enjoy your wine as it is meant to be enjoyed. >> wow. >> it's got an aerator. so you will get a combination of the very chic device like this, plus a box of the filters. this is like -- this is a chic gift that mom or whomever will use every single day. you pop it on to any glass you have. so normally $87 slashed by 53%, $40. >> a great gift. i love that. >> it's a good one. >> we have more fantastic deals, amazing deals for mom coming up with our "gma" kids and also coming up that james bond movie exclusive we've been teasing you with all morning long. we have information on the new
8:26 am
movie only here on "good morning america." [ applause ] wine, sheets, james bond, kids. what could be better? okay, joe biden, you just announced you're running for president. where is the first place you'll be heard? on "the view" tomorrow. presidential candidate joe biden. then tuesday, joe and jill biden together exclusive with robin roberts right before their first public campaign stop. what will they reveal on "gma"? "?
8:27 am
good morning, north bay. let's get up and get going. good morning, it's 8:27. i'm reggie aqui from "abc7 mornings." today b.a.r.t. is trying to get a plan of installing license plate readers in its parking lot approved. b.a.r.t. says it will help fight crime. the plan was rejected last year over privacy concerns. take you to the north bay involving a flipped vehicle, so as many as six vehicles total involved in this collision. one of them rolled over southbound 101 past east washington. we know we have at least one, possibly two, lanes blocked and backed up.
8:28 am
backed up. metering lights on at th yoooh, hello yellow! at ross and you find... yes! that's yes for less. spring forward with the latest brand-name styles at 20 to 60 percent off department store prices. at ross. yes for less.
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and you find the same style you knoyou saw there... ross that's yes for less. yes! say yes to those spring trends you love, at 20 to 60 percent off specialty store prices, every day. at ross. yes for less. a couple things to talk about this morning. a little bit cooler, temperatures in the 50s and low 60s and look what's back. you can see the haze and the fog over on the east bay shoreline. that's where it's going to stay the rest of the morning. your commute is going to be pretty good otherwise. look for more of that fog tomorrow morning and for the ensuing mornings, and that's why our afternoons are gradually
8:30 am
going to get cooler also. reggie? >> mike, thank you. another abc news update in about 30 minutes and you can always find us on our app and abc7 ♪ and welcome back to "gma." you know that music. the big james bond announcement just moments ago, we now know the cast and director for the next bond film. and we have the new villain here for his first interview. you guys ready for it? [ cheers and applause ] please welcome academy award winner rami malek. there he i there he is. [ applause ] ♪ >> good to see you. >> fitting entrance for a villain. can't hear a word i'm saying. >> no.
8:31 am
>> you had a real villain's entrance right there. >> yes, yeah, i think slow and motivated. >> congratulations. >> thank you, man. >> pretty exciting. >> it's thrilling. it's something so many generations have grown up with and grew up with. you watch it with one of your parents and then you just keep watching one right after the other. they're timeless movies. >> did you ever imagine, boy, i'll be a part of that? >> no, a few things have happened in my life in the last couple of years where i thought i cannot imagine that these things are happening. but, yeah, i mean this is just such a perfect follow-up. i think to "bohemian rhapsody." [ applause ] going from one iconic brit to an iconic british franchise. >> did you have a favorite one growing up?
8:32 am
>> yeah, i liked -- i liked "dr. no" quite a bit. yes? [ applause ] i mean, connery got me. >> "gold finger" was great. >> "gold finger" was pretty great. "man with the golden gun." >> daniel craig in "casino royale" is my favorite one. >> it's a lot of people's favorites. it's a terrific film. i think daniel has done such an astounding job with, you know, just making him -- in a way relatable. there's a lot of things none of us can do as james bond but he brings this class to it, but this human factor and he's kind of cynical at the same time and ruthless. you're always rooting for him. >> in a way it's true. >> he's been terrific. it'll be very, very interesting to go up against that man. >> i know you can't say too much about it. how much do you know about your character? >> oh, i know quite a bit.
8:33 am
[ laughter ] yeah, it's going to be -- it's going to be thrilling and it's daniel's last film. >> right. >> yeah, that's pretty sad. >> so if -- >> i'll give him a run for his money. >> if you could describe -- [ applause ] i'm going to keep pushing until you say i can't answer. if you could describe the character in one word? >> villainous. [ laughter ] >> any inspiration from other villains? >> oh, i've liked them all. i thought javier bardem did such a good job in "skyfall." [ applause ] and christoph waltz and, you know, all of them have -- they've just been indelible villains throughout. so it's like the whole franchise does something special. they give you a great villain. they give you an iconic song at the beginning. those are all the things that stick with me. i've always looked forward to
8:34 am
whoever was going to be singing that opening song and those opening credits are some of the greatest in film history. >> you know they'll grab you from the start. >> yes, they get you. >> got to be so much fun for an actor to go deep on your dark side. >> yeah, maybe -- there's a limit you have to draw, right? i mean, some actors i think might go a little too far. i hope -- i have to strike a nice balance, but, you know, we've had such great villains in film history and i've just been going back and watching so many of them and trying to perhaps steal a little nugget from each one of them. >> that's got to be fun to research. >> it is. for me as an actor that's one of my favorite things to do is the research of it all and just come in guns blazing. >> we really saw that in "bohemian rhapsody." you've had, as you said, quite a run this year. [ applause ]
8:35 am
>> incredible. >> thank you all for watching. >> how close do you keep the oscar? >> how close do i keep it? i keep it in between the bafta and the golden globe. no. i mean you don't know where to put those things, right? you don't want to be that person that's like, hey, come in and check out all these accolades i've earned, but it's just astonishing. i mean, to grow up and think of being an actor, it's a difficult thing to set off to do in the first place. i think oscars are always something you dream about but you don't -- >> you have do it without expectation, really, right? >> yeah. look, if you would have told me that the last two years, three years of my life i'd be playing freddie mercury and getting an oscar for it and now being the villain in a bond movie and talking to you or
8:36 am
someone -- >> wow, this guy's got it good, doesn't he? [ applause ] >> i've been really grew up watching you. i mean, my dad was very influential in getting me involved in politics and watching people he admired. he admired you so much. >> kind of you to say. thank you. >> and your story. [ applause ] so to me, you're a version of james bond. >> whoa, watch out, daniel craig. i'm coming for you. thank you for coming in today. >> it's been a pleasure. thank you, guys. [ applause ] and tune in to "gma" tomorrow for more on the james bond film sitting down with the director cary fukunaga. and of course daniel craig, james bond himself. we'll be right back. we'll be right back. [phone ringing] remember the way we used to do things? hey man... like connect with friends? dig it! or get in shape?
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♪ good time welcome to a very special edition of "good morning america." >> we have to get on the air. >> it's take our kids to work day. >> and all the kids have come to play! >> we are the announcers. >> we are the sound people. we are on air. >> back to you guys. >> and we are in charge. get ready. >> three, two -- >> for "gma's" smallest takeover ever. ♪ we're all about a good time
8:40 am
[ cheers and applause ] >> wow. okay. the revolution is here. the kids have taken over "gma," but they've done a good job. >> they're cute. >> great job. we want to go back to robin and jesse palmer down in nashville. hey, guys. >> hey, you're having fun there. we're having fun here. something no sporting event would be the same without, that is the fans and we have plenty here this morning with us here in anticipation of the draft that's going to be taking place tonight. earlier this year -- that's the best you guys can do? really, that was it? it's been a long morning. [ cheers and applause ] no, just kidding. i'm just messing with you. hey, earlier this year the nfl launched tickets celebrating 100 years of the league. it's a contest offering season tickets the a fan to see their favorite nfl team for 100 years.
8:41 am
>> that's incredible. >> we're going to talk to the three finalists, hannah, matthew and gregory. thank you, exciting. you wrote beautiful essays. jesse, there's no underestimating the importance of fans. >> no way. >> the excitement they bring to the game. >> the best part of the game. as players we feed off their energy and their passion i think is what makes the sport so great but i want to ask the three of them. i know you have got to be excited. first off we want to know who you're repping. hannah, who are you representing? >> we've been cheering for the lions for 5 years and excited to pass it on. >> matthew stafford autographed football. >> eagles, baby. >> and finally, greg, who looks like he could get drafted today. >> representing new york giants, baby. >> i knew there was something about greg i really liked. something about it. >> didn't wear your number. >> couldn't find a number 3 jersey. >> i got a little bigger. i'll get another one. >> i'll get you one. >> how exciting is it for you to be here at the draft? >> extremely.
8:42 am
>> absolutely amazing. >> is it really important to fans to know who is going to go where and what players you might be selecting? >> yes, absolutely. i think it's a big deal to the fans. you know, we take pride in our teams and want our teams to be successful so it's a big deal. >> it is, it is. >> it's the unofficial start of the season, the first big event. >> absolutely. >> it's a real happening here. >> absolutely. you can feel the energy. >> getting to see who will get to be on our team in years to come is the most exciting part as we think to the future. >> it's ault all about the future. your future is right here. can we get a shot of her 6-month-old baby? oh, come on, now. he's there in the audience. see, look, look, look. say, mommy. ah! >> i'm excited for his turn to be drafted in a few years. >> you're good. okay. the contest is over. you're still getting more points. i got to tell you that at the beginning of the draft tonight we're going to find out which one of you will be receiving season tickets for the next
8:43 am
century, okay. one of you will do that. i have a little bit of a surprise. we have a little bit of a surprise. the nfl is so generous, they want you to know that all three of you, all three of you will be receiving season tickets for the next year. >> wow! [ cheers and applause ] >> that's incredible. >> you're going home with that. >> all right. >> now you have to cancel all those bbq plans because you're going to the game. >> if they're this excited about one year, can you imagine if they get 100 years? >> i really can't. i really can't. >> you're appreciative of that. >> i feel it's amazing. >> that is awesome. >> christmas comes early. >> find out tonight who the big winner is at the start of our nfl draft coverage at 9:00 p.m. -- 8:00 p.m. eastern i should say right here on abc and the draft just keeps going and going and going, friday and
8:44 am
saturday on abc and espn but i'll be heading to the first round. back to the studio. [ applause ] >> let's go over to rob. >> i think the rain should hold off a couple more hours in nashville. a little more weather. spring isn't the only season roaring in like a lion. take a look at this. "entertainment weekly" cover good morning. i'm abc 7 news meteorologist mike nicco. the record highs are over. still a little warmer than average over the coast where you this weather is brought to u you by -- wait a minute. i'm hearing something from the control room. they tell me there's breaking news.
8:45 am
>> breaking news! slime quad report. >> there are new revelations coming in now about the nature of slime and here to tell us more on the new and gooey headlines is the "gma" slime squad led by chief slimer my daughter madelynn and parker. what can you tell us? >> it's just slimy. >> accurate information. is it sticky or slimy? >> it's just slimy. >> i like slime. and, parker, what can you add? >> i like it. >> i like slimy stuff. you all like slimy stuff? guess what, you all get to take your slime home. does that sound good? thank you, madelynn. thank you, parker. thank you, the entire "gma" slime squad for being part of our take your kids to work day. george, i'll keep the slime over here. >> yeah, rob, you're not going
8:46 am
to be very popular with the parents. our tiny talent was put to work. let's see the masterpiece. [ applause ] ♪ we're all about a good time >> wow! [ applause ] >> great job, guys. >> excellent work from them. thank you, guys. we have investigative reporting behind the scenes at "gma" from our kid correspondents. we have vincent the son of sal from our prop department. he has the latest. hey, vincent. >> thank you, george. i'm here in the props department with billy. what are you guys working on for today's show? >> we're working with "deals & steals." put all the items on top. it's a very good show to do. it's fun. it's fun to set it up go that's >> really cool. over to you, rebecca and julianna. >> thanks, vincent.
8:47 am
we're so excited to be here with the one and only george stephanopoulos. george, how often do people spell your last name incorrectly? >> it even happens here at abc, i have to say. i've had to correct the chyrons at the bottom of the screen way too many times. >> let's set the record trade. spell your name. >> i'll do my best. s-t-e-p-h-a-n-o-p-o-u-l-o-s. >> thanks, george. now over to liam with the audience warm up guy. >> i'm liam, the son of one of the producers for "gma." this is tom kelly who tells the audience what to expect. tom? >> our job is to get the crowd excited. do what i taught you how to do. >> give me thunder. [ applause ] >> good job. >> and back to you guys. [ applause ] >> great reporting, guys. you might be sitting here one day. thanks. >> we're looking forward to you sitting here one day.
8:48 am
>> we're not done. >> we have a kid correspondent live from nashville. >> he's covering the nfl draft with jesse palmer. >> jesse, what's the latest down there? >> guys, thanks. i'm sitting here with camden. what's it been like since you've been here? >> pretty amazing so far. in a few hours it's going to be packed. >> packed full of fans. i know you're a huge seahawks fan. who do you hope they draft? >> they signed a 140 million extension for the quarterback, russell wilson. so we need an offensive line to protect him and also switch sides on defense. we need a defensive lineman because they traded away one of their best players on defense, frank clarke. >> okay. so it sounds like the seahawks need a lot of help. i promised you guys cam is not playing around. he's a pro, done his homework and is excited for tonight. >> on it. thanks very much. how about a round of applause for all of the kids. [ cheers and applause ] you guys did great.
8:49 am
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♪ we're back with more "deals & steals" in honor of mother's day. tory getting help from our "gma" kids here celebrating take our kids to work day. this, by the way, is rio, the son of one of our senior executive producers roxana sherwood. and you got your mom is very special present, didn't you? >> yeah. >> i love that. it's a necklace that says mom or it's the mom theme. >> sweet. >> leo did a good job picking this one. all these necklaces are gorgeous. the month collection which is not just about birthstones, but any month you want to celebrate these are great. the shaker one that rio has that says mom. everything is gorgeous -- >> there's mom. there she is. >> good to know. she loves it. >> nice. >> all right. normally they start at $58.
8:52 am
everything is slashed in half so selection starts at $29. >> so good. >> thanks, rio. >> moving on, next up, aquis. you know the hair towels are amazing because they're super lightweight. easy on your hair, great for aunts, mom, grandmas, normally $21. but a.j. is hooking us up. how much? >> flip it around. >> oh, yes, $10.50. saving 50%. >> good, buddy. >> i love this from corkcicle. the portable party. instead of it being a normal tote bag it has food safe insulation. it's got this great liner in it so that you could see it right here. you fill it with ice then either carry your bottles, your cans, whatever it is that you want to take, food, whatever it is, or not. wherever it is that you want to go. normally $130 to $200. today slashed in half and start at $65 from corkcicle. >> and then finally, you can let
8:53 am
mom, no sun, no soil, no problem. mom, dad, aunt, uncles can grow not only flowers but herbs and you get both with this. normally $150 but francesca, what do you have for us? >> turn it over. what? >> $75 plus free shipping. >> yes. thank you, tory. we partnered with all of these companies on these amazing deals. get them on our website, everyone in the audience is going home with products from aquis. check out not 1, but 11 bonus check out not 1, but 11 bonus deals for mom on our you know when you're at ross and you find that perfect spring dress at that "oh, yeah" price? yes! that's yes for less. score the latest spring dresses at 20% to 60% off department store prices, every day. at ross. yes for less.
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it's a busy world out there. and we're all in it together. go safely, california. good morning, bay area. let's get up and get going. hey there, it's 8:59. i'm reggie aqui and mike nicco has your forecast. >> that marine layer will make it cooler, taking away record temperatures the last few days. 60s on the coast and san francisco. w're back to average, which is 60s and 70s monday. alexis? taking to you the north bay where we have a crash on southbound 101 in petaluma. one vehicle did flip over and they are thinking they should be able to get all lanes back over safely. that is just past east
9:00 am
washington. typical delays here now, westbound 580 approaching the san rafael bridge. reggie? time now for "live with kelly and >> announcer: it's "live with kelly and ryan." today, jeremy renner, and one of the stars of the new movies, "intruders," michael ealy. and we continue our "spring has sprung" week on "live" ." and now, here are kelly ripa and ryan seacrest. ♪ [cheers and applause] >> ryan: hey! good morning.


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