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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  April 26, 2019 1:07am-1:42am PDT

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but hurry the event ends april 30th. our three contestants are all at the big ikea table. who's going to be tonight's winning chef? contestant #1, impressive knife skills. but contestant #2 fights back by using fresh parsley. s a touch of sweetness. sweetie, come eat outside. but it's too hot out there! perfect! make room for the judge! ♪ ♪ live together. lounge differently. ikea. ♪ ♪ a san francisco man's headless body was found here in
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this home. i'm kate larsen. a person of interest in the murder was just released from jail. gravel rains down on cars after a cement truck overturns on major highway. >> i'm in oakland where an officer was stabbed at that corner after work. abc7 news starts right now. >> live where you live, this is abc7 news. >> developing news in oakland where an officer underwent surgery after being stabbed. >> the attack happened at jefferson and six streets. let's go to lisa amin gulezian. she is live at police headquarters. lisa? >> dan, we're inside the police department. the officer finished his shift here and then walked about a block and a half west to his car when he was stabbed. he was dressed in plainclothes and not in uniform. he was about to enter the parking lot for officers when the suspect suddenly came up to him and stabbed him multiple times. all investigators will say is that he was stabbed in critical locations and is lucky to be
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alive. >> our on-duty police officers were able to respond very quickly, render aid to the offduty officer. immediately rushed the officer to the hospital where they are listed in stable condition. when it happens to one of your own, a family member, one of your team, you know, as you know, law enforcement is very close family, it's very disturbing and upsetting. >> the suspect was arrested immediately and the knife was found. fellow officers put the injured officer in a patrol car and rushed him to highland hospital. as you can see from sky 7, a lot of officers were at the hospital waiting together, waiting to see the officer who was stabbed, waiting to see his family. they were there for hours. back here live now, the chief of police was also there, sitting with the officer's family for several hours. live in oakland, lisa amin gulezian, abc7 news. >> all right, lisa, thank you. also in the east bay, a man with a stay away order from an
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oakland day-care center carjacked a woman and used that vehicle to crash into the day care. luckily, no children were hurt. the crash happened just after 3:30 while kids were inside the highland children's center on the corner of 86th avenue and a street. a witness told abc7 news she saw a shirtless man yelling at day care staff after they refused to let him pick up his kids. shortly after, the suspect carjacked a woman at a nearby church and rammed the day care. >> i just run inside and i tell everybody, so everybody hided, you know, i was in the closet with loot of parents and kids. everybody is crying. >> reporter: our others were immediately on scene. as he was climbing out of the car, he started to run. our officers pursued him again to the playground area. no children were out there at that time. they were able to arrest him. everything happened so quickly. >> the suspect has a stay away order from the day care. about 45 kids attend the school,
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and 15 staff were on duty. no children were hurt. one female staffer was injured and treated at the scene. >> it was just so scary becse exp something to happen like this, especially where there is children, there is churches and there just a whole bunch going on at that time. >> and parents were told to pick up their kids around 4:00 this afternoon. the man could be charged with violation of that stayaway order, carjacking, and assault. new details tonight about the army veteran accused of intentionally rung down people in sunnyvale. we learned that 34-year-old isaiah peeples was headed to bible study. amanda del castillo is live at the crash scene where she spoke with one of the victims. amanda? >> dan, on tuesday night, miguel balbuena was here on his bike. today he returned on crutches. balloons, flowers, and messages mark the site where eight people were mowed down tuesday night. >> i was here. i was one of the eight victims.
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>> miguel balbuena returned on crutches. he and his cousin eric nava were some of the eight victims. balbuena remembers hearing another victim scream, turned his head and saw the car coming straight for him. >> it was just like two seconds that gave me. so i did a quick move and probably that's the thing that saved my life. >> he shared pictures with us. his cousin and him on crutches, both counting their blessings, knowing their injuries could have been much worse. >> i think he was mentally bad, really bad. so he did this. >> video taken by witness shows officers arresting 34-year-old lehe a cops everywhere. >> the felony complaint reveals relationship problems. the 13-year-old girl and 9-year-old boy involved in the
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crash are siblings. both are students in the sunnyvale school district. in a statement the district said our focus right now is on maintaining privacy for the family and hoping for a full recovery for the student and to see them become at sms as soon as possible. suspect isaiah peoples is expected to make his first court appearance friday afternoon. >> amanda, thank you. and the abc7 news i-team doug into peeples's background today. his brother told us he was under intense pressure at work for the auditor in mountain view. he was nearing the end of his probationary period after being hired. he was an iraq war veteran. he tried getting his degree at sacramento state after that, but his family says ptsd started causing him to act out. we've been continuously updating this story on our website, and if police give any more updates in the upcoming days, we
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will live stream the news conference there. traffi is finally moving smoothly on northbound 101 in san francisco after a cement truck overturned at the start of the evening commute. sky 7 was over the scene earlier today. gravel spilled right on to the highway and then rained down on parked cars along tenth street between bryant and brannon. one car owner took the mess in stride. >> i was just kind of impressed that something like that would happen. >> because it's so crazy? >> it's wild, absolutely. >> it was wild. the cement truck driver had minor injuries. no one else was hurt. caltrans has sent an inspector out to make sure the road is structurally sound. in the south bay, a teacher has been put on leave because of suspected ties to a white nationalist group. kyle sureline has been suspended with pay while they investigate. a watchdog group is accusing him of being a member of identity europa. the group is known for yiethe ue
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the right rally in charlottesville. any membership or affiliation with a racist group of any kind is not only against our conduct standards, it is in conflict with our mission. if proven true, these allegations are not acceptable and will not be tolerated. new developments tonight. a person of interest in the gruesome murder of a san francisco man has been released from jail. abc7 news reporter kate larsen has reactionfrom his friends and family. >> last august, mutilated remains were found his home. on wednesday, lance silva, a person of interest in the case was released from jail. >> shock and disgust. >> scot-free lives on clara street across from egg's house. he spoke to us after learning of silva's release. he said he frequently saw silva at egg's house in the months before he was found dead. >> he was frantically cleaning up the place. >> free was one of several
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neighbors who called police when egg went missing last summer. officers finally searched after a crime scene cleaning crew was found at the house. they found him in a fish tank without a head or hands. the san francisco district attorney charged silva and another man with egg's murder, but then dropped the charge, and on wednesday, silva, who was serving time on an unrelated jail violation was released from santa clarita jail in the east bay. >> i don't think police are doing anything about it. >> mark swenson was close friends with egg's for 20 years. he helped the family file a missing report last summer. >> i guess i'm not angry because i expect nothing more. i don't expect much from the san francisco police department. >> but egg's brother in florida says he was angry to learn of silva's release. sfpd says egg's murder is still an ongoing and active investigation and that mr. silva remains a person of interest. kate larsen, abc7 news. new at 11:00, a report that muni drivers are refusing to
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drive on their days off for overtime as union contract negotiations heat up. the examiner reports it's slowing down the system which is already experiencing a shortage of operators. wait times have extended past 20, even 40 minutes for some buses. they offered a 99 cent raise but the union said that is not enough. stopping the spread of measles. two california universities are not taking any chances. a bay area theater is about to get a new musical organ, and this one will be a record breaker. after all she has been going through, she deserves happiness. >> she sure does. she has been battling stage 4 cancer. see the special surprise law enforcement had for this brave south bay girl. i'm meteorologist sandhya patel tracking fog for your morning commute. i'll let you know what's in store for your weekend, coming up. >> thank you, sandhya. here is a look at what is coming up on jimmy kimmel live after abc7 news at 11:00. >> you will not believe what you're to be see. >> you said i had an epiphany
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last night at 4:30. my character is not snoop. my character's name is ray, short for -- >> lingerie.
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tonight, students and staff at two universities in los angeles have to be quarantined because of a measles outbreak. more than 300 people at ucla and cal state los angeles are under quarantine because they're unable to prove they've been vaccinated. they could be held for a week. there have been 38 cases of measles in california so far this year, including 10 in the bay area linked mostly to international travel. now to learn more about the measle, including symptoms and how the disease is spread go, to our website, abc7 deputies from the santa clara sheriff's office spent the day with students at a gilroy school and brought a huge surprise for someone very special. abc7 news reporter chris nguyen has the story you'll see only on 7. >> an unforgettable day for a pretty strong girl. at kelly elementary in gilroy, 9-year-old sophie trinidad was joined by new friends, members of the santa clara county sheriff's office showing the fourth grader a little love.
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>> she is having a tough go at things, and anything we can do to be able to help that is what we need to do. >> sophie is battling stage 4 brain cancer and has been dealing with some additional setbacks in recent months. all of it has been draining. but with the help of her family, she has been able to share her family on instagram. two weeks ago one of her posts showed up on a news feed as a sheriff was scrolling through. nunes knew she wanted to do something special for sophie. >> i saw she was from gilroy. oh my god, there is a possibility i can meet her. so that's we came a t priipandee scho and here today. >> others got wind of the effort, including the recruits in the current academy class. >> establishing the healthy relationships with youth, with teachers so that they can build trust with us, so they know hen they call us, they will respond. and not only to the bad things, the good things. >> together, they raised more than $6,000 to surprise sophie
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with a gift they unveiled this afternoon. >> you're going disneyland! >> an all expenses paid trip to disneyland for sophie and her entire family, an overwhelming moment that quickly got emotional. >> after all she has been going trough, she deserves happiness. >> a chance for this family to leave their worries behind for just a few days. >> i'm so thankful for them, that they care about my daughter and that they follow her journey through her fight against cancer. >> all made possible by some of the heroes in our community. in gilroy, chris nguyen, abc7 news. >> that will be amazing for her. disney is abc7's parent company, and the family hopes to make that trip to disneyland later this summer. >> fingers crossed. a one-of-a-kind organ will be taking center stage at the castro heater in san francisco. >> the castro organ devotees association says it's the largest hybrid pipe/digital organ in the world. the theater has been using a temporary organ since 2015 when
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it dismantled its beloved wurlitzer. >> officials say the new organ can make just about any sound, including the sound of the very famous and coveted wurlitzer. that is a unique instrument. >> cool. let's turn our attention to the weather. today felt pretty spectacular. >> it did. will it continue to feel spectacular? >> it is going to feel great as we head into the next few days. i'll show you what brought the cooling today. it's the marine layer. look at the fog rolling in from our sutro tower camera. it has deepened to 1400 feet tonight. and this marine layer, along with the sea breeze was responsible for temperatures dropping anywhere from 5 to 15 degrees today. don't get me wrong. well still had a few low 90s in places like ukiah and vacaville, but it was not nearly as warm across the region. tonight on live doppler 7, we are tracking fog and lowered visibility. right now down to four miles in petaluma. five miles in half moon bay.
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definitely watch out for the morning commute. still feeling the difference in those temperatures? most of you are rung cooler, up to 8 degrees cooler in san jose. look at these numbers. i think you'll sleep pretty well tonight, especially since most homes don't have ac unless you're well inland. temperatures 60s right now. we have the natural ac to do the job. from our exploratorium camera, we're looking at san francisco. notice how fuzzy the top of the salesforce tower is because of the fog. low clouds and fog for your morning commute, sunny to mild to warm for the afternoon. we're looking at a cooler pattern over the weekend. here is a look at the fog forecast. during the overnight hours, the fog is going to continue to expand. over the bay, 5:00 a.m. tomorrow, we're already seeing that over the bay. and it will pull back to near the coast by 9:00 a.m. i think we're going to see more clearing tomorrow afternoon. so temperatures may actually bounce back and come up a few degrees. but it's not going to be anything like the record-breaking heat we had last couple of days. first thing tomorrow morning, watch out for the fog. a little misots.
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temperatures 40s, 50s. you will need a light jacket to get you out the door. tomorrow afternoon, it's going to be a nice day. sunshine. 84 in livermore. 86 concord, antioch. you can download the accuweather app and track the temperatures hour-by-hour, minute by minute. 80 fremont, palo alto. mid 70s from oakland to san mateo. richmond, 85 santa rosa. 69 in san francisco and 66 degrees in half moon bay. it is opening day on the bay. this sunday in san francisco, morning low clouds, 58 degrees at noontime. a west-southwest breeze, and the temperature will come up to about the mid-60 nice looking w if you are going to check the action out. accuweather seven-day forecast. morning fog and then sunshine. mild weather for you as you will notice on saturday. sunday, the cooling trend resumes. low 60s to the upper 70s. a breezy monday, but a bright one. we'll go cool to mild on tuesday. that's when temperatures will be bottom out. upper 50s to the mid-70s. a little variation on wednesday
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and thursday in terms of your temperatures and a little bit of cloud coffer filtering the sun. but overall, the pattern is definitely more along the lines of what we're used to as we head towards the weekend because it has been very hot lately. yeah. >> it really has. sandhya, thanks. well, a major league baseball player's car was stolen before a game. but that's not the craziest part of the story. we'll explain. >> stay tuned. and tomorrow on "good morning america," paul rudd is live to talk about "avengers: endgame." tune in for that, but we'll be right back here. >> and remember, jeopardy airs monday through friday right here on abc7 at 7:00 p.m. but because of the nfl draft,
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>> excuse me, officer, i'm in a save situation right now. i got to go. i love that. >> well, the nfl draft was fun the watch tonight. >> and we have two more nights on abc. one lock and one surprise as the 49ers and the raiders make their picks in the first round of the draft. we'll show you who was selected a van that changed us and chips forever so thanks, keeper of the keys for a chance to chase sweet honey
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abc7 sports sponsored by river rock casino. >> good evening. the 49ers and the raiders went 4-12 last year. the reward for that is that both had top five picks in the nfl draft, which began tonight in nashville. the silver and black kind of surprised people with the fourth overall pick. they took clemson defensive end clelin ferrell, who most people viewed as a mid first rounder, maybe not as high as number four. 6'4", 264 pounds, acc defensive player of the year for the national champs. raiders desperate for a pass rush. general manager mike mayock was asked why take ferrell? >> there were flashier player, players teams may have had higher on their boards.
1:36 am
on our board, it was he and bosa at that position, okay. right next to each other at that position. . >> and the niners took bosa. we'll get to that in a minute. with the 24th overall pick the raiders selected josh jacobs out of alabama. you want to talk about overcoming adversity. listen to this. he grew up only with his dad. they lived in a car and motels. he did not have his own bed until he got into college, and credits his father for keeping him together. >> he has been all the inspiration. he has been definitely my backbone. whenever i feel like giving up or feel like quitting, he is always the one pushing me. i owe him all the credit. >> i'm just honored to be this kid's dad. and been there to stick in there with. an i ms up. >> amazing story really. so after arizona took kyler murray, number one, the 49ers chose nick bosa with the second pick. his brother plays with the chargers.
1:37 am
along with free agent dee ford, the line should be able to get pressure on quarterbacks. the funny thing is that bosa almost missed the 49ers' call. >> got the call. it was a land line. so i wasn't even ready for it. i was staring at my cell phone. so caught me off guard a little bit. it means everything. a storied franchise. they know how to win, and i think they're on the right track. see i'm excited to be a part of it. >> when you talk about a number two pick, they've got to be good in a lot of ways. when we watch nick, it's a tremendous combination of speed with power, with an incredible proficiency. >> both the 49ers and raiders have five more picks in the draft, which continues to tomorrow on abc. and whose answering a land line these days? who knows what's going on with the warriors? heading to game six in los angeles against the clippers. i want to show you a weird moment in practice with head coach steve kerr, just trying to talk with the media and get somebody to turn the music down, please.
1:38 am
>> hey, raymond, can you turn the music down real quick? >> sorry, hang on. [ inaudible ] >> not me obviously. >> i don't know if you heard the question, who's running this place. steve said not me, obviously. weird vibe, but sunday it's either a game seven warriors against the clippers or a game 1 against the rockets. you see the big question mark over on the left-hand side. either way, it's being to be here on abc7 at 12:30 p.m., and we will have our postgame show after the game immediately. who's running this show anyway rock casino. tomorrow a crazy night. warriors/clip. >> game six, sharks
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appreciate your time. i'm dan ashley. >> on tv's number one daily viral show, "right this minute." a speeding driver in the
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emergency lane suddenly cuts back in. >> we got company. >> why trying to blend into traffic is not going to work. it takes heavy lifting to save something. >> up there two days. >> find out if kitty is ready come down. a sailor circling the globe learns the fast moves to ride out the nasty weather. plus, your chance at an ipad as we bring back the buzz word. can you draw this? >> lots of people are trying it. >> the internet challenge that had us to the test. >> okay? you know how it goes, we have all been here. trying to get the world going. everybody taking their turn. there's always one person. >> they were in the emergency


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