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tv   ABC7 News  ABC  April 28, 2019 7:01pm-7:30pm PDT

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daigle will be here. see you tomorrow on "live with kelly and ryan." goodnight, ame >> mark: steph curry's chris ball. >> jeff: he has to assert tonight on abc 7 news, see how one of the splash brothers helped the warriors on their playoff show down. >> the warriors took the bullet for all of us. >> the rabbi getting emotional of what happened. >> putting a number on the bay area housing crisis, a stunning figure on what it caused to live here. abc 7 news starts now. >> live where you live, this is abc 7 news. a huge crowd turns out to see democratic presidential candidate beto o'rourke. what he says separates him from the rest of the field. hi there, i am dion green.
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d dion limb. >> i am eric thomas. >> now, beto o'rourke is setting his house eye on the white hous. >> we'll meet these challenges for one another and the next generation. it was a packed house to see him in san francisco and ask questions of the candidate. o'rourke addresses big issues. >> reporter: a line wrapped around multiple corners clearly spell out the anticipation for -- >> ladies and gentlemen, the next president of the united states, beto o'rourke. >> reporter: he's on a tour making his round to california since announcing his canndidacy. >> we have a country where tens or afford medication or take their child to the therapist so that she's well enough to learn
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and school. >> o'rourke touched on the big issues like immigration reform and healthcare and his explosive texas senate race believed to be a long shot. he sets a record for the most votes cast for a democrat in the hstory of texas. >> we need a new voting rights act. >> reporter: the presidential hopefuls took everythiseveral q in english and spanish. >> coming into this event, i was not super impressed but his answers were more specifics than i expected so i was pretty impressed. >> i love everything he says about immigration and how well co welcoming he is. >> it is unclear to me out of the scale of 20 whether he'll gravitate being relevant in the overall campaign but he's an impressive speaker. >> there was a lot of excitement among democrats to see how close
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beto o'rourke came to beating ted cruz as another kind of favorite punching bag for the democrats. but, i think for all of the candidates right now, it is really about building their name recognition. >> reporter: there are still more than a year to do that. o'rourke's next town hall will be in san diego. he plans to visit some city in the central valley. reporting in the newsroom. abc 7 news. we do have a full list of democratic presidential candidates on our website on abon ab on as jewish people we have been through this a lot. we get up and we move forward. the suspect called 911 and turned himself in after the shooting. all the victims are out of the hospital tonight. abc has more details.
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>> reporter: people of all faiths coming together after saturday's deadly shooting at the synagogue in san diego. >> the tragedy like this we'll stand shoulder to shoulder and walk together. >> reporter: the suspected gunman john earnest opened fire on the final day of passover. >> he opened fire. >> reporter: laurie gilbert kay was killed. >> she was the kindest person and activist, she was always there to help others, to help the world. that was her mission in life. >> reporter: rabbi israel goldstein who was a sheriff chaplin released from the hospital after treatments from his injuries. >> reporter: now calling on jews everywhere to stand united. >> as jew people, we have been through this a lot. >> reporter: he was shot in the leg and now being called a hero. >> my brother-in-law was saving kids out of the shooter.
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>> reporter: law enforcement says the shooter's gun may have malfunctioned, an officer out of patrol fired several times and the suspect apprehended minutes later. the 19-year-old left a letter referencing the tree of life massacre in pittsburgh and bragging about amos mosque arson san diego last month. rooij yo religious leaders calling unity to bring end to these tragedies >> if we use love or education, we'll dismantle a lot of these things. >> abc news, new york. the synagogue shooting dominated the town hall meeting that took place today in the north bay. hundreds came to hear congressman mike thompson and speakbo the effort in washington.
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thompson speak of requiring stricter background checks. he says 100 people a day dies from gun violence. >> if you stop criminals or people who are dangerous or others from getting a gun, it will reduce those numbers and that's important. >> thompson says actions from the trump administration have not helped move his legislation forward. he remains hopeful something can be done. a sergeant is wounded in the hand. he's at home recovering. law enforcement vehicles escorted the deputy from the hospital and back to his house. authorities say he was wounded in a friday night gun battle with the 43-year-old stefan jefferson, he's expected to kill three people in berkeley, oakland and san francisco. jefferson was apprehended near south lake tahoe after he led police on a chase. people in berkeley heard a message of tolerance and acceptance during the holocaust
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remembering event this morning. hundreds gathered to honor the victims and hear from holocaust survivor, ralph samuel, escaped the nazis when he was 7-year-old. samuel found refuge in london with the family he's still thankful today. >> the people that took me from london and hired my mother as a maid so she came to london and saved her life. >> remarkable story. >> samuel speaks to high school students throughout the bay area about his survival urging young generations to never forget about the horror of holocaust. abc 7 news committed to build a better area. one of the main issues is housing. tonight we are getting a look of how difficult it is to live in here. >> where's and the stunning amount of money leading to afford a house. it was game over at the box
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office this weekend. "avengers: end game," the record it sets for opening weekend. as we see the final days of april coming
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abc 7 news is committed in building a better area. housing is one of the bigger
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issues. the most expensive zip codes in the united states is right here in the bay area. >> our media partner took a closer look at the neighborhood, in 2018, the median mortgage was around $5.5 million. >> to pay it every month, that would run close to $27,000. the annual income needed to afford that mortgage, you need to make a little more than $1 million. that's assuming that you spend 30% of your income on it. the median home price in aberton about $6.8 million. the second most expensive is beverly hills. close to $4.9 million. >> the bay area report found these numbers, families with low six figures income can't afford marin county or san francisco or san mateo. if you want to buy, you need an annual income of 36% of the bay area zip codes.
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investigation into possible contamination along the hillside of the hunter pointrd that's according to the san francisco examiner. there are concerns of radio active contamination. the hillside was retested by the california department of public health. the clean up and been a lengthy process. the contract has been hit with a lawsuit and lying about records of soil samples. fire season is also here. >> the bay area is getting ready for wildfires. >> we take a look outside in santa cruz. beautiful skies there and beautiful cloud cover. >> you can touch the intensity in oracle, the rockets and warriors, game one was intense
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emergency housing for the campfire. fema is setting up homes for
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several locations. the november fire was the deadliest in california's history. many survivors are living in hotels and motels and will be moving into those units. there are deadline. that deadline is being appealed. the alameda department is preparing to fire season. the fire department says it is for two weeks of training of the strike team. it is sending five people, they'll be teaming up with other departments from around the state. speaking of other department, the san francisco fire department spent their sunday chaining at china beach to keep swimmers there safe. the agency tweeted this video out saying it is a beautiful day and crews are constantly train and raising the bar to keep everyone safe. even when the fog rolls out, the sun beats down. choppy waves can make a day at the beach dangerous if you are
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not prepared. >> at least it looks sunny and beautiful. >> it does, blue skies aew clouds. let's get the forecast from our meteorologi meteorologist, drew. >> temperatureses a are taking little tumble as we end the month. the sweep across the region. we are free from any precipitation, look at this. our camera right now, we got the fog forming a marine layer thickening and roaming down our hills right now. we are on our way to a foggy night. an indication that our storm t ason is endin hdi the summer s down to 52 degrees. 62 currently in free metropolitan. 70 right now in brett wood and san francisco matching that temperature at 58 degrees as well. a little breezy, you probably
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felt that win from time to time today. 13 miles per hour an hour in san francisco. 14 in mountain view and 12 miles per hour in oakland. we'll hang onto this breeze over the next 24 hours, reenforcing that cooler air. live doppler 7 along the satellite. here is the story we are tracking to the south that's moving into southern california as we speak. bringing some light rain into the l.a. area. for us, it is reenforcing our marine layer and bringing us cooler air on the way tomorrow. another low pressure will move into that one on tuesday. this one diving in from the gulf of alaska and bringing in cooler air by tuesday afternoon. by then, temperatures will be well below average for this time of the year. all about that fog moving on back in. over night lows, mid-40s in our response to low 50s around the bay shoreline. future weather showing you early tomorrow morning, we'll stop the clock at 6:00 in the morning at our typical spot.
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east bay stretching down into oakland and over san leandro. by 8:00 or 9:00, a lot of that fog is evaporating and into the afternoon, we'll see a lot of sunshine once that marine layer burns off. pretty comfortable, 74 in seasons with a lot san jose, with a lot of sunshine. along the peninsula, 72 for mountain view, much cooler on the coast. half-moon bay, only highs of 58 degrees. >> downtown san francisco, below average for this time of year. a high of only 62 degrees in the afternoon. about 58 close to the coast in the sunset. in the north bay tomorrow, petaluma. oakland, 67 after morning fog and afternoon sunshine. 72 in fremont and comfortable. here is your seven-day forecast for you, a sunny afternoon
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tomorrow and cooler on tuesday to finish out the month of april. by april, those temperatures quickly reround and thursday, it is a warm afternoon with fog returning by friday. now, abc 7 news sports with mindy bach. any concerns of curry and klay thompson quickly disappeared. the splash brothers playing their usual role until the final seconds of the game. demarcus cousins will be on the bench. check out the degree of difficulty on that three. the rockets upset that harden did not get any call. warriors gave up 16 points on 13 turnovers. eric gordon, allowed him to tie the game at 53. just beautiful. in the fourth quarter, durant,
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the beautiful step back jumper, he had 35 points with more than 30. 44 seconds left, harden lays it in and gets the foul. he also has 35 points. curry who have been ham perred by a personal foul hits his third three of the game, it was a big one. this game is not over. time is running out. durant. well, actually watch harden, he's going to pull up. he's going to miss it and eric gordon steps out of bound. the warriors survive became one, barely. 104-100 is the final. there was a pretty good uproar on foul. the rockets were not pleased with the no call on the warriors closing out on the three points shooter especially on harden.
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>> i just want a fair chance. i was supposed to be called and i will live with the results. just call the game, i was supposed to be called and i will live with the results. it is plain and simple. >> i have been fouled by james' three-pointer before. i ain't going with that one. i am straight. na. >> they're trying to do the best they can do. you know -- obviously, it was what it was. >> all right, players are looking at those fouls and having a little chuckle. the sharks are going 2-0. the ceremonial door opener for san jose. sharks get on the board first, that is good one. the shot by brent burn does not go. evander came and cleaned it up nicely. colorado tied it up mid way through the second. that was a tough one. with 3.5 minutes to go.
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martin jones makes one good safe. tyson berry, yeah, he ripped it at home. 2-1 colorado, after two. the third period, colorado, pushed a third goal pass joness a few minutes later. the sharks pulled their goalie, the avalanche winning 4-3, the final. the a's picking up at the bottom half of the 11th. the a's is up for one. brandon drewery, all against oakland. it is not done. justin with a walk off based hit. 5-4 and sweeps the sson'll kee short. gary sanchez almost hits one out of the stadium. it would be beautiful if you are the yankees fans.
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11-5, yankees. not a good weekend for the giants. minimizing the discomfort. >> i like your honesty on this. >> thank you, mindy. a
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tonight at 11:00, the abc 7 i-team has a story of the sonoma man who was badly burned. we investigate on this incident. we are knowing more of the dwi crash in the north bay. it is marvel's world and we are living in it, right? d.c., "avengers," takiing $1.2 billion open worldwide. $50 million in the u.s. and canada blowing past expectations, now, that shattered the previously record by last year's "avengers: infinity war." no other movie came close. >> another marvel movie,
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"captain marvel" was second. "breakthrough" and "shazamm" rounds by the top five. "shazam" is other company that you don't want to worry about. >> that's a lot of countries, is it? >> all right, that's it for abc 7 news. we'll see you right back here at 11:00.
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