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tv   World News Now  ABC  April 29, 2019 3:30am-3:59am PDT

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>> >> this morning on "world news now," inside the california synagogue shooting. we're learning new details about the suspect purchasing the rifle just a day before the attack. killing one woman and injuring several others including the rabbi. the nfl draft tragedy. a player selected by the new york giants is injured in a shooting hours later. his teammate killed. new this half hour, the royal baby watch. >> royal watchers looking for any clues from the duke and duchess of sussex as the world awaits any news of a new royal baby. the dead are already here. >> it is the showdown that is shaking the internet overnight. perhaps the biggest battle ever on tv since kenneth took on mr. fish. we'll check out some of the
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reaction but no spoilers, we promise, on this monday, april 29th. good monday morning. everyone is talking about "game of thrones" as they do on mondays. >> i feel people want to flip tables, they're talking about it on social media, everybody's like, i need a drink. it was an epic, epic, epic episode apparently. >> we won't spoil anything for you, we promise. >> we will not. again, i took on mr. fish, because i'm a superhero myself. >> you sure are, you sure are. >> we'll talk about that later on this half hour. we do begin with new information about the murder weapon in that deadly synagogue shooting in southern california. >> as hundreds of mourners gathered near san diego to honor the life lost and condemn hate, a source with direct knowledge of the investigation tells abc news the 19-year-old suspect purchased the assault-style rifle on friday just a day before the attack. abc's brian clark has more.
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>> i see the shooter standing there in position with the rifle, moving it towards me. >> reporter: rabbi yisroel goldstein, injured in the chabad of poway synagogue shooting, speaking out, describing to abc's matt gutman the moment suspected gunman john earnest allegedly opened fire during services on the final day of passover. >> little kids, i have a 4 1/2-year-old granddaughter, my other grandson is in a carriage sleeping. and here's an active shooter. >> reporter: also injured in the attack, almog peretz shot in the leg while trying to protect some of the children. 60-year-old lori gilbert-kaye killed. >> i saw lori laying on the floor unconscious. >> reporter: president trump speaking with the rabbi by phone sunday. >> you just take care of yourself, rabbi. >> reporter: witnesses say the ar-style rifle jammed.
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one congregant jumping in to try to stop the attack. >> i ran up to him and i yelled at him and he dropped his weapon and he ran out and i chased him out of the sanctuary. >> reporter: earnest fled while being shot at by an off-duty border patrol agent attending services. he was eventually arrested about a mile away. investigators examining his social media history, including an open letter posted online saying he wanted to kill jews. earnest has been charged with murder and attempted murder.
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he died sunday in virginia from a rare neurological disorder. the republican spent 36 years in the senate. lugar served for decades on the senate foreign relations committee, twice as chairman. he was awarded the presidential medal of freedom by president obama for his work on nuclear disarmament. he was 87. this morning there are still street closures in seattle after
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a crane tumbled off a building, killing four people. investigators think high winds may be to blame. abc's maggie rulli is there. >> reporter: seattle still in came crash of one of t cy' busiest intersections saturday killing four people. >> we have about five or six people entrapped. there are four vehicles that are underneath the crane. >> reporter: watch the crane in this video, captured by the space needle, disappearing from sight, slicing through two buildings, one of those buildings under construction belonging to google. six cars crushed under the crane's weight. >> it landed right on the cars. we were just standing there totally in shock. >> reporter: bystanders leapt into action, rescuing a 25-year-old mother and her infant daughter. >> the baby come out fine, so that was good, that's a blessing. but the next two cars behind, it's sad. >> reporter: authorities say two people sitting in their cars and two workers inside the crane were killed. >> my heart breaks for the families that have lost someone today. >> reporter: the construction
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company that owns the crane confirming that workers were dismantling the crane right before it came down. the national weather service says a line of showers moved through the area at the time with winds gusting up to 23 miles per hour. this eyewitness video shows the crane appearing to tilt in the >> it became really, really strong wind right around that time is when we heard the crash. >> reporter: officials say the investigation into the cause of the accident could take months to complete. we reached out to that construction company to find out if their workers should have even been up there dismantling the crane in the first place, given those dangerous weather conditions. they tell us the investigation continues. they are still on site. it is too early to speculate. maggie rulli, abc news, seattle. >> our thanks to maggie. baltimore police say a tragic shooting left one person dead and at least six wounded at two cookouts. detectives say the cookouts were taking place on opposite sides of the same street when at least one person started firing. the police commissioner says the shooting appears to be very targeted. the commissioner did not give a motive.
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the navy's investigating the second death of a recruit at a chicago-area training center in less than nine weeks. officials say 18-year-old kelsey nobles died last week after a physical fitness test at a facility in great lakes, illinois. it's not known if nobles had any pre-existing medical conditions. in february, 20-year-old kiara evans died under similar circumstances. five men were rescued from a cave in southwest virginia after being trapped for nearly two days. six men entered the cyclops cave friday night for an overnight excursion. but heavy rains caused flooding, making it difficult for them to climb out. one of the men managed to get out early sunday morning and alerted authorities. crews raced against the clock as the men were suffering fatigue, hypothermia, and facing deteriorating conditions inside the cave. >> they were speaking. one of them wasn't. he was very cold, very tired. and i had to check in with him pretty regularly to make sure he was all right. they were cheerful once we started letting them know we were going to haul them out of
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there. >> four of the men were taken to a local hospital. another was taken to a trauma center. no word yet on their conditions but that cave is popular with explorers because of its tight crevices and drops. glad that they are all safe. it was quite a weekend. i am fresh from d.c. since i'm still d.c.-based. >> oh, are you? >> correspondent. i had a big weekend down there in washington because it was the washington big annual celebration of the first amendment that janai missed. >> nerd prom! >> the white house correspondents' association dinner. historian ron chernow spoke. he wrote the biography of alexander hamilton. he joked hamilton was lucky to emigrate to the u.s. before it was full, as president trump has suggested. chernow was great. i said this dinner was a nice reset after previous controversies. always a star-studded event as well.
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then there, just journalists from d.c., political folks who were there in the room celebrating the first amendment. chernow, he has good lines, he says we now have to fight hard for basic truths that we once took for granted, when you chip away at the press you chip away at our democracy. he was also funny as well. i know that you are upset that you missed it, so i don't want to show you any pictures. oh, i guess i will. >> oh, the group photos. >> except for these group photos here where members, your former d.c. colleagues, still abc colleagues, amazing. people said this was like some type of ad for a designer label. >> who? who said that? who said that? produce the evidence. on my facebook. ipts. >> oh my goodness. >> but you know, janai, you were still missed. in fact, we recreated an image from last year's correspondents' dinner. >> oh my gosh. >> before you blew up. >> before i blew -- i thought you meant my weight. and i was like, look, honey. >> when you were still hanging
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with us and we see lana zak, correspondent who was pregnant last year. >> she was. >> and now her baby boy is almost 1. >> that was very nice that you guys did that. kenneth and i, we went together the last two years. the first year we weren't that close yet but i was like, i want to go to this thing, i'm not good in social events, let me hang on to your coattails. >> and you did. >> and he let me for the last two years, very nice. >> she took those coattails and propelled herself -- >> and i said, come on! >> and now i'm like, take me with you! no. >> i'm glad you had so much fun, though. >> it was a good time and like i said, it was great to see all of my d.c. colleagues down there. since i'm still d.c.-based. but i never get to see them. >> here he is. coming up, the major implosion over the weekend in massachusetts. plus queen week on "american idol." how "idol" alum adam lambert now the new front man of the iconic band helped the top eight rock the stage. and how taylor swift's new video is setting new records. that's ahead later in "the skinny." you're watching "world news now."
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down they go. watch parties accompanied the demolition of two concrete cooling towers in somerset, massachusetts. the 500-foot-tall towers are believed to be the tallest ever brought down in a controlled implosion. the plant burned coal for more than 50 years. the property's owners are expected to turn the site into a facility that supports wind farms. we're learning new details this morning about the nfl rookie who was shot just hours after he was drafted by the new york giants. >> the shooting happened at a house offcampus from washburn university in topeka, kansas. here's abc's marci gonzalez. >> with the 180 pick in the 2019 nfl draft, the new york football giants select -- >> reporter: one of the best moments of his life. >> corey ballantine. defensive back, washburn. >> reporter:aftebyheewgiantscorn
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injured. his former teammate at washburn university killed. >> there's people running everywhere and somebody's down in the middle of the road. looks like they're bleeding pretty good. >> reporter: police in topeka, kansas say there were dozens of people at this offcampus housing when shots were fired. someone driving ballantine to a hospital. officers then arriving on scene, finding 23-year-old duane simmons dead. the new york giants calling it a tragic situation, writing in a statement, we have spoken to corey and he's recovering in the hospital. our thoughts are with duane simmons' family, friends and teammates and the rest of the washburn community. ballantine is expected to make a full recovery and police are still searching for the gunman. marci gonzalez, abc news, new york. >> our thanks to marci. actress lori loughlin and her husband and more than a dozen other parents are expected to officially plead not guilty today to a second charge in that college admissions scandal. >> they're unlikely to appear i
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lawyers will likely enter the pleas for them on their behalf. loughlin and her husband are accused of paying $500,000 to get their daughters into usc. they could face up to 40 years in prison. the world is eagerly awaiting the arrival of baby sussex. that would be the first child of prince harry and meghan markle. also known as the duke and duchess of sussex. >> prince harry made a surprise appearance at the london marathon on sunday, a clear sign to royal watchers that they'll be waiting a little longer for the bundle of joy's debut. travel plans are already in the works. harry, meghan, and baby will reportedly travel to africa in the fall. pretty cool. when we come back, the epic battle of winterfell spills all over the internet. and the new details we're just now hearing from an a-list weekend wedding. "the skinny" is next. .
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>> so you saw it. >> he did. >> i missed it too. >> yeah. >> we can say that. the world is just now cooling off from episode 3 of the final season of "game of thrones" and we promise no spoilers but apparently the battle of winterfell exceeded just about everyone's expectations. twitter is crackling with excitement. >> crackling. >> excitement, with one user saying, i don't even know how to go about my week now. that episode has me needing a drink. >> another says, i hate this show for what it's doing to my heart and soul. while another says, quote, this was the greatest episode of any tv show i've ever seen, better than any movie i've ever seen, better than any relationship i've ever been in. that person was at home watching alone. no, they may not have been. so people are jazzed up for that. >> they really are. again, no spoilers. >> i mean, i know those hearts are broken because there aren't many episodes left. >> i know. people, so they're counting
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down. they're like, oh my god, now there's only three more left. >> all bittersweet. also breaking hearts, actor idris elba has become the latest celebrity to join the secret wedding crowd and we are happy for him. after exchanging vows with girlfriend sabrina dhowre in morocco. >> the event may have been on the downlow but it was anything but modest with a reception featuring camels, fire dancers, and christian louboutin. ith iconic shoes? did he wear those shoes as well? >> i guess so. >> the couple net two years ago on a movie set in canada. they do have men louboutins. >> they do, they do. british "vogue" shared this snap of dhowre's classic off-the-shoulder gown custom made by vera wang. >> the happy couple even got a wedding gift from prince harry and his wife meghan, reportedly this piece of art valued at $9,000. they got a baby to spend some money on, they should be saving it up.
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>> yeah, you're right, they better save all those coins. gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. >> yeah. it was a big weekend for oprah, out and about in l.a. >> she made two big stops. first dropping by the bridal shower for katherine schwarzenegger and chris pratt. oprah brought a giant gift box of course. oprah has been close to katherine's mom maria since they were young reporters in baltimore. >> katherine's dad was there too.itee ws were thing for oprah this weekend. she closed down the bridal salon at saks in beverly hills with alums from her leadership academy for girls in south africa. oprah living that best life. >> she definitely is. >> i want to know, what was the e, good rning -- >> happy taylor swift is breaking records all over the place with her new video "me." >> swift dropped the earworm "me," the first song off her new album late thursday. as of this morning it's already
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closing in on 100 million views, breaking the record for highest female solo 24-hour debut for any music video, after about six hours, 23 million views.
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crest removes 95% of surface stains... in just three days. ♪ ♪ back with our "skinny bonus round" starting with queen week on "american idol." >> the finalists took turns paying tribute to the iconic band. perhaps the most touching moment was this performance by 7-year-old viral piano protege avett maness. ♪ sent shivers down my spine body's aching all the time ♪ ♪ good-bye everybody i've got to go ♪ >> oh, he's good. >> yeah. >> that gives me chills. "idol" fans cast their votes live last night selecting the
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top six winners who will stay in the game at least until next week. >> and helping last night's top eight contestants rock the stage was celebrity guest mentor adam lambert. >> he's filling the shoes of freddie mercury as we're learning in a brand-new documentary. here's diane macedo. >> reporter: an unfortunate death. an unlikely resurgence. 't loor just d he cldever ♪ >> reporter: freddie mercury's shocking death nearly three decades ago seemed like the end for the hall of famers. but the television special event "the show must go on" is now telling the band's astonishing comeback story. ♪ this is ourselves under pressure ♪ >> reporter: and how adam lambert, an "american idol" runner-up, became queen's new lead singer.
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under pressure but rising to the occasion. >> one of the great things about being on stage with queen is that i've challenged myself to try and find my own personal connection to the lyrics of their songs. ♪ i work hard every day of my life ♪ >> reporter: the 37-year-old achieving what many thought was impossible. ♪ at the end >> after the success of the first tour, we were well beyond people questioning, does it work? adam brings in a whole new fan base. there are people that come in to see adam lambert, then they walk away queen fans. ♪ i was just a skinny lad >> reporter: allowing queen to keep rocking. ♪ you make the rocking world go round ♪ ♪ fat-bottomed girls you make the rocking world go round ♪ >> the documentary airs tonight at 8:00 on abc. legendary queen drummer, we're talking to him, roger taylor, this morning on gma. >> i remember lambert's original run on "american idol." big fan.
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i remember when he was tapped for queen and -- >> you knew it. >> i knew it. he's good. when i have an asthma attack... i feel scared. sometimes my parents have to take me to the hospital. i feel like a fish with no water. you know how to react to their asthma attacks. here's how to prevent them. call... visit... or call your doctor. because... our agents get more eyes on your home so you sell for thousands more than the one next door.
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making news in america this morning, inside that deadly synagogue shooting. >> lori was laying on the floor unconscious. >> the terrifying moment a gunman opened fire on worshippers celebrating the last day of passover. how brave bystanders helped chase off the suspect and what we're learning about his hate-filled plan. race for the white house. president trump ramping up attacks on joe biden as the former vice president holds his first campaign rally. plus, trump's newest criticism of the democratic party and the special counsel's russia investigation. daring rescue. five men trapped inside a treacherously deep cave after hey rain made it


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