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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  April 29, 2019 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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service meltdown. drivers now being urged to work overtime as san francisco supervisors mull over the transit agency's current leadership. presidential candidate and former vice president joe biden getting ready for his first campaign rally today. his priority rebuilding the middle class. good morning. it's good to be here on this monday, april 29. we welcome natasha back. we'll talk about that later on in the show. right now we're talking about the weather. a live look outside through our exploratorium camera. it is shaping up to be a nice day in the bay area. mike nicco, what do you say? >> i say welcome back to natasha and to the fog. look at that. they're both here. and they are keeping, the fog is, us quiet. nothing on live doppler 7. let's show you what's going on. i chose the exploratorium camera just like our director because that is one of the best ways to see the low clouds that are out there. maybe a little bit of mist near the coast and the hills. a dry commute with temperatures a little chilly, in the mid-40s to the mid-50s.
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notice we stay in the 50s along the coast with the clouds really stubborn today. mid-60s. slow warming by noon, near 70 away from the bay at 4:00. and you'll need a coat once the sun sets around 8:00. by 7:00 we're in the mid-60s, probably upper 50s by 8:00. alexis? good morning, mike. so far so good here for the monday morning drive. we're looking at a very light golden gate bridge. one of the later commutes to fill in. looks like zipper trucks have been through. no significant delays northbound or southbound. our drive times are looking good, too. 580 tracy to dublin, in the yellow at 49 minutes. antioch to concord still in the green at 15. southbound 101 san rafael to san francisco. still in the green at 16 minutes. >> thanks, alexis. commuters are wondering if there will be more problems with muni this week. >> and they've had some issues really the whole month. on friday an equipment issue meant delays. also, operators refuse to go work overtime. abc 7 news reporter amy
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hollyfield live at the west portal station. amy? >> reporter: hi, good morning, reggie. friday was rough. they're hoping today will be smooth. no major announcements here at this station this morning. so far it looks like things are on track, but the president of the union for the drivers for muni says it was not a good feeling to see riders stranded on friday. downed overheadlines caused delays and riders were directed to take shuttles but operators have been turning down overtime so the shuttles were packed and delayed. the union president says he wants drivers to do what they can to make sure this doesn't happen again. >> at the moment we are encouraging the operators, if they can, if they are healthy enough, to work their regular days off in order to try and help provide some service, some stability for the residents of san francisco so they can get to work and to school and to church and to their doctors appointments on time.
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>> reporter: city officials say they realize muni has its fair share of problems. they're thinking of making changes to try and improve certain advice, that's talking about long-term. riders are focusing on today's commute and hoping it goes okay. reporting live in san francisco, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. here at the live desk the key issue of the 2018 midterms may stick around to trouble president trump in 2020. listen to this, according to a new abc news/"washington post" poll, they are more likely to oppose than support him for a second term. 55% say they would, quote, definitely not vote for him. 28% say they definitely would. the poll also found 85% of registered voters say they are certain to vote in the 2020 elections. so those new numbers just coming in to our live desk. president trump's overall
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popularity is really low, just 39% of people approve of his work in the office. jessica, thank you. sticking with politics, democratic presidential candidate and former vice president joe biden will hold his first official campaign rally today in pittsburgh. he plans to address a crowd of organized laborers about rebuilding the middle class. biden grew up in pennsylvania. since announcing his bid for the nomination last week he has already raised more than $6.3 million. tomorrow biden and his wife, dr. jill biden will sit down with robin roberts for an exclusive interview on "good morning america" at 7:00 a.m. another candidate running for the democratic nomination, beto o'rourke, is campaigning across california. >> he'll be in san diego, just a day after campaigning in san francisco. jobina fortson was there as o'rourke addressed some big issues. >> reporter: a line wrapped around multiple corners clearly spelled out the anticipation for -- >> ladies and gentlemen, the next president of the united
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states, beto o'rourke! >> reporter: beto o'rourke is on a town hall tour making his first rounds in california since announcing his candidacy for president. he's running on what he calls a grass-roots campaign, no help from special interests, lobbyists, or pacs. >> tens of millions cannot see a doctor or afford medication or take their child to the therapist so that she's well enough to learn in school. >> reporter: o'rourke touched on the big issues like immigration reform, health care, and also his explosive texas senate race initially believed to be a long shot. he set a record for the most votes cast for a democrat in texas history and plans to bring that same energy to the national stage. >> we need a new voting rights act so that every single person's vote counts in this country. >> reporter: the presidential hopeful took several questions from the crowd in english and spanish. chris asked about holding law enforcement accountable. >> coming into this event today,
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i wasn't super impressed with him, but his answer was more specific than i expected. i was pretty impressed. >> i just love everything he says about immigration and how welcoming he is to every single person. >> it's unclear to me out of this field of 20 if he will have the gravitas to be relevant in the overall campaign. certainly is a very impressive speaker. >> there was a lot of excitement among democrats to see how close beto o'rourke came to beating ted cruz, another kind of favorite punching bag for the democrats. i think for all of the candidates right now it's really about building their name recognition. >> reporter: and, remember, there's still more than a year to do that. o'rourke's next town hall will be in san diego, and he also plans to visit some cities in the central valley. reporting in the newsroom, jobina fortson, abc 7 news. and we do have a full list of democratic presidential candidates on our website,
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here's a look at -- oh, from the exploratorium. it's not a look at the exploratorium. i guess you can see the solar panels. the bigger building the sales force tower. what the temperatures will be in our inland east bay neighborhoods. most of us in the 50s. 49 in pleasanton and up on mt. diablo, 58. there's not a lot of warm air lurking above the marine layer this morning. 46 in novato. 47 at pacifica and los gatos at 45. a look at the golden gate bridge. that west wind at 15 miles an hour keeping our temperatures in check today. it will help us go from clouds to sunshine this afternoon. you'll need the sunglasses. breezy spots if our out playing great. just a little bit of sunshine. the north bay, we're cloudy at 7:00. we'll see a little bit of sunshine at 9:00 and jump out in the 40s to the 50s. mid-60s from noon through about 4:00 and then 58 at 7:00.
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definitely cool. you're one of the cooler spots compared to average. the east bay in the mid-60s in the afternoon hours once we get rid of the clouds around 10:00, 11:00. for san francisco pretty cloudy through at least 9:00, 10:00. we'll break out into sunshine, 11:00 and away from the coast we'll have sshine and mid-60s. at the coast we'll be stuck in the upper 50s. we'll take a look at the highs, the micro climate is coming up and the weekend forecast. never too early to think about that, is it, alexis? >> not even on monday morning. that's all right, mike. taking a look at our traffic maps we have a couple slow spots to talk about. neither of them too terrible. definitely an issue here, northbound 238 to 880. a disabled vehicle blocking the center lane. a tow truck is on the way to the scene. that is starting to cause a delay and we have some road work that is in the final stages now northbound 101 between san antonio avenue and oregon expressway. looks like they have wrapped that up on time and we had a
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delay a moment ago that has started to thin out as well. a quick check of the bay bridge toll plaza. no metering lights yet but slowly starting to fill in. in the east bay a crackdown on illegal side shows. this video from the chp shows a truck doing burnouts at the summit of mt. diablo over the weekend. an officer did stop the driver before anyone got hurt. law enforcement agencies have been watching for sideshows especially in oakland. their response follows an incident on april 14th when a delivery truck and an ac transit bus were set on fire in east oakland. so far oakland police have not reported any major side shows this weekend. alexis, thank you. the alameda county fire department is preparing for fire season. yesterday the department released this video of bulldozers rolling into camp pendleton. five firefighters will train there for two weeks. they'll work with other agencies in the state to get ready for the wildfires. a special concert at grace cathedral in san francisco. it's to show solidarity with the people of paris after the devastating fire at the notre dame cathedral.
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investigators believe the fire was possibly caused by a short circuit linked to renovation work. it could take nearly five years to rebuild. tonight's free concert starts at 6:00. it will include performances by members of the san francisco symphony, the grace cathedral choir and the san francisco opera. >> and, of course, grace cathedral is modeled after notre dame so that makes a lot of sense. up next the 7 things you need to know as you start your day. plus -- >> i stand before my family, friends, and graduating class today to say that i am proud to be the gay son of god. >> wow. an outpouring of support after the valedictorian of brigham young university's graduating class came out during the convocation. and the most expensive zip code in the u.s. is located right here in the bay ar
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it is 5:13. here are the 7 things to know this morning. a possible arson investigation under way at uber's daly city office. one witness says he saw someone intentionally start the fire overnight. no one was hurt. the daly city police are expected to release new details this morning. number two from our live desk the suspect in the deadly synagogue shooting near san diego this weekend is also linked to a recent mosque arson fire. 19-year-old john earnest is accused of killing one woman and injuring three others. he is charged with murder and
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will likely face federal hate crime charges. number three, the president of the union for muni operators is asking employees to work overtime to prevent major problems from flaking the system. drivers have refused to work overtime because after contract dispute with the city. dramatic new dash cam video shows the moment a crane collapsed, there you see it, in seattle over the weekend. today officials in washington state are expected to formally release the identities of the four people killed. >> that's sad. we have winds that are blowing the clouds in. you can see right here in san rafael. and we're going to have temperatures that will continue the cooling trend through at least tomorrow when we're below average. a nice rebound for the rest of the week. number six overall we are looking at a quiet start to the day. we do have a collision that initially sounded like it wasn't blocking and now soundsike it is westbound state route 84 near vallecitos road. two vehicles involved. emergency crews at the scene. number seven, taylor swift shattering youtube records with
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her brand-new single "me." viewed 9 she holds the all-time female and solo 24-hour view. there's been a lot of snarkiness because the internet is a garbage pan. say what you will, she is a successful young lady. >> she is certainly rich. i'll give her that. >> very generous of you. happening today actress lori loughlin and other parents are expected to officially enter not guilty pleas for a second conspiracy charge in the college admission scandal. those defendants and prosecutors are asking a federal judge to seal evidence including academic records, college applications, grades, test scores, and essays. the order would require that evidence be returned or destroyed at the end of the case. loughlin is accused of paying nearly half a million dollars to get her daughters into usc as fake recruits on the crew team. now switching to a proud dad moment for former governor and
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actor arnold schwarzenegger. he post this had picture yesterday on instagram while at his son joseph's graduation. he says, quote, four years of hard work, studying business at pepperdine and today is your big day. you've earned all of the celebration, and i'm so proud of you. joseph is schwarzenegger's son with his former housekeeper with whom he had an affair. she also attended the graduation. the valedictorian at brigham young university is receiving praise and criticism for using his graduation speech to come out as a gay man. >> i don't come to terms with who i thought i should be but who the lord has made me. as such i stand before my family, friends, and graduating class today to say that i am proud to be the gay son of god. >> matt easton graduated with a 4.0 gpa last week. he told close family members and friends that he's gay but had never said so publicly. >> i was nervous, yes, still a
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little nervous about it. there are people telling me i went too far. people telling me i didn't go far enough. i felt i had to do what felt right to me. >> easton says he has found a large body of support since giving his graduation speech. let's talk beyonce. she has claimed not one but two albums this comes as the wide streaming release of her 2016 album "lemonade" at number nine while her homecoming album is at number four. it was released this month to coincide with her netflix documentary. it was cool to see behind the scenes. she doesn't often open up like that. >> that's true and her fitness journey is -- >> brutal. very impressive. >> a lot of work. >> makes me want to go to the gym right now. >> or just give up. >> everybody at the gym, we want to join you right now or go watch beyonce, get a little motivation. how about that. guys, take a look at what's
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going on in san jose. 52 and cloudy. we look northbound on 87. mostly sunny. nearly average highs this afternoon. of course we're waking up with cloud cover as we do this time of the year. clouds return, keep us in the 40s and 50s, close to average. and then a kiddie coaster of temperature swings this week. a look at the cloud cover at 7:00 this morning. there you can see as we head to noon pretty much almost everybody cleared out except for along the coast and near the golden gate bridge and then in the afternoon that finger of fog. you see it right there coming across the golden gate, angel island and heading over to the east bay shore, and that's a sign that, yep, clouds are coming in again tonight. a look at our temperatures at half moon bay to 62 in san francisco. mid to upper 60s around most of the bay shore. now you get palo alto and fremont southward, low to mid-70s. and mid to upper 60s through most of the north bay. take to you napa at 70 and lake port and ukiah in the mid-to upper 70s. you can see we're in the mid-40s to mid-50s.
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my accuweather seven-day forecast about two to six degrees cooler tomorrow. highs rebound to today's levels and just a little bit above average but nothing too warm thursday and friday. alexis? good morning, mike. i do want to take you into a new problem. sounds like we have two separate collisions on the peninsula, northbound 101 near marsh road. the first one the crash, vehicles involved are contained to the right shoulder. there were some barrel damage in the far left lane and now sounds like a secondary crash in the same area. i'm thinking another vehicle came along and hit the barrel or some of that debris. just some slight delays through that stretch. we will keep an eye on that. bay bridge toll plaza as of a moment ago had not received official word the metering lights were on. if they're not yet they will be any minute now and drive times looking great here. southbound 101, 13 minutes. westbound 580, castro valley to the maze, 14. northbound 101 to highway 85 just 12 minutes.
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thanks, alexis. in today's "gma first look" there's something different in the "sports illustrated" swimsuit model. >> reporter: in this morning's "gma first look" the magazine known for launching stars and turning heads. but this year -- >> don't change yourself. change the game. >> reporter: she is changing the game and making history as the fir first. when you're out there shooting it, what was going through your mind? >> we had a lot of moments everybody was breaking down crying because it's a huge moment. "sports illustrated" is proving that a girl that's wearing a bikini can be right alongside. and as women we can be each other's biggest cheerleaders celebrating the diversity of women. >> reporter: so how did this 21-year-old go from a refugee camp in kenya to breaking barriers in the fashion industry? we'll have her powerful story coming up at 7:00 a.m.
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abc news, new york. and now here at the live desk i want to show you something i'm watching this morning. things are just about to get under way at the planetary defense conference. so what is that? nasa and fema today getting together for a drill and, believe it or not, they are practicing for what to do if an asteroid was barreling toward earth. i want to show you that website. this is the website for the conference and things are just about to roll out. they're going to try to figure out how to stop a hypothetical asteroid traveling at 31,000 miles per hour from hitting earth. nasa says this is just an exercise. there is no eminent danger. so that's a relief for all of us, it's not coming anytime soon, but we're watching the live stream. things are just getting under way at the nation's capital. if you follow me on twitter i will send out the link as we do watch this and it's about to start. >> i'm glad someone is on top of
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that. abc 7 news committed to building a better bay area by focusing on the big issues including housing. >> athey arton is the most expensive zip code in the country. taking a closer look at the neighborhood, in 2018 the median mortgage was around $5.5 million. the cost to pay it every month runs close to $27,000. the annual income needed to afford that kind of mortgage a little more than $1 million, assuming you spent 30% of your income on housing. the median price is $6.8 million. the second most expensive zip code is beverly hills, the second. the median mortgage close to $4.9 million. if it were to be done today it would be atherton 94027. >> talking about tech all the time.
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>> brenda -- >> my ipo is coming out today. >> trying to get over it. >> i know. a former "american idol" contestant overcomes a personal
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i wanted to start off by taking a look at sfo to see how much impact the clouds are having there. you can see it's hazy, also. i'm thinking we'll have flight arrival delay this is morning. i'll keep an eye on it. if you step away from the tv. tree pollen will be high with cedar, tree. once the sun pops out burn time will be about 15 minutes or less. natasha? >> thanks for that info, mike. a former "american idol" contestant is releasing new music. he competed on last season's "idol." he shared his struggle with being paralyzed from the waist
5:26 am
down after a car hit him. doctors told him he would never walk again but now he's walking on his own. although he didn't win "american idol" the journey inspired his upcoming album and his new single is called "lion heart." ♪ i have the heart of a lion lion heart is about overcoming obstacles by choosing to live different and respond differently to things that might be unfair in their lives. >> a great message. he released "lion heart" last week just before the third anniversary of the accident. he plans to release the full album late they are year. >> i'm into it. coming back with another full 90 minutes of news includng the progress attorneys are expect to go make by the end of the day in the ghostship case. a possible case of arson at a google office. this week's deadly synagogue shooting in southern california. the suspect being linked to
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making news at 5:30, a fire damages uber's office in daly city. a witness tells us what he saw happen. iphone apps to limit screen time pulled from the app store. and the show must go on. details of a new documentary following queen and adam lambert that airs on abc tonight. good morning. welcome on this monday, april 29th. we'll have more on that later in the show. hi, mike. >> reggie, natasha, welcome back. we're welcoming the marine layer back. winds at fairfield, 29 miles per hour and look at the cloud cover. it's raced all the way into the central valley. here is the way it looks from the exploratorium at pier 15.
5:30 am
we're chilly with upper 40s to mid-50s. notice we're going to stay in the 50s today. around our bay and inland neighborhoods so slow sunshine means a slow warming trend. near 70 at 4:00. close to average and back at 7:00. have a blanket or a coat. >> we are looking good this morning. still a disabled vehicle northbound 238 ramp connector. that is heavy now on through castro valley. 13 miles an hour. it does sound like the tow truck is there. that will be able to recover before things really ramp up for the commute this morning and getting busier. metering lights on at 5:22. alexis, thank you.
5:31 am
new overnight a fire at uber's office in daly city. >> firefighters got there on john daly boulevard. anser hassan is there. >> reporter: good morning. i talked to daly city police. they won't have an update until 7:00 a.m. there are no reports of any injuries and very minimal damage to the building. you can see some burn marks on the ground and a window was cracked. let's show you some video from earlier. the call came in around 10:00 p.m. last night. the fire was quickly put out but investigators remain on scene until about midnight. the fire was limited to just the entrance area. no major damage to the building or surrounding businesses but concerns as this office building is in the middle of a residential area with homes all around it. one witness who didn't want to be identified says he saw someone light the fire and then took off. >> i saw a shadow and someone was running away.
5:32 am
a few seconds later flames went up. it was definitely intentional. >> reporter: police wouldn't confirm any information about a suspect or suspects and no reports of any arrests. reporting live in daly city, anser hassan, abc 7 news. here at the live desk if you're just waking up with us i want to get you caught up about the deadly synagogue shooting near san diego this weekend and this morning investigators pouring over the suspect's social media account. we learned the suspect is linked to a recent mosque arson fire as well. 19-year-old john earnest accused of killing one woman and injuring three others. earnest ran from the scene while being shot at by a border patrol agent. he was arrested about a mile away. the rabbi described the moment the suspected shooter opened fire. >> this man with a rifle point
5:33 am
blank starts shooting right towards me. >> investigators are looking at the social media history including an open letter posted online saying he wanted to kill jews. earnest has been charged with murder and will likely face federal chime charges. the pool of qualified jurors will be narrowed down to 12 and six alternates. opening statements are expected tomorrow. they are charged with 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter. lawyers claim the men are being made scapegoats for the deadly fire though city inspectors knew about conditions at the warehouse. we're hearing from the neighbors after woman hit and killed while walking her dog. we're choosing not to identify her yet as police are in the process of reaching out to her family. it happened saturday night as
5:34 am
the woman was walking her two dogs on butterfield road. the driver is james boswell, arrested for felony dui. >> i just want people to slow down and be mindful when they drive. >> i can't begin to tell you how angry i am at this man. how irresponsible, despicable and rotten i think his behavior is. >> the suspect was booked at the marin county jail and his bail is set at half a million dollars. a uc berkeley student, the attack happened yesterday morning. perkily police say no information about the suspect is available at this time. a douglas county nevada sheriff's sergeant wounded during a shoot-out with a triple murder suspect from the bay area is now at home recovering. they escorted the deputy from the hospital to his home yesterday. authorities say he was shot in
5:35 am
the hand friday night during a gun battle with stephon jefferson. jefferson is suspected of killing three people in berkeley, oakland, and san francisco. he was caught near south lake tahoe after leading police on a chase. 5:35. in the north bay hundreds of people packed a town hall to talk about gun violence and efforts in washington to fight it. abc 7 news was at dominican university for this event. it was organized and both men spoke of the implications of both attacks including the synagogue attack. >> it ripples across the entire community. 60% of our kids are high school students today are fearful there's going to be a shooting in their school. people should not have to live under conditions like that. >> thompson has introduced legislation for background checks to keep weapons away from criminals and the mentally ill.
5:36 am
some neighborhood temperatures, we're in the upper 40s daly city, pacifica. low to mid-50s for the rest of the peninsula. we have mid-50s along the east bay shore. look at los gatos. low to mid-50s if you're joining us from our inland east bay neighborhoods. our traffic this morning, the san mateo bridge northbound. clouds out there. i haven't heard of any miss on this commute. there's the possibility of it out there. just wanted to let you know that's why we're fair and not good. comfortable this afternoon. breezy in the usual spots. golden gate bridge, alcatraz, angel island. the peninsula, we're cloudy through at least 9:00. we jump into the 60s by 11:00 and mid to upper 60s for the better part of the afternoon hours. the east bay, cloudy through 7:00.
5:37 am
and then once they do at 10:00 we're in the 60s. we'll hover around 70 during the afternoon hours and for the south bay the same cloud pattern there and the same temperature profile as the east bay. be prepared for a little bit after chill in the air once the sun sets at around 8:00. so i think all of the vacations are over now. are you seeing an increase on the roads yet? >> it's looking typical. we have a handful of incidents, none too major now. still mostly green at 5:37 in the morning. just north of the 980 split, reports of a disabled semi that is blocking one of the middle lanes so that is a tough spot to have a lane taken away. hopefully they're able to clear that quickly. right now no delays through that stretch. northbound 880 ramp to davis street is blocked due to a crash that's been there a while. they're saying a wrongway driver caused the collision.
5:38 am
680 walnut creek to dublin, 14 minutes. southbound 101 santa rosa to san francisco in the green at 52. northbound highway 1 to los gatos, 15 minutes for your drive time. the san francisco fire department is training at china beach to keep swimmers safe. the agency tweet this had video saying it was a beautiful day on the water. they say crews are constantly training to keep everyone safe. even when the fog does roll out and the sun is beating down the frigid water and choppy waves can make a day at the beach dangerous if you're not prepared. emergency housing arriving in butte county for victims of the campfire. a november fire was the deadliest and most destructive on record in california history. some survivors are still living in hotels and motels. money is set to end on may 10th and fire victims will have to move.
5:39 am
the warriors opened the western conference semifinals with a win over the rockets after an intense game one. >> this was a rematch that nba fans had been waiting for since last year's conference finals. despite both klay thompson and steph curry huring their ankles. game two is tomorrow night at 7:30 at oracle arena. the series shifts to houston for game three only on abc 7. a crane collapses in seattle caught on dash cam video. what work wrers doiers were doi suddenly fell. >> a marvelous debut for the "avengers" movie. it pulls in some serious cash. a special good morning to those streaming us live on our abc 7 news app. if you are on the go, you can take abc 7 mornings with you. get up to the minute news, weather, and traffic
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it's 5:42 on a monday. we have low clouds, a little bit of mist for the kids as they head off at 7:00. we'll be in the 50s and 60s 11:00. still a chill there. upper 60s to low 70s for the rest of us.
5:43 am
check out the showers. even a chance of thunderstorms in the area you see in green. that's all going to stay to our south or may try to push up to yosemite and possibly tahoe also. mid-60s around san diego and los angeles. month ray at 74. 82 at chico. head to go at thing to tahoe, s thunderstorms a good bet saturday and sunday. officials in washington state will release the identities of the four people killed when a construction crane fell from a seattle building. and we have this new dash cam video showing the crane as it collapsed on saturday. the driver was stopped at a red light and just watched in horror as the crane came down and breaking into pieces. one of the victims has been identified as a college student named sarah wong. she grew up in southern california. she was in a car crushed by a section of the crane. another driver died along with two crane workers.
5:44 am
officials want to know whether high winds were a factor. >> really strong wind right around that time as we heard the crash. >> video from the space needle captured the collapse. you can see the crane as it starts to disappear from sight. the crane was being used to construct google's new seattle campus. an investigation into possible contamination along the hillside of the hunter's point shipyard found no health hazards according to "the examiner. "more than 10,000 homes are planned at the site. there are concerns about radioactive contamination. the contractor in charge of cleaning up the area has been hit with a lawsuit and two workers sent to prison for lying about records and soil samples. the department of public health retested the hillside and detected no radioactive contamination. 5:44 now. a woman is asking people to keep an eye out for her stolen dog. this is a picture of jessica kem's huskey bela. her car was stolen from the
5:45 am
driveway of her san jose home. they say she left it running with the dog inside while she ran indoors and when she came back out she saw a man inside of her car. she tried to open a door as he drove away but fell down. happening today environmental activists across the globe will be honored in san francisco. six people will receive the goldman environmental prize. one is an activist from washington state. her work safeguarded residents from harmful air pollution and stopped the flow of millions of gallons of crude oil to her state. other winners hail from chili, macedonia, mongolia and liberia. it will soon be possible to get the impossible whopper at any burger king. the fast food chain just making the announcement a few moments ago saying it's going to roll out nationwide by the end of the year. no exact date yet but it will be
5:46 am
soon. they were testing it out. the vegetarian option in a few of their markets previously. looks like it was a big success and we should note the plant-based patty is supplied by impossible foods based in redwood city. certainly good news for that local company. >> i'm excited. you know i love that impossible burger. i'm all onboard. >> thank you. a blockbuster debut weekend for "avengers: endgame." >> we're the avengers. we have to finish this. >> the marvel movie shoot earned the record for biggest opening weekend t. hauled in $350 million in ticket sales in the u.s. and canada. globally surpassed $1 billion, and that is the first time in hollywood history they've been able to surpass that mark. marvel is owned by disney, the parent company of abc 7. our director lee saw it twice this weekend. >> that is six hours of his
5:47 am
life. >> six hours and two minimum. >> he said it was worth it. >> once in regular format and the second in 3d. >> we have to ask when to use the restroom. when is the moment you can go? >> there's at least 15 to 20 minutes of credit i bet before the movie. i wonder which he liked better the regular or 3d? he must not be directing right now because i was hoping he would tell me. >> i think he told me he liked it in 3d. >> spend the coin and go. let's take a look at the weather and this is a look from mt. tam above the fray. the same sunshine as yesterday. a slightly cooler air mass is sitting on top of us. it'll get warm thursday and friday. we'll get right near 80 and that's enough. we'll drop down into the 70s this weekend. a look at the cloud cover and you can see it is extensive this morning. upper right-hand corner of your screen.
5:48 am
3:30, 4:00 and make that return trip over towards berkeley and emeryville. 76, 77 there. from fremont and palo alto southward some low 60s for the rest of the bay. a look at my accuweather forecast. we rebound back to average wednesday and then warmer but nothing out of control thursday and friday. a couple trouble spots around the same location. there is some attenuator damage there.
5:49 am
we have a new collision in the two left lanes down to just the left lane now. bay bridge toll plaza looking typical here. if you're using the car-pool lanes you won't have to worry about anything but cash and fastrak. b.a.r.t., no delays. normal service, no delays if you're riding san francisco bay ferry. new details on the measles quarantine at two universities in southern california. cal state says 106 staff members and 150 students are still being told to stay at home and avoid contact with others. they were exposed to a student who had measles and attended classes while contagious. coming up at 6:00, why you might hear a loud alarm coming from the sales force transit center in a few hours. first, the new documentary
5:50 am
on queen and adam lambert, how the former "american idol" winner rose to fame and eventually joined the iconic band. 5:49 in the morning. i'm so glad to be up with you an
5:51 am
i'm paige, and well the little thing that i like about the grilled chicken sandwich is that it's picture perfect. it's juicy and it just has all the right combinations. i think i could be considered a grilled chicken sandwich influencer. my name is frank and the little thing i like about the grilled chicken sandwich is the first bite. i love how juicy the chicken is but there's also the tomatoes and the lettuce and it's incredible. make sure you get it with waffle fries, because that's my favorite.
5:52 am
the beauty about baseball, you play a three-game set you don't do so well. you bring another team in and try again. the yankees swept the giants over the weekend but the dodgers are coming in town and
5:53 am
degrees dropping down to a 56. taylor swift is setting records with her song titled "me." it broke the youtube record for highest female and solo 24-hour debut with more than 65 million views. that number is now just shy of $100 million. it's also the record for mostn demand voice requests through alexa. the video hit the internet on thursday night. >> taylor swift? >> yeah. >> gowns, beautifugowns. >> i'm assuming it was shady, not following. we'll talk about this on the commercial break. the queen of soul was once asked to say something about taylor swift and she said gowns, beautiful gowns. >> i know there's so much shade, but you know what, i'm -- >> i'm just quoting the queen. and speaking of queen -- >> yeah, once led by the legendary freddie mercury, the subject of a new documentary airing tonight right here on abc 7. >> it focuses on the group's survival following mercury's
5:54 am
sudden death n. a rare move "american idol's" adam lambert has taken over belting the iconic hits across the globe. >> a few of them that just really hit home for me and learning more about freddie over the years and learning that there was a loneliness there i feel like i have enough in common with some of the things freddie was going through. >> adam appeared to be more of a boy. i see him as an incredibly accomplished man. >> "the show must go on: the queen and adam lambert story" airs tonight at 8:00 p.m. taking a look at the commute this morning several issues so far today. one on the peninsula. the three left lanes currently blocked due to a crash northbound before willow road. sounds like that will take a
5:55 am
while to clear. they'll need at least one tow truck. heading into san leandro northbound 238 to southbound 880 fully back open. we have a stalled tractor-trailer past the 980 in oakland. that is blocking lane number four. a slight delay. let's check in with mike nicco. hi, everybody. a west wind of about 15 miles an hour and a lot of cloud cover. and that will keep temperatures open two or three degrees. we're warmer in san jose and livermore. redwood city, san francisco about two to three degrees cooler with those low to upper 60s and redwood city at 70, about two degrees cooler than average. tomorrow will be our coolest day, most of us in the 60s. you can see a few 70s barely like 70 to 72 in the north bay and the east bay valleys. and then it starts to warm up
5:56 am
wednesday we push the upper 70s in the east bay valleys, a few more around the bay. warmth never gets to the coast. thursday temperatures about the same also. we're into that pattern morning clouds, afternoon sunshine and pretty comfortable temperatures in the 60s and 70s. let's get more news from natasha. >> we're not going to complain, mike. thank you. apple is defending its decision to remove some parental control apps from the app store. apple says several used an invasive technology that gives a third-party control and access over a device and also its most sensitive information. that includes user location, app use, email accounts, camera permissions and browsing history. apple says the parental control apps are no longer available because they put privacy and security at risk. the throwback we believe jerseys the warriors wore on their regular season finale at oracle are up for auction and bids are coming in at the high five-figure mark. the one by steph curry hit over $50,000.
5:57 am
draymond green, andre iguodala and klay thompson's jerseys are creeping up to the five figure mark, too. proceeds from the online auction will benefit oakland-based organizations through the warriors community foundation, and that auction ends thursday. a 2020 hopeful who just made a stop in the bay area has made a big announcement this morning. beto o'rourke reveals his first major policy plan. also, sideshow crackdown in the east bay. the chp captures this video of a truck doing burnouts. how the rest of the weekend went. >> reporter: the ride on muni was rough on friday. will there be a repeat performance today? we are out here
5:58 am
it's no ordinary day at denny's it's crepe day. a family tradition we started about twenty-two minutes ago. and from the looks of it, this tradition is going to last awhile. denny's has new crepes! see you at denny's.
5:59 am
coming up on 6:00 a.m., good morning, good to be here on this monday, april 29th. >> as you can see natasha is back with us this morning. we'll talk to her about that. you're never more than seven minutes away from your
6:00 am
accuweather forecast. mike nicco, how are we looking today? >> nice. maybe a degree or two cooler. live doppler 7. it is bone-dry. there you go, the clouds showing up on our exploratorium camera at pier 15 pointing back towards downtown san francisco. pretty cloudy through the morning. temperatures upper 40s to mid-50s. jacket weather. slow warming because of the cloud cover. near 70 at forecast. jacket and maybe a blanket if you're watching the kids play sports. >> heading back to the palo alto area. right around willow road reports of a crash just south of another collision we had. a short time ago at marsh. it sounds like this is blocking the three left lanes. one with a broken axle so it could take time to clear and they


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