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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  April 29, 2019 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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>> you can't spell awesome without me. >> spelling is fun. this is what we know. >> i haven't watched it. maybe i'll push her to 100 million. >> she's waiting for you good morning, america. the new stories of survival and heroism after that deadly synagogue shooting. this morning, the terrifying moments inside that synagogue when a gunman opened fire. >> i was centimeters away from death. >> the rabbi shot in front of his grandchildren and the heroes who rushed in to stop the shooter, including an off-duty border patrol agent as the fbi launches a federal investigation, the search for answers right now. also this morning, launch day. former vice president joe biden prepares to kick off his campaign in the key state of pennsylvania. the new abc news poll numbers just in. spring snow shocker. another storm now moving in after that record-setting surprise. snow and ice covering chicago
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and now where severe weather is on the way. brand-new video shows the deadly crane collapse. an investigation under way after 28,000 pounds of metal come crashing down killing four people, including a college student. nfl draft tragedy. the giants pick shot just hours after being drafted and his friend and teammate killed. the gunman still on the loose this morning. daring rescue. an hours-long race to save five men trapped in a cyclops cave. and the endgame of thrones. >> this is the fight of our lives. >> the two most highly anticipated showdowns shocking fans. "avengers: endgame" shattering box office records, already topping a billion dollars worldwide. will it be the biggest movie ever? and overnight, the "thrones" battle the world's been waiting for. but could you even see it? and good morning, america. don't worry.
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if you didn't see it, we will not spoil anything this morning. >> mum's the word here. "avengers: endgame" completing blowing away the box office blowing past that billion dollar mark in just its opening weekend. demand so big there were around the clock showings at theaters all across the country. >> definitely lived up to the hype. love that movie, and "avengers" star chris pratt posting this video behind the scenes. of course, we begin with the search for answers after that deadly synagogue shooting in san diego. overnight hundreds gathered for a candlelight vigil to honor the victims of that deadly attack and this morning, security is being stepped up at houses of worship all around the country. that's a live look at a jewish religious headquarter in brooklyn where police as you can see are out in force. chief national correspondent matt gutman joins us now from san diego with the latest. good morning, matt. >> reporter: good morning, robin. that gunman went right into that synagogue lobby behind me and
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opened fire. he got off about 10 or 15 rounds before his gun jammed, and then two congress regants chased him down and into the street. he was arrested and he's? jail, but as you mentioned, so many communities including this one, still very much on edge. >> getting another caller who stated there's a shooting at the synagogue, then disconnected. >> reporter: the gunman didn't talk. he only shot, say eyewitnesses. >> i realized there was an active shooter in temple. in front of me in the banquet hall there are children, little kids, my granddaughters, i hear. >> reporter: rabbi goldstein was one of 19-year-old suspect john earnest's first victims. >> i was centimeters away from death. literally. >> reporter: also shot, 60-year-old lori gilbert-kaye. she wouldn't survive her wounds. the fourth person shot while trying to shepherd children to safety. >> people crying, screaming,
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run, but i focus on the kids. i focus the kids go this way. >> reporter: inside the sanctuary terror. >> my dear friend, her daughter was next to me and i just remember getting her down and covering her with my body and telling her please be quiet, please be quiet. i don't want the shooter to know we're here. >> reporter: but the alleged shooter was already gone. his gun jammed and a military veteran helped chase him off. minutes later police would stop the 19-year-old nursing student. >> we got an ar-15, a couple of loaded 30-round mags inside the vehicle. >> reporter: law enforcement say it's not his only alleged hate crime. in a post online, the alleged shooter bragged about trying to burn down a mosque last month. both acts he wrote, were a tribute to the massacre at the christchurch mosque last month and the tree of life synagogue shooting six months ago. late sunday, the president calling rabbi goldstein. >> you just take care of yourself. >> reporter: 8-year-old noya dahan was right there, saw the shooting, and is now on edge.
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do you feel safe here, noya? >> i don't really feel safe because it was not the first and definitely won't be the last time it's going to happen. so no, i guess i have to watch and see if things happen. >> reporter: hard to imagine what that little girl has seen. law enforcement sources tell me that the gunman purchased his weapon on friday, the day before going into that synagogue, and that short runway is one of the things that makes those lone wolf attackers so frightening and so hard to stop. george. >> that certainly does. matt, thanks very much. hate crimes and white nationalist violence a focus for the race for the white house. former vice president joe biden announcing his run by condemning president trump's reaction to the riots in charlottesville. our new poll with "the washington post" shows biden starts as a modest front-runner and has a rally in pennsylvania today. mary bruce is in pittsburgh with the latest. good morning, mary. >> reporter: good morning, george. well, it is launch day for joe biden back home here in his native pennsylvania. he'll be speaking to union workers here in pittsburgh
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outlining his pitch to those working class voters who abandoned the party in 2016, but whose support will be so critical if biden hopes to win back the white house next year. it comes, of course, as he is leading in our latest abc news/"washington post" poll, biden getting a boost from his long political history and his name recognition. he now leads bernie sanders by six points, but now there are signs of a potential generational showdown here in the making. a striking gap we are seeing between the front-runners, biden leads sanders, 27% to 6% among voters 50 and older. but when it comes to the under 30 crowd, biden has just 3% support versus sanders '13%. of course, it is early, and there is plenty of room for this all to change. in fact, 35% say they simply aren't ready yet to name a favorite. >> they could move all over the place in the coming months vying to take on president trump. our poll shows he's still stuck bew 40%. our lowest historically for any president, and 55% of voters say they don't even consider voting for him in 2020.
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>> reporter: yeah, george, despite the strong economy we are still seeing the president with that historically weak approval rating before, 40%, and this morning we're also getting a sense of some of the biggest vulnerabilities that the president will face as he heads into 2020. health care likely to be one of the top issues for voters in this campaign but it could be a real challenge for the president. our poll shows 40% of americans say the way the president has handled health care makes them more likely to oppose him while 23% say it would make them more likely to support him. and on his handling of his single issue of immigration, george, 44% more likely to oppose trump for a second term, versus 31% more likely to support him. lots of challenges ahead. >> mary bruce, thanks very much. robin, you're about to head to pittsburgh. >> yeah. i'll leave "gma" a bit early to head to pittsburgh to do tha interview with he and his wife, dr. jill biden. a lot to talk to him about. >> that will be here tomorrow. >> looking forward to that. thanks, robin. now the investigation into that terrifying crane collapse that left four dead in seattle, including a college freshman. this morning we're learning more
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about the victims as officials try to piece together what went wrong. maggie rulli is there with more on what led to this tragedy. maggie, good morning. >> reporter: paula, right behind me is where that crane came crashing down right into the center of seattle's busiest intersection. right now investigators are looking into weather and high winds as a possible cause of this tragedy. this morning, shocking dash cam video capturing the moment a massive crane came crashing down right in the middle of one of seattle's busiest intersections killing four people. drivers watching in horror as more than 28,000 pounds of metal collapsed onto the road. >> we have about five or six people entrapped. there are four vehicles that are underneath the crane. >> reporter: the massive crane slicing through two buildings, one of them belonging to google that was under construction. >> this is my 30th year in the fire service and i have never responded to an event like this. >> reporter: among the victims,
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sara wong, a freshman at seattle pacific university studying nursing. another travis corbett, an experienced ironworker operating the crane's cab. his wife heartbroken. >> words can't even describe what a good partner he was because he was just so nice and so giving and so caring. >> reporter: and andrew yoder, also an ironworker and young father. the construction company that owns the crane says workers were dismantling the structure right before it came down. at that same time the national weather service says winds were gusting up to 23 miles per hour. as the investigation continues a crowd of mourners gathers where the crane fell hanging a flag for one ofhe victims, a former marine. a crane like this one is a common sight here in downtown seattle. there are actually more cranes here than in any other city in the country, but officials say a tragedy like this one has never occurred before. robin? >> so tragic. thank you.
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now to that new storm on the move after a record-breaking spring snowstorm hits chicago. ginger tracking it all. good morning, ginger. >> good morning, robin. 2 1/2 inches of snow in chicago over the weekend. that is the latest biggest snow total on record and it wasn't just the snow there, the severe storms on the southern side of this had a funnel cloud in texas and we're going to see more of that this week. it's actually a pretty complex system that's setting up to bring damaging winds to the oklahoma and texas panhandles and norman, oklahoma, oklahoma city down to mid land today, and by tomorrow, it is an enhanced risk of large hail, especially in the area you see highlighted there, george. >> okay, ginger, thanks very much. we move on to that nfl draft tragedy. the search is on for the gunman who shot new york giants pick corey ballentine. it happened hours after ballentine was selected. the gunman killed his college roommate as well. abc's linsey davis here with the latest. good morning, linsey. >> reporter: good morning to you, george. right after corey ballentine was drafted by the new york giants he described the achievement as a crazy dream.
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hours later, it turned into a nightmare that left his teammate dead. what should have been a night of celebration after being drafted by the nfl abruptly turned into a night of horror. >> just got a report of multiple gunshots. >> reporter: early sunday morning new york giants draft pick corey ballentine was shot and wounded in this residential neighborhood just blocks away from washburn university. >> there are people running everywhere, and somebody's down in the middle of the road. looks like they're bleeding pretty good. >> reporter: his washburn teammate dwane simmons also shot died at the scene. ballentine was rushed to the hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries. >> they always bring a smile to your face when you think of those two together and they helped each other out. >> reporter: it was supposed to be the greatest day of the young athlete's life. just hours earlier, this was the scene. >> the new york football giants select -- >> corey ballentine, defensive back, washburn. >> reporter: ballentine, a senior at the small kansas university, is known for his
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speed and blocking kicks. soon after he was picked the 23-year-old tweeting, it's all a crazy dream until you do it. i can't even explain the emotions i have right now. new york's head coach calling to congratulate the newest giant. >> been waiting on this opportunity for a lifetime really. so i'm glad to be even a part of the conversation and definitely ready to start learning and being around the guys and being around you guys. >> reporter: just hours later topeka police say dozens were at a house in this neighborhood when the shooting occurred. so far, no arrests have been made, and authorities are asking any witnesses to come forward. washburn university released a statement saying both dwane and corey have been great representatives of washington university in general. corey is expected to make a full recovery. the investigation into just what happened here is still ongoing. >> linsey, thanks very much. thank you, linsey, and now to those daring rescues in virginia. five men trapped in what's known as the cyclops cave since friday are now finally safe this
7:13 am
morning after an hours' long operation. stephanie ramos has the latest. >> request members to respond to assist public assistance. five subjects stuck in a cave. >> reporter: this morning, five men are recovering after being rescued one by one by emergency crews. all of them stuck inside this partially flooded cave for almost 48 hours. >> they went in with harnesses and things of that nature but i don't know if they expected the scale of coming back out would be much more difficult. >> reporter: six men entered what is a known as the cyclops cave, a seven-mile-long cavern that's hundreds of feet deep. >> some of the passageways are not much wider than i am chest to back deep so very tight, very hard to move. >> reporter: what began as a fun day of camping quickly turned dangerous. heavy rain caused flooding making it difficult for them to climb out. one of them did escape sunday morning and called 911. they say they rigged multiple
7:14 am
ropes around these trees to hoist the men up out of the cave safely. >> rappelling rope one. >> reporter: rescuers raced against time as the men battled threatening condition, facing hypothermia and exhaustion. >> it's a technical cave, so it's hard to get in. it's pretty amazing they got in as far as they did. >> reporter: it took search and rescue teams about 12 hours to get all five men out of that cave. four of them were rushed to this hospital. another man was airlifted from the scene and taken to a different medical center, but all of them, so thankful to have made it out of that cave in time. robin? >> that is great news. stephanie, thank you. now to the latest in the college admissions scandal. lawyers for actress lori loughlin, her husband and several other defendants are expected in court today to enter a not guilty plea to another round of charges. gio benitez is here with that. good morning, gio. >> reporter: hey, robin. good morning. good morning, everyone. lori loughlin and her husband have already pleaded not guilty
7:15 am
to mail fraud and conspiracy, but she's now pleading not guilty to a second conspiracy charge. the couple unlikely to appear in court today. the lawyer will enter a plea for them. lawyers for more than a dozen other parents will also enter pleas on behalf of their clients. now loughlin and her husband are accused of paying half a million dollars to get their daughters into usc and reportedly claim they did not know admitted mastermind rick singer would use the money to bribe coaches and therefore they consider themselves innocent of any charges. prosecutors, though, they disagree charging them with crimes that carry up to 40 years behind bars. >> we're learning of another family who allegedly paid singer more than a million dollars to get their daughter into yale. >> more than a million dollars. that's right, robin. the family's attorney says their 21-year-old daughter moved from china to california to attend high school and college. now, the attorney says, though, although she didn't want to, singer pushed her to apply to yale. in china the attorney went on saying that students are told there where to go to school. so culturally she thought she
7:16 am
had no choice, but to follow his advice. she has yet to be charged. >> this is far from over. >> some of those students are innocent in this. thank you, gio. we're going to switch gears just a little bit this morning. now to the latest on the royal baby watch. duchess meghan and prince harry's first child is due any moment now. we're all waiting trying to read the english breakfast tea leaves for some clues. amy is in windsor with all the details. any clues this morning, amy? good morning to you. >> reporter: well, you know what? everybody wants to know when, how, where and we just don't know the answer to that right now because yes. we do believe that meghan is due at any moment now, but this couple has kept the details of the birth of their baby extremely private. there's speculation some people think that meghan and harry will have their baby here in windsor at their new home, frogmore cottage, but she could also give birth in a hospital. we just don't know. we do know this, buckingham palace will release a statement when meghan goes into labor and
7:17 am
then we'll expect another statement from buckingham palace once she has the little prince or princess and we'll get the time, the date, the name, the sex, all of that lovely information. but here's the big difference, we're not going to be able to see the royal baby any time soon because we know that meghan and harry have said that they want to have some private time to celebrate as a new family before they will release any photo. we did see prince harry, though, yesterday here in london out on sunday at the big london marathon. he was all smiles and we also know that doria, meghan's mother has been here in town for about a week now right by her daughter's side awaiting the birth of her first grandchild, paula. >> amy, we don't need to see the child to know it's going to be a beautiful child. we know they'll be celebrating their first anniversary in mid may. will and kate, reason to celebrate as well? >> reporter: yes, they are celebrating their eighth anniversary. wouldn't that be something if they had a new niece or nephew
7:18 am
the same day they were married eight years ago? we know that prince william came back from new zealand to be with his wife, and when he was asked about the new baby, the new royal baby, he jokingly said to the crowd, hey. you guys probably know more than i do because i haven't had my phone handy at all. he's back in town and will be here hopefully for the arrival of the new royal. and by the way, in six months we believe it could be that this new royal baby will have its first foreign trip and we'll have much more about that in our next hour. >> amy, this is not your first rodeo. you've been on this royal baby watch before. >> i had the great kate wait a few years ago. here i am back in the uk. >> good to have you there. >> she has a big smile. >> she does. coming up, we're talking about the "avengers: endgame" phenomen phenomenon, taking in over a billion dollars over the weekend. now let's get over to ginger. >> straight to the select cities brought to you by amazon echo.
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good morning, i'm abc 7 news meteorologist mike nicco. mostly sunny, seasonably cool 40s and 50s tonight. and a kiddie coaster of swings this week. low to mid-70s inland. tonight mainly 40s to low 50s. our warmest days will only hit we'll be right hit
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good morning, i'm jessica castro from abc 7 mornings. a possible arson investigation is underway at uber's daly city office. a witness saw someone intentionally start the fire overnight. no one was hurt. daly city police are expected to release new details this morning. the president of the union for muny is asking employees to work overtime to prevent major problems during today's commute. we thought we were all clear on the peninsula, unfortunately, we're not. we have our second sig alert of the morning. i believe this is the first
7:24 am
crash we had in this location. a couple attenuator barrels were hit, and i believe that is the cause for the second sig alert. we have the left lane blocked once again. southbound 880 before whipple road in heyward, we have a motorcycle crash blocking the left lane. >> thank you.
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a little bit of sunshine, temperatures ranging from 46 in movado to 56 in oakland. you can see a little bit of cloudiness for the drive. clear, cool to mild, a little breezy from the golden gate through the delta today. temperatures top out in the mid-60s to mid-70s, we barely
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reach 80 inland thursday and friday. >> thank you. coming up on gma a mysterious boot camp death. a second navery revut dies at a
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pretty good. could listening to audible inspire you to start something new? download audible and listen for a change. ♪ never find another like me me ♪ i know, paula. you've been singing this all weekend. back on "gma," that's taylor swift's new music video for her song "me," already setting records. it debuted on friday at midnight. made history with more than 65 million views in just 24 hours. the song also number 1 in 78 countries on itunes. i was so fortunate to have a chance to talk to her about her new music at the nfl draft just hours before, you know, she had the countdown on her social media. >> it is catchy. song of the summer. one of those earworms, once you get it in you can't get it out in a positive way.
7:31 am
>> that's what she wanted. she wanted it to be positive, and she knew it would stay with you. why not have a positive message. >> in 78 countries. former vice president joe biden kicking off his campaign in the battleground state of pennsylvania. that's today. we have a new poll with "the washington post" that shows him a modest front-runner in the pack of democrats ahead of bernie sanders and the rest of the pack, and of course, robin will have an exclusive interview with badin and his wife dr. jill biden tomorrow. severe weather on the move bringing flooding and snow to the central u.s. on the heels of that record-breaking snowstorm in the midwest over the weekend. >> funny moment. take a look. a hilarious moment at the london marathon. big ben just a little too big. 30-year-old lucas bates is in that costume, big ben. he's trying to set a record for the fastest marathoner as a landmark building. needs help but he finished in 3:54. about 20 minutes slower than the record so big ben needs to get a little faster.
7:32 am
>> already a record for that. >> there is a record, yes. >> there is a record for everything, george. >> for everything. >> thank you for bringing. >> look at t.j. laughing this morning. >> we'll get to t.j. because the blockbuster smashing records, the box office changing the game. "avengers: endgame" officially becoming the biggest movie release ever taking in $350 million in the u.s. over $1.2 billion worldwide. just the opening weekend. >> oh, my gosh. >> t.j. >> robin, you name it, they broke it. any record you can come up with, international opening, fastest to a billion, look, there were some theaters that actually stayed open 24 hours and played this nonstop to keep up with demands. this was huge, yes, this was a cultural communal event that only comes around once in a while. we knew it was going to be big but the question, how much bigger can it get? >> this is the fight of our lives. ♪
7:33 am
>> reporter: "avengers: endgame" snapped box office records. to become the first movie in history to cross the billion dollar mark in its opening weekend. >> you trust me? >> i do. >> reporter: "endgame" brought in nearly twice as much of the previous record holder, also for marvel, "infinity war," and it brought in more than skyfall, "the dark knight rises" and "aquaman" did during its entire run. industry experts say if it keeps on track, it could take the ton spot ahead of the top three grossing films of all-tim all-time, "star wars: the force awakens," "avatar," and of course, "titanic." >> this changes everything. it not only broke the records but left the records in the dustment everyone around the world can relate to one of these avengers and that's really the appeal here. >> reporter: even with a three-hour run time which usually limits a film's number
7:34 am
of plays a day many kept added extra showings to keep up with the huge demand. the theaters braced for the crush after presale tickets set new records and even crashed ticket websites. >> a lot of other planets in the universe and unfortunately they didn't have you guys. >> reporter: so what happens next for our favorite characters and no worry, no spoilers, marvel and their parent company disney have unveiled plans for new marvel series, showcasing some of your favorites like loki, winter soldier, falcon and scarlet witch. >> i don't think the launch of marvel shows on disney plus will hurt the big event films but create another avenue to gain fans. >> you heard that, potential for $3 billion. this could be the all-time movie, and part of it has to do with, are people going to go back and see this thing? three out of ten that went to see it will go back and see it again. this is a cultural event because, remember, guys, barack obama was elected president the year this story line started.
7:35 am
2008 with "iron man." you have been following this story for 11 years and we're just handed the last chapter. that gives you perspective on why everybody is crazy to see it. and look at this. even chris pratt -- he called it an illegal video. he was excited to be on set. you're not supposed to be on the set with a camera. but all these stars standing around in their hoodies. he wanted to take in this moment. they will never be together like this probably again. he put this out, and everybody got a kick out of it. >> we always get a kick when you bring your daughter here. look at sweet little sabine. >> is it bring your daughter to work day? >> no. >> you're revealing she's skipping school today. >> sabine, cough. not feeling well. >> get that note ready. >> from you, it will mean something. thank you. >> thank you, t.j. we are going to move on now to an 8-year-old boy whose quick thinking saved himself and his sister from a carjacker. the whole scene caught on camera
7:36 am
and abc's erielle reshef is here with the story. good morning, erielle. >> reporter: good morning, george. that video truly remarkable. those children now speaking out after managing to escape a near abduction. this morning, this stunning surveillance video released by ohio police showing two young siblings' close call with a carjacker. >> i didn't want my sister to get hurt. >> reporter: watch as the door of the moving car swings open. seconds later 8-year-old chance blue and his 10-year-old sister skylar tumble out. according to authorities 24-year-old dalvir singh jumped into the car and sped away. >> reporter: their great grandmother who got out briefly to help a relative into a medical facility, racing back to the vehicle. >> my brother went to grab me. he went in, and went out. my brother fell out but the guy pulled me back in. >> reporter: the suspect allegedly holding skylar by her hoodie but chance mustering all his strength managing to pull his big sister to safety.
7:37 am
over the weekend, those kids reuniting with the cop who caught the suspect minutes after they narrowly escaped. little chance now hailed a hero for his quick thinking action. >> what chance did was extremely heroic and shows how much he loves his sister. >> it sure does. doesn't it? singh taken into custody by that officer blocks away from where it happened facing several charges including kidnapping and grand theft but, guys, police say they plan on formally recognizing chance's courage. the foresight of an 8-year-old to pull his 10-year-old sister to safety. amazing. >> yeah. >> what an example. thanks, erielle. we want to move to developments in that interstate inferno. this morning, the truck driver who authorities say sparked this massive fatal pileup in colorado is now behind bars. abc's clayton sandell has the very latest. >> reporter: this morning new images from that deadly crash that turned a highway into an inferno. investigators now reviewing video taken moments before
7:38 am
it's believed to show that runaway tractor trailer speeding downhill, passing an emergency stopping ramp. swerving into a pickup truck, careening toward a stopped rush hour traffic jam at 80 miles per hour. the truck seen here barely missing one driver. >> oh, my god! >> reporter: 23-year-old rogel aguilera-mederos told investigators his brakes failed saying, just before impact he closed his eyes, believing he was about to die. he survived, but four men were killed. the youngest, 24, the oldest 69. >> i know the driver that hit me, he's no longer alive. >> reporter: in all, 28 vehicles were engulfed in flames. >> you can see a car outline of a car right there. >> reporter: interstate 70 shut down more than 24 hours. >> the defendant with no ties to the state of colorado is facing extremely serious charges. >> reporter: aguilera-mederos made his first court appearance
7:39 am
saturday, now facing four charges of vehicular homicide. >> it cannot be overstated, the degree to which he feels sor err -- sorrow for this absolutely tragic accident. >> reporter: you can see interstate 70 is now back open after that horrific crash. aguilera-mederos is being held on $400,000 bond. he has not entered a plea, and is due back in court friday. guys? >> such a tragedy there. >> really is. coming up, mystery at a navy boot camp, the second incident in two months. in two months. l ♪ ♪ this euphoria feels phenomenal ♪ ♪ feels so good ♪ better than my birthday ♪ feels so good ♪ higher than a jet plane ♪ feels so good ♪ swish up on that fadeaway ♪ feels so good ♪ even got my own parade ♪ come on ♪ what a feeling get your game on with same day delivery
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we are bacth we are back with a navy death mystery. officials are now investigating the second death of a young recruit at an illinois boot camp in the last two months. abc's janai norman is here with the story. good morning, janai. >> reporter: good morning. that most recent young recruit was just two weeks shy of graduation and the navy is now investigating what happened to her as the investigation continues into how another recruit died just two months ago. this morning, the navy is investigating the death of a young recruit who died after attending trainee boot camp in great lakes, illinois. the navy says 18-year-old seaman recruit kelsey nobles passed away tuesday after collapsing during her final physical fitness assessment. nobles' father telling wkrg his daughter went into cardiac arrest after passing out and died. the navy tells abc news it takes the welfare of our recruits and sailors very seriously and is
7:44 am
investigating the cause of this tragic loss. nobles' death comes just two months after 20-year-old kierra evans died following her physical fitness assessment at that same camp. a coroner says an investigation into her cause of death is still ongoing. >> i really want to know what happened to kierra. how was it like the last days? what happened during training? i really believe that they pushed kierra too hard. i really do believe that. >> this training will not be easy. >> reporter: this promotional video called making a sailor shows how intense the fit physical fitness assessment, or pfa can be. >> your initial pfa is tomorrow. you need to understand that if you fail, you will get sent back. >> they'll be required to run a mile and a half, do a number amount of sit-ups and push-ups. some won't make it so someone will go home. >> five more. >> reporter: one recruit talking about how he pushed himself to the limit so he didn't get left behind. >> i felt sick during the pfa but i just pushed because i didn't want to get separated.
7:45 am
>> reporter: nobles' father now questioning those demands, telling wkrg these young people are so excited about serving their country and going into the military, are they doing enough to check them? does physical testing need to be more in-depth? and the navy declined to say whether nobles had a pre-existing condition that may have been waived in order for her to join. but guys, either way now two families left desperately wanting answers. >> they need those. thanks, janai, very much. thanks janai, and coming up, our "play of the day." but could you even see it? we're right back. m for college. in 24 hours, you'll send him off thinking you've done everything for his well being. but meningitis b progresses quickly and can be fatal, sometimes within 24 hours. while meningitis b is uncommon, about 1 in 10 infected will die. like millions of others, your teen may not be vaccinated against meningitis b. meningitis b strikes quickly. be quick to talk to your teen's doctor
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♪ ♪ we're back now with our "play of the day." it was all about that epic battle on "game of thrones." it was trending on twitter. we're not going to spoil it for you. we knew it was going to be good because one of the stars, sophie turner tweeting right beforehand saying, prepare yourself. the battle of winterfell living up to the hype sending fans into an unprecedented frenzy. look at this. it was over that one moment. but you guys, i'm going to give you one hint about how it ends. girl power, that's all i'll say. some fans were complaining the episode was too dark. they couldn't see what was going on on their screen. one fan tweeting after watching i honestly don't know if i'll ever be able to look at a sunny sky again without going blind. this is my favorite. just an incredible episode so far and then a black screen. but they called this episode the long night. it was shot a grueling shooting
7:50 am
sequence three months in the dark in the middle of the night. >> one episode. >> one episode. three episodes to go, too. it's jaw-dropping. >> only three left? >> my heart was still racing. only three left, but this is probably the best one i have ever seen. i don't know how they'll top it but they will because there are three left. >> they will. the groundbreaking model revolutionizing the new "sports illustrated" swimsuit edition. come on back. come on back. st a normal person who got an awful skin condition. with uncontrolled moderate-to-severe eczema, or atopic dermatitis, you feel like you're itching all the time. and you never know how your skin will look. because deep within your skin an overly sensitive immune system could be the cause. so help heal your skin from within, with dupixent. dupixent is not a steroid, and it continuously treats your eczema even when you can't see it. at 16 weeks, nearly four times more patients taking dupixent saw clear or almost clear skin compared to those not taking it,
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stress can affect our minds. i call this dish, "stress." stress can also affect our bodies. so, i'm partnering with cigna to remind you that your emotional and physical health are more connected than you think. go in for your annual check-up. and be open with your doctor about anything you feel. physically, and emotionally. body and mind. cigna. together, all the way. that's better. hey, welcome back to "good morning america." grace, you are on tv. they're celebrating. they're here for -- how many days till you graduate? >> 26. >> 26 days from the chicago area so we are celebrating with you but also celebrating because apparently giraffes like bubbles.
7:54 am
yes, this is the type of heavy-hitting news i'll bring you. you see the bubbles. they actually tell them it helps them though socialize and have fun and play so we loved watching that. also in case you guys want to skip out on a couple more of those days because it seems that you are, you could go and ski. snoqualmie, more than 400 inches. you said ooh like you didn't like it. they're happy. coming up, as prince harry and duchess meghan await the royal baby, the big trip they could be planning as a family. plus, you're going to meet the "sports illustrated" model the "sports illustrated" model that's making hist yoooh, hello yellow! at ross and you find... yes! that's yes for less. spring forward with the latest brand-name styles at 20 to 60 percent off department store prices. at ross. yes for less.
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7:56 am
good morning, i'm jessica castro from abc 7 mornings. here's mike nicco with a look at our forecast. >> west wind about 15 miles an hour, blowing through the golden gate. you can see the marine layer clouds there, we'll have sunshine this afternoon, grab the sunglasses, breezy in the usual areas. half moon bay, 52. 62 santa cruz, low to mid-70s inland. even cooler tomorrow before a rebound in fetemperatures frida. taking a look at traffic this morning, maybe not as bad as we've seen the last couple months. about a 15 minute delay. at some points, it's been as bad
7:57 am
as 45. earlier crash on the bay bridge has cleared and a 15 minute drive southbound 101 san francisco to sfo. coming up on gma. the royal baby watch and why prince harry and duchess meghan may be planning their child's first overseas trip. we'll have another update in about 30 minutes.
7:58 am
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good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. the terrifying moments inside that deadly synagogue shooting in san diego when a gunman opened fire. the rabbi shot in front of his grandchildren. the heroes who rushed in to stop the shooter. now the search for answers as the fbi launches a federal investigation. launch day. former vice president joe biden prepares to kick off his campaign in the key swing state of pennsylvania. after his blistering condemnation of the president's reaction to the rites in charlottesville. ♪ i bless the rains royal road trip. before baby sussex has even arrived, the plans for the duke and duchess and baby to head to africa in just 6 months, the same age harry was when his
8:01 am
parents took him on his first royal trip, and who could be the godparents? we're live from windsor this morning. breaking barriers from bikini to burqini, the model revolutionizing the "sports illustrated's" swimsuit issue. the moment that had her crying for joy. ♪ everybody and we loved her on "saved by the bell" and "90210." now tiffani thiessen is here and you don't want to miss it. she's here saying -- >> good morning, america. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ backstreet boys all right >> already charged up. good morning, america. hope you are well to start the week. >> i need to get to pittsburgh to interview the bidens, but i was not going to leave until this great dose of monday motivation for you. i cannot wait for you to meet our hometown hero, charlean
8:02 am
crowell redefining what it means to be a basketball coach dedicating more than 40 years of her life to the kids of lower russell county, alabama, doing it both on and off the court. her story is so inspiring. she's from the area where a lot of the schools are consolidating, meaning that there are fewer spots on these sports teams, so she created a center for the kids. >> she's doing hero's work. big heart for her. can't wait to see that. billy ray cyrus and lil nas x with their "old town" remix. getting to the latest on that synagogue shooting in san diego. is this morning there is increased security at houses of worship all across the country. let's go back to our chief national correspondent matt gutman there in san diego. good morning again, matt. >> reporter: hey, good morning, robin. law enforcement sources tell me this morning the gunman purchased hid weapon on friday, just a day before bursting into that synagogue, and opening fire. now there were kids playing in that lobby, and mercifully only one of them was hit by bullet
8:03 am
fragments, but a congregate was killed, the rabbi shot in both of his hands, but somehow the gunman's weapon jammed and she was chased down into the street by an army vet and a border patrol officer. that suspect is 19-year-old nursing student, john earnest who police and authorities believe was the arson suspect in the burning of a mosque nearby just last month. now he faces a possible murder charge, but also likely hate crime charges. robin. >> all right, matt. thank you. the race for the white house. joe biden kicks off his campaign first rally in the key swing state of pennsylvania today. want to go back to mary bruce in pittsburgh with the latest. good morning, mary. >> reporter: good morning, george. yeah, it is a big day here for the former vice president. he is back home here in pennsylvania for the first official campaign event. he'll be speaking to union workers here in pittsburgh outlining his pitch to those key working class voters who abandoned the party back in 2016 but whose support will be crucial if biden hopes to take
8:04 am
back the white house next year. it comes as biden has a modest lead in our abc news/"washington post" poll. it seems the vice president is getting a boost from his name recognition and long political history and now leads bernie sanders by six points but, george, there are signs of a potential generational showdown in the making seeing a striking gap between those two front-runner, biden leads sanders, 76% to 6% among voters 50 and older. under that he has 3% support to sanders' 13%. it is still early and have a very long way to go here, george. >> sure is, and robin has that exclusive interview with the bidens tomorrow morning. >> i appreciate the opportunity to sit down with both of them. >> look forward to it. now to that record-breaking spring snowstorm in chicago and a big april blizzard in montana. ginger is tracking it all. ginger, may is two days away, but there is more severe weather moving into the midwest this morning. >> more severe weather and more snow to talk about. i feel bad saying i'm so chilly. look at chicago over the weekend. 2 1/2 inches of snow officially.
8:05 am
their latest largest snowfall on record. then montana says, no, hold my soda because look what i can do. 29 inches of snow, 18 inches in some other places and gusts up to 64 miles per hour. on the southern side of the storm you had funnel cloud, funnel does not touch but tornado does. the storm chaser here did say they saw rotation. either way we have a shot of seeing that type of weather again. especially the severe storms part of it. texas and oklahoma panhandles. oklahoma city, norman, abilene and mid land, and a quick look at what happens tomorrow, and it's an even more enhanced risk especially for large hail. you're going to want to put those cars in the garage in tulsa because it could be pretty big there. let's head back in to you. >> hold my soda. i hadn't heard that in a while. thank you. thank you, ginger. coming up, the duke and duchess reportedly planning a big trip to africa with baby sussex. will baby sussex be coming too? and we're going to meet the groundbreaking model who is making history in this year's
8:06 am
"sports illustrated" swimsuit issue. her inspiring message about beauty and being yourself. tiffani thiessen from "saved by the bell" here with her husband brady with a great new book about parenting. plus, craig ferguson will be here live as well along with our big audience up in times square. [ applause ] it shows on your clothes. they're branded by sweat, pride, and every stain the job throws at you. for the hardest workers, we've designed the hardest working tide. so you can leave your mark on the world, without the world leaving its mark on your clothes. new tide heavy duty. designed for impossible stains. to most, he's phil to me, he's well, dad. so when his joint pain from psoriatic arthritis got really bad it scared me. and what could that pain mean? joint pain could mean joint damage.
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8:10 am
♪ 24 karat magic in the air wow. woo! i know. welcome back to "gma" and this great audience we have to kick off a new week. [ cheers and applause ] well done. and michael had a chance to sit down with a good friend, hugh jackman, and they even did a
8:11 am
little tap dance. that's the word on the street, and michael has that interview for us tomorrow morning here, but right now we got a little "pop news" with janai norman. [ applause ] time for "pop news" on this monday. we begin with wedding bells for idris elba and his bride sabrina dhowre. yes, they look amazing but "people" magazine's reigning sexiest man alive is officially off the market. through all the tears, right? >> there are so many sad go this. >> yeah, everybody. the two tied the knot in an intimate ceremony at a luxury hotel in marrakech, morocco. the bride looked stunning in this off the shoulder gown by vera wang. the groom not too bad either, right? >> look at that smile. look at that smile. >> the wedding may have been low key, but the parties were anything but. before the ceremony they hosted an extravagant rehearsal dinner that featured camels and fire dancers. >> standard at most weddings. >> not at mine but the bride
8:12 am
posted about the ceremony writing the best day of my life. thank you to everyone who helped make it so special. no word on whether idris deejayed during the celebration. congrats, though, to that happy couple. [ applause ] yeah, absolutely. and now sigourney weaver made the night of some high school students in new jersey when she stopped by north bergen high school's production of "alien: the play." it went viral for its detailed sets and costumes and sigourney who played the iconic character, ellen ripley, took notice and decided to stop by and see it herself so she attended friday night's encore performance telling the cast afterwards, i am representing all of the alien fans all over the universe who think what you are doing is so cool, and the students were just as impressed with her. they returned the love in this video. one of them screaming, you're my childhood hero, and then going
8:13 am
in for the a night they will all cherish for a long time and if you can believe it, may will mark the 40th anniversary since that sci-fi classic. 40 years. [ applause ] oh, absolutely. can you imagine? my childhood hero. and finally a surprise performance at stagecoach in california. so if you aren't familiar with the festival it's known as the coachella of country music. yeah, you know. it went out with a bang last night. during diplo's closing set, he brought out a few guests, but the crowd went nuts when he welcomed billy ray cyrus and lil nasx to the stage for their first live performance. yeah, robin. i know. wow. it's for their collaboration "old town road." it's the remix. take a look.
8:14 am
♪ >> thank went viral last month when it hit the country charts but then it was disqualified and that's when billy ray swooped in with the remix giving it his own country flare. it became a crossover country track hit, reaching number one on the billboards, and everyone was talking about it for awhile. now diplo is releasing his own remix of that today. lil nas x has been teasing a music video so i don't think we're done hearing that song. it was his first performance ever. people were all about that on twitter. yeah. >> and should be. >> you loved it. >> i loved it. >> the country track. >> just came back from nashville. >> fitting, of course. >> lots of country down there. by we move on now to our "gma" cover story. it's more on the royal baby due any day now and there are reports baby sussex may have a big trip coming up. prince harry and duchess meghan said to be planning a two-week trip to africa. back to amy in windsor. hey, amy. >> hey, george. that's right. yes, we understand that meghan
8:15 am
and harry might be packing a weeks' long diaper bag heading to africa with baby sussex. that would certainly be exciting. "the sunday times" reporting that a trip to africa is planned for october, and that would mean baby sussex would be just 6 months old. >> reporter: baby sussex is all set to be looking like a globetrotter right now from the get-go. a british newspaper reporting there are plans for harry and meghan to tour africa in the fall and apparently they may take their new child with them. >> as it stands the plan is that harry and meghan and their new baby will take a trip to africa and tour several countries in africa in around october time and probably visit two or three different commonwealth nations which, of course, the nations that have a close relationship with the uk. >> reporter: the royal bundle of joy not yet born, but his or her proposed itinerary is already being mapped out according to "the sunday times." >> countries that they'll go to haven't been decided yet. that's a discussion ongoing between the government and some of the host nations who want to
8:16 am
have harry and meghan. the two will be on behalf of the government, but very likely to be some countries that harry and meghan have a close connection with. >> reporter: buckingham palace saying they will not comment on an official visit so far in advance. but if this trip does happen and they do take baby sussex, he or she will be one of the youngest royals to take to the road. in 2014 will and kate took prince george on their tour of australia and new zealand when he was 8 months old and there was some serious royal baby mania down under. >> prince harry went with charles and diana to italy when he was 6 months old, but there is also a contingency plan meghan might do some, but not all of the trip with the baby. >> reporter: africa is near and dear to meghan and harry's hearts. you may remember it was one of their first dates. they went camping with bots wau in a, and reportedly it was under those african stars where the two really bonded. so it sounds like the perfect first family vacation or trip at least, guys.
8:17 am
>> it does. amy, thank you. we're going to move on to our hometown hero who will make you rethink what it means to be a basketball coach. miss charlean spent 40 years not just focused on sports but also on building her community in alabama. she was just named the first ever positive coach alliance grand prize winner. we'll speak to her in a moment but first take a look at her story. >> we get high marks wherever we go and most people don't think i'm it. who is the coach? you the coach? >> reporter: for over 40 years coach charlean crowell has dedicated her life to the kids of lower russell county, alabama. >> there's one high school in the county and you have a guy who can actually play basketball but his academics are not where they should be or his attitude is not what it should be so he's cut. so now you got a kid who's full of animosity. my thoughts were, let's do
8:18 am
something with those kids who can't make the high school team. >> reporter: with grit and determination, miss charlean built a much needed youth center where kids become better athletes and more importantly better people. >> she pushed us to the limit. she don't want us to settle for this. >> we just simply should not overlook a child living here and seeing them i know they're talented, but they got to have some means and somebody got to care. someone has to care about them. i guess it's my calling. but this is what i do and i try to do it well. >> and she does. please welcome miss charlean. get con on up here. [ cheers and applause ] oh. hang on to that. how are you? [ applause ] thank you. thank you. nice to see you. >> yeah, nice seeing you. as a matter of fact.
8:19 am
>> 70 years young, 70 years young. [ applause ] someone -- i love how you said someone has to care about these kids. >> someone. >> what inspired you to be that someone? >> i actually am a hometown girl. i was born there and i've seen the kids develop. i know there's talent there and basically what has to happen is we've got to get some exposure to let everybody know that we exist, we are a rural community, lower russell county, alabama, and we are an alternative to the streets. >> yes, you have provided that and there's -- they're good folks. good parents. >> good parents. >> doing the best they can working two, three jobs and you as often is said you got to build a village so you decided because these parents are doing the best that they can, there needed to be a place for their children to go. how did you build that?
8:20 am
>> my thoughts were, let's provide an environment, a village basically and that's what the youth club is. we are the third party, let's say it that way. you got parents, a mother and a >> okay. >> you got parents, a mother and a father, and you have the youth club. so if you can go to the youth club and have fun, and we bill it on being fun-damentally sound. you're having fun and can pull people in, and we use our volunteers and they come in, and we all just have fun. >> that's what it boils down to. but it goes beyond that too. it's not just about teaching them basketball skills. >> no. >> and things like that. it's giving them skills to be able to be better people. >> absolutely. >> how do you build that? >> well, in life, i believe that if you can just put together a -- in your head, an
8:21 am
individual's head, that i can do this, i don't need to play basketball to do it, i can just be a good person, do what's best for the community, give back to the community which is what i try to do and you will find that -- and with the children, you will find that they just want to be -- belong. >> they want to be loved. they want to feel that way. y'all are good, too. you won the national championship. >> yeah. >> all right. wonderful. and, you know, so -- [ applause ] imagine this, they walk in the gym. their uniforms aren't fancy. you don't have all these fancy bags or anything, and people are looking at y'all and you're saying, hey. we're here. we belong. >> yes. >> and you won. >> we basically try to instill in the kids that it's in you as opposed to being dressed up. it'll come out what you have
8:22 am
inside will come out if you put all you have into it and what we do is try to groom and fine-tune the talent that's there. >> and then you were recognized tina, the president of the positive coaching alliance, a big event was held in california. there are coaches like miss charlean all around the country. >> tt's coect. we named 50 national winners and charlean was our grand prize winner and these are coaches who are not just winning on the scoreboard, but they're preparing kids for the rest of their lives and teaching life lessons through sports, so we're so proud of charlean, and those other 50 national winners. >> we are too. [ applause ] all right. and i like that suit your husband has on. but we're going to continue the celebration. all right, billy dee, come on out here, "gma" hometown hero. put that on. [ applause ] some flowers for you. >> wow. >> all right.
8:23 am
thank you. [ applause ] good morning, i'm abc 7 news meteorologist mike nicco. mostly sunny, seasonably cool 40s and 50s tonight. and a kiddie coaster of swings this week. low to mid-70s inland. tonight mainly 40s to low 50s. our warmest days will only hit we want to move to the groundbreaking model revolutionizing the definition of beauty being embraced by "sports illustrated" in this year's swimsuit edition make ing a whole lot of history, and janai, you had a chance to sit down with her. >> "sports illustrated" says this year when it comes to beauty it's all about shattering perceptions and you're about to
8:24 am
meet one model who is doing just that. take a look. >> don't change yourself. change the game. >> reporter: halima aden is changing the game and making history as the first hijab-wearing model to wear a burqini in "sports illustrated's" legendary swimsuit issue. when you are out there shooting it, what was going through your mind? >> we definitely had a lot of moments where everybody was like breaking down crying because it's a huge moment. "sports illustrated" is proving that a girl that's wearing a bikini could be right alongside a girl wearing a burqini and as women we can be be each other's biggest cheerleaders. celebrating the diversity of women. >> reporter: known for turning models like tyra banks and kate upton into household names, the iconic brand is now trying to push forward the conversation around beauty. >> this year's issue has one of the biggest and broadest samplings of beauty we've ever featured so you see a wide range of age and race and levels of modesty that really is a first
8:25 am
for us. >> how did you feel when you first saw the pictures? >> i have never gotten to shoot in the ocean wearing a swim suit, and i felt like i was beyonce in that water, sis. i was, like, living my best life. it was incredible and it was a neat, neat experience. something i probably will never get to experience again. >> reporter: as a child halima grew up in a refugee camp in kenya. today, the 21-year-old model is breaking barriers in the fashion industry, and empowering others. what are your hopes for the future in continuing to be such a role model, not just a supermodel but a role model for so many people? >> for me, what i have always been passionate about is combining fashion with activism, and breaking those stereotypes. like who says a girl wearing a hijab cannot shoot for "s.i."? like who says? i want to continue to show these girls, i want to show them, yes, you can. you're a queen. yes, you can. [ applause ] >> and halima is also an ambassador for unicef.
8:26 am
that's an organization that is close to her heart. they helped her when she was growing up as a refugee in kenya, and she got to go back to do work in that same camp she grew up in, an experience she calls life-changing. the new "sports illustrated" swimsuit issue hits newsstands may 8th. >> she didn't have to foresake who she is and what she believes to do this. >> absolutely not. even in her contract, she got it in, that she would walk away from any jobs that weren't in line with her values. she has strayed true to herself. >> that's amazing. coming up, the very funny craig ferguson is next. joe biden just announced his rung for president and now right before his first big campaign stop, joe and jill biden are exclusive, only with robin roberts. what will they reveal? don't miss the breaking new exclusive, tomorrow only on abc's "good morning america."
8:27 am
good morning, it's 8:27, i'm reggie aqui. a fire outside this uber office, happened just before 11:00 last night. crews were able to put out the fire near the front door. officers found the suspect, casey long while searching behind the building. police do not think uber was specifically targeted. it's a monday, people are going back to work, how's traffic? >> it's feeling like a monday as well. we just had this one clear, a crash northbound 880 before davis street, adding about 15, 20 minutes to your drive. we had an earlier crash on the
8:28 am
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8:30 am
spots. coolest tomorrow, the warmest is only 80, thursday and friday. thanks, another abc 7 news update in about 30 minutes and always on our news app and ♪lways on our news app and welcome back to "gma." got a great guest to bring out. an actor, comedian, author, he has a new book out called "riding the elephant." please welcome craig ferguson. [ applause ] >> hey, george. hey, george, how are you, buddy? [ applause ] >> good. come on in. >> hello, everyone. [ applause ] >> i can't believe this. but this is actually your first visit to "gma." >> it's the first time because i worked at cbs for such a long time they wouldn't allow me up here. you can't even say cbs or abc but they wouldn't let me appear
8:31 am
here, but now i'm free. >> now you can wear "gma" swag. >> i get all this? look at that. wow. [ applause ] wow. you guys are really swanky. look at that. here we go. yeah. >> wow. >> this is lovely. this is -- now the thing is i have to say there is a design flaw here. have you noticed? >> i haven't looked through them. >> it says good morning, america, so when you're walking around everybody knows that you're not on cbs. >> you were on cbs for ten years, "late late show." do you miss it at all? >> no, are you kidding me? the thing is about what happens is -- you probably know this. you're a big star, george. >> oh, i don't know. >> no, no. you are. [ applause ] so what happens is that when you work on a show like that there's about 150 people work on the show and all the time they're trying to make sure you're in a good mood, right? >> it's true. >> because i was talking backstage, like, make sure george is in a good mood because if he's not -- >> sick, but true. >> but when you go home to your
8:32 am
house, you know, i have a wife and young children. they don't care if i'm in a good mood. >> at all. >> so it's so confusing, and i prefer not to do it. >> you work from home now, right? you're a writer. >> yeah, i write. i can sometimes i can work in a starbucks or something. it's easy. >> tell us about the new book, "riding the elephant." where did that title come from? >> well, i went on vacation once and i rode an elephant, and so that gave me the idea. [ laughter ] and i wouldn't ride an elephant. i'm not advocating riding elephants. i don't think that's good. i don't know that the elephant was that -- i think the elephant thought i was a hat, but it was -- i was riding this elephant on vacation, and i thought, well, it's the story of what happened. one of the stories in the book is called "riding the elephant." it's the story of what happened on that vacation, and also it's a metaphor for life because, you know, you cannot -- it goes where it wants to go, and you
8:33 am
can give input, but it's not really paying attention. >> you go in so many different directions. you've done so many different things and i love how you talk about this came out of your experience on "late night" how one of your guests actually encouraged you to be crazy. >> oh, yeah, yeah, desmond tutu, archbishop desmond tutu because i was talking to him and he -- you know, because it was my job and -- [ laughter ] also i would talk to him anyway. but he said -- i said to him, you know -- we were talking and we were having fun. he said to me, you are crazy. and i said, well, because he's talked to some really crazy people in his life like bad crazy. >> stood up to them. >> yeah, i know. so i said -- i said to him -- well, i said, coming from you, father tutu, that's something. he said, no, no. you are the type of crazy we need. you have to be as crazy as you want so i figure that's like -- that's like from above really. that's like -- so you can be as crazy as you want. [ applause ] >> and i know you're touring the
8:34 am
u.s. the stand-up is "hobo fabulous"" >> "hobo fabulous" is the stand-up tour i just finished. because -- i called it that because, you know, jay leno was a friend of mine. i said to jay, i'm never putting this thing on tv. i changed my mind, but i said, i'm never putting this standup on tv because i want it just to be in the moment, and he said -- hey, hey, hey. because that's how he talks. he inhales a lot of exhaust fumes. >> all those cars. >> no, he said what are you talking about. you're like a hobo standing outside of a fancy restaurant telling everybody going in that you're never going to eat in that place again which i -- i don't even understand what he meant by that. but i kind of liked the sound of it. also, if you do stand-up, it's good to try these days to try to do nothing political at all. >> i read about this. just pure observational humor. >> yeah. was -- because i thought i wanted to try -- it was kind of an exercise for myself, to see if i could do an hour and a half
8:35 am
of standup without talking about politics at all. >> was it hard for you? >> well, no, it was difficult to write, but once it was done, it was -- it's just like everybody is doing politics right now which is fine and i'm not saying they shouldn't, but i thought, it will be interesting to try and not to do politics, so see if i could do it, and i figured if i did an hour and a half without talking about politics, it would give everybody in the audience a break -- >> a break, yeah. especially if they leave their phones. >> everything that you are angry about, will still be there an hour and a half later, but it gives you a little break. >> you wrote the book "riding the elephant." everybody in the audience is going home with a copy. thank yo
8:36 am
8:37 am
8:38 am
welcome back on a monday. we're now back with the celebration of queen, the drummer of the legendary rock band, roger taylor's going to join us in a moment but first we have a sneak peek at the new documentary "the show must go on: the queen + adam lambert story." take a look. >> oh. >> oh. ♪ oh >> ready to do this? >> yeah, hang on. >> it's very much like in the old days. we get together in the band room
8:39 am
and we do harmonies. that's what we do before a show. >> elvis is in the building. >> it oils up your vocal chords and it locks you in. you hear the other people and you rediscover how your voice fits into that structure, and i think it's quite valuable for us to do that. ♪ >> here we go. ♪ she's a killer queen gunpowder gelatin ♪ ♪ dynamite with a laser beam guaranteed to blow your mind ♪ ♪ anytime recommended at the price insatiable an appetite ♪ >> can't wait to see more. queen drummer roger taylor joins us now live from london. roger, thank you. [ applause ] clearly you've got a lot of fans in studio here so the new
8:40 am
documentary, it really picks up where "bohemian rhapsody" leaves off with the death of freddie mercury. so at that moment did you think that the band was over for good? did you think the band would survive? >> well, frankly, no, we didn't think the band -- we thought it was all over. i think brian and i, we kind of thought, well, that was the end of that chapter and everything that's happened especially, you know, since we met adam has just been fate unfolding, and i guess this film tonight is telling the basic story of that. >> you talk about fate unfolding when you reached your first number one hit here in the u.s., crazy little thing called love adam lambert wasn't even born. so what was it about him that made you think, he's our guy? he needs to be our front man? >> i don't think we realized at first. a friend of mine called me up and said, i've just seen this most amazing singer on "american idol."
8:41 am
and we -- i checked it out and he was singing "a whole lotta love" by led zeppelin and just blowing it away. fantastic and we got in touch. we were then asked to do the final of "idol" which we flew over to do with the two finalists and we just got on magically with adam and did a couple of things in the next year, and it sort of grew into touring, and we formed a sort of magical partnership now which just works beautifully. >> and you have been working together, you and adam since 2012. when do you think freddie would have thought about adam? >> i think he would have absolutely loved adam, you know. i think he would have gone, huh, like, boy, he can sing. >> that's his reaction. >> i know it's early in the morning there so better be polite. >> don't get too cheeky. can you still hit those high
8:42 am
notes of "bohemian rhapsody"? >> i can only try. yeah. >> well, we won't go there. why won't ask you to do that. >> oh, thank you. i'm so pleased. >> pleasure to have you, roger taylor. really looking forward to this documentary. i know you're going out on tour soon so good luck. thanks again for joining us and "the show must go on: the queen + adam lambert story" hairs tonight on abc at 8:00, 7:00 central, ginger. i thought i was going to go to sleep early tonight, but now i'm not, because i'll be watching that. speaking of this morning, the cold, how about i bring it to you? sub freezing from buffalo, new york, to cumberland, maine. don't worry because the baby goats that are there, have new pajam pajamas. they were made by the farmer. we wanted to give you light there before we good morning, i'm abc 7 news meteorologist mike nicco, increasing sunshine, and temperatures average to a little
8:43 am
below average as you get closer to san francisco and the coast. coolest tomorrow, all righrrow, all right. add baby goats in pajamas. >> thank you, ginger. closer look at who may be the royal baby's godparents. prince harry and duchess meghan have a long list of family, friends, athletes and celebrities to choose from. amy and will are in windsor with the detail. hey, guys. >> yeah, well, we have some details, george, because there aren't a lot of them going around right now. we don't yet know what the ro t royals are going to call their new addition. we have to wait and see on that one, but will here has been looking into all the potential possibilities. >> yes, doing a deep dive. is it going to be a royal godparent, maybe someone from showbiz from back in the states. speculation abounds, but we looked into some possible contenders for this crucial role.
8:44 am
>> reporter: baby sussex is nearly here. doria, the soon-to-be granny is on hand to help. the nursery, probably all prepped by now but wonder have harry and meghan chosen who will be godparents to the royal bundle of joy? >> it would be surprising if william and kate were chosen as godparents to this baby. harry isn't godparent to any of william's children and that's clearly a reflection of the fact when you are an uncle or aunt you already have a role. >> reporter: the list of contenders is impressive. will the royal couple choose another royal, perhaps harry's cousin, zara tindall? he is after all reportedly godfather to her youngest lena. >> i think a strong contender would be princess eugenie. >> reporter: or will they go for a member of meghan's circle? maybe close confidante jessica mulroney or her childhood friend benita whose children were bridesmaids at the wedding or old school chum like harry's former partner in crime tom inskip.
8:45 am
they could even opt for sports royalty. tennis ace serena williams, who put on that lavish baby shower for the duchess, or maybe they'll want to beef up the baby's humanitarian credentials, with human rights lawyer amal clooney as godmum. i guess we'll just have to wait until the christening. so that christening we would expect to be about eight weeks after the birth if harry and meghan follow the footsteps of will and kate, but we know they don't really like to do that, at least thus far. >> exactly. i think that's a very fair assessme assessment. and think it's funny we're sitting here talking about the christening, the baby's trip to africa and the baby hasn't even been born. >> a busy schedule for this upcoming baby. hasn't even been born yet. got a lot of plans, a lot of people very interested. >> yes. >> in this royal baby. >> i know ginger has been wa waitg for every small detail she can get about baby ssex. >> every single moment of my life, you are right, will, amy, thank you. i actually already got the baby a gift.
8:46 am
you'll see it right here in front of me. it's a head of michael strahan and with it sara comes along. >> every new baby needs a bust of michael strahan. >> that's right. >> but we deal -- [ applause ] >> it's not really because you're going to be doing this on set. >> i was going to say it's not a baby gift. ginger does better than that. we sent michael's hall of fame bust out into times square to talk to people. check it out. >> what number did i wear? >> 22? >> wrong. give me a push-up. >> that's all coming up today. >> it's kind of scary. >> it's super spooky. it's a cool app. it's debuting some new technology that will be on the show later. >> he won't talk to us now, right? >> we will punk you, ginger. coming up on "gma," we have got something else. so much fun,
8:47 am
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back now with actress tiffani thiessen who we first fell in love with on "saved by the bell" and "90210" and she is here with her husband, brady smith, and they are here with a new children's book. it is beautiful, and it's called "you're missing it!" we want to make sure nobody out here misses it. congrats on this. i had a chance to read it. so beautiful and poignant and heartbreaking because we miss moments because our faces are buried in our cell phones but you dedicated it to the kids, saying, harper and holt, always keep your heads up and eyes open. there is a lot of beauty out there you don't want to miss. what inspired you to write this book for your kiddos? >> i think it's a story that's very relevant for all of us. we're in a time where it's all about, you know, instant gratification or jobs are having to get ahold of us right away, and we're always on our phones and it's a discussion we had a little bit, and i think it was a realization that we had about our society and just constantly having our head down instead of up and seeing the beauty that we have all around us.
8:50 am
>> the kids are out there exploring. [ applause ] and the parent has got to face buried in the phone. you illustrated this book so good. >> thank you. >> i hear your daughter, harper is 8 and your son is 3 but your daughter had a problem with it. >> yeah. sort of, yeah. she looked through the whole book and her only constructive criticism was, where am i? [ laughter ] it's about a father and son in the park and the dad is on the phone all the time. and the little boy is trying to relate and get him to look up and -- >> see what he's seeing. i think a lot of times we have seen so much we think in our lives because we're so much older, but the beauty that our children see is very different. >> totally. >> it's very innocent. >> it's a first. >> a first and everything seems to be brighter and bigger and to really see it through children's eyes is really a whole new way of looking at the world. >> yeah, we want to look at your family and how you guys stay in the moment. stay present. we have some video of you. you have dance parties. >> we do.
8:51 am
>>kay, so tell me about some of these dance moves we're going to see. >> oh, yes. >> oh, dad. brady. >> my husband got the moves. [ applause ] >> who came up with this idea? >> it's funny. we both come from great silly families and truly between his sister and my family, my mom and dad who are watching our kids right now, like we're super fortunate to have families that are very connected. we have good examples. >> we try to do as far as back to the unplugging thing is at dinners -- >> no phone. >> no electronics. >> we listen to music. we talk about our day. we both grew up in households where dinnertime was how we connected after we were at school and my dad was at work and, you know, it was our way of saying, hey, what happened today? >> so it's called "you're missing it!" are we missing out on a reboot of "saved by the bell"? we know we had that great picture of you guys, the cast
8:52 am
getting back together. is there a chance even like 1% chance that this happens? >> more dinners but that's probably about it. >> saying there's a chance. i didn't hear definitively -- >> i just -- i don't think so. i mean, we are all different things. i have a show, and mark alpaul s a new show, and mario's got things. we're busy and i don't think so but it was a really fun night. >> everyone is bummed. >> we had a lot of good -- we had a lot of fun. we really did. >> you'll have a lot of fun reading this. this is such a beautiful book. wonderful job illustrating it and thank you for bringing it to us so we don't miss out. "you're missing it!" is available tomorrow. we'll be right back. this is so beautiful. [ applause ]
8:53 am
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"good morning america" is sponsored by vrbo. travel better together. [ applause ] >> you guys have missed all our negotiations about what we'll do with the final 11 second. >> yes, have a great monday. that was it. that's my plan. [ applause ] >> it works.
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good morning, it's 8:59, here's a look at your monday morning forecast. >> here's a look at san mateo bridge. the clouds are already starting to break up, it will be breezy around the bay, and our beaches are going to be plainly cloudy. 62 santa cruz, san francisco, upper 60s and low 70s around the bay. breezy and cooler tomorrow, but we'll rebound to near 80 inland thursday and friday. unfortunately, we have a serious crash, a fatality investigation underway in san leandro. this is on the southbound side of 880, right at davis street, sounds like a solo vehicle collision. the right lane is blocked for
9:00 am
that investigation. and that backup is solid into oakland, starts right about high school, reggie? >> thanks. we'll see you at 11:00 for midday live. >> announcer: it's "live with kelly and ryan." today, from the series "dead to me," christina applegate. an actress and author tiffani thiessen. plus, we are kicking off kelly and ryan's anniversary week with flashbacks and games with our studio audience. all next on "live!" and now, here are kelly ripa and ryan seacrest! [cheers and applause] ♪


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