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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  April 29, 2019 6:00pm-6:59pm PDT

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walking up the street behind me to get a quicksand witch and look what i happened to notice. look at this. this is just terrible. >> last august i posted in facebook video of trash strewn all over the street. we talked with the department of public works who acknowledge that the city has a trash problem. >> so what is the solution? today a san francisco supervisor outlined a ten-point plan he says will clean up the streets in the tenderloin. >> abc 7 news reporter leanne melendez because our reporting. >> the pit stop is part of that ten-point action plan int haney y his district which is district six which is the most challenging in all of san francisco. he points that no one is in a city as wealth as ours should be in san francisco's tenderloin south of civic center neighborhoods, used needles are
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parts of the harsh reals. >> we deserve the same clean and health streets and sidewalks as anyone else in the city. is that right? >> that's right. >> reporter: the supervisor leads this district and today introduced a ten-point action plan to make things more liveable for everyone. for one he wants more garbage cans, more street cleaning and more deep steam cleaning of the sidewalks. he wants more art and beautification measures. more used needle containers throughout the district, looks for trash bins so that the garbage doesn't get dumped. a better 311 response system, but more importantly he wants more of these public toilets called pit stops. the department of public works told me they go for $85,000 each, and the city spends about 200,000 to keep workers on site during the hours they are open to the public. his goal is to have ten in total. five of them operating 24/7. the money would come from the general fund. >> let's track how it goes and
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track the usage of it and let's track any security problems and then let's figure out if it's worth it to expand it. >> the department of public works will spend $72.5 million this career to clean the streets of san francisco. i asked people who work here and live on these streets if they have noticed a difference. >> definitely looks much cleaner. you don't see a lot of garbage on the streets anymore. >> reporter: what's changed? >> it's been a lot cleaner the last six months. it seems like dpw is doing something. >> reporter: but public works says changing people's behavior is essential to improving conditions in this district. >> it's people who are doing that. people aren't cleaning up after their dogs as they should be. we really are looking for a behavior change that's a systematic approach that we need to combat this problem. >> reporter: and in his proposal the supervisor says a way to change behavior is to clean city blocks and communities. i'm live in san francisco, and
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leanne melendez, abc 7 news. >> thank you, leanne, and we want to hear your ideas about building a bet per bay area and show them by sharing our facebook group. use better bay area to share your ideas. >> let's move to the south bay where there's a new effort tonight to get the homeless off the streets of san jose and in santa clara county as well largely. just ten days ago construction cruise broke ground on a big affordable housing project in the downtown area. much of it will go to help homeless veterans. another long-term housing development for the homeless is slated to open in sap jose on monday. our coverage of building a better bay area continues with abc 7 news reporter chris reyes who is reporting live for us. a look at the problems and the solutions. chris? >> reporter: good evening. by the end of the year this construction site behind me will be a low cost housing unit, one of more than a dozen slated for completion over the next few years. it was approved in 2016 as part of a city county program to
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address the homeless crisis. today's meeting was about assessing what's working and what's not. >> my life's different today because jennifer coming down to the jungle and told me you're going to get house had had. i'm going to get you out of here and i'll give you hope. >> reporter: alena rivera was homeless for six year, living in the jungle, at one point the largest homeless camp in the country before it was shut down in 2014. jennifer love, the woman behind her, is ceo of destination home, one of the partner non-profits helping to provide solutions to the homeless cries in santa clara county. rivera shared her story at this joint city county meeting to give her insight on what solutions are most effective. >> housing first. >> they need a foundation to prosper from. >> reporter: while housing has been a priority for sta cra coestinaome nt thare a homeless prevention pilott wh third year this july. >> the folks that we've helped,
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97% of them are staying housed. a lot of emergency people are looking at whether we look at security problem or a few months of rent or getting cash in their hands quickly so they can maintain housing and we're looking to provide them legal aid and evictions if they are dealing with eviction proceedings and having challenges that they are facing and some folks, the car is broken down. >> this meeting is about sharing success stories and to continue to mobilize multi-party participation towards solutions from government toman profits and the big tech companies in the area. >> much more cost effective solution is always upstream from the problem, and if we're able to get more resources upstream before people are like homeless we know we can avoid a lot of misery and reduce the cost of addressing the crisis. >> reporter: destination home has received $50 million from san francisco to fund their pilot project. today's meeting was about rallying support from communities to fund even more
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solutions, especially from the big names, google, apple and facebook. in san jose, kris reyes 7 bay area news. >> ed riskin of sfmta announced his resignation weeks after b.a.r.t.'s general manager says she's walking away interest her job. let's go to luce pena who thinks the mayor of sfris dose means building a better san francisco means finding a new boss for muney. >> reporter: that's right. a new boss and it's been less than seven hours and the mayor of san francisco says she's ready to hire a new director hand she want to hire this person immediately. >> via email announcing the resignation explaining that the employment agreement i have with the board of directors ends in august and it needs to become clear that this is the right time for a change.
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hour later the san francisco mayor responded. >> we're looking for someone who understands the bigger picture. not just one thing that the department represents. we need a real transportation expert who understands the complexities of what it means to run a major transit system. >> reporter: a letter was sent to the board of directors requesting an immediate search for a new director. and during a press conference she alluded to the month long list of problems with muni, with a problem getting her hand stuck in the door and equipment failures that led to a list of delays last friday and operators refusing to work and challenging times over the past couple of months for our muni riders and system and i do think it's important that we demonstrate with action that we plan to make serious changes. >> reporter: san francisco's board of supervisors president told us this is a new opportunity to make drastic changes with mun i. >> we can have separate lines so
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not everything is connected. that's the problem with you're municipali system that everything seems to be dependent on everything running at the same time. >> reporter: other local officials want the change to bring forth more oversight from city hall. >> ore supervisors we spoke to said we want sfmta to be accountable to the board of supervisors and not just the group who approves budget. luce pena, nbc 7 news. >> and san francisco's fire chief is getting ready to say her good-bye as she leaves office next week. she was the first woman to lead department and is considering writing a book about the experience. >> so i have a title. the title is called "taking the heat, my tourney out of the fire." i've taken copious notes throughout my career. kind of a cathartic thing to do. >> a great tootle. she was honored at a luncheon at the omni hotel in the city's
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financial district today and in her retirement she will become the longest serving fire chief of any major city. >> reporter: and the chief will be a guest on midday live starting at 11:00 a.m. here on abc 7 right after "the view" and goes until noon. >> a tax way at sfo is closed because of a water line break that happened friday night. airport tells abc 7 news this isn't having an effect on flight federations. let's take a live look from our sfo camera. it is expected to take two weeks to replace the broken pipe and a show solidarity between paris and san francisco. grace cathedral is hosting a concert in honor of notre dame which was so badly damaged by fire two weeks ago. kate larson is live from grace with a look at tonight's events. >> reporter: well, the concert just started a few minutes ago. in fact, they are broadcasting it here on top of knob hill. it's quite something. thousands of people are expected
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here tonight to enjoy the free event which is really just a time for people to get together and listen to beautiful music and honor notre dame and other places of worship around the world. take a look. we got a special sneak preview of the concert while the grace cathedral choir rehearsed. we'll hear a few words on behalf san francisco which is paris' sister city, and one of the organists at notre dame in paris will also perform. he was actually playing the organ during mass when the fire broke out two weeks ago and had to evacuate. he flew to washington, d.c. for a solidarity concert last week and just arrived in san francisco over the weekend for this event. >> it's very touching to see so many people all around the world but especially here in the united states touched by this event. >> it's important to report people that died in sri lanka and the church bombings and now
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what happened in the synagogue in san diego. this is for all people who recognized places of worship. we need sacred spaces in our world and they have an enormous impact not just on the congregations that they house but on everyone in the world. >> now as you can see here, hundreds of people lined up at grace hours before the concert started. i'm told that 4,000 people rsvp'd for this event and they have created overflow spaces and will broadcast for everyone who wants to enjoy. grace made it clear this is a free event. it's not a fund-raiser, but i have spoken to a lot of people who will be donating to notre dame's restoration and of course anyone is welcome to do that. we'll have the latest on the abc 7 news at 11:00. live on knob hill, kate larson, abc 7 news. >> thank, kate. >> new at 6:00, a ring camera records its own demise. this video was shared and they
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are hoping that someone recognize the man who pulled the video doorbell off a home early saturday morning. happened on lafayette street. if you recognize that suspect, call police. >> a number of people injured when e-cigarette batteries explode is soaring. that's according to federal regulators. >> the abc 7 news i-team has a story of a sonoma county man badly burned by a blast last month and we investigate what appears to be causing this to happen. >> purchased, registered and confiscated. a bay-area man has his truck taken
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>> that's where it blistered the pocket. >> a sonoma county man recalled a close call when a battery from his e-cigarette exploded in his pocket. >> and that construction worker suffered severe burns to his leg but research from across the country shows even more serious injuries. even death associated with these exploding batteries. >> they are wild. the i-team's dan noyes has been investigating what's happening. >> the number of e-cigarette or vape useers is soorks especially among high school students. i have some important advice to keep everyone safe. >> 42-year-old jason aar doesn't know when he'll be able to ride his motorcycle again or return to his construction job. >> the next thing i knew i heard aest whenling in my pocket and -- and started getting burned real, really bad. >> jason start to use a type of vaporizer to quit smoking and he kept a spare battery in his pockets and that's what exploded
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last month. >> the damage was done and all the skin on the back of my leg was mission, so i -- i went to the emergency room as fast as i could. >> jason underwent two skin graft surgeries and while he recovers his wife is on leave from a nonprofit where she helps homeless moms and kids. their lives have been changed dramatically. >> i've been home with him for about a month and we're still working it out every day, and this is going to be a long process. >> jason and his wife are considering a lawsuit. their attorney address it had. >> we have leads coming in every day and about 100 cases. >> the most recent data from the food and drug administration shows that from 2015 to 2017 more than 2,000 e-cigarette explosions sent people to emergency rooms with severe injuries including loss of body parts, eye, tongue, teeth, blown through the roof of mouth and third-degree burns to the face, legs and hands and in may to 18 the death of a male in his 30s.
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>> the way that is shoots out with such force, almost like a gunshot and in one case it shot and hit the wall and ricochetted back and hit our client in the arm. >> a forensic engineer tells the iteam e-cigarettes in which the batteries are a part of the product is safe but it's the mod units that cause the problems. >> you take it out. the thin plastic gets warm and now you're exposing the positive terminal to the negative terminal. >> that can lead to a short circuit and explosion if the battery comes into contact with coins or keys into someone's pocket. >> it's a very unfortunate design problem that can be solved and it just simply hasn't been addressed by everyone involved. >> the mod manufacturers or the attery manufacturer devices, many of which are made in china. in the meantime a vaporing advocacy group tells the i-team consumers have to be informed. >> with any portable electronic device people have to be aware
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that there's a safe way to carry and handle and charge these products. >> alex clark says vape users should wrap spare batteries in the protective sleeves and despite the explosions that injured people these devices perform an important function, helping people quit smoking. >> and that's an important product that can help save lives. >> if you're going to vape consider one of the devices where the battery canved and you can use the sleeves to protect them when they aren't in the unit so some important advice until they fix these things. >> yeah, they need to fix them. >> scary. >> absolute. >> too many incidents. >> good stuff. >> let's turn to our weather as we kick off another week. >> we win deed kicking off another week. will it be absnice as the next couple of days this. >> depends on your definition of nice, but it's breezy and pleasantly cool and here's a live look at doppler 7. mostly sunny skies at the moment as you can see, but low clouds
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and fog are beginning to drift out over the bay and san francisco as you can see on this view from sutro tower. 57 degrees in san francisco and mild across the bay in oakland where it's 61. 67 at mountain view and san jose and 26 at morgan hill and 57 at half moon bay. 60 right now in santa rosa and 68 in fairfield. vacaville 72 and the few from our abc 7 explortorium camera at pier 15 looking at the skyline or a portion of it. low clouds and fog will continue to expand overnight. there's a possibility of spotty early morning drizzle and probably won't amount to much and a warming trend begins mid-week. it will be a brief one but a warm one. overnight conditions will look like this. we'll see low temperatures dropping to the mid to upper 40s and richmond and concord and oakland and frisco and folks and
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low cloud will be rather widespread during the overnight and visibility will be reduced for overnight commuters and we'll see mostly sunny skies. breezy once again with highs ranging at low 60s to mid-to upper 60s around the shoreline and maybe low to mid-70s and it will get a little bit warmer on wednesday with high temperatures inland reaching mid to upper 70s and then warmer still on thursday as the warmest inland spots will top out at about 80, 81 degrees. we'll see upper 60s to low 70s right around the bay shoreline. for all of this week we're likely to experience high pollen count. tree pollen will be very high, juniper, oak, cedar and others. bear that in mile. won't be a great week for allergy sufferers and the accuweather seven-day forecast, a very nice week for weather in general, bright sunny skies for the most part. breeze conditions through most of the week with a little bit of a warmer beginning mid-week and continuing to get even warmer
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thursday and friday. by saturday though we'll see a little bit of cooling developing and sunday will be the coolest day in the forecast period with increase clouds and a slight, slight chance of some light rain on sunday, but not enough to post a storm impact scale there, and then we'll start to warm up again early next week. >> thank you, spencer. >> measles cases nationwide are at a level we haven't seen in a quarter century. next, local advice on what you with can do to protect yourself at home and away. >> and the warriors face the rockets in game two tomorrow and game three is saturday, and that one is only on abc 7. you know when you're at ross and you find that perfect spring dress at that "oh, yeah" price? and you find that perfect yes!ng dress e late s s 20%o % fdertntriceery day.
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specialty store prices, every day. at ross. yes for less. in the east bay a jury has opinion seated and opening statements are set to begin tomorrow morning in the trial of the two men charged in the ghost ship fire. derrick almena and max harris are charged with 51 counts, one for each death in the fires. th living there. >> one of the main themes of our defense is no one red tagged him. no one came in and inspected and told them that it was a fire hazard. >> defense attorneys say the men are not criminally responsible and that the city of oakland and the building's owner share the blame. the trial could take several mnths. >> measles cases in the u.s. have reached a new high.
6:25 pm
there are now more than 100 cases an outbreaks in 22 states, and the bay area cases have been report in san francisco, san mateo and santa clara county. today health officials in contra costa county encouraged adults who are not sure if they had a second round of the vaccine to get one. >> members of the vaccine are very safe and effective and very important. if you're not sure you can always get an extra dose, no harm in getting an extra doze. >> doctors say children should be vaccinated at age one and age 5. people can spread measles to others even before they have any symptoms. >> from serving our country to possibly serving time, an army veteran is now behind bars on terrorism charges. >> how plans were foiled to bomb a target in southern california. >> a local man has a pink slip for a truck and proper registration papers so why did the highway patrol come to take
6:26 pm
his vehicle? >> i'd be lying to you if i told you i didn't want to win. >> of course he wanted to win, but he was up against "jeopardy!"'s
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>> there is a nightmarish scenario being faced by an untold number of car buyers all across the country. maybe you. >> 7 on your side's michael authorities confiscated the cars of honest law-abiding citizens. >> wait until you meet this guy. >> he did absolutely everything by the book so why did authorities take away his vehicle. >> rodrigo lopez must have felt he had been hit by a mack truck. the dmv ordered him in june to bring his 2012 toyota tacoma in for inspection and he it for 18 months and even had the pink slip. >> i had the slip under my name and everything was good. >> the highway patrol this is not good. >> he was an apparent
6:30 pm
vin switching which stands for vehicle identification number and that's the number on the dash. officer confiscated the truck from him. >> because they said it was two people registered in the same truck. >> bot rodrigo and another person registered different vehicles under the same vin. let's pretend i'mp a auto thief and i steal this car. then i go look for a similar car. ah, this one. i clone the vin from this one and move it back to this one. >> i finally got the money to be able to afford a truck and i went ant bought it and now it's all gone. >> in this case rodrigo says he unknowingly bought a stolen vehicle and paid $18,000 for the car to a seller on craigslist, money that he hasn't been able to recover. his insurance company denied his claim. roger morris is with the nonprofit insurance trade group national insurance crime bureau. >> that's not something that's going to be covered. if you lose the vehicle because you have purchased a phony
6:31 pm
vehicle, that's -- that's, unfortunately, the consumer's problem. >> he says an insurance company likely has already paid a claim to the original owner. it's not going to pay a claim twice, but a member of the california public interest research group questions that saying victims who did due diligence are still getting duped. >> so isn't that similar to somebody whose car was actually stolen from them and should the insurance companies actually, you know, pay out the victim? think that's a question they should consider. >> she's calling on states attorneys general to conduct a multi-state investigation to see how widespread the problem really is. morris says it's a big problem. >> well, we see a lot of it. there's no numbers on it. there's no data that's kept on critis sten rears are getting fooled. thieves who clone vins usually send those vehicles out of state making this a multi-state issue.
6:32 pm
that's why he urges car buyers to use the national molt vehicle title information system or nmvits, a program then abilities car buyers to confirm a vehicle's vin and car history before making a purchase. 54 states use it before registering a vehicle to confirm there's no duplicate vins but california is not currently among those states. a member of the consumer federation of california urges the dmv to change that. >> for a very low price you at least can be assured when you're buying a car that you're not buying a stolen car with a cloned identification number. >> we contacted the dmv and it agrees. it told 7 on your side it's working with the department of justice to fully implement nmvitas in california by next month. 27 years after congress approved the system in 1992. it comes too late for people like rodrigo. >> i was really shocked and
6:33 pm
i'm -- and they just took my truck. >> boy, that's tough. the state currently has a compensation fund for consumers negatively impacted by the closure of a car dealer. that fund does not compensate anyone victimized by vin cloning. i want to hear from you. my 7 on 7 hotline is open weekdays from 10:00 to 2:00 and that number is 415-954-81415-95 reach me on my facebook page and >> that's really a shape. thanks, michael. a man accused of blotting a bomb attack sunday arrest. 27 years mark domingo is converted to islam. he was planning an attack for a deadly shooting last month at two new zealand mosques. domingo had gone online and asked to hit multiple targets and the first was a white supremacist rally held over the weekend in long beach. >> our biggest fear is this is a ross perot what we call
6:34 pm
radicalization and mobilization to violence. sometimes we get what keeps you up at night and this is a case that keeps you up at night. >> at far as they know domingo acted alone. if convicted, he faces up to 15 years in prison. >> the funeral was held today for the victim of this weekend's shooting of a san diego county synagogue that comes as new details have come out about the attack last night. the fbi receivd a tip five minutes before it happened someone spotted a social media post that the suspected gunman made. a u.s. border patrol agent heard the gunshots and ran to the scen cnd he got to the car and raises the weapon and i hit the side of the car with all my might. he drops the weapon and gets the ignition and turns the ignition on the car. >> the suspect has been identified at 19-year-old john earnest. his heartbroken parents say the
6:35 pm
attack makes him part of the history of evil that has been perpetrated on jewish people for centuries. >> story about overcoming injury took a personal touch at abc 7. hear what
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1. going to work monday morning took very special significance for one member of the abc 7 news team today. >> it did. abc 7 morning e ebzouves when i went to charge my wireless microphone and even with both of rubber sold shoes i fell backwards hitting my head on the shiny concrete that we have here in nd at the er i was ours later i diagnosed with a serious concussion. now, i'm a pretty private person. it is hard to talk about this and describe what this
6:39 pm
experience was like. i was severely photophobic, nauseated. i had these splitting headaches. more akin to an ice pick right in your head where all you can do is just wait for hours in the dark just praying that it will stop every single day. i lost the ability to taste. i lost the ability to smell. i had to move back in with my parents and in a lot of ways it felt like i had let them down. it's been hard to process, certainly been a long road, and a lot of treatment and training. i have grown a lot and there's still lessons that i'm extracting from all of this and with the help of time and really great doctors i'm so happy to say that i'm doing so much better and i real want you to know i thought about coming back he kw that grewp here in the bay area. my parents watched abc 7 when i was a little girl so this has always been so much more than just a job to me and there were days i wondered if i would ever make it back, so this morning i
6:40 pm
am filled with gratitude and i want to say an enormous deep thank you to you because i was frankly overwhelmed by the volume of poestz and e-mails and dms and messages saying you were thinking of me and i was in your family's prayers and so many familiar with traum tin brain injury or your son or daughter rent or our friend and i ur didn't know much about tbi about this. one in four americans reports that they have had a concussion, one in four so i know i'm not alone but you are made me feel, that too, and i felt your love. every day, like honey on my heart, and many days your strength kept me going, so i'm so happy to say i am cleared. i am healthy. i'm excited to be back and i'm thank you to you, reg re, alexis, mike and jessica, the whole team, everyone here does
6:41 pm
such an exceptional job every single day and i'm so excite. i'm so excited to be here. >> natasha zouves this morning. had a tough, tough time over a long period of time. glad she's back. >> certainly are. don't expect record warmth like last week. >> but seven-day forecast still >> but seven-day forecast still looks pretty good for spring.
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millions have been following record breaking "jeopardy!" contestant's quiz show journey here on abc 7. been something else. >> what is it like facing such a trivia powerhouse? >> the young man from the bay air set off with the champ in a record-setting episode. >> he's earned a lot of money in three days. >> this was just the beginning for james' multi-record setting run on the game show jepd. >> if he hits those disably doubles, a run to date that has amassed more than $1.3 million in wings for the professional sports gambler but this is not a story about james, it's about a guy on the other end of the stage. >> samir from los altos, california. >> at 23 years old samir has been a "jeopardy!" junkie since the age of 9. >> i remember first watching a show that and seeing a category
6:45 pm
on the world capitals and i brought it upon myself to learn all the world cap tills. >> samir for 1,500 this, former national quiz bowl champion studied the almanac to prepare. >> i was in the library and studying an almanac at the time, can you believe in a and i got a call letting them know i'd be on the show. >> in addition he attended pub trivia nights in college, practiced the b aook no james' own strategy. >> i tried to get the daily was just amazed by the amount of courage he had to bet amount of money that he did. >> he admits there are some categories he needed some help with. >> particularly baseball and certain things within alcohol-related content. >> but he's happy with his $2,000 second place win. >> i knew a lot of questions that i was expecting myself to know. >> finally in the category of samir double jeopardy this, contestant has no regrets about losing and is optimistic about
6:46 pm
the future. >> it was an historic match because it was the first time $100,000 or more was won on the show and being able to par first pate was more than enough could i have asked for. >> samir is deciding which law school to attend in the fall. >> that's incredible. >> you can watch "jeopardy!" every week night right here on abc 7 right here on abc 7 news at 6:00. he did a great job. >> he did a great job. >> went up guns a buzz . >> things are bright and breezy and that's the operative phrase for the week and a look at live doppler 7 and overnight we'll see a fairly impressive increase in low clouds and fog and maybe even some patchy drizzle along the coastline and overnight lows will be mainly in the upper 40s to low 50s and tomorrow another breezy day and bright day with a few lingering clouds. high temperatures will range from low 60s in the coast to upper 60s in the bay shore line
6:47 pm
and low to mid-70s inland and here's the accuweather seven-did i forecast and gets a little milder and warming continues on thursday and friday as inland highs will reach or exceed the 80-degree mark and mid-70s around the bay and low to mid-60s on the coast and things start to cool down on saturday and patterns don't last long. sunday will be the coolest day in the forecast period with a slight, slight chance of light rain and then we start to get brighter and sunnier and warmer on monday. >> rain. >> rain. >> what's that? >> we thought we were done. >> i don't know. >> warriors round two. >> round tube. >> but it's interesting. >> game one or game two. >> the warriors are talking about the men in black. why are the referees
6:48 pm
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tto harrison, the wine tcollection.. to craig, this rock. the redwoods to the redheads. the rainbows to the proud. i leave these things to my heirs, all 39 million of you, on one condition. that you do everything in your power to preserve and protect them. with love, california.
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the nba fined chris paul $35,000 for, quote, aggressively confronting and wreck reisly making contact with a game official in last night owes loss to the warriors. paul says he wasn't aware he made contact when he was ected with 4.4 seconds remaining in the game. paul was upset that klay thompson was not called for a loose ball foul. it was one of many calls the rockets feel didn't go their way. >> steve kerr started today's media session with a bit of levity, but yesterday the
6:51 pm
rockets weren't laughing. they feel the referees controlled the outcome of game one. >> you guys are going to ask about all of that. i thought we were going to ask about the game. >> i'm probably not the right one to be talking about fouls. >> i've got five of them and i've got my fair share. >> this battle has extended beyond the court. the warriors and rockets each sent grievances about officiating to the league b.houston wrote a memo claiming during game seven of last year's western conference championship the refs cost them 19 points, the game and an nba title. >> you can literally go possession by possession and say what was supposed to be ahts wi grievances on how things are called, but at the end of the day, basketball -- >> you don't think there's ten calls that we got fouled. this is how it goes, and every coach in the league will tell you the same thing. you watch the tape and go that's
6:52 pm
a foul, that's a foul and that's the nature of the game. >> today the nba reviewed revied of the calls and kerr says there's a reason a lot of calls have been missed. >> so much deception is part of it, it's part of the game. a very, very difficult guy to officiate and every coach in the league will tell you. you watch the tape afterwards and, man, you get screwed. the game is final and the warriors won. all this chatter by houston to get more favorable calls in game two and the hope that this is the last time that the officia and how we play and make shots and the energy and intensity that we need to play with knowing what's at stake and that we that that becomes a conversation for sure. >> deception, better known as flopping. after a gruel two-week series
6:53 pm
against the golden knights the sharks did not have the a lot of time before shifting their focus to the colorado avalanche. the sharks and avalanche split the first two games here in san jose. team teal flew to the mile high city today for games three and four. both teams took a while to adjust to their new opponents but despite lose last night head coach peter deboer is happy with how things stand. >> if you told me after we beat vegas that night that we would split the first two games i would have taken that based on the circumstances and the ma feeling and now we're ready to get this series really dialed up. >> i think in previous games when we wouldn't van feeling good about our game and worried about what other teams are doing how can we stop that and affect that and i think in this instance we know what we have to do how to shut them down in order to give us a better chance to win. >> the a's slogged into boston and arrived without mark qana after leaving jerod's game with a right wrist sprain.
6:54 pm
he flew to l.a. where he's schedule to get an mri tomorrow. a's led the red sox by four until third. the a's thought that was out number two but the um fire said he missed the bag and mookie betts got things going with an rbi base hit and j.d. martinez follows with another single and xander bogaerts will then hit it over the head of ramon laurenio which scores two and this game is tied at four. michael chavis will compete the six-run base hit with a base hit up the middle and right now the boston red sox lead 7-4 in the fourth. so steve kerr and the warriors, a lot of opinions on the missed calls and hopefully tomorrow night though it will all be cleaned up. i don't want this to keep going. >> definitely not. >> thanks so much, mindy. >> join us tonight at 9:00 on coffee tv 20 channel 713. boeing's ceo is defending the safety of 737 max planes so
6:55 pm
where is he operation the blame for two recent deadly crashes? that's at 9:00. >> and then at 11:00, a father of four shot and killed in a pay area crime spree and tonight his family shares his grief as well as his frustration. >> coming tonight on abc 7, here's the lineup for you this evening at 8:00. it's "the show must go on." "american idol," the queen and adam lambert story. stay us for "the fix" at 11:00 and then it's "jimmy kimmel live" and all about "the avengers" and tonight's guest clowns james brolin from "endgame" that i hear is spectacular. >> billion around the world. >> in one weekend. >> all right. >> that's this edition of abc 7 news. look for break news whenever you wish on the abc 7 news app. >> i'm dan ashley.
6:56 pm
>> and i'm ama daetz. for the entire abc 7 news team, a complete live look from our abe 7 news cam. >> have a nice night.
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