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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  April 30, 2019 11:35pm-12:36am PDT

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always. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama daetz. thanks for being here with us. . >> dicky: from hollywood, it's jimmy kimmel live. tonight, zac efron. from "the shine", lena music from pentatonix, and now, believe it or not, jimmy kimmel! ♪ [cheers and applause] >> jimmy: very nice. thank you very much. hi, everyone. i'm jimmy. i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thanks for coming. very nice. please, we have, we have a lot to get to.
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but nothing more important than what could be the most world-shaking discovery of the century, maybe even the last two centuries. a tweet from the himalayas, where i guess they have wi-fi indicates that a legendary creature, spoken of for hundreds of years may have been found. members of the indian army believe they have evidence that proves that the previously-thought mythical abominable snowman also known at yeti is alive and well. he has a really great cooler by the way. many believe he's related to sa sasquatch. a snowy version of big foot. a team has sighted footprints close to base camp. this elusive snowman has only been sighted at the national
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park in the past. right and not even that, probably. but this is a photo, a not-so-great photo of the footprints. it as either a yeti footprint or rob gronkowski is on vacation in nepal. here are some more tracks leading where we don't know. seems like somebody may have followed those. they're huge footprints in the snow. this is incredible, this is history. shall we go home? yes, let's go home. this is a photo of the indian soldiers who made the discovery. it's either the soldiers or a poster for a new movie. what would happen if they found a yeti, alive? i feel like it would be in the news for about two hours, then kanye would make it into a coat or something. hey, speaking of ancient
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creatures, joe biden is riding high right now. according to a new cnn poll of democratic voters, biden is currently the number one choice by a lot. he's 24 points ahead of his closest competitor, bernie sanders, which could mean a showdown between biden and bernie. usually when a couple of 70-year-olds are in competition the winner is whoever yells "bingo" first. sleepy was up bright and early today on "good morning, america" where robin roberts asked if he has a motto. >> the president has a motto "make america great again." do you have one? >> "make america moral again". >> jimmy: make america moral again is a nice sentiment. but it is an absolutely terrible hat. joe mama. meanwhile, president trump is doing everything he can to hide
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his financial statements. he filed a lawsuit yesterday to block deutsche bank and capital one from handing over his financial records to congress. these are personal and business records that congress issued subpoenas for. but, you know, the president, he treats subpoenas like they're wedding vows. they mean nothing to him. the plaintiffs in the suit include donald trump, his daughter ivanka and his sons, eric and djtj. they're all suing together. unisom families go camping together, some play board games. others -- do you think tiffany feels good or bad about being left out of the family lawsuit? probably good. and by the way, suing your banks to keep them from sending your records to congress is not a great look for the president of the united states. it's like suing the school to keep them from sending your parents your report card. this is quite a conundrum for the banks who are between a rock and hard place. it's illegal for them to ignore
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a subpoena, but they're also being sued. we got in touch with the trump family lawyer and surprisingly he agreed to answer questions. please welcome larry harding, attorney at law. hello, larry. >> hi there, jim. >> jimmy: thank you for joining us. i have a few questions i'd really love to -- >> before we start, i have to ask, are you wearing a wire? >> jimmy: am i wearing a wire? this is airing on television. >> sorry, force of habit. i always ask. you never know. any who, what do you want to know? >> jimmy: i want to know why the trump family is suing their banks and refusing to disclose their financial information. >> jim, it's really simple, really. we just feel some things are better left a mystery.
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>> jimmy: a miss. >> i >> that >> yeah, a mystery is something that remains a secret, that remains unknown. >> jimmy: the banks got subpoenaed by congress, and you're telling them not to comply with the subpoena. on what legal grounds can you do that? >> legal grounds? this isn't about the law. it's about good old-fashioned manners. frankly, when it comes to money shmoney, we think it's impolite to pry. it's gauche. >> jimmy: it's gauche? >> maybe the gauchiest. >> jimmy: don't we have a right to know what our president is up to? >> no, of course not. you people have a right to mind your own gosh darn beeswax. that's our motto. we even put it on a sign. isn't that terrific? >> jimmy: that's terrific but i'm not sure it's going to hold
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up in court. >> i think my friends abraham and george can be mighty persuasive. >> jimmy: you're going to bribe the judge with $6? >> that's just a down payment. mr. trump says he'll pay me the rest when he's out of office. >> jimmy: oh, yeah, yeah. >> speaking of which, did i ask, are you a cop? you know, you have to tell me if you're a cop. >> jimmy: i'm not a cop. thank you, larry, that's larry harding, the trump family lawyer. >> did i mention our motto? >> jimmy: yes, you did mention the motto. >> mind your own gosh darn beeswax. >> jimmy: a nice man. this could be good news for donald trump, mike pompeo said russia will continue to try to interfere in our elections for a long time. he said we should expect that in 2050 the russians will still be at it. that makes sense. of course the russians want to
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meddle in our elections. the only other hobbies they have are making beet soup and freezing to death. they want us to elect the worst possible person. and they knocked it out of the park. it's like if coca-cola tricked pepsi into hiring gary busey as their ceo. researchers believe in 50 years there could be more dead people on facebook than live people. they predict that 1.4 billion facebook users will die before the end of the century. and their facebook pages will not. they'll live on. basically, facebook is turning into an army of white walkers and mark zuckerberg is the knight king. are we still going to have to wish all the dead people a happy birthday? right now the place for dead people is florida. florida is commonly known as god's waiting room.
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and last night we had a great moment from "this week in florida." tonight we get another nugget from the sunshine state. it's time for another edition of "this week in florida." >> a man in ft. walton beach is accused of beating up a mattress. deputies say his girlfriend was in the room. o he thought she was cheating on him. he beat the mattress with a bedpost because he thought the man she was cheating with was inside the mattress. he later admitted he had been smoking meth. >> jimmy: it all makes sense when you explain it. pope francis, you know the guy with the -- he's taking a stand on an unusual subject. he addressed a group of barber, stylists and beauticians and warned them to stay away from gossip. he said treat your customers with kindness and courtesy,
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offering them a good word and encouragement. that's no fun, is it? i mean, did the pope just spend the weekend binge watching old episodes of "the andy griffith show"? i wonder what beauty professionals think of it, so i asked my long-time barber, harry stewart to comment. how are you doing? >> hello, there, jimmy. you're looking a little shaggy. you need to come in for a trim, you dirty hippie. >> jimmy: what did you think of the pope's statement that barbers and stylists need to stop gossiping? >> i think his holiness is absolutely right. i hate gossip. you know who used to love to gossip? joan rivers, and look what happened to her. >> jimmy: did you know joan rivers? >> did i know joan rivers? >> jimmy: yeah, did you know
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joan rivers? >> i know everyone, i've been styling hollywood's biggest stars for years. you've seen my wall of fame. >> jimmy: yeah, take us through that, that is some. >> here i am to start things off with dr. bill cosby. haven't seen him in a while. that cbs fella, harvey weinstein, mr. r. kelly, and you know, jimmy, if you give me that picture i keep asking you for, i got a nice spot for you right here. >> jimmy: you know what, harry, i think i'll be fine without having my picture up on the wall. you know, you may want to take some of those down. >> you are a hoot, jimmy, always with a joke. >> jimmy: i'm not really joking. harry, are you drinking the stuff you sterilize the combs
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in? >> i sure am, it's called barbercide. >> jimmy: i don't know that you are supposed to drink that. >> oh, that's good. my little piece of blue heaven. you know that song? >> jimmy: yes, i'm glad you're not gossiping. >> you know our shop motto? >> jimmy: what is the shop mo motto? >> mind your own gosh beeswax. hey, jimmy. did you noknow elton john is a gay? >> jimmy: yes, i did, and that's gossip, exactly what the pope was saying not to do. well, thank you, harry. we have a good show for you tonight. we have music from a cappella music tonight. that means no music at all. it was a lot cheaper for us.
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♪ [cheers and applause] >> jimmy: hi there, welcome back to the show. tonight, she is an emmy-winning writer, a pro doeser aducer andr her show is on showtime, "the shine." lena waithe is with us tonight. and their song is a cover of the
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simon & garfunkel classic, "the sound of silence." you can see oak land. on thursday, tom brady and create othe creators of "game of thrones." tonight our first guest made the tremendous leap from dancing, high school back player to notorious real-life serial killer. he plays ted bundy in a new movie. it premieres on netflix and select theaters on friday, please welcome zac efron. ♪ [cheers and applause]
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relax, i know you hurt yourself. [cheers and applause] you have, someone decided to make a shirt this morning with your face on it. >> really? >> jimmy: more than with just your face on it. >> all right, i like that. that's cool. >> jimmy: does that make you more or less attracted to a woman? >> it makes me embarrassed about myself. but i tell you what, it's really sweet. thank you. [ applause ] >> jimmy: i know you hurt yourself, right? which leg did you hurt? >> i tore my acl, which is like a career ender. joi >> jimmy: that's a bad one. >> it's a bad one. >> jimmy: your basketball career is over. >> kobe bryant came back, i can come back. >> jimmy: you can come back, yeah. >> i got the surgery really early, but it was crazy.
11:55 pm
i went skiing and just, it's a classic skier's injury. >> jimmy: where were you skiing? >> i was up at sundance promoting. >> jimmy: it promotion. it turned out to be not fun at all. how much skiing did you get to do before you were struck? >> i got to do six whole runs. >> jimmy: really? >> yeah, but it was cool. i wanted to do something fun, so i invited a good group of friends i knew liked to ski. and i only get up a couple times a year, usually groomed runs and stuff like that. i invited my little brother who loves skiing. >> jimmy: yeah. >> and the next day, like the next morning or actually, it was the night before. the movie premiered at sundance, i was beat, it was like 2:00 a.m. and he's like,
11:56 pm
we can go cat skiing at 6:00 a.m. tomorrow. thinking about cats. >> jimmy: what is a cat? >> it's a tractor. it's a people mover. and they take >> jimmy: caterpillar. >> indeed. cat cat caterpillar. >> jimmy: cats is a play, a whole musical. >> so we went up there and had a blast. it was the best powder ever. i was flowing. i was in the groove. what's it called? flow state? >> jimmy: that i don't know. i only know tractors. >> flow state, like you're doing something, you're all in it, 100% engaged. it's a euphoric feeling. >> jimmy: never had that in my
11:57 pm
whole life. >> i would beg to differ. you probably just didn't know you were having it. all the more reason four yr youo come along. we were skiing down the mountain. i got four hours sleep. i started shredding. i looked to the side, and i was like, i'm going 35 miles per hour, i'm going fast. this is the best skiing i've ever done. i want to do powder skiing the rest of my life. how do you, if you want to slow down just the slightest, and literally, i don't know, yard sale, you know that term yard sale? yard sale. i turned into a yard sale. >> jimmy: oh, you were all over the place. >> i was all over the place. i was like my skis were over here, one ski came off but the one with the acl was bent into the snow and i was facing upwards. >> jimmy: who brought you down
11:58 pm
the hill? >> geoff stults came down. he was like, what's up, you all right? looks like you hurt your knee, and i was like, i don't know. let me stand up on it, and i stand up and it immediately gives out and i fell back down. then everyone came down and was like hey, are you okay? like that looked, like bad. no, no, i think i'm fine. i didn't know it was that bad. then dylan came by, and dylan, he didn't stop, actually. >> jimmy: your brother? >> yeah, he didn't stop. he was just like whatever [ bleep ]. >> jimmy: is he still living with you? >> he is. joi >> jimmy: he is. >> but he also works with my production company. >> jimmy: with support like that, you know. >> he's doing a really, really good job. >> jimmy: what is he doing? >> he is getting me hurt. >> jimmy: does he help you, like when you can't walk or you're
11:59 pm
laid up or whatever? >> no. >> jimmy: he doesn't. >> that's crossing the line, i think. oh, he brought me a sandwich. but i was down for like six weeks. >> jimmy: one sandwich. >> yeah. >> jimmy: well, yeah. you got to spread it out, then, huh? >> in fact, he wasn't even there during my recovery. he was actually at the beach, my other house. by the beach. >> jimmy: it's time to release dylan into the wild. he's got to make it on his own now. >> no, no. >> jimmy: no? >> so i show up at the doctor's office. and i get an mri, because it's not hurting but, yeah, it was hurting. very uncomfortable. >> jimmy: sure. >> as i was walking, as i got the mri read to me, i got the mri, and this is like the very next day, i flew home and got it the next day. the doctor comes in and he's like, this is where, on the way down the mountain, they are like, you can minorly tear your
12:00 am
acl or majorly, what you don't want is a disconnect. maybe you just strained it. i get to the doctor's office, and he shows me the picture of the x-ray, and i look at it, and i can see the line of where like my acl used to be. and then the other line of where the other side is, and then it looked like a bomb went off. like literally just disconnected, like not, nothing touching. there was no way it was coming back together. so it was a pretty nice text to be able to call my friends with a picture of that. i didn't say anything, just a picture of the x-ray, like what's up now, bitches? >> jimmy: yeah, it's definitely time to kick dylan out of the house. when we come back we're going to see you do some serial killing. not him, but you know what i mean. we'll be right back. >> dicky: portions of jimmy kimmel live are brought to you by zillow. re-imagine your way home. ricky e
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12:06 am
>> he spends years, hatching escapes, getting caught, beaten, betrayed, but he never loses hope. and that's my wish for us, liz, that we never lose hope. >> does he make it out? >> jimmy: that is zac efron shockingly evil and vile appears on netflix and in select tleeher the on friday. you are getting great reviews for this film. do you look at things like that? >> reviews? no. >> jimmy: in this case, you should look. >> i'll be honest, i did look at a couple. and i was blown away. i learned to not read reviews a long time ago. but you know what kind are coming out. so not reading doesn't help the general vibe. >> jimmy: what did you know about ted bundy before you made this? >> i knew that, basically i knew
12:07 am
his name was associated with evil. >> jimmy: right. >> i didn't know the extent to which he had gotten away with at all. and my main concern, once i heard this story was not to glamorize what ted bundy did. he is a horrible person. was a horrible person. rest in whatever. like he's not a good dude. >> jimmy: no. i think that's fair to say. >> i was very concerned that, you know, we've all seen "psycho." the movie that is the dramatic jump and look, i'm a serious actor, ree, blood and guts. sorry christian bale.
12:08 am
now for two things. american psycho and that. christian bale, you're a phenomenal actor. >> jimmy: he's not here, and he doesn't watch the show. >> in the off chance he does see this i want him to know. >> jimmy: i think you're great, too, christian, i enjoyed you as batman. >> but there's so much i do want to talk to you about. like batman, man. >> jimmy: i'm going to say, he's not here. christian is a foreigner. he lives in a different country. >> he's here in spirit. >> jimmy: batman is always watching over us. the dark knight. >> what if he swooped in, "i was here the whole time." >> jimmy: that would be something. you would think i planned it, and i would say, i swear to batman, that was him. >> is ben affleck here? >> jimmy: ben affleck is here. he's keeping matt damon locked
12:09 am
in his dressing room.oom.oom. james headfield from metallica is in the film as well. >> he comes on the set, and it's one of the more pivotal moments. it's the moment that ted actually got caught for the first time. he was at a, he ran a stop sign. and james headfield plays the policeman that picks him up. and james headfield, to his credit, he came in and absolutely nailed the part. he just crushed it, like he'd been acting his whole life. >> jimmy: he did a great job. >> he did a great job. i was ready to maybe give james headfield a tip or something. he didn't ask for a single one. james headfield is [ bleep ]. he's been through it all. >> jimmy: and all these stories of ted bundy, i never knew he was arrested by metallica. i never knew. incredible how things come together.
12:10 am
>> it was so cool hearing the words, even though i was acting, but when i got pulled over by james headfield, it was kind of like a dream come true. >> jimmy: a real dream. >> a lot of dudes, it would be their dream come true. no friggin' way, you? amazing. james, right? >> jimmy: start pulling people over, james headfield. >> i'm real big fan. >> jimmy: it was very good to see you. congratulations on your movie and performance. it's a long title. "extremely wicked, shockingly vile." zac efron, we'll be right back. ♪ ing you can build. i'm adam, and i make robots. you iakface prohen inspirat everre. part of an entrepreneur's job is to get stuff done. the new surface pro can handle all of my programs. i can paint, i can mold, i can code.
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>> jimmy: yes, i said buy a house. who are you, mysterious gentleman? >> i am known by many names, but you can call me zillow! >> jimmy: do you come crashing through a window any time someone says "buy a house"? >> yes i do. the house market never sleep, so neither do i. >> jimmy: if i want to buy a house, where do i start? >> with me, zillow! i help the people find homes to buy, to sell and rent, take a look! >> jimmy: oh, all right. thank you. oh, my goodness. this is exactly the house i've been looking for. now i just have to sell this place and i can buy it. >> ha! it is your lucky day, amigo. now you can sell your home to me, the mighty zillow! >> jimmy: wow, i can sell my home to you. fantastic. unfortunately, the window might need replacing, but other than
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hi there. hour next guest is an emmy-winning writer and producer of "the shine", which was nominated for an illustrious peabody award. please say hello to lena [cheers and applause] >> jimmy: you got mrs. cosby on your shirt queen
12:24 am
mother, claire huxtable. she raised us all. >> jimmy: she did in a way. every thursday night, she raised me for half an hour. >> thank god she did. we turned out all right. >> jimmy: how many shows are you producing right now? >> i don't know, about 17. >> jimmy: let's go through >> somethi"shy." black entertainment. 20s is coming up. like my master of none. and then we have this amazing show called "covenant", an anthology series. we're dealing with a black family that integrates compton. in the 1950s, compton used to be lily-white. until black folks moved in and everything changed. how to make love to a black
12:25 am
woman who may be going through some stuff. >> jimmy: that's name of the show? >> also an anthology series. so yeah, man, like we got a lot of stuff. >> jimmy: that's a great title. >> it's a phenomenal title. it's like the script. whatever this is, i want to be a part of it. the script is amazing. so we're going to make that happen too. >> jimmy: is it hash, the shy, hard to pronounce? >> it's the chi. as long as people watch it, i don't care what they call it. they watch us after they watch "game of thrones," which is cool. >> jimmy: you're on sunday nights. >> i know, man. sometimes i forget to watch the show. nah, man, but the good news is the next season, which we just got picked up for season three,
12:26 am
so we're very excited. >> jimmy: congratulations. [cheers and applause] >> i left that writer's room to come here. we won't have to compete with "game of thrones," we can give you a little black "game of thrones." there's different groups of us, different families. seriously, it's been in our families for many years. we do the shame thing every sunday morning at church. where you comin' from? where were you last night? get her, man. >> jimmy: i think a lot of people feel like you're somewhat of an overnight success. the first time people saw you were at the emmies. you've been out here a long time. >> i was here at 2006, i was interning, i was like at blockbuster, i was going to have to charge you some late fees. i was an assistant at girl friends, and i was recommended
12:27 am
for "love of basketball." the empowerment issue, i feel glad to call her my role model. she gave me a run for my money. >> jimmy: you were her assistant? >> it was amazing. i love gina. she like on the first day, it was the black version of devil wears prada. she's like, yo, i need you to do a favor. i'm like, whatever you need. i need you to get whoopi goldberg on the phone. done. i need you to get me whoopi goldberg on the phone in the next 30 minutes. i was like, okay. we didn't have instagram. i couldn't dm her. i picked up a land line. i'm like dialing on a rotary phone, do i call abc? so i called abc, and i'm like,
12:28 am
i'm looking for whoopi goldberg and they hung up on me, so i call back, and i said i'm looking for whoopi goldberg. and they say i don't know what love of basketball basketba it sounds like somebody of african-american descent. i said the woman who wrote and directed love of basketball, i work for her. perfect. i'm trying to get to whoopi goldberg. who do you need to connect me to? he said i need to connect you to the view. i said i need to talk to whoopi goldberg. they hang up on me. so then i call, i call dispatch again, get the same black guy. love of basketball. can you connect me to a black personorhehe he
12:29 am
titles, they know. so he said i can get you to t tonya, tonya, a girl with a dream. look, i have a dream, and i'm trying to continue it. i need to talk to whoopi goldberg. she says i know love of back. how can you get me to whoopi goldberg? she said she doesn't have a phone. i said who around her has a phone? i will connect you to the assistant. i get connected to some black male who is the assistant. he hangs up on me. >> jimmy: oh, no. >> so then finally, i call, i get tonya back, and i said look, okay i work with gina, yeah, i know gina. she wanted to talk to whoopi, okay, cool. she's still finishing up the show, give me five minutes, give me your number and i'll call you from a land line
12:30 am
office. i'm praying, phone, come on, please, god, i got this dream. sure enough, the phone rings. whoopi for gina, connect her, boom. [cheers and applause] >> jimmy: that's determination. >> yo, man. >> jimmy: what's the lesson we learn from this story? >> that you need to be connected to a black person who knows. >> jimmy: that's great advice. >> get me somebody who knows what it means to be black and a dream to find your way to freedom. [cheers and applause] >> jimmy: so it all worked out. i do think there's something to that. there's no coincidence that you went through that. >> i know, i should put my assistants through that. if you have to get whoopi goldberg on the phone with no phone number or anything, you can win an emmy one day. >> jimmy: poor whoopi's going to
12:31 am
get a lot of calls. "the chi", sunday nights on showtime. lena waithe. we'll be right back with pentatonix. >> dicky: the jimmy kimmel live concert series is presented by mercedes benz. the best or nothing. yoooh, hello yellow! at ross and you find... yes! that's yes for less. spring forward with the latest brand-name styles at 20 to 60 percent off department store prices. at ross. yes for less. i've slain your dreaded dragon. for saving the kingdom what doth thou desire? my lord? hey good knight. where are you going? ♪
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specialty store prices, every day. >> dicky: the jimmy kimmel live concert series is presented by mercedes benz. the best or nothing. >> jimmy: i want to thank zac efron, lena waithe. "nightline" is next, but first, here with their cover of "the sound of silence", ♪ ♪ hello darkness my old friend i've come to talk with you again ♪ ♪ because a vision softly creeping fttseedsili eeping ♪ and the vision that was planted in my brain
12:34 am
♪ within the sound of silence ♪ ♪ in restless dreams i walked alone narrow streets of cobblestone ♪ ♪ 'neath the halo of a street lamp i turned my collar to the cold and damp ♪ ♪ when my eyes were stabbed by the flash of a neon light that split the night ♪ ♪ and touched the sound of silence ♪ nd in the naked light i saw maybe ♪
12:35 am
without speaking people hearing without listening ♪ ♪ people writing songs that voices never share no one dared ♪ ♪ disturb the sound of silence ♪ ♪ of silence of silence of silence ♪ fools said i you do not know silence like a cancer grows ♪ uthear my wordsatigtake my ms
12:36 am
like silent raindrops fell and echoed in the wells of silence ♪ ♪ and the people bowed and prayed to the neon god they made ♪ ♪ and the sign flashed out its warning in the words that it was forming ♪ ♪ and the sign said the words of the prophets are written on the subway walls and tenement halls ♪ ofand whispered
12:37 am
hes and applause] this is "nightline." tonight, shot in the dark. >> shot someone? >> yes, i thought it was my amount. >> the newly-released 911 audio, moments after an off-duty officer walks into an apartment and kills the man inside. now in her own words. >> oh, my god. i'm sorry. >> the case raising questions about racial profiling, police transparency and deadly force. plus, front runner. joe biden jumping into for an e interview with our robin roberts. what he is saying about anita hill and allegations from women about inappropriate


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