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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  May 1, 2019 5:00am-5:59am PDT

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and now at 5:00 mayday protests across the bay area and google employees are planning a sit-in. and an update on california's high-speed rail. the project may be smaller but it's going to cost us more. >> we start with the weather as we always do. good morning on this wednesday, may 1st. >> you're never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. let's take a look at live doppler 7. it is bone-dry this morning. in fact, look at this from sutro
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tower. no clouds out there. hardly any haze compared to what we dealt with yesterday. faster sunshine and even though we're starting off cooler in the 40s we're going to already be close to average by noon with upper 60s for our bay and inland neighborhoods. low to mid-70s this afternoon. notice the coast is going to stay cool in the upper 50s to low 60s. heading out, may not need a jacket like last evening. 67 and 68. alex alexis? i am waiting for an update from chp on this crash. northbound 680 just before you get to washington boulevard, looks like they have changed that location just a bit there. it was in a construction zone earlier this morning, we're hearing we have a motorcycle rider down on the ground in lane one. the far left lane is blocked now. i am waiting for more information from chp but they have arrived at the scene and not seeing a huge backup although there is a half-mile slowdown approaching that. that's our biggest issue now. no other major issues. we are looking live at the san mateo bridge.
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slowly starting to fill in. no significant delays. >> alexis, thank you. six months ago they walked out, today they sit in. google employees plan another protest. >> abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield live for us in san francisco. good morning, amy. >> reporter: good morning. google planners are planning on a sit-in today. here they aresting - ishen they had picket signs and were out shouting and marching. this was about six months ago. this was last year, 20,000 employees walk out to protest how the company handled sexual harassment allegations. it was reported two employees say they have been retaliated against for organizing this walkout. sharing other stories of retaliation online.
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google will not comment on the sit-in but the company prohibits retaliation and says employees have multiple channels they can report their concerns. live in san francisco amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. more mayday strikes are planned in the east bay. organizers are urging developers to hire local residents to avoid union construction jobs put workers on track to the middle class. workers will gather and will then rally at oakland city hall. good morning. i want to get you caught up on the late nest venezuela.
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i first reported this. juan guaido leading an uprising to oust president nicolas maduro from office. this morning continues to call for mass protests vowing to make it even bigger. things don't seem to be better. they are trying to take him out of the country before the russians intervened. the russians have urged maduro to stay. the woman hit and killed while walking her dogs in san anselmo has been identified. according to the marin i.j. it was carolyn allen. 30-year-old james boswell is accused of driving drunk killing her and one of her dogs. he was arrested for felony dui.
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boswell is scheduled to appear in court today. they are petitions a cross walk light be installed. a man accused of firing inside of a sign doing is pleading guilty. john earnest appeared in court yesterday. investigators say he shot members of the chabad of poway synagogue, killing one and injuring three others. earnest was prepared to kill many people. earnest is charged with murder and a hate crime. the epa has determined monsantos roundup is safe for people. they looked into an active ingredient and released the findings yesterday. the epa says it is not likely to cause cancer. last year a california jury decided it caused the cancer of
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a person. they are appealing the case. an off leash dog attacked and killed a threatened species of fur seal on a protected beach. >> the seal pup was beaten in point reyes. these are examples of the guadalupe fur seal. they were hunted to near extinction in the 1800s. the park service says the dog attacked it where dogs are strictly not allowed. abc 7 news spoke with the marine mammal experts who tried to save the pup's life. >> most likely she died because the trauma was so extensive to her chest and caused a lot of damage to her lungs and likely made it unable for her to breathe. when it's a threatened or endangered species, they are just trying to recover as a whole. >> the dog owner and the dog allegedly left the beach after the attack. the park service is investigating. a federal judge has rejected a request that would have protected nearly 200 people living in the santa cruz
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homeless encampment. the court denied ross camp resident requests for a temporary restraining order say they failed to show the closure would cause them irreparable harm. they've been living behind a ross store located along river street. they filed a lawsuit last month claiming there was a lack of safe alternative housing. most of those living at the ross camp plan to relocate to a new private location by friday. here is a look at some neighborhood temperatures and what you're seeing. mid to upper 40s out to livermore. you have low to mid-50s and 49 in hayward, san jose. the coolest temperature napa 39 degrees right now. a look at what will happen with your activity planner.
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a coat to no coat kind of day. total sunshine, light blreezes n the bay. we'll try to get out of the 50s and into the 60s. the peninsula, the same thing. look at that. wall-to-wall sunshine, near 70 by 1:00. we'll hang out in the general area through 5:00. 65 at 7:00. take a look at the east bay valleys. nearly 70 at noon and then mid-70s for the better part of thrnn ur 50s through at least 9:00. total sunshine today. a great day to have some solar panels. warmer weather before a chance of rain. i want to bring alexis in to tell us about the commute. a motorcycle crash on 680 past washington in the fremont area. it does sound like it was in the
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construction zone that had just wrapped up. we have not gotten an update. emergency crews are on the scene. we have a backup. before state route 84 we still have a vehicle fire blocking the right lane. it sounds like a uhaul caught fire. we have not had any significant delays approaching that one. southbound 101 from the north bay into san francisco. the project may cost an additional $1.8 billion and it won't be complete until some time between 2026 and 2030. the state rail authority will give those to the legislature today. the plan is updated to reflect governor gavin newsom's order. the total estimated cost of
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building the operating system is $20.4 billion. chelsea clinton is coming to the south bay visiting an elementary school today. she'll be talking to students about saving animals from extinction. it's part of a national tour promoting her newest children's book called don't let them disappear. 12 endangered species across the globe. she says she wanted to save elephants from extinction when she was little and n is helping kids how to save their own favorite animals. it is the e-scooter invasion. how byrd may get its scooters back without being part of the permit program. >> and you'll have to
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5:13. the 7 things you need to know before you go this morning. google workers getting ready to stage a sit-in today to protest what they call the company's, quote, culture of retaliation. it is one of several mayday de the bay area. number two, the family of the man who died when his tesla crashed in mountain view will discuss the filing of a wrongful death lawsuit. they claim theadesign defect. number three, police say 22-year-old trystan terrell is the person who at the university of north carolina at charlotte opened fire yesterday, two
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people died, four others injured. this morning the fbi is investigating. terrell was a former student last enrolled last fall. wr a hillsborough couple expected to plead guilty today. bruce and davina isackson are accused of paying in stock. a live look from our roof camera. no clouds out there. it's time to rise off the 40s this morning into the 60s and > number six, the biggest issue on the roads so far today is a motorcycle crash in fremont, northbound 680 right around washington boulevard. we have a collision and that is blocking the left lanes, just about a half mile, the backup approaching the scene. instagram is making it official. they're going to test hiding like accounts on photos and view counts on videos. it's an effort to make social media a nicer place.
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a big story developing. william barr expected to face questions over his handling of the mueller report today. lawmakers will finally get their chance to question barr. mueller will be on capitol hill for the first time since the report was made public -- i should say barr. he'll be tecstifying before the senate judiciary committee. mueller himself has expressed some frustration to barr in the letter over how the conclusion of his investigation are being portrayed. we are watching things as they get going in washington, d.c., this morning. it is, of course, just 8:00 on the east coast. lawmakers just starting to arrive and, again, we expect barr to be making those hearings at 7:00 a.m. that is when they will begin later this morning. i'll be watching. >> it's 5:15 now. happening today two-time grammy-award winne coming to the east bay. take a look at a video a few years ago.
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the 51-year-old is getting ready to perform in oakland. he will be launching a free concert series. it will include live street performances by more than 300 artists in downtown oakland h the concert series starts today and goes through october. san francisco has said good-bye to the luc o ravioli. the family owned deli closed after 94 years. the ceo is retiring and his children didn't want to take love that place. today google is honoring san francisco artist who is famous for her looped wire sculptures and google is replicating her art in its doodle on the home page. it shows her creating her woven works. she designed several fountains
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including once at union squares. she founded the san francisco school of the arts later named after her. she passed away in 2013. this is the kickoff of asian american pacific islander month. >> that's great. great to see her honored at that way. a beautiful day, mike. after a cool morning, temperatures now hovering right around the upper 40s in the south bay. you'll need the sunglasses today. the warmest highs tomorrow and friday and may showers are still a possibility. let's talk about the temperatures today. about as much sunshine as yesterday. warmer and more sunshine. 67 in san francisco. you can see just about everybody else in the 70s. low to mid-70s around the bay. mid to upper 70s in th and brentwood and discovery bay
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trying to squeak out an 80-degree temperature today. 50 in san francisco and san jose. everybody else in the low to mid-40s -- i sho antioch, 52 on the milder spots. sunday morning, you can see by 9:00 the first signs of light showers and as we head throughout the day spotty light showers. not enough to cancel your plans but you may get just a little wetness here and there and then monday looks quieter as most of the rain will be away from us. so that will stop the warming trend. 60s at the coast. 70s around the bay and 80s inland friday. increasing clouds and the sea breeze brings our temperatures back to average. and coolest with the chance of wet weather sunday. alexis? just got some better news in the east bay, mike. back to our fremont crash vochg a motorcycle. northbound 680 right around washington boulevard. we discovered from chp the crash has cleared. the motorcycle has been cleared to the shoulder
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no significant delays there. southbound 101 over golden gate bridge. a 13-minute drive, in the green, for san mateo bridge. abc 7 news is committed to building a better bay area one of the main issues here is transportation. getting scooters back on the streets. it was not one of the two companies issued permits for a pilot program. now it's offering personal, monthly rentals as opposed to shared by the minute rentals. >> there may be a loophole in the law. if there is i suspect given the thousands of complaints that we received against bird before we had our permitting is am that will close the loophole. >> the sfmta and the city's attorney's office are getting more details to see if they comply with regulations and
5:20 am
local laws. bird would not respond to abc 7 news on the record about these concerns. we have talked so much about electric scooters. the cont mthly loo reading the this here and in barcelona where they have a similar kind of infrastructure that tightly regulates the scooters. we see you, bird. in today's "gma first look" alex trebek is talking about the current amazing "jeopardy" champion and his own health. here's kenneth mouton. the host of "jeopardy" alex trebek. >> reporter: it's the live interview every fan needs to see. >> i was diagnosed with stage four pancreatic cancer. normally the prognosis is not very encouraging but i will
5:21 am
fight this. >> reporter: for the first time since opening up about his cancer diagnosis alex trebek shares his journey with robin roberts. >> i've always tried to be strayed with you and i will not stop now. >> reporter: just as his courage and humor inspires fans -- >> i have to host "jeopardy" for three more years so help me keep the faith and we'll win. >> reporter: he'll tell us how the current million dollar champ james i'm kenneth mouton, abc news, new york. a major power shortage at the space station is delaying spacex's supply run. they were supposed to launch a shipment today but a malfunction at the station knocked two power channels off line. nasa says all six astronauts are safe at the station. the spacex launch is delayed until at least friday. starting today disneyland is going smoke free.
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the park has e libanned smoking inside downtown disney. those who want to smoke or vape, you have to go outside the security perimeter. also starting today strollers wider than 31 inches and wagons are banned. the new rule is designed to improve traffic flow with the opening of star wars galaxy edge at the end of the month. and speaking of galaxy's edge, starting tomorrow you'll be able to make a reservation to visit galaxy's edge. guests can get a reservation by staying at a disneyland resort hotel between may 31st and june 23rd. after that date guests will be entered into a queue system similar to a boarding pass. details on how will be available tomorrow at 8:00 a.m. you must have a disney account to register, so i would do that today so you'll be ready tomorrow. you'll find more information on our website,
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by the way, disney is the parent company of abc 7. what are you laughing at? >> so much information. such a process. so many people want to go to this. >> they're expecting it to be so overwhelmingly popular that they have to do some crowd control. >> stay at a hotel for three weeks and then create an account. no, it's going to be great. >> by the way, i will be going to the opening. >> i know. i can't think of anyone better for that, reggie. % >> if you don't have a reservation and you're not planning on going right away, i will be your guide live on tv. >> i will be following you on the ig. there's a new app to help some police officers in the east bay. >> and a musical, a run in berkeley before it went
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dar. i don't see it happening. one east bay police department is making an app that finds mental health resources for officers. this is what it looks like. resources include access to peer support, wellness self-evaluation tools. a bay area theater company has reason to celebrate the tony award nominations. ♪ i know you want to leave me ♪ but i refuse to let you go >> ooh! >> right? "ain't too proud." the life and times of the temptations had a run at berkeley rep before it hit broadway. you're watching rehearsal video and yesterday, guess what, that received 12 tony nominations.
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second only to hades town with 14. it's the untold story of the quintet. it broke house records. i know that because i tried to get tickets. >> me too! >> it shows the power of theater. >> it's become a a place to re-engage with your >> what the constitution means to me also had a run at berkeley rep so they're on a roll. the tonys will be awarded june 9th. if you haven't been to berkeley rep, go check it out. another full 90 minutes including the new lawsuit tesla. a gunman opens fire on a college campus killing two
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now at 5:30 a major development in the deadly crash of a tesla in the south bay. the driver's family taking the palo alto carmaker to court. a couple from the bay area expected to plead guilty in the college admissions scandal today. the message from bruce and davina isackson. facebook unveiling a news. >> if you can explain it to me, i'm all ears. i'm very confused about the need for this. >> we'll try our best. good morning on this wednesday, may 1st. you are never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. hi, mike. >> hi, reggie, natasha. a look at l doppler 7. it is bone-dry. notice the winds are light and variable. no more robust sea breeze.
5:31 am
a little bit along the coast. quler and coolcooler. 39 in napa to 52 in san francisco. that's our spread around 7:00. upper 50s to low 60s. by noon nearing yesterday'ghs. low m-70s.? good morning, mike. starting to get busy, metering lights officially on here at 5:22 this morning. you know the drill. car-pool lanes are getting through. cash and fastrak users not so much. 680 highway 4 to walnut creek. a six-minute drive for you if you're continuing on westbound 24 from walnut creek to highway 13 it will cost you another 8 minutes. tracy into dublin still in the yellow at 47 minutes. alexis, thank you. the family of a man who died in
5:32 am
a tesla crash in mountain view files a lawsuit. >> the lawyers will be smorning. reporter anser hassan live for us in san jose. anser? >> reporter: good morning, guys. the attorney for the family of walter huang will be holding a 10:00 a.m. press conference to talk about the wrongful death lawsuit. they claim the tesla model x has a design defect. the lawsuit claims in part that the tesla model x was defective in its design and that the passenger protection systems of the vehicle would not, could not, and did not perform in a manner as safely as an ordinary consumer would expect. family says huang was driving on autopilot when it veered in a traffic barrier in mountain view. the suv batteries burst into flames on impact. huang died in the hospital from his injuries. the family spokei-team reporter. they told him huang complained about this problem before.
5:33 am
>> and he wanted to show me the last time it happened. >> reporter: he told you that the car would drive to that same barrier? >> yes. >> reporter: the same barrier that he finally hit? >> yeah, that's why when i saw the news i knew it was him. >> reporter: the family is also suing caltrans. the safety cushion huang hit collapsed 11 days before in another accident. the family says had it been in working order they believe he would still be alive. we did reach out to caltrans and to tesla and did not hear back for comment. anser hassan, abc 7 news. happening today a hillsborough couple expected to plead guilty in the college bribery scandal in boston federal court. bruce and davina isaac song are accused of paying bribes of $600,000 in stock including shares of facebook in 2015 and 2019. their daughters were admitted to
5:34 am
ucla and usc. the isacksons have said they are pro-foundly sorry. the jury in the ghostship warehouse trial will hear from the testimony representing derick almena. we heard the prosecutor say victims had no notice, no time, no exits. abc 7 news was in the oakland courtroom for opening statements. jurors heard emotional 911 calls from the night of the deadly fire that killed 36 people. prosecutors claim as many as 25 people wereingilgallthettneepre defendant max harris suggested the fire was arson. he told the jury people who wanted to harm co-defendant derick almena intentionally set the fire. in an effort to build a better bay area focusing on safer communities and neighborhoods. >> dangerous side shows are spinning out of control around the bay area. we're asking what are the solutions? last night in san jose the city council voted to make it illegal to even attend a sideshow.
5:35 am
san jose mayor sam liccardo said illegal street racing poses a threat to residents' safety and quality of life. >> in the last four years we've lost six young people to i loweillegal street races. that's six too many. these are horribly dangerous. we're losing too many young lives, and we need to do more to crack down. >> spectators could face a $1,000 fine and up to six months in jail. you're never more than seven minutes away from my accuweather forecast. let's look at peninsula temperatures and what you're seeing there is a little bit of a range from 43 at half moon bay and menlo park. we're in the 40s around daily city and foster city and then to 50 at belmont. 50 in oakland. hayward, fremont, los gatos, concord, low to mid-50s. 40s in s
5:36 am
ramone and livermore. these temperatures are up to 11 degrees cooler than yesterday. have under a clear sky. looking westbound across the san mateo bridge where it's clear this morning. minor fog around napa. we'll keep an eye on that. cool this morning but mild for your mass transit. ferry ride, lighter breezes. we're stuck in the 40s until 7:00. 50s at 60s at 11:00. following 64 during the 7:00 hour. the east bay we'll make a run at 70 at 3:00 after starting at 51 this morning. about 65 degrees at lunch and 62. you'll need a jacket if you're heading out this evening. san francisco, look at that. wall-to-wall sunshe on may 1st. no may gray out there today and temperatures nearing the low 60s in the afternoon hours. i want to bring alexis in, say good morning to you. and see what you're watching. >> not too much. we're doing okay. we did have a couple earlier
5:37 am
problems in the east bay. an update on those. northbound 680 right around washington boulevard we had a crash involving a motorcycle. that did clear about 15 minutes ago and all those residual delays looki betterimproving, a never had much of a backup before state route 84. uhaul truck caught fire. they were blocking the right lane. they have since cleared. a quick check outside san rafael. filling in slowly but no major issues. i am seeing fog in parts of the north bay. right now at least at the road surface level looking okay. cal trans crews will have repair work to do after concrete fell from a highway overpass in san francisco. it happened at harriet and harrison just after 6:00 last night. no one was hurt and no vehicles were damaged. the street was closed so that cal trans and the police department could investigate.rr0
5:38 am
last night. the warriors will head to houston with a 2-0 lead in their series against the rockets. >> steph curry returned to the game after dislocating one of his fingers in the first quarter. the warriors are asking the nba draymond green. he got tangled with a rockets player when both were issued fouls f. it stands green will v postseason. players are allowed seven before getting a one-game suspension. by the way, the warriors won 115-109. >> that's the bottom line. the series shifts to houston for game three only on abc 7. the nba countdown begins at 5:00 p.m. tipoff at 5:30 followed, of course, by toyota after the game. there are more questions about tesla's finances. >> why it may not have made as much money as it reported. wikileaks founder julian assange going to jail in the uk for jumping bail. find out how long his sentence is next. right nowe.
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heading off to school. dress them warmer, temperatures in the 40s. look how nice by 11:00. some low to mid-70s by 3:00. of course the coast will be cooler at about 60. we'll have 66 and sunshine in monterey. 59 and sunshine in eureka. no more showers. 88 palm springs. a slight chance of showers just south of tahoe through yosemite. a better chance of thunderstorms and heavy showers saturday and sunday across tahoe. this morning the lockdown is lifted at the university of carolina charlotte. at least two are dead, four others hurt. the student run paper is saying its sports reporter is recovering from surgery after he was wounded and the fbi joining the investigation as police have now identified the suspect as
5:43 am
22-year-old trystan terrell. law enforcement officials are saying the officer found him armed with a pistol and josh chapin from our sister station is live in charlotte with the very latest. gd morninyo aumbe of students have come back to campus this morning to retrieve things they left behind. other than that in a few university employees, it is quite quiet on campus. the university is closed. all final exams have been postponed at least through the weekend. the only thing we do know is the flag here at the center of campus has been lowered to half-mast. mecklenburg police charge this had man, trystan terrell,connection with two counts of murder, four counts of attempted murder. hard to tell what he said when police walked him into the station yesterday. we could hear, quote, i went into a classroom and shot some guys. investigators say terrell walked in a building on campus yesterday and opened fire.
5:44 am
unc charlotte's police chief praised the actions of the first responders who ran into the building as quickly as possible and lokcked the campus down. students obviously were terrified. >> some people started screaming immediately. i realized when the people started screaming, once we were going out of the room i realized it wasn't a joke or anything. i heard some terrible screams i don't want to hear again. >> reporter: there will be a vigil tonight to honor the victims. the suspect, terrell, will be in court. officials are now deciding what to do with the more than 5,000 students set to graduate in just ten days now that final exams have been postponed. jessica? thank you to josh there on that update from north carolina. we want to get to some breaking news now just coming in to our live desk. julian assange has been sentenced to 50 weeks in prison
5:45 am
in the uk. this comes one day before he is facing an extradition hearing and that 50-week sentence is for skipping bail when he took refuge inside ecuador's embassy. tomorrow's extradition hearing is because he does still face charges in the u.s. for hacking into pentagon computers to reveal secret government documents. and you may remember this whole ordeal started in 2012 when assange was wanted for questioning in sweden on sexual assault allegations. i'll be monitoring the story for you throughout our newscast. i will let you know if assange makes any kind of statement this morning. back to you. >> appreciate it. thank you. tesla's disappointing financial results that were released last week could have been much worse. the "l.a. times" reports the palo alto-based carmaker did not mention that its revenue included $200 million in regulatory credits. without the credit revenue analysts say the first quarter loss would have been much bigger than the $702 million reported.
5:46 am
an analyst tells the "l.a. times" the fact ceo elon musk didn't mention it in the analyst call will raise even more eyebrows among investors. happening today it is day two of facebook's annual conference in san jose for announcing new products. >> mark zuckerberg kicked it off by saying the company was focusing on privacy. they unveiled new features for its family of apps including a new dating feature called secret crush. it's a tinder like feature that will allow useers to crush on a current facebook friend and only be notified if the feeling is mutual. what could go wrong? facebook is also considering hiding the number of likes you get on an instagram photo or video. abc's t.j. holmes is talking about this on "gma." >> you wouldn't be able to see how many likes somebody else's posts get. why is that a big deal? instagram has turned into a lot of ways a popularity contest. many experts have said kids have
5:47 am
self-esteem and mental health issues because of the popularity contest trying to take that part away from instagram. >> kids and a lot of adults suffering from the same problem. zuckerberg announced yesterday facebook is getting a new look, both the app and website will be redesigned. they're going to get rid of the famous blue facebook bar. it will be very white looking. >> you're never more than seven minutes away from the accuweather forecast. meteorologist mike nicco, my secret weather crush. everybody is going to love this weather that we have today. 280 at 17, check it out. it is relatively clear and temperatures in the 40s in a lot of neighborhoods this morning. we'll warm nearly 0 to 40 degrees under sunshine. tonight mainly stars, cool once again and showers are possible sunday. let's go through more specifics, micro climate. 74 in milpitas. san jose, 78. santa cruz at 71. 70 to 74 on the peninsula today
5:48 am
with millbrae and right around 70, the cool spot. we'll havelo mid to upper 60s in downtown at south san francisco and sausalito. mid to upper 70s with the warm spots, santa rosa and ukiah. warmest along the east bay shore union city and fremont. coolest will be oakland about 71. as you move into the valleys, 76 in san ramone. here is a look at tonight's lows. notice a lot of 40s out there once again. antioch, 52. san francisco, 50. a little more cloud cover. you could see along the east bay shore, fog around napa and along the coast. near petaluma. this area of low pressure so slow, it's not going to arrive until sunday. before it does, it pumps up warmer air for today, thursday and friday. then it gets close enough saturday, the sea breeze kicks in and the cooling gets there. and our best chance of showers sunday. i'll show that you coming up
5:49 am
next. hey, alexis. good morning, mike. we're still doing okay. we've had a handful of incidents but nothing causing any major slowdowns. nothing blocking at the moment either. we'll take it. westbound 205 to 580, 10, 11 miles an hour. the usual crawl getting out of the central valley and another typical slow spot right here, the bay bridge toll plaza. metering lights on at 5:22 today. you have your typical delays as well unless you're using the car-pool lanes. 35 b.a.r.t. trains in service, no delays. ace 1 and 3 on time. >> thanks, alexis. some new details t. appears actor jussie smollett is unlikely to return to "empire" next season following allegations that he lied about . yesterday fox officially announced "empire" will return in a sixth season. they negotiated an extension to his option for season six. but they said there are no plans for the character to return in the next season.
5:50 am
fox did not give a reason for the decision. new at 6:00, we have a preview of a new interview with alex trebek, one particular thing the "jeopardy" host says he is having trouble dealing with. at first the need for speed. the san francisco bay this weekend. and the first "sonic the hedgehog" trailer is getting
5:51 am
5:52 am
a threshold today with the
5:53 am
sun setting at 8:00. by the end of the month we gain another 25 minutes during the evening and 10:00 when it gets to be the latest. late june into early july. those that go to bed when the sun is still up, i am really sorry about that. a key challenge in the effort to build a better bay area. they are home the faa approving the application for millions of dollars to expand. the airport is asking for $20 million. the money would triple the size of the terminal, expand service and perhaps take pressure away from other airports in the area. it will create 70 jobs. a warning if you use your phone while driving. pushing for a new crackdown, a bill by east bay assemblyman jim frazier would add a point to
5:54 am
your driving record. the current penalty, which is $20 is too lenient. points can lead to a driver's license being suspended or revoked. 5:54. okay, if you use uber or lyft at sfo, listen to me because ride share changes are coming. it's moving to the top level of the domestic hourly your way to the fifth floor. ending the traffic chaos at the. you can still be dropped off curbside. a new issue on the roads. just off the 880 split there at hesperian and lewelling. chp is sending emergency crews to the scene.
5:55 am
no significant delays. who will win the series tnight at 6:45 we'll find out? the dodgers with the giants at oracle. here is a look at future radar. a nice blob of green. they become more numerous as we head through the mid morning into the early afternoon hours. as of this model, monday most will be in the high country or the mountains to our north out over the ocean. if we get anything, that is key. don't change your plans? a new style of catamaran racing will taketes rreseing fi will compete in the second stop
5:56 am
of sail gp. sky 7 spotted them racing yesterday. that can hit speeds of more than 60 miles an hour. "sonic the hedgehog" coming to the big fans getting roasted. >> people get upset about the strangest things. it's not just the popular video game character is appearing in the live action movie, it's his appearance. people can't get over his teeth. real hedgehogs have sharp, fang like teeth. we're not going for real itch, he's blue. some are creeped out by his human teeth. this is all over the news. >> is that jim carey? >> it is. >> and james marston? >> they did it big.
5:57 am
>> what happened? >> these rogue cows were guided home in sonoma county. it shows them guiding them home after they were caught earlier this week. the rogue bovines just casually going along the road in no hurry. up next at 6:00 we are covering the mayday protests. >> and one area that may experience disruptions today. >> reporter: google employees are upset and use this mayday to
5:58 am
5:59 am
♪ ♪ they're the moderne stone age fami. ♪ ♪ meet george jetson. electric cars are more fun to drive and more affordable than ever. electric cars are here. plug into the present. to, mike. >> a lot of sunshine, warmer temperatures. just a little bit of fog this morning around napa, american
6:00 am
canyon, vallejo and benicia that will be around for the morning commute. it hasn't made it over to places like san rafael. looking south on 101 there. that is about it. that and we're cooler this morning. temperatures in the 40s through 7:00. by noon temperatures are where our highs were yesterday. we'll hit to the low to mid-70s and comfortable upper 60s at 7:00. what is going on with the commute. >> i am waiting for more information on a crash involving a veh hesperian and lewelling boulevard. no additional details with emergency crews on t


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