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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  May 1, 2019 3:00pm-3:28pm PDT

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that robert mueller was not pleased with what barr had done. she's been battling kidney tonight, the letter robert cancer. it might be a bit much. >> as they celebrate, they take pictures. she's in great spirit. they ask if she wants to bring it again. she is like all right. video show, "right this minute." enough with this >> what's going on is a dog and raccoon fight. >> the moment a brave guy tries to break up >> the moment he looks at dash cam film. what it showed about surviving >> the word is coming up in a little bit. this. >> stand by for the rtm give >> good for grandpa. >> the day has come, baby. >> why cancer is no match for away. >> at switzerland, taking in the this fancy foot work. the buzz word for your shot to sights in a whole new way. win a new ipad. he's long boarding. the buzz word for your shot to win a new ipad. we break down the best
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it is beautiful. sweeping also a little bit web and conjure up a >> the road is in pretty a twist you don't see impeccable condition condition >> this is justin. it is also an open road. on his youtube page, he talks he goes into another one right about going out to fish some here you can see they have a radio dropped between them. day. but his fishing was disturbed.r. they are taking all the precautions necessary. we've never seen this before. the dog is getting into something. >> it is a good thing. >> did he lose his when he gets there. he comes upon ace wealidee h>> s >> if you may be able to. this guy has to be able to from a gym in london.
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>> that i could is there anything i can do? i am not getting near that you wonder if you are going to raccoon and you shouldn't either. >> the the be much of an expert. it will be a work out. >> i would try that. dog's face. he starts trying to separate them and yelling athe dog. >> then you would feel like a hero until you got on the actual >> hey, get back. get back. i've got the raccoon. pavement. >> this little cutie has a miss get your dog. i'm trying to help you. step until she gets back on her feet. her next move steels the show. i'm cussing at your dog, not at you, ma'am. >> okay. >> and a father and his son set >> does he need to make the out on an adventure capturing distinction. >> grab the dog by the collar. journey in norway taking in v >> he's using the stick to pin this is beautiful. it up in the tree. >> brought to you by hershey, we are on a mission to heart warm
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that speaks to the safety and fortitude of today's modern cars. >> truck driver is okay too? >> sounds like it. >> motorcycle cam in australia. >> where did that come from? >> right in front of that blue car. on his feet instantly. turns around and politely as what the [ bleep ]. >> if we rewind and look at it again and break it down. as the motorcycle approaches t re lrctou'll see that rcycle fm that driver and the blue car. >> i put some of that on a motorcycle too. you can't assume everybody sees you coming and that he was sore for a few days.
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>> known as doctor's office because they love him so much. the day has come. time to ring the bell. >> i had a mighty good doctor. the doctor right there. i had in good nurses in here and i enjoy every bit of it. now to the rock and roll. roll.. and now he takes the does a little dip. they open the door and they do a two step. his granddaughter told us he is the life of the party. but he's been 2006. or, let your neck make the statement. at olive closed captioning provided
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by. he's had ten rounds of chemo. ae 97% had firmer skin. gold bond ultimate lotion, ultimate skin. never let this go to your heade s dance floor this didn't expect her to land where she is. is. is. is. right out the gate, she gets back on her feet.
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>> she was just trying to hustle the crowd. she is with the beyonce everybody bad move. you go girl. every little girl needs a f. >> a >> that's how she does this is her first time using the vacuum cleaner and it is blowing her mind, or at least her hair. >> we need to combine the two videos and you have beyonce at coachella. if i say
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thrones." tommy took this special trip to norway with his father. he is now taking it with his son. >> what a legacy. >> did they take a professional film crew with him. this is beautiful. >> david is in film on this journey stopping whoever they felt like stopping. especially this moment here. the northern lights. that big tick on a lot
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lists. >> that was one of the tougher scenes to capture. it was so cold, it was freezing the lens on his camera. >> you can see they used time lapse to capture there. they had to stand still for that. standing still when it is that cold is very difficult. they were doing pushups every 10 to 15 minutes to keep warm. at the end, you see his dad close the book on that particular trip and memory. david says get out there and capture your own north. get out there and enjoy the beauty this planet has to offer. >> elizabeth says it is time for a nose job. next "right this minute." still to come. >> you have summoned and i'm here. >> jack miran shows up with
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>> it is time to join hands and close our eyes and the all-seeing ey jack. amazing. look at that. let's jump right into it. video number one. >> we all know that moment the dogs love it or hate it. >> pause right there. here are your options. a, little puppy makes a
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or b? >> b, i feel like they are going to trick him with the wrong toy. >> i'm going c, head in the wrong place. >> i'm going c. >> i'll go with a just because. >> here we go. let's see who wins round >> i'm out. >> video a, swarmed by massive friends. b,s pond. c, this woman flips out. >> i am going with c. >> or there could be a pond in
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sight. >> i'm going with b. >> i'm going with b too. >> >> she walked away with a couple minor bruises and cuts. >> there is obviously something like that. >> a special effect of some sort. >> let us see who takes this round. >> his worst nightmare.
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not only that, they are jumping spiders. >> unfortunately, that was correct. how did you do at home? let us know at facebook. >> time to give away an >> use the buzz word. head over to "right this minute".com and click on win ipad. insert each every wednesday's buzz word is cosmic. >> good luck, everybody. >> men in black international star chris hemsworth has a proposition for you. >> host some drinks together at a party. will be amazing
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an old towel. something to engage them and exercise them while you are gone. >> prepare yourselves ladies. >> grab a drink. "men in black international." host some drinks after the party. >> chris hemsworth is publicizing "men in black international." >> then if you want to experience the whole movie again for the first time. >> i want the memory of this.
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>> prep yourself. >> guess what, i'd like to proposition you. make a proposition -- >> prepare yourself, ladies. >> surprise, i'm chris hemsworth. what am i a >> i feel like i've relived this moment over and over again. >> the opportunity to get these and hotels in new york. you get to go to the premier, see the movie, go to the after party, hang out with chris and take a few pictures as well.
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sounds good, right? >> go to and donate for a chance to win. >> the more you donate, the more opportunity you have the money raised will support charity. for all the fun, you know where to go. where i am? >> that's all for now, see you next time on a brand new rtm.
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tonight, the state of emergency. the deadly tornado outbreak already. and authorities warning tonight, more on the way. several states, at least 30 reported tornadoes already. tonight, the rescues, the man clinging to a tree. from texas to illinois, and this
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system then moving east. rob marciano standing by with the timing and the track. the deadly school shooting. authorities just moments ago, and what they revealed about the former student, what he allegedly said when he was and killed when heericane weeks ago
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