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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  May 1, 2019 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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september. >> that will be nice. world news tonight with david muir is next. i'm dan tonight, the state of emergency. the deadly tornado outbreak already. and authorities warning tonight, more on the way. several states, at least 30 reported tornadoes already. tonight, the rescues, the man clinging to a tree. from texas to illinois, and this system then moving east. rob marciano standing by with the timing and the track. the deadly school shooting. authorities just moments ago, and what they revealed about the former student, what he allegedly said when he was arrested. and the young hero who was killed when he jumped on top of him. under fire on capitol hill. attorney general william barr is asked why he did not reveal to the american people weeks ago that robert mueller was not pleased with what barr had done. tonight, the letter robert mueller sent to barr now revealed. and what robert mueller wanted
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barr to do. he chose not to. and breaking tonight, william barr now refusing to testify tomorrow. we're live on the hill. our team inside venezuela tonight, and the major new headline. the u.s. acknowledging they have not taken military action off the table. so, what next? ian pannell standing by. also developing now, trapped on a cruise ship. the measles emergency we're learning about tonight about 300 passengers and crew reportedly told they cannot get off the ship. the evacuations tonight. the major plant up in flames. reports of propane tanks exploding. "jeopardy!" host alex trebek and our robin roberts. his first interview on his health, what he reveals about sudden waves of sadness. and in true form, what he says about that current champ, "jeopardy!" james. good evening. and it's great to have you with us here on a wednesday night. and we have breaking news from capitol hill. the attorney general refusing to
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testify tomorrow after fireworks today. but we do begin at the top tonight with a terrifying 24 hours already. and now, the state of emergency after a devastating tornado outbreak. several states under warnings or watches again tonight. more than 30 reported tornadoes already. and this storm system has been deadly. this picture from dean, texas, tonight. piles of debris from destroyed homes and buildings in wheaton, missouri. heavy rain and flooding taking the life of a man in tulsa. his vehicle was swept away. the system is moving east. authorities warn tonight more than 20 million are at risk. we have the track for you. and abc's marcus moore leads us off from inside the storm zone. >> reporter: a tornado outbreak in the heartland turning deadly, with millions in the crosshairs tonight. >> the severe weather is out to our northwest, just a mess of thunderstorms. >> reporter: after 24 hours of devastating weather, more than 30 reported twisters touching down across five states. north of dallas, an ef-1 with winds up to 90 miles per hour in
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denton, texas, uprooting trees and leaving streets impassable. spectacular drone footage showing one tornado tearing across farmland southeast of oklahoma city. in wheaton, missouri, heavy damage to homes. debbie brown tried to get to a neighbor's cellar, but it was locked. >> so, i just thought, oh my god, it's my time. i got to get in the bathtub. so, i grabbed a couple blankets, got in there. >> reporter: south of joplin, missouri, a swift water team racing to rescue a man found clinging to a tree. putting a lifejacket on him, using ropes to get him to safety. in tulsa, first responders using flashlights to frantically search for a vehicle that was swept away. we learned today the man inside died. that rain stretching all the way up to michigan. high water rescues today from homes outside detroit. >> so, let's get to marcus moore, he joins us live from denton, texas, tonight, just outside dallas. i know you've seen a lot of damage there already. and they are warning tonight, many in the region there, that more severe weather is on the reporter:avid, theyd tod mustngown this masveit fel aor
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and the storm is very much active tonight as it moves through the region. we're talking about the concern of hail, high winds and the possibility of tornadoes. and david, we're also worried about flash flooding. >> all right, marcus moore leading us off tonight. marcus, thank you. let's get right to senior meteorologist rob marciano, tracking it all. rob, a potentially dangerous night ahead again. >> reporter: yeah, day two, david. this system has really dug its heels into texas and oklahoma. look at it on the radar scope. we've got a number of severe storms, including some tornado warnings just east of 35 there, east of ardmore and one east of stanford. and where it's not doing that, we have big-time hail and winds. severe thunderstorm watch in this area, past the red river until 8:00 tonight. and then tomorrow, the system will kind of split, into the ohio river valley. severe weather pocket there. and then central texas yet again, day three. and then we'll see flash flooding, as well. rivers running high. and these storms have a lot of water with them. upwards of four to six inches of rainfall potentially with these storms during the day tomorrow and right through friday. david? >> rob marciano with us tonight,
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as well. rob, thank you. the other story developing as we came on the air tonight, word that attorney general william barr has just now revealed that he will not testify tomorrow after fireworks at his testimony today. and the bombshell revelation that robert mueller, the special counsel, wrote him a letter to say he was unhappy with how barr handled the mueller report when it was turned in. barr was asked today about that, why he did not reveal to the american people weeks ago that mueller had sent him that letter, that they had talked and that mueller was not happy. barr answering those questions, and also today, calling mueller's letter "a bit snitty." abc's mary bruce on the hill. >> reporter: on capitol hill today, attorney general bill barr forced to defend his actions against unprecedented criticism from robert mueller himself. just hours before, news broke that mueller had complained to the attorney general about barr's decision to release his own summary of the robert's report's conclusions. mueller voiced his frustration
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in a letter to barr on march 27th, writing that the attorney general's summary "did not fully capture the context, nature, and substance of this office's work and conclusions." adding, "there is now public confusion about critical aspects of the results of our investigation." >> this letter was an extraordinary act, a career prosecutor rebuking the attorney general of the united states, memorializing in writing, right? >> the letter is a bit snitty and i think it was probably written by one of his staff people. >> reporter: mueller wrote his own summaries of the report and twice asked barr to release them. but barr refused. the two men later talked on the phone and barr insists mueller did not accuse him of misrepresenting the report. >> there were notes taken of the call. >> may we have those notes? >> no. >> why not? >> why should you have them? >> reporter: barr knew of mueller's concerns when he testified last month, but he didn't reveal them when asked about concerns from the special counsel's team.
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>> members of the special counsel's team are frustrated at some level with the limited information included in your march 24th letter that it does not adequately or accurately, necessarily, portray the report's findings. do you know what they are referencing with that? >> no, i don't. >> reporter: today, democrats demanded to know why he didn't tell them about mueller's letter. >> why did you say you were not aware of concerns? >> well, i answered a question. and the question was relating to unidentified members. i talked directly to bob mueller, not members of his team. >> mr. barr, i feel your answer was purposely misleading. >> reporter: barr called concerns over his summary "mind-bendingly bizarre." and took this jab at mueller. >> his work concluded when he sent his report to the attorney general. at that point, it was my baby. >> reporter: mueller did not
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make a determination on obstruction of justice. but barr did, declaring in his summary that the president did not obstruct. >> so, you accepted the report as the evidence? >> yes. >> you did not question or look at the underlying evidence that supports the conclusions in the report? >> no. >> as the attorney general of the united states, you run the united states department of justice. if in any u.s. attorney's office around the country, the head of that office, when being asked to make a critical decision about, in this case, the person who holds the highest office in the land, and whether or not that person committed a crime, would you accept them recommending a charging decision to you if they had not reviewed the evidence? >> well, that's a question for bob mueller. >> reporter: the president says he's exonerated, based on barr's conclusions. but barr insists he did not clear the president. >> no, i didn't exonerate. >> reporter: republicans pushed barr on why mueller didn't make his own determination. >> tell me again, briefly, why mr. mueller told you he reached
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no conclusion. >> i really couldn't recapitulate it. it was unclear to us. >> reporter: democrats now want to hear from mueller himself, but the republican chairman of the committee wants today's hearing to be the last word. why not call for mueller to testify? >> because i'm not going to do anymore. enough already. it's over. >> though we did hear lindsey graham today, mary, say he would reach out to bob mueller, and if he disagreed with what william barr said today in front of that senate hearing, that he would invite mueller's response. but in the meantime, mary, as we reported, the attorney general was scheduled to testify tomorrow in the house, just moments ago, word is, he's now refusing to appear because of that format, there's been an argument over that for some time. and aside from barr returning, the other person many want to see up on the hill answering questions is robert mueller. how likely is that? >> reporter: well, david, you heard lindsey graham. he's made clear he's not going to call him in the senate. while over in the house, chairman nadler of the judiciary committee just announced that
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they're looking at may 15th for a potential hearing. but asked if mueller has agreed, nadler said ynot yet. but david, barr has made clear he's not going to stand in the way. david? >> all right, mary bruce on the hill all day for us. mary, thank you. next, to the news conference late today after that deadly shooting at the university of north carolina at charlotte. a gunman opening fire on the last day of classes. police running into that building. tonight, what the shooter allegedly told them when they arrested him. and the young student hero who tackled the gunman, saving lives while losing his own. abc's steve osunsami is in charlotte tonight. >> reporter: students who survived the gunfire in an anthropology class on this charlotte campus tell us that the accused gunman sat down for ten minutes before he got up and started shooting. >> all of a sudden, bang, bang, bang, bang. and then everyone just started running. >> reporter: jack seigle says he's only alive today because he was sitting on the opposite end of the classroom. yesterday could have been your last day.
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>> it definitely could've. if he had went into the other entrance, i would be dead. i wouldn't be here talking to you right now. i would be dead. >> reporter: two students did die. >> we have multiple victims in here. we're going to need multiple ambulances. >> reporter: police say they were 19-year-old ellis parlier and 21-year-old riley howell, who died a hero. the young athlete didn't just fight with the accused gunman, he knocked the guy off his feet. >> unfortunately, he gave his life in the process. but his sacrifice saved lives. >> reporter: he was a strong young man who loved "star wars," snowboarding and going to the lake. his family shared these photos and tell us they're heartbroken. so is the school's chancellor. >> i can't imagine being in the position of these parents. i just can't imagine. >> reporter: here's what 22-year-old tristan terrell had to say as he was being arrested. >> can you tell us what happened? >> i went into a classroom and shot some guys. >> reporter: he's charged with murder and four counts of attempted murder for wounding 19-year-old drew pescaro and three other students. >> all right, so, let's get right to steve osunsami, live from where the shootings happened. and steve, i know the suspect is
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in court tomorrow? >> reporter: yes, david. he appears in court tomorrow afternoon. behind me is kennedy hall, where those two young people were killed. those stairs you see and where i'm standing right now, is where students went running for their lives. we saw a line of students today meeting with grief and trauma counselors. david? >> steve, thank you. next tonight, our team inside venezuela, and the major headline now. the u.s. acknowledging today they have not taken military action off the table. it comes after opposition leader juan guaido called for a military uprising against president maduro. in fact, he said, in the last 24 hours, that this is the, quote, final phase. tonight, new clashes in the streets, protesters and security forces facing off. but tonight, it does not appear the military is giving up on maduro. so, what next? abc's senior foreign correspondent ian pannell is in venezuela tonight. >> reporter: tonight, fresh clashes in the venezuelan capital. street to street, between protesters heeding opposition
5:43 pm
calls demanding freedom and change, and the strongmen loyal to president nicolas maduro roaming on bikes, firing tear gas into the crowd. hundreds racing to safety. tens of thousands of people have come out onto the streets today. it's been largely peaceful, but there's also been violence and earlier, we heard the sound of gunshots. opposition leader juan guaido, strongly backed by the trump administration, continued his daring call to action. just yesterday, guaido calling for the military to revolt en masse and join his side. but it appears few have. this military vehicle tuesday at one point driving over some protesters in the streets. maduro seems still firmly in power today, calling for his supporters to take to the streets, too, dismissing pressure to step down.
5:44 pm
while on capitol hill, acting secretary of defense patrick shanahan canceled a trip to deal with the crisis, giving this stark assessment. >> when people say that all options are on the table, they literally are. >> and ian pannell reporting in tonight from inside venezuela. the u.s. revealing military action has not been ruled out. but ian, as you reported there, with the opposition appearing at least as of now unable to secure the loyalty of the military there, this crisis could be entering what could be a potentially very dangerous phase ahead. >> reporter: yeah, i think that's right. despite the implicit and explicit threats from u.s. officials, the promises from the opposition, the violence and the protests, i think it's fair to say that president maduro looks almost as strong today as he did a week ago. and the question tonight is, what do american officials and the man that they support here do next? david? >> that is the question. ian pannell and our team in venezuela, thank you. and there is news from the u.s. border with mexico tonight. a 16-year-old unaccompanied migrant boy from guatemala has now died in government custody in texas. officials say he appeared to be
5:45 pm
healthy when he arrived on april 20th, but the next morning, he came down with fever, chills and a headache. they say he was taken to the hospital. he spent several days in intensive care and he died yesterday. he is reportedly the third migrant child to die in government custody since the fall. and tonight, wikileaks founder julian assange has been sentenced to 50 weeks in prison for jumping bail in the uk. he was taken into custody, you'll remember, after being kicked out of the ecuadorian embassy in london, where he spent seven years avoiding an arrest warrant from sweden. as you know, the u.s. has also indicted assange on a charge of conspiring to hack into pentagon computers. he faces an extradition hearing on that tomorrow. there is still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this wednesday. robin roberts interviews alex trebek tonight. what he reveals about his health, the sudden waves of sadness, and his hope. also developing at this hour, the measles emergency onboard a cruise ship. with are just learning about 300 passengers and crew reportedly have been told they cannot get off the ship. also tonight, the bank robbery today in broad daylight.
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the armed suspect seen on surveillance. then a bystander jumping in to try to help. we have news on the manhunt tonight. and the evacuations at this hour. the major plant up in flames. reports of propane tanks exploding. a lot more news ahead tonight. .tay tuned. exploding. a lot more n d tonight. d tonight. stay tuned. eat to road-trip with. but since he bought his house... are you g 45? -uh, yes. 55 is a suggestion.'s kind of like driving with his dad. -what a sign, huh? terry, can you take a selfie of me? -take a selfie of you? -yeah. can you make it look like i'm holding it? -he did show us how to bundle home and auto at and save a bunch of money. -oh, a plaque. "he later navigated northward, leaving... progressive can't protect you from becoming your parents. but we can protect your home and auto when you bundle with us. i didn't have to call 911. and i didn't have to come get you. because you didn't have another heart attack. not today. you took our conversation about your chronic coronary artery disease to heart. even with a stent procedure, your condition can get worse over time
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from an unexpected one like a serious cardiovascular event. are you doing enough? ask your doctor if it's time for xarelto®. to learn more about cost and how janssen can help, visit next tonight here, the chilling 911 call from a homeowner hiding in a bedroom closet, reporting a break-in. that homeowner suddenly listens as the intruder comes into the bedroom. tonight here, the dispatcher and the homeowner who then fires. here's abc's adrienne bankert. >> reporter: inside this seattle home, a desperate call for help after a break-in. >> 911, what are you reporting? >> yeah, my house is getting robbed right now. >> reporter: in this newly released 911 call, the homeowner says he is hiding in his bedroom. >> are you armed? >> yeah, i have a gun. >> reporter: the dispatcher, on the job just a few weeks, staying on the phone while sending police. >> is that crashing i hear behind you? is that them? >> yeah, they broke the window out. >> reporter: the intruder closing in. >> do they know you're there?
5:49 pm
>> no, i don't think so. >> okay, okay, stay quiet, okay? keep yourself safe. >> reporter: and moments later -- >> i heard shots, what happened? >> i had to shoot him. he came after me. i'm hiding in my closet in my bedroom. >> did the person that you shot, did he leave? >> no, he's here on the ground. he's hurt. >> it was definitely nerve-wracking, but i think at the end of the day, training kind of kicked in. >> reporter: when police arrived, that 29-year-old unarmed burglar is dead. david, police say because that homeowner acted in self-defense, he won't face any charges. david? >> adrienne bankert, thank you. when we come back, what we're learning about that measles emergency on that cruise ship. about 300 passengers and crew reportedly forced to stay onboard. also ahead, the well-known actor under arrest tonight for domestic abuse.
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to the index of other news, and to that cruise ship quarantine in a caribbean port. a measles scare reportedly forcing about 300 passengers and crew to remain onboard in st. lucia. at least one confirmed case of someone with measles on the ship. medical officials say it is likely others have now been exposed. that massive fire causing evacuations in knoxville, tennessee, tonight. the fire breaking out at a waste and recycling plant. reports of propane tanks exploding. people in nearby homes urged to leave. there is late word tonight that fire has been contained. there were tense moments today in summerville, massachusetts. surveillance showing a robbery suspect in a bank there, gun in hand. police say he shot at officers during his escape. a bystander right there trying
5:53 pm
to stop him as he ran away. an intense police search is now under way for the suspect. and news tonight about actor ricky schroder. the actor best known for "silver spoons" and "nypd blue" has been arrested for alleged domestic abuse, he's accused of hitting his girlfriend. police were called to his home in l.a. county early this morning. it's his second domestic violence arrest in 30 days. when we come back tonight, the interview with alex trebek. trebek. in a different direction. talk to your doctor about xeljanz, a pill, not an injection or infusion, for adults with moderate to severe ulcerative colitis. xeljanz is the first and only fda-approved pill for moderate to severe uc. it can reduce symptoms in as early as two weeks, improve the appearance of the intestinal lining, and provide lasting steroid-free remission. xeljanz can lower your ability to fight infections including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections, and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened. as have tears in the stomach or intestines, serious allergic reactions, low blood cell counts,
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i have it within me to lower my a1c. ask your doctor about trulicity. (announcer) call 1-800-quit-now for help getting free medication. finally tonight here, alex trebek with robin. how he's feeling, how he's fighting, and that current champ. for the first time since his very personal reveal, alex trebek with our robin roberts. >> how are you doing? >> my oncologist tells me i'm
5:57 pm
doing well, even though i don't always feel it. i've had kidney stones, i've had ruptured discs, so i'm used to dealing with pain, but what i'm not used to dealing with is the surges that come on suddenly of deep, deep sadness. and it brings tears to my eyes. i've discovered in this whole episode, ladies and gentlemen, that i'm a bit of a wuss, and -- but i'm fighting through it. the cancer indicators, those are coming down. >> good. >> reporter: trebek, who is 78, has been the host of "jeopardy!" for 35 seasons. vowing to return for season 36. >> what have you learned about yourself through all this, this journey? >> i think i've learned that i'm an extremely lucky individual, because inspite of the fact that this diagnosis is not a good one, i have managed to receive so much love from so many people and quite often, you don't get
5:58 pm
that during your lifetime. after you're passed, after you're dead, people say, oh, he was such a good guy. >> reporter: but he says he is feeling the love now. and along with his candor, his humor, too. reveling in this newest winning streak, "jeopardy!" james on a roll. >> he came very close the other day, though. i mean, that was a little -- >> that was an interesting -- he won by $18. he won. >> i know, i know, but -- >> it doesn't matter. in vegas, it doesn't matter if you win by $1 or $18. if you win, you won. >> you love this. >> oh, it's exciting. i mean, our ratings are great thanks to him, but everywhere i go, people are talking about him. david muir is talking about him on the evening newscast, for crying out loud. >> reporter: but tonight, we're talking about you, alex, and wishing you well in this fight. we are. you know, he's giving so many others in the same fight hope, so, thank you, alex. we are rooting for you. i'm david muir. go .
5:59 pm
today's mayday protests to the potential new home of the oakland as. >> a bay area senior may not have been the only senior left on a dusty amtrak. 7 on your side. >> live where you live, this is abc7 news. >> saving lives and saving money, tonight, a story about solutions, part of our abc7 news effort to build a better bay area. good evening, thank you for joining us. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama. the red camera lights have been activated in san francisco and proven to lower car accidents when somebody gets hurt. >> the city's goal is zero by 2024 called vision zero. so far this year, 10 people have
6:00 pm
died, six last year making march the deadliest in five years. >> vic lee joins us live where the city just installed the first of a series of new cameras. vick. >> reporter: that's right. >> in fact, there are actually three red light cameras at this intersection, if you zoom into the one behind me. the transportation agency said the red light cameras are being installed at the most dangerous intersecti intersections, the ones with the most collisions. red light runners, hard to miss here, a main artery to highway 101. starting today, this red light camera will be watching you, first, there'll be a 30 day warning period. municipal transportation agency spokesman, paul rose. >> if you do run a red light at these locations you will receive a warning. af


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