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tv   World News Now  ABC  May 2, 2019 2:42am-4:00am PDT

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the mayor of englewood, california. his suv made a turn when it was broadsided by another car. that sent the mayor's vehicle across the street and into an lapd police motorcycle officer, who was thrown into a fountain. the officer suffered serious injuries but he is expected to recover. >> thank goodness. we're now hearing a 911 call from a homeowner reporting a break-in while hiding in a bedroom closet. >> the situation turned deadly when the intruder allegedly closes in on that terrified homeowner. here's abc's adrienne bankert. >> reporter: inside this seattle home, a desperate call for help after a break-in. >> 911, what are you reporting? >> yeah, my house is getting robbed right now. >> reporter: the homeowner says he is hiding in his bedroom. >> are you armed? >> yeah, i have a gun. >> reporter: the dispatcher on the job just a few weeks, staying on the phone while sending police. >> that crashing i hear behind you, is that them? >> yeah, they broke the window. >> reporter: the intruder closing in. >> do they know you're there?
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>> no. >> okay, okay, stay quiet, okay, keep yourself safe. >> reporter: and moments later -- >> i heard shots, what happened? >> i had to shoot him, he came after me. i'm hiding in my closet in my bedroom. >> is the person that you shot, did he leave? >> no, he's down, he's here on the ground, he's hurt. >> it was definitely nerve-racking but i think at the end of the day training kind of kicked in. >> reporter: when police arrive, that 29-year-old unarmed burglar is dead. police say because the homeowner acted in self-defense, he won't face any charges. and they credit that 911 dispatcher for remaining so calm through it all. adrienne bankert, abc news, los angeles. >> scary situation. >> yeah, definitely. >> for that homeowner, my goodness. now to a court ruling that could have far-reaching consequences for women's sports. ♪ a massive recycling plant fire in knoxville, tennessee has been contained. flames and thick smoke forced the evacuation of dozens of homes. the fire was fueled by burning plastic and rubber, raising air it involves two-time olympic champion caster symecra and others like her. >> she has naturally high levels quality concerns.
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investigators think flames from of testosterone. track's governing body has a forklift hitting a pile of paper sparked the fire. no injuries have been reported. proposed rules that require females to take medication to control those levels if they want to participate in events. >> all that smoke. >> she says the new rules aren't a manhunt is under way in massachusetts for a bank robbery going to stop her from competing suspect. >> the man got into a shootout with police just outside boston and ran off, but not before a brave bystander tried to stop at the highest levels. him. this is a really interesting story because one of the questions is, how would they go about lowering those levels? here's abc's eva pilgrim. >> reporter: the fbi and massachusetts authorities like possibly having to take looking for this man who robbed a bank and shot at police as he birth control pills or prostate ran away. but investigators say he left behind an important clue, thanks in part to a quick-thinking bystander. cancer drugs, which for anyone >> i was in position to react who doesn't want a foreign substance in their body, you and had enough time to do so. then are faced with, do you want to compete or not? >> so many are sounding off on this in favor of this olympian, >> reporter: police say the alleged robber walked into the middlesex federal savings in somerville and held up the bank in broad daylight. >> we have report of possible this track star, who they feel shots being fired -- is being unfairly targeted for something that's natural in her body. >> right. >> and so they're really angry about this decision. >> reporter: this surveillance video shows a witness trying to stop the alleged robber. and we know that an appeal to switzerland's supreme court is possible, but judges rarely overturn decisions of the you see him running down the sidewalk, backpack in one hand, world's sports cou when a bystander shoves him into a wall. doesn't ant ing ca> form ly ch the alleged robber keeps
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running, but he dropped that backpack, which police were able to recover. reach higher ed. no officers were injured during that gunfire. the suspect is considered armed >> mrs. obama joined conan and dangerous. o'brien, elizabeth banks, and eva pilgrim, abc news, new york. other celebrities at ucla for college signing day. the event recognized high school seniors and transfer students committed to going after higher >> big thanks to our friend eva there. a second grade teacher who education. has been dipping into her $35,000 a year salary to buy supplies for her students is getting much-needed help from a man she's never met. it's part of mrs. obama's "reach higher" initiative. coming up, what alex trebek is now saying about his cancer >> elizabeth milledge posted her battle. you're watching "world news story on facebook and it went viral, then she started getting now." packages from amazon. olay regenerist shatters the competition. big hype? big price? big deal! turns out they were coming from olay regenerist hydrates skin better than creams ben adam, a real estate company owner in new york, who wanted to help out. costing over $100, $200, and even $400. >> adam has since launched the website to help other students who are in for skin that looks younger than it should. need of supplies. >> wow. fact check this ad in good housekeeping. you know that is something we've olay regenerist. heard from teachers around the country who are not only asking now try olay hydrating eye. for better pay, more classroom support, but also help getting the supplies that they need. hydrates better than the #1 prestige eye cream. so nice to see this guy stepping up to help.
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test test >> especially because we know that yesterday a lot of them took to the streets, to their state capitols, all in red for a big protest, for may day protests, for education. they deserve so much more. and the fact that they're dipping into their own wallets for supplies for those kids? >> yes. >> and this man is helping out. coming up, social stars. >> how pentatonix is harnessing the power of social media and hitting all the right notes. that's next on "world news now." women are standing up for what they deserve in the office in the world and finally, in the bedroom our natural lubrication varies every day it's normal so it's normal to do something about it ky natural feeling the lubrication you want nothing you don't get what you want
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♪ it's been nearly a month since long-time "jeopardy!" host alex trebek went public with his diagnosis of stage 4 pancreatic cancer. >> in an exclusive abc news interview he sat down with robin roberts on gma talking candidly about his depression and struggle with depression during chemotherapy. >> hello, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to our program. >> when you walked in earlier -- thank you, thank you for your grace.
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i hope you understand how many people you are helping, watching you go through this journey. people who are walking a similar path. >> it's great to be considered an inspiration to other people. my wife created a website some time ago called "inside wink" in which the premise is, share the good. and that's really what i've been feeling for the past month or so. ♪ just keep breathing breathing people all over america have breathing breathing ♪ ♪ you know you gotta keep on breathing ooh ♪ been sharing their good thoughts, their advice, their prayers, and i feel it is making a difference in my well-being. that is grammy award-winning pentatonix singing "the i've had so many contacts from people who have survived cancer evolution" of ariana grande. for 10 years, 12 years, 14 >> day two of our social media superstars series, will ganss, years. i am now a 30-day cancer survivor. i'm going to catch up to those other people. but they have been an you got it all for us, take it away. >> that's right, kirstin inspiration to me. maldonado and the group took off online. and that's really what it's all about. it's drawing attention to this i met up with her at the shiny particular type of devastating new york headquarters to provide plenty of room to catch up, talk about music, and see if cancer, making people aware of it, telling them that they i could convince kirstin to let me join the group.
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should take certain precautions beforehand to find out, because we never discover pancreatic cancer until it's too late, unfortunately. three-time grammy award-winning >> how are you doing? group pentatonix hitting all the right notes. >> my oncologist tells me i'm ♪ doing well, even though i don't always feel it. i've had kidney stones, i've had ruptured disks. on the charts and online. with nearly 2 million instagram so i'm used to dealing with pain. but what i'm not used to dealing with is these surges that come followers and more than 3 on suddenly of deep, deep billion views on youtube. leading lady kirstin maldonado has nearly 1 million instagram sadness. and it brings tears to my eyes. i've discovered in this whole episode, ladies and gentlemen, that i'm a bit of a wuss. followers of her own. where better to go one on one with kirstin than the sparkly, but i'm fighting through it. shiny, incredibly instagramable new york instagram headquarters? this is just like the happiest place on earth. >> i feel like we're in this bubble. >> did i not say the same thing earlier? that's incredible. my platelets, my blood counts are steady, my weight is steady. the numbers that indicate the cancer indicators, those are coming down. >> good. >> so amazing. >> so i've got another chemo next week, and then we'll do a >> reporter: kirstin, using the gram to share red carpet looks, behind the scenes sneak peeks, and of course share music. review to find out where things stand. >> let's talk about the end of this season. jeopardy james! how is it for you as the host? kirstin explaining that social media is what kept the group from singing their swan song.
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>> pentatonix had 1,000 nos. >> it's exciting, it's fun. we got dropped from the label immediately. we moved out to l.a., started a i watch it every night like most of america. he has forced me to change a view that i have held for many youtube channel, we lived in the same apartment complex so we rehearsed every single -- you couldn't escape. they would come to your door and be like, time for rehearsal. years, and that is that the ken >> reporter: that youtube channel, those rehearsals, the jennings record would never be broken. hard work, paying off. but i look at james and i say, oh my gosh, look at what he's a few years later the group's instagram followers hanging on doing. now winning a lot of money on "jeopardy!" is not that difficult. every word. if you hit the daily doubles and you're good, you're responding to those clues by yourself. pentaholics, as they're called, often sent into a capella-induced overdrives. >> it's almost annoying. everyone's like, oh you guys. but winning 74 games in a row? that's the tough part. and that's what america should be concentrating on right now. >> reporter: that's putting it mildly. is james going to -- he's at this person saying #soon might $1.5 million already, twice as fast as ken jennings did. be their cause of death. but that suspense works. when you look at his performance, he has no weaknesses. he's only missed one final ♪ s.o.s. means someone help me jeopardy. >> reporter: drumming up i believe he's missed four daily doubles. excitement for things like the group's upcoming international he's all-in so often. he knows how to play the game, tour. >> i can't say much about the as ken did. >> right. >>e s a stragy places specifically that we're going but we are going to new places we haven't been before.
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tok little bit. all these places and venues are places you dream about playing. >> reporter: kirstin making several dreams a reality lately, >> he came very close the other starring in broadway's "kinky day, though. that was a little -- boots." that show meant something >> that was an interesting -- he special to you too. won by $18. tell me about that. >> musical theater is what first he won. >> i know, i know that but -- got me into loving music. >> it doesn't matter. in vegas it doesn't matter if you win by a dollar or $18. it came into my life at such an important time as well. if you win, you won. the message, the meaning, exactly what it was, which was so important to me. >> reporter: the show's message of self-love and acceptance, something kirstin takes to heart >> holzhauer there, jeopardy in person and online. how do you decide what you're james, is incredible. even more incredible, alex going to post, what you're going to respond to, versus what trebek. mr. trebek, you are no wuss, sir. he is a fighter. after 35 seasons, 1,000 you're going to take a step away from? >> always try to tell my story, because i feel like -- you know, episodes, and then revealing you're not alone. i felt that too, don't worry this so publicly to his fans, to the viewers, and then going about it, don't stress. through this courageous battle. i say -- i think more people need to be honest and real and up front and >> hats off to you. he plans to take the summer to say that. yeah, i do pick and choose. it's a lot of dog content now. recuperate, hopes to be back on the air in september, so of >> which no one is mad about. >> i feel like i'm more popular course all of us, all of america wishing him the very best. than ever now. coming up, foul ball fail. >> reporter: if adorable puppies don't do the trick, perhaps covering a legend will work. kirstin revealing her next solo project. >> it's a cover of selena's "i
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>> this dodgers fan, what he tried to do twice is caught on could fall in love." camera, and this happened. >> oh, no, my fries! >> up next on "world news now." ♪ i could fall in love >> i was like getting teary on set. the song means so much, it's so nostalgic and so beautiful. i try to give it the proper respect it deserves. >> reporter: if history is any indication, the grammys, the sold-out shows, the billions of youtube views and millions of instagram followers, it's safe to say this next song will be music to our ears. ♪ we'll rise to the sounds of the birdsong ♪ >> the group's international tour kicks off in just nine days. you better believe i'll be going straight from instagram's juice and gelato bar, which they have by the way, to front row seats at the madison square garden pentatonix concert. >> this instagram building was amazing, right? >> it was incredible. it houses one-third of the company, 80,000 square feet. there's open floor space. it's gorgeous. >> great place for a selfie. >> great place for a selfie or
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900 selfies with kirstin, who i'm a huge fan of. guacamole cheese coming up. guacamole cheese coming up.
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it's time for "this happened." this is a multi-parter. guy falls asleep on a train. >> yep. >> okay, that happens enough. he's listening to his airpods. this happened. turns out he swallowed one of those airpods. >> what? >> swallowed it. crazy, right? it was in his belly. so he discovered that using his iphone tracking feature, which is nuts in itself. he goes to the hospital, all of that, everything's fine. thankfully there's a plastic cover on it so it doesn't erode his whole system. >> he's hearing music and everything. >> yeah, you could put your ear
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to his belly and hear it. >> what music -- if this had happened to you, what music would be playing in your belly? >> something by pink. >> mine would be -- ♪ i don't think you're ready for this jelly ♪ >> the man passes it. time for "the mix." >> that's how he got it out? and it's time to remember a >> he had to. renaissance man. and it still works. >> oh. that's -- that's really -- then it is the quincentennial -- is that right? he put it back in his ear? >> uh-huh. still works. quincentennial? >> you gave it a good shot. >> mm. >> 500 years ago, leonardo da speaking of losing your lunch. how about this, dodgers fan, he vinci died. caught a foul ball. he left this world but he left it a lot better, creating so much from art to inventions. he's credited with the parachute, helicopter, the tank, and then he lost his -- oh, no. >> you know how much money that probably was? >> guess what, this dodgers fan got another try at it when a second one came his way. the mona lisa. >> he was never formally oh, and he lost it! schooled. >> oh my gosh, all that money. >> because you know it's expensive there. we're going to school you about him and his life. >> we are. actually, that's all i got. at that dodger stadium there. >> okay. >> so 500 years ago. he probably lost about $35 in it seems like yesterday we were at his homegoing. food. >> no kidding. >> but he got those two balls there. >> two foul balls. that's what we say down south, the homegoing. >> stop it.
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so a girl has trained a bird to attack whoever she wants it >> it was 500 years ago. to. you can't say #toosoon for that, right? we appreciate what he i'm impressed with this little contributed to society, and again that renaissance man has girl. girl. see? given us -- >> like just yesterday, my goodness. she yells, the bird attacks. >> that's a good protector right >> all right. there. >> that's great. guacamole cheese, how about it? that video is mildly terrifying. >> i know, right? >> why not guacamole queso? >> that should be in a scary movie. >> he can protect her, watch over her. >> aggh! >> remember that seagull story >> avocado puree is added to cheese. we had yesterday? >> mine, mine, mine, mine, mine. now you can get it in a block. how about that for parties. people would like that, right? >> apparently word got out you can get some camera time in london on this traffic cam. >> mine. >> block guac. >> that seagull now has a friend. there are now -- >> mine. i want mine all smooshed and >> -- two birds. guac style. >> on bread. >> no toast? they've nicknamed them graham and steve. >> janai and kenneth. that's what you millennials do. >> they are just hanging out there -- all right, how about this for >> mine. >> -- helping with the traffic reports. "the mix." >> mine. >> you're graham, i'm steve. this is how much of a discount it takes to avoid shopping guilt. what are you guilty about when you go shopping? i see you always shopping -- >> nothing, nothing. good night, graham. and i'm steve. >> we're going to have a backup on the tunnel! >> your seagull voice is -- >> how about a backup on the
2:58 am
tunnel! to have a backup on >> on your computer. >> not a thing. the tunnel! >> i'm typically getting updates, reading scripts on that >> your seagull voice is -- computer right there, on that side. >> girl's gotta do what a girl's got to do. >> half of americans, 51% say they feel guilty about spending money. >> yeah. >> according to research. so going out to eat. >> yes. >> 47%. clothes. >> yep. >> electronics. >> shoes. >> takeout. >> so my whole thing is i would rather spend money on -- this is going to sound ridiculous -- on things. if it's food, as soon as you finish that meal, it's like dang it. >> i get that. it's so funny what we're willing to spend on food versus on like important things. oh, i'm not going to buy those shoes. >> right. >> they're $47. but lunch? oh, yeah. >> ball out, ball out. dog that's afraid of heights, has to be carried up the stairs, and it was adorable. >> listen to that laugh. that's how julie sounds when she's laughing. >> we thought that was julie. >> oh, doggie. born from 1945 through 1965
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have the highest rates of hepatitis c, but most don't know they're infected? people can live for decades without symptoms, but over time hepatitis c can cause serious health problems. if you were born during these years, the cdc now recommends that you get a blood test for hepatitis c. so talk to your doctor and find out if you have hepatitis c. it could save your life. know more. hmm. [cell phone beeps] hey! [police whistle blows] [horns honking] woman: hey!
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[bicycle bell rings] turn here. there. excuse me. uh. this morning on "world news now," the tense senate showdown. uh. >> attorney general william barr was grilled on capitol hill over his handling of the mueller [indistinct announcement on p.a. system] report. several democrats are calling on him to resign. this morning he's skipping a scheduled hearing in the house. also this morning, severe storms are pummeling several states right now. millions are set to face tornados, hail, and heavy rains so, same time next week? today. accuweather has your forecast. developing now, a cruise ship quarantine. a person on board has the measles. well, of course. how many people at risk this morning. announcer: put away a few bucks. feel like a million bucks. for free tips to help you save, and they are the a capella go to ♪ feed the pig super stars scooping up grammys with their unique sound. pentatonix. you're in a group most likely to develop skin cancer, including melanoma. that's why your best shot is to check for a spot. they credit social media keeping them from singing their last note as you'll hear in "social stars" on this thursday, may follow through and check your skin. 2nd. go to to find out how.
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good thursday morning, everybody. >> good morning. a capella. i can do that. >> yeah? this morning on "world news >> i like the music. now," attorney general william >> hit a couple notes. barr refusing to testify to the house judiciary committee today, >> i would do a little beat box. ready? ♪ one day after his tense showdown with senators. what's next in this public russia probe rift? you didn't get the words? go ahead. new overnight, people coming together to remember the victims ♪ ooh aah ooh of the campus shooting in charlotte and honor the victim >> they need to add us to the group, obviously. will has the contact who is now being called a hero. information, he's going to call them for us, sign us up. hear how he tried to stop the gunman. new this half hour, tv giant alex trebek sharing his battle. >> as the "jeopardy!" host vows >> you will hear all about pentatonix this half hour. to come back for another season, he's sharing what his biggest the showdown on capitol hill, attorney general william struggle is while he fights cancer. it's throwback thursday thanks to the billboard music awards. show-stopping performances from barr refusing to testify today before the house judiciary madonna, mariah carey, paula committee following a contentious hearing in the senate. >> barr defended president trump and pushed back against criticism he deceived congress abdul bringing down the house. we'll have the high notes and and misled the public about the mueller report. highlights. it's thursday, may 2nd. ♪
3:02 am
and he played down a bombshell letter from robert mueller that objected to his characterization of the findings, calling the letter, quote, a bit snitty. abc's mary bruce has more. >> reporter: on capitol hill, paula abdul always brings it. >> working it. attorney general bill barr >> she's got that choreography down. forced to defend his actions >> working it. against unprecedented criticism from robert mueller himself. we'll get to all that fun. >> this letter was an extraordinary act. a career prosecutor rebuking the we do begin this half hour with the standoff between attorney general of the united attorney general william barr and congressional democrats. states, memorializing in now that he's refusing to appear before a house committee. writing, right? >> here's a live look at capitol hill where democrats are planning to open the hearing today even in barr's absence >> the letter's a bit snitty and i think it was probably written by one of his staff people. with an empty witness chair. barr is facing growing calls to resign after testifying four hours in the senate about his handling of the mueller report. >> reporter: mueller wrote his more now from abc's trevor ault. own summaries of the report and twice asked barr to release them but barr refused. the two men later talked on the >> reporter: following an phone and barr insists mueller did not accuse him of intense day of questioning on capitol hill wednesday, attorney general bill barr will not be taking part thursday. misrepresenting the report. >> there were notes taken of the call. >> may we have those notes? the department of justice objecting to the plan of letting >> no. >> why not? house judiciary committee >> why should you have them? members' lawyers question the attorney general. >> reporter: barr called >> the attorney general has a concerns over his summary mind-bendingly bizarre and took nerve to try to dictate and the administration has a nerve to this jab at mueller. dictate our procedures. >> reporter: hours earlier barr forced to defend his actions
3:03 am
>> his work concluded when he against criticism from special counsel robert mueller himself. in a letter to barr written sent his report to the attorney general. at that point, it was my baby. march 27th, mueller wrote, the >> reporter: mueller did not make a determination on obstruction of justice, but barr did, declaring in his summary attorney general's summary did that the president did not obstruct. not fully capture the context, nature, and substance of this >> so you accepted the report as office's work and conclusions. the evidence? >> this letter was an >> yes. >> you did not question or look extraordinary act. a career prosecutor rebuking the attorney general of the united states. at the underlying evidence that supports the conclusions in the report? >> no. >> as the attorney general of >> you know, the letter's a bit the united states, you run the snitty and i think it was probably written by one of his united states department of staff people. justice. if in any u.s. attorney's office >> reporter: barr saying mueller's letter was a moot around the country the head of point, calling the reaction to that office, when being asked to it mind-bendingly bizarre make a critical decision about, in this case, the person who holds the highest office in the because he was always planning to release the full albeit lightly redacted report. land, and whether or not that one concern is barr knew of person committed a crime, would mueller's frustrations but you accept them recommending a didn't reveal that when he testified last month. charging decision to you if they >> why did you say you were not aware of concerns? had not reviewed the evidence? >> that's a question for bob mueller. >> reporter: democrats now want >> i answered a question. to hear from mueller himself. and the question was relating to unidentified members. but the republican chairman of the committee wants today's hearing to be the last word.
3:04 am
>> why not call for mueller to i talked directly to bob mueller. testify? >> because i'm not going to do >> reporter: with barr skipping the house judiciary committee anymore. enough already. it's over. hearing, democratic chair jerry nadler says they will not issue a subpoena thursday, instead >> reporter: bill barr was set to appear for a second day of testimony here on the hill, this focusing on getting the unredacted mueller report which time before the house judiciary they have subpoenaed from the department of justice. attorney general barr's committee, but he has now scheduled to testify again canceled that appearance over disagreements over the format of the hearing. as for when we may see mueller up here, the house judiciary committee chairman, jerry thursday, this time in front of the house judiciary committee. nadler, says they're eyeing may that could be even more 15th as a potential date for a hearing. contentious. but because of questions about the proceedings, it's not even certain yet if he'll actually show up. janai, kenneth? >> our thanks to trevor ault on capitol hill. >> our thanks to mary bruce on a 16-year-old boy from capitol hill. president trump is praising attorney general william barr's performance at that senate guatemala has died in u.s. hearing. >> after hosting a national custody after crossing the prayer dinner at the white border without his parents. >> officials say the boy became ill after he was taken to a shelter in texas. he was hospitalized for an house, the president told fox infection and underwent surgery business barr is an outstanding but never recovered. legal mind and said he did incredibly well. >> he did a fantastic job today, i'm told, i got to see some of it. he did a fantastic job. this is the third recent death of an underage migrant in government custody. it's all a big hoax, this whole a boy and girl, both from guatemala, died back in thing with russia. turned out there is no collusion, there is no december. the homeland security obstruction. the whole thing is just a security department will soon be giving some migrants a dna test when they arrive at the border. the pilot program could begin as
3:05 am
early as next week. officials say it's aimed at terrible blot on our country. stopping migrants from falsely and it's a political game. >> the president dismissed calls for the attorney general's resignation as ridiculous, and he singled out senator kamala claiming to be parents of children who are not theirs. they insist the testing will be voluntary and not used for harris, accusing her of being, prosecution. quote, very nasty to barr. turning to the university of north carolina at charlotte, the school says it is returning to meanwhile the trump administration is asking congress for an additional $4.5 regular operating schedule today following tuesday's classroom billion to address the record shooting. number of incoming migrants. the university of north >> thousands of students carolina at charlotte community gathered last night in the school's basketball arena to has been remembering the victims honor the two students who were of tuesday's classroom attack. killed and the four others who thousands gathered for a solemn were wounded. the school's chancellor said the unc charlotte community would vigil last night. the school's chancellor says emerge from the tragedy stronger than it was before. they can use the shock of what happened to change the world around them. we're also hearing new details police called one victim, 21-year-old riley howell, a about the heroic efforts of 21-year-old riley howell who died after confronting the gunman. hero, saying he saved lives by knocking the suspected gunman off his feet. howell's family said riley loved "star wars," snowboarding and abc's steve osunsami has those details. >> reporter: students who always put others before survived the gunfire in an anthropology class on the himself. charlotte campus tell us that the suspect had been enrolled at the accused gunman sat down for 10 minutes before he got up and started shooting. >> all of a sudden, bang, bang, bang, bang! the school but withdrew this and then everyone just started running. semester. florida governor ron desantis is expected to sign a bill that would allow more classroom teachers to carry guns
3:06 am
>> reporter: jack segal says he's only alive because he was sitting on the opposite end of in school. it's the latest response to the parkland school massacre which the classroom. >> yesterday could have been killed 17 people last year. your last day. >> it definitely could have. if he had went into the other entrance, i would be dead. i wouldn't be here talking to you right now. local school districts will approve teachers would have to i would be dead. >> reporter: two students did undergo training and psychiatric evaluation before being armed in die. >> we have multiple victims in here -- class. there are storms expected all the way from texas to alabama. >> reporter: police say they were 19-year-old ellis parlier and 21-year-old riley howell, who died a hero. the young athlete didn't just dallas, little rock, and fight with the accused gunman, indianapolis among the cities he knocked the guy off his feet. expected to take the hardest hits today. >> thunderstorms and dozens of tornados have already pounded parts of the heartland where >> unfortunately he gave his watches and warnings are in life in the process. but his sacrifice saved lives. >> reporter: he was a strong young man who loved "star wars," snowboarding, and going to the lake. effect. more rain is likely to worsen his family shared these photos the flooding in davenport, iowa, triggered after a temporary and tell us they're heartbroken. barrier failed. cities downstream along the mississippi river are bracing for a flood threat that could so is the school's chancellor. stretch into the summer. >> in oklahoma the storms are >> i can't imagine being in a position of these parents. i just can't imagine. blamed for two deaths and >> reporter: here's what 22-year-old trystan terrell had to say as he was being arrested. can you tell us what happened? widespread property damage like you see there. accuweather meteorologist paul williams joins us now with the forecast. >> good morning, janai. we look for wet weather throughout the ohio valley
3:07 am
>> went into a classroom and shot some guys. >> reporter: he's charged with murder and four counts of attempted murder for wounding region and reaching over towards 19-year-old drew pescaro and three other students. new york with severe storms the accused gunman appears in court thursday. threatening cincinnati. we're looking for heavy showers to push its way through arkansas, hitting little rock. another set of severe storms it thunderstorms rampant there. heavy rain thursday causing behind me is kennedy hall where those two young people were killed. those stairs you see and where i am standing right now is where students went running for their concerns for flooding around lives. little rock. steve osunsami, abc news, causing problems for i-40 as well as i-30 and more concerns charlotte. >> just shocking statements made about flooding around the iowa area. by that suspect. two indiana judges are the white house says military options remain on the table in venezuela. recovering after being wounded that news follows opposition in downtown indianapolis. judges bradley jacobs and andrew adams were in the city for a judicial conference. police say they visited some bars before getting into an leader juan guaido urging soldiers to revolt against argument with someone in a white castle parking lot. the unidentified person who the president maduro. judges argued with allegedly maduro also says the u.s. was opened fire, wounding both men. fooled into thinking he was fleeing the country. police are calling it an isolated incident and say the judges were not targeted because the chaos sparked protests in washington, d.c., crowds backing both sides squared off outside of their jobs. the venezuelan embassy. the first parents to make in-court guilty pleas in the college admissions scandal will be sentenced in july. a measles scare leaves a cruise ship quarantined in the caribbean. bruce and devina isaacson paid a combined $600,000 to get their st. lucia's ministry of health says it received reports of a confirmed case of the infection daughters into ucla and the
3:08 am
university of southern on the vessel. the agency did not provide the ship's name or its place of origin. california. in the meantime abc news has confirmed another family paid the scandal's ringleader $6.5 million to get their daughter into stanford. the deal was allegedly set up through a since fired morgan reports say 300 passengers and stanley employee. the school says it did not crew have been confined to the vessel. receive the money. >> you really love cruise ship news, don't you? >> you know what, i was over in weather the severe storms here looking up, before it was norovirus, now it's measles on a cruise ship. if it's not crashing into hammering the heartland are something, i mean -- >> then that typhoid fever expanding, threatening more than 21 million people from texas to pennsylvania. >> dozens of tornados have torn across texas and oklahoma, struck that time, then it was triggering states of emergencies, warnings and watches. crazy. >> wait. >> no, that really didn't happen. >> see, that time too. >> that didn't happen. it was another blowout win for jeopardy james. forecasters say more twisters are on the way. >> james holzhauer correctly >> blowing rain and heavy wind leveled homes and businesses in parts of missouri, spreading debris for miles. answered all three daily doubles in wednesday's "jeopardy!" >> check out the town of houghton, michigan, ringing in episode. that's never good news for his the month of may with a heavy opponents. blanket of new snow. after a correct answer in final sad news for them. accuweather meteorologist paul williams joins us now with the jeopardy, james won with nearly forecast. $102,000. >> that pushed his winnings to more than $1.5 million during >> good morning, janai, kenneth. his 20-match winning streak. we're looking for widespread rain throughout the great lakes region, the ohio valley region, reaching throughout pennsylvania, over towards new
3:09 am
that now puts him about $1 york. million away from ken jennings' record. >> just a million away. look for severe storms to reach >> right. all the way down towards the deep south throughout arkansas, that's quite a bit, but he's making quick gains. going into texas, with another >> that was the 20th win. round of severe storms between houston and dallas, including we know that ken there went, houston and dallas. we're bracing for river flooding what, 70-something games, like through this weekend for the red river, james, the sioux, and the mississippi. over the weekend more rain will overtake the entire east coast. 74 games or whatever. so the amount that he's doing in the short amount of time. janai, kenneth? we had alex trebek on "good morning america" yesterday. >> soggy weekend ahead. he was talking about the excitement over james holzhauer, our thanks to paul. a true dream job is and it's fun to watch, the ratings are good. available for a lucky few this summer. >> mattress firm is looking for interns. and it's fun to watch him. >> and the ratings are good. the paid position calls for them to stay in bed all day. coming up, guacamole and cheese. yep. it's a thing now. gouda blended with avocados. the snooze-terns will test beds for the best head and foot we'll tell you where you can get positions for horizontal activities such as reading, it. but first social media binge-watching shows, and superstars, how a grammy eating. award-winning group, pentatonix >> qualifications include proficiency in napping and isinding siamea to be e an a co passion for sleeping comfort. with a record label. >> check, check. >> the application deadline is tomorrow. sorry, guys, we've got to go to break because we've got things to do. superstars, how a grammy >> coming up right now. award-winning group, pentatonix is finding social media to be that's what's coming up. more valuable than a contract with a record label. ♪ >> i would love that, yeah.
3:10 am
>> i'm like trying to get that application in. coming up, former child star rick schroeder arrested again. plus "jeopardy!" host alex trebek opens up in an exclusive and frank interview. what he's saying about his battle with pancreatic cancer and the outpouring of support he's been getting from fans. later in "the skinny," taylor swift and all her glittery glory at the billboard music awards. you're watching "world news now." glittery glory at the billboard music awards. you're watching "world news now."
3:11 am
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look at this. high winds caused that bounce house mishap at a high school in washington state. officials say a gust lifted the structure about 20 feet in the air and carried it more than 200 feet. five students were trapped inside the house for a game. they were injured, one of them critically. administrators are looking into how well the bounce house was or rather wasn't secured. actor rick schroeder's been arrested on suspicion of domestic violence for the second time in a month. >> the 49-year-old was taken into custody early yesterday at his home near malibu, california. police say there was evidence of a fight between the former child
3:14 am
star and a woman. schroeder is now out of jail after posting a $50,000 bond. he was also arrested on april 2nd for a similar incident with the same woman. turning now to an update on the health condition of a tv game show icon. >> we were so happy to see him. in an abc news exclusive, "jeopardy!" host alex trebek sat down with robin roberts on gma talking about everything from how he feels and about what he's learning about the show's current champ. here's abc's david muir. >> reporter: for the first time since his personal reveal, alex trebek with our robin roberts. >> how are you doing? >> my oncologist tells me i'm doing well, even though i don't always feel it. i've had kidney stones, i've had ruptured disks. so i'm used to dealing with pain. what i'm not used to dealing with is the surges that come on suddenly of deep, deep sadness. and it brings tears to my eyes. i've discovered in this whole episode, ladies and gentlemen, that i'm a bit of a wuss.
3:15 am
but i'm fighting through it. the cancer indicators, those are coming down. >> reporter: trebek, 78, has been the host of "jeopardy!" for 35 seasons, vowing to return for season 36. >> what have you learned about yourself through all this, through this journey? >> i think i've learned that i'm an extremely lucky individual, because in spite of the fact that this diagnosis is not a good one, i have managed to receive so much love from so many people. and quite often you don't get that during your lifetime. after you're passed, after you're dead, people say, oh, he was such a good guy. >> reporter: he's feeling the love now. along with his candor, his humor too. reveling in this newest winning streak, jeopardy james on a roll. >> he came close the other day, though. i mean, that was a little -- >> that was interesting -- he won by $18. he won.
3:16 am
>> i know, i know. >> it doesn't matter. in vegas it doesn't matter if you win by a dollar or $18, if you win, you won. >> you love this. >> oh, it's exciting. our ratings are great thanks to him. but everywhere i go people are talking about him. david muir is talking about him on the evening newscast, for crying out loud. >> reporter: but we're talking about you, alex. and wishing you well in this fight. >> yes, we are talking about him. >> all wishing him well. when we come back, a glittering night of performances and surprises at the billboard music awards. and what we're hearing just now about prince harry and the royal baby watch. "the skinny" is next. women are standing up for what they deserve in the office in the world and finally, in the bedroom
3:17 am
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♪ ♪ ♪ skinny just gimme the skinny time now for "the skinny" starting with one of the biggest nights of the year for the music industry. >> it was a night of music icons, broken records, even holograms in las vegas. our own will ganss here with the highlights. >> oh, yeah. good morning, you guys.
3:19 am
this year's billboard music awards belonged to the leading ladies of the billboard charts and the women of winterfell. the show sizzling with red-hot performances from folks competing for awards and one epic reference to a character competing for the iron throne. a straight-up stellar night of performances at the billboard music awards. paula abdul diving in headst. along with the reigning queens of the billboard charts, all of them ruling the bbmas in vegas. from the night's host kelly clarkson -- ♪ beautiful to ariana grande -- ♪ to a glittery taylor swift -- ♪ i promise that you'll never find another like me ♪ >> reporter: who kicked off the night with panic at the disco's brandon urie. ♪ baby that's the fun of you >> reporter: tse pop stars proved their status as music royalty, drake used one of his wins to thank someone who has her eyes on a different throne. >> hey, shout-out to arya stark
3:20 am
for putting in that work last week. >> reporter: another game of thrones star, sophie turner, on hand to cheer on her husband joe jonas, who lit the stage up literally with brothers nick and kevin for their first awards show performance together in a decade. ♪ and madonna performing alongside madonna, madonna, madonna, and madonna, chipping in a reported $5 million for the hologram tech used in her performance of "medellin" with maluma. the top award going to drake, who became the most winning artist ever at the bbmas. it was bts who sent fans into overdrive during their choreo-packed show-stopper. ♪ >> reporter: mariah carey bringing down the house with a medley of her greatest hits. ♪ you'll always be my baby >> reporter: her twins front and center to cheer on a music icon, along with the rest of us. all right. y'all may have noticed that i said sophie turner was cheering on her husband, joe jonas.
3:21 am
that's because the couple literally just tied the knot in a chapel in vegas after the bbmas were over. dan and shay performed, diplo deejayed and livestreamed the whole thing, in typical vegas fashion elvis was the officiant. >> all the jonas brothers are -- >> they're all married, off the market. except for the bonus jonas. >> the bonus jonas. still available. >> it was a star-studded affair. apparently the after party to be at was that one. >> wow. so nice to see champagne poppy drake cleaning up. he dethroned taylor swift. >> how do you feel about that? >> who has the most billboard wins. >> how do you feel about that? >> how do you feel about the controversy on twitter about taylor? >> well, i am not going to get into the controversy. i think marching bands existed way before coachella. >> did they, though? did they, though? >> we all watched beyonce invent marching bands. >> i didn't think you were going to bring this up. >> i will say i'm still on a high from that performance.
3:22 am
the whole night was incredible and i loved all the throwback performances as well. >> look at will there, keeping it positive. >> let's talk about red carpet fashion, right? >> yes, yes, the stars slayed on stage and sizzled on the red carpet. >> cardi b was the most nominated performer of the night. fans naming her best dressed in this gown by moschino. >> t-swift in a softer look. wearing rissa and vanessa ahead of her performance. >> another performer ciara wearing stephane rolland there. the really show-stopping accessory, her son, future junior, looked right at home on the red carpet. >> oh my gosh, that's so adorable. >> the bbmas made up all top ten trending twitter topics in the u.s. last night at one point. here's some highlights. >> priyanka chopra posted this video of herself, sophie turner, and danielle jonas singing along with their husbands as they performed onstage. >> taylor sharing this backstage photo of her cats meeting paula abdul. >> take a look at this woman going viral on twitter, mariah wiping her tears, tossing her tissue onto the floor before her acceptance speech.
3:23 am
iconic. >> what about that marching band?
3:24 am
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♪ ♪ back with the bonus skinny round on your lucky thursday. >> skinny bonus round, everybody! skinny bonus round! >> starting with channing tatum stripping down for instagram. >> the 39-year-old star perhaps best known for his role in "magic mike," that franchise, he shared nearly every square inch of his -- >> whoa! >> what really is an incredibly sculpted physique. >> yowza! even jack's impressed. >> i'm like, i mean, we're pretty much mirror image. >> a built man. >> he is a built man. >> the snap has racked up more than 2 million likes. >> wonder why. >> why did he post it? in the caption he alleges he lost a game of janga to girlfriend jessica cornish, this was the penalty.
3:27 am
>> many out there would say, there really are no losers in this. >> we're all winners, aren't we? thanks, channing. next, we remain on standby in the royal baby watch. >> yeah. buckingham palace has just announced prince harry is set to travel to the netherlands next week. >> what? >> for official engagements. >> royal reporters say the trip has been on harry's agenda for some time and he likely won't make the trip if duchess meghan is in labor or she's just given birth. >> oh, well, good thing. >> we don't need the royal reporters for that, right? >> in the meantime in what some are seeing as throwing some shade, harry and meghan's official instagram account has unfollowed will and kate's account. the couple's now only following mental health awareness accounts. they said they were going to be doing this each month, bringing awareness to a specific thing and all their followers would, you know -- it wasn't shady. speaking of will and kate, their little princess is celebrating a birthday.
3:28 am
>> princess charlotte turns 4 years old today and her proud parents have released a set of three photos snapped by duchess kate herself relaxing in the yard as 4-year-old heiresses do in a tartan and cardigan. >> the photos are taken on the ground of the family's norfolk home and kensington palace. charlotte's birthday will be spent at home for a private family celebration. >> happy birthday to charlotte. we're getting our first look at the moment seth meyers nearly broke his nose. >> the late night host shared the footage from his nanny cam, the moment when 1-year-old son axel suddenly chucked the iphone into dad's face. >> meyers rolling on the floor in agony telling his wife, i think he broke my nose. >> you know what? oh, gosh. >> in his dramatic retelling of the story on his show, meyers said his son seemed more worried about the phone than his dad's face. >> i'm literally always waiting for my son to accidentally break my nose or something. those kids. those kids. >> they do the darnedest things.
3:29 am
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making news in america this morning, the new call for making news in america this morning, the new call for attorney general william barr to resign over his handling of the mueller investigation. critics claim he misled congress. supporters call the claim ridiculous. why barr is refusing to testify today and how president trump is defending him in a new interview. the student hero. police reveal the courageous details of how a student gunned down at the university of south carolina-charlotte saved the lives of his other classmates. what we're learning about the suspected shooter as he heads to court today. plus, one state's decision on arming teachers. cruise ship quarantine. the new measles scare on the high seas affecting hundreds of passengers, the growing concern this morning. abc news exclusive.
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