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tv   America This Morning  ABC  May 2, 2019 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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making news in america this morning, the new call for making news in america this morning, the new call for attorney general william barr to resign over his handling of the mueller investigation. critics claim he misled congress. supporters call the claim ridiculous. why barr is refusing to testify today and how president trump is defending him in a new interview. the student hero. police reveal the courageous details of how a student gunned down at the university of south carolina-charlotte saved the lives of his other classmates. what we're learning about the suspected shooter as he heads to court today. plus, one state's decision on arming teachers. cruise ship quarantine. the new measles scare on the high seas affecting hundreds of passengers, the growing concern this morning. abc news exclusive.
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alex trebek on his fight with cancer and the one thing he says he was not prepared for. caught on camera, the shocking crash involving a politician that sent this officer flying into a fountain. and foulail. different meals trying to catch them. >> what? oh, no. good thursday morning, everyone. thanks for joining us. we begin with the new standoff between democrats and attorney general william barr who is refusing to testify today before a house committee. >> during a contentious hearing in the senate wednesday, barr defended president trump and pushed back against critics who claim he deceived congress and misled the public about the mueller report. >> this morning there are new calls for barr to resign. abc's lana zak has the latest including a new interview with president trump last night.
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good morning, lana. >> reporter: good morning to you, kenneth and janai. the justice department says attorney general william barr will not be testifying before the house judiciary committee, the democratically controlled committee in part because they object to the idea that committee lawyers would join in the questioning. house judiciary committee jerry nadler is upset that he will not be questioning attorney general william barr this morning. >> he is trying to blackmail the committee. >> reporter: now a growing number of presidential hopefuls are calling on barr to resign. >> this attorney general lacks all credibility and has i think compromised the american public's ability to believe that he is a purveyor of justice. >> should mr. barr resign? >> i think he's lost the confidence of the american people. i think he should. >> reporter: those calls after five hours of often intense questioning before the senate judiciary committee. >> i'm not in the business of determining when lies are told to the american public. i'm in the business of
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determining whether a crime has been committed. >> reporter: robert mueller had complained about barr's characterization of his report in a letter and on a phone call. >> this letter was an extraordinary act, a career prosecutor rebuking the attorney general of the united states. >> you know, the letter is a bit snitty, and i think it was probably written by one of his staff people. >> reporter: democrats demanding to know why barr didn't tell them about mueller's concerns when he was asked about it during his last testimony. >> well, i answered a question. i talked directly to bob mueller, not members of his team. >> mr. barr, i feel your answer was purposely misleading. >> reporter: but on fox business, praise from president trump. >> i heard he was really -- he performed incredibly well today. >> reporter: now one of the linger questioning, will special counsel robert mueller himself testify before lawmakers? senate judiciary chairman lindsey graham says no but over on the house side jerry nadler, he says he hopes to see him in the next two weeks.
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janai, kenneth? >> on the attorney general, zuans e excted to to hold him fill the streets again today as the violence escalates. thousands protested president nicolas maduro's regime, but so far the military has n thrown its support behind opposition leader juan guaido, and with maduro clinging to power, violence is on the rise. abc's ian pannell is in caracas. >> reporter: tens of thousands of people have come out across caracas. most of it has been peaceful, but there has been violence. just down there we've seen tear gas rising up into the sky. we've heard the sound of booms and on a regular basis we're seeing injured protesters being rushed off on motorbike ambulances and being taken to the hospitals nearby. >> reporter: the trump administration is weighing its options in venezuela and says it has not ruled out military action. the trump administration live he will soon be administering dna tests to migrants arriving at the southern border. officials say the pilot program is aimed at stopping migrants from falsely claiming to be parents of children who are not
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their own. they insist the testing will be voluntary to determine family relationships and will not be used for prosecution. now to new details about the deadly shooting at the university of north carolina in charlotte. police say one of the victims likely saved many lives by charging and tackling the shooter. this morning we're hearing from people who knew that students, a young man police call a hero. ♪ students at the university of north carolina at charlotte holding a vigil mourning the two students shot to death on the final day of classes. >> it was a tremendous trauma. >> reporter: police say the gunman, 22-year-old trystan terrell, opened fire during an anthropology class as students were giving their final presentations. witnesses say terrell, a former student at the university, sat down for ten minutes before he got up and started shooting. >> all of a sudden bang, bang, bang, bang, and then everyone just started running. >> reporter: jack seigel says
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he's only alive because he was sitting on the opposite side of the classroom. >> if he had went into the other entrance, i would be dead. i wouldn't be talking to you right now. i would be dead. >> reporter: krysta dean was a few classrooms down preparing to present her senior research project when she heard someone yell, shooter. >> when i was sitting there on the floor thinking i might get a bullet in my head, my biggest fear was somebody's reality. and there are parents that are never going to be able to hug their children ever again. >> we have multiple victims in here. we're going to need multiple ambulances. >> reporter: killed in the shooting ellis parlier, a 19-year-old from midland, north carolina, and 21-year-old riley howell who police say saved several lives. >> he's the first and foremost hero as far as i'm concerned, and his name is riley howell. >> reporter: police say howell knocked the accused gunman off his feet but was then fatally shot. in a statement his parents say he was friends with anyone and everyone, a big muscular guy
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with a huge heart. >> he was a good boy, good man, good person. >> reporter: the father of howell's longtime girlfriend calls him fiercely loyal and selfless. >> it would make complete sense that he would turn and try to stop it from happening. he's the one that runs towards it instead of running away. that's just the way he seemed to be built. >> reporter: the suspect is due in court today. he was previously enrolled at the school but recently dropped out. investigators say they're trying to figure out a motive, and they say he did not know the two people who were killed. more teachers in florida could soon be armed in the classroom. that's because lawmakers have approved a bill allowing teachers to carry firearms and the governor is expected to sign it. the bill is considered a response to the arto cars would have to undergo training and a psychiatric exam. severe storms hammering the heartland are expanding their reach threatening more than 21 million americans from texas to pennsylvania.
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dozens of tornadoes have ripped through texas and oklahoma flattening buildings and spreading debris for miles. two people were killed. a new round of rain will worsen the flooding in davenport, iowa, after a temporary river barrier collapsed. let's take a closer look at your thursday forecast. good morning. we're looking for thunderstorms to reach into pennsylvania, west virginia and the ohio valley region with severe storms hovering over portions of cincinnati. now, that same area of severe storms will reach into the mid-mississippi valley region down throughout arkansas. severe storms throughout the heart of texas between dallas and houston including dallas and houston and then look for drenching showers or flash flood potential little rock to shreveport causing slowdowns along i-40 as well as i-30. i'm meteorologist paul williams. coming up, the lawsuit over a popular brand of potato chips and the refund for customers. but first the wild crash involving a california politician ending with a man
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thrown into a fountain. later new trouble for
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we're back with this unbelievable video of a violent crash. look at that there. it involved the mayor of inglewood, california, and a police motorcycle officer. the mayor was turning his suv when he collided with an oncoming car, and that sent the careening car into the officer who was thrown into a fountain. the officer suffered serious injuries but thankfully he is expected to recover. abc news has confirmed the identity of a family that allegedly paid $6.5 million in the college admissions scandal. the money was used to get molly
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zhao into stanford university. she's now been expelled. her father is a chinese pharmaceutical executive who met the ringleader of the scandal through an employee at the investment bank morgan stanley. zhao has not been charged, but prosecutors are not done in this case. "the new york times" reports more parents are under investigation. indianapolis police say two judges who were shot early wednesday in the parking lot of a white castle were not targeted because of their jobs. a vigil was held for the men last night. judges bradley jacobs and andrew adams are recovering from their wounds. police say the men were shot after arguing with an unidentified person who is still at large. maine has become the first state to outlaw food and drink containers made of styrofoam. the law will ban grocery store restaurants, food trucks and caterers from using the containers which cannot be recycled. that ban takes effect in 2021. violators could be fined $100.
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the potato chip company utz -- do you say utz -- has agreed to pay a million dollars. the company is accused of labeling products all natural when they actually contained chemicals. the company denies the allegations but still agreed to pay. customers may now get refunds of up to $2 an item. dunkin' is out with a new sweet treat. no doughnuts this time. instead we're talking about a pair of flavored lip balms in containers that look like coffee cups. the two-pack flavors includes cinnamon bun and pumpkin. available online. >> you know i'm a big fan of dunkin'. >> yes, i do know that. they owe you a sponsorship. >> a big fan. >> and you know i love lip balm, flavored ones. coming up, one baseball fan's hilarious attempt to catch not one, but two foul balls in the same game. but first when we come back, a developing story. a new measles scare. a cruise ship now being quarantined. and later why the favorite horse at the kentucky derby this weekend won't be racing. e kentucky derby won't be racing.
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we are back with a look at what can happen when you take your tricked out car in for an oil change and the mechanic decides to go for a joyride. well, thanks to a dashboard camera, the car owner got a good look, the mechanic hitting 62 miles an hour in a 25-mile-an-hour zone. the owner did not get a refund but got a coupon for a free oil change. >> hopefully it's not the same mechanic the second time. we turn now to that cruise ship under quarantine this morning because of a new measles scare. >> hundreds of passengers are stranded in the caribbean. and it comes as cases of the highly contagious infection have skyerocketed here in the u.s. here's abc's victor oquendo. >> reporter: this morning measles mayhem hitting the high seas. a cruise ship in the caribbean with about 300 people is under quarantine after one confirmed case was found on board. >> we thought it prudent that we quarantine the ship so no one was allowed to leave the ship. >> reporter: the church of
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scientology's religious retreat and humanitarian ship. >> reporter: "the freewinds" seen here in this video from the church of scientology is now in st. lucia where the government has ordered crew and passengers to stay on the ship while it investigates. here at home panic reaching a fever pitch. the cdc is already tracking the worst spike in the u.s. in decades, more than 700 cases across 22 states. the outbreak mostly hitting people who are unvaccinated. doctors are cautioning the public on contracting the contagious infection. >> it starts with cold symptoms, fever, cough, runny nose and sometimes red eyes, and that can last for about three to four days before the rash comes on. so, if you haven't been vaccinated and you have what seems like a bad cold, it actually might be measles. meanwhile, health officials near los angeles are worried that some "avengers" fans may have been exposed to the measles. they say a woman at the midnight showing on the film's opening night in santa ana had the infection but didn't realize she was sick and is now under
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voluntary isolation. anyone at the theater during a five-hour window early friday is at risk of exposure. five high school students in washington state have been injured after a gust of wind sent a bounce house flying through the air throwing it about 240 feet during a school event. one student's injuries were described as critical. bounce house injuries have been on the rise. one report claims about 30 kids per day are injured on average. actor rick schroder is out of jail. he is known for his role on "nypd" and "silver spoons" and this comes after his second arrest in the last month. the 49-year-old was arrested on suspicion of domestic violence at his home near malibu. police say there was evidence of a fight between schroder and a woman. he was also arrested in early april for a similar incident with the same woman. in sports, a shocker in the run-up to saturday's kentucky derby. the horse named omaha beach was coided the favorite toin bec o breathing problem. the horse named game winner is the new favorite. in the meantime, from the
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major leagues,he out he lost his french fries, but he wound up with the ball. later he went for another ball, this time this guy loses his pizza. and he wasn't able to get that second ball, so one ball minus two meals, good game, i guess. >> but he got the two foul balls though. >> two foul balls. up next in "the pulse," the job opening at a mattress company that's a real dream. also the big winners at the billboard music awards and what mariah carey revealed about her past. plus, our exclusive interview with alex trebek. the one thing he says he wasn't prepared for as he fights cancer. when considering another treatment, ask about xeljanz xr, a once-daily pill for adults with moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis or active psoriatic arthritis for whom methotrexate did not work well enough.
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pulse" starting with a big night for the music industry. >> the stars gathered in las vegas for the billboard music awards. drake won multiple honors including top artist giving him the most billboard music awards of any artist ever. >> he even gave a shoutout to degrassi. madonna performed her new single "medellin" with a hologram of four other madonnas. she reportedly paid $5 million for that technology and mariah carey zapping a medley of her hits including "hero" and "always be my baby" before taking home the icon award and thanked them for allowing her to grow up on the charts. >> i started making music out of a necessity to survive and to express myself, and i just wanted to create something so i could feel worthy of existing, and if i've learned anything, anything at all in this life, it's that truly all things are possible with god. >> we will linger on. >> we belong together.
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no, no. let mariah have it. we also got to see rob gronkowski's acting skills. the recently retired nfl star played a security guard in a skit with florida georgia line and host kelly clarkson. >> oh, wow. next alex trebek offering an update on his fight against cancer. the "jeopardy" host spoke with robin roberts on "good morning america." >> it's been two months since -- it's actually been a month since the 78-year-old trebek announced he's battling stage four pancreatic cancer. robin asked him how he's doing. >> my oncologist tells me i'm doing well even though i don't always feel it. i've had kidney stones, i've had ruptured discs, so i'm used to dealing with pain, but what i'm not used to dealing with is these surges that come on suddenly of deep, deep sadness and it brings tears to my eyes. i've discovered in this whole episode, ladies and gentlemen, that i'm a bit of a wuss and --
4:24 am
but i'm fighting through it. >> trebek also praised reigning "jeopardy" champion james holzhauer who stretched his winning streak to 20 games last night. he's now tied for the second largest winning streak in the show's history. he's now won more than $1.5 million. >> so excited to continue watching "jeopardy" james but glad to get an update from alex trebek. he is not a wuss. he is fighting hard and we're all pulling for him. it will be okay to sleep during one job in houston. in fact, it's required. >> mattress firm is looking for what it calls snooze terns. the paid position calls for the employee to stay in bed all day, 30 hours per week. >> they'll test beds for the best head and foot positions. classifications include proficiency in napping. sign me up, mattress firm. >> she does it all the time anyway. >> yep. new pictures of a royal baby. >> not that royal baby. she's not even a baby. we're talking about will and kate's daughter princess charlotte who turns 4 years old
4:25 am
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excedrin migraine. relief that works as hard as you do. and making news right now at 4:27, surprising new details in the oscar grant shooting. an internal report we are just now seeing debunks a b.a.r.t. police officer's claim that he intended to use his taser and not his gun. pg&e proposes a plan to set aside more than $100 million to help victims of the northern california wildfires. tourists could soon be paying to drive down san francisco's lombard street. a toll plan face as big vote in sacramento today. good morning, it is thursday, may 2nd. >> you're never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. over to meteorologist mike nicco. good morning, mike. let's look at neighborhood temperatures. we're mainly in the 40s until we get around san francisco, oakland, concord, fairfield,
4:28 am
brentwood and danville along with mountain view and san jose. a little bit warmer this afternoon, though. look at the 80s showing up. north to south. fairfield, concord, 81. antioch, 82. livermore, 80. upper 70s in the south bay. low to upper 70s around the bay and low to upper 60s from half moon bay to san francisco. how is the commute starting? here is alexis. we are looking okay. i don't have any major issues to talk about. to the south bay, minor solo vehicle crash southbound 880 just before the alameda. it does sound like it's off on the shoulder and the tow truck should be arriving any minute now. no delays through the area. i will keep an eye on that. north of there here is state route 87 approaching the mineta-san jose airport. very light volumes as well. we'll check out drive times next. new details in the 10-year-old case of an unarmed esy one of theers ead
4:29 am
involved i gnt in >>epte iericold in this, reggie. we know that one officer was arrested and convicted in oscar grant's shooting death. but the report says another officer also contributed to the vlatile atmosphere that night. officer anthony parrone, described as yelling at people on the platform using curse words and a racial slur. investigators say that his actions played a critical role leading to grant's death. during the chaos that new year's eve on the fruitvale b.a.r.t. platform officer johannes mehserle shot oscar grant in the back and he was convicted of involuntary manslaughter and served 11 months in jail. grant's family has studied this report and thinks other people should, too. >> the things that happened that night on the fruitvale station
4:30 am
should be studied by many of the agencies across the country. >> reporter: the report disputes mehserle's defense. he says he thought he was using his taser not as gun. the report says based on enhanced evidence, mehserle attempted to draw his gun twice and on the final attempt can be seen looking down at the gun holster and seized the gun coming out. this was conducted ten years ago. it's being released now because of the state's new transparency law allowing the public to see some internal police department records. reporting live in the newsroom, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> thank you, amy. it is now 4:30. if you're just waking up to us, good morning. mike nicco standing by with a look at your weather. live doppler 7. i overlaid where we have thick fog this morning on 101 around petaluma and penn grove up to the napa valley.


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