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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  May 2, 2019 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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agencies across the country. >> reporter: the report disputes mehserle's defense. he says he thought he was using his taser not as gun. the report says based on enhanced evidence, mehserle attempted to draw his gun twice and on the final attempt can be seen looking down at the gun holster and seized the gun coming out. this was conducted ten years ago. it's being released now because of the state's new transparency law allowing the public to see some internal police department records. reporting live in the newsroom, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> thank you, amy. it is now 4:30. if you're just waking up to us, good morning. mike nicco standing by with a look at your weather. live doppler 7. i overlaid where we have thick fog this morning on 101 around petaluma and penn grove up to the napa valley. visibility h
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you can see from sroerat wn to . we're at average. look at that, 68 to 71. still in the 50s at the coast. 50s will be the mainstay at the coast. low to upper 70s at 4:00 and then 65 to 68, another gorgeous evening on the way. can't wait. a look at the commute and see what alexis is watching. a backup on either side. on the bridge we're hearing we have a disabled vehicle just past treasure island. that is blocking the slow lane. chp knows about it. chp is on their way to assist. highway 4 to the maze in the green at 17 minutes. about an eight-minute drive across the bay bridge. that is not slowing you down yet. southbound 101 san francisco to sfo in the green at nine minutes.
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problems that snarled the evening commute yesterday. at about 5:30 a train at the powell street station in san francisco had to be taken out of service because of a problem with the door. then the train behind that one was put on a police hold. it took about an hour to get service going again and trains did not get back on schedule until after 7:00 p.m. thanks, alexis. did you feel it? >> centered about four miles south/southwest from calistoga hit at 10:17 p.m. no reports of injuries or damage. the justice department says attorney general william barr will not testify in front of a house committee. >> what do we know, jessica? attorney general william barr was scheduled to testify in front of a democratic controlled house judiciary committee today but the justice department canceled that appearance because
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they object to questioning from a judiciary committee staff lawyer, rather than lawmakers. barr face add grilling from senators yesterday after it was revealed the special counsel himself had issues with how barr was characterizing his findings. a growing number of presidential hopefuls are calling on barr to resign. >> he lacks all credibility and has compromised the american public's ability to believe he is a purveyor of justice. >> should barr resign? >> i think he should. >> lawmakers learned robert mueller had complained about barr's characterization of his report in a letter and on a phone call. one of the lingering questions remaining people are talking about is will special counsel robert mueller appear before lawmakers? lindsey graham says no, but his democratic counterpart in the house, jerry nadler, is saying that he wants mueller before his
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committee in the next two weeks. we'll see if that happens. >> senator harris really went in yesterday -- >> she did. >> questioning was very interesting. thank you, jessica. pg&e proposing a plan to place $105 million into a special fund to help victims of the campfire and the north bay wildfires. the utility said the fund would cover housing and other immediate needs for victims of the fire. the u.s. bankruptcy judge is set to consider the proposal at a may 22nd hearing. if the prediction of a federal agency comes true the national interagency fire center says the wet winter produced heavy vegetation in california which will eventually dry and turn into fuel for wildfires. higher elevations in the sierra will see a later fire season because of the record setting snowpack. happening today state lawmakers will vote on a bill to let san francisco charge to drive on the crooked part of lombard street. the measure would authorize the
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city to impose a toll in an effort to ease traffic in the area. the toll would likely run about $5 a car. the measure would let the city create a reservation system. the stretch attracts more than 2 million visitors a year. 4:35 now. in the south bay a former santa clara councilman has filed a lawsuit against the school district. "the mercury news" reports he claims his reputation was damaged. an email contained his personnel file as well as sexual harassment allegations since 2002. the email was mistakenly sent last year during caserta's campaign for county supervisor. his lawsuit claims it created a, quote, witch trial atmosphere that destroyed his life almost overnight. oakland mayor libby schaaf wants the city to spend $3.2 billion over the next few years. $110 million would go to road
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repairs. $74 million towards t towards children and schools. $55 million for affordable housing. $21 million for homeless services. the oakland city council will vote on it before the new fiscal year begins july 1st. take a look at what's going on with neighborhoods around san francisco, 51, castro, mission. those are the cool spots. everybody else around 53 to 55 degrees. we have 49 daly city, san leandro. 42 degrees with the fog getting thicker as we speak. your trip across the bay bridge pretty quiet this morning as we look from south beach weatherwise. driving will be fair this morning. just watch out for the foggy spots in san francisco, the north bay and eventually sliding down the east bay shore as far south as oakland during the morning commute. cool to warm, mass transit. light breezes with a whole lot of sunshine. look at the peninsula. we're in the 50s through 9:00
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and then upper 60s from 1:00 to 5:00. a few high clouds during the sunset at 63. a gorgeous sunset with those clouds. the east bay valleys we're in the 50s at 7:00. near 70 by 11:00. mid to upper 70s for the better part of the afternoon. a gorgeous evening at 72 and pretty much the same temperatures down in the south bay with a few high clouds again as the sun is setting. if you take a gorgeous picture hash tag it at abc 7. we would love to see the roads this morning. >> nobody out there with you. >> that's asking a lot. what are you seeing now? a couple slow spots. nothing too major. mostly green on our traffic maps. checking out one of our typical slowdowns out of tracy. about 25 miles an hour. a short stretch on 580 and then check that out the closer to the altamont pass. overall not too bad. a live look at walnut creek 680. you are cruising along north of
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the 24 split. no issues there. san francisco muni fares are going up for some riders. if you pay for a single ride on a train or bus it will cost you $3 starting july 1st. that's an increase of 25 cents. if you use a card or muni mobile you'll pay the current fare of $2.50. cable cars are going up from $7 to $8. we are awaiting the suspect in the unc charlotte shooting. watching from our live desk. up next hear from someone who knew one of the victims. also, extra eyes on the road. new red lights. ga you buckle up, start the car, put it in gear and take off. next thing you know, the phone is in your hand! stop! we should be holding the wheel, not holding the phone. it's a busy world out there. and we're all in it together. go safely, california.
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put it in gear and take off., next thing you know, the phone is in your hand! stop! we should be holding the wheel, not holding the phone. it's a busy world out there. and we're all in it together. go safely, california. here's a live look at san jose where it's about 50 degrees right now. watch out for the tree pollen high. burn factor about 15 to 20 minutes if your skin is unprotected. take a look around the state today. look at all that sunshine, 57 in eureka. low to mid-80s in the central valley. some high clouds holding us around 70. a look up at tahoe where this weekend we're going to be 63 on friday but showers and thunderstorms saturday and heavier showers and thunderstorms sunday. the man accused of opening
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fire at the university of north carolina at charlotte will make his first court appearance today. i'm tracking the very latest developments for you here at the live desk watching things throughout the morning. the suspect trystan terrell is a former student. police say he killed two students and hurt four others on tuesday. one of those students who died was riley howell. he knocked the shooter off his feet earning him praise from police and the four of his longtime girlfriend. >> first and foremost hero as far as i'm concerned and his name is riley powell. >> it would make complete sense he would turn and try to stop it from happening. he's the one that runs toward it instead of away. that's just the way he seemed to be built. >> in a statement howell's parents say their son was, quote, friends with anyone and everyone. a big, muscular guy with a huge heart being touted as a hero this morning. investigators still searching for a motive in the shooting.
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as we get updates, i'll pass them along. in the east bay oakland police are trying to determine a motive for a fatal shooting near san antonio park. officers found a man with gunshot wounds at 19th street and 17th avenue yesterday afternoon. he died at the scene. police haven't released information about a suspect or the victim's identity. 4:43 now. abc 7 news helping build a better bay area by looking for solutions to safety issues that concern you. red light cameras are being upgraded or reactivated at more than a dozen locations in san francisco. red light runners have been getting a pass since january when cameras were shut off because a contract with the manufacturer expired. state law requires a 30-day warning period before violators start getting tickets. city leaders say priority is intersections. cyclists say the cameras are a good thing.rous behaviors on our streets and that's
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running red lights, failure to yield. >> the cameras are located around the city and you ca get a closer look at this map to see if there's one in your neighborhood by going to country music legend garth brooks was in san francisco last night to talk about his music and host a live game of words with friends. abc 7 news reporter kate larsen got to hang out with him. >> you sit down and go ♪ sometimes a dream is like a journey ever changing as it flows ♪ >> reporter: it might seem like an unlikely partnership garth brooks with a tech company. >> garth brooks is here. >> reporter: but brooks says his love for the cell phone game words with friends started with his wife, fellow country singer tricia yearwood. >> she said look at this game i've been playing. you want to try it? i said, sure. now, nine years later, right, i haven't beaten her once.
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♪ she's found it out >> reporter: song he's been writing for 20 years and how his life and the technology aren't so different. >> i choose my words very carefully and they have to fit. >> reporter: brooks was the number one singing solo artist and says after 30 years in the business he still loves a good concert. >> my favorite song to perform live, flies under the radar, but when you announce the next song you're playing is "calling baton rouge" -- >> everybody loves that song. >> it's crazy. >> reporter: brooks left me with a few words of wisdom to share. >> the greatest question of all time, why are we down here? for me that's the easiest answer on the planet. we're down here for each other. >> reporter: kate larsen, abc 7 news. >> i love garth brooks. >> he has a great voice live, too. no backup track, nothing. and it was gorgeous.
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>> fantastic. it's fun to see he and tricia play words with friends. i like that and i like the fact that she's always beating him at it. that's kind of fun. listen, garth is a legend, really cool that he was in the bay area promoting that event. fun to see him. i love country music. mike nicco, i know, really loves country music. >> he was my first favorite country artist. >> do you have a favorite song? >> i go back to the early '90s, "friends in low places" and that album. an easy one to pick. >> or "when the thunder rolls." >> i was driving through kansas -- >> i'm watching reggie's face right now. >> i don't know what is happening. it's as if we started speaking another language. >> not a huge country fan. >> what is that? >> i love country, too, i do. mike, you and i listen to country sometimes before the show in the morning. >> brothers osborne right now.
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that's who i'm listening to the. you can see looking southbound 680, it's about 45 degrees here. sunshine, slightly warmer temperatures this afternoon. cool lows and patchy fog form again tonight and a chance of showers lingers into the weekend. or begins this weekend, i should say. down to the south bay. we're breaking the micro climate. 74 in milpitas. just a little bit warmer in morgan hill and gilroy, 79. 72 today with sunshine in santa cruz. 71 in millbrae. everybody else in the mid to upper 70s on the peninsula. low to mid-60s. not a solid deck of clouds. you'll have some from time to time. south san francisco and sausalito and mid to upper 70s through the north bay valleys with santa rosa 79. one of the warm spots. along the east bay shore, 72 in oakland. everybody else mid to upper 70s. as you move inland we'll be right around 80 in most neighborhoods out highway 4. low to mid-80s. tonight' tround 50
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degrees. there's that area of low pressure. an hour by hour look at that and how it affects our sunday up next. first the accuweather seven-day forecast. today and tomorrow we'll start to taper those temperatures with a breeze saturday and then with that chance of showers sunday will be our coolest day. alexis? good morning, mike. looking live at the bay bridge. traffic coming into san francisco looking okay here. i don't think it has cleared by treasure island. i did see a heavier flow. it's looking okay at the moment. i will keep an eye on that. tracy into dublin, you're in the yellow. southbound 68 dublin to mission boulevard. northbound 85 to cupertino 16 minutes. facebook is negotiating a deal with the government to create an independent privacy group inside the company. also, high-speed internet
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finally coming to alaska. here are your "tech bytes." in today's "tech bytes" facebook creating a privacy oversight committee. >> it would be part of a deal with the federal trade commission. the proposal is reportedly part of talks between the company and the ftc to settle privacy violations in addition to an expected multibillion dollar fine. and fanduel is penalizing those who don't gamble. >> they are deducting $3 a month for those inactive for two years. faster internet in alaska thanks to a really long cable. >> residents have complained about poor access to the web because of the state's distance from the continental u.s. now construction has started for fiber-optic cable that will run from the north pole to the lower 48 states. i can see wi-fi from my house. >> those are yourans went into theater to watch "endgame" and
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may have come out with measles. the sharks are on the road for tonight's stanley cup playoff game. you can watch the game with hundreds of other fans at home for free. just in time for
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let's take a look from the east bay hills camera. we're going to have temperatures
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even with that cloudiness that will respond to four to seven degrees above average. everybody in the 70s and 80s. stanley cup fever in the south bay. a game four viewing party will be held for tonight's sharks playoff game in denver. the san jose earthquakes and sharks are hosting this free event. the gates open at 6:00 p.m. and the puck drops at 7:00. the first 500 fans get a playoff mode rally towel, but you must reserve a ticket online. we have a link by going to our website the sharks beat the avalanche tuesday night to take a 2-1 series lead. 4:53 now. "avengers" fans may have been exposed to measles in southern california. orange county health officials say a woman went to the movie last thursday night. doctors say the woman had recently traveled to vietnam where the disease is widespread. she was vaccinated but still caught it. she went to the movie before she
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knew she had measles. an effort to prevent our smart speakers from storing information, a bill to prohibit speakers like the amazon echo and google home from saving, storing, or transmitting verbal commands or conversations picked up by the device. the bill follows a bloomberg report that shows employees had access to audio recordings from people who use amazon echo devices. nasa released a cool photo of sunrise. if you're wondering why it looks so small on mars the sun appears about two-thirds the size that we see here on earth. let's get to our resident scientist, mike nicco. we'll look at what will happen this weekend. some green out there, very random. a better chance to our south of showers during the afternoon and
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into the evening hours. they will try to rotate to us and then as that tapers we'll take a look over. we just did that story on tioga pass. they could get a little bit of snow but that won't stop them. rainfall totals less than a tenth of an inch even if you get some rain, a lot of us won't. there you go. that's our best chance of wet weather for a while. alexis? we don't have any major issues to talk about on the roads now. that is good news. we do have road work slowing you down on the peninsula, northbound 101 between san antonio and oregon expressway, various lanes scheduled to be closed for a fewore mut ohrou palo alto looking fine on el camino real or 280 if you want to take the long way around. that will add less than ten minutes to your drive. cash lanes heavy here at the bay bridge toll plaza. better news on the bridge,
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disabled vehicle past treasure island has cleared. oakland is launching a free event called pop-up street performances. ♪ >>mm winning singer/songwriter and oakland native helped announce it yesterday. it will feature more than 300 free performances in public plazas and private lobbies in downtown oakland. the aim of the project is to support local artists and promote the city. >> music for people who don't want to hear it. that's when you know you're making a connection and that is when you know that you are making a contribution. >> it's my favorite sound bite of the day. recovering narcissists. >> it will take place tuesday through thursdays and starts next week. just in time a new product
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combining guacamole and cheese. do you see this on your screen? it's a cows milk gouda blended with avocado, lime juice, chili, onion and garlic. it's sold ott a few locations in the u.s. comments online giving the cheese mixed reviews. >> what do you think? >> the color alone -- >> grinchy. >> i was going to say oscar the grouch. it's turning me off. next at 5:00 a.m., there was a plan to start surge pricing at four san francisco attractions. where you could end up paying more. new video of a crash involving a mayor in the black suv and a motorcycle officer. what happened and the one thing that likely saved the officer's life. it was a tough night for one dodgers fan at oracle park but he still kept on
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now at 5:00 a new plan to start surge pricing at san francisco attractions like the tower. the other three place that is could soon cost more. good morning on this thursday, may 2nd. you're never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. here is meteorologist mike nicco. take a look at visibility improving around napa and petaluma. it was down to about a mile. there is fog lurking out around the san pablo bay and into the north bay valleys.


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