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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  May 2, 2019 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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accuweather forecast. hi, mike nicco. hi, everybody. you can see there on the right side of your screen the marine layer trying to come through the golden gate. winds the same as yesterday and so was the cloud cover, a little thicker, the fog up around santa rosa. this is the way it looks in san rafael. my temperatures will be forecasted a little bit warmer than yesterday. starting off in the 40s at 7:00. we'll hit near 70 degrees. what a great lunch hour with a light breeze. mid to upper 70s at 4:00. a very comfortable evening. let's find out about the commute with alexis. >> we haven't had many issues. up to vallejo, a crash on westbound 80 connector. a head-on collision somehow occurred there. at least one person with some injuries and chp telling us the
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entrance is shut down due to this collision. also, benicia bridge before you get to marina vista on the north end of the bridge a crash reported. chp is not on the scene yet. we should have more information. next traffic update in about ten minutes. breaking news is in the race for president, another democrat is joining the race. michael bennett making the announcement. here is a campaign video he put on his website. he's from colorado. a senator there. focusing on income inequality and joins a crowded field. bids for the white house to challenge president trump including joe biden and california senator kamala harris. yet another one enters the race. back to you.
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>> very crowded. thank you, jessica. in an effort to build a better bay area. focusing on the issues such as equity and access for low-income families. f pop tourist spotsli t conserve atto flowers. >> let's bring in anser hassan who is looking at one of these attracteds, coit tower. >> reporter: good morning. the other three, the japanese tea gardens, the botanical gardens and the conservatory at golden gate park. here is what's being proposed. san francisco recreation and park officials want to switch to flexible pricing. that means prices could go up or
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drop by 25%. it costs $9 for nonresidents to visit but the price could drop in the winter if it's raining. not everyone likes the idea. surgeriigo well at a place like golden gate park to avoid peak times but that's not the case here at coit tower. there's also a separate vote happening today in sacramento dealing with lombard street, and have them drive down the popular street. as for surge pricing, the parks commission operation votes on the proposal today f. approved it goes to the full commission, if approved by the board of supervisors, the prices could take effect as early as september. reporting live, anser hassan, abc 7 news. blaming arson for the deadly
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fire. the defendants claim someone used molotov cocktails to set the fire that killed 36 people. investigators have not determined a cause. the attorneys claim no one from the fire or police department who visited the warehouse ever issued a warning about a fire hazard. bruce and davina isackson are the first parents to formally enter guilty pleas. in exchange for cooperating prosecutors agreed they will not face any more criminal charges. a sentencing hearing is set in boston for july 31st. prosecutors will suggest between two and four years in prison for each. a chinese student has apparently been expelled after her parents paid $6.5 million to get her into the school. it says that she is no longer -- has a profile in the directory
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but they cannot confirm an expulsion. inslee will speak in san francisco at noon. he's also scheduled to take part in a town hall meeting at the silicon foundation in mountain view at 4:00 p.m. inslee is called the climate candidate. defeating climate change is his priority. a new plan to save coastal communities along the san francisco bay from rising sea levels and a big challenge getting all of the counties and cities to agree on the same policies. so that's why the san francisco bay shoreline adaptation atlas was created. take a look at your screen. scientists and planners spent two years creating this report to help counties and cities work together. the atlas divides the bay's 400 miles of shoreline into 30 different zones. scientists made recommendations for each zone based on local conditions.
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a little bit cooler weather if you're waking up in the south bay. mid to upper 40s. the hills, mountain view and milpitas. cooler in morgan hill at 41. take a look around, upper 40s all the way up to the peninsula and up the east bay shore. 44 in danville. san francisco is 50 with a wind at 8 miles an hour. a nice day to be outside. even some sunshine. some fog through 9:00. quickly dropping back to mid-60s. upper 60s to near 70 from noon to 4:00. starting off at 50. we'll end up needing a jacket later. san francisco, upper 50s to low 60s this afternoon.
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a whole lot of sunshine during the afternoon hours. looking good still. a quiet start looking at heavier volumes, the richmond side of the bridge. it's not terrible yet. that emergency road work. a 19-minute drive across the bay bridge. nothing blocking making your way through the metering lights. a terrifying incident in solano county yesterday. the chp released this image, an suv impaled by a guardrail and that happened after the suv veered off the highway. unfortunately the passenger did have major injuries. >> that's terrible. thank you, alexis. sfmta will get an update on vision zero, the city's plan to
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eliminate severe traffic related injuries. it will show 23 deaths in 2018. the city wants to hit zero by 2024. they will work to improve traffic lanes and evaluate the escooter program, implementing special enforcement days where officers focus on ticketing drivers who speed, make illegal turns and run through stop signs and red lights. a police officer is back on the job months after he was recorded in two controversial videos that went viral. a new warning about the popular sleeping drug ambien. the fda raising concerns about unintended deaths associated with the medication. it's now 6:11. here is a live look outside as the sun is coming up.
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the very latest on what's happening in venezuela. things not much better this morning. president trump calling all of this a mess predicting things could get even worse. i have been watching things unfouled since tuesday when this h ill these leader juan ga dou guaido trying to oust nicolas
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maduro. on the other side president maduro has publicly said protesters would be punished, some of them facing, quote, serious crimes and the united states suppo suppo suppo the question this morning will the u.s. step in at any point? maduro is still in office. things have not changed politically. guaido still hoping to change that. right now maduro is still in place. we'll watch and see if this is another violent day. we'll keep you posted. back to you. an officer placed on administrative leave after a use of force video went viral has returned to limited duty. our media partner "the mercury news" reports david mclaughlin is back to work but not on patrol. this is the wrong video. apologize for that. in january it was claimed he
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tackled a person in front of his home until he realized he was a veteran. officials have not said if he will face any discipline for the incident. 6:16. starbucks is recalling 260,000 coffee presses because they can end up cutting you. the plunger on the coffee presses can explode -- or break and expose the metal rod. nine people have been hurt. these were sold online and in stores. if you have one you are asked to contact starbucks. you will not be able to do a refund in the store. we know most people who love dogs would do anything for their four-legged friend. >> including this. carry him up the stairs. a dog who just can't deal with heights got some help from a human friend when he was unable to climb some stairs this is outside an apartment building in las vegas where charger the dog lives. a reporter in vegas tweeted this video along with the message d h toim u , my dog is afraidh
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>> is so sweet. mike, is oreo afraid of heights? >> oh, no. he's always climbing and playing in the wisteria. he's knocked half of it off. >> this is a cat not a dog, by the way. >> i bet those stairs have gaps where you can see through. >> i remember as a child being afraid of those so i get it. >> now she will have to carry him down and up every time he has to go outside. that's what you do as a parent whether it's an animal or a kid. we have perfect pet coming up. not sure if it's a dog or a cat. i'll be sure to put that out on social media when i find out. a gorgeous sunshine. patchy fog and a chance of
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showers. ukiah, fairfield, concord, livermore. everybody else in the north bay, mid to upper 70s. around most of the bay, fremont, palo alto, upper 70s there. 62 in half moon bay. going through the rally at the shark tank, 6:00 is when it starts. temperatures will be in the mid-70s. by the end of the game, upper 50s. that jersey will be nice and warm for you by then. temperatures will fall down into the mid to upper 40s except out near antioch, 53. as we head into the afternoon hours, light green there is the chance of scattered light showers. overnight the low passes to our south and it kind of pushes a limb bit of light rain, maybe some drizzle into our morning commute monday but then once it ends, it's all over. it focuses back to the high country where there may be snow in tioga pass. it may take another month.
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we rebound next week. alexis? i want to take you back to vallejo where we have cleanup for a head-on collision that happened westbound 80 connector to maritime academy. the off ramp is blocked. the entrance is blocked as well. one person was transported with some injuries. an update on our situation at the south end of the benicia bridge. i originally said the north end but it sounds like it's closer to marina vista. it's not a collision. chp arrived and said a vehicle with a broken axle. they tried to get off to the shoulder but are partially hanging into the right lane. a quick check of the bay bridge toll plaza, a minor crash. "good morning america" coming up at 7:00 here on abc 7.
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>> ginger zee with a look at what's ahead. hi, ginger. well, hi there, reggie. hi, natasha. great to be with both of you this morning. coming up we have this frightening story from washington state, a bounce house swept up in the wind, which is nothing new, but it injures five high school students this time. the latest on the story. plus, diane sawyer is here to make us feel bad because we have a first look at her new sme special, the shocking statistics we are looking at our tablets and phones and what happens when you're distracted for just two minutes. plus, she is outstanding always and she won't make you just feel bad, she will teach us something. the powerhouse performances from the billboard music award, the surprise wedding overnight between joe jonas and sophie turner. you'll see it all right here. and the masterminds behind "avengers: endgame." what secrets we can get out of them. the very funny and talented and handsome and all-around, yes,
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he's my second choice after my husband because i have to say that, ryan reynolds is here. all coming up. >> now going back to the billboard music awards, as a dancer, ginger zee, who impressed you the most? >> paula abdul. >> yes, correct answer. ding, ding, ding, you win. >> i couldn't believe it. >> amazing. the dead drop. >> i didn't know it was her. >> amazing. >> i'm ready to book tickets for the show in vegas because jumping off of that second story -- i know, okay. we're all going together. >> thank you, ginger. now we'll talk about the measles outbreak reaching to the high sea. a cruiseship is quarantined with hundreds of people onboard. plus, the dire warning about the next fire season. why experts say
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mostly clear skies, low cloud cover from sutro tower looking at the gorgeous sun rise. we'll warm about four to eight degrees above average. today and tomorrow our warmest days in my accuweather forecast. don't forget the chance of rain sunday.
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thank you so much, mike. 6:24 now. a warning from the fda. side effects from sleeping pills like ambien can lead to suicide or death. the agency announced a prominent warning will now be required on labels for sleep aids. doctors have been advised not to prescribe to those who sleep walk. can you imagine this -- hundreds of passengers and crew reportedly trapped on a cruiseship because of a measles emergency. theship has been quarantined on st. lucia after authorities confirmed someone on boorpd hbo the virus and others exposed. the cdc is tracking the worst spike in the u.s. in decades. you can see here more than 700 cases in 22 states. it first starts with cold symptoms, fever, cough, runny nose and red eyes.
6:26 am
and that can last three to four days before the rash comes on. if you haven't been vac nated and you have what seems like a bad cold it might be measles. >> measles is one of the most highly contagious viruses in the world. if an unprotected person is exposed they have a 90% chance of contracting the disease. well, we have new details on the sea lion rescued from highway 101 in south san francisco. veterinarians named the 10-month-old pup kid. kid was slightly malnourished. they believe he was separated from his mom too soon. it turns out kid swam all the way from southern california, 375 miles away. quite a journey. he had a tag from a wildlife center there. >> good morning to him and no one else. i love that sea lion so much. next at 6:30, another company saying good-bye to san francisco for the same reason you would guess, where it's moving hundreds of jobs. >> some new details in the death
6:27 am
of oscar grant. the internal police report that has just been unsealed. and things are getting heated between lawmakers and attorney general william barr. barr has backed out of a planned appearance today in front of house law makers and they took the opportunity to put a fake chicken in his seat since he's not there. i will break it all down for you, what's happening on capitol hill coming up. plus, something we've all done probably hundreds of times may end up getting banned in some work places. what
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it's no ordinary day at denny's it's crepe day. a family tradition we started about twenty-two minutes ago. and from the looks of it, this tradition is going to last awhile. denny's has new crepes! see you at denny's.
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right now at 6:30 a dramatic crash caught on camera, a police officer knocked into a fountain, what saved his life. we're taking another look this morning at the shooting death of oscar grant. he was shot on a b.a.r.t. platform by a police officer who said at the time he thought he was reaching for his taser. we'll tell you what a newly released report has to say about that. new help on the way from survivors of the 2017 north bay wildfires. the agreement just made with pg&e. plus, at the live desk, i'm breaking down a new airline ranking just out this morning. you'll want to hear it before booking your next flight especially as summer comes around which ones have snacks for the kids, extra leg room, the wi-fi
6:31 am
onboard. we have it all. >> go ahead. where are we going? good morning on this thursday, may 2nd. >> you're never more than seven minutes away from the accuweather forecast. mike nicco, take it away. >> let's show you what's going on. first with live doppler 7, i have some fog to talk about. you can see it heaviest around napa and santa rosa and heelsberg down to a mile. you can see some of that is leaking down the east bay shore. we can't see it at pier 15. we can see the sun rise. temperatures in the mid to upper 40s. chill this morning. by lunch you won't be wearing a code. low to mid-70s at 4:00 and comfortable mid to upper 70s. enjoy. alexis? the richmond side of the bridge, yeah, it has filled in here. from marina parkway over to the marin county side, it will take
6:32 am
you about 50 minutes normally without this new traffic that we see. that grind has begun this morning. a new crash on the peninsula, 101 before san antonio road just hearing about a new two car collision. i'll get more information and have an update next. thank you, alexis. we want to start with developing news in contra costa county. a new school threat at a high school. >> police plan on stepping up the presence in san ramone after a threatening message found in a bathroom yesterday. the message threatened a shooting at the school next week, may 9th. officials say they're taking the threatt seriously. did you feel the 3.3 magnitude earthquake that struck the north bay last night.
6:33 am
>> it was centered about four miles south/southwest from calistoga. it hit at 10:17 p.m. no reports of any injuries or damage. san francisco mayor london breed is proposing a $628 million earthquake bond. the goal is to strengthen critical public safety infrastructure in the city in case there's a large earthquake. mayor breed plans to introduce the proposal at the board of supervisors meeting next tuesday this is what it looks like. it includes $275 million to retrofit fire stations and for firefighting training facilities. $153 million for the emergency firefighting water system. and $121 million towards retrofitting projects at the city's police department. if approved the bond would be placed on the march 2020 ballot. some new details in the shooting death of oscar grant, killed by a b.a.r.t police offireneao.> newly released rep shows officers involved lied to investigators and that another officer should have shared some of the blame.
6:34 am
abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield live in the newsroom. >> reporter: fil t tsshows a st night. the officer told investigators he was fighting for his life that night in the chaos on the b.a.r.t. platform. well, the report says that is a lie and that he actually was found to be the instigator. officer anthony pirone is described as yelling people on the platform, using curse words and a racial slur and ordered the arrest of oscar grant. investigators say in the report pirone's actions played a critical role leading to oscar grant's death. johannes mehserle of convicted of involuntary manslaughter and served 11 months in jail. grant's family says this shows pirone should also have been held accountable. >> tony pirone was an accessory to murder and should be charged for being an accessory to the murder of what happened to oscar grant.
6:35 am
mehserle got away with involuntary manslaughter but tony pirone created the chaos. >> reporter: mehserle said he thought he was using his taser not his gun. based on enhanced video evidence mehserle attempted to draw his gun twice and on the final attempt he can be seen looking down at the gun holster and sees the gun come out. the report concludes deadly force was not justified. the report was conducted in 2009, and is being released because of the new transparency law that allows internal police records to be seen. you can read the full report on our website. go to live in the newsroom, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. a house judiciary committee has just wrapped in washington. >> democrats wanted to hear from the attorney general about the mueller report. that apparently not happening,
6:36 am
jessica. >> it is certainly not happening. i've been watching this thing from the live desk. the hearing got under way roughly about 30 minutes ago. as expected the attorney general was a no-show. we want to show you a live picture from capitol hill. we don't have that. okay. the hearing just ended. instead of barr there was an empty chair where he would have been sitting. the justice department canceled his appearance because they object to questioning from the judiciary committee staff lawyer. barr's no-show could lead house democrats to subpoena him. he faced a grilling from senators yesterday after it was revealed that robert mueller had issues with how barr was characterizing his findings. several democrats now calling on barr to resign. nadler wants robert mueller to appear to clear things up. we have to see if that will actually happen. we saw attorney general barr leaving his home right as that
6:37 am
hearing was supposed to get under way. i do want to note that a congressman from tennessee brought a chicken and a bucket of kentucky fried chicken and put it in front of the seat where barr would have been sitting. >> like a dolph a chicken. >> ceramic or plastic. it sat there on the desk. a lot of people taking that opportunity to take pictures of that as well. photo-op and a statement. that is trending on twitter now. tensions are high. pg&e proposing to a plan to place $105 million into a special fund to help victims of the campfire. filing in bankruptcy court the utility said the fund would cover housing and other immediate needs for victims of the fires.
6:38 am
they will consider at a may 22nd hearing. the national interagency fire center says the wet winter is producing heavy vegetation in california which will eventually wildfires. higher elevations this year will see a later fire season because of the record setting snowpack. 6:38 now. in the south bay a former santa clara councilman has filed a lawsuit against the city's school district. our media partner "the mercury news" says dominick caserta says his reputation was damaged after emails were sent to all employees that contained his personnel file as well as sexual harassment allegations against him since 2002. the email was mistakenly sent last year during caserta's campaign for county supervisor. the lawsuit claims it created a witch trial atmosphere that destroyed his life almost overnight.
6:39 am
san bruno is 50. everybody else in the 40s on either side of the peninsula. concord, 52 along with antioch, 53 in los gatos. san francisco 51. everyone else in the 40s until you get to santa rosa. visibility about a mile near the airport. hazy sunshine. a light breeze on the bay. starting off 50 at the peninsula. almost wall two wall sunshine today. upper 60s at noon. high clouds and sunshine. gorgeous sunset. east bay valleys make a run from 51 at 7:00 to low 70s at noon and upper 70s this afternoon. look at all of that sunshine.
6:40 am
and in the south bay almost the same. maybe cooler. 50 at 7:00. mid-70s this afternoon. if you're going to the rally at the shark tank, dropping into the upper 50s by the end of the game. i think a 2-1 or 3-1 lead. let's bring alexis in and talk about the traffic this morning. what are you seeing? we do have a crash on peninsula so a few more details in. still don't have a lot of information confirmed. northbound 101 sounds like two vehicles are involved. i know the fire department is on the scene and possibly some injuries. folks heading over to foster city looking okay. tracy into dublin in the yellow. westbound 4 antioch to concord
6:41 am
in the red at 33. southbound 101 san rafael to san francisco, the first time we've seen that in the yellow coming in at 18 minutes. new video this morning showing a crash that sent a motorcycle officer flying into a fountain. i'm going to krang every time i see this. this happened tuesday. the mayor of inglewood, california, was behind the wheel of that black suv when it collided with an oncoming car. the lapd officer did suffer serious injuries including broken bones. we're told i'll be okay. the officer wasn't on his bike. he was standing near it. luckily he had his helmet on still and one expert is saying that's probably what saved his life. >> and he didn't have to have his helmet on because he wasn't riding. >> i was reading the "l.a. times" reporting the mayor may have been making a left on a red. but they haven't confirmed that. i guess the mayor's office hasn't been returning calls. >> thanks, alexis. this morning there is a new proposal to control the number
6:42 am
of tourists at some of san francisco's most popular spots. it could end up costing you up to 50% more to visit. looking live at the big board at the new york stock exchange down about 31 points right now. we'll bring you an update on how the markets are doing up next. a new survey shows most people want no touching in the work place, not even a handshake. grab your phone. go to and let us know what you think. >> reporter: do you know how to get the very best deal every time you book a hotel room? i'm michael finney and this is a 7 on your side quick tip, for sure you know to go online and check out all the deals. some will compare the other websites. pick up a phone and call the local hotel. don't call the 800 number. call the actual hotel where you want to stay and ask them to beat the price, the lowest price you've been given.
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i do. check out the united explorer card. savin' on this! savin' on this! savin' in here. rewarded! learn more at a little bit of fog this morning for the kids heading out to the bus stop. make sure they bring the coat home because they won't be wearing it after school. they may still be wearing it.
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low to mid-80s. high clouds and sunshine in socal with near 70 for san diego, los angeles, 92 at palm springs. a look at lake tahoe. heavier rain possible sunday. thanks, mike. in an effort to build a better bay area we focus on the big issues affecting residents like equity and access for low-income families. one possible solution, surge prices. >> and not for your ride share but popular tourist spots in san francisco. anser hassan live at coit tower. good morning, anser. >> reporter: talking about four popular hot spots, coit tower one of them. the other three the japanese tea garden, the botanical gardens and the conservatory of flowers at golden gate park. san francisco recreation and park officials want to switch tr
6:47 am
and drop by 25% when there's less demand. park and rec say they would help reduce wait times for visitors. not everyone agrees. protect coit tower says price surging could work at a place like golden gate park. they can visit during peak hours. that's not the case at coit tower. there's a separate vote in sacramento dealing with lombard street. that bill is to charge drivers a $5 fee and have them make a reservation to drive down the popular street. as for price surging, operations committee votes on the proposal today. if approved it goes to the full commission in two weeks. and if approved by the city council could take effect as early as september. reporting live in san francisco, anser hassan, abc 7 news.
6:48 am
now a live desk update. a new ranking is out showing the best airlines in america. >> i was surprised by some of the results. >> were you? >> i was. >> the top one has been doing really well in surveys for the past couple years. >> let's break it everything from safety, delays, even your complaints and more. here are the highlights of this survey. ranking best overall for the third year in a row alaska airlines based on how it ranked in all of the categories combined. alaska getting the top spot for safety. they've had no deaths and under 15 persons injured in the last six years, so pretty good track record there. as for comfort jetblue. a great in-flight experience, free amenities like wi-fi, extra leg room for the really tall
6:49 am
people, plus free snacks and drinks. worth noting, guys, you had alaska, delta, southwest and united that they all tied for second place -- >> a four-way tie. >> a four-way tie for comfort. >> okay. that means no one is very comfortable then? >> that might be what that means actually. >> let me ask you this. what's the number one thing you look for when you're booking a plight? >> price, right? >> i look at price, also. >> i let my husband do it because he has status. >> you must look at leg room. >> i do because because of his status i get leg room. >> humble. >> younow wt hsa,st airli to ft you have status on. >> true. now your morning money report, london club is moving s moving of jobs out of the its customer support division to
6:50 am
utah outside of salt lake city. it will impact 350 people. the ceo scott sanborn blamed exactly what you think it is, rising rents. growing exclusively in san francisco doesn't make financial sense. ouch. a live look at the new york stock exchange trading under way this morning down two points. looking at corporate earnings results. here is a question, should all physical contact including hand shakes be banned at work? more than three-quarters ooa they're to stay.
6:51 am
>>o hrs they are ready to work. not going to be able to produce with those companies. >> 2,000 adults were surveyed in the uk. some admitted to avoiding a colleague or client because of their choice of greeting. some people say there is more to consider. >> this was three-quarters of the survey say they want a completely physical contact free work place. so let's see what these results -- 83% of you say no, you should not ban all physical contact. thank you for weighing in. very interesting. >> pretty reasonable. take a look at how weather is doing this morning. here is a look at san jose.
6:52 am
87 just to the east of the shark tank. strong sunshine today. slight warming compared to yesterday. cooler weekend with a chance of showers and spring warmth next week. about 78. 72 in santa cruz. mid to upper 70s. low to mid-60s along the coast. 69, sausalito. 76 today in novato and sonoma. 72 in oakland and berkeley at 73. orinda and fremont 77. upper 70s to a few middle 80s. tonight cloud cover and fog in
6:53 am
the same spots, mid-40s to around 50 degrees. a look at sunday morning. we have a chance as we head into the afternoon hours of some scattered light showers. better chances, the low spins to our south with that counterclockwise flow you can see the moisture coming up. there could be wet spots and snow up around tioga pass. it could be until june when they get that cleared of all the snow. warmer tomorrow inland. coolest sunday with that chance of a shower. 70s and 80s back by wednesday. take you back to the peninsula. i believe we are improving now. it sounded like chp was close to clearing the crash. stand by. i feel like i'm going to sneeze. maybe i can fight through it. mike says allergies are high today which i can vouch for.
6:54 am
i believe all lanes are back open. they thought there were injuries. they confirmed no one was injured. metering lights on later than average. drive times looking good. highway 4 to the maze. ten across the bay bridge. 11 minutes southbound 101 to sfo. amazon is expanding its in-car delivery service. some are equipment with technology that allows drivers to drop off packages in your car and then lock it back up. >> very interesting. >> what? >> alexis, how does it work? >> so they can get into your house, into your garage, into your car? >> yep. coming up next, the seven things you need to know before you go. i don't even have a friend with a key.
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>> make better friends. you know we're on the gram, right? this is our picture of the day. follow us and you can see more great photos. share your photos. >> it's a mood. >> i have the giggles. right now we head to break. live outside to the bay bridge at
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6:58. whether you're just joining us or about to go out the door, number one, there will be more police officers at california high school in san ramone after a threatening message was found in a bathroom yesterday. the message warned of a shooting next thursday. number two from the live desk, william barr was a no-show this morning for a house judiciary hearing on the mueller report. a tennessee congressman brought a fake chicken in and kfc and placed it at the table where barr would have sat. a decade later a more complete look at what happened the nice oscar grant was shot and killed by an officer at the b.a.r.t. station in oakland. some new details are spelled out in a report.
6:59 am
surge pricing to four populot prices would go up or down depending on what time of day or season. it only applies to nonresidents. tracking some fog across the north bay, watch out for that. you can see the haze out there as high pressure is dominating our forecast bringing us sunshine and warmer than average temperatures, 60s at the coast. 70s in the bay. 80s inland. northbound 101, a crash has been cleared just before san antonio road. we were at a 20, 25 minute delay. all smiles after paula abdul hit her with her hat last night at the billboard music awards. i've post this had photo on twitter. the results of the honor of being hit in the neck by paula abdul's flying hat. that's a joke, right? t s itreally abdul is, man --
7:00 am
>> on fire. >> she is amazing. >> incredible dancer. >> there's alexis. good morning, america. the severe weather emergency right now. more than 20 million in the path of a deadly one-two punch. these twisters tearing across the south and floods forcing water rescues. the moment this man clinging to a tree is finally saved and now the new threat as that storm hammers the heartland again. also this morning, the capitol hill clash. attorney general william barr now refusing this morning to show up for day two in the house after a heated senate showdown over the mueller report. why didn't barr reveal to the american people bob mueller was unhappy with what he did? now some democrats are demanding barr res


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