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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  May 3, 2019 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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so there is a second location involved. this is castro valley and grove way. this is the second stolen car. and the second crash. we do not know if he was arrested here or escaped again. we are working to get those details. the neighbor here told us he was afraid to go on camera because such violent crimes were involved in this. he is feeling nervous but a very helpful man giving us information. we watched as he helped wheel one of the women who is in a wheelchair into the home. very nice to see one neighbor helping these women out as they deal with this very scary ordeal. amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. that is scary. thank you so much, amy. it is 4:30. if you're just waking up to us, it's friday. here is a look at your weather and traffic. mike? we'll start looking at live
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doppler 7 which is dry. i wanted to put the visibility out there. the fog is not thick enough to cause any issues but it could. some of the fog that's trying to pull in from the coast, we'll keep an eye on that for you. temperatures in the upper 40s to low 50s. 50s to near 60 at the coast today. 67 to 72. what a great lunch hour we're going to have. when you're heading out this evenings had still gorgeous, 64 to 68 degrees. once the sun sets we'll drop into the 50s. have a coat handy. another check of the morning commute. we're looking live at the bay bridge toll plaza. a little lineup in the cash lanes no surprise there. no significant delays if you're using fastrak this morning. a quick check of some drive times. overall looking great for most of our bay area bridges. golden gate bridge, seven minutes in the green. nine across the bridge.
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westbound 92, san mateo bridge, in the green at 13 minutes. reports of a roll over crash in mountain view. we'll check on that next. this morning the woman accused of posing as a nanny and targeting bay area families for decades is in jail in martinez. >> this is exclusive video of 60-year-old darlene marianna monticalvo shortly after her arrest in kensington. kate larsen shows us how investigators say the woman fooled unsuspecting parents. >> reporter: do you have anything to say? no response from 60 year darlene marianna monticalvo arrested in kensington and on her way to jail. she has a lengthy criminal history dating back to the '80s. here she is in 2004 accused of posing as a fake nanny who stole from bay area families. >> it is very, very horrifying. it's very scary. it's kept me up at night. >> reporter: this woman so afraid of monticalvo that she didn't want to be identified.
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she is a bay area nanny and says last month monticalvo pretended to be a mom looking to hire her. she gave monticalvo personal information to verify her credentials but quickly realized her potential employer was up to no good. >> i told her straight up, i think you're scamming me. please destroy my documents. she then flipped out on me, accusing me of all kinds of things as if i was the one who was in the wrong. >> reporter: monticalvo allegedly used the personal information to steal the nanny's identity and then used the real nanny's good name to interview for jobs with families in san francisco. >> she's prolific is one way to put it. >> reporter: john corcoran led the investigation. oakland police have a warrant out for her arrest. >> i would still consider her dangerous. >> reporter: the district
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attorney's office tells me the cruelty to a charge child stems from an incident last year in which monticalvo allegedly let an infant boy cry for extended periods of time and forcibly put him down in his crib. i'm told she was be in court today and next week. in kensington, i'm kate larsen, abc 7 news. brand-new this morning, tesla's latest software update includes two new safety features. i've been looking into them at the live desk and the first one is called lane departure avoidance. tesla vehicles will check to see if the driver's hands are on the wheel if they begin to change lanes with the turn signal on. the second safety feature is emergency lane departure avoidance. tesla vehicles will stay in their lane if they sense a lane change may cause a crash. abc 7 i-team broke the story of
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apple engineer walter huang says his feature steered him into a barrier in mountain view killing him. tesla has not yet commented on the lawsuit. that's the latest from our live desk. the chp is asking for the public's help on a person who opened fire on a car. sky 7 was over the seen as officers stopped traffic in the northbound lanes to look for evidence. it all started when a car pulled up behind an officer who was on the side of the road for an unrelated incident. the driver told the officer someone shot at him on the freeway. officers found two bullet holes in the car. nobody was hurt. 4:35 now. on the peninsula a hazmat crew preparing to remove radioactive material found inside of a house in san carlos. sky 7 flew above the house on cedar street. officials say the man who lived there passed away earlier this year. his relatives notified the city after discovering containers in a backyard shed. officials say there is no danger
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to the public. sheriff's deputies are guarding the home until the materials are removed. happening today the deadline is coming up this morning for a large homeless encampment to be cleared out in santa cruz. protesters are planning to stage a demonstration. the santa cruz sentinel reports about 60 to 70 people are still at the area behind a ross store along highway 1 and river street. the camp used to have 200 people that had been there since november, but most of them have left. the city has a sanctioned encamp ment half a mile north but only fits about 80 people. tensions running high with house speaker pelosi slamming the attorney general. i am here at the live desk looking into all of it. we will break down what is happening in washington this morning. in the east destructive lane finally heads to court pitting homeowners against the bay area's largest water agency. a local mom connecting teens
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with neighborhood jobs. it is a win-win for both. you're never more than seven minutes away from my accuweather forecast. let's take a look at what's going on with the snow survey. we have some fantastic news. california's water supply is nearly double the average for this time of the year. crews did a final measurement and found the snowpack is 188% of average measuring 47 inches deep, almost four feet of snow still in the sierra. officials expect the remaining snow to melt slowly and that will replenish the reservoirs through august. it doesn't mean go crazy using water. we got lucky with a pretty good snowpa snowpack. let's use it wisely. as far as our temperatures, we see some mid to upper 40s in danville, san ramone, dublin. here in lafayettend pleasant hill. concord and brentwood in the low
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50s with antioch and pittsburg in the mid to upper 50s. from san francisco, vallejo southward, low to mid-50s. here is a look at some of the cloud cover. there will be areas out there when you're driving this morning. watch out for varying conditions. mass transit, your ferry ride will be breezy north of the bay bridge. 50s at 9:00. 60s at 11:00. we'll see increasing sunshine. the east bay will make it right up to around 70 this afternoon after starting off at 52. even san francisco hits the mid-60s with increasing sunshine today. a touch breezy especially around the golden gate or the marina, in that area. hoping for friday light. what have you got? well, not friday light. it's only slow in a couple areas. >> okay. >> i want to take you to a new crash in the mountain view area.
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sounds like a solo vehicle collision, at least initially here. a vehicle did flip over. it's on its roof, westbound 237 near middle field road. i believe the only person inside the vehicle did get out okay. so hopefully no serious injuries but emergency crews are on the way to the scene and that is blocking lane number two right now. a quick check of mass transit. b.a.r.t. began running at 5:00 a.m. ace one on time and normal
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expand upon that small craft advisory i told you about north of the bay bridge where you see the yellow through the delta. the fastest breezes start at 3:00 and go through 9:00 so some caution on the water there. 64 in monterey. 68 in san diego. look at all that sunshine along the coast. palm spring at 97. mid to upper 60s along the sierra including tahoe where we're going to put off the rain saturday. showers and thunderstorms looking more likely sunday. the battle on capitol hill is heating up after william bar stood up the house judiciary committee. i've been tracking it this
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morning. democrats claim barr wanted to dodge questions on how he handled the barr report. house speaker nancy pelosi went so fas as to accuse him of committing a crime. >> not telling the truth to the coming of the united states, that's a crime. >> the justice department called pelosi's attack reckless, irresponsible and false. the house judiciary committee chair says that he's trying to work with barr's team to get a new date scheduled. nothing has been finalized yet, so certainly a lot more to come. one thing really important to note as mentioned yesterday was that he was really opposed -- barr, to being questioned by the house committee because he didn't want to be questioned by a lawyer for the house committee. part of the reason he department show up. we're going to see how it all plays out.
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it is 4:43. a nasty legal fight between homeowners in moraga and east bay, all of this finally going to court. this is a story you will only see on abc 7. a huge landslide caused two homes to be red-flagged and damaged a third property. the homeowners have maintained all along that the utility is at fault. two families remain out of their damaged homes on augusta drive. the h there. attorneys say they have a key piece of evidence, emails. >> it says east bay mud, although their internal department says they recommended stabilizing this hillside did nothing until it was too late. >> east bay mud provided a written statement to abc 7 news. the moraga landslide in litigation. with an upcoming trial date. we trust in the legal process
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and hope for a fair resolution. a new app helps teens get invaluable work experience. amanda del castillo has the details. >> reporter: when janet shah's kids stopped asking for candy bars and for the latest gadgets, she wanted her kids to understand the value of a dollar. >> i found myself over and over saying when i was your age i was earning my own money. i was babysitting, i would never ask my parents for a luxury item like that. >> reporter: a steady job can be unrealistic for today's busy teen. she launched the teen job find app. it allows teens to earn money doing odd jobs around the community. linda faus uses it for help around the house. >> the teens have been dependable. they've shown up on time, done the work i've asked them to do. >> reporter: her 16-year-old daughter checks the app once a week for work.
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>> in our enabled being on a busy street it's hard to get babysitting jobs when there's not as much of a community. >> reporter: to access the app teens need their parents' approval and must submit an additional reference. parents are notified when teens accept a job and when they've arrived at work. posters must go through a background check to get on the platform. >> that's a seven-year check and the county check as well. they can't see anything on our platform until they've passed that. >> reporter: shah says teen job find is approaching 1,000 users, building a better bay area by connecting an otherwise busy community. for now the app is only available to those between sunnyvale and belmont but there are plans to launch in new orleans soon. expansion is expected. in the south bay, i'm amanda del castillo, abc 7 news. >> we want to hear your ideas about building a better bay area. share them by joining our group on facebook. you're never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. here is meteorologist mike
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nicco. thank you very much, natasha. we made it to friday. the fog is up early this morning but just like yesterday i don't think it will make a great push inland. we're going to be mostly sunny and just as warm. maybe a degree or two warmer. cooler conditions this weekend. two chances of showers coming up. a look at today's temperatures. 83 in ukiah. mid to upper 70s for the rest of the north bay. upper 70s in the south bay. 72 to 75 around the bay and for half moon bay 61 to 66. tonight temperatures in the 40s. notice the deeper push in the clouds and that's why we're going to be cooler starting tomorrow. maybe a lot. and then eventually will open the door for this area of low pressure that continues to sit out here and just take its time.
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look how far it moved yesterday, a couple hundred miles at the most. some scattered showers by the time we get to 4:00 into the evening hours on sunday. notice they're very scattered and random, nothing to cancel any plans over. if you do see a dark cloud coming your way, have our app handy. you can see where going. overnight a better chance of light showers and some drizzle. as we head to the morning commute monday but then it starts toup. if you receive rain, only a couple hundredths of an inch. temperatures will rebound from the 50s and 60s sunday, back to the 60s, 70s and 80s by thursday. alexis? good morning, mike. oerall we're still looking good here for the friday morning commute and taking you out to the tracy area where we do have heavy traffic due to overnight road work. it looks like they are starting to pick things up and reopen that. one lane closed there, the grant line road off ramp, is still
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closed. 17 miles an hour. it was seven last time we checked. badgoll plaza. we have a lineup in the cash lanes on the left side. looks like the right side isn't too bad and no delays if you're using fastrak. facebook is banning six people for violating its ban on dangerous individuals. and airbnb guest. in today's "tech bytes" facebook is banning high profile people they say are dangerous. >> louis farrakhan has been criticized for his anti-semitic remarks. they violate civil rights groups support the move. others say it amounts to censorship. facebook is about to launch its own cryptocurrency payment system similar to bitcoin.
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>> the journal says facebook hopes to attract users by offering rewards. a couple had the louvre all to themselves for the night. >> they won a contest held by airbnb, the first people to sleep inside the landmark since the 18th century. >> not counting the carters. those are your "tech bytes." >> that's pretty cool. >> it looks like they're just posing a lot. >> are those stock models or the real ones? >> i don't know. you're right. governor newsom hits the reset button on a giant water project. and president trump refuses to release his tax returns. what it may cost him in next year's california primary. the warriors face the rockets in game three of the playoff series tomorrow and you can catch it all here on abc 7. coverage starts at 5:00. tipoff at 5:30. makes sure you stay with us for toyota after the game.
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honored to be your emcee for the 2019 east bay march for babies. this one is taking place in pleasanton at the fair grounds. a lot of people start showing up around 8:00. it will be chilly and 50 degrees. when the race starts, 54. by the time most people end 11:30 to noon, we'll be to 70 degrees. can't wait to raise money for healthy babies. governor newsom scrapping a
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billion dollar plan to build two giant water former governor jerry brown lobbied for two to divert water from the sacramento river to the bay area. san joaquin valley and southern california. the state has spent $240 million on this. twin tunnel supporters say they would bring water to areas that badly need it. environmentalists say the tun l tunnels would suck too much water from the delta and hurt wildlife. new warnings from uc berkeley police following two armed robberies. one happened around 12:30 early yesterday morning in front of the delta kai from certainty. they stole cell phones and other items from four people. the men took off in a red dodge. the other incident happened about an hour later just blocks away. two suspects stole a student's wallet on dwight way near people's park and got away in a black sedan. there's a chance you may not find president trump on the ballot in california next year. the state senate has approved a
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bill requiring presidential candidates to release five years worth of tax returns. if they don't, their names won't appear on the primary ballot. it is in response to mr. trump's response to not releasing tax returns because he's under audit. it's unclear if governor newsom would sign the measure. the state's primary is set for march 3rd. the sharks come home tomorrow. we have game five, the series side 2-2. they drop the first puck. coming out after a win, of course, 56 degrees. let's take a look at the cinco de mayo festival coming sunday. temperatures on the cool side. i don't expect any showers here. there may be a little drizzle and a mixture of clouds and sunshine and breezy conditions in the
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alexis? we are looking at a quiet start to the commute. a live look at walnut creek. 680 looking friday light north of the 24 split. no incidents to report. a quick check of some drive times tracy into dublin. all that overnight road work has been picked up. 580 not terrible. 680 dublin to mission boulevard. northbound 85 to the south bay. remember that whale suspected of being used for russian spying off norway? now some people say it's refusing to leave. officials say the whale has moved only a few miles and is much friendlier with people than is normal. the whale is even allowing people to pet it. it was found with what is believed to be a special harness containing russian technology. >> this is either a sweet story or -- >> or is a spy. then the spy kills you.
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theories. i have no idea. next at 5:00 a.m., we are staying on top of the breaking news. a car slams into an east bay house overnight. the close call for two elderly women inside. a big child pornography bust ends with one man going to prison for 15 years. the high-tech way bay area investigators uncover the serious crime. cutting back your screen time may not be as easy as you think. the techniques some companies are using to keep you plugged in all part of a
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now at 5:00, a car slams into an east bay home overnight. what neighbors say led up to
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this and the close call for two women inside. officials plan to clear out this homeless encampment today. protesters are planning action. good morning, you made it to friday, may 3rd. >> you're never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. how is it going? it's going pretty well. made it to friday. good morning. hopefully you are doing well and everything is dry on live doppler 7. we'll keep it spinning. a look at the exploratorium. it looks clear as we look back to the west. there's some fog brewing. upper 40s to low 50s so it's cool once again. we'll stay in the 50s to near 60 at the coast. 67 to 72. 72 to 78 at 4:00. even a great evening on the way. 64 to 68. let's kick it over to alexis. good morning,


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