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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  May 3, 2019 5:00am-5:59am PDT

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this and the close call for two women inside. officials plan to clear out this homeless encampment today. protesters are planning action. good morning, you made it to friday, may 3rd. >> you're never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. how is it going? it's going pretty well. made it to friday. good morning. hopefully you are doing well and everything is dry on live doppler 7. we'll keep it spinning. a look at the exploratorium. it looks clear as we look back to the west. there's some fog brewing. upper 40s to low 50s so it's cool once again. we'll stay in the 50s to near 60 at the coast. 67 to 72. 72 to 78 at 4:00. even a great evening on the way. 64 to 68. let's kick it over to alexis. good morning, mike. we are following a roll over
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crash in the mountain view area. going to take you there, westbound state route 237 right around middlefield road. sounds like one vehicle is involved in the crash. emergency crews are there. the tow truck is on the way. not seeing any delays and it doesn't sound like any major injuries. car-pool lanes are now open. the cash lane backup is starting to thin out and no issues if you're using fastrak so we're in the sweet spot. i'm watching breaking news for you in the east bay and i want to show you a car that crashed into a house in castro valley after a police chase. you can see it slammed into the side corner of the home where two elderly women live. they are tayhat slammed into t house overnight, about 12:30, was stolen. the suspect then actually stole another car, so look at this. there's a second scene.
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it rammed into a fence. we don't know if the suspect was arrested or if there's still a ha amy the issue of homelessness is impacting communities around the bay area. our commitment to building a better bay area, putting a spotlight on the county of santa cruz. >> officials will be clearing out a large homeless encampment and protesters are expected to gather at 9:00 a.m. anser hassan joins us from santa cruz. anser? >> reporter: good morning, guys. there's still 60 to 70 people here at the ross camp, because it's behind a ross story. it's set to close at 10:00. at its peak there were about 200 people living here in santa cruz. and voted to close it in february. businesses have complained about vandalism and garbage. some residents reported being
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attacked. the city gave out vouchers to move a majority to nearby shelters, but that still won't be enough. they're opening the river street camp which was forced to close in november. there is a plan to house about 100 people set for about july. the number of homeless people is among the highest in the country with more than 2,000 people, 80%, who don't have access to shelter. the people say one of the reasons they don't want to leave they face more restrictions at a camp run by the city. >> anser, thank you. a fire that burned for several hours in carson is now out. nobody got hurt, gas prices rose across california following a fire at that same refinery and problems at benicia refiny in
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march. equipment did start the campfire. the d.a. tells the affiliate in sacramento investigators have ruled out any other possible origin but it's too early to say if a crime took place. pg&e said before it's probable its equipment started the fire. the campfire killed at least 85 people. now to a story you will only see on abc 7 news. a major child pornography bust. the lab is the only one of its kind in northern california. now this is the man homeland security officials took into custody. they say joey hernandez had 200,000 child porn images. they noticed a lot of child porn activity on an ip address. the lab was able to trace it to an apartment in the excelsior
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district. >> we found mr. hernandez in bed with an under aged female. >> he was a habitual predator and filming some of his exploits. >> so disturbing. investigators compared background images and used facial recognition data. many of them lived in the same neighborhood. hernandez has been sentenced to 15 years. in the east bay for a third straight weekend oakland police will once again crack down on illegal sideshows. opd says it will have increased patrols, air support and regional law enforcement partners will be helping out. they're promising to issue citations, make arrests and tow cars. this comes after a sideshow on april 14th during which a delivery driver was held at gunpoint and his truck set on fire. a transit bus was also set on fire.
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a new mural honoring nipsey hussle will be unveiled. he was shot and killed in march. oakland artist timothy bluitt helped create the mural. the mural is meant to be a symbol of power, cooperation and strength for the community. he hopes it will inspire people to pursue greatness. a chinese mother who paid more than $6 million to get her daughter into stanford is saying she was duped. the mother considers her daughter the victim of a scam perpetrated by college admissions fixer rick singer. an attorney for the mother released a statement saying she believed the money would go towards scholarships, university salaries, and programs for needy students. no one in the family has been charged with a crime. more tickets for the hit show "hamilton" will go on sale at 10:00 a.m. >> they are for performances in
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san francisco after september 10th. starting price, $95 a ticket. hamilton will be playing in sacramento through at least january 5th. a long run. >> i paid all that money for that partial view, mike. i should go again so i could see it. >> you got to hear it. >> i did get to hear it. all right, maybe tickets are cheaper this time, too. no? >> nope. >> take a look at temperatures. upper 40s to low 50s until you get to alameda. 54 and 53. the same thing in mountain view. ol thimoin a faster sea breeze. clouds hovering above the golden gate right now so the fog and the clouds haven't quite settled down to where visibilities are
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going to be reduced. not yet. out and about sunscreen. got that small craft advisory north of the bay bridge. on the peninsula get to 65. more sunshine this afternoon and low to mid-70s. valleys up until 79 and take a look in the south bay where we'll see the sunshine quicker. 67 at 11:00. mid to upper 70s for you, also, and dropping down to 70. out of work and having fun. here is alexis. a lot of green on the traffic maps. westbound 205 to 580, 21 miles an hour. 580 south of there at 27 miles an hour.
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all lanes, ramps, everything is back open at this point. seeing our typical volumes and delays. 18 minutes, no metering lights yet. 12 into san francisco. san francisco to sfo still in the green at nine minutes. up next, the seven things you need to know as you start your day. also a six-story french restaurant and bakery, where it's about to open in the bay area. ikea is planning something new and has nothing to do with furniture. what you can soon find in its stores. >> maybe meatballs? more meatballs? >> they're going to have a six-story meatball. probably not. >> probably not. a live look outside sales force tower.
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5:12. here are the 7 things to know this morning. breaking news from our live desk. i want to show you a car that crashed into a house in castro valley happened after a police chase. we've learned the car was stole nen a carjacking. two women inside the home were okay. the deadline for a large homeless encampment to be cleared out in santa cruz. protesters are planning to stage a demonstration. the sentinel reports about 60 to 70 people are still at the area behind a ross store along highway 1 and river street. number three this morning the woman accused of posing as a nanny and targeting bay area families for decades is in jail in martinez. this is exclusive video of
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60-year-old darlene marianna monticalvo shortly after her arrest in kensington. she is due in court today. democrats will consider whether to hold attorney general william barr in contempt after he failed to show up for a hearing yesterday. house speaker nancy pelosi went so far as to say he committed a crime. we're waking up to a mixture of clouds and sunshine which will turn into sunshine and a few clouds this afternoon. that will help push temperatures once again a little bit above average around san francisco to a lot warmer as you head into our inland valleys. 70s today. number six, so far so good for the morning commute. we aren't looking at any major problems. check out how light it is at the toll plaza. car-pool lanes are open. no metering lights and no backup in the cash lanes. singer kelly clarkson is recovering from surgery this morning after having her appendix removed. the procedure happened soon after she hosted the billboard music awards. she tweeted she may or may not have broken down in tears after the show from pain. you really couldn't tell.
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what a pro. s >> she performed twice. >> that was about to burst. she getting even bigger. it is reported that facebook ceo has secretly purchased a $59 million secluded compound in lake tahoe. >> i like it. >> it's gorgeous. he bought two adjacent estates on the west shore. the 34-year-old also owns properties in hawaii, san francisco, palo alto. the sale was made quietly. veterans say the secrecy of the deal is, quote, a tad ironic given the recent scrutiny has company has faced over personal information. we're going there. >> what? >> he just wants to buy -- okay. >> someone sat back and said that's a tad ironic given his situation -- okay. >> that's what they said. beyond meat celebrating successful stock market debut. >> the plant-based food company is giving away free food today.
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the beyond meat folks rang the nasdaq opening bell yesterday shares rose 163% to close up more than $65. you can try out the alternative for free at carl's jr. and del taco. they are giving away coupons for $3 off at grocery stores. i've had their fake sausage. >> it's great. i've had it, too. >> it's really good. >> agreed. ikea is jumping on the plant-based trend working on meatless meatballs. the store is well known for its swedish meatballs it serves in the cafe. ikea says it's running tests and developing prototypes with different partners but nothing nailed down quite yet. ikea hopes to start testing a new meatless product. >> i didn't know what the story would be. i joked meatballs but that's good to know. >>ndhaps.
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>> a six-story french restaurant and bakery is coming to san francisco's union square. that was great. one 65 is moving across from macy's. the boutique on the first floor will open on may 16th. the one 65 bistro and lounge bar will open on may 24th and then a fine dining restaurant on the top floor called oh will open june 6th. >> i like it. >> i do, too. i love paris. i hope it has the parisian service. >> you like that, do you? >> it is impossible. >> that is not possible. >> i want the difference between i know sports and you love france there. >> if you're missing the subtlety, i can't explain it to you. >> that's probably the way the french people -- >> not possible. >> let's take a look at what's going on, san jose.
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partly cloudy conditions and about 50 degrees, mostly sunny, seasonal temperatures today. more clouds and fog and chances of showers, watching a couple chances. we get on average about three days of measurable rain in may. mid to upper 70s. 71 in millbrae. everybody else on the peninsula. low 60s along the coast to mid-60s in downtown, south san francisco. sausalito, 67. about 20 degrees warmer in santa rosa at 79. napa at 77. low to mid-70s on our east bay shoreline. the temperature map, 71 in berkeley. as you head inland a lot of low to mid-80s. a lot more cloud cover when you wake up tomorrow and that will jump-start the cooling trend. eventually by, say, the afternoon and evening hours
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sunday, when most of the day is almost over, a chance of showers developing. not a very good chance. a tenth of an inch. a better chance of drizzle and light showers. we could wake up to wet weather, at least some sleekness on our streets. my accuweather seven day forecast. temperatures kind of rebound back to average and then looking at next thursday another chance of showers. alexis? one issue on the board not causing any delays. to the mountain view area, still trying to find a tow truck that can handal roll over crash. the right lane doesn't sound like any major injuries. that's the only issue i have to talk about here today. no significant delays and vice
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versa. tracy to dublin, westbound 4 antioch to concord in the green at 15. san rafael to san francisco in the green just 18 minutes. democratic presidential candidate and washington governor jay inslee has unveiled his clean energy plan. this is inslee's first major policy. electricity, new vehicles and new buildings. it's a ten-year plan and requires utilities to be carbon neutral by 2030. it includes tax incentives as well for companies using zero emission technologies. back to you. >> a bay area startup is selling something its founder wishes didn't have to exist, bulletproof clothing.
5:20 am
wonder hoodie. the company sells bulletproof hoodies, denim jackets with sizes available for men, women and, sadly, children. the hoodie can protect people from weapons like a 44 magnum. >> i'm wearing it up right now. you can protect the sides of your face and back of your head. when you don't want to use it, close it up like so and then you can't even tell that it's there. >> tran says she wanted to create her own bulletproof clothing line after a neighbor in her hometown of seattle was killed in an armed robbery. it's a sad reminder of the reality we live in today but wants to protect her family and others. it's 5:20 now. the bay area sports hall of fame inducted its class in san francisco. legendary stanford women's basketball coach vand veer, hall of famer jason kidd, linebacker
5:21 am
d super bowl champ turner, giants pitcher and tennis coach brad gilbert. vanderveer is already in the women's hall of fame but this is still special. >> i think it means a lot more actually when it's your hometown people recognizing your success. >> money raised from the banquet goes into the bay area sports hall of fame widow nats equipment to kids sports programs. too much screen time, what we are revealing to companies by the way we scroll on our phones. >> are you experiencing the tough allergy season? five things experts say you can do
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if you have postmenopausal osteoporosis and a high risk for fracture now might not be the best time to ask yourself are my bones strong?s llfk moments. that w it's so important to help reduce your risk of fracture with prolia®. only prolia® is proven to help strengthen
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and protect bones from fracture with 1 shot every 6 months. do not take prolia® if you have low blood calcium, are pregnant, are allergic to it or take eva® serious allergic reactions, like low blood pressure trouble eathing; throat tightness; face, lip, or tongue swelling rash; itching; or hives have happened. tell your doctor about dental problems as severe jaw bone problems may happen or new or unusual pain in your hip groin, or thigh, as unusual thigh bone fractures have occurred. speak to your doctor before stopping prolia® as spine and other bone fractures have occurred. prolia® can cause serious side effects, like low blood calcium; serious infections which could need hospitalization; skin problems; and severe bone joint, or muscle pain. are you read ask your doctor how prolia® can help strengthen your bones. thinking about heading to our beaches this weekend they're going to get progressively cloudier and cooler. you can see saturday the monterey bay is going to be the
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warmest, mid to upper 60s. 59 to 61 degrees and let's see what will happen as we head into sunday and a slight chance of showers, maybe drizzle. the rest of us around 58 to 60 with cloudy conditions. it is a tough season for allergies. >> doctors say between 25% to 40% of people suffer from allergy symptoms this time of year. there are some precautions you can take to keep the pollen out of your house. wash your sheets more frequently. look at the label, make sure it's a woven sheet and look for a size of six microns or less. >> she recommnds keeping the chori before you sleep and vacuum weekly. be extra careful if you plan
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to ride an e-scooter for the first time. a new study found new riders are most at risk of injury. about one-third were hurt on their first trip. nearly two-third had ridden fewer than ten times. >> if you find yourself mindlessly scrolling on your phone, you're not alone. >> from facebook, instagram, twitter, pinterest, the minutes fly by at times. it's one of the things diane sawyer is looking into. adults spend the equivalent of 49 days a year on their phones or tablets. >> just in the way that you swipe on a screen you reveal a huge amount with your personality trait. >> let's say your finger
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nd you more hat. >> you pause too long, you're telling your phone something about what you want. i've been seeing this pop up on my feed. take a screen shot, if you're brave enough, post it to social media with a reaction how that makes you feel and use the #screentimechallenge. tonight at 8:00 here on abc 7. >> sometimes i'm on my phone and i pause not because i'm interested or something else is going on so it's reading all kinds of stuff into whatever was on my screen. >> i only have two joys in life. gummy bears have to be cut out. >> sadly neither your husband, dog or family made the list but that's okay. >> three, four and five. another full 90 minutes of news including the search for the person who opened fire on i-880.
5:27 am
and -- >> reporter: a car crashed into that castro valley home. two elderly women live here. we'll tell you how they're doing. it is bachelorette we have a preview of the big ♪ flintstones! meet the flintstones. ♪ ♪ they're the modern stone age family. ♪ ♪ from the town of bedrock. ♪ meet george jetson. ♪ ♪ his boy elroy. with instant acceleration, electric cars are more fun to drive and more affordable than ever. electric cars are here. plug into the present.
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now at 5:30 major damage to a home after a car crashes into it overnight. what happened 20 tto two women inside. a woman accused of being a fake nanny is in jail. and a live look outside. it is dry now but mike is tracking the return of rain. good morning. at least it's friday, may 3rd, coming up on 5:30. >> you made it.
5:30 am
never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. mike nicco. waking up to cloud cover but less fog. visibility is one mile. the winds a as you look from ta, high clouds up above it. it ought to be a very colorful sun rise. mid-40s to low 50s at 7:00. a little less sunshine than yesterday. a gorgeous lunch hour. if you're kicking off work early enjoy low to upper 70s. if you're heading out this evening, mid to upperntue of the morning in walnut creek. a multivehicle crash before you get to treat boulevard.
5:31 am
they were saying lanes three and four and then lane one. i think they just ran a traffic break and at least have one lane blocked at this point. we will head back there for sure coming up in a few minutes. getting into the tri-valley out of tracy. all road work has been picked up. police are trying to figure out what cause add car to crash into a house. >> the map is showing where that crash took place on parsons avenue in castro valley where abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield is live with the latest. good morning, amy. >> reporter: good morning. that car has been towed away. you can see the damage it did to the garage of this home, it is destroyed. two elderly women live here. they are okay.
5:32 am
a neighbor helped them recover some of their things. the car narrowly missed them. it was a few feet away from their bedrooms where they were watching tv around 12:30 this morning. police were pursuing the driver of the car. he had stolen it in a carjacking. he ran away from the scene and then stole another car. he crashed that car at castro valley and grove way. this is the second location and the second stolen car. we don't know whether there was an arrest or another escape. back here at parsons avenue and wilson avenue, the home looks okay. it's the garage that has all of the damage. the gas and electricity have been turned off so the women can't stay here. the red cross helped them find another location for today. reporting live in castro valley,
5:33 am
amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. thank you. glad they're okay. in the east bay the chp is asking for ndgheern who opened fire on a car on interstate 880. sky 7 was over the scene near san lorenzo as officers stopped traffic in the northbound lanes to look for evidence. it all started when a car pulled up behind an officer who was on the side of the road for an unrelated incident. the driver told the officer someone shot at him on the freeway. officers found two bullet holes in the car. nobody was hurt. san francisco's dirty streets are no secret but a request to clean up a memorial in the mission is getting backlash. here is a picture of the memorial left on 22nd and bartlett streets where a man was shot and killed on wednesday. the fact that it was reported as trash is very upsetting to a lot of people who feel the request is insensitive. the photo was posted on the city's 311 app. the department of public works tells the "san francisco chronicle" it's the general policy to leave a sidewalk memorial up until after the
5:34 am
funeral or memorial service. this morning the woman accused of posing as a nanny and targeting bay area families for decades is in jail in martinez. >> take a look. this is the exclusive video of 60-year-old darlene marianna monticalvo shortly after her arrest in kensington. she is due in court today. monticalvo has a long criminal history of grand theft and check fraud dating back to the '80s. abc 7 news spoke with a woman who didn't want to be identified. she is a nanny and says monticalvo tried to steal her identity last month by pretending to be a mom looking to hire her. >> i told her straight up, i think you're scamming me. please destroy my documents. she then flipped out on me accusing me of all kinds of things as if i was the one in the wrong. >> she is caught on camera using the real nanny's name to interview for jobs in san francisco. police have a warrant out for her arrest for identity
5:35 am
theft and misdemeanor child cruelty. on the peninsula a cwremove rad material found inside of a house in san carlos. officials say the man who lived there passed away earlier this year. his relatives notified the city after noticing containers in a backyard shed. officials say there is no danger to the public. new this morning, tesla's latest software update includes two new safety features we want to talk about. tesla vehicles will check to see if the driver's hands are on the wheel if they begin to change lanes without the turn signal on. the vehicle will stay in their lane if not. tesla vehicles will stay in their lane if they sense a lane change may cause a crash.
5:36 am
all of this coming on the heels of a new lawsuit over the autopilot feature. the i-team broke the story this week, the family of an apple engineer walter huang says his autopilot feature is what was responsible for steering him into a concrete barrier in mountain view. tesla has not yet commented on that lawsuit. >> jessica, thank you. starbucks fans going crazy over something new in stores. what some are selling on ebay for five times more than the purchase price. a south bay mom helping teenagers find odd jobs. how your teen can use it to connect with the community. but first -- >> you're never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. is that what you were going to say? >> i didn't know if you were supposed to say that or i was. >> neither did we. some fantastic news, though, from california's water supply, ouaveragewsnd188%
5:37 am
avrebo fde remaining snow to melt quickly. still continue your miserly ways so we can keep that water in case we go into a drought next year or the year after. a look at our temperatures, hi, everybody. we're kind of chilly. san mateo, daly city, 49. everybody else around 50 to 51 degrees. 44 in palo alto. one of our cool spots. we've got low 50s. ina tt cn about 50. mass transit, widespread temperatures. a little breezy north of the
5:38 am
check out the jump temperatures. 60s at 11:00 and low to mid-70s with increasing sunshine this afternoon. for the east bay in the 50s through about 9:00. we're in the mid-60s at lunch. we will see increasing sunshine today. as will san francisco. mid-60s as we head into the afternoon hours. i'll have chances of a shower coming up. it hasn't been friday light. no, it hasn't, unfortunately. we have a big -- kind of a big issue in walnut creek t. could be if it's there for long. southbound 680 north of treat boulevard. trying to confirm we just have the left lane blocked at this point. it sounds like we need two tow trucks. not sure the total number involved. it is heavy on this
5:39 am
the backup not extremely long. it hasn't even made it to the 242 split. pleasant hill into walnut creek a bit of a delay. you can use pleasant hill road to get around that. and we do officially have the bay bridge metering lights on. not too early today. 5:28 the official time. you'll have
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i'm paige, and well the little thing that i like about the grilled chicken sandwich is that it's picture perfect. it's juicy and it just has all the right combinations. i think i could be considered a grilled chicken sandwich influencer.
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my name is frank and the little thing i like about the grilled chicken sandwich is the first bite. i love how juicy the chicken is but there's also the tomatoes and the lettuce and it's incredible. make sure you get it with waffle fries, because that's my favorite.
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checking out the forecast, oh, it's going to be a gorgeous afternoon to be out on the water at least temperature wise and then you look at this, starting at 3:00 through 9:00, small craft advisory from the golden gate bridge through the delta thanks to winds that could gust up to 25 knots. a lot of sunshine along the coast. mid-to upper 80s through the central valley. a look at tahoe and some of that four feet of snow still hanging around. saturday and sunday trending dry. sunday a chance of showers and thunderstorms. thank you, mike. ttol hill heating up after attorney general william barr stood up the house committee. i've been watching things and democrats say barr wanted to dodge questions on how he handled the muellerot to hold h
5:43 am
for yesterday's no-show. nancy pelosi went so far as to accuse him of committing a crime. >> as the attorney general of the united states truth to the congress of the united states, that's a crime. >> the justice department called pelosi's attack reckless, irresponsible and false. the house judiciary chair says he's trying to work with barr's team to get a new date scheduled and robert mueller's team in contact to set up a hearing. that's not finalized. no word when they might finalize barr showing up for the committee hearing. we'll have to wait and see on that one. president trump hasn't commented this morning so far. >> okay. >> there's a nasty legal fight between several homeowners and east bay mud. this is a story you will only
5:44 am
see on abc 7. a huge landslide caused two families remain out of their damaged homes as the hillside continues to slide. attorneys say they have a key piece of evidence, emails. >> it says that east bay mud suggested that they recommended stabilizing the hillside but did nothing until it was too late. >> east bay mud provided a written statement to abc 7 news. quote, the moraga landslide is in litigation with an upcoming trial date. we trust in the legal process and hope for a fair resolution. 5:54 now. part of building a better bay area involves connecting a community. >> that is what one silicon valley mom is trying to do with her app. janet shah says a steady job can be unrealistic for today's busy
5:45 am
teen. she launched the teen job find app, doing odd jobs around the community while learning valuable life lessons. to access the app teens need their parents' approval and have to submit an additional reference. parents are notified when thirteen accepts the job and when they've arrived at work. job posters have to go through a background check to get on the platform. >> we don't always know who our neighbors are and that's one of the thing our job posters like the most. they may not know there's a teen around the corner that could bring the garbage out on tuesday nights when they are away or walk their dog. >> teen job find is approaching 1,000 users. the app is only available to users between sunnyvale and belmont but expansion is expected. we want to hear your ideas about building a better bay area. join us on facebook. sailors across the bay area getting excited for this weekend when sail gp debuts in the
5:46 am
united states. six of the fastest catamarans in the world will race across the bay from six different countries competing including team usa. i had the chance to host an n these boats.nel about the they have about 1,200 sensors on them tracking everything from the speed to the moment a crew member touches a button and there are cameras on them as well. spectators watching the race can see from the sailors' perspective all the technology made possible with the help of oracle and larry ellison a huge sailor himself. the races start at 12:30 tomorrow and sunday. you can see them from the marina green or the crissy field area. if you're out there in the marina neighborhood you'll see these boats. and they are literally flying across the water. >> it's incredible. >> they're on hydro foils so they are lifted above the water. it's incredible to see, high speed, very dangerous turn on d
5:47 am
accelerate and lift on that video you showed. >> beautiful technology, but the question, mike, we have some precipitation on the way. will that affect anything? >> i don't think so. the winds may be more of an issue than earlier this week. they'll be out of the west tomorrow and the southwest on sunday. at about 10 to 20 miles an hour which is aboutot >> but that's good for sailing and they can maybe reach that 50 knot barrier they're trying to break. we'll see. >> they can turn something like a 17 knot wind into a 50 knot speed. >> they go three times the speed of the wind. >> wow. >> roughly. >> pretty cool. can't wait. i hope we can get sky 7 over that and take some video of that before the clouds get too thick sunday. let's jump into your accuweather forecast. take a gorgeous picture of sutro tower. you can see just the tip of the sales force tower there about to get covered up and way off in the distance the east bay hills and the diablo range. more clouds, breezy and cooler.
5:48 am
two chances of showers coming. let's talk about our temperatures today. the warmness that sticks out in ukiah. upper 70s. low to mid-70s around the bay and low to mid-60s. lows tonight, about the same as this morning. notice how much more cloud cover there's going to be tomorrow. that's the increase in the marine layer and the sea breeze. by sunday passing down to our south. there's a chance of some scattered showers. don't change your plans. have our app handy in case you hear a rumble of thunder. the best chance from san francisco southward, drizzle in the overnight hours.
5:49 am
rain or drizzle on the road will make them quite slippery. sunday is your coolest day. our next chance when we warm back into the 60s, 70s and 80s next thursday. alexis? all right. good news in the east bay here. i want to take you back to walnut creek 680 north of treat boulevard where we had a multicar crash blocking a couple lanes. they were able to clear that. all lanes are back open. i did hear from someone who just went through the area saying there was some debris scattered across the roadway. hopefully that won't be a big deal but it looks like traffic still heavy through the crash scene and a couple vehicles still off on the shoulder. spilling over on to 242. a new collision eastbound 780 near east second street in benicia. a three vehicle collision. we possibly have some injuries. keep an eye on that.
5:50 am
cvc is closing dozens of stores. cvs says the stores are underperforming. employees are being offered jobs at other stores. still more than 9,600 cvs locations nationwide. starbucks fans are taking to the new eco-friendly cups. >> stores have run out of the reusable cups that went on sale monday. a five pack costs about $17. the tumblers are temperature sensitive so when you put something cold inside they turn from one color to another. they're so popular that people are selling these on ebay for up to $99 a pack. >> they're cool but $99, come on. workouts and weed.
5:51 am
cannabis could help your exercise routine. >> less than two weeks until hannah b begins her search for love. the big reunion happening in honor of the 15th anniversary. the warriors face the rockets tomorrow and you can catch all the action right her on abc 7. our coverage starts at 5:00. tipoff is at 5:30. and be
5:52 am
5:53 am
tomorrow the alameda county fair grounds emceeing again, so thankful i'm a part of this as we march for healthy babies. march of dimes at 8:00 about 50. by the time we end about 20 degrees warmer at 69. make sure you dress in layers.
5:54 am
we've also got game five tomorrow at the shark tank. heading there early in the low 70s. temperatures in the mid-50s. what is sunday? it's cinco de mayo. one that's pretty cloudy and breezy and kind of chilly with temperatures in the low 60s. a check of the morning commute. alexis? good morning. we're looking at walnut creek. 680 north of 24 a crash around treat boulevard. they were able to clear that but we still have about a 10, 15-minute delay as it starts to unwind from 242 in the concord area. these are looking good. santa rosa to petaluma. westbound 580 to the maze and northbound 101, still in the green at 16 minutes. governor newsom is scrapping a $16 billion plan to build two giant water tunnels to reroute the state's water system.
5:55 am
former governor jerry brown lobbied for two 35-mile-long tunnels to divert water from the sacramento river to the bay area and southern california. twin tunnel supporters say they would bring water to areas that badly need it. environmentalists say the tunnels would suck too much water from the delta and hurt wildlife. "the bachelorette" is returning with new bachelorette hannah b. >> in honor of the 15th anniversary leading ladies from 13 previous seasons are getting together for a bachelorette special airing monday night. you'll get to find out where they are now, whether they found love on the show or after it. this morning five former bachelorettes gave advice to the next star, hannah b. >> if it doesn't work out for her, that's okay, too. it's all okay. it's participate of the journey and the life, the life that we
5:56 am
all go through. whatever ppens, happens. >> watch the full interview live at 7:00 after abc 7 ud frussian? now some people say it doesn't want to leave. norwegian officials say the whale has moved only a few miles and is much friendlier than is normal for a whale. it is allowing people to pet it. it was found with what is believed to be a special harness containing russian technology. the reason we think that it said st. petersburg on it. >> it was labelled. either this is the sweetest whale ever and we love her or she is a red sparrow. >> i see a netflix special coming soon. i would watch that. spotify tests a new feature to get you to buy items you hear advertised on the app. >> cutting back your screen time may not be as easy as you think.
5:57 am
keeping you plugged in. all part of a d special you'll only see on abc 7. plus, the deadline for a homeless camp ordered to clear out. a live look outside at a quiet embarcadero. 5:57 in the morning.
5:58 am
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right now at 6:00, i'm tracking breaking news at our live desk, a dramatic crash in the east bay. a car barely missing two women inside a home overnight. first this morning waking up to another beautiful day across the bay area. warm and sunny. changes are on the way for the weekend. welcome to friday, may 3rd. you're never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. >> thanks, guys, good morning. visibility less than an eighth of a mile.
6:00 am
you have to be careful here this will hang around for the better part of the morning commute. you can see it's localized around petaluma. i put together your planner, waking up to the same temperatures in the mid-40s to 50 by 7:00. we'll stay in the upper 50s to low 60s at the coast. a little less sunshine than yesterday. if you're heading out this evening you don't need a heavy jack. good morning, mike. looking live at walnut creek, still seeing a lot of brake lights here approaching treat boulevard where we had an earlier crash blocking a couple lanes. that has been cleared, at least 20 minutes. lot of folks slowin look at that. hearing from some drivers that there's some debris in the roadway. a quick check of eastbound 780. we have a crash near 2nd street involving


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