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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  May 3, 2019 6:00am-6:59am PDT

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you have to be careful here this will hang around for the better part of the morning commute. you can see it's localized around petaluma. i put together your planner, waking up to the same temperatures in the mid-40s to 50 by 7:00. we'll stay in the upper 50s to low 60s at the coast. a little less sunshine than yesterday. if you're heading out this evening you don't need a heavy jack. good morning, mike. looking live at walnut creek, still seeing a lot of brake lights here approaching treat boulevard where we had an earlier crash blocking a couple lanes. that has been cleared, at least 20 minutes. lot of folks slowin look at that. hearing from some drivers that there's some debris in the roadway. a quick check of eastbound 780. we have a crash near 2nd street involving three vehicles.
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one lane is blocked in that area. possible injuries and just start to go see the backup form in benicia as well. let's get right to the breaking news in the east bay. i want to show you that car that slammed into a home in castro valley overnight after a police chase. it was on the side of the home crashing into what appears to be the garage area. two elderly women live in the home. they are okay. the suspect stole another vehicle. we still don't know if police made an arrest or if there's an ongoing search under way. amy hollyfield at the scene. >> the issue of homelessness is one th b cmitmt we'ree putting o
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>> protesters aren't happy. they're expected to gather at 9:00 a.m. anser? >> reporter: still a large number of people at the ross camp. there are about 200 people living here. santa cruz county has been struggling to find housing for its homeless population. the residents filed a lawsuit backn in court testimony the ross camp site was called a recipe for a mass casualty event.
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the city is reopening the river street camp which was forced to close in november. in talking to some of the people out here they say one of the reasons they want to stay is they face more restrictions at a camp site run by the city. reporting live in santa cruz, anser hassan, abc 7 news. anser, thank you. a fire that burned for several hours in the refinery in carson near l.a. is now out t. appears a mechanical problem caused the fire which started last night. nobody got hurt. remember, gas prices rose following a fire at that same refineryem riner ipg&e equipmen start the campfire. the affiliate in sacramento says they ruled out any other possible origin. but he says it's too early in
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the investigation to say if a crime took place. pg&e said before it was probable that its equipment started the fire. the campfire killed at least 85 people. now to a story you'll only see on abc 7 news. this san francisco man has been busted with hundreds of thousands of child pornography images. joey hernandez was found in the excelsior district. he was caught with the help of a new cyber crime lab here in the bay area. canadian authorities notified the lab after they found child porn on a local ip address that tracked right to hernandez's apartment where authorities found him in bed with an underaged girl. >> hernandez was a habitual predator and filming exploits. we were able to identify particular areas that he had done that. >> hernandez was sentenced to 15 years in prison for the crime. oakland police will once again crack down on illegal
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sideshows. opd says it will have increased patrols on city streets, air support and regional law enforcement. partners will be helping out promising to issue citations, make arrests and tow cars. this comes after a sideshow on april 14th during which a delivery driver was held at gunpoint and his truck set on fire. an ac transit bus was also set on fire. a new mural honoring nipsey huss hussle. hussle was shot and killed in march. oakland artist timothy bluitt jr. helped create the mural. he tells sf gate he grew up listening to the music and the mural is meant to be a symbol of power, cooperation and strength for the community. he hopes it will inspire people to greatness. a mother who spent more than $6 million to get her daughter into stanford is saying she was duped. she considers her daughter the victim of a scam perpetrated by
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college admissions fixer rick singer. an attorney for the mother said she believe the money would go to scholarships and programs for needy students. no one in the family has been charged with a crime. more tickets for the hit show "hamilton" will go on sale starting at 10:00 a.m. this morning. >> they are for after september 10th. starting price $95 a ticket. it will be playing through at least january 5th of next year. >> long run. scooter safety, the new research revealing when you are most likely to be injured while riding. the moment an off-duty police officer risked his life to save a woman from a burning car. and on a lighter note check out the gorgeous picture from sutro tower, mother nature painting us with spring colors this morning.
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to jamie, well, let's just say, enjoy the ride. the redwoods to the redheads. the rainbows to the proud. the almonds to walter. the beaches to the bums. and the fog to, who else, karl. i leave these things to my heirs, all 39 million of you, on one condition. that you do everything in your power to preserve and protect them. with love, california. this is a look at the temperatures in san francisco. low to mid-50s here. we are cooler in other areas like the north bay. low to mid-40s there. 49 daly city and san leandro, walnut creek. also in saratoga. a look at santa cruz.
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about 70 today with sunshine. grab the sunscreen if you're going to be out and about today. small craft advisory through the delta. if you think about playing on the bay. and our beaches, some chilled sunshine. maybe not quite as bright as yesterday. the peninsula, this jump from 51 atunshines afternoon. low to mid-70s. grab a coat, down to 64 already at 7:00. east bay valley warmer. hit the upper 70s to near 80 degrees. as we go into the south bay 51 this morning. in the upper 60s by noon and mid-70s. how is that morning commute? an earlier crash on 680 before treat boulevard. as you can see you are stop and go into pleasant hill. it is in recovery mode and the backup is not terrible. we have the left lane blocked.
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eastbound 780 near east second street due to a three-vehicle . about 5:28, the official time the metering lights were flipped on. other than that looking typical there. the car-pool lanes moving through without any issues. everyone else has a delay. take a look at this. this is dramatic video of an off-duty police officer struggling to break the windshield of an overturned vehicle that was engulfed in flames. a woman was trapped inside after flipping her car wednesday in san antonio, texas. sergeant kenneth hamilton pulled her out before the flames consumed the car. she was taken to a nearby hospital. >> oh, that is intense. i'm so glad she got out. >> thank goodness for him. new at 6:00, if hearing an ad while listening to spotify or pandora isn't enough, trying to get to you interact with those ads. >> on our news app and on
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♪ ♪ they're the moderne stone age family. ♪ ♪ from the town of bedrock. ♪ meet george jetson. ♪ ♪ his boy elroy. with instant acceleration, electric cars are more fun to drive and more affordable than ever. electric cars are here. plug into the present. and this is just coming in, a new jobs report released a short time ago. the big headline here is that hiring jumped up in april.
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i want to show you the numbers we just got here. the economy adding 263,000 jobs last month and the unemployment rate fell now at 3.6%. it says hourly pay rose 3.2% on average from the same time last year. encouraging for hiring. >> do you ever find yourself mindlessly scrolling on your phone? >> from facebook, instagram, twitter, pinterest, the minutes or hours can really fly by sometimes. it is just one of the things diane sawyer is looking into in a new special on abc tonight. adults, get this, spend the equivalent of 49 days a year on their phone and tablets. experts say algorithms vacuum up everything you do including how you move your fingers. >> just in the way that you swipe on a screen you reveal a huge amount about your personality and current psychological state. >> let's say your finger pauses
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even a split second over a photo, maybe a company can send you more like that. >> you pause too long, you're telling your phone something about what you want. >> you can get involved in the conversation with the screen time challenge. look up your screen time, take a screen shot and post it with the reaction of how it makes you feel. watch "screen time" at 8:00 here on abc 7. >> that actually explains a lot. i regret looking at certain things. be extra careful if you plan to ride an e-scooter for the first time. a new study in texas found new riders are most at risk of injury. in fact about a third of injured riders were hurt on their first trip and nearly two-thirds had ridden e-scooters fewer than ten times. the study surveyed nearly 200 e-scooter riders hurt between november and december of last
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year. new at 6:00 a.m., talking ads could soon be a thing on spotify and oakland-based pandora. according to mashable both music streaming services are looking into interactive voice ads. this means you'll be able to say play now if you want to hear what's being advertised. spotify and pandora both offer paid subscriptions that remove ads entirely so if this sounds annoying, you just have to pay and then you won't have to be doing all of this. >> mike nicco, how is it looking today? it's a gorgeous picture from the exploratorium. you can see how calm the bay is this morning. a look from mt. tam, the low clouds and the high clouds out there. grab the sunglasses even if you don't need them.
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two chances of wet weather. we get about three in the month of may and haven't had any yet. mid to upper 70s. sausalito, 67.teer m tupr 70s in the north bay valleys. as you head into the hills, low to mid-80s. we'll wake up in the mid-40s to 80 degrees. we'll have a better chance once the sun sets south of san francisco and oakland of some drizzle, a few light showers could wake up monday morning to
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a few slick spots and a little bit of a rebound in our temperatures as sunday will be our coolest day. our next chance of showers after that will be thursday. alexis? all right. thank you, mike. we are looking at just a little bit of residual delay at this point southbound 680 through walnut creek due to an earlier crash before you get to treat boulevard that has been cleared for quite some time and that thinned out quickly. part of that is the typical volumes. westbound 80 near el portal, a crash blocking the two middle lanes backing up to highway 4 and 780 near east second street in benicia. delays approaching that scene. "good morning america" coming up at 7:00 here on abc 7. >> ginger zee live with a look at what's ahead. good morning, ginger. >> it is so great to be with both of you this morning. coming up right here on "gma" we'll start with the severe weather. i would love to tell you it's going to end but it's not. davenport, iowa, has the
6:20 am
mississippi river at its highest spot on record even bigger than their 1993 flood. that's a big one for us. if you're traveling to atlanta, pay attention. tributes overnight for the man behind chewbacca, one of "star wars" most beloved actors passing away. what so many are saying this morning. and it's our "bachelorette" blow-out. nobody is getting married. just celebrating the 15th anniversary. we have five of your favorites here for a special reunion and we're revealing our entire summer concert lineup. wait until you see who is taking over the party in the park. i can't wait. fridays get so much fun. i have jeans on already. i have flats on. i'm ready for friday and dancing in the park. >> ready to go. >> we're ready, too. we'll see the reveal soon. thank you. beyond meat known for its meat alternatives.
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how you can get some for free >>recertain of about exercise that could have some of
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life. to the fullest. let's take a look at your beach forecast.
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not the brightest week nor the warmest. mid to upper 60s in the monterey bay tomorrow. breezy and temperatures near 60 everywhere else. 60 with more cloud cover sunday. san jose fire very active after a mustang caught fire. it happened after 9:30. no word yet on exactly how this fire began. luckily no one was injured. health news now that might help motivate your workout. new research reveals people who mix exercise and cannabis tend to work out more. researchers found people had use before or after a workout reported getting 43 more minutes of exercise every week. and here is the reason. people credited cannabis with making the workout more
6:25 am
enjoyable and improving recovery. >> i would not expect this at all. okay. i'll take your word for it. 6:24. the lgbtq district proposed for the castro district is moving forward. the city's historical preservation committee unanimously backed the plan this week. it now advances to the board of supervisors. here is a map showing the area. if approved the designation will bring resources and funding to preserve lgbtq in an area that has been dealing with gentrification in recent years. mark zuckerberg's empire getting bigger. he h it's been reported he has purchased a compound in lake tahoe. zuckerberg bought two adjacent estates on tahoe's west shore. the 34-year-old owns properties in hawaii, san francisco and palo alto. the sale was made quietly and real estate veterans say the secrecy is, quote, a tad ironic
6:26 am
given the scrutiny his company has faced over its handling of facebook users' personal information. so they're going there. >> sure beyond meat is giving away free food today. beyond meet rang the nasdaq opening bell yesterday. shares rose to close up more than $65. you can try out the brand for free at carl's jr. and del taco. the company is giving away coupons for $3 off at grocery stores. a lot going on next at 6:30. the search for the person who opened fire on i-880 during the evening commute. >> a woman accused of being a fake nanny is taken into custody. how she duped people in the east bay. >> reporter: a car crashed into this castro valley home destroying the garage. police were pursuing the driver and the pursuit did not end here. what happened next coming up.
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and at the live desk i'm tracking new developments in the controversy. a teacher threatened with termination over a student's cartcal. th
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driver ran away. what happened to two elderly tracking some major upgrades coming to tesla cars and how it could make driving a lot safer. the woman accused of being a fake nanny is in jail this morning. how police say she tricked bay area families. plus, a local mom helping build a better bay area by connecting teens with neighborhood jobs. it's a win-win for both. 6:30 on this friday, may 3rd. >> the fact it is a friday feels like a win, win, win, win to me. >> a long week for a lot of folks. we're going to wrap it up with really nice weather and that changes as we head to tomorrow. let's jump in. you can see fog. it's mott moving. it's right on petaluma and penn grove. visibility less than an eighth of a mile. the reason i say it's not moving, no wind whatsoever.y il er more widespread l y m we mito upper 40s, even a few 50s
6:31 am
barely showing up at 7:00. we'll be in 67 to 72, sunny and comfy for bay and inland neighborhoods. check out the mid to upper 70s. mid to upper 60s, a gorgeous evening on the way. alexis? starting to look at the richmond side of the bridge, that backup that we're seeing every day now is forming here on westbound 580. as of a few minutes ago it was about 15 minutes, so not terrible yet. boy, the further we get into the morning commute, the worse it seems to look. westbound 80 highway 4 to the maze is heavy in the yellow. we do have a crash near el portal. we'll talk more about that next. san francisco to sfo. in the green at ten minutes. po out what cause add car to crash into a house. >> the map where the crash took place in castro valley where abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield is live with the latest. good morning, amy. >> reporter: hi, good morning.
6:32 am
take a look at this garage or what is left of it. that is where the car crashed into this home parsons and wilson avenue here in castro vall valley. it destroyed the garage. two elderly women live here. they are okay. a neighbor helped them recover some of their things. you can see one woman is in a wheelchair. they had to use flashlights as they dug through the house for things because the power has been knocked out. the car narrowly missed them. it hit just a few feet from their bedrooms. they were awake at 12:30 this morning. police were pursuing the driver of the car. they say he had stolen it in a carjacking. he did run away from the scene and then they say he stole another car that he crashed at castro valley and grove way this is the second location and the d or whether car.
6:33 am
there was another escape. at parsons and wilson, the garage is gone. the house looks okay but, again, there's no power, there's no gas. so the women can't stay here. the red cross helped relocate them for now. you saw that very helpful neighbor who got their things for them and then drove them to another location. reporting live in castro valley, amy hollyfield, action 7 news. >> it's a tough morning for them. glad to see someone is helping them out. the chp is asking for the public's help on a person who opened fire on a car on interstate 880. san 7 was over the scene as they stopped traffic to look for evidence. it all started when a car pulled up behind an officer who was on the side of the road for an unreu unrelated incident. the driver told him someone shot at him. officers found two bullet holes in the car. no one was hurt. san francisco's dirty streets are no secret but a request to clean up a sidewalk memorial in the mission is getting a lot of backlash.
6:34 am
a picture of the flowers and candles left on 22nd and bartlett where a man was sho isery up wl request thatt repor 9 picture wasea a sidewalk memorial up until after the funeral or memorial service. although they sometimes need to be modified to keep the street functional. this morning the woman accused of posing as a nanny and targeting bay area families for decades is in jail in martinez. >> this is the exclusive video of 60-year-old darlene marianna monticalvo. she is due in court today. monticalvo has a long criminal history of grand theft and check fraud dating back to the '80s. abc 7 news spoke with the woman who didn't want to be identified. she is a nanny and says that monticalvo tried to steal her identity last month pretending to be a mom looking to hire her. >> i told her straight up i
6:35 am
think you're scamming me. please destroy my documents. she then flipped out on me accusing me of all kinds of things as if i was the one nann name to interview for jobs in san francisco. oakland police also have a warrant out for her arrest for felony identity theft and misdemeanor child cruelty. a hazmat crew is preparing to remove radioactive material found inside a house in san carlos. sky 7 flew above the house on cedar street. officials say the man who lived there passed away earlier this year. his relatives notified the city after discovering containers in a backyard shed. officials are telling us there's no danger to the public. sheriff's deputies are guarding the home until the materials are removed. brand-new this morning, incla's latest software updates
6:36 am
features. i've been looking into them at the live desk. the first one will check to see if the driver's hands are on the wheel if they begin to change lanes without a turn signal on f. no hands are on the wheel, the vehicle will stay in their lanes. the second safety feature will keep a vehicle in its lane if it senses a lane change may cause a crash this comes on the heels of a new lawsuit over the autopilot feature. the family of an apple engineer saying that his tesla's autopilot feature steered him into a concrete barrier last year in mountain view which ultimately killed him. they're blaming the autopilot. tesla has not commented on the lawsuit. a battle over a student-run newspaper in stockton. this morning a teacher and her students are claiming victory over the school board. new developments next. looking live at the big board at the new york stock exchange up about 154 points now. another update on how the markets are doing up next.
6:37 am
you're never more than 7 minutes away from your accuweather forecast. hey there,ay it. a look at what's going on with our bus stop forecast. more cloud cover but more fog this morning. most of the fog around petaluma. dress the kids for upper 40s to 50s. most won't need the coat away from the coast. the rest of us in the 70s, even a few 80s inland. north of the bay bridge, east of the golden gate bridge, small craft advisory for winds gusting up to 25 knots coming out of the southwest. we'll have 64 in monterey. 57 in eureka. sunshine along the coast that will push socal to the 70s. 97 in palm springs. mid to upper 80s through the central valley. as we look at what's going on as far as lake tahoe, we're going to have temperatures that are going to be above average. saturday is trending drier.
6:38 am
sunday a chae of swers a thunderstorms.ha a chance of shors talk more abo that. first i nis in here. we've had a handful of issu issues. we haven't had any huge backups but this is one of our trouble spots. westbound 80 near el portal as you get into the richmond area, a crash. a hit-and-run collision with injuries blocking the two middle lanes. the backup is getting closer to highway 4 but really just adding about ten minutes, if that, to your commute. better news, eastbound 780 we had a three-car crash with injuries in benicia that has cleared. a residual delay there. a quick check of the bay bridge toll plaza looking pretty average. those metering lights were on later than average this morning, 5:28 the official time. no blocking issues if you'r
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6:42 am
we make it to about 70 in the east bay. if you're heading out this evening, 61. in san francisco low to mid-60s with increasing sunshine. thanks, mike. officials in santa cruz will be clearing out a large homeless encampment and protesters aren't happy. they're expected to gaerp at 9:00 a.m. >> the issue of homelessness is something we are spotlighting in our commitment to building a better bay area. anser hassan joins us live from santa cruz with more on this. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. as the sun comes out the ross camp you can see people are starting to pack up and head out, still a lot of tents up. the city says they want everybody out by 10:00 a.m. at one point over 200 people living here. the city says the camps reached a crisis level. ross camp residents filed a lawsuit in april alleging the lack of safe alternative housing and inhumane treatment. the city fire chief called the ross camp site, quote, a recipe for a mass casualty event that
6:43 am
nearby business have is complained of vandalism and garbage. the city did give people who are living here vouchers to move to nearby shelters. they will be opening the river street camp which was forced to close ineer peoe one of the reasons them don't want to leave isutdy b abc> the battle on capitol hill is heating up after attorney general william barr stood up the house judiciary committee. democrats claim barr wanted to dodge questions on how he handled the mueller report. they now have to decide whether they're going to hold him in contempt for yesterday's no-show. house speaker nancy pelosi. >> as the attorney general of the united states of america not telling the truth to the congress of the united states, that's a crime. >> the justice department calls pelosi's attack reckless,
6:44 am
irresponsible and false. the house judiciary committee chair says he's trying to work with barr's team to get a new testimony date scheduled. special counsel robert mueller's team is also in contact with the committee to set up a hearing. 6:44 now. a nasty legal fight between several homeowners in moraga and east bay mud going to court. back in march of 2016 a huge landslide caused two homes to be red tagged. also damaged a third property. now the homeowners have always maintained that the utility is at fault. east by mud claims the slide was out of their control. two families remain out of their damaged homes on augusta drive as the hillside continues to slide. attorneys say they have a key piece of evidence, emails. >> it says that east bay mud, although their internal engineering department by email suggested they recommended stabilizing this hillside, did nothing until it was too late. >> east bay mud provided only
6:45 am
this written statement to abc 7 news. quote, the moraga landslide is in litigation, with an upcoming trial date. we trust in the legal process and hope for a fair resolution. part of building a better bay area involves connecting a community. >> that's exactly what one mom is trying to do with her app. janet shah says a steady job can be unrealistic for today's busy teen. with some help she launched the teen job find app in 2017. the platform allows teens to earn money doing odd jobs around the community while learning valuable lessons. teens need their parents' approval and need to submit an additional reference. parents are notified when the teen accepts a job and even when they arrive to work. job posters have to go through a background check to get onto the platform. >> we don't always know who our neighbors are and that's one of the things our job posters really like the most is that they may not know that there's a teen around the corner that could bring the garbage out on tuesday nights when they are
6:46 am
away or walk their dog. >> teen job find is approaching 1,000 users. for now the app is only available to users between sunnyvale and belmont, but they are expected to expand. we want to hear your ideas and you can share them by joining our better bay area to cvfvances hearin a is heading to the assembly floor for a vote. it would prevent the california public utilities commission from taxing services the fcc labels information services. the fcc put that label on text messages late last year after the cpuc proposed taxing them to fund cell service for low-income californians. cvs closing dozens of stores including some in the bay area. two in san francisco and one in antioch are already closed. cvs says the stores are, quote,
6:47 am
underperforming. customers prescriptions have been transferred to nearby locations and employees are being offered jobs at other stores. taking a live look at the new york stock exchange seeing some gains in the green, 129 points right now, likely because of the strong jobs numbers that jessica brought useaier. tt's gh a newto u. wh s catamarans e will race across the bay. six countries are competing including team usa. i had the chance yesterday to host a really interesting panel including some of those sailors as well as folks from oracle about the technology used on these boats. believe it or not these boats have about 1,200 sensors on them. they track everything from speed to the moment the crew touches a button. there are cameras on them so spectators can see the race from the sailors' perspective. all this technology made possible with the hem lp of orae
6:48 am
and larry ellison, a sailor himself. you can see them from the marina green or crissy field and, boy, it should be a beautiful day for sailing, mike. i think it will be great weather for it. >> you talked about they're going to try to go how fast? >> going to try to break 50 knots. it has never been done before. the boats can do it. it depends on the wind. >> they can go three times fastere nd a miles an hour tomorrow which is 17 knots so it will be close, up to 20 again sunday. out of the west saturday and southwest sunday. at set else nr e fun to watch. the few of the sea lions still soaking in a little bit of a nap or an overnight slumber. more clouds, breezy and cool they are weekend. two chances of rain in the accuweather seven-day forecast. mid to upper 70s inland. low to mid-60s along the coast into san francisco.
6:49 am
more cloud cover tonight with temperatures in the mid-40s to about 50 degrees. in fact, we'll have a few clouds at 8:00 over at the alameda county fair grounds in pleasanton as we march for babies, we march for healthy babies. the march of dimes walk, honored to be the emcee this year. will warm up to 69 by the end of the march. almost 20 degrees warmer. if you're going to the game saturday down at the shark lo a. we'll start at 72. we'll drop down to about 55 degrees. now sunday afternoon there's a chance of some showers. don't change your plans. just have our app handy. if you see some dark clouds coming your way. monday morning a little drizzle possible for the commute and then another chance of rain thursday. alexis? good morning, mike. good news in the east bay if you're traveling through the richmond area westbound 80 crash around el portal cleared. all lanes back open. still have stop and go traffic between highway 4 getting down into the area. typical delays are building approaching the richmond side of
6:50 am
the bridge. 6 miles an hour for several miles. no delays here on state route 92, westbound across the san mateo bridge. nothing significant. and a quick check of drive times, in the green, southbound 680 walnut creek to dublin. santa rosa to san francisco and northbound 17 through the santa cruz mountains. and at the live desk i've been watching bear creek high school in stockton throughout the morning because today their student newspaper will publish a very controversial article. it's a profile on an 18-year-old student who works in the adult entertainment industry. the newspaper called "the bruin voice" claimed victory yesterday posting this article with the headline "the voice shall not be silenced." the school district wanted to review and approve the article about the adult entertainment star before it went to print. the superintendent threatened the newspaper's adviser with possible discipline, even dismissal, if she refused. earlier this week reggie interviewed the adviser and
6:51 am
student reporter on "midday live." they say the story they're running is not obscene and they follow school district policy. >> she was very excited to have us show people about her actual story. i think there are a lot of rumors on campus about what she actually does. so she was excited to get her real story out there. >> and the district is now backing off saying they will not penalize the newspaper when the story is published. the superintendent has asked for a disclaimer to run noting the district's disapproval of all of this. of course that disclaimer may not be necessary. the story gathering national attention, so a lot of folks already know the district is not a fan of what is happening. >> it was very interesting to talk to both of them about this issue, and i know people are really split about it. >> sure. >> i asked them just because it can be published, should it be published? and both the teacher and the student who wrote the story who is the managing editor felt strongly that after multiple
6:52 am
conversations with the young woman who is the subject of the story that her story deserved to be told and that there are so many rumors at the school about her, that she wanted to clear the air. so this is something they thought about a lot, whether you agree with it or not, of course, is your point of view. interesting to see how many clicks they get today. >> it will be published later today. we're watching it throughout the morning. >> thanks for the update. a bay area startup is selling something its founder wishes didn't have to exist. bulletproof clothing. tran created wonder hoodie. her company sells bulletproof hoodies, denim jackets and more with sizes available for men, women and children. the hoodie can protect people from weapons like a .44 magnum. >> i'm wearing it up right now. you can protect the sides of your face and also the back of your head right here. but when you don't want to use it, you can close it up like so and then you can't even toll that it's there. >> she says she wanted to create
6:53 am
her own bulletproof clothing line after a neighbor in her hometown of seattle was killed in an armed robbery. she says it is a sad reminder of the reality we live in today, but she wants to do her part to protect her family and others. generations of "star wars" fans remembering the man who made chewbacca a household name. >> peter mayhew, who also played hans solo's loyal sidekick, passed away. the 7owered over the rest of the cast filling out the furry chewbacca costume. the creator george lau cass praised mayhew for his big heart and gentle nature. markham tweeted mayhew was the gentlest of giants. harrison ford release add statement saying, quote, we were partners in film and friends in life for over 30 years, and i loved him. peter mayhew was 74. >> a lot of tributes on social media this morning. facebook is banning several well-known people from its
6:54 am
platform. the list includes nation of islam leader louis farrakhan and the far-right figures alex jones. facebook says they violated its policies on hate speech and promoting violence. there's no immediate reaction from those banned, but in the past conservatives have accused facebook and other social media companies of colluding to suppress conservative opinions. starbucks fans really taking the coffeemaker's new eco-friendly cups. >> stores have run out of the reusable cups. a five pack including straws and lids costs about $17. the tumblers are kind of magical. when you put something cold in them they change from one color to another. they're so popular people are selling them on ebay for up to $99 a pack. >> $99? come on now. they may be selling them, but is anyone actually buying? am i right? right? >> i want to see it, though, the color change.
6:55 am
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6:57. if you're just joining us or heading out the door here are the seven things you need to
6:58 am
know before you go. two elderly women are okay after a car crashed into their home during a carjacking, and the suspect took off. investigators say the suspect stole another car and then crashed again about two miles away. number two, the deadline is coming up this morning for a large homeless encampment to be cleared out in santa cruz. protesters are planning to stage a demonstration. the santa cruz sentinel reports about 60 to 70 people are still at the area behind a ross store along highway 1 in river street. the woman accused of posing as a nanny and targeting bay area families for decades is in jail in martinez. this is exclusive video of 60-year-old darlene marianna monticalvo shortly after her arrest in kensington. she is due in court today. number four, democrats will consider whether to hold attorney general william barr in contempt after he failed to show up for a hearing yesterday. house speaker nancy pelosi went so far as to say he committed a crime. number five is weather. you can see the marine layer is
6:59 am
back and that means increasing sunshine today. temperatures cooler along the coast. the rest of us in the 70s to near 80. number six, we're doing okay traffic wise. we are looking at heavy traffic on the westbound side of 580 for the richmond/san rafael bridge. checking the drive time it is a little bit better than it has been other days this week between marina bay parkway to the san quentin side of the bridge, in the red at 38 minutes. numbersen, trising kelly clarkson is recovering from surgery this morning after having her appendix removed. the procedure happend after she hosted the billboard music awards on wednesday night. she tweeted she may or may not have broken down in tears after the show from pain. she did two amazing performances during that show. >> and hosted -- i mean, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, stand a little taller. >> exactly. >> just because i'm lonely doesn't mean i'm alone. or something. she predicted it was going to happen in this song. >> incredible. what a pro. >> they say what you think
7:00 am
happens, right? put it out into the world. >> thanks for watching this morning. good morning, america. the new severe weather threat as we come on the air. rerd t heartland. nearly 14 feet of water taking over this freeway in michigan and the storm turning deadly in indiana. now eight states on alert. this as an extremely severe cyclone makes landfall overseas forcing a million people to evacuate. the stunning images coming in right now. also this morning, after the attorney general is a no-show a new twist to that capitol hill clash. democrats are now in talks with robert mueller's team, calling on mueller to testify as they barr. nancy pelosi now saying he lied to congress and the american


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