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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  May 3, 2019 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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happen in this song. >> incredible. what a pro. >> they say what y think happens, right? put it out into the world. >> thanks for watching this morning. good morning, america. the new severe weather threat as we come on the air. record flooding hits the heartland. nearly 14 feet of water taking over this freeway in michigan and the storm turning deadly in indiana. now eight states on alert. this as an extremely severe cyclone makes landfall overseas forcing a million people to evacuate. the stunning images coming in right now. also this morning, after the attorney general is a no-show a new twist to that capitol hill clash. democrats are now in talks with robert mueller's team, calling on mueller to testify as they barr. nancy pelosi now saying he lied
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to congress and the american people. the major facebook crackdown overnight. the social media site banning a number of high-profile figures for hate speech calling them dangerous. new reporting on the measles emergency at sea. hundreds of passengers quarantined. the plea now for 100 doses of vaccine and now the new development involving that scientology cruise ship, where it's now heading. celebrating a screen legend. >> chewie. >> the man who brought chewbacca to life in "star wars," peter mayhew, passing away. the outpouring of love from co-stars harrison ford, mark hamill and billy dee williams as fans celebrate his life far, far across the galaxy this morning. ♪ and the health scare just revealed. what kelly clarkson was facing as she hosted the billboard awards pulling off this show-stopping performance, then just hours later jumping on a plane for surgery. ♪ we do say good morning,
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america, on a friday morning and, wow, what a performance we knew from kelly clarkson, but we didn't know that she was in extraordinary pain the entire time. i mean, look at her. she was battling appendicitis while hosting the billboard awards. she now revealed she was in serious pain really for several days. she had emergency surgery afterward. the song she performed "broken and beautiful" had more meaning to it, we learned. another big performance, bts the insanely popular k pop band owning the stage. why are we talking about this? hmm. we have a big announcement. bts kicking off our summer concert series here on "gma." >> rea for summer. ready for bts. you remember what happened the last time they were here. >> oh gosh. oh gosh. >> so insane. so many fans showed up we couldn't fit them all into our studio and wait until you see who else is performing this summer.
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we will reveal the lineup all morning long. >> we're going to slide into summer. it will all make sense later. >> i see what you did there. >> i know you did. first we begin with the severe weather, 40 million on alert for flooding, possible tornadoes. alex perez is in illinois with the latest on all that. good morning, alex. >> reporter: hey, good morning, robin. some areas have already gotten eight inches of rain coming down so quickly, rivers and waterways just can't hold it all. severe weather and heavy rain wreaking havoc across the southern plains as this system that brought 60 tornadoes in three days heads east. relentless rains causing waters to rise across the mississippi valley. waters reaching a record of more than 22 feet in iowa turning roads into rivers, cars completely submerged. people navigating the streets in boats. this river overrun, water swallowing roads and claiming the life of a 2-year-old in
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indiana. in michigan floodwaters climbing nearly 14 feet, shutting down southfield freeway and sirens blaring in arkansas. at least three tornados reported near little rock. at least 60-mile-per-hour winds ripping roofs off their foundations, plucking trees from the ground and tossing 18-wheelers onto their sides. and rivers are expected to remain above flood stage through the weekend. david? >> all right, alex, thanks. they just can't get a break. thank you for that. >> these dangerous storms have been relentless but we are watching what could be a dangerous friday ahead. ginger, what are you most concerned about? >> i wish it was just one thing. i've got to start you out with the flooding. daven portd port, iowa, has looked like this for days. now we know the mississippi river has reached its highest point ever on record in davenport. that is a big deal. even greater than the great flood of 1993. there are flood alerts from cincinnati through kentucky into texas.
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all along the same frontal system that has been torturing parts of the plains and midwest last couple of days. today it's south texas that will deal with the damaging winds and hail. then tomorrow -- this is why it's big for weekend plans. birmingham, close to atlanta, knoxville all in the region to look fought for this weekend. >> we're also getting horrific pictures of a dangerous cyclone making landfall in india at this hour. authorities are warning cyclone fani is extremely severe in their words. they have now ordered one million people to evacuate as it hits the eastern coast. just stunning pictures. an area getting hit popular with tourists. take a look. the storm blowing a roof completely off this hostel. heavy rain, winds gusting past 127 miles per hour, and this satellite image this morning showing that storm closing in. thousands of indian army and navy troops have been mobilized to help with recovery efforts. we'll monitor this during the
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day. >> i certainly wish them well. we turn to washington. this morning house democrats are one step closer to bringing in special counsel robert mueller to testify. this as there is now an all-out war between democrats and attorney general william barr after he refused to show up before the house judiciary committee. speaker nancy pelosi flat out calling him a liar. take a listen. >> the attorney general of the united states of america was not telling the truth to the congress of the united states. that's a crime. >> okay. so let's bring in our senior congressional correspondent mary bruce on the hill. mary, barr could soon be facing a contempt citation. >> reporter: this is a real escalation in the fight beeen democrats and this administration. after barr was a no-show at that hearing yesterday house democrats are now moving to hold the nation's top law enforcement official in contempt of congress. now, jerrold nadler, the democratic chair of the house judiciary committee, says he's going to make one more attempt to negotiate with barr for the full unredacted mueller report but if he doesn't turn it over in the next day or two they would hold him in contempt possibly even by monday. but, cecilia, that would likely set off a lengthy court battle
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that could last months, even years. this is going to be a long fight. >> this isn't ending any time soon. mary, you also learned the house judiciary committee reached out directly to mueller about possible testimony on capitol hill? >> reporter: yeah, cecilia. sources tell us that the house judiciary committee has made contact with mueller's team about a possible hearing later this month. now, we know they've been eyeing the date of may 15th. there's nothing on the books just yet. this morning those talks continue. cecelia? >> mary bruce, thank you so much. we're going to turn to that major facebook crackdown and kicked several high-profile people off their site calling them, quote, dangerous individuals. so let's right to tom llamas. he joins us with the latest. this was something. >> reporter: this was huge, good morning to you. this may be one of the biggest and most impactful decisions facebook has ever made. the social media giant that gave everyone a voice and a page has just expelled seven of its most controversial users, people with massive followings but who
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facebook essentially decided were, quote, dangerous individuals or organizations. many who were banned are extreme conservative voices, the most well known being alex jones. jones supported president trump but also peddled and promoted sick conspiracy theories like the sandy hook massacre was fabricated. but there are others being banned like louis farrakhan also for his anti-semitic views and the tech world is buzzing about this because social media moguls like facebook's mark zuckerberg and twitter's jack door very have been under fire for letting hate speech spread on their platforms. this also comes at a time when facebook is expected to be fined $5 billion by the federal trade commission for privacy violations so some are questioning the timing. >> they'll say they're matching their warnings with action now. >> they are and it's bigger than facebook. it's also instagram which facebook owns. but you have to wonder, these people have such massive followings. if they're off facebook and instagram, where are they going to go to next? social media platforms pop up. where will they influence people next? we'll have to wait and say.
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>> tom, thanks. >> all right, david. now to the growing crisis in venezuela. president maduro is clinging to power amid deadly protests as the white house weighs in. senior foreign correspondent ian pannell is there on the ground in caracas with the latest. good morning, ian. >> reporter: yeah, good morning, robin, from a city, a country holding its breath to see what happens next in this fast-developing crisis. president nicolas maduro defiant appearing live on state tv vowing to arrest those who he says are plotting against him. meanwhile, opposition leader juan guaido nowhere to be seen though on twitter calling for more protests tomorrow. we know four people are dead. hundreds injured and scores arrested by government forces including children as tens of thousands of people have been taking to the streets. what they want is president nicolas maduro to step down and they're backed by america saying all options are now on the table including the use of military force. at the end of a tumultuous week i have to say president nicolas
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maduro still looks firmly in power with no end in sight for the suffering of the venezuelan people. robin? >> so hard to see those images, ian. thank you. cecelia? >> thank you, robin. now to the admitted terrorist set to walk free after plotting to bomb the new york city subway system. his plot was foiled a decade ago. since then he has been cooperating with the government. abc's whit johnson is at a subway station in new york with more. good morning, whit. >> reporter: cecilia, good morning to you. it's a stunning turnaround for a man who went from terrorist to government informant after his foiled plot to attack the new york subway, prosecutors say he met with investigators more than 100 times, even testifying against his own friends and family. this morning the admitted terrorist who spearheaded a plot to bomb the new york city subway will soon be a free man. a federal judge granting 33-year-old najibullah zazi credit for time served, telling him in court, this once unthinkable second chance has come your way and you earned it.
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a remarkable development considering zazi's plot at the time was called one of the most serious threats to the u.s. since 9/11. >> this attempted attack on our homeland was real. it was in motion. and it would have been deadly. >> reporter: prosecutors say zazi traveled to pakistan in 2008 training with al qaeda in weapons and explosives. when he returned to the u.s. he and two friends in denver devised the plan building bombs with beauty products. later arrested, zazi at first denying his role. >> i have nothing to do with al qaeda and any link or anything with al qaeda. >> reporter: but prosecutors say he ultimately put his own life at risk by helping investigators pleading guilty and providing what they call extraordinary cooperation in america's fight against al qaeda revealing key details of the terrorist group's training, movements and recruitment methods.
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prosecutors told the judge that zazi has repudiated his terrorist ideology and is expected to be released from jail in just a matter of days. >> going to be a lot of opinions on this. whit johnson, thanks for that. now to new developments in that college admissions scandal. a new video now emerging of the young woman whose parents allegedly paid $6.5 million to get her into a top school. offering advice, this young girl does, on how to get into a top american university in this video and linsey davis has more on that. linsey, the family is now saying they were tricked into this scheme? >> they say they were duped and learning about the pharmaceutical billionaires from china that paid that seven-figure sum and said they believe they were making a legitimate don't nation, a generous act done for the benefit of the schools and the students. >> hello, everyone. i am 17 now. i've just graduated from high school and this year, mid-september, i'm going to
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stanford. >> reporter: overnight new video of yusi zhao the student from china whose family allegedly paid $6.5 million to get her admitted into stanford, the largest payment known in the case. in this 2017 livestream you see a scene encouraging other students. >> i just felt like you can always achieve the things that you want if you try hard. >> reporter: her family says they are the victims. in a statement yusi's mother says she was tricked into believing the seven-figure sum would go toward scholarships, university salaries and programs for needy students. >> getting into the right college will set the trajectory for the rest of your son or daughter's life. >> reporter: but that money allegedly went to this man, rick singer, the so-called mastermind behind the college admission scam. prosecutors say he was introduced to the family through an employee at morgan stanley who has since been terminated. no one in the family has been charged. stanford tells us they never received that $6.5 million. prosecutors say singer faked sailing accomplishments for uc
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and later made a donation. yusi was a sophomore and has since been expelled. >> just keeps going. >> yes, it does. >> thank you so much. the latest on that cruise ship with hundreds on board quarantined because of the measles. the ship owned by the church of scientology is back at sea this morning. victor oquendo has the latest for us. good morning, victor. >> reporter: good morning, robin. all signs point to that ship heading to its home point on curacao but the question, how will they respond if and when that ship arrives? >> reporter: this morning after three days of quarantine, hundreds of passengers are on the move in the direction of the island of curacao, the ship's home port, after one confirmed case of measles was confirmed. the cruise was docked at port in st. lucia on tuesday. no one was allowed to disembark. >> this decision to quarantine the ship is keeping with the laws at st. lucia. >> reporter: it's owned by the church of scientology and staffed by the church's sea org
7:15 am
members. >> this is the "the freewinds." >> reporter: billed as a training center away from the crossroads of life and a place where lives are transformed. the 440-foot vessel even hosting scientology's most famous member, tom cruise, for his 42nd birthday. ♪ old time rock 'n roll >> reporter: for passengers on board, the voyage likely not the type of getaway they had in mind. while docked the department of health and wellness supplied 100 doses of the measles vaccine as passengers wait it out. for families on dry land in the u.s. the fear of contamination continues to spread as more than 700 cases of measles are confirmed in 22 states across the u.s. >> a lot of other things that can come out of measles. you can be deaf, you can have seizures, you can control so much what you're doing but if other people are going out in public being sick then that's part of the problem. >> reporter: if the ship continues on its current track it will likely arrive in curacao sometime saturday morning. guys? >> victor, thank you.
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you guys ready to something we've spoken very little about? >> haven't even mentioned it. >> it's going to be a shock to our audience. the royal baby watch is still going on. amy is waiting it out day and night in windsor for news. any news, amy? >> ah, i've been waiting, touring, dining. i'm running out of things to do here in windsor and still no baby news. you hear the bells ringing? it's not because there is a new baby. her majesty is having a special event at windsor castle while we wait for those to ring for another reason. back in january you may remember meghan said she was due late april, early may. hello, it's may 3rd. we have a few other clues to the baby's impending arrival. we know the last time we've seen prince harry in public was last sunday at the london marathon. he has that scheduled trip next week to the netherlands wednesday and thursday and those plans could change. and we do know that buckingham palace will announce when meghan goes into labor.
7:17 am
we're certainly waiting for that announcement. after the baby's birth it will be announced on the royal family twitter account just like george, charlotte and louis. the royal couple is breaking from tradition. instead of making that big appearance on the front steps of the hospital, harry and meghan says they will take some time to bond as a family before they will introduce the baby to the world which infuriated the british press. but according to the latest british poll, 75% think that harry, meghan and baby sussex are entitled to some privacy. >> they certainly are. i would agree with that. what about the bookies there, amy? one of the traditions whenever there is a royal baby people place bets on the gender, the dates. they must be busy. >> this is crazy. they're so busy they closed all bets. you cannot place a bet on the gender, the time, the name of the baby. because so much has been spent, bookmakers say they can't afford any more bets.
7:18 am
that's how crazy it is. >> we're taking bets on if you're ever coming home. your kids want to know is mom coming home. >> i know. i do miss my babies by the way too, but what can i do? >> work calls. >> that workcation is still going. thank you, amy. >> we're going to follow a lot of other headlines this morning. the tributes pouring in for the actor behind chewbacca, peter mayhew. what harrison ford, mark hamill and his other co-stars are saying this morning. >> wow, we all loved chewbacca. also ahead, new research on taking selfies and what it does to your mind. this is really interesting. diane was here yesterday. she's back with her piece on the effect on your dogs too. the amount of time we spend on your phone is really eye opening. let's get over to ginger who's tracking severe weather. >> i am going to show you amazing images captured on a camera from wichita falls, texas. we're talking about flooding. let's get to the weekend get away s brought to you by audible.
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good morning. i'm abc 7 news meteorologist mike nicco. increasing sunshine, spring warmth today away from the coast. more clouds and cooler conditions but the breeze is kicking in this weekend, and two chances of showers coming up in the accuweather 7-day forecast. a few 80s, upper 70s inland, 70s around the bay. more cloudy tonight and mid-50s. we have a chance happy fri-yay happy fri-yay!
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woman: help stop the clock on further irreversible joint damage. talk to your rheumatologist. right here. right now. humira. good morning, east bay. let's get up and get going. >> this is "abc7 mornings." good morning. i'm reggie aqui. developing news out of castor valley, two women are okay after a car crashed into their home after a carjacking last night. the suspect ran, stole another vehicle and crashed that about two miles today at castor valley and grove way. police have not said whether the suspect has been arrested. alexis, how does traffic look? >> we're looking at a new problem in east bay. if you're trying to get to oakland on east 880, we have a split. if you're not in a big rig, you
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7:26 am a price that has you,s and like...d.hmmm. okay. that's yes for less. say yes to the latest spring trends at 20 to 60 percent off department store prices every day. at ross. yes for less. we have temperatures in the mid-40s to low 50s in most neighborhoods of the observi neighborhoods. oakland a little bit warmer at 53. increasing sunshine and a few areas of fog this morning to deal with also, but that's mainly around petaluma and at the coast. widespread temperatures from the 40s to 50s to the 70s and 80s this afternoon. our warmest temperatures moving forward because cooler weather is on the way as the breezes pick up this weekend. a chance of scattered showers such sunday. a better chance of drizzle monday morning.
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new research on selfies and anxiety. why taking pictures of ourselves may be stressing us out. another news update in
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♪ baby watch me werk it like ♪ ♪ werk it now, woo. werk it now ♪ ♪ baby, baby, baby ♪ baby watch me werk it now ♪ back here on "gma," chance the rapper showing off his dance moves in that song, and guess what? he's going to be showing them off on our summer concert stage. that's right. he's part of our all-star lineup and we have even more big reveals. chance and bts for our party in the park and help us slide -- that's what i was referring to. >> is that the slide that sam was trying to get one of us to go down? >> yes. >> they were taking bets. >> sorry. >> i got to catch a flight to
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dallas. >> i just took the slide last night. don't want to do it two days in a row. >> very busy after the show. >> where's george? >> sam will look great when he does that. >> ginger will too. >> we're looking forward to that. we'll be covering it all morning. but first top headlines we're following right now. 40 million people in the path of severe weather as record flooding hits the heartland. michigan getting nearly 14 feet of water. the storm turning deadly in indiana. now eight states are on alert. also, a new twist in the capitol hill clash. democrats have made contact withed the special counsel's team trying to negotiate a possible hearing later this month as they blast attorney general william barr saying he lied to congress and the american people. we have a new miss usa. north carolina lawyer cheslie kryst won the crown. she represents prison inmates for free and next advances to the miss universe pageant but before that she'll be live with us on "gma" on monday. >> fantastic. look forward to that. in the meantime, we start with the tributes pouring in for the man behind one of the most
7:32 am
beloved characters. peter mayhew, the 7'3" actor as we all know known as the gentlest of giants by his co-star mark hamill. he was known for his kindness both on and off the big screen. chris connelly is in los angeles with much more. hey, chris. >> reporter: good morning. without ever showing his face, peter mayhew created one of the most cherished characters in movie history. now fans and his "star wars" friends are fondly remembering the man who was chewbacca. as the loyal wookiee, chewbacca, co-pilot, and esteemed comrade of han solo peter mayhew created one of "star wars'" most beloved characters. >> get in there, you big furry oaf. >> reporter: inside that costume, the 7'3" blue-eyed mayhew needed no words to develop chewbacca's unique physicality and his chemistry
7:33 am
with harrison ford. >> what's going on? >> reporter: mayhew's chewbacca became a worldwide favorite. the character returned for 2015's "the force awakens" thrilling its awe-struck newbies. >> chewy, we're home. >> it's like, no, this is the real thing. we're actually doing it. that's chewbacca. that's peter mayhew. >> reporter: and at the film's premiere he'd remember the warm welcome he got. >> in one of the trailers, there's a knock on the door, hey, you big lad, where you been? it's harrison. one big hug and everything else. he's just a super, super, super guy. >> reporter: a statement from mayhew's family saying he was using a wheelchair before he fought his way back to perform in the cockpit scenes for the film where he would also serve as a wookiee mentor to the wookiee who played chewy in subsequent "star wars" films. >> we had a week-long wookiee bootcamp where we went over the movement of the head. >> reporter: harrison ford
7:34 am
paying tribute to peter mayhew saying he was a kind and gentle man, possessed of great dignity and noble character ford said in a statement released thursday. we were partners in films and friends in life for over 30 years and i loved him. i and millions of others will never forget peter and what he gave us all. >> i suggest a new strategy, let the wookie win. >> reporter: said "star wars" creator george lucas, he was the closest any human could be to a wookiee. big heart, gentle nature and i learned to always let him win. mark hamill tweeted, he was the gentlest of giants, a big man with a bigger heart that never failed to make me smile and a loyal friend who i loved dearly. and billy dee williams, much more than chewie to me, my heart hurts. i will miss you, my dear friend. thanks for the great memories. his newest rebel compatriots paying tribute as well.
7:35 am
john boyega sharing this caption, the happiness you brought to my life through chewbacca was always enough but to meet you and experience your amazing heart was even better. born in england during world war ii mayhew was still young when he was diagnosed with marfan syndrome, a connective tissue disorder that may have caused him to grow so tall. he was working in a hospital when george lucas chose him to play chewbacca. peter mayhew died on april 30th at his home in texas. he was 74. though chewbacca does not receive a medal in the final scene of "star wars: a new hope" fans recall that the film ends with one unforgettable roar. ♪ a longtime supporter of charitable causes, he had established the peter mayhew foundation to help those in crisis. in their statement his family vows that the foundation and its work will continue in his name. guys? >> such a generous man, talented and just his spirit. >> so giving to the next actor who took on the chewbacca role. >> chris, thank you so much.
7:36 am
appreciate it. now to "gma"'s first look and at the way our phones and tablets are affecting our lives. a new special "screentime: diane sawyer reporting" looks at -- >> is that your phone? >> sorry. >> speaking of screen time. >> how selfies can affect your anxiety levels and even your pets with all that screen time. >> i can feel cecelia's anxiety right now. >> here's diane. >> reporter: psychology professor jennifer mills has asked them to do what they do every day. take a picture of themselves and post it to social media. these students don't know what the professor's experiment will really be testing. the students tell us it's easy for half an hour to go by as you work on one photo so now they have posted their photos nervously awaiting the reaction of their friends hoping it will make them feel good about themselves which brings us to
7:37 am
what dr. jennifer mills was really trying to learn with these students. >> i'm going to give you a series of questions about yourself. >> reporter: before the selfie she had tested the students for anxiety, body image, depression. then even after some of them retouched their photos before posting, for nearly all of them the anxiety even worse than when they came in the room. more negative. more dissatisfied with your appearance, less confident. you felt more anxious after posting your selfie. >> yes. >> reporter: professor mills worries that selfies, retouching can be a kind of quicksand. >> that lower confidence drives people to want to keep fixing and checking and fixing and checking. >> it fills your time up and that's all i've ever known since i was 7. >> reporter: but humans aren't the only ones feeling the impact of our screens. in our reporting, so many people told us that there are other friends in their lives affected by technology too. we live in a world in which cockatiels sing a song of cell phones.
7:38 am
♪ a parrot knows how to rouse a new pal. >> alexa, all lights on. >> okay. >> reporter: this chimpanzee has mastered instagram. but the experts say there is one animal in the kingdom who seems to be saddened by our screens. your dog, who signals if your eyes are looking down, you may not be his best friend. >> what? put it up again. >> reporter: and michele would like a little understanding for her life. every time she reaches for her phone, marley begins to moan. he does it upside down. he does it right side up.
7:39 am
[ barking ] it's so bad she's had to become a phone refugee inside her own home. >> if i really need to answer a text, i will go out in the hall way. i'll go into my bathroom, downstairs. >> reporter: so with all this technology in our lives, remember, your dog wants to look at your face. >> ah. >> you know, diane and her team worked six months on this. you can see the full special "screentime: diane sawyer reporting" tonight at 8:00 p.m. eastern here on abc. >> really looking forward to it. what we've seen so far has been pretty amazing. coming up we'll cover more on that medical emergency for kelly clarkson all while she was hosting the billboard music awards. stay with us. on that medical emergency for kelly clarkson all while she was hosting the billboard music awards. stay with us.
7:40 am
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7:43 am
we are back with that secret medical emergency for kelly clarkson. the singer now revealing she was battling appendicitis while hosting the billboard music awards performing through all of this pain. paula is here with more on this. this is remarkable. >> it's a secret no longer but by the way how high is your pain tolerance? pay attention to that as you see kelly clarkson. you would never have known she had been suffering from append sites for a week leading up to the billboard music awards where she hosted
7:44 am
and performed several numbers. ♪ for kelly clarkson the show must go on and earlier this week, it did. the pop star singing and dancing her way through her hosting gig at this week's billboard music awards all while enduring appendicitis. the 37-year-old tweeting, not going to lie, i may or may not have broken down in tears after the show from pain. i flew home directly after the event, nailed the surgery early this morning and feeling awesome now, bye-bye, appendix. the pop star had reportedly been experiencing pain all week but it didn't stop her from hosting one of music's biggest nights or from performing twice. ♪ i'm phenomenal and i'm enough ♪ >> reporter: with no signs that anything was wrong, she joked around with rob gronkowski and her former "american idol" judge paula abdul. >> are you serious right now? >> reporter: it seems that despite the pain the opportunity to see some of her childhood idols, it was too good to pass
7:45 am
up. >> childhood dream. i get to talk after mariah carey was on stage. she's doing this whole icon thing so i'm pretty stoked about that. >> reporter: fighting through the pain for three hours, she did it with a smile and determination and later thanked her team, fans and her husband for the support. >> good night from the mgm grand garden arena in las vegas. >> you would have never known. she had that smile on her face. she pushed right through the pain to fulfill her childhood dream and she doesn't stop. she reportedly won't be down for long, she's expected to be back to "the voice" on monday. >> really? >> i know. exactly. high pain tolerance. she is a warrior. >> she is. as are you. thank you. >> as are you and you and you. you get a car and you get a car. >> you can tell it's friday, right? coming up, we have our "play of the day" and this is a clue. ♪ oops i did it again ♪ i played with your heart a clue. ♪ oops i did it again
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♪ oops i did it again it all makes sense. it always does. >> it's coming together. >> right there. here's the "play of the day" and a mysterious case of the ripped up cushion. take a look. >> who did all this? was it you? >> ah. >> was it you? >> pretty compelling evidence.
7:50 am
adorable 3-year-old dachshund lebronnie. his owner jake told us they got the pup from a shelter a few years back and they named it after lebron james. just like king james, he has a lot of fans on twitter. the video getting nearly 7 million views and many were jumping to his defense saying obviously it wasn't him. there's no evidence to support the charge but apparently lebronnie frequently does that but his owners are used to it and love him anyway. >> he's a cutie. >> he's got to learn how to knock that off with his paw. >> hide the evidence. all right, ready for more? coming up, the summer concert lineup. we're going to reveal it right here. plus a "bachelorette" blowout your favorite bachelorettes reuniting right here on "gma". >> reuniting and it feels so good. bachelorettes reuniting right here on "gma". >> reuniting and it feels so good. my blood sugar and a1c. because i can still make my own insulin. and trulicity activates my body to release it like it's supposed to. trulicity is for people with type 2 diabetes.
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welcome back to "good morning america." i mean that's my type of wedding. i'll tell you that right now right under a severe storm in amarillo, texas. we wanted to share that with you. beautiful and they were right there obviously not in a threat, all right, just making sure you know that. i mean, not for now. we'll see how the wedding goes. coming up on "gma," we do have a big health headline about a type of breast implant linked to cancer and dr. ashton will be here to discuss. we have our "bachelorette" blow-out, the reunion 15 years in the making. your favorite bachelorettes here live. all that brought to you by you need to place yourself whilein the moment.ears, ♪
7:55 am
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low to mid-70s around the bay. low 70s to 80s inland. our last and warm day as a sea breeze kicks in tomorrow and a chance of showers sunday into monday morning. northbound 880 right at the 980 split, we had a disabled semi that was blocking one of the middle lanes. cph was able to push that out of
7:57 am
the way. 580 is a little heavy as well. westbound across the san mateo bridge is looking better. reggie? five fan favorites in times square celebrating the 15th year reunion of the show. another abc 7 news update in deal talk. my 2 for $5 breakfast croissants deal is back. with grilled ham and hickory smoked bacon or grilled sausage on a warm, buttery croissant, it's way better than dry cereal. i wish i was warm and buttery. aww man. download the jack app and order my 2 for $5 breakfast croissants.
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my 2 for $5 breakfast croissants ddeal is back. with grilled ham and hickory smoked bacon or grilled sausage on a warm, buttery croissant, it's way better than some mediocre cereal.
8:00 am
that's the nicest thing anyone's ever said to me! download the jack app and order my 2 for $5 breakfast croissants. good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. the new severe weather threat at this hour. record flooding drenches the heartland. the storm turning deadly in indiana. eight states on alert. ginger, of course, tracking the latest. also this morning, capitol hill clash. the democrats turning up the heat on the white house right now accusing the attorney general of lying to congress about the mueller report and now they're calling on robert mueller to testify himself. new this morning, the fda will still allow the sales of certain breast implants linked to cancer. the outcry right now and what you should know. dr. ashton is here. ♪ bachelorette blow-out.
8:01 am
15 years, 366 men, 13 proposals and more than a thousand red roses as the bachelorette gets ready to celebrate a big anniversary. your favorite bachelorettes are right here live, their biggest reunion ever on "gma." [ applause ] and are you ready to slide into summer? our jam-packed blockbuster "gma" party in the park is back. and it's all kicking off with bts and we can't wait for chance the rapper and revealed right now -- >> it's mr. worldwide. you ready for me? >> we're ready for pitbull and wait till you see who's next. look who is saying -- >> good morning, america. >> good morning. ♪ i love myself >> good morning. great to have you with us on this friday morning and we are so excited about our summer concerts. >> i can't believe they're back already. >> i know. >> time flies.
8:02 am
>> let's go down the list what we know already. we told you about bts and chance the rapper and just now pitbull. very excited about that. but now some of our favorite bachelorettes are here to share our next big reveal. this is on our big concert slide. wait. there they go. [ applause ] ♪ i think we're going. none other the pop phenomenon, ellie goulding from across the bond. that's not all. many more performers revealed throughout the show. >> so they have to go through the slide? >> they do. >> i like that. we'll get to that list as we continue. following a lot of headlines and start with the severe weather, heavy rain, record-breaking floods in the midwest and millions on alert as we begin the weekend. and ginger tracking it all including devastating tornado, right? >> already in the last three days we've seen 60 reported tornadoes, david. you see the images. ef-0, two of them in little rock, arkansas, the semis flipped and the roof ripped from that one structure.
8:03 am
this is just the beginning of the issues. it's also been about flooding. davenport, iowa, had a levee breach and incredible snow melt and spring regular melt. now the mississippi river is at its highest level on record. even beating the great flood of 1993. they've had more rain as has naperville, illinois, that has started to recede, but we've got more where that came from. flood alerts from texas to cincinnati, ohio. ahead of this you'll end up seeing severe storms. it's for southwest texas including san antonio but the high plains and birmingham, atlanta, knoxville, down to new orleans is tomorrow. if you've got outdoor plans on your saturday, please keep this in mind. in the afternoon and evening you end up seeing severe weather. all right, guys. >> busy weather weekend. >>. >> a busy day in washington today. house democrats are one step closer to bringing in special counsel robert mueller to
8:04 am
testify. this as there is now an all life out war between democrats and attorney general william barr after he refused to show up before the house judiciary committee. let's go back over to our senior congressional correspondent mary bruce on capitol hill with the latest. hey, mary. >> reporter: hey, cecilia. democrats are growing increasingly fed up with the attorney general. house speaker nancy pelosi is flat out calling him a liar. she says barr committed a crime by misleading and lying to congress. after the attorney general was a no show yesterday house democrats are now moving to hold the nation's top law enforcement officer in contempt of congress. possibly as soon as this monday. it comes as the pressure continues to ramp up on robert mueller to speak out here himself. the house judiciary committee has made contact with mueller's team to negotiate a possible hearing here later this month. cecelia? >> they really want to get him in there soon. mary bruce, thank you. turning to two high school seniors thankful to be alive. tyler and heather were stranded at sea after they got caught in a dangerous rip current. the florida teens somehow were able to keep their heads above water for 30 minutes. they were two miles off shore.
8:05 am
no life jackets. all they could do, pray. >> while i was laying on my back, the best i could floating, i just cried out and i was like, god, please don't let this be the end, like i still want to see my family again. >> those prayers were answered by a 53-foot yacht named "amen." >> can i get an amen? >> oh, yeah. >> the captain, eric wagner. ♪ amen >> this is the song i thought of. ♪ amen >> it's perfect. >> i know. the teens and their hero via facetime. the captain and the teens, we put them together via facetime and their faith is -- this is what they say. their faith in god is now stronger than ever. >> i love this story. >> those rip currents are really terrifying. it's happened to so many of us when you're out there? >> in a second. >> 30 minutes out there and thought about family. >> when the young man saw the name of the boat, that's when he
8:06 am
broke down. he held it together until he saw amen. >> change the name of all of our -- wait a minute. we don't have a yacht. >> no, we do not. >> we do not. coming up, a very special friday edition of "pop news." >> amen. >> sam champion here, speaking about amen. he's up there. it's our bachelorette blow-out. the 15-year reunion you'll only see on "gma." plus, have you seen our very beautiful audience yet this morning? [ applause ] stay with us. stay with us. what would i say to somebody keep being you.? keep loving. keep aspiring. keep striving. and ask your doctor about biktarvy. biktarvy is a complete one-pill, once-a-day treatment used for hiv in certain adults. it's not a cure, but with one small pill, biktarvy fights hiv with three different medicines to help you get to undetectable.
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♪ wow! [ applause ] we will have what you are all
8:11 am
having. you have revved up this friday morning. >> you know what it's called? it's called friday. [ applause ] >> and it's called having sam champion here. >> that's right. >> but first we'll reveal more of our "gma" summer concert lineup. one of our bachelorettes is going to go down that big old slide and reveal another one of our superstar acts. who will it be? who is it going to be? get on down that slide. rock 'n' roll front man adam lambert. [ applause ] we have so many more big names and a big surprise performer popping in later. coming up. but now speaking about popping up later, "pop news." >> a little "pop news," hi, everybody. david, robin, cecilia, because
8:12 am
we don't call it friday until something pops so here we go. [ laughter ] >> i don't need to know. >> i meant it in the best way. we begin with hollywood baby news. the lively reynolds family is about to get a lot livelier. come on, ladies and gentlemen. i just did a thing. people, you've got to work hard because i'm not working that hard so you have to work hard. okay, we found out she was expecting baby number flee with her husband ryan reynolds because they stepped out on the red carpet at the their new york premiere of "pokemon: detective pikachu" and we said immediately, i don't need no detective, i detect something is up. there may be another baby in the family. there you go. major surprise. [ applause ] debuting her baby bump for the entire world. looking gorgeous in a sparkly yellow gown. i don't know much more other than that. reynolds -- >> sparkly. >> it was sparkly. >> a different shade of -- anyway, get back to it. >> well, we'll get those notes later. telling "people" magazine their
8:13 am
focus is on family. here's how they do it. they don't movies together at the same time. so they have two daughters already. 4-year-old james and 2-year-old inez. and so what she says is that they do a movie while the other one stays home and then the other one can do a movie and they stay home because they make family their first thing. also debuting a baby bump, keira knightley revealed she's pregnant with her second child with her husband. so, congratulations, everyone. >> all the way around. >> apparently now all you have to do is step out on the red carpet and you're pregnant. so be careful. be careful, people. it's hollywood. now to gym "game of thrones." fans are worried one of their favorite characters could be killed off by the drake curse. we told you about this curse before. basically every team that the music superstar publicly backs loses big time. he supported alabama sweatshirt before the college national championships. now, 'bama ended up -- robin,
8:14 am
this is football? >> right. >> the tigers losing to clemson 44-16 which is not a good thing when you've picked the loser. he did it in football. he did it in soccer. he did it in hockey but does it apply to tv shows. on wednesday the billboard awards during his acceptance speech drake said this -- >> shoutout to arya stark for putting in that work last week. >> hmm. >> so "game of thrones" fans were not so happy. they started freaking out. one person tweeting, drake's curse better not apply to fictional characters. the arya hive don't play. we need to see this work out well and there was that knife drop. how good? am i giving too much away by saying that? >> you're on the edge. >> i'm on the edge. cecilia says i'm on the edge. if we survive the drake curse this will be the first time that that has happened. finally can we get a little laptop drumroll. just for a second, i don't want any bruising. everything is good. here's a question. you can dump your pillowcase instead of carrying a briefcase
8:15 am
or carry your pillowcase instead of a briefcase. is that okay? because there's a new job on the line. dream job, ladies and gentlemen, get paid to sleep as the next snooze tern. [ applause ] so here's the company. get ready, take notes. mattress firm is offering paid internships. you get paid to test beds and discover your perfect sleeping position. are you on the side sleeper? are you a back with your head -- >> yeah. >> side. >> everybody side? >> yeah. >> stomach. >> what are you? >> well, is it sleeping or passing out? which one are we talking about? [ laughter ] all right, so -- >> i love this man. >> you have to create videos in your snooze tern experience. it's a little work. if you're a slumber star you get to catch your major zs and you can apply online. the deadline is tonight so you got to do it right now. are you guys on the phones right now? mattress firm. so i want to just tell you that we have sleeping problems here
8:16 am
on this show all the time. i have been here a long time and found all the good places to sleep. i want to show you in case you come to the show. here they are. so i used to nap in the makeup room all the time. because it's like 4:00 a.m. [ applause ] now, the other place i think it is actually -- >> that's ginger's -- >> ginger's makeup room. best place to cop a nap. sometimes you have to take a nap in the control room. [ applause ] >> wow. >> now, all right. >> any of you have ever done any of those spots in the room? >> going to do it now. hey, i have to catch a flight. emmett and pat smith have this wonderful foundation in dallas i'm emceeing. emmett played for the cowboys. but now you know why i delayed. i had to stay for ""pop news"." i had to have that.
8:17 am
>> and that is "pop." see you guys, pop, pop, pop, pop, bye, guys. mwah. >> have a good weekend. >> robin goes this way, i'll go this way. we're computing and i'll walk and talk. >> just don't pass out like sam. we'll turn to our "gma" cover story. that big health news allowing the sale of a certain type of breast implant that has been linked to a rare cancer. i'm also going to hand this off because i don't even need that as we're getting cushy here. chief medical correspondent jennifer ashton is here with more. >> good morning. >> good morning to you. we made it. >> yes. >> tell us about how concerning these implants are and what the risks that we're talking about. >> first let's talk about which implants we're talking about here because this affects a lot of women. this is the textured or gummy implant. so if you look at this, it's really about the surface of the implant. it has nothing to do with whether there's saline or silicon in the implant.
8:18 am
these rare cases of lymphoma have been associated with this gummied textured surface. the fda has been tracking it. since 2011, over 2 million implants put in in the last seven years that they've been tracking. there have been 457 cases and unfortunately nine deaths so this is rare but have to underscore 300,000 women a year get it for cosmetic and reconstructive reasons. >> a lot of women who have the textured implants will be asking should they have them removed? what do they need to be on the look out for? >> so right now it's all about awareness on the part of the plastic surgeon and doctor seeing these women and the women who have implants or might be getting them. if they have the gummy bear texture, there is not a recommendation to have them preventively removed at this time but be aware of symptoms. this type of rare lymphoma causes symptoms which is pain, redness and swelling around the implant, asymmetry or a new lump or mass. that needs to be brought to the
8:19 am
plastic surgeon's attention. that fluid needs to be tested. if it's the rare case of lymphoma, the treatment is just removal of that implant in general. >> if a patient says i'm thinking of getting implants, what are you telling them? >> any type you get a foreign body or device inside you whether a knee joint, breast implant, a pacemaker, you should be getting a card. the surgeon normally gives the patient a card that says who makes it, what it is. you need to know as much as you can about what is inside your body. this is no exception. >> always good information. over to you. now to college signing day. the time of year where students decide where to spend the next four years. michelle obama celebrated with students at ucla this week and we're also seeing a new trend where students post the moment they get into or rejected by schools because as well all know, this is a milestone regardless of whether it's good news or bad news. it's a life experience. erielle reshef with much more. >> good to see you.
8:20 am
a moment many of us have experienced but few have shared this with the world. high school seniors posting highlight reels of rejection when it comes to college admissions. >> congratulations. >> kids heading to college used to share their big news like this. >> my son is going to notre dame. >> reporter: and now -- >> three, two, one, click. okay. >> reporter: -- they're not just sharing that moment with their family. they're sharing it with the world. >> oh, my god. i got in! i got into wash u. mom! >> oh! >> big hug! >> ha, ha. [ screaming ] >> there's another one. >> come on. >> what happens when your movie moment looks more like this. >> i didn't get in. >> reporter: for some teens they're posting it anyway? >> i'm ready to read my eighth and final rejection letter. >> rejected from stanford. >> brown is a no. >> reporter: and viewers are hooked. >> i'm freaking out.
8:21 am
>> reporter: dominique malcolm's action video now has 1.2 million views. >> i'm so scared. >> it was a no. >> oh, my god. >> sometimes you do have rejections but at the end of the day it's absolutely okay because everything will work out. >> reporter: and columbia university may not be working out for justin khae. >> that kind of sucks. you know what, it's okay. i'll move on. it's all good. >> reporter: but his college admission reaction now has over 400,000 views. >> it was definitely just a huge shock for me because i didn't realize that many people were interested in seeing, you know, where this random kid from dallas, texas, was going to go to college. >> i got in. >> reporter: and both teens did eventually get their happy ending. >> yeah! [ cheers ] >> princeton gear on and that's a good surprise. >> reporter: justin even took a page out of rudy's book surprising mom at work.
8:22 am
>> ah! got in? >> yeah. >> oh, my goodness. >> i love this story. i know. dominique is now a freshman at the university of pennsylvania and justin as we saw is now or will attend princeton in the fall. david, this is so refreshing. >> see it works out. >> yeah, everything works out in the end. this is a good life lesson. >> a true life lesson. i love we celebrated mom in the end. the parents are just as nervous and anxious as the kids. erielle, thank you. back out to ginger. i want to say, ginger, ellery who watches "world news tonight." she's like 2 -- >> who doesn't, david? >> ah. thanks, erielle. anyway, ginger, i just wanted to thank you for that because so many people have tweeted about it. >> you bring out the love in everybody. thank you so much. we have to do a "gma" moment real quick. you know when a dog is in trouble. it knows it's in trouble. how about vinny who ran away? >> vinny, did you run away from home? vinny. did you run away from home?
8:23 am
>> he's like, no, no. good morning. i'm abc 7 news meteorologist mike nicco. increasing sunshine, spring warmth today away from the coast. more clouds and cooler conditions but the breeze is kicking in this weekend, and two chances of showers coming up in the accuweather 7-day forecast. a few 80s, upper 70s inland, 70s around the bay. more cloudy tonight and mid-50s. we have a chance we are ready. i love this part. all right. now to our bachelorette bonanza. the biggest bachelorette reunion ever is coming up next weekend. we're about to have our own bachelorette reunion in just moments. but first let's take a walk down for 15 years "the bachelorette"
8:24 am
>> i see what you did there. >> reporter: you saw what i did. for 15 years "the bachelorette" has helped find mr. right. over a thousand roses. >> alex, will you accept this rose? >> 13 proposals. >> my becca, will you marry me? >> it's become one of the most talked about shows in history. from first dates to heartbreaks, the series is full of unexpected twists and turns. >> she has me second-guessing everything. >> reporter: but through it all the women have taken us on a journey to love. no one better than deanna pappas. >> good lord, my name is on the back of this boy's booty. >> she didn't find love on the show but ended up with steven. in season six we me fan favorite ali fedotowsky. >> i'm so grateful all these guys came out for me. >> she put her heart on the line to be left days before the final rose.
8:25 am
>> season seven ashley hebert's journey for love was no smooth road, but she ended up with her husband. >> will you accept the last and final rose? >> reporter: who can forget emily maynard, season 8? >> i have more confidence with jeff. >> reporter: she kept america guessing breaking arie's heart when she chose jeff. >> i feel like you're my soul mate. >> reporter: season 13 rachel lindsay made history as the first african-american bachelorette. she gave a rose to brian and is engaged and now all of these women are here live. [ applause ] >> and here they are. dani you're here. ali is here. ashley is here. emily, rachel are here. i want to start out with fun. point to the bachelorette who had the craziest season? >> oh, gosh. >> ooh. probably ali. >> ali.
8:26 am
>> mostly choose ali. ali, are they right? >> i don't know. it was crazy to me. i felt like it was very dramatic but that's because i was living it. >> remember when you were chasing him? >> it was rated r. >> when he had a broken foot or something. >> but as time goes by, does it seem to you that everything was kind of normal at the end of it and you forget the craziest parts or remember all of them? >> i like almost quit the show a couple of times. the whole colton thing, i almost do that on my season. there were so many times when i was like i'm done with this running off set. i'm glad i stuck it out. >> mini reunion and had a pretty big one with 12 more cast members, right? >> uh-huh. >> what was that like? >> so much fun. >> we don't ever all get to be in the same city ever so i feel like it was just a party all day long. we were so happy to see each other. we don't ever get to do that. >> we love having you guys here. >> we drank a lot of wine. >> too much wine. >> we'll be back with much more with our bachelorette favorites. to
8:27 am
good morning, north bay. let's get up and get going. >> this is "abc7 mornings." good morning, i'm alexis smith from "abc7 mornings." a woman accused of posing as a nanny and targeting bay area families for decades is in jail in martinez. this is exclusive video of 60-year-old darlene marianmariana mon marianmariana mon mariana montecalvo. she is due in court this morning. we're starting to thin out on the bay bridge plaza, although the meter lights are still on. hopefully we can lighten up even more and get those lights up later on today. tracy to dublin, back into the
8:28 am
yellow at 33 minutes, dublin to mission boulevard, 19 minutes and highway 101 to cupertino back in the
8:29 am
good morning. we have ukiah at 49, san francisco at 48. everyone else in the low to mid-50s. even 58 in san mateo. we had a few areas of fog but not as much as yesterday. low clouds starting to dissipate
8:30 am
leaving us with sunshine in the 70s and 80s. it will be cooler on sunday with a chance of showers. thank you, mike. we'll have another i am so jealous that all of you are together and i am not there. you know i love you all very much. i love our girls' nights out, but i have an amazing 15th sister i'm about to introduce to the family. i know you're going to love hannah when you meet her and you'll welcome her into the sisterhood of the bachelorettes. by the way, don't reveal too many secrets, all right? enjoy. >> that, of course, is chris harrison. ladies, ignore him as your friend. we want all the secrets. host of "the bachelorette" greeting all our bash low rhech
8:31 am
this morning. deanna is here, ali, ashley, emily, rachel is here. >> all right. so let's pick up where we left off. emily, we were chatting with you. chris is your guru, your bachelorette guru. what's the best advice he's given you? >> i think the best advice he ever gave me was, you know, just the typical follow your heart but also stay off the comment section of all -- anything. stay off the comment -- >> don't read them. >> don't look at them. >> that's the best advice for anybody. all right. but as chris mentioned we're getting ready to kick off another season. so we've got a brand-new bachelorette, hannah brown. we have an exclusive clip for you. let's take a look at that. >> hi, chris. i don't know you but we're from alabama so we hug. >> bring it in. >> she didn't date in high school. i don't know what she's going to do with 25 guys but i want to see. >> believing in me. it feels really good. [ applause ] >> all right. so i'm going to ask ashley and rachel to pull out the bachelorette crystal ball. you guys met your soulmates. do you think hannah will meet hers? >> it's hard -- actually we were talking about this backstage.
8:32 am
it's hard to predict. i definitely think she's going to find love because she is so eager and open for it but it's ard to predict how everything will turn out. >> i think it's similar to meeting somebody in real life. sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn't. you go in with good intention, open heart. if it doesn't work out for her that's okay too. it's all okay. it's part of the journey and life. life that we all go through so whatever happens happens. >> there are just, what, 15 of you that can give that advice. so really good advice for her to hear. speaking of someone who has met their match on the show we now have someone that i think wants to spend a little time with you. so are you here with us, trista from her home in vail, colorado? >> hi, everybody. [ applause ] >> i wish i was there. >> i know. trista, everybody wants to say they are crazy about your hair. when you were getting ready everybody was going nuts over your hair. >> very good hair day. >> yeah.
8:33 am
[ applause ] >> trista. >> love you all, miss you. >> you're officially the trail blazer here. so what's the biggest difference you see from watching the show now and watching it then? >> high definition. [ laughter ] >> honestly. honestly that's true. i -- >> i honestly have vhs tapes. yeah, i mean, if you watch it, like it is definitely not clear, so, you know, that's what happens when it's 16 years ago. >> one reason i like to talk with everyone here, we find out a lot of things we didn't find out on the show. last season everybody was talking about the big fence jump, right? but we found out that there's a lot of almost leaving, almost quitting. trista, your husband did a disappearing act on the show, right? >> he did. >> tell me about that one. >> he was the original fence jumper. [ laughter ] >> so it didn't just start last season. >> no, it did not.
8:34 am
so actually i was sitting in the hair and makeup chair getting ready to get engaged. you know, it's the final rose ceremony, i'm so excited. i finally get to tell ryan that i'm in love with him and one of the producers walks in and they say, we can't find ryan. and i was like, what are you talking about? like we're going to get engaged, i hope. anyway, he had disappeared. he had gone to another hotel just because he wanted to get away from it all. if you don't know, he's a little bit more introverted and to himself and he needed some alone time. so he disappeared. thank god he came back. >> he didn't have to jump and run so that was a good thing. >> we can see your season online now. we can watch all of those moments. have your kids been allowed to watch yet? >> no. it is on tuby. it's an app. they're still a little young.
8:35 am
they're 10 and 11. it's not that we're going to keep it from them because it's part of their story too but what i think we decided is that we want to sit down with them. at least i want to sit down with them and kind of go through the show with them and just kind of talk them through like what's happening. so it's an open line of communication. they feel like they can talk to me about it and they're not like watching it under the covers with their friends snickering, you know, so we'll show it to them at some point. >> emily, deanna, you guys have kids. similar conversation about when you'll show it or talk about it as trista just said? >> i'm -- mine can't watch it until i'm dead. [ laughter ] >> your children don't understand. >> i feel like addison is at the right age where she sees i'm doing television, i don't understand. are you doing things on tv but why? mommy, do you work? well, this is work. >> if i met my husband on the show, i would let my kids watch.
8:36 am
but because my husband is not the guy i got engaged to on the show, my kids won't. a little weird, right? >> all right, do you guys want to play a game? [ cheers and applause ] we got to get one question in. trista, hang on with me. a lot has changed since you were on the show. and now so back in the day, ladies, trista gave out -- trista gave out date cards and invited them out via vhss, b, pigeon, stubty statute pigeon or dragon, c, fax machine. write down the correct answer on the whiteboard. it was so long ago. did she give her date cards out through vhs, pigeon or fax machine? >> i like that. >> pigeon or dragon or fax machine. trista, what's the answer? >> we got one pigeon. >> was it by pigeon? what was it? >> it was vhs tape. i literally handed them the vhs tape and they popped it in the
8:37 am
vcr. like how crazy is that? >> we have a few more seconds to get one last question and say it quickly, in the first season the men didn't live in the bachelor mansion. they lived in a house where they had, a, a monkey, b, a dog, or, c, a robot butler. >> who doesn't want a robot butler? >> lots of dogs. >> trista, weigh in. what's the answer? >> it was a golden retriever and actually rehn almost lost it one time. he took it for a run and it almost didn't come back. [ applause ] >> see, not bad. did you get it right? >> most of them. >> you can go to the website for more. we have lots more stuff to share with you now. "the bachelorette: the reunion" airs monday night 8:00 p.m. eastern and you can see the season premiere of "the bachelorette" monday, may 13th at 8:00 p.m. as well. we'll all be right back. ladies, thank you so much for playing with us. it was so much fun. [ applause ] [ applause ] ♪ you know when you're at ross
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at ross. [ applause ] ♪ we're back and even though it's only 50 degrees and a little damp and cool we've got bags, we've got jenga and picnic tables and have been announcing
8:41 am
our summer concert series lineup all morning long. we have bts, chance the rapper, pitbull, ellie ghouling, adam lambert and now we are about to reveal one more. are you ready, everybody? let's look at it. it is country superstar keith urban. [ applause ] yes. listen, keith urban is one of the nicest men in america. i always put him at the top of my list, my favorite superstars of all time. we are so looking forward to having him on our summer stage good morning. i'm abc 7 news meteorologist mike nicco. waking up to more cloud cover so look for more sunshine. temperatures average in san frananananananananananananananan a a few more big names coming at you, cecilia. but for i got some games to play. >> you have fun out there.
8:42 am
i'm excited about our next guest. i'm here with ramy youssef, a stand-up comedian and actor and his new show is loosely based on his life as a millennial muslim-american and just renewed for a second season. take a look. >> ramy, do you want to stay alone forever? >> mom, you can't just walk up to a muslim girl and start spinning game. what am i supposed to say. hey, can i get your father's number? >> yes, why not? [ applause ] >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> second season already. that's huge. i'm just struck by the fact that there has never been another show like this. a family show about a muslim family which is kind of like we haven't really had that at this stage of the game. >> it took a second. >> it took a second. why did you want to do this? >> i really was excited to just show a family like this in a human light. you know, i wanted to make it funny and really weird and just show that we have a lot of the same problems and i had been
8:43 am
doing stand-up for years kind of talking about, you know, where i come from and what i believe and was really excited to, you know, show that on tv with this family. >> so how much of this ends up being about your own personal experience? >> oh, i had to change it so my parents wouldn't get mad, yeah. like you don't want to -- >> you have to hide some stuff. >> you don't want it to be too much like that. it was really trying to imagine what would my life look like without a creative outlet or i felt more stuck and really get into what was really important to me which is someone who isn't trying to get away from their faith, isn't trying to get away from their culture. this is actually someone who is a practicing muslim, like he believes in it. he prays and he fasts and he's also a millennial and is in this very present moment and we're
8:44 am
kind of seeing him between what he believes and his desires and going back and forth. >> you could have done the show without going there, right? it didn't have to be -- you didn't have to bring in faith and incorporate that. that was important to you, though. >> yes, yeah, i think it's a really universal thing that we all struggle with in many ways and i think it was really important to see a young person trying to deal with that and make that part of their life and so that was a big part of making this show. >> so the house is based on the house you grew up in in new jersey. >> we tried to model certain things and it was specific. i remember walking on set and it was very -- it was very weird to see something that felt like my house. my mom even looked at it and was like, this is a little odd. but it was also really cool too because even people who, you know, didn't grow up in my house but people would walk on other arab friends of mine would walk on and say this feels like my house. it's the same with people who watch the show. they say this feels like my family. by getting specific you find things that are universal. >> is there something about the time we're living in right now that made making this show right now possible?
8:45 am
>> part of it, yeah. i mean i think this is a story that's been needing to be told for a really long time but there is a sense of urgency right now that we need to get it out there. and so it really was a perfect opportunity for us to talk about a group of people that isn't humanized at all. i mean when we made the show you know you test an audience with a pilot and make the first episode and people test it and look at it. and our show opened up at a mosque and because it opened at a mosque test audiences thought it was about terrorism. they couldn't even understand it was a comedy until ten minutes in. and so it was really important to make something that can reframe those ideas and reframe that, when someone says allah, it's not a violent thing but it's a part of our faith. >> congratulations. great to have you here. season one is on hulu right now. the final reveal of our summer concert series, guys. you
8:46 am
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morning america." we are back with more on our summer concert series with our sponsor king's hawaiian. yes, we are revealing all morning long some of the incredible performers who are going to be taking our summer stage at our big "gma" summer concert series. it's been amazing. but are you ready for some more? yes, we are, so let's do it. sam. >> are you ready. >> are you ready? >> i've been wanting to do it all day. two, one. >> let's go. >> yes. >> a bounce. >> i got air. [ applause ] french montana and a sliding sam. nothing better. >> you got air. >> i'm so proud of that. >> french montana will be here but there are so many more. let's get a wrap-up. shall we? ♪ >> reporter: it's the biggest "gma" summer concert series ever. >> no pressure. >> and this year we're turning it up.
8:49 am
>> three, two, one. ♪ level up >> we got ciara. >> good morning, america. >> plus, central park, you ready for me? ♪ fire ball >> pitbull. keith urban. >> good morning, america. >> hozier and ellie goulding is in the house. ♪ what are you waiting for >> reporter: along with lady antebellum. >> you, us and "gma." >> the struts. >> we'll see you in the park. >> adam lambert. >> good morning, america. >> and marshmallow teaming up with kane brown along with bastille. ♪ all the small things >> reporter: and don't blink, we have blink 182. but the party doesn't stop there. >> this is getting ridiculous. >> reporter: we got sabrina carpenter. >> i will see you in the park. >> reporter: alessia cara. french montana. >> who is ready to party? >> reporter: and --
8:50 am
♪ chance the rapper. and you're not going to believe who is kicking it all off? ♪ ♪ oh, oh oh >> reporter: the biggest boy band on the planet, bts. >> and they're here to say -- >> all: good morning, america. [ applause ] >> the "good morning america" summer concert series, sponsored by king's hawaiian. i mean, that is a list, sam champion. bts alone will stay in the park and probably fill the park pore weeks. >> people will be camping there for week. >> who are you looking forward to? >> pit bull is always amazing. adam lambert is another good one but you know who i'm really excited about because he's here and i always wanted to meet him, french montana. >> french montana. oh, look at that. look who is here. [ applause ] french. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> are you kidding me? look at this outfit. >> yes, all the way down to the shoes.
8:51 am
>> yeah. little dapper dan here. >> that's fantastic. >> we are so happy to have you here. >> are you ready? >> of course man. august 23rd is going to be a big day for us new york, central park. i always wanted to do something big, especially with y'all. especially for the city. [ cheers and applause ] like i said. >> they're happy. >> i'm telling you, there are a lot of incredible places you've performed but when you're standing up in central park and all of this is happening, something you always wanted to do? >> it's special. definitely, man. especially for the city. i'm from here. >> so this is it. >> this is your home. >> all the big names who have performed in the park. now it's you, man. >> this is a city that watched my growth and they're like family. >> it's a big summer for you. you have new music. you have a tour and you'll be with us. any other tricks up your sleeve? >> i saw you slide. >> okay. so we'll do a little dance. can we get some music? >> yes, let's do it. >> it's as easy as that.
8:52 am
>> you can definitely slide on the grass. >> i don't to that i could look half as cool as french montana doing it or you, sam. or you. >> this has been an amazing opportunity. >> thanks you for having me. >> thanks for being here. we cannot wait to see all of you there. you can keep up with the concerts on our website and this is exciting. we are getting ready to grill with our sponsor king's hawaiian and we also encourage you to do the same. share you photos grilling with your friends and family. not just for fun but for a chance to wind a trip to the aulani resort in hawaii. go to for sweepstakes information. stay with us on "gma." [ applause ] >> "gma's" summer concert series presented by king's hawaiian foods. foods. irresistible since 1950. are we tnot yet.?
8:53 am
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when you can't get to the mountain... that's cool. ...we bring the mountain to you. let's go hike over there. i'm out. i'm out. me too. guys! crystal geyser alpine spring water. always bottled at the mountain source. >> announcer: it's that time of year again, time to break out the grill and welcome summer. to celebrate we're sending one winner on an hawaiian adventure for four to aulani. so go now to besweepstakes to find out how to enter. sponsored by king's hawaiian. this has been a fun friday. thanks to our friend french montana for being here and our
8:56 am
bachelorette friends, it was great talking to you guys d have another friend, sara is going to tell us what's cooking on "strahan & sara." >> bethanny frankel is filling in as co-host and have an atlanta housewife so we'll do lots of fun stuff. >> have a great weekend, everybody. thanks for watching.
8:57 am
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good morning, bay area. let's get up and get going. >> this is "abc7 mornings." good morning, i'm alexis smith for "abc7 mornings." let's check in with mike for the forecast. hi, mike. >> that looks so relaxing and so inviting. as we head through the day, we'll have tons of sunshine and a uv index that will be a pretty high burn factor in about 20 minutes. high temperatures will run at the 60s on the coast and in san francisco, and in the 70s for the rest of us. watch out for the chance of a shower sunday and monday. back to you. we do have one injury eastbound 70. we have a large bumper in the
9:00 am
midd lanes if you're heading to the bay bridge plaza, take a look at this. nobody there. it is friday. >> announcer: it's "live with kelly and ryan!" today, from the film "pokemon: detective pikachu," ryan reynolds. and one of the stars of the series "good girls," retta. plus, another member of our studio audience will play or tale as we wrap up kelly and ryan's anniversary week. all next on "live!" and now, here are kelly ripa and ryan seacrest! [cheers and applause] ♪ >> ryan:


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