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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  May 3, 2019 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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we'll see you in half an hour. tonight, a dangerous friday night ahead. the tornado touching down. the severe weather threat right now from texas up the east coast where there are severe thunderstorm watches in effect as we come on the air. rob marciano is standing by with the track tonight. also the silent horror. a family of four and their three pets all dying from carbon monoxide. now we learn someone in the home did make a call beforehand saying they did not feel well. so what happened? chilling 911 calls just in tonight. the deadly school shooting. students pleading for help on the last day of classes. president trump on the phone today with vladimir putin and the president is asked, did you confront putin about it? the measles emergency. trapped on that cruise ship now on the move tonight.
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but what those passengers will have to do or they won't let them off. the young u.s. army soldier who fell in the active kilauea volcano and survived. tonight, how they got him out. the newborn baby dropped after delivery and the father recording this video furious and how often does this happen? diane sawyer reporting tonight. screen time. what our children know, the experiment right here. parents are asked not to look away from their phones for just two minutes and wait until you see what happens. it's eye opening. the medical emergency for kelly clarkson even as she was performing in front of millions. how was she able to do it? good evening. great to have you with us tonight. a very busy night of news ahead. we begin tonight with a severe weather threat as we come on the air. already three reported tornadoes. heavy rain and hail from texas up to pennsylvania we're watching tonight in the northeast. a twister causing heavy damage in la grange, texas.
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the system generating in fact more than 60 reported tornadoes since it began. record flooding in the midwest and the moment a levee breached. in davenport, iowa. buckling to the mississippi river there. the system now moving up into the northeast. heavy rain and dangerous driving and we have the track for you and we have the track for you tonight and rob marciano leads us off. >> reporter: tonight, relentless rain across so much of the country. and texas, under the gun with severe storms for a fourth straight day. with water rescues outside houston. >> as you can tell, water is pretty deep in some of these areas. >> reporter: east of austin -- in fayette county. >> all fire departments, be advised tornado has touched down. >> tornado! >> reporter: a tornado demolishing this heavy equipment company. workers say they hid anywhere they could. >> you felt the air get sucked out of the room, but everybody walked out of that building and ate ato abe.orter: trucks ippe
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sheet metal shredded and wrapped around the tops of trees. from texas to arkansas, to missouri. more than 60 tornadoes reported and a severe weather outbreak that's not over yet. the death toll rising in northern indiana. a 2-year-old boy drown as his mother drove into eight feet of water. in iowa, watch as people in davenport run for higher ground. new video showing the moment a levee failed this week, water rushing in. the mississippi river rising to levels higher than the great flood of 1993, cresting above 22 feet. communities downstream are worried. >> it's getting to the point now where we're going to have to keep an eye on it 24 hours a day. >> reporter: crews racing to shore up levees there. >> so let's get rights ma wit u tonight. it's been ds. >> final, david. it's been stuck the entire week. we do see some movement. we will pay the price. severe thunderstorm watches in a couple of places through the country. maryland and back to texas. you see the front snaking across
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much of the country. i'm worried about austin tonight, san antonio. that low you see south of san angelo, it that kick the pattern through. and houston, the morning hours in new orleans, and the northeast tomorrow night and sunday. the latter half of the week here looks to be a mess. david? >> rob marciano will track it this weekend. rob, thank you. now to the silent horror. a family of four and their three pets all dying in their ohio valley home from carbon monoxide. and now we have learned someone from the home called and said they were not feeling well. authorities the say that the mother and father and two children were discovered dead. and when they arrived, the levels were so high, they could not get an accurate reading. again tonight abc's gio benitez. >> reporter: tonight, new details into the tragic discovery of this family of four and their three dogs found dead inside a large ohio home. officials believe carbon monoxide is to blame. thursday afternoon a relative called police when they couldn't reach the family telling them they had complained about
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feeling sick. police went to check on the family and saw someone unconscious. they went into the home but smelled something suspicious. first responders finding incredibly toxic levels of carbon monoxide. >> we did not find any carbon monoxide detectors within the residence. >> reporter: what's more, it's colorless, odorless and symptoms mimic the flu. >> that is why we stress the importance of having detectors in your home. >> reporter: effort appliances can produce carbon monoxide. dryer, gas stoves and oven, just about anything that can produce hot. >> they are trying to figure out what caused the deadly levels of carbon monoxide. there are a number of things in the home that can create carbon monoxide? >> reporter: that's right. gas appliances in particular. you want to make sure they are vented properly and you want to make sure your heating systems
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are properly inspected every single year by a professional and, of course, get that co detector. that is the most important. >> gio benitez again tonight, thanks, gio. there is news about the deadly scoot shooting in charlotte. students pleading for their lives on the last day of classes. tonight the 911 calls have just been released and here is abc's chief justice correspondent pierre thomas. >> reporter: tonight we hear for the first time the chilling 911 calls of students and faculty under siege as a college classroom erupts in gunfire. >> charlotte 911, do you need police, fire, or medic? >> both. police and medic. >> reporter: the gunman, a former student, began firing in a university of north carolina at charlotte classroom. >> there's a shooter on unc's charlotte campus. >> reporter: the frantic 911 calls, altered by police to protect identities, keep pouring in. >> is anybody injured, do you see anybody shot? >> he was pretty close to some people on the far side of the room. it was pretty likely that he hit somebody. >> reporter: when the shooting
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ends, two dead, four injured, two critically. a suspected killer as callous as they come. >> can you tell us what happened? >> i went into a classroom and shot some guys. >> reporter: there likely would have been more casualties if it were not for 21-year-old riley howell, who died attempting to fight the gunman. on thursday, north carolina honoring howell, as the hero made his way home. a memorial service for howell is scheduled for sunday. he and the other student killed, ellis parlier, only 19, were both granted their degrees. david. >> pierre thomas with us tonight, thank you. the white house tonight. president trump on the phone today with vladimir putin and after robert mueller found sweeping efforts by the russians to meddle in the elections, the president is asked, did you confront putin? how did he respond today? here is abc's chief white house correspondent jonathan karl. >> reporter: after his hour-long conversation with vladimir putin today, president trump was asked if he confronted him about russian election meddling. >> mr. president, did you discuss the election meddling
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issues that came up in the mueller report with mr. putin today? >> we discussed it, he actually sort of smiled when he said something to the effect that it started off as a mountain and it ended up being a mouse. but he knew that because he knew there was no collusion whatsoever. >> reporter: but what about russian meddling in the u.s. election? the president was asked again. >> so we had a good conversation about many different things. okay. >> did you tell him not to meddle in the next election? >> we didn't discuss that. really we didn't discuss it. >> reporter: special counsel robert mueller determined russia efforts to hurt hillary clinton and help donald trump in the 2016 election were "sweeping and systematic" and the leaders of the major intelligence agencies and the president's number one ally on capitol hill have warned putin will try to do it again in 2020. >> they were very involved in the 2016 election. they're coming at us again. i'd like to stop them. >> reporter: but the president disagrees, telling fox news he doesn't think russia will target the u.s. again.
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>> i don't believe they will be. i don't believe they will. >> and jon karl reporting in from the white house. we have reported that robert mueller is in talks to appear before the house judiciary committee but tonight after republican senator lindsey graham said this is done, today he reached out to robert mueller. >> reporter: earlier this week, he was adamant that mueller would not come before the senate judiciary committee. as you said, that he was done but now today he has written a letter to robert mueller saying, quote, please inform the committee if he would like to talk to the attorney general. i got to tell you, david, the idea that robert mueller who almo npes in public ulmiee and . >> jon karl with us tonight from the white house. jon, thank you. president trump and vladimir putin also discussing the crisis unfolding in venezuela and tonight one-on-one with the opposition leader, juan guaido who the u.s. now recognizes as
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the president there. but putin recognizes maduro. what does it say tonight about any foreign part. ian pannell, our correspondent in venezuela. >> reporter: tonight, in a rare face-to-face interview after rallying supporters to the streets and calling for the military to topple the government. do you want to see american military intervention? >> translator: we must evaluate all the options. >> reporter: guaido is backed by the trump administration and other regional allies but says maduro gets foreign military assistance. >> translator: the only intervention that exists is cuba who comes here to do military intelligence, and russian military planes coming in without the authorization from the venezuelan parliament. >> reporter: it's been a bloody week. at least five dead.
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hundreds of om significance supporters injured by those loyal to maduro who remains deninth. flanked by military leaders thursday saying, we're never going to give up. guaido is calling for more protests this weekend and there are concerns it could lead to more violence. >> let's get to ian pannell who is live near one of the military bases where the opposition leader is calling for more protests this weekend. as you know, he has called it the final phase. he said it days ago and maduro is still in power. >> reporter: yeah, you're right, david. the question is, he and his supporters are going to go back on the streets and stay there until they achieve their range, months of protest of people being killed, injured and arrested. the question has to be asked when and whether they can achieve their aims. david. >> we'll be watching it all weekend. thank you. now to the measles emergency
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on board that cruise ship. the ship is on the move at this house. 300 passengers have been kept on board. what they have to do or they won't let them off. abc's victor oquendo again tonight. >> reporter: tonight, we're learning the 300 passengers and crew aboard the freewinds cruise ship will remain quarantined when they arrive at the ship's home port on the island of curacao. curacao's ministry of health telling abc news -- "all of our efforts are geared toward trying to avoid any further spread of disease." everyone on board has been stuck on the ship since arriving in st. lucia tuesday when a doctor confirmed a single case of measles. the freewinds shown here in a promotional video is reportedly owned by the church of scientology and used for religious retreats and advanced spiritual counseling. that ship now hours away from curacao. health officials say when it will arrive they will board and assess who was vaccinated or needs to be beforehand and those may be allowed to disembark. if all goes well, that ship
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may be allowed to leave on the next leg of its trip. david. now to the deadly cyclone in india and bangladesh tonight. more than 3 million people have been ordered to evacuate. cyclone fani making landfall in india, the equivalent of a category 3 hurricane. winds of nearly 120 miles per hour. just incredible video coming in. the cyclone is moving towards bangladesh. back here at home tonight and to the alarming moment captured by a new dad in a delivery room. the video shows a doctor dropping one of the premature infants. it's difficult to watch. but tonight why the parents want you to see it. here's abc's adrienne bankert. >> reporter: tonight, it's video that is hard to watch. a newborn baby slips out of a doctor's hands, dropped headfirst into a bassinet. attendants catch little morgan rodgers as it appears she could've landed on the floor. >> it made me so mad. like i had to stop recording. >> reporter: derrick rodgers was recording video of his twin daughters seconds after they were born. the father says doctors never apologized. >> he had like a nonchalant look
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on his face.the video and he had nothing to say after that. >> reporter: a week later, an ultrasound revealed morgan, a preemie, had a brain hemorrhage. his wife monique says her daughter's behavior is causing her concern. >> she does this like tensing up and her body kind of shakes. >> reporter: the hospital released a statement saying they are conducting a review and quote "the safety of our patients and their families is always our top concern." now the parents are waiting until august for a neurologist to examine their girl. medical experts tell us that premature babies can be prone to brain hemorrhages and we are told that while dropping babies is not an ordinary occurrence, it does happen from time to time. david. >> all right, adrienne bankert tonight, thank you. a major headline about the american economy tonight. the u.s. adding 263,000 jobs in april, far more than expected. unemployment falling to 3.6%, that is the lowest level since 1969. the dow responding
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jumping 197 points, closing at 26,504. much more ahead on "world news tonight" this friday. the midair scare. returning to l.a.x., what the pilots reported. and the army soldier who fell in an active kilauea volcano and survived. tonight hear how they got him out. diane sawyer reporting tonight, screen time. what our children know. the experiment right here. parents are asked not to look away from their phones for just two minutes and what happens next is eye opening. you will see it. and the medical emergency for kelly clarkson even as she was performing in front of millions. it? a lot more news ahead tonight. a lot more news ahead tonight. can change in minutes. your head wants to do one thing... but your gut says not today. to prevent an excess of white blood cells from entering and causing damaging inflammation. entyvio® has helped many patients achieve long-term relief and remission. infusion and serious allergic reactions can happen during or after treatment.
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man: i'm 53. but in my mind i'm still 35. that's why i take osteo bi-flex, to keep me moving the way i was made to. it nourishes and strengthens my joints for the long term. osteo bi-flex. find our coupon in sunday's paper. you wouldn't accept an incomplete job from any one else. why accept it from your allergy pills? flonase sensimist relieves all your worst symptoms, including nasal congestion, which most pills don't. and all from a gentle mist you can barely feel. flonase sensimist. next tonight here, diane sawyer reporting screen time. think about this number tonight. americans on average spend an average of 49 days a year, 49 days on their phones. tonight's two-hour special takes a deep dive including the effect on our children. take a look at what diane and her team discovered. >> reporter: this is 2 1/2-year-old jenson. >> i think he's about to suss out that she's on the device. >> reporter: it takes just 15 seconds for jensen to start his campaign to get mom melissa
5:48 pm
to look up from that screen. >> we have some other things to do, mommy. we have some other things to do, mommy. >> and he just walks away. >> yeah. >> reporter: this mom is helping researchers replicate a study for us. she is doing something very difficult for her, asked to keep looking down. just for two minutes. >> come on, mommy. >> reporter: he repeats the plea seven times. >> we have another thing to do, mommy. mommy! you are not listening to me, mommy. listen to me, mommy. >> reporter: and here is another fact about grown-ups and phones. on average, we unlock our phones 80 times a day. >> cell phones, i think, are qualitatively different than other forms of distraction because they're with us all the time. they're ubiquitous. they have been engineered to grab our attention. >> reporter: this is little hunter who seemed to have learned when she has to compete with the phone, she
5:49 pm
might as well just give up. >> she's sitting down and she's waiting. she knows her mother is not available right now. >> reporter: when it was over -- >> jensy, come here. give hug. >> reporter: -- jenson's mom said it was a revelation. >> i was actually really surprised at his reaction. >> reporter: so did this mom. >> i think you don't realize when you're at home in your own environment. i think i'll pay attention more now to not pick my phone up. >> it's really eye opening for so many of us. tonight, so many questions answered in diane's reporting. for example, how much information can they really find out about you right down to where you've walked, trips you made years ago, images from your milestone moments saved. it's all very telling and diane also intertrues apple's ceo tim cook tonight and the surprising answers he gave here and what he wants to you do with your phone.
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screen time diane sawyer airing tonight, a short time from now after "world news tonight." when we come back tonight, the midair scare. what pilots reported in the cockpit going back to l.a.x. also, the young u.s. army soldier who fell in an active kilauea volcano. he survived, and tonight, how he did it. we'll be back. he survived. how he did it when we come back. . talk to your doctor about xeljanz, a pill, not an injection or infusion, for adults with moderate to severe ulcerative colitis. xeljanz is the first and only fda-approved pill for moderate to severe uc. it can reduce symptoms in as early as two weeks, improve the appearance of the intestinal lining, and provide lasting steroid-free remission. xeljanz can lower your ability to fight infections including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections, and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened. as have tears in the stomach or intestines, serious allergic reactions, low blood cell counts, higher liver tests and cholesterol levels. don't start xeljanz if you have an infection. your doctor should perform blood tests before and while taking xeljanz,
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the volcano rescue on the big island of hawaii. an army soldier was badly injure falling 70 feet into the calder ra on a narrow ledge near the steam vents. rescue teams rappelling down to him. they have not released his name. authorities believe he crossed a guardrail. a health scare for kelly clarkson in a major performance. the 37-year-old singer revealed she was already in pain performing her new song at the billboard music awards. the next day, she had her appendix removed. clarkson tweeting she is now feeling awesome and glad to hear that. when we come back, the gentle giant. he played chewbacca, being remembered tonight and in his own words, why chewbacca couldn't close his mouth. mouth.
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the man who brought chewbacca to life. he was the actor who brought that towering figure to life. >> get in here. >> reporter: chewbacca right buy han solo's side. >> shuey! >> reporter: after peter mayhew developed his physicality in the "star wars" trilogy and then in 2005 "star wars: episode 3," he is back in his suit. >> if you look, the reasonable reason that chuy's mouth never shut, in the lips there are reverse magnets so the mouth never closes. >> reporter: returning ten years later. >> dear peter, his presence on the set offering his invaluable
5:58 pm
experience and advice. great to have him there. >> getting back to the old ways. it's great. >> reporter: the actor standing at 7'3", he would train the next actor who would wear that suit. >> we had a week-long wookiee boot camp where we went over the specifics, the movement of the head. >> reporter: creator george lucas said he was the closest any human could be to being a wookiee and i always let him win. mayhew was grateful for the last chance. >> i'm glad they gave me an opportunity be able to come and do as much as possible and get the old gang back together again. >> we celebrate peter mayhew. good night. new at 6:00, tonight we're hearing directly from a student whose profile drew nationwide
5:59 pm
attention. it's because of what she does after school that's only legal if you're 18. we've spent the day digging into the criminal record of a woman now arrested for posing as a fake nanny for decades. and building a better bay area, literally. a construction project that's been in the works for years will have a payoff in weeks for thousands of north bay commuters. live where you live, this is abc 7 news. with the district, they were really extra with being a whole bunch of negative energy. >> she's one student at a school of 2,000, whose story is now known by millions because of an oday students got their 't get student newspaper, usually not a big deal except for one article this time. >> it's about a student whose out of school activities include
6:00 pm
working for the adult industry. >> telling her story was about more than just one article. >> it didn't really occur to me that they would think it would be a taboo topic. >> she is a senior in stockton. last month, students in a journalism class wrote and edited a profile of her. she already works in a strip club and has designs on entering the porn industry, and she's not ashamed. >> i feel like this topic isn't talked about enough. and so many people are uneducated about it. and it needs to be talked about. >> editors say rumors from already flowing around school. the district didn't see it that way. >> without reviewing the article, they decided it was obscene. it didn't fit the moral or the laws of obscenity.


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