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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  May 3, 2019 6:00pm-6:58pm PDT

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>> it's about a student whose out of school activities include working for the adult industry. >> telling her story was about more than just one article. >> it didn't really occur to me that they would think it would be a taboo topic. >> she is a senior in stockton. last month, students in a journalism class wrote and edited a profile of her. she already works in a strip club and has designs on entering the porn industry, and she's not ashamed. >> i feel like this topic isn't talked about enough. and so many people are uneducated about it. and it needs to be talked about. >> editors say rumors from already flowing around school. the district didn't see it that way. >> without reviewing the article, they decided it was obscene. it didn't fit the moral or the laws of obscenity. >> it's not even a front page
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article. you have to turn to page five on the inside to find it. now when's the last time a page five article generated this much controversy? and when the district demanded to review the story and make whatever changes they thought necessary or even kill it, the journalism adviser, the english teacher, said no. and the district started playing rough. >> to be handed a letter that says you could be dismissed, i'm probably going to cry just saying that. it's upsetting. >> reporter: she got them to let an outside lawyer decide. >> they released a statement, it resulted in an article that meets legal requirements. >> i had no doubts that we were in the right for the story. >> reporter: the school district and newspaper have had run-ins dating back to the early '90s.
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the paper has won all of them. they were talking free speech on the steps of san francisco city hall. the conservative group demanded free speech and decided to protest in the city because they said the capital of social media companies, it is san francisco. many had been suspended or kicked off twitter and facebook for expressing what they say are their conservative views. dylan wheeler, a rising voice among the right is on a 30-day suspension and facebook has capped the number of followers he can have. >> no kkk, no fascist usa. >> count aer protesters also showed up. the protests remained largely peaceful. face sre hateful speech, regardless of ideology.
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and the rally comes after a if cancellation of milo yiannopoulos's speech at cal. each one met with counter protests and a big police presence. now to developing news. california public health officials removed vials of radioactive materials. they are now being taken to a lab in richmond for identification. fire officials had identified them as cobalt 57 and radium 226. but state officials say what they owner had worked at t menlo park. they don't know how the material ended up at his house. authorities across multiple cities say a woman posing as a
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fake nanny has a criminal history targeting parents dating back to the 1970s. she's in jail now and expected to appear on new charges next week. we have the latest from the newsroom. >> she is being held at the martinez detention facility. she turned down my request to speak with her today, but authorities say she's been speaking with plenty of nannies and unsuspecting families. they hope reports like this one will prompt those victimized to contact police. she's accused of scamming real nannies and unsuspecting families in multiple cities with a criminal history dating all the way back to 1978. >> i wouldn't want her in my house, watching my children. >> this is montecalvo. she would pose as a parent
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needing a nanny, then get all of the real nanny's personal information and provide that information to families she was interviewing with to be a nanny. the information she would give those families was real, verifiable on trust line, a database of nannies and babysitters that have cleared criminal background checks in california. >> it would be nice if there were additional safeguards within trust line to prevent this from happening. you can kind of get away with a lot. >> abc news reached out for comment and have not heard back yet. she is expected to appear in court next week. police want to make sure families know who she is. >> she may be trying to scam her way into your house. >> investigators encourage parents to be careful who they let in their home and nannies to be cautious about giving out their personal information. the alameda county sheriff's office says they have notmontecn
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center yet. they believe she was acting alone, but that could change. in the east bay, a car jack being spree ended when a stolen car crashed into a home in castro valley. the two elderly residents were not injured, but a section of the house was destroyed. this happened at about 12:30 this morning. the car that wrashed into this house was stolen at knife point from a driver in castro valley. police believe the same suspects also cash jacked one at knife point in san leandro. neighbors of the crashed house could not believe what they were seeing when the driver ran away. >> i don't know how he got out, because there were air bags that all, you know, deployed. he was out of there. he ran up the street. >> amazing how the guy could have hit like that and then jumped out of the car. >> police have arrested two teenagers they believe were involved in the carjackings and subsequent crash. on the peninsula, a search for a burglary suspect in a san
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mateo neighborhood prompted neighbors to stay in their homes. police weren't able to locate the suspect. officers are still on scene investigating, but they're no longer canvassing the neighborhood. an elderly person walking across a belmont street was hit and killed by an elderly driver just before 7:00 this morning between harbor vfld and fifth avenue. the police say the pedestrian was outside of the crosswalk when she was hit. the driver is cooperating with police. in the north bay, one of the worst traffic bottle necks is located at the narrows, a 17-mile stretch along the marin, sonoma border where highway 101 is just two lanes. construction has been going on liomyears to widen tvi evy sianother few years, but drivers will start seeing some benefits in just a few weeks. wayne freedman is live with a
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story that's aboutoo evening, d. behind my is the nash owes tonight. it's not bad compared to what we've normally seen. as you said, two lanes in each direction. drivers here say when is the relief coming. today we asked cal trans. it is the stretch of 101 that will never win a popularity contest. merely mention the name novato narrows, nobody has a kind word. >> horrible! >> going to the dmv without an appointment. >> it is very difficult to traverse this corridor right now. >> reporter: this is one leg of a $750 million, 17-mile project that is elevating the highway, improving sightlines and improving the route to six lanes. cal trans said it would never be
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easy, not then and not now. but they assure us that despite the continuing clog of roadwork, they are making progress. >> barring any weather impact, we should be able to deliver this end of the project by mid to late june. >> reporter: 146,000 cars thread the narrows daily. the very traffic this project tends to relieve has given the most pain. >> when you have to maintain traffic and build in the same area, you cannot just do it quicker. it has to be done in stages, and it takes longer. >> reporter: when cal trans finishes this project in 2023 they suspect it will save commuters 15 minutes in each direction and they will be doing soighat replaces one built to 1950 standards. >> it makes my blood boil. >> reporter: but somewhere over the hill, beyondwohebeyond late
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there's relief in sight. it's worth noting some of the delays here have been caused because of weather. rain comes between objectober a april, so it limits the amount of time they can work. oddly, they started this section during the drought. if the drought had continued, this work here would have been done. in novato, wayne freedman, abc 7 news. >> we lierelief finally. one of the critics of dmv is seeing changes. >> because of the tech industry. it will be cooler and breezier and possibly damper. i'm have the accuweather forecast coming up. from sew brietd to this from sew brietd to this you know when you're at ross and you find that perfect spring dress from sew brietd to this you know when at that "oh, yeah" price? yes! that's yes for less. score the latest spring dresses at 20% to 60% off department store prices,
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exactly what you need... that's yes for less. everything your pet needs at 20 to 60 percent off
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specialty store prices. at ross. yes for less. a state senate bill could soon be loose ping standards at work for what could be considered appropriate hair. that is allowing your hair to be worn naturally. that is something that still in 2019 poses problems especially for african-americans. leslie brinkley has the story from the east bay. >> this is to relax the curl, to straighten the hair. >> reporter: african-american women have long been subjected to harsh and expensive beauty standards as depicted in this 2009 movie with chris rock in order to fit at work and school, with hair texture and style historically associated with race. >> relaxer is the chemical that will take a black woman's here from this and change it to this.
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>> it's like a torture. >> reporter: they want to have the add to make natural hair perfectly acceptable. >> natural hair as a protected class so people won't be victimized by not being hired or receiving promotional opportunities because they've chosen to wear their hair natural. >> to this day, as we speaking, yes, they still have business out there that won't let them wear their hair in its natural state. >> reporter: this concord salon operator has clients enduring tedious appointments to stratden their hair. >> i'll say let me put some braids in, and they're lir: ano echoed that same concern. >> not comfortable when they're at work wearing braids, and i do not understan happy. you don't have to change your
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identity. >> reporter: the bill has already safelied through the senate and is now before the assembly and could become law next year. >> some liken sb 188 to relaxing work standards on things like women having to wear high heels to the office or men having to wear ties. letting people be more comfortable. >> we really need to get this bill to pass. so we could be ourself at work. >> reporter: i'm leslie brinkley, abc 7 news. >> governor newsom's pick to revamp california's department of motor vehicles is earning praise from some of the agency's harshest critics. she's currently the head of the government operations agency, charged with cutting bureaucratic red tape and making government more efficient. she wants the dmv to work more like amazon and other e-commerce companies. the problems came to a head in the last year. appoin
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appointments were scarce and wait times were unbearable. >> that kind of dmv will be a dmv that we've been able to organize in such a way that it meets the needs of customers. >> the dmv isn't out of the woods yet. millions of californians still need to get to the dmv to get their real ids. the strike team has a six-month time frame to come up with solutions. the oakland athletics and port of oakland are set to sign a term sheet next week about leasing howard terminal to build a new water front ballpark. the four year agreement does not commit the port to the project but gives the as four years to complete a study. they want to lease 50 acres to build a stadium. annual rent for the land could be $3.8 million for the first 20 years. the sap center in san jose
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will soon adopt a clear bag policy for all events. that means all bags must be clear. people visiting the center will n policy goes into effect y arh july 1 game three in the playoff series is right here on abc 7. mindi bach tweeted from the airport where she found warriors super fan cameron and carlos. they're 20-year season ticket holders and flew from san francisco to houston for the game. coverage starts at 5:00. tipoff is 5:30 and immediately following is after the game, mindi bach and kerry keating will break it all down for you. the weekend is finally upon us. >> it is. >> it is. weekends.
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here's a look at live doppler 7, sunny skies, brisk conditions. it's more than breezy, it's actually windy in some spots. surface wind spots vary between 15 and 25 miles per hour generally, and it's cooler than it was yesterday. the 24-hour temperature change shows most locations are about four, five, six degrees cooler than at this time yesterday. here's view from mt. tam looking down on the bay. 59 degrees here in san francisco. oakland 65, 66 in mountain view. 74 santa cruz, 54 at half moon bay. and the view from east bay hills shows a little layer of low clouds. we'll probably see more of that overnight. currently 68 in santa rosa, 70 in napa. fairfield 79, 80 in vacaville, and from sutro tower, looking
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out over the golden gate, breezy and cooler over the weekend. we'll see a chance for some light showers on sunday night. that's about all we expect from this system. and we can expect sunnier, warmer days the middle of next week. overnight look for fog developing along the coastline. some will push locally across the bay, mainly clear inland and lows in the upper 40s. tomorrow we'll see breezy conditions once again. and at the coast, high temperatures will rise into the upper 50s to low 60s, right around the bay shore line, upper 60s, perhaps a couple lower 70s. inland areas will warm up only to the mid to upper 70s tomorrow. tomorrow is the cinco de mayo festival even though it's only the 4th of may. the festival will start under mostly cloudy skies, but skies t inafternoon, although clouds will linger and it will be relatively cool with
6:20 pm
temperatures rising only into the low 60s in san francisco. skipping ahead to sunday morning, an increase in clouds, and a little system developing offshore may pick up some showers here sunday night. the best chance is across the south bay and santa cruz mountains, and then it will scoot on out of here. monday looks like a dry day, although clouds from that rainfall system will linger. rac rainfall totals we predict will be zero. a couple hundreds of an inch. maybe a tenth at san jose. here's accuweather seven-day forecast. clouds will increase over the weekend, especially on sunday, but it looks like that shower chance will dispay the overnight sunday night into monday with lingering clouds and partial clearing on monday. it will be cool to mild on tuesday under brighter skies. wednesday, a little warm up. and clouds will ling iriner int
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friday. clouds will hang around, so mild but not under entirely sunny skies. >> thank you, spencer. uber is one of lthe most anticipated stocks. who asked to ring the bell on wall street and was denied. "american idol" is live on sunday. the top six finalists will perform songs from the 1969
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stocks finished the week with a flurry. a strong jobs report eased fears of a recession and sent all three stock markets higher. the nasdaq hit a record high and the s&p just missed hitting a record high set on tuesday. when uber goes public next week we know who won't be ringing the opening bell, the founder asked the board but his request was rejected. instead, he's been offered to be on the stock exchange floor. there's no word whether he's been accepted. rideshare drivers in new york city are planning to go on strike for two hours and drivers jo thech companies to go public.
6:25 pm
lyft was the first to hit wall street, then came pintere zoom. slack announced it's going public and will likely make its debut next month. airbnb is expected to go public no later than next year. do you ever find yourself mindlessly scrolling on your phone and look up? minutes or hours to put eyes on these things. one of the things diane sawyer is looking into. adults spend the equivalent of 49 days a year on their phone and tablets y algorithms vacuum up everything we do on social mdia, including how our finger moves. >> you reveal a huge amount about your personality and your psychological state. >> juyour finger pauses even a split second over a photo, maybe the company can send you more
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like that. >> you pause and it tells your phone something about you. >> you can do the screen time challenge. look up your screen time on your phone schetti i did that on my facebook page. use the #screen time challenge. be sure to watch "screen time", diane sawyer reporting, it airs tonight. so far today i'm at 2:12 today. >> that's not bad. if there are cute puppies or something, i'm always going to stop. a new perspective on the college admissions scandal. one family who worked with the man at the heart of it says they were duped. >> it cost the parents millions of dollars and cost their daughter, a student at stanford, a lot more than money. con men are dressing up like government workers
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the price of tuition at
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stanford university is high enough for most families. the price of admission for one student was much higher. her parents paid more than $6 million to ensure that their daughter was accepted. >> now she's been expelled. the family says they were duped by rick singer. >> elizabeth hur has the latest on this. >> hello, everyone, i am 17 now. i've just graduated from high school. >> reporter: this is a live stream from 2017. >> in mid september i'm going to stanford. >> reporter: sharing news of her admission to stanford on chinese media. and leaving a message of encouragement for others. >> i just feel like you can always achieve the things you want if you try hard. >> reporter: but stanford has since expelled this student from china whose billionaire parents allegedly paid $6.5 million to get her into stanford,
6:31 pm
allegations her mother claims are just not true, claiming they are victims. she released a statement in part saying she was led to believe the money would go toward programs for needy students, but that man allegedly went to this man. rick singer, who prosecutors say is the mastermind behind the college admissions scam. so far more than 50 people, including ceos, doctors, lawyers and actresses like lori laughlin and felicity huffman. at this time, no one in this family has been charged with a crime. stanford says they did not receive the 6.5 million. according to prosecutors, singer made up sailing accomplishments and made a donation to the school's sailing program. >> lrn aboheams
6:32 pm
involved in the cheating scandal, go to abc 7 two north carolina colleges were on lockdown for a time today after report of a gunman. officials say a suspect is in custody. north carolina in greensboro issued a statement saying a man threatened to kill a student. there were no reports of a shooting or of anyone being hurt. lockdowns come three days after a gunman opened fire inside a classroom at the university of north carolina at charlotte. two students were killed and four others were hurt. today, students at the campus participated in a march for our lives rally. march for our lives formed after the deadly shooting at marjory stoneman douglas school in florida to fight for gun violence prevention policies. one of the most popular stories right now is about a bullet proof hoodie.
6:33 pm
for every hoodie sold one is donated to a teacher in an at-risk neighborhood. stay here with us. con men are working the peninsula. and small business owners are being taken in. >> michael finney joins us with that scandal. >> this can cost you a few hundred or a few thousand dollars. and these con men are good at their craft. san mateo consolidated fire department marshal robert marshall is dealing with fakes, con men dressed like his staff working the streets of san mateo. >> it's not very difficult to get ahold of a uniform, even with a fake badge and go and find some unsuspecting person and tell them that they're there to do a fire inspection. >> reporter: this fire inspector is the real t restauranteur has met one of the copycats. >> so is he dressed like him?
6:34 pm
>> without the -- >> reporter: so he knew what he was doing. >> actually, he had patches. >> reporter: really? the fire marshal says it isn't just appearances. they understand timing, too. >> they may show up at 11:45 in the morning, right before the lunch rush is supposed to happen, and they'll go in and say hey, we need inspection, we need to do it now. you can't deny me this and if you do i'm going to shut you dow jones. and think put that urgency in there. >> reporter: that's exactly what happened downtown san mateo. they are looking to collect fake fees or money for work they will not perform. >> that's a classic con, it's an emergency, you have to do it now. but you got caught up in it. >> yes, i did. but i didn't pay for it. >> reporter: no, she did not. she called the fire department before paying. >> i reached out to them, and they said that's funny, othis guy. >> if somebody shows up and you
6:35 pm
have a question as to whether or not they're a legitimate fire inspector, call the fire department and ask them. >> reporter: any fireegit inspector should have no issue with you making sure they are who they say they are. if you know about a scam i should tell people about, my seven on your side hotline is open monday through hng 10:00-2:00. in the south bay, there's a talented painter who's just 12 years old with artwork going viral. he showed often his skills to chris nguyen. this portrait is one example of what this guy can do. what this guy can do. and enjoy thisas
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in the east bay, work is under way to get ready for this weekend's bay area book festival. tents were being set up at civic center park. events will take place here and a dozen venues downtown as well as sunday. this is the fifth annual
6:39 pm
festival and 35,000 people are expected to attend. in the south bay, a 12 year old boy is counting the days until june 13th. >> that is the day he is hoping to give this portrait that he painted to jennifer lopez and her fiance alex rodriguez. >> looks like the real thing. >> chris nguyen says this 12 year hold has a lot of talent. >> reporter: he probably has something other than science on his mind. >> has already started talking about responsibilities. >> reporter: at first glance, this seventh greater is just trying to get through the school day, but a closer look reveals an incredible talent. >> he's one of those kids that when he sets his mind to something, the possibilities endless. >> reporter: he has gained national notoriety for his portraits. he has paint the them all. >> they inspire me not to give up. it doesn't hurt to just try
6:40 pm
again. >> reporter: today we had a chance to watch him work his magic. more on that a little later. recently, he painted a portrait of jennifer lopez and alex rodriguez. this is the time lapse video. he hopes to give the art to j. lo next month when she stops in san jose on tour. >> everybody wants to see everybody make it. that's what i love about this community where we come from. >> reporter: tie luyler has onln painting for about the past two years. he was born it's wee wee wee wee tu primature. he was diagnosed with a vietsman deficiency. >> there were days when he was in a lot of pain. he couldn't move, he was stuck on the couch. couldn't walk, couldn't do anything, and, you know, he would paint from the couch or the wheelchair. >> reporter: but tyler is up for any challenge. he has a slight speech impedestrianment ai
6:41 pm
impediment. >> when i'm done, it shows like the people's smiles and their happy feelings inside of him. >> reporter: because of him i got to experience that joy first hand. this middle school student leaving his mark one painting at a time. chris nguyen, abc 7 news. >> talented. >> what a remarkable young man. fun to see what he does in years ahead. ahead, hoping for
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in jellyfish. in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown to improve short-term memory. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. a bay area entrepreneur is dishing up more than just cookie dough at her shops in san francisco. she's also serving it with a side of inspiration. >> she's now hoping to go from sobriety to a sweet deal in the shark tank. >> a cinnamon snickerdoodle tank swimming with white chocolate shark teeth. >> reporter: nestled in a tiny shop at pier 39 sits kelsey's labor of love, dope. >> it's safe to eat cookie dough. >> reporter: which people will soon learn about on "shark dess. so for the later part of my
6:45 pm
life, it was like how could i make eating tee certificadesser. >> reporter: but there is so much more to dope. behind every scoop there is a message of a time that wasn't so sweet. >> i had an unhealthy relationship with alcohol. >> reporter: she started drinking when she was 15 years old. >> with all the pressure i put on myself all those years, it was inevitable something else was going to break. >> reporter: in 2015 she made the decision to get sober and uses her love of cookie dough as a platform to have a conversation. >> i formed the dope for hope initiative in the hope of raising awareness around mental health and addiction. >> reporter: but perhaps it's the stories like these that come in from customers at dope's san francisco and las vegas stores that touch kelsey's heart the most. >> i had the tv in the living room going for a while.
6:46 pm
i heard your story and i had to pause and rewind. congrats, you are awesome. >> reporter: now sober almost four years, kelsey's future is so bright. whether she gets a deal on shark tank or not, she has already got a pretty good deal and reminds others they can too. >> you can turn your life around and be whatever the heck you want to be. >> reporter: dion lim, abc 7. >> it airs this sunday night at 10:00 followed by abc 7 news at 11:00. go kelly! >> i've had it. it's delicious. we want to check on our weather, because the weekend is here. >> it is, and spencer's here with the for example. >> and if you are planning a night out on the town, be prepared to brave the breeze, as it's a little windy out there. wind speed at the surface generally between 15 and almost 25 miles per hour. not terribly bad, but might mess up your hair if you have long
6:47 pm
hair or no hair. look for mainly clear skies inland, a little fog near the coast. overnight lows generally in the mid to upper 40s. tomorrow another breezy day at te coast. brie bright skies but passing clouds. upper 70s inland. sunday will be a bit cloudier as we look at the seven-day forecast with a chance of rain sunday night and light showers into early monday morning, then partial clearing later in the day. by midweek next week we'll be brightening up again before another chance of rain. a big night for the warriors. >> for sure. warriors getting set for a rocket launch. you can't spell durant
6:48 pm
tto harrison, the wine tcollection..
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grace, you get the beach house, just don't leave the lights on, okay? to mateo, my favorite chair. to chris, the family recipes. to craig, this rock. to jamie, well, let's just say, enjoy the ride. the redwoods to the redheads. the rainbows to the proud. the almonds to walter. the beaches to the bums. and the fog to, who else, karl. i leave these things to my heirs, all 39 million of you, on one condition. that you do everything in your power to preserve and protect them. with love, california.
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good evening. last time the warriors played a playoff game in houston, game seven of the 2018 western conference finals, they went through a 0-27 stretch as the rrou rockets could throw at them tomorrow night at the toyota center. warriors doing a good contesting every shot. kd at the rim there.
6:51 pm
they're also taking away one of n hasavorite plays, the lob to cranked up. >> we expect the team, because we've played them before. that level of respect, and the level of knowledge about the team goes to another level when we play them. so yeah, we're more locked in, we know this team can beat us. >> historically, in this building, they've gotten off to great starts. hopefully we can do something about that early tomorrow. it's going to be a long 40-minute game. we have a great opportunity obviously. >> james harden will play despite the abrasions to hisy healed by tomorrow night. mark deantony wants them to impose their will. >> we just got to outplay them. we can't outthink them.
6:52 pm
so pace and just coming out, and again, just go back to eight quarters, six of them we've either tied. two they've beaten us. we've got to come out of the gates a little stronger. this is your personal invitation to sit down tomorrow night and watch a lot of tv. tipping off at 5:30. and then a post-game show after the game starting right around 8:00. not that there was a lot of doubt about this, but the lakers are said to be close to hiring ty lou. the other prime candidate, monty williams took another job. raider rookies getting their first look at john gruden their week and vice versa. and alabama, including ferrell. he explained his reasoning, he might as well just have said
6:53 pm
"just win, baby." >> they have a winning culture that they have grown-up with, they have a competitive spirit that i admire. and to come from clemson or alabama or a championship program, at least they know, you know, what it's like to be on top and how hard it is to get there. as for the 49ers, dick bosa and the rest of their rookies started camp as well. devo samuel, wide receiver out of clemson looking forward to showing off his speed on the field and good times off it. >> on the field wise, every team loves playmakers. i give my all every time i'm out there, and even off the field, i'm the same person, smile being, laughing around, easy to get along with. bases loaded for josh begley, sizzles one down the line. takes a weird hop, everybody
6:54 pm
scores. phegley would tie a career high. up next, anderson. p p p p he winds up on third. the as score five in the inning. and they are leading in pittsburg and are now in the sixth. tyler beady has been called up. two on for derrick dietrich. he greets beatty rudely. try it again. bottom three, two three-run homers. look at this, joe that would be an epic come back if they can pull it off. >> a big post game show. >> what are you looking for in tomorrow's game? it's been pretty tense.
6:55 pm
>> the most important thing for the warriors, with stand the early rush of energy and emoechl emotion. everybody starts knocking them down. withstand that. settle in. >> play your game. >> play your game and pull it out in the fourth quarter. >> thanks, larry. join us tonight on coffee tv 20, a warning from the centers for disease control, why you may not be immine to tune to the me even if you had the vaccine as a child. eviction day for a homeless settlement. and finally, a few thoughts about what really matters. this sunday is ccoeay reasono le70 years ago this sun station signed on the air for the first time from sutro mansion at 6:45 p.m. on may 5th
6:56 pm
continues to have enormous impact on our community and on the industry as well. all of us here at abc 7 are deeply proud to be a part of such a meaningful legacy. part of the continuum that has reported on, reflected and been a part of this community for all of these decades. in the next few days we will share some of the rich history with you on air. there's also a lot of fascinating material on our website as well that will take you down memory lane if you are of that age or give you an interesting look at local history if you are a bit younger. we're proud of this station and what it's done over the past 70 years, but what really matters is what we will do in the next 70 years, helping to continue to build a better bay area. all of us together. follow me on twitter and facebook at dan ashley, abc 7. ama and i will the next 70 years, maybe a few of those. that's going to do it for
6:57 pm
this edition of abc 7 news. >> bye for now.
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♪ this is "jeopardy!" introducing today's contestants-- a retired database administrator from san francisco, california... an airline pilot from murrieta, california... and our returning champion, a professional sports gambler from las vegas, nevada... whose 21-day cash winnings total... [ applause ] and now, here is the host of "jeopardy!"-- alex trebek!
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isoer nsay gets to relax for the next two weeks as "jeopardy!" pays tribute in our annual teachers tournament. those people who are so very important to our children and our families. pete and carol, welcome aboard today, and good luck to all three of you. here we go. ♪ james, you know you get to pick first. i hope you like these categories. followed by... that sounds easy, doesn't it? we'll deal with... and then, in honor of tomorrow's date, may the 4th be with you... followed by... [ laughter ] - champ. - okay. uh, literature for $1,000, please. answer... [ applause ] house limit, please. [ chuckles ] the house limit, even though he has no money. it's $1,000 and here is the clue...


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