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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  May 5, 2019 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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from 20 to 40 miles. in the 40s in santa rosa. still milder than yesterday and temperatures still mild they are morning will be cool they are afternoon as highs will be hard pressed to reach 70 degrees. as we go through the noon hour, we're in the low to mid-60s from the coast to the inland valleys. by the afternoon we'll see some sun just about everywhere but temperatures about three to six degrees below average today. >> chris. >> lisa, thanks. >> later today, 18 students from the world renowned choir the aeolians will perform in san francisco. this comes after their charter bus caught fire in a crash on highway 101 in brizz anearly saturday morning. a person in a vehicle that collided in the back of the bus died. the students were able to escape and they lost all of their belongings in the fire. but one local couple stepped up
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to help. >> reporter: seconds after they were able to escape the flames, the saw their lives flash before their eyes. >> i seen some people fall, like fall under the seat and get pushed up under the seat and i seen others fall at the front of the bugs, so after that we got -- the bus started smoking. >> reporter: jonathan recorded the petrifying scene once off the bus. the choir manager helped get the 18 students and two staff members to safety. >> i saw dawn the road in the dark two vehicles across both our lane in the left and the next lane beside it. so, you know, i quickly called out to the driver, like watch it. watch it. you know, i slammed on the brake. >> he recalls seeing a three-car collision ahead of them seconds before they could stop. knew and ff the bus and move felt that -- that there was going to be an explosion. >> reporter: an explosion that
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took with it all the belongings of the oakwood university choir who performed at the baptist church in san francisco on sunday. a former choir member and her husband in berkeley heard about the accident and decided to bring some joy after this tragedy. >> somebody's got to step up to help these guys. they are doing such good work. they have done good work throughout the world. >> what do you think? you like if? >> yeah, yeah, yeah, it's a good fit. >> reporter: and while they get their tailored suits and sing themselves in the mirror they sing of gracefulness and tell us of the miracle of life. >> i never thought something like that would have happened but i believe in god and we'll get through. >> reporter: many of the students kept reporting the same word miracle and the choir manager is seen as a hero by acting so fast and leading them off the bus in the middle of the freeway and oakwood university is working with local authorities to expedite replacements for passports and i.d.s for these students so they can go back home. we have the details of the
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aeolians' performance today and how you can attend. head over to our website. time now is 6:02. in san jose, a suspected car thief is dead after being fatally shot by a police officer. investigators say he rammed, dragged and pinned an officer in a stolen vehicle. abc 7 news reporter lisa le sian has the details. >> reporter: a lot of commotion outside kollmar drive in san jose. this is where a suspected car thief was surrounded by three overs and instead he drove, rammed, dragged and then pinned an officer between two cars. police hoped fire. >> i seen the paramedics pumping the police officer's chest because i guess he was in critical seen the other person the floor with a blanket on top, like a white blanket. that's all i seen. >> reporter: the officer had several broken bones and was
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rushed to the hospital. he and two other officers have been placed on paid routine admie meantime admit they were scared. this woman heard eight to ten gunshots. she said she was very worried, especially when the police to the door asking if she knew or saw anything. top bross including the chief of police came out to the scene. this is the second officer-involved shooting involving san jose police this year n.february an overs fatally shot a man who hijacked a ups truck and then later ran towards a crowd with a shotgun. lisa amin galesian, abc 7 news. >> police chief eddie garcia is expected to reveal more information about the shooting during a news conference tomorrow. time now is 6:01. in the mortgage bay people are already preparing for fire season. abc 7 news was in san rafael yesterday as a large crowd showed up for marin county's wildfire forum at the embassy suites. it's an effort to make sure people should evacuate should a
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fire erough. the keynote speaker was for a woman from paradise who recounted her escape from the deadliest and most destructive wildfire in california history. >> we have the fire history in marin to know that can happen here. we need homes to be survivalable and need evacuation plans in place and need the company ready to evacuate when we tell them to evacuate. >> marin county set fire preparedness goals following the marin county wildfires. they are working on getting funding to improve evacuation routes. today richmond will hold the biggest cinco de mayo celebration. more than 100 people are expected to attend the big party on 23rd street in the heart of the city. it's a family friendly alcohol-free event. there will be live music, lots of food and plenty of dancing. t.
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♪ music, dancing and army's victory over the french empire at the battle of puebla. valencia street was shut down between 21st and 24th for the day-long celebration. many restaurants are serving up sweet deals in honor of cinco de mayo. in the bay area applebee's is offering up their dollar margarita, california pizza kitchen, chilly's and on the border and tgi fridays are offering $5 drink choices and chipotle is offering free door dash delivery and dell damageo is offering a free now to that dramatic finish at the kentucky derby, and the call that many people are still talking about. history of the race, the winner
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was disqualified for interference. abc's elizabeth herr has more. >> a snning finish at the kentucky derbiy. >> maximum security wins the kentucky derbiy. >> with maximum security one of the favorites crossing the finish line first but that celebration short lived. the jockey riding country house objected claiming that maximum security veered out of his path into the final turn prompting officials to review multiple angles of video from the race and after what seemed like an eternity. >> so for the first time in the history of the kentucky derby, the horse that crossed the line first has been disqualified after the objection. country house wins the kentucky derby. >> the new winning trainer reacting to espn'sty smith. >> it's a very bittersweet victory. >> and maximum security's trainer admits he's still in chicago. >> it hasn't really hit me and
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i'm sure tomorrow i'm going to be like -- but right now i'm still kind of not sure wha happening. >> country house came into the race with 61-1 odds to win that. now makes him the second longest shot ever to win the derby, and this also means some people got very lucky. one woman reportedly bet $10 on country house because she liked the name and she just went with $650. elizabeth herr, abc news, new york. >> maximum security is not the first to be disqualified but the first horse to be disqualified for interference. the first horse was disqualified in 1968 after testing positive for an illegal substance months after the rat. also of note, attendance was down this year at the derby but wagering was up. >> it feels like the weekend can continue on but a reality has
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set in now. speaking of the weather, can we expect to see any sun today, or is it going to be more clouds? >> definitely we'll see sun this afternoon but the morning has the cloud cover across the entire bay area. here's a look from our sutro tower area. pretty windy at the upper elevations, surface it's not. temperatures in the low 50s. cooler tomorrow and below average and we've got showers that will bring us some wet pavement for your monday morning commute, and the big question is when will we warm up? i'll have the answers next with my accuweather seven-day forecast. coming up next, building a better bay area. literally a construction project in the works for years will have a payoff for thousands of bay drivers. california ski
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and he's about 10 minutes... 10 minuteseat hoam isoo book direct at wyndhamhote time right now is 612 and a good sunday morning to you. a live look outside from santa cruz. the lighthouse there. cool conditions for most of the day, but it won't be too bad if you're heading down to the coast. we'll get a check of the full accuweather report from meteorologist lisa argen coming up in just a little bit. but first, in the north bay, one of the worst traffic bottlenecks is located at the narrows where highway 101 is just two lanes. construction has been going on for years to widen the stretch which would provide relief to thousand of commuters every day. the whole project won't be done
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for another few just a few week. abc news reporter wayne freedman has a story lit lalli about building a better bay area. >> it is the stretch of highway 101 that willer in win a popularity contest. merely mention the name novato narrows, nobody has a kind word. >> horrible. >> a nightmare. >> compare that traffic jam to something. >> going tots dmv without an appointment. >> three years ago we watched the ceremonial digging of dirt for this one stretch from novato through petaluma. >> it is very difficult to traverse this corridor right now. >> one leg of a 17-mile project that's elevating the highway, improving sight lines and expanding. route to six lan caltranz never said it would be easy, not then and not now, but they drove from sacramento to reassure us that despite the continuing clog of road work they are making progress. >> barring any massive weather
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impacts, we should be able to deliver this end of the project by mid to late june. >> 146,000 cars thread the narrows daily. the very traffic this project intends to relieve has also created many so of the most recent pain, they tell us. >> i would think they will understand, that you know, when you have to maintain traffic and building the same area, you cannot just do it quicker. it has to be done in stages, and it takes long. >> when caltranz finishes this project in 2023, they expect it will save commuters 15 minutes in each direction, and they will be doing so on a modern highway above the flood plain that replaces one built to 1950 standards. until then, mention the word narrows. >> automatically like makes my blood boil. >> but somewhere over the hill hand through the woods and beyond the latest traffic jam there's relief in sight. o cf1 o >> some of the delays have been caused because of weather. rain comes between october and
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april so it limits the amount of time they can work. oddly enough they started this second during the drought. if the drought had continued, this work here would have been done. in novato, wayne freedman, abc 7 news. we want to hear your ideas about building a better bay area. share them by joining our better bay area group on facebook. happening tonight, the unit irish cultural center in san francisco will celebrate the city's outgoing fire. [ cheers and applause ] the center is the holding a retirement party for joanne hayes white hand honoring her 29 years with the fire department. she spent the last 15 as fire chief and is the longest serving in the city's history. hayes white retires tomorrow. tonight's celebration starts at 5:30. city recourts are cashing in on the snow that spilled in the spring. according to the "l.a. times," 7.3 million skiers and snowboarders hit the slopes in california and nevada, an increase of 17% from the previous years. higher prices couldn't keep people from making the trips to
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the mountains. according to liftopia prices went up by an average of 12% and online prize up is a%. now to a special day in vallejo, the largest commencement ever for cal maritime with 276 undergrads and 16 master students taking part. school officials provided us with this video of yesterday's sumoni. the ceo of celebrity cruises delivered the commencement speech. one of the graduates says this was the path that he was destined to take. >> i've always lived by the coast and i it was always kind of nice to look out on the ocean and see the big ships and to be honest never thought i would actually sail on one so coming here and being able to do that, it was just something that i any kind of naturally >> cal maur time is tritime is degree-granting maritime academy on the west coast. two people are recovering after a tree fell on them in san leandro. alameda county fire tweeted these photo saying the tree in marina park fell yesterday
6:17 am
morning. it hit two adults who were taking part in a fund-raiser walk. their injuries are not life-threatening, but they were both taken to a hospital as a precaution. it's unclear what caused the tree to fall, but it was a bit windy yesterday in san leandro. weather-wise, can we expect more of the same today. let's get a check with our meteorologist lisa argen who is tracking the forecast on this sunday. hi, lisa. >> hey, chris, waking up to gray skies. live doppler 7 with low clouds and fog and every part of the bay this morning and with that it's going to take a time to clear. we'll have it be a cloudy morning and then a mostly sunny afternoon, but we do have this area of low pressure spinning off the central california coast, and that's going to bring some showers for san francisco, around big sur all the way down into san diego, so it's not a system with a whole lot of moisture. yeah, a little unusual for may. we would like to get settled into a warmer pattern, into a cooler pattern where temperatures are anywhere three
6:18 am
to six degrees below average. 51 san francisco and 52 in oakland and a bit breezy. 50s mountianview and san jose and half moon bay santa rosa and vacaville 49 and here's a look at walnut creek where you're getting a little bit of sun out there. the official sunrise just after 6:00. about now. and then we're setting, it's getting later and later before -- actually it's right after 8:00 tonight. mostly cloudy this morning and partly cloudy to cool and mild in our inland valleys today, so you have to go way out to reach 70 degrees. otherwise more 60s for everyone today. light showers possible tonight into your monday, and we're going to keep it cool for the first half of the workweek. the second half looks slightly mild but not a whole lot warmer. 57 today ocean beach and 57 in
6:19 am
half moon bay. if you want some sun heading to the coast you're certainly going to need the jacket. it will be chilly here and thatt 60 degrees so the clouds hang on throughout the morning hours, and then they pull back. high clouds throughout the afternoon. showers move in after about 8:00 tonight. here we are 10:00 east bay peninsula, a chance of light showers. they will continue through the overnight hours into the north bay, a slight chance, and then by the afternoon on monday we're break out into some sun with those cool afternoon highs, one again in the 60s, so amounts were trending anywhere from just a trace amount to mist and drizzle on the coast to about a tenth along the shore line and 10% mountianview and ben lowman. looking at upper 6 as. you're cooler today in san jose. mid-60s san jose and upper 50s short line and north bay into the mid-60s for novato, vallejo and in the east bay. you have to head out towards union city to get to about 67
6:20 am
and still those upper 60s for you today in walnut creek and about 70 in brentwood. we're looking at the accuweather forecast. cool we are a chance of showers tonight. 50s and 60s to near 70 inland, i so a more narrow range of highs today. that continues tomorrow with a slight chance of morning showers, the mist, the drizzle and then by the afternoon we're brighter and tuesday and wednesday temperatures want to come up to five degrees inland and around the bay two to three degrees warmer. increasing clouds the end of the week. maybe a chance of showers but we're certainly not looking at 80s or anything above normal. below normal today. >> definitely hoping for the rain a little in the week. >> just a slight chance with that. >> lisa, thanks. white wine lovers may be close to getting an
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we're joined from new york to see what's coming up at 7:00 on "good morning america.." >> coming up here on "gma," kentucky derby controversy, the first horse across the finish line disqualified in an historic turn of events, the shocking win that left horse racing fans in disbelief and what happened when a jet went skidding off a runway into a nearby river. stories from on board the terrifying flight and what we're learning this morning. finally, raid-share outrage. drivers planning to protest
6:24 am
ahead of uber's launch of its new ipo. how it could impact your travel. it's all coming up on "gma." in the east bay, march of dimes held their annum march for babies fund-raiser yesterday. abc 7's mike nicco event. each year the march for babies helps raise money for research to prevent first defects. so far the event has raised more than $150,000. white wine lovers, you may be one step closer to having the proper emoji to represent your drink of choice. on july 24th, representatives from sonoma county wine-maker kendall jackson will make their pitch for a white wine emoji. the "the new york post" reports they will be going before unicode's 12 voting members who decide new emojis. if approved it could take two years to get to phones. a 15-page proposal was sent last year for a white wine emoji.
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good morning and thanks so much for waking up with us. i'm chris nguyen. we're starting this half hour with a quick look at the weather. here's meteorologist lisa argen who is tracking the conditions where you live. hey, >> upper elevations with winds of 20 to 40 miles per hour.
6:29 am
won't be that windy today. kneo eight degrees cooler than what you would expect for early to middle may. low 50s right now over in oakland and mountianview. it's in the 40s in santa cruz and another shot from our explortorium camera where the temperatures are in the 40s in santa rosa and low 50s in concord and 50 in livermore. the plan for today, clouds will be with us throughout the morning hour. they beal back and break up along the shore line so money we 50s there today. throughout 1:00. we'll be in the low 60s around the bay and inland numbers climbing through the 60 and just about 70 degrees for the afternoon high and then by 5:00 we're back into the 50s. certainly a cooler night. the fog is back across the bay, the clouds thicken and we're looking at a chance of rain through tomorrow morning. chris. >> lisa, thank you. the city of los angeles has renamed a section of the road as obama boulevard in honor of the 44th president of the united states. the name unveiling happened yesterday during a ceremony and
6:30 am
day long festival to celebrate the historic occasion. we have more from our sister station in l.a. >> three, two, one. >> reporter: a major milestone in south los angeles as the city celebrates america's 44th president renaming rodeo road obama boulevard. >> nothing i thought i'd ever see in my lifetime. i never thought we'd see a black president and never thought they would change rodeo, not rodeo, but rodeo to obama boulevard. >> the city holding the street renaming festival to mark the momentous change. >> this is something we can really be proud of in our lifetime and i'm glad in my mom's lifetime she was able to see an african-american president. it's been a long time coming. >> reporter: last august the city council voted unanimously to rename the pon since the th
6:31 am
candidate held a campaign event at the reck center here in 2007. >> he walked up and down the street and addressed a crowd of 20,000, just like the 20,000 we have here today, so i think it's special for our community. >> reporter: the change comes in an area with a series of streets names over a series of presidents named washington, adams and jefferson and it's this street that comes with so much pride and excitement in this neighborhood. >> exuberance and excitement, you know. what an experience for us to be a part of this and then for our kid to be a part of this to see in their lifetime that as i grow oh, i can be a president. >> he said that this is just the beginning. he also hopes to rename the nearby sports complex in honor of barack and michelle obama as well. in south los angeles, aches 7, eyewitness news. >> tiger woods will be honored at the white house tomorrow with the presidential medal of freedom. woods stunned the sports world when he won the masters for the fifth time last month. he went two years without
6:32 am
playing in a major tournament. woods also had four surgeries to repair his ailing back. the incredible comeback immediately caught the attention of president trump who is also an avid golfer. the pair played together at the golf course in jupiter, florida in february. >> jonathan carl will go on the campaign trial with 2020 presidential candidate bernie sanders and peck peck pompeo talks about the united states response to the latest north korean manulife launch. time now is 6:32. an update from federal investigators after a heart plane that was landing down a tomorrow on friday overshot the runway and slid into a river. all 143 people of on board the flight headed from guantanamo bay to jacksonville, florida, are okay. abc 7 news reporter victor oquendo has the lateest.
6:33 am
>> reporter: frightening moments in the darkness. a passenger plane overrunts runway sliding into a risk rescuers racing to the scene friday night finding some of the passengers waiting on the wings to be board on rafts and ferried to shore. amazingly all on board survived. >> it is a miracle. we could be talking about a different store they evening. >> the department of defense chartered the plane coming from the u.s. naval base in guantanamo bay, cuba and landing at the naval air station jacksonville during a thunderstorm. >> when the plane hit that barrier it split the top of the eric, so it had a split in it, and when the plane hit the water and it displaced all that water it came over the top. >> the national transportation safety board on the scene trying to figure out what went wrong. >> we've got some challenges here because the bottom half of the fuselage is covered with water, so we aren't able to get to all of the things that we need to get to. >> investigators studying the recovered flight data reporter to determine potential causes. >> we'll be looking at the human aspects which includes the flight crew and the cabin crew.
6:34 am
we'll be looking at mat sheen. that will be the aircraft itself, and then finally the environment which would include the airport, the weather and air traffic control. >> if the accident was weather related, hydroplaning could be a factor. >> there was probably standing water on the runway so an airplane could hydroplane just like you feel your car when you're going down the highway. >> victor oquendo, abc 1 news, jacksonville, florida. >> luck tone alive and some of the people on board are likely mourning their bets. a spokesperson in jacksonville said all the pets in the cargo hold are presumed dead. there were four on the manifest, but it's possible others were added. officials are trying to prevent a measles outbreak on a cruiseship that arrived in curacao. there's one confirmed case of a female crew member who board the ship after traveling through europe. the ship did place here in quarantine to try to keep the measles from spreading. >> we don't know is how well the
6:35 am
isolation procedures went and if the people were in contact with the patient before she was isolated. >> the ship had already been held in st. lucia last week as doctors vaccinated passengers. health officials in curaco board the ship and let people off if they preefld had the measles. >> more cases of the measles are being reported here in california. uc irvine says a graduate student from long beach is infected and was walk around campus last week. the campus is working to identify people who may have come in contact with the student. the health department says the man had been vaccinated and has no history of travel outside of the u.s. this is the second measles case reported in orange county. a baby has also been diagnosed. we're learning of another violent crime involving someone posing at a right share driver. a woman told police she was assaulted yesteray morning.
6:36 am
investigators have released surveillance photos of the suspect's truck. the woman told police the driver pulled up and said she was working far ride share company and offered her a ride home. she said she didn't call for one but still got into the truck. the driver stopped and pulled a knife on her and that's when the sauld happened. two people are dead in illinois and two mill mission after an explosion at a silicone plant. the blast happened late friday night in waukegan north of chicago. investigators say nine people were inside the factory. the search for the two missing workers is on hold over concerns that the building could collapse. three other people inside were taken to the hospital the cause of the explosion is not known. tyson is expanding a recall for chicken strips over concerns that some pieces could have small metal shards in them. the recall now affects more than 11.9 million pounds ever frozy
6:37 am
ready-to-eat chicken strips shipped nationwide. the recall was initially initiated in march and was expanded after three of six people complained about fighting mouth injuries. each product has establishment number p-7221 on the back of the package. still ahead on abc 7 mornings, from sobriety to the shark tank, we'll introduce you to a local cookie dough creator who is getting her shot with the sharks. first, here's a live look from outside san francisco
6:38 am
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airlines will launch its latest round of hawaii flights, this time from minuta san jose national airport. transport between sjc and honolulu begins this morning. the first ever flight will leave from san jose to oahu at 8:20 this morning. there will be a big party at the gate and southwest will launch flights between san jose and maui on may 26. also happening today, sunday streets will take over the bayview and dog patch neighborhoods in san francisco. third street from 22nd to carroll avenue will be slowed to cars from 11:00 to 4:00 this afternoon. residents and visitors can walk the entire length of the street. they will be able to meet neighbors, try different cuisine from food venters and listen to live music along the route. the street will be closed to rs but mine's street car will still be in operation to get
6:41 am
people to and from the event. barely make it into the low 60s in san francisco. it will be partly cloudy though. here is lake tahoe, of course. 28 in truckee and 32 it the tahoe valley airport, and the high today in the mountains south lake. 46, so certainly some snow melt going on and afternoon thunderstorms on the way for the sierra, and in fact much of the mountains throughout the late day today and tomorrow as a weak area of low pressure sits offshore. i'll tell you what it means for the rest of your weekend and starting the workweek next >> >> lisa, thanks. also ahead, another huge came for kevin durant as warriors end up in overtime in game three of their playoff series with
6:42 am
6:43 am
6:44 am
in sports the giants and a's are looking to rebound from losses today. the a's face the pirates at pnc park in pittsburgh. the first pitch is at 105:00 this morning and the giants take on the reds at great american pal bark in cincinnati. that game starts at 110:00 this afternoon. the warriors will be in action tomorrow in houston hoping to take a commanding 3-1 series lead. last night golden state came up short against the rockets. abc 7 sports director larry beal has the highlights in this morning's sports. >> kevin durant absolutely brilliant. 46 points last night, but steph curry had a guam he would love
6:45 am
to forget as the rockets pulled off a stunning overtime victory in game three. clint capela 13 points and 11 points and one gigantic rejection of andre iguodala. get it out. down at the half and down after three and k.d. opened the fourth by scoring ten straight point. had 46 on the night and the three ball to gift warriors the lead, 94-93. under a minute to go, warriors are down one. andre iguodala for three. he had 16. they go to overtime tied at 112, but houston would close this game out. james harden, a little floater, and then a dagger step-back three. 4 is for the beard. steph curry struggled mightily. missed several layups. a missed dunk with 20 seconds left and held to only 17. rockets win 126-121 heading to the game three on monday.
6:46 am
here's mindi bach. >> they left at times by as many as 13 but thanks to a second half led by kevin durant the warriors put themselves back in the game forcing overtime and like where they sit hayt heading into game four. >> defensively once we get stop and rebounds and have more confidence in the offensive end, and i think we did that for a stretch there. at the start of the fourth quarter. i felt like we were in the game. it was back and forth all night and they came out and hit a couple more shots than us. >> possession here and possession there that decides it, and -- and, you know, i like where we're at. obviously still up 2-1 and have an opportunity to win on monday and take control of the series. >> kind of got that swagger back. >> you have to have it. if you don't have it, might as well beat it the. >> sharks and avs in game five. game in tied at two
6:47 am
series. captain joe pavelski getting fans pumped up. skating a bit lately, too. tomas hertl on a deflection, first goal of the series ties this game at one apiece. philipp grubauer 37 saves and in the third can't stop the marc-edouard vlasic stop. hertl on the doorstep. team teal. shark got great goaltending from martin jones. wasn't as busy but 21 saves, and he won this game for san jose denying tyson barron not once but twice. the rebound save of there. sharks win 2-1 to take a 3-2 series lead. they can close it out monday in denver, and the giants and a's both lost. that's a wrap on morning sports. enjoy your sunday, everybody. i'm larry beal. >> getting a check of the accuweather forecast with meist lisa argen. >> hi, chris. >> a lot of cloud cover around and outside you can see the
6:48 am
george washington bridge and the cloudiness out there. we have a system offshore that allows the marine layer to grow and stretll the way into our inland east bay. forecast highlights looking like this. the gray skies with us, and then they do clear, so we'll have a partly cloudy afternoon after the cool start. isolated showers into your monday morning. probably not what you want to hear but stale sunnier afternoon and warmer weather moves in mid-week and putting us back to where we should be this time of year and temperatures right now look like this from the mid to upper 40s from napa to santa rosa to 50 in oakland. milder there with 49 in gill roy, and can you see the flag behind me showing that the wind continues o across the b and numbers out even in the a are going cooler sohen wind m across the bay, we're
6:49 am
transporting that cooler marine push all the way to our valley. area of low pressure doesn't look too many impressive. counterclockwise circulation and a narrow band of moisture that could bring in a few light showers in the bay area. evening hours, mainly the overnight and be out of here by 8:00. average highs in san jose should be 72. shy of that today and tomorrow and this is really representative of the entire bay where it will be cooler than average through the first hart of the week and we begin to level off towards the middle of the week. in the mid-70s around certainly not a lot of heed in the forecast. there's the cloud cover through 11:00. still some high clouds and then it should be pretty nice looking day though it will be pretty cool. you can see the clouds move back in tonight from the coast and also the high in mid-level clouds rotation around the area of low pressure. midnight tonight. showers, takes us through the
6:50 am
overnight hours. 3:00, some light precip and then into the early morning commute. damp pavement and mist and drizzle and the clouds and then partly cloudy skies throughout the afternoon hours so by 8:00, 9:00 tonight into 6:00, 7:00 tomorrow morning, we could pick up anywhere from a couple hundreds to perhaps a tenth of an inch or better on the coast here at half moon bay. highs today, look at all the 60s, from the upper 50s coast side and 64 in oakland and three degrees cooler here and five degrees cooler in san jose and 66 in san rafael and 70 in fairfield and overnight tonight with the cloud cover we'll be in the low 50s and the accuweather seven-day forecast, we will get rid of the clouds throughout the day, scouring them out and partly cloudy. 58 coast and low 60s to mid-60s around the bay and looking at 70 inland. tomorrow morning, morning drizzle. chance of a shower and download the accuweather app and may be
6:51 am
able to get warmth. 4 to 6 degrees. dnesda a fewhaeeah, d we're definitely in that spring feel where you want it to be warmer but it's not. >> definitely felt the cooldown yesterday. lisa, thank you. >> yeah. a bay area entrepreneur is dirk up more than just cookie dough at her shops in san francisco. she's also serving it with a side of inspiration. as abc 7 news tells us hoping to go from sigh bright to a deal in the shark tank. >> cinnamon seventh-inninger doodle tank swimming with white chocolate shark tank. >> nestled in a tiny shop packed with customers at busy pier 39 sits >> sharks, this deal is too doughp to pass up. >> reporter: love dessert. for the later part of my life it was like how can i make eatingf
6:52 am
>> reporter: but there's so much for this. behind each and every scoop there's a message of time that wasn't so sweet. >> had an unhealthy relationship with alcohol that held me back from doing more with my life. >> reporter: kelsey started drink when she was 15 years old. >> with all of the pleasure i've put on myself through those years it was inevitable that something else would break. >> reporter: in 2015 after a-ha moments kelsey made the decision to get sober and uses her love of cookie dough as a platform to encourage her customers to have a conversation. >> reporter: i formed the doebl for hope program. >> and it's the stories like these that come in from customers from doughp san francisco. >> i was actually in my home office and had the tv going for quite a while. i heard the story and had to pause and rewind. congrats, you are awesome.
6:53 am
>> reporter: sober almost four years kelsey's future is so bright. whether or not she gets a deal on shark tank or not, kelsey has already got a pretty good deal and reminds others they can, too. >> you can do it. you can turn your life around and be whatever the heck you want to be. >> reporter: in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> kelsey's episode on "shark tank" airs tonight at 10:00 right here on abc 7 followed by "abc 7 news at 11:00. ""next, why things are about to get weird in a san francisco neighborhood later today.
6:54 am
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welcome back. here are the winning numbers from last night's $199 million powerball drawing. 6, 16, 23, 30, 61. the powerball number 2. nobody picked all six, so wednesday night's jackpot goes up to $215 million. 6:56 is our time. happening today, a celebration of all things bizarre. it will take over san francisco's streets of market area. the how weird street mayor will celebrate this afternoon. it's all about showing off artistic expression, creativity and peace, and there will be some colorful sights and sounds to absorb if you plan on going. the event runs through 8:00 tonight. admission is $12 and now a final weather check with lisa. >> starting out with a lot of cloud cover and this will peel back to the coast and getting some sun at the coast today.
6:57 am
today more clouds and a chance of showers arrives through the overnight hours taking us into your monday new york commute. just a little bit. not much to really write home about, but it's just nuisance showers. 46 san maierato and 36 in vallejo today and 67 in livermore so certainly a cooler day with 50s at the coast. chance of morning drizzle and then we're milder with more sun throughout the middle of the week and maybe even a chance of showers by the end of the week, so we can't really get out of this pattern. just minor fluctuations. we go up and we go down and we'll maybe get some raindrops here later tonight. >> lisa, thank you. >> thanks to you for joining us on "abc 7 mornings. i'm chris nguyen alongside lisa argen. we will leave you for now with a live look outside from our emoryville camera. "good morning america" is next. abc 7 news returns at 9:00 a.m. we'll see you then.
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good morning, america. the kentucky derby stunner. good morning, america. the kentucky derby stunner. the winner that wasn't. the derby disqualification that shocked horse racing fans. the first in its 145-year history. maximum security, the first to cross the finish line but losing to country house. >> the horse that crossed the line first has been disqualified. >> the chaos and the questions this morning over that decision that turned the long shot into a champion and what the winning jockey is saying this morning. plane investigation. the ntsb looking into what caused that jet skid off the runway. landing in a river. shaken passengers sharing their stories now. >> i think god had his hand on


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