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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  May 5, 2019 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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for a visiting choir. they survived a freeway
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thunderstorms and more showers overnight. we'll have the latest in the forecast. performed, after saturday's fatal, fiery crash. she was one of the first female firefighters in san francisco, and now after 15 years as chief, she is retiring. i'm kate larson in san francisco, where tonight the city is celebrating her. "abc7 news" starts right now. >> now, news to build a better bay area, from abc 7. >> we are learning more details about the victim who died in a1 morning. thanks for joining us.
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>> the oakwood university choir gave their performance in san francisco tonight. >> they say tonight's performance was different, as they sang with a heavy heart. >> reporter: the victim has been identified as 51-year-old kenneth bishop from san mateo. tonight, they say they're grateful to come out of this accident alive, and sang tonight with this victim in mind. ♪ we shall overcome >> reporter: their performance tonight meant they overcame. >> i get emotional thinking about it. the fact that i really could not be here right now. >> reporter: holding hands and thinking back to this fatal fairy scene less than 48 hours
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ago. >> sometimes texts can't have the true meaning until we have the experience. >> reporter: their bus was involved if a collision where the driver of an suv, which struck the bus, was killed. >> that left person was on the way back home and never made it home. we know that they're truly grieving, and to them, we say our condolences are with you. we've been praying for you every single day. >> reporter: authorities identified the victim as 51-year-old kenneth bishop, a friend identified him in this facebook photo and says he leaves behind a 15-year-old daughter. people,ay oan fransco, performance. >> today, they sang with differ vent fervor. >> reporter: where many were thinking about the miracle of
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life. they will fly back home to alabama on tuesday and tell us they're going back home changed by this experience. now more about the driver who lost his life. that friend we spoke to said he was a loved individual, who had just opened his personal training business earlier this year. >> thank you very much for that. now it's time for a check on the weather, which is changing. >> drew tuma is standing by with the timeline of it. drew? >> we had clouds kicking this evening and now we're finding moisture in the month of may. we'll show you where it is the heaviest. the heaviest return we have, you see the pops of yellows. you stoom izoom in, you can see track of the storm is pushing off the coastline. so any showers we do have over the next couple of hours, you can see by 4:00, 5:00 the bulk of the moisture is off the screen. for the morning commute, a lot
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of cloud cover, fog, drizzle, as well. and also a cooler day tomorrow. we'll show you those temperatures and another chance to find rain over the next seven days. >> drew, thanks a lot. deputies on the central coast have arrested an oakland man suspected in a shooting that injured six people. you're looking at a booking photo of 19-year-old fra fra fra arosco. investigators captured him after shots were fired. gunfire erupted while a large number of people were on the beach, just after midnight. >> it seems there were a lot of people together, and so rawh rah it was a celebration for cinco de mayo or something else. >> reporter: detectives have not shared what may have led to the
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shooting. 41 people died when a russian airline burst into flames in moscow. >> the crew reported having technical problems before rushing to the airport, and the type of jet involved has had a questionable safety record. >> reporter: tonight, these horrifying images of a commercial passenger jet carrying nearly 80 people, engulfed in flames in moscow. onlookers capturing these images, columns of black smoke rising from the aircraft. this video showing the plane appearing to bounce as it tries to land, then catching fire. te passengers leaping from the front of the burning aircrat to an inflatable slide. staggers as they made their way to safety. >> the problem is the back end of the airplane was on fire. so the escape doors in the back were not usable. >> reporter: the super jet 100 took off from moscow heading for the north.
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when then it was forced to turn back due to technical reasons. the plane attempting an emergency landing. 72 passengers and five crew on board. >> this aircraft, made in russia and flown almost exclusively in russia, has a very poor safety record and very poor reliability record. >> reporter: at least 41 are believed to be dead, including two children. the russian prime minister has ordered a criminal investigation into what caused the accident. dozens of passengers are still at the airport. they are currently receiving medical and psychological attention. judy mcarland, abc news. we sent alerts throughout the day on our free "abc7 news" app. it's one way to stay on top of the news, just enable notifications. the award winning chef has been diagnosed with breast cancer.
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cren was born in france before making a name for herself in the bay area. she revealed her diagnosis today on instagram. she says she is going to remain in her kitchen as much as possible. san francisco's long-time fire chief joanne hayes-white hangs up her helmet for good tonight. >> she is retiring as a new chief is sworn in tomorrow. here's kate larson. ♪ >> reporter: ushered in by bagpipes. fire chief joanne hayes-white spent her last hours with the fire department with family and 700 of her closest friends and colleagues, who filled the irish cultural center to honor the f >> i still look at my phone all the time to see if i missed a call. >> reporter: she's still adjusting to life outside the firefight. she shared somed a vi ed d a vi.
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>> it's important to be fair and consistent and you have to develop a thick skin. >> we just know her as mom. >> reporter: riley white is the oldest of the chief's three boys. >> just amazing to see the different things she's in charge of and the enormity of the position and how she's been able to handle it extremely well. >> reporter: from first chief to the first gay chief. >> the whole thing still feels a little surreal and yet very real. it was ground breaking when she became our chief, and that she stayed for 15 years is also pretty ground breaking. so i have some shoes to fill, and forward to that role. >> reporter: along with her college roommates, the mayor and willie brown showed up to
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celebrate hayes-white. kate larson, "abc7 news." still ahead on "abc7 news" at 11:00, today is the 70th anniversary of "abc7 news." coming up, we look at some memorable moments from our early years. plus, the newest competition in san francisco today. how the u.s. faired against international competitors. and you find that perfect spring dress at that "oh, yeah" price? yes! that's yes for less. score the latest spring dresses at 20% to 60% off erday. at ross. yes for less.
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11:13 pm a price that has you,s and like...d.hmmm. okay. that's yes for less. say yes to the latest spring trends at 20 to 60 percent off department store prices every day. at ross. yes for less. all right. riddle me this. what was born in a haunted house in san francisco, nurtured by the creative spirit of the bay area, and is reaching its prime in the digital age? if you guess 7, you would be right. >> and tonight we are honored to be celebrating our 70th
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anniversa anniversary, and we've been connected to all of the communities in the bay area sharing court triumphs and tribulations for seven decades. >> tonight, drew tuma combs out archives for a look at some memorable moments from the earliest years. >> reporter: abc 7's history starts at sutro tower. not the big orange one, but a much smaller one built in the same spot. harry jacobs was director of engineering, a sign to get the sign up and running. >> nobody knew anything about television. >> reporter: channel 7 first went on the air, may 5th, 1949. the local programs were done live, featuring musicians and personalities. no rehearsals, everything just went on the air cold. whatever happened, happened. a weekly show promoting bay area
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industry was a channel 7 staple. in this program, the feature business was channel 7 itself. explaining what it took to get live television on the air from a remote location. >> microphone, lights, electronic devices, cameras, and literally miles of heavy cable. >> reporter: azts technology go more sophisticated, kgo moved to a different station. but the news cast was just 15 minutes anchored by william winter. by the early '60s, channel 7, was upping its game. >> they have vowed they will sit in, lie in to block the entrances, to express their distaste for vietnam policy. >> reporter: news was still a formal business. >> this is reporter bentley. they're not making much of a racket threat, but showtime is a
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few seconds away. the next sound will be that unique beatles scream. >> reporter: most of channel 7's resources still focused on entertainment shows. this is the 1966 first episode of channel 7's first morning talk show with jim dunbar. the show made news itself when the alleged zodiac killer called dunbar live over air for several days. no arrests was ever made. by then, channel 7 was adding more local news programs, promoted with ads featuring fogg news wagons speeding around town. but it was this ad campaign that changed local tv news forever. >> he's not afraid to smoke out his own news stories. >> reporter: the news team included pete gidings, the first
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meteorologist forecasting weather. here he is with the news team on the beach for a promo. that blonde in the background, it's actress suzanne summers. the new formula focused on real people and reached beyond san francisco to the rest of the bay area for community based coverage. the reporters were early advocates for viewers, and the news casts were so popular, that sometimes more than half of all bay area viewers were tuned to channel 7 news. even back then, people wanted their trusted news team to help build a better bay area. i had a lot of fun learning about the start of abc 7, including a lot of history most of us who work here don't even know. i got to climb, yes, climb to the top of sutro tower as part of the story. you should not do that if you're afraid of heights. that's in our complete special
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70th anniversary segment on the early days of channel 7. check it out with more of our history making moments on any abc 7 platform. >> we couldn't have done our work for the past 70 years without you, so thanks for letting us be part of your story. you know what? he looked very calm up there. you would have heard me screaming from all points of the bay area. >> we are all so proud that in honor of our abc 7 seven decades, we are bringing back a long tradition of wearing the circle seven pin. you wore this back in the day. >> back in the 'ninths 90s we h. it's been around the block. it's nice to have it back. it's also been the logo since the 1960s. >> who knew this was designed in san francisco also. it makes it a little more
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special. so check it all out, 70 years of abc 7 on any abc 7 platform. is it time to talk about weather? >> back to work now. >> i guess we've got to. got to go back to work and a few schools. but look at this. it's may. we do the showers in may, but still to see this on live doppler 7, we're going to some in here, the strongest returns here, you see live doppler 7 sweeping across the screen. that pop of yellow, that's a light shower moving through. you can see that pop of yellow just to the west of union city. we're finding the strongest returns at this hour. live doppler 7 with satellite, you can look right there, there's an area of low pressure off the california coastline, moving on shore. supplying us with that chance of
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an isolated shower. but it's moisture starved, and it's going to be moving to the south very quickly. overnight tonight, a lot of that moisture in our atmosphere is pushing offshore. coastal drizzle likely for 4:00 in the morgue. and then for the morning commute tomorrow, it's a lot of cloud cover, roadways close to the coast, 101 may find wet spots. this is not a big rain maker to say the least. i just skipped over the forecast by accident, but i'll show you highs on your monday. we'll find peeks of sunshine here and there. you don't need the rain gear tomorrow. so highs in the south bay, 67 for san jose. about 67 in santa clara. 66 the high in sunnyvale. temperatures just slightly below average. call it cool for may. 65 for redwood city. 64 in san mateo.
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a lot of cloud cover, 58 degrees. 61 in san francisco. 59 and cool in daley city. into the north bay we go. a lot of 60s to near 70. 64 in petaluma. into the east bay, you start out with a lot of cloud cover tomorrow. peeks of sunshine in the afternoon. 65 the high in oakland. 67 in fremont. berkeley, up to 64 degrees. then inland, it's going to feel cool tomorrow afternoon. 68 the high in walnut creek. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. tomorrow, cool for may, and it's partly sunny with peeks of sun here and there in the afternoon. tuesday, that marine layer is fully in tact. brighter skies do prevail. temperatures respond, 60s and
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70s. by thursday, clouds come back. by friday, there's the chance of another morning shower possible. the good news for the weekend and mother's day on sunday, it looks nice. a mixture of sunshine and cloud cover and a warmer afternoon out there. >> okay. this all makes so much sense now. you do your forecasting from up there, that's why it's accurate. >> the higher you go, you feel the rain first. >> when you going back this >> not soon. still ahead on "abc7 news" at 11:00, a new sailing league made its
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untrie h water >> "abc7 news" was in san francisco where people gathered on the docks. the united states was representing alongside
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australia, japan and china. the catamaran is capable of reaching speeds up to 60 miles per hour. >> sometimes you wonder if they're going to go so fast and go straight into the water or they pull up, it's exciting. they go fast. >> yeah, they also just nigh into the air at times. in the end, team usa came in fourth, and australia come home first place today. this was the u.s. debut debut dt fledgling sailing league. tjust ahead, on friday, the giants overca
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today the a's dropped a 13-inning marathon in pittsburgh, wrapping up a brutal road trip where they lost eight of nine. chris davis, check out the nice grab. he had to leave the game, though, with a hip contusion. he's listed as day-to-day. 7th inning, oakland down 1-0. robbie grossman with the pinch-hit. that ties the game at 1-1. top of the 13th now, morales will break the tie with a base hit. piscotty adding to the lead with a double off the wall in right. so the a's take a 3-1 lead. what can go wrong? plenty.
11:31 pm
bottom half of the inning, adam frazier with a single to score a run. next batter, starling marte, three-run walkoff home run and the pirates win 5-3 in 13. astros and angels. 2nd inning, 1-0 halos until carlos correia goes the other way. now to the 5th inning, astros down one again. this is a grand slam to center. the astros take both games south of the border 10sh, 10-4 the the giants erased ahe second time in three games. jeff samardzija, third pitch of the game, joey votto with a bloop single. the reds had five home runs last night. on the fifth pitch of the game,
11:32 pm
they get their first of the day. suarez off the top of the wall in right. very next pitch, jesse wingler to right center. 3-0, red. but there's more. the pitch after that, the back-to-back-to-back jacks. three home runs on three pitches. 4-0 reds. but on friday night, the reds realized no lead is safe against the giants. they had an 8-0 lead. in the 6th, this is a base hit. so the giants get on the board. then they tie it with one swing of the bat. buster posey completes the four-run inning. tied at 4-4. in the 9th, crawford completes the comeback. a two-run shot, his first of the season. and the giants win it, your final 6-5. a warriors game four preview come up in 20 minutes. >> what was the name of the team
11:33 pm
they were playing? >> the reds. >> what color uniforms? >> it was throwback. much more to come on "abc7 news" at 11:00. new video shows the frantic moments after a plane skidded into a river while landing in florida. >> and why british
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live where you live, this is "abc7 news." >> good evening, i'm eric thomas. >> and i'm
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nearly 80 people were on board a flight in moscow when it turned back from its original destination and burst into flames. the type of jet involved has had a questionable safety record. deputies have arrested an oakland man suspected in a shooting that injured six people. 19-year-old francisco arosco was suspected of firing shots just after midnight. detectives have not shared what led to the shooting. tonight, we're learning more about the man killed in a crash saturday on highway 101 outside of san francisco. the victim has been identified as 51-year-old kenneth bishop of san mateo. a friend tells behind a 15-yeaerolouus carryinm alabama were also involved. a system used to stop a jet liner needed repairs before the
11:38 pm
same plane ran into a river in florida. you're looking at video shot by a passenger standing on the wing of the boeing 737. tonight, we learned a dog and two cats died in the crash. rainy weather prep vented federal investigators moving the aircraft out of the river and back on land today. >> we're going to be very careful how we move the aircraft, because we want to preserve it, and all of the perishable evidence that goes along with that. that will also allow us to get to the cockpit voice recorder. >> investigators say it could take 18 months to pin point exactly what went wrong. police are searching for a 5-year-old girl in houston, texas that may have been kidnapped by three men. an amber alert was issued yesterday after her suspected
11:39 pm
abduction friday. her stepfather told police that he, his 1-year-old son and malia were taken by three hispanic men. he said he was going to pick up her mother at the airport when he pulled over to fix a flat tire. that's when three men approached him. he said he was hit over the head and woke up the next day with just his son. now police are searching for the car last seen yesterday afternoon. now is a good time to get ready for fire season. today marks the start of wildfire preparedness week in california. we got a good remindern tuesday tha about anyea is fepon sa fir ss the wet winter will likely produce a lot more grass that can dry out and become fuel for fire.
11:40 pm
it advises people to clear a defensible space and have an evacuation plan. a mountain based company got to helpful fill luke perry's final wishes. he suffered a fatal stroke in march and was buried in a mushroom burial suit. the company cites the suit works by removing polluting toxins while naturally break it down. british bookies are suspending bets on baby sussex after speculation the baby may have been born. there was also a surge betting on the child being a girl named are getting their information from a direct source.
11:41 pm
many believe she game birth at home without informing the media. take a look. as a daredevil balances himself above the american river. ryan robinson broke a world record yesterday. the feat was part of the 100th anniversary of fulsome's rainbow bridge. >> no harness or anything. still ahead on "abc7 news" at 11:00, the oscars o food wil tomorrow. creators in the bay area who are in the running for a james beard award. we already have one winner. i'm meteorologist drew tuma. tracking light showers tonight. what that means for tomorrow in the accuweather forecast ahead. >> abc is sharing inspiring stories. >> and this week, meet a woman
11:42 pm
who is starting a new life. >> i have an amazing relationship with god. you can still love god and still love relyand still be religious without that extremism. women are not allowed to lidriv. because it seems immodest. women in my community are not allowed to wear jeans. i saved up and went to a store and put on jeans and felt like i was on top of the world. putting my skirt back on again made me feel powerless. i couldn't conform. there was too much cognitive disnance. logically it didn't make sense. i decided when i got divorced that i would have the girliest bedroom. it's like i'm living my best life.
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happy 70th birthday to kgo. who knew television was around that long ago? crazy! >> speaking of the sharks, a bay area entrepreneur served up a sweet street on "shark tank." but unfortunately nobody was biting. >> what's up, sharks? i'm kelsey, founder and leader of dope cookie dough. >> i'm out. >> we don't have to beat each other up. >> i'm sorry, i'm out. >> great business, congratulations. >> thank you. >> but i have to go out. >> okay. i totally respect that. >> the sharks are such healthy eaters. kelsey sells cookie dough at her
11:47 pm
cookie shop. she started the business after getting sober three years ago and leaving her job in tech. now, she told us deal or no deal, life is looking good. she plans to expand to more shipping and online sales. to hear more from kelsey, she'll be a guest tomorrow at 11:00 on "midday live." the james beard award also be handed out tomorrow, and 15 bay area receives and bars are finalists. the james beard awards were already handed out. one for best on location television program. a chef and writer from berkeley hosts it. we have a full list of bay area beard award nominees on our website, all right.
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one last check of the weather tonight. >> with meteorologist drew tuma. >> we'll show you live doppler 7. we'll show you exactly where we're finding the strongest returns. live doppler 7, you can see from san carlos, redwood city, highway 81, 101, where that pop of yellow is. we'll finding light rain at this housh, and all this moisture is going to be quickly exiting as many of us are sleeping. by 4:00 tomorrow morning, future weather showing you that rain is off the coast. just some residual coastal drizzle. day planner, showing you that coastal drizzle first thing. we're finding just a mixture of sun and clouds, partly sunny and cool. temperatures in the 60s for a lot of us. on monday, 67 in san jose. 61 in san francisco. accuweather seven day forecast,
11:49 pm
sunny tomorrow. brighter skies midweek before another chance of showers friday morning. the weekend, looking nicer and brighter and warmer for saturday and sunday. >> it's never too early to start looking ahead. drew, thanks. more sports with anthony. joe pavelski, the, the speaks for the first time since
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the united explorer card hooks me up. getting more for getting away. traveling lighter. getting settled. rewarded. learn more at welcome back. it's sunday, that means many were glued to the tube watching "game of thrones." the warriors also grabbed plenty of screen time. mindy bach has more on how requirements for today are watching video of their game three overtime loss to the rock
11:53 pm
its and getting any necessary medical treatment. the players can come here to the toyota center for an optional shoot around. but steve kerr says it has nothing to do with strategy. >> the biggest adjustment is always the emotional one, the fight, the competitive spirit. that's the first adjustment that we have to make. that's the adjustment they made last night. it's not that we didn't play hard, we played hard for stretches of that game. but they outplayed us for 53. >> i don't think we deserved to be in that game. it shows what we're capable of as a team that they outplayed us the entire game. >> reporter: the warriors' starters are playing heavier minutes than their averages. but steve kerr says he's not concerned about fatigue, he just needs to put the best lineups on the floor to secure the win. >> thanks, mindi.
11:54 pm
nuggets and trailblazers. jamal murray with 30 points. drives in for the slam here. seth curry, 6 of 9 from the field. and beats the buzzer before halftime. blazers up six. but the second half went to the nuggets. will barton, with the dagger three late in the fourth. the nuggets even the series at 2-2. in the east, the raptors taking on the 76ers in game four. kawhi leonard, throwing it down. he had 39 points and 14 boards. joel embiid, held to just 11 points. this one, that was a sweet move, the spin and the layup, that gave philly the lead, but not for long. leonard dishes to marc gasol fop and beats the shot clock. raptors win it 101-96.
11:55 pm
after winning game five last night, the sharks can add vance to the western conference finals with a win tomorrow in colorado. even better news for team teal, joe pavelski is making progress from a concussion he suffered almost two weeks ago. yesterday, the surprise appearance to pump up the crowd. today, he spoke to the media about that night. >> it was one of the toughest nights and wuf one of the bette nights to see and be part of. so good to see these guys leading the way in that department. happy to still be a part of this and playing. >> you like to think you can play tomorrow, but we'll be mart, obviously. definitely getting closer. i feel like i want it. if the sharks advance, they'll play the winner of the blues and stars. st. louis takes a 2-1 lead in the second on this goal.
11:56 pm
third period now, stars' goalie ben bishop takes a shot off the collarbone. blues take a 3-1 lead. less than a minute later, the breakaway, and he will 3w50e9 bishop with a slap shot. blues win the series 4-1 -- or win the game 4-1 and even the series at 3-3. final round of the wells fargo championship. leader is 15 under on the tournament. a one-hour rain delay did not slow him down. he was smiling, just two years ago, he played a full schedule on the pga tour, made just $18,000. but with that putt, he wins for the first time on tour and collects a cool $1.4 million paycheck. that is not a bad week's work. four days' work, $1.4 million.
11:57 pm
>> that's quite a raise. >> thank you very much for that. >> and with that, that's it for tonight. i'm dion limb. >> and i'm eric thomas. for the entire news team, and it's our 70th birthday here too, remember that. remember, check out more on the birthday coming up, too. >> it's also on amazon fire tv. check out
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