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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  May 6, 2019 5:00am-5:59am PDT

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a popular award winning bay area chef reveals a personal battle she now faces. and a major international headline to report, a deadly weekend in the middle east. a ceasefire happening now. luckily, her dorm is about 10 minutes from a hotel by wyndham. ashley's meeting all her in-laws, and she's about 10 minutes from a hotel by wyndham. jeff is flying to.... oh never mind. good morning, it's 5:00 a.m. on this monday, may 6. but hey, 10 minutes from a wyndham. >> you're never more than seven he's having the best. day. ever! minutes away from your accuweather forecast. hi there, mike nicco. and he's about 10 minutes... take a look at my day minutes from a hotel by wyndham. planner i'm putting together for with over 6,000 hotels across the country, you. we have some drizzle through the morning commute. a great hotel by wyndham is closer than you think. and then partly sunny and cooler book direct at than average afternoon. let's see what's going on with live doppler seven. you can see light rain and
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drizzle falling across the north bay. a lot of us had light rain and drizzle from 7:00 on when the wet weather was falling. the exploratorium in san francisco you can see that we have a few dprorops on the lens there. let's turn it over to alexis and see if that's causing any issues on the road. we are pretty quiet. two-vehicle crash. they're still working on getting a tow truck there. the toll plaza is filling in. no word on metering lights, that should happen closer to 5:20. i am just hearing about a new crash in the east bay, southbound 880 just before 23rd. i'll talk about that next. here at the live desk keeping a close eye on things, former president trump's lawyer,
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michael cohen, scheduled to report to a federal prison in new york state to begin a three-year sentence. cohen expected to hold a news conference some time before he's actually walking in in otisville, new york. it has become a haven for white collar criminals. the former attorney asked to be sent there given its proximity to new york city. he's being imprisoned for financial crimes and lying to congress. he has since been disbarred and will report before 11:00 a.m. pacific time to prison so, again, we're awaiting the press conference. as soon as it happens, if it happens during our newscast, i'll let you know. russian authorities have recovered the bodies of 41 people who died in a plane crash in moscow. it crash landed on the tarmac. 5:12. it was heading to murmansk. if you're just joining us here are the 7 things you need to
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the pilot turned the plane know this morning. around half an hour into the president trump's former lawyer flight. michael cohen will report to a investigators are looking into three possible reasons for the federal prison in new york state. crash, a pilot or technical cohen begins a three-year sentence for financial crimes and lying to congress. inspection error, a plane malfunction or poor weather. he's expected to hold a news conference this morning before crash investigators say a system used to stop a jetliner walking into the facility. number two, a fiery plane crash in moscow, russia. needed repairs. authorities have recovered the bodies of 41 people killed. the flight recorders have been sent to a lap for analysis. you're looking at video of a passenger standing on the wing of the air boeing 737. the official cause under another passenger appears to be investigation. clutching a baby. one man is dead and another seriously hurt after the car they were in crashed into a the military flight landed in jacksonville during a tree. thunderstorm on friday evening. no word yet if speed was the veators fmremovi the cause of the crash. >> uber and lyft ride share aircraft from the river back on drivers are planning to strike to land yesterday. the plane's cockpit voice recorder remains under water in wednesday demanding increased the tail of the aircraft. job security, livable incomes >> we're going to be careful how and a cap on the company we move the aircraft because we want to preserve it and all of the perishable evidence that goes along with that. that will also allow us to get commission. cloudy and 55 degrees.
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to the cockpit voice recorder which is still in the tail of those clouds will keep our the aircraft. temperatures about two degrees >> it could take 18 months to below average mainly in the 60s this afternoon. number six, the biggest pinpoint what went wrong. san jose police are expected issue is a crash in oakland north of 23rd avenue. to release more information. it sounds like one person is a man was in a stolen car when trapped in their vehicle. officers tried to block him at the two left lanes are blocked an apartment complex saturday afternoon. and just starting to see a backup form. the latest ""game of they say he then drove at the officers and they opened fire. investigators say one officer thrones" episode aired last was dragged by the vehicle. night and the starbuks coffee cup that made it into a scene. the officer suffered broken you see it right there on the bones. should tech giants pay you table. is this an outrageous oversight for your personal information? that's an idea governor newsom and other state lawmakers are or some hidden meaning? fans debating that. weighing in on in sacramento. no hidden meaning, just a according to the "l.a. times" mistake. >> we're going to discover this takes place in modern times? gias like google and facebook should pay you, tha >> stop. >> hopefully not. eme cled a > me really big news happening in the middle east dividend. any plan requires legislative where right now there is a approval. personal data has become very valuable, of course, with banks, ceasefire in place in the gaza strip after some very intense insurance providers, and major fighting. retailers buying and selling
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information about your preferences. 5:04 now and happening today a this morning both israelis and new chief will be sworn in to planes observing the ceasefire. the san francisco fire the violence was, as i department. mentioned, very deadly. >> this as joanne hayes-white palestinians reporting at least hung up her hat after 29 years 23 deaths including two babies. of service. at least four israelis were abc 7 news reporter kate larsen killed as well. has more on that. >> reporter: ushered in by hopefully things stay peaceful bagpipes, san francisco fire throughout the morning. chief joanne hayes-white spent muslims begin a month long her last hours with the fire fast as part of ramadan, celebrating the night the karan department, with family, and 700 was revealed to the prophet mohammed. of her closest friends and observers will not eat during colleagues who filled the irish daylight hours and focus on cultural center to honor the their spirituality. first female fire chief on her award winning chef says she retirement. >> it's still an adjustment. has been diagnosed with breast i look at my phone all the time cancer. she has two restaurants in san to think if i missed a call. >> reporter: rarely seen out of francisco, one won a michelin uniform chief hayes-white is adjust to go life outside the award. she was born in france before firefight. she shared some advice for those making a name for herself here who will leave in her stead. in the bay area. >> it's important to be fair and to be consistent, to lead by she says she is going to remain in her kitchen as much as example. you have to develo a thick skin because it's not a popularity contest. >> reporter: from first female possible. >> we certainly wish her the chief to first openly gay chief, best. today is melanoma monday.
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>> it is a day dermatologists she passes the baton to chief use to raise awareness of skin jeanine nicholson who has been with the san francisco fire department for 25 years. cancer. >> the whole thing still feels >> reporter: this morning mel surreal and yet very real. it was groundbreaking when she know in a mondmelanoma monday. became our chief, absolutely one in five americans will groundbreaking, and that she stayed for 15 years is pretty develop skin cancer in their groundbreaking. lifetime. the deadliest form, melanoma. i have some shoes to fill, and i'm really looking forward to my >> the fact that it's the most new role. common cancer is kind of crazy. >> reporter: along with her college roommates mayor london breed and former mayor willie brown showed up to celebrate >> reporter: megan was 21 when hayes-white who says she will her father noticed a small mole always remain in san francisco. kate larsen, abc 7 news. on her face changed color and then the diagnosis. >> i cried for hours and hours. let's take a look at where it was terrible to have to go some of our heavier rain fell. through that. >> reporter: she was fortunate. i have live doppler 7 dialed aggressive treatment worked but back a couple hours and you can tragically nearly 20 americans see measurable rain fell across the south bay. die from melanoma each day. even a bolt of lightning around san jose. >> it was something as slight as a mole i had my entire life about .03 of an inch of rain. changing color. you may have dampness in your >> reporter: dermatologist tells commute. san rafael looked quiet until you everything you need to know you look at our tower cam right about staying safe in the sun. with your "gma first look," abc
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here and you can see how it gets fuzzy as you get deeper to the south. that is likely some mist hanging in the air or even some drizzle. news, new york. 5:16 now. in the east bay hundreds of people came together for the march of dimes march for babies. mike nicco was at the event. cool to comfortable today. there he is. i love that. we're in the 50s through at yes. you can see in the cell phone video mike pumping up the crowd. least 9:00. a mixture of clouds and sunshine, upper 60s around 3:00. the march for babies. the east bay raised more than east bay valleys to real warmth here. not having to use the air $150,000. well done, east bay. what an amazing event, mike. conditioner at all. mid to upper 60s 1:00 to 5:00 on >> it really was. 10% of babies are born either side, low 60s. prematurely and that's down. that's very high for a country a lot of cloud cover. like ours with the type of the sun breaks out but we're still in the 50s. not until lunch we hit 60s during the afternoon hours. medical capacity. expect another cool day even $1.1 million will be need more after the drizzle ends. first over to alexis and see what she's watching. good morning, mike. recertificatresearch. one new problem in the east bay. >> to donate time on the weekend, it's one thing to talk
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about it but they put their just before you get to 23rd money where their mouth is. avenue we have a three vehicle >> we appreciate that and we'll collision. again. sounds like a commercial vehicle always let us know what else we and two sedans. can do besides that one time a year. let's talk about what's one person saying they're not going on weatherwise. it always touches my heart to do that. golden gate bridge looking wet able to get out of their vehicle. right now. not a big backup yet. some drizzle probably rolled through there. you can use 580 instead. what's going on with my tracy to dublin is looking okay highlights, morning drizzle and although it is in the yellow at 50 minutes. dry and cool. mostly cloudy, drizzle near the coast tonight and another chance southbound 101 san rafael to san of wet weather thursday night into friday. a look at the area of low francisco just 17 minutes. pressure with the the golden gate bridge counterclockwise flow. you can see the dark clouds district needs more auto coming at us from the east mechanics and it wants to here during the evening and light women for the job. rain involved and that kept going overnight in the form of they are hiring women to more light drizzle. maintain ferries and buses. today a slow break in the cloud cover. you'll need the sunglasses but not the umbrella probably anytime. had to use the windshield wipers on the commute this morning. the brochure notes women make up less than 2% in the u.s. we'll have 65 to about 67 degrees around the bay. district officials approved
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funding for the program in march. tonight you can see the cloud cover coming b the golden state warriors will try to take a 3-1 lead when they 40s in the north bay valleys. take on the rockets in game four another decently mild morning. of the semifinals. i want to show you future radar. the cloud deck will hang around. >> they were outworked and outrebounded. head coach steve kur says his team played hard in game three duration the afternoon hours, a slight chance of a sprinkle. but even by his own admission were outplayed by the rockets. that will continue tonight, a he says he's not worried about fatigue but focused on putting little bit closer to the coast. with the extra cloud cover the best lineup on the floor. tomorrow morning another slightly cooler day even with sunshine. tipoff tonight at 6:30. and the sharks can seal the deal and advance to the western thursday night into friday another chance of wet weather conference finals if they before a warm weekend. deliver the avalanche another alexis? good morning, mike. let meo oakland where we have a crash involving loss. three vehicles. it sounds like a commercial joe pavelski is making progress vehicle and two sedans before after suffering a concussion two weeks ago. the sharks lead the avs 3-2 in you get to 23rd avenue. the best-of-seven series. the fire department is on the way to the scene. the puck drops at 7:00 p.m. up next years. as long as you're not in a big
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rig you can avoid it by taking 580. i will let you know as soon as they lift restrictions. looking pretty damp on the richmond side of the bridge. so as mike mentioned, yep, some sprinkles out there, a little bit of drizzle in a few areas. drive times looking good. highway 4 to the maze, 19 minutes still in the green. and so far no word on metering lights. san francisco to sfo looking good in the green at ten minutes. >> we here at abc 7 are proud to be celebrating our 70th anniversary of serving the bay area. top news content on digital platforms and we thank you for being part of our family. >> we'll be looking back at memorable moments from our shared history. here is a look back at 1968.
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>> are you at city hall? >> john, i just got a code three. a man is buried. >> i am on my way. >> now i won't be back in time to get on the air. >> yeah, if he does it quick, we ought to.
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that is very cool. >> we don't say go man go anymore. >> that was very neat. >> interesting. >> part of bay area history for more than 70 years and couldn't have done it without you. >> thank you for letting us be part of your story and check out more 70 years of abc 7 on any abc 7 platform including amazon fire and we're very proud to bring back the long tradition of wearing the pin. >> it was designed here in san francisco. >> looks good on you, reggie. >> does it? >> it really does. >> i'm getting used to it. a bay area entrepreneur
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swims into the shark tank. did the sharks take a bite? >> and the role a bay
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otezla. show more of you. here's a look at live doppler 7 from about 11:30 last night to 2:30 this morning. you can see we had some pretty healthy looking rain roll through, even a form around milpitas. so don't be surprised if your car is wet if it's outside or if the streets are slick early this morning. all right. thank you so much, mike. a mountain view-based company got to fulfill one of luke perry's last wishes. he suffered a fatal stroke. his daughter posted he was buried in a mushroom burial suit made by a company called coeio. the suit partially made of mushrooms works by removing polluting toxins from the body while naturally breaking it down. her dad discovered the suit and was excited about it.
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a bay area entrepreneur served up a sweet deal on abc's hit show "shark tank." but nobody was biting. >> what's up, sharks? i'm kelsey, founder and fearless leader at dope cookie dough. >> i'm out. >> i just don't like cookie dough. >> we don't have to beat each other up. >> i'm sorry, i'm out. >> great business, congratulations, but i have to go out. >> i totally respect that. >> that was a brutal cut of that. >> it was brutal. kelsey sells safe to eat cookie dough at her shop dope. the storefront is a tiny shop packed with customers at pier 39 in san francisco. she told us deal or no deal life is looking good. she plans to expand to las vegas. to hear more from her tune in to "midday live" starting at 11:00 right after "the view." coming back with another full 90 minutes of newsg t newn.
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trial enters a new phase today. what jurors will be hearing. lon
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making news right now, 41 people die as a russian plane erupts in flames. cell phone video captures the fireball hurtling down the runway. two of san francisco's most troubled b.a.r.t. stations are getting new help. uber's ipo is set for friday and some aren't happy. riders will feel their anger this week. it is 5:29. mike, i actually noticed some drizzle on my windshield this morning. >> that storm we talked about did materialize last evening in the overnight hours and like
5:20 am
natasha was saying some of us will have drizzle on our windshield, through oakland and across the bay bridge. you can see underneath very stout sea breeze. you look at the roof camera right here you can see the embarcadero is damp from some of the drizzle. dress for 48 to 54 this morning through 7:00. partly sunny conditions. we'll only make it into the upper 60s by 4:00 and back into the 50s by 7:00. >> officially got word the metering lights were flipped on. 5:19 this morning the official time. cash and fastrak users your typical delays back into the maze. we have a problem on the nimitz 880 at 5th avenue. a three-car crash is still blocking the two left lanes and
5:21 am
we have someone trapped. that backup has made it to the 980 split. developing this morning drivers for uber and lyft are planning to strike in cities across the country this week including san francisco to protest conditions and payment. >> this comes as uber gears up for its ipo on friday. jobina fortson live at sfo this morning when you might need to find a different ride. jobina? >> reporter: good morning. we know several people here rely heavily on uber and lyft to get to and from their destination and it's possible the strike could impact travelers. the strike is scheduled for wednesday. reports claim frustration began to grow amongst drivers following lyft's ipo. the company made its nasdaq debut in march. uber and lyft want increased job ers wa touara%oable. 85% of proceeds from the car go
5:22 am
to the driver. i talked to my driver this morning for context. he said driving in the bay area can be particularly tough because of the tolls and cost of gas in california. drivers feel their working conditions are geared to employees. wall street investors are telling uber and to cut down. he says while some are set to walk away with billions, some drivers will be left bankrupt. now when lyft went public that day the company's valuation became over $29 billion. we're now reporting live from a plane burst into flames in russia. >> this morning 41 people are dead, nearly half a dozen are in the hospital.
5:23 am
jessica castro joining us with the latest. >> a very sad story we're watching, russian investigators at this point looking into three possible regions for the crash. they won't know for tour until after the analysis. this video shows what happened on the tarmac. the wheels collapsed and the engine burst into flames. why many passengers just could not escape. >> the problem was that the back end of the airplane was on fire and so the escape doors were not usable. >> the plane was headed from moscow to murmansk when it was forced to turn back. there are concerns about this jet, the superjet 100. a crash involving the superjet
5:24 am
100 killed 45 people. back in the year 2012 russia has had a hard time selling it. obviously with the history of it, what happened this weekend, experts concerned about parts and maintenance. that investigation still ongoing this morning. >> the alabama choir whose tour bus was involved in a deadly crash early saturday performed at third baptist church last night. the aeolians of oak wood university said they sang with heavy hearts thinking of the man who died. 51-year-old kenneth bishop from san mateo. bishop leaves behind a 15-year-old daughter was in one of the four vehicles involved in the crash. >> that person left home. we know that they're truly grieving and to them we say our condolences are with you.
5:25 am
we've been praying every day. the aeolians plan to fly home to alabama tomorrow. sheriff's deputies on the central coast have arrested an oakland man suspected in a shooting that injured six people. you're looking at a booking photo of francisco orozco. investigators captured orozco after getting reports of shots being fired. that is south of the beach. gunfire erupted just after midnight yesterday. detectives haven't shared what they think led up to the shooting. 5:35. happening in the east bay, witness testimony begins in the deadly ghostsh shiship warehous trial. derick almena and 29-year-old warehouse creative director max harris have both pleaded no contest to 36 counts of
5:26 am
in they are trying to block a mother from testifying including one of the survivors saying it would prejudice the jurors. concentrating efforts at tw street and 24th street mission stations with the goal of relocating homeless people out of the stations and into social services. b.a.r.t. will try to put the homeless into single room occupancy housing in the area and connect them with church programs. >> some community leaders say it is a big mistake. the oscars of the food world, the superstars in the running for a james beard award. 5:36. meteorologist mike nicco, hey there, mike. >> hi, everybody. welcome to monday. let me show you what happened overnight. we had some rain, even thunderstorms move through the south bay.
5:27 am
drizzle reported from san rafael northward. just to the south and you can see still a little damp. it's in the 40s to low 50s and is only going to be in the 60s this afternoon. you may need a coat all day depending on where you are. let me go to the computer and show some other graphics at you. the first one will be we break out of the clouds but the clouds never go away. only low to mid-60s this afternoon. oakland's going to be cool in the 50s through 9:00. we're back down in the 60-degree
5:28 am
range. cloudy through 11:00. on the oceanside. but someone else who ran into drizzle, alexis smith. >> i had to switch the wipers on and had more of a lime green film i was trying to get off, too. it was a mess. made it in okay. one issue this morning to talk about on the roads and that is in oakland still dealing with a crash involving three vehicles that is blocking the two left lanes. now up to about a 15-minute delay and zooming out a bit. 580 the obvious alternative as long as you're not in a big rig. so far they have not lifted restrictions for trucks if you are in a big rig this morning. southbound 680 dublin to mission
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boulevard still in the green at 17. ♪ ♪ they're the moderne stone age family. ♪ ♪ from the town of bedrock. ♪ meet george jetson. ♪ ♪ his boy elroy. with instant acceleration, electric cars are more fun to drive and more affordable than ever.
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let's take care of those kids that will be heading off to school soon, low to mid-50s by the time we get to 7:00 with patchy drizzle. mid to upper 50s at 11:00 and still in the mid to upper 60s at
5:32 am
3:00 away from the coast. upper 60s. low to mid-70s. a look at mother's day weekend for tahoe. a chance of showers friday and saturday. thank you, mike. a new pilot program to help bay area commuters and employers are learning about it today. up to $2 million will be given in grants if employers use loom to manage incentives, car-pool programs and parking permits. today's informational meeting starts at 10:30 this morning and the county of san mateo offices at the county of san mateo offices in redwood city. also two more informational meetings, one at the bay area metro center tomorrow at 11:00 a.m.
5:33 am
and the spacex dragon cargo capsule is at the international space station. i want to update the story. here is a tweet. you can see this all happened, this capsule was carrying 5,500 pounds of research, cargo supplies that nasa says will support dozens of investigations aboard the iss. the robotic arm to bring in the capsu capsule. back to you. >> thank you, jessica. a battle is shaping up over whether robert mueller testifies before congress. in a tweet over the weekend
5:34 am
president trump said he shouldn't testify because the report he wrote was conclusive there was no collusion. mueller is tentatively set to testify on may 15th. democrats hope mueller will provide more details into russian meddling in the 2016 election. happening today chinatown's leaders and merchants plan to gather in front of city hall to protest the name. a resolution to name the station after central subway advocate and political activist rose pak who died in 2016. they put together political deals and not those of the people. they would consider feedback from the chinatown community. in the north bay we have the results of a half billion stu s.
5:35 am
the study focused on expanding to napa and solano counties. the study looked at connecting to amtrak. the cost would be a billion dollars. the james beard awards will be handed out today and 15 bay area chefs, restaurants, and bars are finalists and include cory lee who is up for outstanding chef, nominated for best new restaurant and the james beard media awards were already handed out. won for best on location television program. and samin nosrat hosts it. started as a food runner. we have a full list of bay area nominees on our website, and i'm hungry all over again just thinking about it. >> hi, mike. >> hey, reggie, natasha. welcome to monday. a look fro to
5:36 am
ing as you head into san jose. so we had a little bit of wet weather, about .03 of an inch. the best radar returns are heading to santa rosa. these are rotating to the west/southwest and eventually will rotate off the coast by the time the morning commute ends and that's it for the chance of wet weather today. you can see maybe a little drizzle here in our san rafael cameras as we look to the south. partly sunny this afternoon, showers possible thursday night into friday. a brighter and warmer weekend, more like spring coming our way. until then 57 half moon bay. 63 to about 68 around the bay and 70 degrees in our inland neighborhoods. low to mid-50s most neighborhoods, the san ramone valley and in the north bay a few upper 40s. we head through the rest of the he
5:37 am
drizzle. that may happen during the overnight hours near the coast. otherwise we'll see more sunshine, a little bit warmer tomorrow. we'll get a little bit above average wednesday, back to average with those extra clouds thursday and friday and check out the 70s and 80s for saturday and sunday. have a good day. here's alexis. good morning, mike. one significant issue so far this morning. let's take you in on our traffic maps to oakland and the nimitz. that is due to a three-vehicle collision at fifth avenue. it sounds like a commercial vehicle, two other sedans working on getting a person freed from a vehicle as far as we know. two left lanes again are blocked there causing about a 15-minute delay. looking soggy on the richmond side. some mist coming down that may have let up. there is some sheen on the pavement. keep in mind those ramps, those curves, anything like that, anytime you're having to brake hard you could have slick conditions. i know it's been a while since we've had moisture on the pavement. westbound 80, 24 minutes to the maze filling in about 12 across
5:38 am
the bay bridge. metering lights are on. still in the green at ten minutes. alexis, thank you. in the south bay santa clara county will unveil a new program to help people get rid of unwanted weapons. the sheriff's office will let people turn guns in no questions asked. the goal is to keep firearms out of the hands of burglars and felons. the give back is to avoid children that find guns not properly locked away. no money will be offered for the weapons. happening today president donald trump will award tiger woods the presidential medal of freedom at the white house. 43-year-old woods won the masters last month, the golf pro's 15th major win but his first in a decade. president trump said that he would present woods with one of thendsn the u.s. because of his incredible success and comeback in sports and in life. woods is expected to compete in the u.s. open championship at pebble beach. >> i has been a comeback
5:39 am
for him. duchess meghan is one week past her due date. >> some people believe the baby has already been born, others believe the delivery could happen any day now. prince harry was supposed to go on a two-day work trip to the netherlands to promote the invictus games. >> many well wishes from all over the world. i know the couple is touched by those as they wait for the arrival of baby sussex. >> two of the biggest bedding companies halted beds after a number of customers put money on dates. the couple plans on keeping the birth of the baby private. more on the royal baby watch coming up 0 on ." new at, san francisco apparently has a stinky problem and it's not just in our streets.
5:40 am
the new ranking we've just made. first, check your freezer. there's a recall under way involving popular frozen entr entrees. the death-defying stunt in celebration of the anniversary of a bridge. a live look outside at another bridge. no anniversary there. the bay bridge at 5:15. 70 years of age. can you imagine? there's no way i would assume it would have been gone within two years. happy birthday, kgo. i'm paige, and well the little thing that i like about the grilled chicken sandwich is that it's picture perfect. it's juicy and it just has all the right combinations. i think i could be considered a grilled chicken sandwich influencer. my name is frank and the little thing i like about the grilled chicken sandwich is the first bite.
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i love how juicy the chicken is but there's also the tomatoes and the lettuce and it's incredible. make sure you get it with waffle fries, because that's my favorite.
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a look at our roof camera where we had drizzle, looking south to the ferry building and the bay bridge. good news, allergy sufferers, tree pollen down to moderate. grass remains moderate. mold low. uv index will be moderate. burn time about a half hour today. >> we were waiting for that, mike. the usda issuing a recall of more than 2 million pounds of frozen entrees because of misbranding. the home menu chicken pad thai and chicken fried rice may contain milk which is not indicated on the product label. so far fortunately no illnesses have been reported. still a lot of confusion and frustration following saturday's bizarre finish at a kentucky derby. the horse that won the race, maximum security, was disqualified for questionably crossing into the lanl of other
5:44 am
horses. and that means a long shot, country house, went home with the roses instead. maximum security's co-owner says that he's considering an appeal. he's going to see a replay of the suspected interference on thursday. even president trump weighed in quoting the decision was not a good one. san francisco police are zeroing in on bicycle and pedestrian safety. extra officers will patrol intersections where bicycle and pedestrian-related collisions have been a problem in the past. they'll watch for drivers who speed, make illegal turns and fail to stop. the city is trying to end all traffic related deaths by 2024. the universe continues to belong to marvel. "avengers: endgame" has now passed "titanic" and is closing in on "avatar's" record earnings pushing the total to $2.2 billion. and that puts it right behind "avatar" which brought in $2.8 billion. it took avatar 47 days.
5:45 am
"endgame" did it in 11. it's grossed almost $620 million in north america. alexis, i'm still trying to get over the fact so many people saw "avatar." >> i actually did see it. not in the theater. >> name one character. >> no clue. >> me either. >> nope. >> the blue guy and the blue lady. we just got word we have a disabled vehicle just past the metering lights blocking one lane and i will have an update on that as soon as we have more information from the bridge crew. and good news here in oakland, southbound 880 at fifth avenue that three vehicle collision blocking two lanes just got the all clear from chp. all those lanes are back open. still have about two miles worth of delays. let's check in with meteorologist mike nicco. taking a look at a soupy air mass this morning. one of those areas that could
5:46 am
have drizzle, from two to eight degrees below average. most of us stuck in the 60s when most of us should be in the 70s. by friday we're starting to see temperatures return back to average with 70s inland, even around hayward, 60s around the bay and 50s at the coast. and some 80s start to show up saturday and they hang around for sunday. we have a difference compared to what we dealt with. it won't be quite as breezy. it will be a lot brighter and a little bit warmer. back to you. >> thanks, mike. take a look as a daredevil balances himself on a slack line above the american river in folsom. he walked across a webbing that stretched more than 1,900 feet between two bridges. robinson's feat was part of the 10 anniversary of the historic rainbow bridge. >> he's barefoot there. feeling it out. >> i slack but i don't slack. y
5:47 am
area that could lose power during extreme fire danger, and your home is proncded now. a final hoorah for san francisco's fire chief. plus, live to new york where president trump's former lawyer is preparing to head to prison. what we can expect before he arrives today.
5:48 am
it's no ordinary day at denny's it's crepe day. a family tradition we started about twenty-two minutes ago. and from the looks of it, this tradition is going to last awhile. denny's has new crepes! see you at denny's. ♪
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♪ how far you travel is up to you. how comfortable you travel is up to us. fly emirates. fly better. right now at 6:00, san francisco has a new woman in charge of its fire department. after 15 years chief joanne hayes-white officially has retired. what her replacement is saying about the job this morning. good morning on this monday, may 6. also this morning there is a new warning about fire season. pg&e has drastically expanded the area that could face power outages during extreme conditions. >> first, a live look at the conditions outside now. you could see damp weather as you head out the door. but it won't last long. here is meteorologist mike nicco. >> a good summation, reggie.
5:50 am
let's expand showing you one of the areas that could be damp more than others, santa rosa, petaluma hill road as we go street level to show you where some light rain to drizzle is most likely falling now and over the last hour or so that is continuing to rotate to the southwest while the rest of us have patchy drizzle. you can see a little bit around berkeley and albany as we speak. here we go with our 12-hour planner today, it's 48 to 54 this morning. it's chilly to almost mild. we'll be in the low to mid-60s at noon away from the coast. we're going to be stuck in the 50s most of the day. mid to upper 60s at 4:00 with a partly sunny sky. cooler than average weather today. alexis? good morning, mike. i want to take you into oakland once again where we've got residual delays from an earlier crash on southbound 880 at fifth avenue. all lanes open back up about ten minutes ago and we did just have one of our photographers drive through the scen
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