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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  May 6, 2019 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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here is meteorologist mike nicco. >> a good summation, reggie. let's expand showing you one of the areas that could be damp more than others, santa rosa, petaluma hill road as we go street level to show you where some light rain to drizzle is most likely falling now and over the last hour or so that is continuing to rotate to the southwest while the rest of us have patchy drizzle. you can see a little bit around berkeley and albany as we speak. here we go with our 12-hour planner today, it's 48 to 54 this morning. it's chilly to almost mild. we'll be in the low to mid-60s at noon away from the coast. we're going to be stuck in the 50s most of the day. mid to upper 60s at 4:00 with a partly sunny sky. cooler than average weather today. alexis? good morning, mike. i want to take you into oakland once again where we've got residual delays from an earlier crash on southbound 880 at fifth avenue. all lanes open back up about ten minutes ago and we did just have one of our photographers drive through the scene. he was going to check out the
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backup. he said it's moving along pretty well. averaging, oh, between 5 and 20 miles per hour through the area and that backup goes north of the 980 split. i wanted to update you on the toll bridge. a vehicle blocking one lane just west of the metering lights and that was reportedly in lane number one. one of the car-pool lanes. not seeing that on the board any longer. so i believe they are all set with that and was able to move on its own or chp came to assist. metering lights are on but overall that commute is not looking too terrible. we'll take a look at some drive times in a few minutes. happening today a new era for the san francisco fire department when their new chief is sworn in at 11:00 a.m. jeanine nicholson officially takes over the job as joanne hayes-white retires after 29 years with the department. hayes-white was the first female fire chief and nicholson is also breaking a barrier, the first
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openly gay chief. >> the whole thing still feels a little surreal and yet very real. it was groundbreaking when she became our chief. and that she stayed for 15 years is also pretty groundbreaking. i have some shoes to fill, and i'm looking forward to my new role. >> yesterday 700 people gathered at the irish cultural center to celebrate hayes-white and her career. she shared some advice for those who will continue on after she is retired. >> to be fair and to be consistent, to lead by example. you have to develop a thick skin because it's not a popularity contest. sometimes i've had to make tough calls. i stand by them. i have no regrets. >> while hayes-white has gone from the san francisco fire department, she won't be far. she will always remain in the city. and this morning we are waiting for president trump's former lawyer, michael cohen, to
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report to federal prison. he'll serve a three-year sentence for campaign finance violations, tax evasion, bank fraud and lying to congress. abc news is live outside the prison in otisville, new york. >> reporter: jessica, in just a few hours michael cohen is expected to arrive here at the prison in otisville where he will be for the next three years. now he said he will have a press conference. no one knows exactly what he will say, but a lot of people will be watching closely to see if he has a message for the president. cohen is president trump's former long time personal attorney and fixer. at one time he pledged his loyalty to the president even saying he would take a bullet for him but last year he pleaded guilty to nine counts. among them tax evasion, lying to congress, and campaign finance violations related to hush money payments to stormy daniels and karen mcdougal to cover up alleged affairs with the president. cohen says he acted in
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coordination with and at the direction of trump himself. he spent several days testifying on capitol hill back in february going after the president's character. now republicans, they tried discrediting him, accusing him of lying during sworn testimony. the disbarred lawyer is now owning his mistakes and calling himself a cautionary tale for the president's current defenders. back , ay tolde ap he reduce h sentence since cohen had cooperated with investigators. but that opportunity was not granted. reporting from otisville, new york, abc 7 news. jessica? >> thank you. >> we appreciate that. san jose police are expected to release more information about a fatal shooting involving an officer today. they say a man was in a stolen car when officers tried to block him in an apartment complex on saturday afternoon. they say he then drove at the officers and they opened fire.
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investigators say one officer was dragged by a vehicle. our media partner the bay area news group says the officer suffered broken bones. pg&e has expanded its plans for forced power outages when extremely dry and windy weather exacerbates the possibility electric equipment could spark a fire. it first implemented shutoffs last year which affected up to 570,000 customers. the program now covers all 5.4 million of its electric customer accounts. pg&e said that all customers should receive a letter about the program later this month. it will also be holding community meetings. the golden state warriors will try to take a 3-1 lead in game four. >> the warriors fell to the rockets in overtime saturday after being outworked and outrebound. head coach steve kerr says his team played hard in game three but even by his own admission they were outplayed by the rockets. he says he's not worried about
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fatigue but focused on putting the best lineup on the floor. tipoff at 6:30. and the san jose sharks can seal the deal tonight and advance to the western conference final if they deliver another loss. a bit of good news for the team, joe pavelski is making progress in his recovery from a concussion suffered nearly two weeks ago. the sharks lead 3-2 in the best-of-seven series and the puck drops at 7:00 p.m. governor newsom wants companies sharing your personal information to share the wealth. the plan now in the works. >> new employees and officials are hoping women want the job. >> still tracking a few light showers and drizzle for our morning commute.
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being see we have patchy drizzle, even light rain up and down 101 from the golden gate bridge up to about clover dale and windsor. in fact, you can see the deck just a little moist there as we look north across the golden gate bridge. damp early. exercising cool to comfy today. we're stuck in the 50s. low to mid-60s at 3:00. we hit the upper 60s, back down
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to 62. notice we never can shake the clouds. a mixture of clouds and sunshine. we'll break out by 11:00. not needing the air conditioner, same thing in the south bay. free ac and 50s up until 11:00. mid-60s this afternoon under partly sunny skies. hope you enjoy it. i'll show you that warmer weather. >> two new crashes in the south bay, one just before you get to curtner avenue. a vehicle spun out facing the wrong way. emergency crews heading to the scene seeing a backup there and 101 as well. northbound lanes just before you get to north 1st street. that is blocking one lane as well. drive times looking good here. 14 minutes, 1:04 southbound 101
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santa rosa to san francisco. highway 1 into los gatos in the green. the golden gate bridge district needs more auto mechanics and specifically wants to hire women for the jobs. the golden gate bridge is recruiting women to help maintain ferries and buses. two out of three new recruits for the district's preapprenticeship program are women and in the brochure shows women repairing machinery. women make up less than 2% of mechanics in the u.s. district officials approved funding for the program in march. a popular award winning chef reveals a personal health battle. breaking royal baby news just coming in to our live desk.
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welcome back. the royal baby is on the way. just coming in to our live desk, duchess meghan going into labor. kensington palace gave the update saying the duchess went into labor early this morning. prince harry is by her side. i want to show you that live look as britain waits for the royal baby. the palace says an announcement will be made soon. i will continue to monitor the situation. i will let you know as we get all those updates in.or
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personal information? that's an idea governor newsom and other state lawmakers are weighing in on in sacramento. politicians are weighing whether tech giants like google and facebook should pay in exchange for all that valuable data. the payment is called a data dividend. any plan requires legislative approval. personal data has become very valuable, of course, with banks, insurance providers, and major retailers all buying and selling information about your preferences. award winning chef says she's been diagnosed with breast cancer. she has three restaurants in san francisco. one won a michelin award. she was born in france before making a name for herself on the bay area. she says she is going to remain in her kitchen as much as possible while she fights the disease. >> we wish her the best. 6:15. in the east bay hundreds of people came together for the
6:16 am
annual march of dimes march for babies. awesome. you can see in the cell phone video mike pumping up the crowd there and the march helps raise funds for research to prevent birth defects and infant deaths. the east bay has raised more than $150,000. what did they yell? >> we won't stop. like a call to action. they would yell we won't stop and i would mention something about politicians need to do more and keep helping and we won't stop until every baby is born healthy. >> you were talking about before for an industrialized nation we do have disappointing rankings when it comes to things like this, so much more does need to be done. we still have the 10%. some of those born, a pound, a pound and a half. that's it.
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to be out there and catching up, ysally a toe pyi wit teers brot sisters, it was very moving. had a great time. thank you for allowing me to do that. 6:17. let's switch over to weather. back to 7:00 last night where you, like i, may have been with live doppler 7 on the app tracking the thunderstorms around tracy that were headed our way. those fell apart but look at the rain it pushed over our neighborhoods and even the thunderstorm, about 12:30 to 1:00. that left about .03 in redwood city and clouds that are causing delays at sfo this morning. still a chance through the morning commute partly sunny, dry and cool this afternoon. mostly cloudy tonight. look for some drizzle near the coast. today's temperatures barely in the 70s with ukiah, antioch, everybody else in the either mid to upper 60s inland.
6:18 am
the same thing, 58 at half moon bay. tonight the cloud cover in the gray. you see a few splotches. like this morning, i want to show you future radar at 7:00. some of the clouds bumping into those could let out drizzle. some of the gray opening up, a few specks, again, in our higher elevations, a stray, random light shower. i think it's over after the morning commute. a look at my accuweather forecast, even with more sunshine, limited warming tomorrow, we start to get back to average wednesday, cooler with the chance of rain thursday and friday. 70s and 80s for saturday and sunday. good morning, mike. a few incidents to get to on the board. a new one in oakland, 880 just as we were fully recovering from an earlier crash near fifth. we have a new one near high street involving three vehicles and that is blocking the left
6:19 am
lane. so traffic heavy through the oakland area. 580 eastbound direction is still very light. in san jose northbound 101 before first street, good news there, that crash has been pushed off. still a multivehicle collision, that one blocking one lane. a quick check of the east bay, southbound 680. you are heavy north of 24. people of san francisco, we need to clean up our act. the stinky new ranking and this time it's not just the streets that are a mess. a special honor for alex trebek. winning a daytime emmy and his signature humor was shining through. >> as you get your day into gear it is 6:19. a live look outside along the embarcade embarcadero.
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i have some good news for you. the rain is over in the south bay. 280 and 17 where we had .03 overnight. that is creating an air mass, two to eight degrees below average in the mid to upper 60s. it has taken the tree pollen down from high amounts to moderate. thanks, mike. the tsa says its agent followed
6:23 am
protocol when searching diana ross in new orleans. the agency investigated the patdown after she said she felt violated. her tweets read in part, i still feel her hands between my legs, front and back, while saying to me it's her job. i always like to see the good in things but not feeling good right now. ross says the experience made her want to cry. the tsa says it appears the airport screener did nothing wrong. alex trebek put the audience at ease as he accepted an emmy award as host of "jeopardy." >> the audience gave him a standing ovation as he took to the stage to receive the award last night. 78-year-old trebek announced in march that he has advanced pancreatic cancer. he had been worried that sympathy rather than merit had something to do with this year's win, but then he remembered what happened last year. >> last year i was nominated. i had just had major surgery to remove two life threatening blood clots on my brain.
6:24 am
you would think that would have elicited a certain amount of sympathy. but i didn't win. >> you can watch every week night at 7:00 here on abc 7. >> that's a great speech. this is not so great. a new survey finds san francisco is one of the filthiest cities in the u.s. they surveyed 2,700 americans out of 25 u.s. cities, san francisco ranks 22nd for cleanliness. san francisco is the number two city for people who shower or bathe the least often. 7.5% say they bathe fewer than six days a week. number two for people who wash their sheets the least often. 16% said they only wash their sheets every two months or less. >> wow. the city ranks fourth for people who change their underwear the least often. >> stop.
6:25 am
>> i'm sorry for this detail so early in the morning. 5.6% said they wear the same undies for four days or more. >> what? >> and so perhaps for good reason san francisco is also the second most germ phobic city. more than half of people say they're concerned about coming into contact with germs in public places. >> what? is wrong with this town? reginald? you're going to notice something different at pride this year. bud light is redeveloping a pride aluminum bottle. >> it features a rainbow design with words of inclusivity and support. you can get it from may 27th through june 30th. bud light will be donating a dollar from every purchase to up to $150,000.
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a bay area entrepreneur served up a sweet deal on "shark tank," but no one was biting. >> what's up, sharks? i'm kelsey, founder and fearless leader at dope cookie dough. >> i can't get there on the cookie dough. i'm out. >> i just don't like cookie dough. >> we don't have to beat each other up. >> i'm sorry, i'm out. >> great business but i have to go out. >> i totally respect that. >> she looked pretty disappointed. kelsey sells safe-to-eat cookie dough at her shop dope. it is a tiny shop packed with customers at pier 39 in san francisco and she says deal or no deal life is looking good and she plans to expand operations to las vegas. you can tune in to abc 7's "midday live" today starting at 11:00 right after "the view." >> at least she got away with the publicity. >> she's going to be live on the air at her about it. i hope she's bringing some.
6:27 am
i haven't tried it yet. the new help today for bay area commuters. >> the ghostship fire trial enters a new phase today. what jurors will be hearing. and at our live desk tracking major breaking news from overseas. meghan markle is in labor. we are gathering the details. another update for you soon. >> reporter: uber and lyft drivers are gearing up to strike ahead of
6:28 am
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right now at 6:30 preparing to strike, why uber and lyft drivers will put their cars in park later this week. at the live desk 41 people die as a russian plane erupts in flames. cell phone video captures the fireball hurtling down the runway. a recall alert this morning that chicken that could pose a health concern for some people. plus, celebrating a big milestone here at abc 7 news, 70 years of serving the bay area. we'll have a look back at the decades of service. also this morning at the live desk i've been tracking breaking news from england. a live look at windsor castle. you see some people starting to gather there. the royals announcing less than 30 minutes ago that meghan markle is in labor. obviously the excitement is building across the pond. to be honest, i was hoping that she already had the baby -- >> like a week ago and was under wraps?
6:31 am
>> yeah. >> bet she did. >> you think so? >> absolutely. >> i like it. >> i don't think so. kensington palace saying 30 minutes ago she's in labor. right now harry is by her side. we'll have much more in just a moment. >> sounds good. we're glad you're with us. it was pretty gray in the live shot and gray here, too, mike. drizzle and light rain showing up. street level, santa rosa, penn grove, stony point road, 101, 116, all of those wet with some drizzle to light rain this morning. that's about the only action in town. once that rotates off the coast in about an hour or so that's about it as far as the rain. i'll keep drizzle 9:00 to 10:00. yu can see what's left over from last night. the san mateo bridge looks damp from the showers that went over when most of us were sleeping. notice we are kind of cool today under a partly sunny sky. 56 to 63 at noon and 57 at the
6:32 am
coast. mid-60s for the rest of us at 4:00. already down to 60 by 7:00. hi, al ha a coue of troue sps herod n87 just before curtner avenue. a two car crash. one vehicle spun out. area.'re told from chp that was and oakland, southbound 880, this near high street. the first near fifth. it sounds like we had a couple problems right around the same area. one was a collision and another a mattress or two in the roadway. you are heavy southbound, even a little on looker delay. we are tracking that breaking news from across the pond, a big announcement from kensington palace. >> jessica castro tracking it all from our live desk. >> tracking what i can. the duchess of sussex is in
6:33 am
labor. here is what we know at this point. in a statement the palace said the duchess went into labor early this morning, and prince harry is by her side. megh into her pregnancy, one week past her due date. she hasn't been seen in public since march. she's been resting privately with her mother and prince harry. the baby will be seventh in line to the british throne. there is also this coming in this morning. britain's "sun newspaper" reporting meghan and harry are searching for a home in southern california to be closer to her mother after the birth of the baby. "good morning america" will have much more on the breaking baby news coming up at 7:00 a.m. with the west coast update on what we know from london. the excitement is building. there are people in the streets as we showed you earlier. this is a big day. >> i thought they were going to africa. >> they can have a number of homes. >> it would be nice to see them
6:34 am
come here to california to have a royal visit. first, the baby has to be born. again, we are waiting. we have updates coming in by the minute. we will let you know if that happens. >> if the baby hasn't already been born for many days. >> the conspiracy. developing news now, if you're planning to take uber or lyft you may have a hard time. >> drivers across the country including here in san francisco planning to strike on wednesday. they are protesting conditions and payment. >> this comes as uber gears up for its ipo friday. abc 7 news reporter jobina fortson live at sfo this morning. jobina? >> reporter: good morning, the sign just over my shoulder says lyft, uber keep left. we're wondering how many drivers will be here come wednesday, the day of the strike. according to business insider drivers feel working conditions are geared towards corporate level employees. reports claim frustration began to grow following lyft's ipo.
6:35 am
the company made its nasdaq debut in march. uber and lyft drivers have a series of demands including increased job security, livable incomes, and a cap on the company's commission. drivers want to guarantee 80% to 85% of proceeds from the car go to the driver. the executive director of the new york taxi worker alliance says wall street investors are telling uber and lyft to cut down on driver income, stop incentives, and go faster to driverless cars. people at the airport here rely heavily on uber and lyft. it's possible the strike could impact them on wednesday. for now reporting live from sfo, jobina fortson, abc 7 news. >> jobina, thank you. the alabama choir whose tour bus was involved in a deadly crash on highway 101 in brisbane earlier saturday perform at third baptist church in san francisco last night. the aeolians told abc 7 news they sang with heavy hearts thinking about the tragedy and
6:36 am
the man who died, 51-year-old kenneth bishop from san mateo. bishop leaves behind a 15-year-old daughter was in one of the four vehicles involved in the crash. >> that person left home and was on the way back home and never made it home. we know that they're truly grieving and to them we say our condolences are with you. we've been praying for you every single day. >> more than 1,000 people including san francisco mayor london breed attended the free concert. the aeolians plan to fly home to alabama tomorrow. sheriff's deputies on the central coast arrested an oakland man. a booking photo of francisco orozco. investigators captured him after getting reports of shots being g fir fired. gunfire erupted while a large number of people were on the
6:37 am
beach just after midnight yesterday. investigators think they were celebrating cinco de mayo. detectives haven't shared what they think led up to the shooting. 6:36 now. happening in the east bay witness testimony begins in the deadly ghostship warehouse fire trial. master tenant derick almena and 29-year-old warehouse creative director max harris have pleaded no contest to 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter. the defense filed motions on friday to block the prosecution from allowing the mother of one of the victims to testify as well as one of the survivors claiming their emotional testimony would prejudice the jurors. b.a.r.t.'s homeless outreach team will concentrate at two stations in the mission district focusing on the 16th street and 24th street mission stations with the goal of relocating homeless people out of the at b.a.r.t. will try to put the homeless into single room occupancy housing in the area and connect them with church programs. >> there is a new pilot program
6:38 am
to help bay area commuters, and companies are invited to learn more about it today. the metropolitan transportation commission will give up to $2 million in grants if employers use loom. the app and website help incentives, car-pool programs and parking permits. there's a meeting today to tell employers how they can get in on the program. there will be a meeting tomorrow in san francisco and another on wednesday in fremont. abc 7 is celebrating a big birthday. next a look back at how news gathering has changed over the last 70 years. looking live at the new york stock exchange, down 369 points. markets around the world plummeted overnight all because of a tweet sent out by president trump. and at our live desk itch some new details in the kentucky derby stunner. we are hearing from the winning jockey this morning after the very controversial finish. but first, you're never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. here is mike nicco. thank you very much. hi, everybody.
6:39 am
a look last night where we had a thunderstorm roll out of mt. hamilton and across parts of san jose. about .03 of an inch of rain almost dried up. looking north just to the east of the shark tank and there's the airport. fair because there may be a few slick spots in the drizzle for your commute. at least it won't be as breezy. the north bay, we're stuck in the 50s through 11:00 breaking into 60 at noon. low to mid-60 through 3:00 to 5:00. and then by 7:00 we're down to 57 degrees. so kind of cool there all day today. stuck in the 50s under cloudy conditions through 9:00 in the east bay. we'll see some sunshine break through the clouds around noon and that will push us into the mid-60s heading out this evening dress for 60 degrees, even cooler in san francisco where we're mainly cloudy all the way through 11:00 and it sounds like we're going to abc 7 news for a special report.
6:40 am
this is an abc news special report, a royal baby. and good morning. we are coming on the air right now because there is a royal baby, a baby boy, for prince harry and duchess meghan. straight to winder with all the details. hi, amy. >> reporter: hi, george. finally the wait is over. just as i was headed to heathrow we got word duchess meghan had been in labor since the early morning hours here in great britain time. it was quite a labor. and we got word that she's given birth to a healthy baby boy, 7 pounds, 3 ounces. he is healthy and well. so is mom. they have said they will give us more details in the coming days. we know this was a pregnancy clouded in secrecy. they wanted privacy. we still don't know yet where meghan gave birth, if it was at home where a lot of people suspected she would be giving birth. we do know that, of course, prince harry was right by her
6:41 am
side along with her mother who has been here for quite some time awaiting the arrival of baby boy sussex and we have certainly so many people gathering to hear the word. i heard laughter as the news broke that they had indeed given birth to a baby boy. we're hoping to get more information about the name. we know that he will be seventh in line to the throne. and certainly this is a historic moment for the crown because this is the first american/british bi-racial royal ever to be born here in great britain. certainly a lot to celebrate as people are starting to hear the word on the streets in windsor. so much excitement and finally, george, the wait is over. >> and you get to come home. first, will is on the streets of windsor. hey, will. >> reporter: hey, george, how are you doing? it is a boy. everyone assembled around me is excited.
6:42 am
it is a bank holiday so the streets that are normally pretty sleepy perked up because of the holiday and even more when they heard the news. over my shoulder we think the boy being born. i was joking with amy as we staked out this royal birth all week that it would be a boy. i'm glad to have been proven right. i want to know if the prediction of it being named william comes to pass. i'm getting shaking heads in this crowd around me. everyone very excited. it's a happy day in windsor. >> it is a happy day. harry is speaking right now. >> this is my first birth, but it was amazing. absolutely incredible. i'm so incredibly proud of my wife. as every father and parent would ever say, your baby is absolutely amazing. this little thing is absolutely to die for. i'm over the moon. thank you very much. >> prince harry. >> that was prince harry right
6:43 am
there. for a little bit more on this, a week late but the boy is here. this little thing, as he said. we still don't know a name. >> there's always a little bit of a pause for the name. every parent wants to decide, get to know the little one first. good news the duchess and baby are doing well. that was on the couple's instagram. probably going to get a title but not a royal title. that would have to have a special dispensation from the queen and, of course, a very special baby, would have to apply to be an american citizen if they want to go that route and seventh in line for the throne. the product of the first marriage. and i think a huge celebration and the royals are relatable. >> they are. thank you very much. back to amy one more time, minutes after this official
6:44 am
announcement, baby boy sussex has been born. there you see it there, amy. >> reporter: yes. so exciting. we're learning a few more details. baby sussex was born at 5:26 this morning here, so the couple, as they said, they wanted private time, had about nine hours or so to really take in and soak in the joy of having just given birth to a baby boy and then you just saw prince harry sharing the exciting news. now we still get a wait here. we're all waiting for, of course, the name and that photo everyone wants to see of the historic baby, baby sussex -- baby boy sussex we can now say. >> about nine hours old. we'll have much more on this. wonderful. wonderful news. congratulations to them. we're all over here at the desk. we're all over here. but that's wonderful. >> yes, congratulations, it's a
6:45 am
boy. >> and they had nine hours, right, to really bond and have that private moment before sharing it and blasting it all over the world on social media. it's good that they took the time. >> now we wait for the name. maybe it will be william or albert -- who knows? >> hmm. >> you're not so sure about that? >> i'm not sure about either one of those. >> why not reggie? >> i have a feeling meghan will have her influence are we tnot yet.? at crystal geyser we put our mountain source on our bottle... that's cool. ...because we bottle at our mountain source. crystal geyser alpine spring water. always bottled at the mountain source.
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6:48 on the dot. let's talk about the kids, a little bit of drizzle this morning. dress them for temperatures in the low to mid-50s. we'll be around 50 to 59, maybe 60 at 11:00. 50s there, mid to upper 60s for the rest of us. >> now on abc 7 news, live desk update. a plane burst into flames in russia. >> this morning 41 people are dead. nearly half a dozen in the hospital. jessica castro has been tracking this all morning for us. russian media reporting the pilot says the plane burst into flames during the emergency landing after it had been struck by lightning and lost radio communication. this is video from the emergency landing. the wheels on aeroflot flight 1492 collapsed. the engine burst into flames.
6:49 am
why many passengers could not escape. >> the problem in this crash was that the back end of the airplane was on fire. the escape chutes, the doors, were not usable. >> the plane was headed from moscow to murmansk when it was forced to turn back. there are terence about this particular russian-made jet called the super jet 100. there was a crash in 2012 that killed 45 people. investigators are actually looking into three possible reasons for the crash. a pilot or technical inspection error, a plane malfunction and, of course, bad weather. the pilot said it was struck by lightning. they have to get the analysis to make sure that's what happened. looking into the possible three theories. the pilot now saying, and that's brand-new, that it was struck by lightning. >> thanks for the update. the usda has issued a recall
6:50 am
of more than 2 million pounds of p.f. chang's chicken pad thai and fried milk may contain milk. the recall affects products with dates of september 16 through april 5 of 2020. fortunately so far no illnesses reported. we are watching the stock market this morning because we are way down already. 384 points. president trump threatened to issue new tariffs against china and the country considered pulling out of trade talks. we here at abc 7 are proud to be celebrating our 70th anniversary of serving the bay area. >> it's our honor to bring you the top news content that you have relied on on both tv and now digital platforms. we thank you for being part of our family. >> we have been digging through the station archives and will be looking back at memorable
6:51 am
moments from our shared history. a look back at 1968. eally cool to see the
6:52 am
archival footage. >> we couldn't have done it without you. >> the best historical voice. >> it's how everyone talked back then. >> it's not just the recording quality. thank you for letting us be part of your story, of course. on any abc 7 platform including amazon fire. come in, mike nicco. >> will do. >> what's the weather today? >> i think the weather today is going to be fantastic. >> wow, you guys are good. >> well now. i thought he had to come back to
6:53 am
the lab and take the film and process it. now we just shoot it on our phone and email it back to somebody and they cut it up, well, edit it. man, things have changed. live doppler 7, didn't have thishe north bay. it's very light. the main low down to our south and sinking down to our south. we will have the clouds open a little bit. look at the stout sea breeze underneath that deck of clouds that will keep us cooler than average. partly sunny after the morning commute and we get rid of the drizzle. one more chance thursday and friday, brighter and warmer for the weekend. one of those areas that got wet, so you will find some slick spots. driving mass transit and ferry, i put fair because of that. this afternoon upper 50s, low 60s. along the coast, san francisco, mid to upper 60s around the bay and mid-60s to near 70 inland neighborhoods. for tonight we're looking at upper 40s to mid-50s with cloud cover, a little drizzle possible near the coast. a little more sunshine. slightly warmer tomorrow. we will get back to average if
6:54 am
not a little bit above inland wednesday and then that chance thursday night into friday morning of some more drizzle and saturday and sunday almost 80 inland. alexis? good morning, mike. about a 25-minute delay on the approach to the richmond san rafael bridge. i'm sure the drizzle not helping this morning and we also have that emergency road repair and metal plates. a new problem if you're coming into south san francisco northbound 101 past the 380 merge, a spinout crash. emergency crews on the way to the scene and a quick check of drive times, the worst one tracy into dublin. now a live desk update with jessica castro. >> we are hearing from the winning jockey of the kentucky derby after the very controversial call this weekend. it was a historic race, maximum security was the clear front-runner start to finish. then, for the first time in kentucky derby history, the horse was disqualified for impeding the path of another horse in the race this morning
6:55 am
the winning jockey luis saez explained in detail what happened. >> i made my move around the turn. i thought he was pushed out from the inside. so as we crossed the finish line and i pull up my horse i was waiting to see i inquiry because i thought it was a pretty wide movement. >> after reviewing the video the kentucky derby declared country house the winner. maximum security's owner is very
6:56 am
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it's 6:58. if you're just joining us or heading out the door here are the 7 things you need to know before you go. the royal baby of sussex has arrived. duchess meghan gave birth to a baby boy weighing 7 pounds, 3 ounces. president trump's former lawyer michael cohen will report to federal prison this morning to start his three-year sentence. cohen just left his apartment moments ago and is now expected to head to prison. one man is dead, another seriously hurt after the car they were in crashed into a tree near santa teresa boulevard. no word yet if speed was the cause. uber and lyft drivers are planning to strike wednesday. they're demanding increased job security and a cap on the company's commission. uber is planning to file for an ipo this week. a chance of patchy drizzle,
6:59 am
spotty light rain here and there. partly sunny and cooler than average. number six, looking live at the richmond side of the bridge, i am seeing some vehicles with their wipers on. about a 30-minute delay on the approach due to the emergency road repair. >> the latest "game of thrones" episode last night has everyone talking about the starbucks coffee cup that made it into a scene. you see it right there on the table. >> oops. >> is there some hidden meaning or an oversight? >> probably just forgot it there. >> where was the continuity person? >> they have one job. that job is no longer theirs i'm guessing. >> well, the show is almost over. >> true. >> or is it? it could be back to the future. >> no. >> i'm not going to survive that. i can't hear people talk about a show i don't watch for another
7:00 am
five years. >> the live coverage from london of the new royal baby, it is a boy. breaking news for our viewers in the west. the royals announcing the birth of their baby. the seventh in line to the throne. we're live in windsor. the death toll climbing in this fiery sdoeaccident oversea. a passenger plane slamming onto the runway bursting into flames killing 41 people on board reportedly including an american. the new video inside the plane. we're live on the scene. back here at home, new images emerge of that desperate river rescue. a plane carrying 143 people sliding into the water. >> baby coming through. baby coming through. >> the investigation right now. breaking overnight, tensions rise with iran. the u.s. deploys an aircraft carrier to the middle east fearin


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