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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  May 6, 2019 3:00pm-3:30pm PDT

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tv's number one daily viral video show, "right this minute." bikers spot a vulnerable situation. >> got their eyes set on these two. >> the moment they swoop in and do something awesome. a momentous occasion creates a crazy atmosphere. >> one by one people jumping into the water. >> but see the dive that goes way south. >> oh! >> oh! they say dancers are born, not made. >> he's got swag. >> the kids who are proving when you got it, you got it. >> he has it all, man. plus, your chance to win a new ipad with monday's buzz word.
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as we break down the best on the web. including a girlfriend transforming into her boyfriend. >> okay. she's committing to this. >> how it puts the challenge in the cup challenge. >> i feel li th ige is going to be burned into his head. bikers. >> here are a couple of guys. they spot something. they wait for the track to pass and pull over. they got their eyes set on these two. they surround, park their bike, get off and do something awesome. >> this lady is so thrilled to see these two guys pull up on their bikes. >> calvary. >> see what happening here. >> yes. >> this guy can't drive up on the sidewalk. this woman appears to stop to help him. but it's heavy. he kindly gets off of t these t >> thank you very. i. >> no problem, my man.
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>> there we go. >> the woman checks on, asking, how much further do you have to go? do you think jo-wilfriyou'll ha farther? >> like seeing people and their humanity. feels like there isn't enough around at the moment. >> the same guy from nick's big bike youtube channel doing more good deeds. cars come to a stop at a red light. so once again, gets off his bike, runs up to his car. >> thank you very much. >> got it. >> i'm sure he caught him off guard because we're so accustom to people getting jacked or somebody doing something wrong. >> right. >> blame the english country side. it doesn't happen that often. >> this guy is riding around trying to make people's days better. >> often we see guys on motorcycles and helmets, snatch and grab or some sort of crime in progress, buttwo guys doing good. >> thank you very much.
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♪ >> i don't know if you noticed but last week something pretty amazing happened in japan. emperor akihito end. i brought to an end the heisei period. people stayed up to midnight to party and then got carried away, like this fella. >> there's always one. >> there's more than one. >> he went overboard. >> yeah. there's these bridges in osaka and people were like, come on, do it. one by one, he gets the crowd involved, gets them clapping along. then eventually he goes in, too. like you said, this is the one. this isnks for the heisei perio. >> oh! >> oh! >> yes.
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>> with the procla mags of heisei he jumps over the bridge. >> take a bow, my friend. take a bow. >> it's like someone dropped a sack of potatoes. take a listen again. >> oh, no. >> yes. >> the timing of it. >> impressive, isn't it? that one's got 3 million something views on twitter so far. this one almost 5 million. a slightly different view. >> i got another video. looks like somebody shooting somebody else's screen. we can see our intrepid jumper. >> just going to lie down here for a minute. >> as he sort of lies there and thinks about the heisei period the pilot comes up, hey, man. he's like, no, i'm good. >> everybody else god a hangover. he got a headache. >> heisei!
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the englishmen with the cow. he says this time of year this is what he does a lot, rescue animals. he opens up the back of that blue volvo where he goes to get his. >>reporter: organized kit. he's got heavy duty hand tools, his camera and heavy duty gloves because -- >> hey. look at the mess you're in. >> that is a little one stuck in the wire fencing. >> swine. >> let's just say not exactly friendly. >> ah, he's just scared. >> come on. we're going to do this. no, no, no, no, no. >> he uses the tools to quickly release it. >> easy, tiger. >> easy, fox. >> but the good thing is after all those dramatic, it jumps through the fencing it got stuck in but is able to run away.
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simon is like, you know what, when you have wire fencing like this, this is what happens. time to cue the montage. you say deer makes more foxes. hedgehog stuck in the fencing. if you have wire fencing like this, you should check it everyday especially this time of year because this happens a lot. taylor who watches on wbc 50 in washington is the latest winner of an ipad. >> you can win too. all you need is monday's buzz word, you need to be 18 years of age or older and a legal resident of the u.s. >> the "rtm" buzz word is coming up in just a little bit. >> stand by, everyone, for the "rtm" give away. a little something to get your day going. ♪ >> hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.he >> look at that. >> that's right. that's 2-year-old emma and her daddy alberto.
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>> i think i know where she got it from. >> some of it you feel it. the second you hear a beat your hip goes like. it just takes over. >> he's got swag. >> i want to be her friend. >> she's so happy, too. >> you also might want to be her friend. >> i got that water. >> she got the salt. >> yeah, baby. >> hey, girl. >> okay. >> she has it all, man. >> she's got that fire in her, man. ♪ got that water ♪ yeah, i got that water >> that water is not putting her fire out. >> he responded and of course home boy doesn't get the last word. >> thank you, home boy.
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♪ yeah, i got that water, i got that water ♪ >> okay. this girl is going to be bigger than life. >> takeover starts right now at 4 years old. >> yes you are. >> but these little ladies make my day. >> i love them. ♪ >> dude cooks up another concrete plan -- but. >> under too much pressure nowhere to go. >> see if he can serve it up next. >> oh. plus a girl gets pulled from the big game. >> and the situation is urgent. >> why there's really one slam dunk surprise on the sideline. [ screams ] >> hey! i'm truly amazed at the effect that it has on people. thank you, bob!
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and relief lasts 10 full hours. so last week i brought you guys a rather curious video of eggs being hard boiled in concrete. the guy who created this video saw our story and saw your question of what else can you cook in concrete? his name is kiondo. k, sorry if i butchered that name. he knows a lot about concrete because he's a concrete researcher in south africa. has a side hobby. he does curious experiments like this. this time taking a little bit o. >> try bacon next time. >> he puts the b of popping he p t ito the ki o tempere talking about here? and he says there are varying degrees of temperatures
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depending on the mixture of cement but he said they've been able to get it up to 158 degrees. that's unusual. you don't want that kind of heat in normal concrete setting. but for his experiments that's what they've been able to get. he fills the rest of the mold in, lets the concrete settle out and lets it sit for 18 to 20 hours. one side bulged, the other didn't. what's that mean? >> did the corn just make it crack? >> starts chiselling, opening this block of concrete. here it is. >> oh. >> the popcorn inside the plastic wrapping actually popped. as the popcorn popped it expanded and caused the concrete to bulge. >> isn't that crazy?>> not all popped. >> but he didn't burn it. >> true. it's not burnt. >> we don't see him open up the other piece of concrete the one without the plastic, but he does put it in a water bath. that's the question, what do you think will happen? we don't know, k, but we're
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anxious to find out what does happen. who knew that concrete experimenting would be so tricky. >> marly can't commit. ♪ you're probably about to have a pretty terrible day if police show up to your school, to the gym naz yum where you're playing a basketball game. >> i can read you your rights or i can read you that. >> i'll read that. >> those are the times when you try to remember if you really did break any laws. >> right, yes. >> am i on the run from anything? >> officially offers you a full scholarship. [ screaming ]
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>> hey! that's cool. >> instead of having a terrible day she ends up having a pretty fantastic day because texas a&m, like you heard her say, has offered her a full scholarship. >> congratulations. >> now over to indiana where elijah is about to give his mom erica her birthday gift. >> oh, okay. >> turns out her 18-year-old son has gotten himself a tattoo for her birthday. she's got to love it, right? >> maybe. >> now, look koes closely. it turns out the tattoo he got is of her favorite picture of them. he did say his 11-year-old sister made the final choice for what the gift would be.
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>> there you go. his sentiment is so sweet. >> next "right this minute." still to come, a legendary surfer shreds in style. >> oh any gosh. look at that. >> the incredible way he's flying through the water next. so we probably wouldn't able to do this is what you're saying? and we're giving away another ipad. you need monday's buzz word for your shot to win. that's coming up. you won't want to miss it. ♪ so fresh (so fresh), fresh and tasty, ♪ ♪ a dip for you and a dollop for me ♪ ♪ do a dollop, do, do a dollop of daisy ♪ ♪ do a dollop, do, do a dollop ♪ everything's better with a dollop of daisy ♪ ♪ do a dollop, do, do a dollop of daisy ♪ ♪ do a dollop, do, do a dollop of daisy ♪ ♪ do a dollop, do, do a dollop of daisy ♪
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not sorry. reese's. promotional considerations provided by -- this my friends is not wind surfing. it's not surfing. and it's not kite boarding either. this is winged surfing. >> oh my gosh. look at that. so he's got one of the little hydro foil boards. >> that's exactly correct. >> and paper airplane. >> and a lot of skill. >> yeah. >> it's a little more than a paper airplane. they have been around for
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decades since the '80s but they were gone through a number of design updates. this is far from an airplane. it has the leading edge but it is also very, very light. so even if you fall, it's attached to your wrist and you won't be separated from it. >> that's kai lenny. he's no ordinary surfer either. he's a big wave surfer. a racer. a surfer and toe surfer, wind surfer, and every water sport enthusiast. >> okay. so relatively qualified. >> so we probably wouldn't be able to do this is what you're saying. >> you could with some practice. it looks so insanely cool. >> you don't know jack, but you're about to be introduced to him. >> this is true, yes. >> not that jack. this one a little hairier. and a lot more lovable,
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according to winny. >> he's hairy and quite lovable, too. >> you don't know jack. >> i love her. >> winny loves jack and jack happens to be the family pet. this is on the winny loves jack instagram channel. you can see their love for each other. this one right here will give you all the feel. she runs up to jack. and then kiss time. >> sounds like what did you eat for breakfast? probably all over me. give it to me. >> then she's watching her favorite movie, cuddled up on the couch, got a blaneky and a dog. what more can a single dog want? she's got jack. giving jack a pet and jack is like, i could get used to this. >> that is cute. >> also cute, bath time. she lathers him up, but here you see more water getting on to the bathroom floor. >> i love seeing when dogs are super gentle around children.
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it's like they know they're fragile so you have to be extra careful. >> they have a good sense of it sometimes. >> yeah. >> this dog has a good sense of winny and what's really cool is that shirt she is wearing, it's available for sale because they said a portion of the proceeds will go to the ft. worth humane society. so you could get adult tees, youth tees, coffee mugs and even the tote bag. >> it's time to give away an ipad. >> to enter you need to be 18 years of age or older and a legal resident of the u.s. >> head over to, click on win ipad. >> enter the buzz word. enter each everyday. >> let's reveal monday's buzz word it is pretend. >> head over to, click on the win ipad button and enter monday's buzz word pretend, p-r-e t-e-n-d. >> best of luck, everybody. a makeup guru is mad about her man, so she's going to turn
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herself into -- >> why becoming her best half takes a bit of work. >> we look like a garden
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♪ >> she .
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got a makeup tutorial for you. she is giving the people what they want. >> this video you wanted cory to be in it, so we're going to turn into this guy. >> they say that people that date each other sometimes end up looking like each other. in this case, cat is going straight for it. she's going to turn herself into cory. she starts off with her nose. start doing that, she needs to build it with some scar wax. >> she's committing to this then. >> i'm going to need a lot of it because no offense, cory, you have a lot bigger nose than i do. it's not a bad thing. i think you're cute. that's why we're together. >> start slapping this stuff on her nose. after it's in the right shape, you have to seal it. we haven't got to the intense part yet. she starts putting dots on her cheeks. little blemishes, things like that. she is thickening her brows. she calls them drake brows.
3:27 pm
then she slowly puts on this fake hair. >> we're going places. we look like a garden gnome right now. >> ewe. that looks weird. >> throws the wig on. >> she could do rob a bank right now. >> frame. >> yeah. don't. at this point cory comes into the room. you can hear his reaction. >> oh, god. >> comes in side by side. we get a proper look. >> look forward. straight. >> yeah. he points out that the hair needs to be shorter on the side. outside of that, she's done a pretty good job. >> oh but -- >> ewe. >> you have to look at your girl now looking like that. i feel like that image is going to be burned into his head. >> hi. hope you like it. >> lip synching. it was only ten minutes to do it. that's pretty good. it. that's pretty good. that's i
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tonight, inside the jet crash. the new images now emerging this evening from the cabin of that passenger jet. dozens killed. an american among the victims. the horror inside the cabin and the moment authorities say the jet hit the ground, the landing gear collapsing, igniting that trail of fire. also tonight, the new video from the other passenger scare here in the u.s. the jet going off the runway into the water. the passengers, many of whom who climbed out onto the wing to survive. why did the pilot switch runways at the last minute? the crush of cameras here in new york city today as president trump's former fixer, michael co cohen, leaves his apartment and heads to federal prison. tonight, the u.s. deploying a carrier strike group. they say it is a show of force against iran, after what the u.s. says are


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