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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  May 6, 2019 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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>> and i'm dan ashley. thanks for joining us. we'll begin with developing news in the ghost ship fire trial. >> a mother of one of the 36 victims who died in the fire took the stand today pour the prosecution. abc7 news reporter laura anthony was inside the courtroom for the emotionally charged testimony. >> the first witness for the prosecution in the ghost ship trial was the mother of nicole seacrest, one of 36 people who died when the warehouse went up in flames. carole cidrik began to cry when the prosecutors showed her a picture of her 29-year-old daughter, and she confirmed that nicole sent her a single text the night of december 2, 2016 that read "i'm going to die now." >> just to know she was in there and she couldn't get out. >> did you know that text was what it was? >> no, i didn't. not at the moment when i got it and read it. i didn't know where she was. >> the defense had objected to cidrik's testimony. >> they wanted her up there so
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that everyone absorbs her pain, her suffering and it casts, let's call it an emotional shadow on the case right at the inception. >> the second witness was 27-year-old nicholas "nico" bouchard. bouchard had cosigned the least with derrick almena in november 2013. it was supposed to be a community gathering place for artists and musicians and an art gallery, said bouchard. but within days people moved rvs inside and began moving there. bouchard testify head moved out after two or three weeks and tried to have his name removed from the lease when almena began making structural changes to the warehouse that were not approved by the warehouse. bouchard said he and others met with others to try to convince him to put in sprinklers and make other safety upgrades. he scoffed and laughed us, bouchard said. he said it was too mainstream. derick liked to do things not by the books. in oakland, laura anthony, abc7
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news. >> and laura just informed us of a late development in the case. a former tenant of the ghost ship warehouse who was supposed to testify tomorrow has died. prosecutors say that jake jacobits died in an accident. we're learning new details after a deadly shooting of a man by san jose police. the chief revealed more about the victim. abc7 news reporter kris reyes is live in san jose for us. kris? >> good afternoon. the officer who was hit and dragged by the suspect's car is now at home recovering. chief eddie garcia telling us this afternoon that the suspect had a long and violent criminal record, leaving his officers vulnerable and little choice but to shoot. >> this individual was given ample opportunity to surrender. and one thing, and what training in different scenarios will never be able to account for is
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the desperation of a suspect, the felon who then tries to escape by taking one of my officers's lives. >> chief garcia explaining the officer's decision to shoot a suspect after a call future a stolen car led them to a parking lot on story road on saturday morning. at is the scene of the crime, a memorial where it happened. >> and yes, this individual was a validated gang member as well. >> police allege the suspect resisted arrest when confronted, that he was alone in the car when he jumped out of the sun roof before jumping back into the car and ramming a police vehicle and then an officer. >> during the incident, two additional officers fired shots at the suspect as the officer was being struck and dragged by the vehicle. the suspect vehicle then came to a stop after crashing into a support pole. >> three officers in total fired shots through the car. the suspect was taken to the hospital where he died. this is the second time this year that san jose police have shot and killed the suspect. in february, a man hijacked a
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ups car and ran into a crowd with a shotgun. >> after reviewing the evidence that we reviewed and seen what we have seen, the officer is extremely lucky. we're extremely lucky that we didn't lose an officer. >> police say the suspect was not armed at the time of the shootings. police cameras did capture the entire incident. that footage will be released by the d.a. as soon as their investigation is complete. in san jose, kris reyes for abc7 news. >> kris, thank you. here at abc7 news, we are committed to covering issues that impact all of us as we focus on building a better bay area. today a look at an anonymous group taking on that mission by fixing potholes on their own in oakland. >> research from the transportation nonprofit group trip finds that rough roads contribute to more than a thousand dollars for the average driver in the oakland/san francisco area every year. abc7 news anser hassan spoke with the man who call themselves
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pothole vigilantes. interesting, anser. >> yeah, kristen and dan, those are two of the potholes that they filled last week. and then they put up signs like this to let neighbors know what they're doing and how they can donate for the next project. last wednesday, late at night, the pothole vigilantes set out to work, filling three potholes in oakland's adams point neighborhood. they call it their version of community service. >> we love the city. we hope they fill the potholes faster. and if they're not going to do it, we'll do it ourselves. >> tired of the potholes throughout the city, the duo decided it was time to do something. >> we've lived in a few other places, and none have been as bad in terms of road repair as oakland. >> they don't want to be identified, but they do want to be recognized for their work. they've posted fliers and on instagram about what they've done and asking people what streets to fix next. >> so we went, knocked on a few doors to see if other neighbors thought it was good idea. eight out of the ten people we
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asked donated money. ten? we're on to something. >> they started three weeks ago, and so far have filled six potholes. >> literal i will, you buy the mix in the bag, you pour it in the bag, tamp it down, drive other it and you're done. >> we're spoked. it was great. >> cody kreitzer lives near berken street. he admits he has never complained to the city but he is glad. >> the street is so bad. nobody is willing to do it. i think it might be illegal for now. also, there are so many people with damaging tires. my roommate's tire blew out twice. >> now in an email to abc7 news, the city of oakland says they do not recommend that residents philpott holes on their own. now tomorrow night, city council is set to vote on a new paving plan. if approve, it will pump $100 million into oakland streets over the next three years to fix them. reporting live in oakland, anser hassan, abc7 news.
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>> thank you very much. we want to hear your ideas about building a better bay area. share them by joining our better bay area group on facebook. it's happened again. a gray whale has died in san francisco. abc7 news was in ocean beach when people checked out this dead whale carcass. this is the ninth gray whale to die in the bay area this year. marine biologists say four of the whales died from malnourishment. they're not sure what is going on exactly. adding to the mystery is other whale species do not seem to be affected. a necropsy will be performed tomorrow. the santa clara sheriff's office is rolling out a program they hope will get unwanted guns out of homes. abc7 news was in san jose where sheriff lori smith and supervisor dave cortese joined moms to action to announce the moms firearms relinquishment e any time no questions asked. the sheriff does have one caveat. >> do not walk into the
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sheriff's office with a firearm. leave it in your truck. we'll come out to you. >> unlike a gun buyback, there is no money exchanged. san francisco is a city of firsts, as you know. and today the first lgbt fire chief in the city's history was sworn in. abc7 news reporter lyanne melendez is live at a fire station on sansom. this is a different fire than when joanne hayes white took office over 15 years ago. >> oh, completely different, dan. phone years ago, we didn't have the number of people that we have today. 15 years ago, the homeless situation was not what it is today. now when that fire bell rings behind me, it's very likely that they will not be responding to a fire. i'm told that more than 80% of the time they are responding to medical and rescue calls. >> i janine nicholson. >> she is known as an insider who has gained the respect of the rank and file. >> she has been a paramedic. she has been a firefighter.
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she has been a lieutenant, a captain, a battalion chief, and now deputy chief of the department. >> as chief, she vows to address the homeless crisis, which has overburdened the fire department because of the high number of emergency responses on city streets. >> have more access, more outreach to the homeless and opioid addicted people on our streets. it's really important that we work with the mayor's office on that. >> a cancer survivor herself, she has already helped to create awareness among cancer rates among firefighters being higher than the rest of the population. >> we are facing this challenge head-on with awareness and with changes to policies and equipment. >> aside from that, people we spoke to were also wondering what's being done to keep firefighters from leaving the city. >> they can't afford it here. they can't afford it. nobody can. there. >> are no plans to build affordable housing exclusively for firefighters. instead the new chief said the
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department is focusing on recruiting young people who already live and will stay in the city. >> start with kids in underrepresented neighborhoods. have emt classes, life skills, fire science classes in the schools. >> as for the red emergency call boxes that are in need of repair, chief nicholson said they're working on them. >> and they're very expensive to repair, and we're looking at more wireless type of technology for that. so that is in the works. >> now the chief also highlighted her emergency preparedness and education plan, which she says she will ramp up. the idea is to have more people in this community involved when and if there is a big disaster that hits the city. i'm live in san francisco, lyanne melendez, abc7 news. >> thanks very much. a lot of luck. >> yes. the warriors a lot of luck hoping to turn things around in texas. >> abc 7 mindi bach is there
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live. >> thank you so much, dan. yes, the warriors looking to go up 3-1. this man behind me, steph curry, could play a big role. why draymond green thinks he will break out of his slump tonight. that coming up in a few minutes. >> okay. you know the saying in real estate. location, location, location. but living close to one type of business that you probably wouldn't expect can add to your home's value. i'm meteorologist sandhya patel. we are off to a gloomy start to the workweek, but it's not going to end that way. i'll be back with brighter conditions in our forecast, coming up. >> thanks. and the chp is getting national recognition for a highway rescue the likes of which very few
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the warriors take on the houston rockets. game four of the western conference semifinals. abc7 news mindi bach is live courtside. warriors hoping to turn it around after saturday's disappointing loss there. >> yeah, absolutely, dan. the warriors admit the rockets came out and played with more intensity and hustle. and that showed up on the boards. houston had 20 more rebounds than golden state in that game. still, the warriors pushed that game to overtime, and they know that tonight they will bring the intensity that they need. >> nice thing in play-offs is you're not flying all over the place. so even though our guys played heavy minutes the other night, just to be here for 48 hours and take care of their bodies, get some sleep we should be good to go tonight. >> i think we will exceed the intensity tonight and learn from our mistakes. >> it's the play-offs. it's going to be a little room for error. and the pace isn't as fast you would think between the rockets and warriors, but we'll adjust
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accordingly and come out tonight and play. i have a feeling we'll play a great game. >> stephen curry had arguably one of the worst performances in the play-offs of his career in saturday night's loss. he has really struggled in the three games, shooting is 35% from the field and 8 of 32 from 3. but draymond green, who know s stephen very well says curry is very upset as the way he is playing. he gets angry. he says when that happens curry tends to refocus and get aggressive. that bodes well for the warriors tonight. he expects curry to breck out of the slump any time. and when that happens, good things happen for the warriors. so game four tipping off tonight. we will be here afterward with all your postgame interviews. mindi bach. >> get your lucky charms out. thank you so much. the san jose sharks would move on to the stanley cup conference finals with one win tonight. game six of round two is in
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denver against the avalanche. captain joe pavelski was at the shark tank for the win saturday. he joined his teammates for a morning skate today. it's the fist time he's returned to the ice since getting injured in the last series against the golden knights. pavelski won't play tonight, but says he might return for game seven if it gets that far. exciting times for bay area sports fans. >> that was a nasty hit. gad to see him become on the ice. a warning tonight from the san francisco police department. >> 7 on your side's michael finney is here to tell us about it. >> residents are being alerted. old scam done in a new way. it's constantly. police are saying scammers are calling around, saying they are from sfpd, and the person answering the phone has an outstanding warrant, orb they have committed a crime. either way, they need to pay a fine. the phone calls are also often supported with caller id spoofing that display an sfpd phone number. don't fall for it. if you already have, you are advised to file police report.
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youtube is reportedly testing putting shopping links under some of its videos. the website the information says some links have already shown up. you can find them under nike videos. they take users straight to google express marketplace. no word on if this is going to become the next big thing. want to add value to your home? get a brewery to move in nearby at least. your home's value could increase by 10%. researchers from the university of toledo and university of north carolina in charlotte found that after a brewery opens in a neighborhood, price premiums rise. being within a half mile did the trick in one charlotte neighborhood. prices climbed 10% for both single, family homes and condos after a local brew pub set up shop. >> interesting. how weird is that? . that is weird. >> thanks, michael, very much. time to get your accuweather
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from sandhya patel. kind of drizzly. >> a little weird. it will change soon we hope. >> it was one of the days you want the crawl back into bed, go to sleep, right? tomorrow you're going to want the get moving, all right? that's just a hint of what's to come, dan and kristen. live doppler 7 just showing you cloud cover is pretty heavy still across the region. let me widen out here. there is an area of low pressure spinning down to our south. a wraparound moisture bringing thunderstorms to the sierra and some heavy rain even down south. right now it has lightened up in southern california. let me take you back in time between last night and this morning. we did have some showers move through, even some thunder rolling across the south bay. san jose area did see a thunderstorm develop. so definitely got some measurable rain across parts of the bay area. lovely look from the golden gate bridge. sign of what's to come. .03 in livermore. measurable in redwood city. .02 in moffet filed.
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mount tam, you had .04 of of off inch of rain. we have an opportunity for seeing wet weather, but it's not going to happen immediately in the short-term, first the overnight hours. we're going to be seeing spotty drizzle overnight. sunny and milder the next two afternoons, and the next showers thursday night going into friday mornig. yes, it is may. but we do get this every so often. here is a live picture from our san jose camera. looking at the shark tank, and it's a lovely view as we're seeing a mix of sun and clouds. east bay hills camera a little gray. san francisco 56. mid-60s mountain view, san jose. currently our cool spot is half moon bay and santa cruz in the mid-50s. exploratorium cameras showing you the clouds are stacked up. still need a jacket or sweater. fairfield, vacaville mid-60s. here is your 12 hour planner. we are looking at sun breaks as we head towards the afternoon hours. mostly sunny by 4:00 p.m.
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upper 50s to the mid-70s and then those temperatures come down by knight time. hour-by-hour we go. 7:00 tonight, widespread cloud coverage. you will notice even some spotty drizzle for the morning commute. so be prepared for slippery roadways as we head toward 10:00 a.m. notice the inland east bay starting to see the sun. as we go into the afternoon, a lot more sunshine than we saw today. that's for sure. you can download the accuweather app and track temperatures any time you want. speaking of, tomorrow morning upper 40s to the low 50s. some drizzle around. certainly fog, clouds. and then pour the afternoon, we're going to go with up to mid-70s inland in concord, antioch, san jose. 67 in oakland. 62, san francisco. 75 in santa rosa. a mix of sun and clouds. now thursday things get interesting. we'll have a system dropping down across the sierra. it will start to retrograde towards us. between thursday night and friday morning, we may see more showers. that is an interesting tidbit coming in with another system coming through the bay area.
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not directly, but moving back. accuweather seven-day forecast. morning drizzle, afternoon sunshine. a little milder for wednesday. chance of those showers between thursday evening and friday morning. after that, brighter skies and mother's day is looking nice for moms. you know we wouldn't have it any other way, right, kristen? >> of course! >> dan and kristen, the weather looks fantastic overall. a little bit of something. >> nice of us to wear warriors colors without having to call each other. >> we did not call each other and it was not planned. >> a connection. >> there. congratulations. >> it's a boy born today to meghan and harry. >> question now is what will be his name. that story next. and new at 6:00, see what california's top firefighting experts say we should expect from this year's wildfire season, and what simple steps season, and what simple steps that you can you know when you're at ross and you find that perfect spring dress at that "oh, yeah" price? yes! that's yes for less. score the latest spring dresses at 20% to 60% off
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happened when contra costa sheriff's deputies rappelled from a helicopter to reach an injured hiker. the sheriff's office provided this video taken during a rescue that happened on april 27th. san ramon valley firefighters asked the sheriff's helicopter star 3 to evacuate the hiker from the las trampas wilderness area. they flew the hiker to a nearby school to meet an ambulance to take him away for treatment. peta is praising chp officers who saved this sea lion pup from the side of the highway last week. veterinarians at the marine mammals center named him kid. they rescued him from the side of the highway near south san francisco. peta says today it sent the chp a certificate and boxes of vegan cookies for help saving the sea lion's life. kid swam all the way from calabasas in southern california, 375 miles away. duchess meghan and prince harry are enjoying their first
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day as new parents after welcoming their baby boy this morning. and now that he is here, the baby's name is getting a lot of attention now. there is no shortage of guesses from well-wishers. they range from the traditional charles and andrew to the less likely eric. even proud dad harry is not sure. >> still thinking about names. the baby is a little bit overdue, so we've had a little bit of time to think about it. but yeah, we're still. that's the next bit. >> well, it's a big decision, right? expectations are running high that baby sussex will have a name when he makes his first public appearance with his parents in two days. he is seventh in line to the throne. some newborns in the bay area are still getting the royal treatment today. a nurse at california pacific medical center's new van ness hospital knitted tiny crowns to hand out. they are cute, and they're meant to celebrate the babies' common birthday with a new member of
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the royal family. abc7 news caught up with two of the infants, kion and harlow, a prince and princess, if only for a day. but forever to the parents. we're celebrating a big birthday here as well. >> it's abc7's 70th anniversary. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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i'm ama daetz. on abc7 news at 6:00, an issue so divisive, it's taking three cities to figure it out. it's all about the housing crisis and a proposed change in california. we are at a rare meeting on the peninsula as part of our commitment to building a better bay area. plus 7 on your side's michael finney takes on a very public problem finding a public bathroom. the possible high-tech solution on abc7 news at 6:00. >> we'll see you then. before we go, all of us at abc7 are very proud to be celebrating our 70th anniversary of serving the bay area. >> it is our honor to bring you
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great programming and top news content on both television and now digital platforms. and we thank you for being part of our family. >> and we've spent some time digging through the station archives. and all this week we'll be looking back at memorable moments from abc7 history. here is a look back to 1968. >> april 426. are you at city hall, al? >> john, i just got a code 3. on clay street, a man is buried. can i scrub the other story i'm to be on and go on this one? >> go, man, go! >> okay, will do. i'm on my way. >> now will i be able to get back in time to get this on the air. yeah, if he does it quick, we ought to. >> you aren't even allowed on here.
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>> 426 to kjg 598. come in. >> go. >> we've got it. we're the only ones that got it. it's an exclusive for channel 7. i fought my way in. i got in front of the crowd of people. got the guy buried in the mud. got him being hauled out. i'll be back in the lab shortly. >> okay. thank you. >> different technology, same hustle back then. >> yeah, go, man, go. right? abc7 has been a part of bay area history as you know for 70 years, and we could not have done it without you. >> thank you for letting us be part of your story. and be sure to check out a historical look back at how it all began here at abc7, 70 years ago. our story is available on abc7 news platforms including amazon
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fire. >> lots out really neat stories. "world news tonight" with david muir is coming up next. i'm kristen sze. >> i'm tonight, inside the jet crash. the new images now emerging this evening from the cabin of that passenger jet. dozens killed. an american among the victims. the horror inside the cabin and the moment authorities say the jet hit the ground, the landing gear collapsing, igniting that trail of fire. also tonight, the new video from the other passenger scare here in the u.s. the jet going off the runway into the water. the passengers, many of whom climbed out onto the wing to survive. why did the pilot switch runways at the last minute? the crush of cameras here in new york city today as president trp's foixer, mil cohen, leaves his apartment and heads to federal prison. his vow before the cameras. tonight, the u.s. deploying a carrier strike group. they say it is a show of force against iran, after what the


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