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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  May 6, 2019 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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fire. >> lots out really neat stories. "world news tonight" with david muir is coming up next. i'm kristen sze. >> i'm tonight, inside the jet crash. the new images now emerging this evening from the cabin of that passenger jet. dozens killed. an american among the victims. the horror inside the cabin and the moment authorities say the jet hit the ground, the landing gear collapsing, igniting that trail of fire. also tonight, the new video from the other passenger scare here in the u.s. the jet going off the runway into the water. the passengers, many of whom climbed out onto the wing to survive. why did the pilot switch runways at the last minute? the crush of cameras here in new york city today as president trp's foixer, mil cohen, leaves his apartment and heads to federal prison. his vow before the cameras. tonight, the u.s. deploying a carrier strike group. they say it is a show of force against iran, after what the u.s. says are threats against
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u.s. forces in the region. what kind of threats? martha raddatz is standing by. the 24-year veteran officer shot and killed right outside his police department. a husband and father. the suspect on surveillance. and now, the urgent manhunt under way tonight. this evening, a me our own family, dr. jen ashton, sharing a very personal story about suicide, her husband and the father of their two children. her message to so many others tonight. the new and alarming headline about the measles this evening here in the u.s. and it's a boy. prince harry before the cameras today. what he said, what he revealed. our amy robach standing by in london. good evening. and it's great to have you with us to start another week here. and we begin tonight with those new images now emerging. the horror inside that passenger cabin, stunning images of that devastating emergency landing. a passenger jet turning into a fireball at the international airport in moscow. inside that plane, the
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horrifying sight of the fire just outside the window. many passengers escaping down the chutes, but at least 41 people did not get out, including two children. one of the victims is an american. and we are learning more tonight about the heroic efforts of the flight crew. one flight attendant losing his life, but saving others after opening the door in the back of the plane to help passengers out. abc's dan harris is on the scene tonight in moscow. >> reporter: tonight, the final moments of terror inside that russian jet, as 78 passengers and crew scrambled to escape the flames. you can hear the panicked screams as they look out their windows in horror. this video now another clue for investigators trying to answer what went wrong. the jet appearing to bounce three times as it skidded to a stop. that massive fireball erupting upon final impact. >> under normal circumstances, the fire truck should follow
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that emergency aircraft down the runway and be ready to put out any fire. it was a long time before we saw any fire trucks come on. >> reporter: the sukhoi superjet operated by the russian airline aeroflot was headed from moscow to murmansk. it had just returned to the airport after the pilot reported an emergency on board. some reports suggesting a lighting strike. after the crash, hero flight attendants scrambled to get the passengers out. one losing his life reportedly while trying to open a door for those trapped in the back of the plane. this flight attendant was said to have pushed passengers out to emergency slides. while the heroes are being celebrated tonight here in russia, some passengers are being criticized after they were seen carrying their luggage as they fled. >> the real question, did people slowing down to get their luggage delay the exit of people in the back and lead to deaths in this mishap? >> reporter: 41 people killed, including one crew member, one
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child and american jeremy brooks from santa fe, new mexico, and was taking a job as a fishing guide in russia. >> he was more excited than anyone than ever before. he was doing what he loved. >> reporter: tonight, we're seeing the first images inside that charred cabin. investigators recovering both flight recorders and sifting through the ashes for clues. >> so, let's get to dan harris, he's on the scene in moscow tonight for us. and dan, we know investigators are looking at three things, pilot error, weather problems, any sort of technical malfunction. and you've learned this plane had a troubled history? >> reporter: that's right. it's called a sukhoi superjet 100, commonly used here in russia, not used at all in the u.s. or europe. that's because it has, as you said, a history of safety problems. in fact, in 2012, one of these planes flew into the side of a mountain in indonesia and everybody onboard perished. >> those are just devastating images from moscow. dan harris leading us off on a monday night. thank you, dan. and to the other scare
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tonight. this one, back here in the u.s. the passenger jet off a runway in florida, right into the water. much of the plane submerged in the river. and tonight, the new video here of passengers escaping onto the wing of the plane right in the middle of a storm. and this question now, why did the pilot switch runways at the last minute? abc's victor oquendo is on the scene in jacksonville. >> reporter: tonight, we're learning more about what led to these harrowing moments on the wing of that jetliner. >> it was the loudest bang i've ever heard in my life. baby coming through! baby coming through! >> reporter: darwing silva shot the video after he opened the emergency door. >> we got the women and children first onto the raft and then the firefighter pulled the raft to shore. >> reporter: the defense department chartered the boeing 747 coming from guantanamo bay. it slid off the naval air station runway in jacksonville friday night and into the water. >> biscayne 293, just walked to navy jax tower. he said both runways look pretty, pretty bad. >> reporter: there were storms in the area, and the ntsb is investigating why the pilots changed runways, switching their
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landing direction at the last minute. that change in direction put the wind at their backs, the plane landing at a higher speed than if it was landing into the wind, at more than 200 miles an hour. >> only the pilots make the final decision about which runway to use, but one of the key questions is, what did they know? what information did they have that led them to accept a tailwind runway? >> reporter: the cockpit voice recorder is a critical piece of evidence, it's located in the tail of the plane, still submerged tonight. they can't get to it until all the fuel is removed from the plane. contractors have been working on that all day. then, the plane can be removed from the water safely. david? >> we can see the plane there behind you. victor oquendo with us again tonight. thank you, victor. and next this monday night, to the chaotic scene right here in new york city today. the crush of cameras as president trump's former lawyer and fixer michael cohen left his apartment and then headed to federal prison. he emerged from his park avenue apartment building and right into that chaotic scene, getting into his car for that ride to prison. but he delivered a vow right
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before he got into that car, and here's abc's chief national affairs correspondent tom llamas tonight. >> reporter: tonight, michael cohen is looking through a much different set of bars. emerging from the gold gilded doors at his trump park avenue apartment building and taking one last shot at the president. >> i hope that when i rejoin my family and friends that the country will be in a place without xenophobia, injustice and lies at the helm of our country. >> reporter: pushing through a crush of cameras -- michael, should people feel sorry for you? -- cohen stayed silent. even as a photographer stuck his lens into his waiting suv. >> get the [ bleep ] out of the car! >> reporter: over the weekend, he was all smiles, stopping for handshakes, posing for photos. but tonight, cohen is an inmate at new york's otisville federal correctional institution, where he'll spend the next three years. that's 1,095 days in the minimum
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security prison housing other notorious celebrities like mike "the situation" sorrentino from the "jersey shore" tv show and the fyre festival creator, billy mcfarland. cohen has pleaded guilty to a number of crimes, including arranging illegal hush money payments to women who claimed to have had affairs with donald trump. the president denied it all, but cohen insists he was just following the boss's orders. >> there still remains much to be told, and i look forward to the day that i can share the truth. >> all right, tom llamas with us live here in new york tonight. and tom, michael cohen spent hours, as we know, cooperating with the special counsel, robert mueller. cohen then spent hours testifying on the hill in front of the american people. now congress wants to hear from robert mueller himself on the hill, but president trump tonight has changed his mind about this? >> reporter: that's right, david. at first, president trump said the decision would be up to attorney general william barr, but then the president tweeted this -- "bob mueller should not testify.
5:39 pm
no redo for the dems." now barr told congress he had no problem with mueller testifying, and tonight, a source familiar with the attorney general's thinking tells abc news he has not changed his mind. david? >> all right, tom llamas, great to have you. next tonight, to what the u.s. calls a show of force against iran, rushing the "uss lincoln" carrier strike group and air force bombers to the middle east tonight. it comes after what white house is calling, quote, troubling warnings that iran or its allies were preparing for a possible attack on u.s. forces. here's martha raddatz. >> reporter: at this hour, more than 6,000 navy personnel are steaming towards the mideast. the "uss abraham lincoln" carrier strike group bristling with firepower. an american bomber task force also deployed. it was u.s. central command responsible for the region which urgently requested the additional forces. a u.s. official saying intelligence indicated possible attacks being planned by iran or its proxy forces, possibly in
5:40 pm
iraq or syria, or u.s. ships at sea. >> we're taking all the appropriate actions both from a security perspective as well as our ability to make sure that the president has a wide range of options. >> reporter: the state department recently designated iran's revolutionary guard corps a terrorist organization. iran responded by labeling centcom a terrorist military organization, as well. >> martha raddatz with us live tonight. and martha, officials say they have clear indications that iran was preparing for a possible attack, as i mentioned, on u.s. forces in the region. do we know anything more tonight about these threats? >> reporter: david, there have been no specifics, but this show of force certainly sends a strong warning to iran that if they do attack, they will face what the white house is calling an unrelenting response. david? >> martha raddatz with us here, as well. thank you, martha. and now to the global headline tonight that was decidedly more upbeat, in fact, a lot of cheer, after news broke today of the royal baby. prince harry and duchess meghan welcoming a baby boy, and
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breaking tradition, handling the announcement, the reveal in their own way, announcing the news in an instagram post first, and then prince harry coming outside their home to talk to reporters. he could not contain his excitement. and then revealing when the world will see the baby. our amy robach at windsor castle tonight. >> reporter: a beaming prince harry sharing his happy news with the world. >> i'm very excited to announce that meghan and myself had a baby boy. >> reporter: harry was there by meghan's side. >> i'm so incredibly proud of my wife. and as every father and parent would ever say, you know, your baby is absolutely amazing. but this little thing is absolutely to die for, so i'm just over the moon. >> hey! >> reporter: royal well wishers celebrating on the streets of windsor, popping champagne. the traditional easel outside buckingham palace announcing the first biracial royal baby, seventh in line to the throne. but the sussexes choosing to spend a few private days at
5:42 pm
home, meghan's mother doria there with them. no same day photo ops like we've seen with his royal cousins and newborn prince harry himself in the arms of his late mother, diana. harry clearly thrilled to be a dad, something he laughed about back when he and meghan got engaged. >> children? plans if >> not currently, no. no, of course, i think, you know, one step at a time. >> ah, yes, we remember that interview. but how quickly things changed. harry ever the loving father there today. amy, he couldn't contain his excitement. amy robach has been on baby watch for what seems like weeks now. i love how they tested tradition there today, amy, doing it on their terms. so, when will the world see the royal baby? >> reporter: well, david, we heard from prince harry and he said that he and duchess meghan will introduce their son to the world in two days time, so, that would mean that we'll all get to finally meet baby boy sussex by wednesday, david. >> all right, amy robach on the watch.
5:43 pm
amy, thank you. back here at home tonight, and to the growing measles, the scare. the cdc out with new numbers tonight. 764 confirmed cases this year. 60 more than a week ago. cases now seen in 23 states. pennsylvania has now been added to the list. we're going to turn next here tonight to a member of our own family sharing a very personal story about suicide and about loss. dr. jen ashton, our chief medical correspondent, and her two children suffering unexpected heartbreak. and their message tonight to other families in this country -- you are not alone. >> at about 10:30 in the morning, three detectives knocked on the door and showed their badges and came in and asked me to sit down. and the lead detective said, "we found your name on the remains of your husband." and at the word "remains," i collapsed onto the floor and i just started screaming,
5:44 pm
"no, no, no." and i just -- i just couldn't believe it. >> reporter: dr. jennifer ashton and her husband, rob, also a doctor. they met while studying medicine at columbia. they married the following year and had two beautiful children, alex and chloe. both jen and her husband successful doctors and both deeply devoted parents. ♪ to the prairies ♪ to the oceans ♪ white with foam >> reporter: there were the trips as a family. the skating lessons and the hockey games that would follow. that's chloe, number 8, scoring a goal. >> rob was the quintessential hockey dad. he would tie her skates before games. >> reporter: their children came first. and over the years, they would acknowledge, they needed to work on their marriage. they sought counseling. but still, after two decades together, they had grown apart. and jen, to this day, says any overt warning signs were not there. >> rob didn't have any of the classic signs of depression that we learn about in medical school.
5:45 pm
not a single one of them. >> reporter: rob would take his own life. his family crushed with the heartache that would follow. they sought therapy. and as a family, they have moved forward together, helping each other. chloe on something her brother said to her. >> it wasn't until two weeks later that my brother actually said something that almost simplified the component of suicide. he said, "dad died from a disease just like cancer. just like somebody with cancer dies and they're not weaker for it, somebody who loses their battle with depression and dies by suicide is not weak. it's not their fault." >> reporter: dr. ashton with help now from her growing children is now determined to help others, hoping to erase the stigma. >> we've learned a lot about life and how precious it is, and that you can grieve someone's death but still be happy at the same time. >> and dr. jen ashton is here
5:46 pm
with us tonight. so brave, jen, and your children, so brave. what your son said to your daughter, please thank them, as well. i know it's been a really hard journey for you, not only as a family, to recover from this, but in deciding whether or not to go public. and i know, ultimately, just in our conversations, you decided that with that microphone, you had the power to help others, because so many families out there deal with this. >> well, my kids, david, actually helped me decide. they wanted me to talk about it. and we really learned that talking about it helped others, but it also helped us, and we've learned so much through this process about posttraumatic growth that follows or can follow a tragedy, and we've been lucky to have a lot of therapy and that will definitely continue. >> and we want to let everyone at home know that we're going to stay on this with dr. jen, because our veterans in this country, our young people in this country, we're seeing numbers and suicide rates that are really, really troubling. >> yeah. thank you so much, david. >> we thank you, jen. and dr. ashton's new book, "life after suicide: finding courage, comfort and community after
5:47 pm
unthinkable loss", is out tomorrow. and it's so important really to remind everyone at home that there is help out there. the suicide prevention lifeline on the bottom of your screen there, 1-800-273-8255. there are also counselors onhand to help. and we should mention the proceeds from jen's book will go to suicide prevention organizations all over the country in rob's honor. there is still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this monday. there is news coming in tonight about tiger woods, the big headline just moments ago. also more news ahead tonight, the veteran officer shot and killed right outside the police department. a husband and father. the suspect on surveillance. they want to show you. and the urgent manhunt now under way tonight. the jet leaving las vegas and then crashing. there's news coming in on this front tonight. and then later here this evening, the scene millions watched from "game of thrones," but take a close look here tonight. what's wrong with this picture? the new statement just out tonight. a lot more news ahead here. if you have moderate to severe psoriasis,
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we turn next tonight to the veteran police officer, a husband and step-father, who was shot and killed right outside the police station. abc's steve osunsami with the images from mississippi tonight. >> reporter: police in mississippi are determined to find this man, seen here on surveillance video wearing this red hat, who police say murdered one of their own in cold blood right outside police headquarters in biloxi. officer robert mckeithen was a 24-year veteran of the force. he died in the emergency room down the street from the police station. an arrest warrant is out for this man, darien atkinson, who police say walked up to the officer in the police parking lot sunday night and fired multiple rounds. >> the animal that did this is still on the run. and we're going to do everything within our power to bring him to justice. >> reporter: police aren't sure if this was a random or targeted attack, but do say the accused gunman is seen here boldly walking into the police station for a few moments. the officer who was murdered served in the air force and was awarded a medal of valor for helping save the lives of four children during hurricane
5:51 pm
katrina. because biloxi police are so close to this, the neighboring gulfport police department is handling the investigation. david? >> all right, steve, thank you. when we come back tonight, that deadly jet crash after taking off from las vegas. and there's news coming in tonight on tiger woods. tonight on tiger woods. today's senior living communities have never been better, with amazing amenities like movie theaters, exercise rooms and swimming pools, public cafes, bars and bistros even pet care services.
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5:54 pm
there were no survivors. and no americans onboard. tiger woods has been honored tonight at the white house. just moments ago, president trump presenting tiger with the presidential medal of freedom after winning his fifth masters last month. and tonight, the executive producers of "game of thrones" are saying we're sorry for that starbucks. fans noticing something off about this particular scene, someone left a starbucks cup in plain sight. when we come back, one guess we had not heard about the name of the royal baby.
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plan your financial life with prudential. bring your challenges. let's see, aleve is than tylenol extra strength. and last longer with fewer pills. so why am i still thinking about this? i'll take aleve. aleve. proven better on pain. finally tonight, the big wait continues. the royal baby needs a name. but there was a hint from prince harry today. so, let's get right back to amy
5:58 pm
robach at windsor castle tonight. amy? >> reporter: yes, david. harry did acknowledge today that baby sussex was a little overdue, perhaps giving the royal couple some extra time to pick out baby names. bookmakers here in the uk have three favorites -- arthur, albert and philip. philip being a nod to prince harry's grandfather, prince philip. and the long shot that some people are talking about, spencer. of course, that was diana's maiden name and that would certainly be a touching tribute. royal watchers believe that perhaps we will get a name at the same time we get those first photos of baby boy sussex, so, it could be in just two days. david? >> all right, we'll see. they've been breaking with tradition already, so, you never know. amy robach, our thanks to you for the baby wait. so many days there at windsor castle. thank you at home for watching, starting out the week with us here. i'm david muir. i hope to see you right back here tomorrow. go
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it's a problem across the bay area, pot holes. they are literally building a better bay area but should they? >> we are live at a group meeting to tackle one of the bay area's biggest issues, housing. the james beard awards are announced. there were a dozen bay area hopefuls. see who won and who got snubbed. now from abc 7, live breaking news. >> you are looking live at the breaking news from sky 7. drivers face delays after one person died in a head on crash along highway 4 in brentwood which is closed in both directions. >> you can see on highway 4. the highway patrol received first reports about 4:30 this afternoon. >> sky 7 flew above the scene why the chp administered a field sobriety test to one man. officers ultimately arrested
6:00 pm
him. >> here is another look live from sky 7 above the scene where both directions are closed along highway 4. look at that car. >> terrible crash. abc 7 news is committed to building a better bay area. we dig into the big issues that effect where you live. tonight, we're talking housing. >> a bill seeks to put more multi yient high rise housing near transportation hubs. it will have the next senate committee hearing one week from today. >> changing housing rules is such a device chb issue that it is bringing together three separate city councils into a single meeting. one of the big concerns is what high density housing will do to existing property values. >> the median home price is just over $3 million. it's about two


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