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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  May 7, 2019 7:00am-8:59am PDT

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can allow them to be called prince. she has to allow that. >> we'll see what good morning, america. 40 million now on alert for a severe weather threat. on the heels of these massive twisters and powerful storms, the new threat this morning, texas to missouri now bracing for tornadoes and flash flooding. ginger here with the latest track and timing. also this morning, a new twist in that fiery crash landing that killed 41 people on board. shocking mistakes. was pilot error to blame as new images emerge of the chaos on board. white house showdown. the battle with democrats now escalating. threats of a lawsuit over trump's taxes and will the attorney general now be held in contempt of congress? the youtube star under fire. the investigation under way into what happened at a massive party at jake paul's mansion. paramedics called multiple times
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and a woman coming forward saying she was drugged. as duchess meghan and prince harry celebrate the birth of their son -- >> it's been the most amazing experience i could ever possibly imagine. >> -- questions this morning. where was the baby born? will he be a prince and what meghan's mother doria who has been by her side for days is saying this morning. and the stars shining bright at the met gala. lady gaga stunning fans with four showstopping looks. katy perry lighting it up and zendaya pretty as a princess plus, the couples battling it out for the "game of thrones" and surprise performance you didn't see from cher. "gma" there for it all. and, good morning, america. lara was there for it. we all watched it.
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a lot of thumbs up for lady gaga. >> and billy porter. he's living his best life. they all delivered. look at katy perry but janelle monae, i got to give her some props. >> how many hats is she wearing? >> i lost count. >> they were having a great time. >> the theme was camp, which a lot of people were confused about it. seems like they got it right to me. long night on the pink carpet. lara was there. luckily she was there to help her out when she got hungry. tiffany haddish brought fried chicken to the met gala. >> it's a long night. >> because she's always ready. she ready. we'll have more on all of that ahead. first we begin with the severe weather threat bracing for tornadoes and flooding and ginger has the latest. good morning, ginger. >> good morning to you, robin. we saw these images in the late night, into the overnight, lewis, kansas, of 111 severe ved he homes in eastern kansas, kansas
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city swallowed in strong and severe storms. >> tornado on the ground. >> reporter: illuminated on the ground, by the kansas night sky, one of three reported tornadoes ripping across the high plains. winds up to 80 miles per hour toppling trees bringing down power lines. >> this is the highway covered in hail. >> reporter: near burling game hail smothering the highway. the tarmac at the airport damaged by this lightning strike. so much hail in colorado, it looked like snow. and look at this video just released from sunday's severe storms in nebraska. watch as this woman dashes to get into her front door fighting high winds to make it in. at least 100-mile-per-hour winds near lincoln ripping apart a backyard fence and playground at another home. so who has to be on the lookout
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for images like that? let me show you. it will come along the dry line. dry air on the west, the moist air that will pop and you'll en strong to severe storms that could 70 plus-mile-per-hour winds and have a really enhanced risk of seeing that in the red area. anywhere from wichita down into texas need to be on alert. it doesn't end there, george. we see that the next two days dallas-ft. worth over to shreveport up to kansas city and jackson mississippi, damaging winds and hail and tornadoes. >> rough week. ginger, thanks very much. we go to washington where the battle between president trump and house democrats is escalating by the day with threats of lawsuits over trump's taxes, a contempt citation for the attorney general as more than 500 former federal prosecutors from both parties say robert mueller's evidence justify charges of obstruction of justice. our senior congressional correspondent mary bruce
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tracking it all. you have democrats, republicans and career civil servants reaching that conclusion. >> reporter: this is a pretty harsh rebuttal. for more than 560 former prosecutors from republican and democratic administrations saying president trump would have been targeted for multiple felony charges for obstruction of justice, were it not for the fact that he was president, and the guidelines precluding prosecution of a sitting president. the attorney general found there was no sufficient evidence to establish that the president committed a crime but these former federal prosecutors say if you look at the just the facts, to say there's not evidence runs counter to our logic and experience. members of congress are demanding to hear from mueller himself on why he decided not to go for obstruction of justice. >> and the attorney general william barr now saying he has no objection to having mueller testify but he's facing that possible contempt vote because he's withholding marts of underlying evidence of mueller's report. >> reporter: george, there will be one last-ditch attempt to try to find some common ground.
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overnight the justice department said they will finally agree to send staffers to sit down with judiciary committee staff but over the full un-redacted report and underlying evidence, the judiciary chairman jerrold nadler has made very clear he plans to move ahead with plans to hold the attorney general in contempt of congress but, george, even that is not likely to get democrats the answers they are demanding any sooner. it is likely to spark a very lengthy court battle. >> no room for negotiation over president trump's taxes. the treasury secretary says absolutely he is not going to turn them over. that means this is definitely going to court. >> reporter: the treasury secretary says the democrats were lacking a legitimate purpose, and the chairman says he's consulting with counsel, but almost certainly this too is headed to court. >> the law giving him that right seems pretty clear. thanks very much. now to new details on that deadly plane crash in moscow that killed 41 people including an american. officials have recovered the black boxes.
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abc's dan harris is in moscow with new reporting. good morning, dan. >> reporter: michael, good morning. according to a well-respected local newspaper here in moscow investigators are honing in on pilot error as a likely cause of this fiery and fatal crash. this morning, as we see new images of russian investigators working inside the charred husk of the plane, as well as these images from inside the cabin with passengers screaming as they see the rising flames, investigators are now reportedly keying in on the pilot of that ill-fated aeroflot jet. the first potential mistake, the flight carrying 78 passengers and crew took off from sheremetyevo airport on route to murmansk and flew into storm clouds. it was in the air for 28 minutes during which time it was reportedly hit by lightning. lightning strikes are not unusual but according to a local newspaper, investigators are
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looking at whether the pilot then madee extra fuel and that things went horribly wrong. you can see the plane landing too fast and too hard, appearing to bounce three times. after that, an explosion. flames and black smoke trailing as the plane careens down the runway. >> what we saw was a botched landing, it went awry and hit so hard it broke the airplane up and caused that horrific fire. >> reporter: making matters worse, investigators are also reportedly looking into whether the emergency response was too slow. it appears the alarm may have been raised too late. there are, however, this morning stories of heroism including this 22-year-old flight attendant who died reportedly while trying to get the plane's rear door to open. in all, 41 dead including one child and one american, jeremy brooks from santa fe, new mexico, who had just graduated
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from college and was taking a job as a fishing guide in russia.>> i iwaf ste ofho fllf . everyore, and turn loved everyo else. >> reporter: back in moscow with one more note on that pilot now under so much scrutiny for having made that hard landing with so much extra fuel on board, he has been quoted by local media as saying he followed procedure. robin, back to you. >> all right, dan. thank you. back here at home, overnight the president pardoning a former soldier convicted of killing an iraqi prisoner. our chief global affairs correspondent martha raddatz has those details for us. good morning, martha. >> reporter: good morning. president trump granted lieutenant michael behenna a full pardon saying he was a model prisoner and entirely deserving of executive clemency. behenna was convicted of unpremeditated murder for the 2008 murder of a man linked to
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al qaeda in iraq. he and his platoon took the prisoner to a remote part of the desert, stripped him naked and interrogated him about an attack that left two american soldiers dead. it was during that interrogation that behenna shot the suspected al qaeda operative twice, later saying it was in self-defense because the prisoner had lunged for his weapon. behenna was sentenced to 25 years, but was released on parole after five. the white house said the case has drawn support from members of the military and oklahoma government officials and there had been concerns, robin, about how the trial was handled. >> this is not the first time the president has intervened in these types of military cases. >> reporter: it's not. in march trump ordered navy s.e.a.l. eddie gallagher accused of killing an isis fighter be moved to less restrictive confinement, and he's also reviewing the case of a green beret accused of killing a taliban bombmaker, robin.
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>> thank you. an arrest in the case of a mississippi police officer ambushed and killed right outside police headquarters in biloxi. steve osunsami has the latest and, steve, this officer just months from retirement. >> reporter: that's right, george. a biloxi police officer was driving home from work last night when he spotted the accused gunman walking the streets. that's how this arrest happened. police are calling this a cold-blooded killing and saying they are glad, this morning, that this suspect is in custody. when they brought him in overnight people waiting outside the police station cheered and on the sidewalk a solemn line of heartbroken police officers stood in procession. 19-year-old darian atkinson had a grin on his face and mumbled words. investigators say he's the man seen on this surveillance video walking into the same biloxi police station shortly before gunning down officer robert mckeithen in the parking lot outside. >> it's been a long couple of days. we want this guy to pay for what he's done. >> reporter: mckeithen died at
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the hospital just down the street from the police station and leaves behind a wife and four children. the air force veteran who friends say enjoyed working the night shift was set to retire this year. he's described as a gentle man with 24 years on the force and was awarded a medal of valor for helping save the lives of four children during hurricane katrina. miss aren't sure if he was targeted or the attack was random but their focus on the family of the officer who was killed. >> i hope in some small way making this arrest will bring them some closure. >> reporter: the accused gunman did not have a criminal record that police know of. a memorial for the officer who was killed is scheduled tonight, robin. >> all right. thanks so much, steve. the latest on the measles emergency. the cdc releasing new numbers. there are now 764 cases spread across 23 states with pennsylvania now joining the list. and adrienne bankert is in california where there were
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three counties facing outbreaks. good morning, adrienne. >> reporter: good morning to you too, robin. yes. we have eight confirmed cases here in los angeles county. health officials are saying there are eight measles cases here, and we're at one location where people were shopping and eating and were exposed to contagious patients. parents on edge as the cdc releases alarming new numbers on the measles outbreak. 764 people have contracted it this year alone, the greatest number of cases reported in the u.s. since 1994. one-third of which include children and infants under the age of 5. >> it's scary there's more and more outbreaks. >> reporter: rachel barrett says her 5-year-old was immunized early, and mia, 5 months old, is too young to get vaccinated. >> my fear would prevent me going out and taking her places but i can't shut down our lives
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>> reporter: the director of the cdc recommend babies get vaccinated before their first birthday. >> i think the group that's the most important we have tried to reach out to is 6 months old to 11 months old. normally we would postpone that vaccination to 12 months. we would like to get those unvaccinated children in. >> reporter: and you heard that warning from the cdc director in terms of vaccinating early especially if you're traveling internationally, you want to check where you're going and see if that country is under a measles outbreak, as well. especially if traveling with young kids. michael? >> thank you so much. so important, adrienne. now to new details on the royal baby marching in windsor to celebrate duchess meghan and prince harry's son. there is still a lot of mystery out there. . what will he be named, and amy has more there in windsor. hey, amy. >> hey, michael. it is a glorious day here in windsor and there is so much excitement in the air.
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many people pouring in trying to catch a glimpse as we all wait for those first photos of the newest royal's son and the royal family have been receiving so many well wishes from close friends and celebrities pouring in from around the world. >> reporter: this morning, the sussex family of three waking up from their first night together at home at frogmore cottage. all are doing well. the new parents apparently happy and emotional. >> it's been amazing. >> reporter: we now know duchess meghan gave birth to their 7 pound 3 ounce bundle of joy at 5:26 a.m. monday morning. her beaming husband, harry, who was by her side sharing the news. >> mother and baby are doing incredibly well. it's been the most amazing experience i could ever have possibly imagined. how any woman does what they do, it's beyond comprehension. >> reporter: details of the birth still being kept private by the couple. >> buckingham palace has not yet said where the baby was born. there have been different
7:16 am
reports. some saying she had a home birth. others saying she had a hospital birth. we are expecting to find out if something will be on the birth certificate. >> reporter: the question everyone asking, when will we see baby sussex? the plan is for the couple to introduce their child to the world wednesday. well wishes for baby sussex now seventh in line pouring in from across the globe from family, william and kate saying they are overjoyed and looking forward to meeting the latest edition to the family. meghan's mother, doria ragland has been staying at the couple's cottage in windsor with many expecting her to be a very involved doting grandmother. mother's estranged father thomas saying he is delighted adding, i am proud that my new grandson is born into the british royal family and i am sure that he will grow up to serve the crown and the people of britain with grace, dignity and honor. to friends, former first lady michelle obama tweeting, congratulations, meghan and harry, barack and i are so thrilled for both of you and can't wait to meet him. meghan's former on-screen love
7:17 am
interest from her tv sho show "suits," even suggesting a play date. but for now harry and meghan enjoying this special time with baby sussex. >> i'm so incredibly proud of my wife and as every father and parent would ever say, you know, your baby is absolutely amazing but this little thing is absolutely to die for so i'm just over the moon. >> reporter: yes, so prince harry is over the moon and buckingham palace released a statement saying that doria, meghan's mother, is overjoyed and we are expecting perhaps that the first big royal visit to baby boy sussex could be the queen herself. there is a very specific flag that is flying atop windsor castle right now. that is the royal standard. that means the queen is in residence so she is so close right now, just a hop, skip and a jump from baby sussex so that should be happening very soon, guys. >> that will be a lot of fun. amy is going to take up residence. >> exactly. great job as always. thank you, amy.
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>> we are following a lot of other headlines including this investigation into a massive party at the mansion of youtube star jake paul. you see him right there. paramedics were called multiple times. a woman says she was drugged. we and behind the scenes at the met ball. the secret party inside. we have got it all. lara was there. first, back to ginger. >> katy perry was my favorite, not the chandelier, but the hamburger. did you see that later? i'm sure we'll show you but i got to show you other video. this is st. charles, missouri, where the levee breached and they have spring snow melt rushing down and this is going to be an issue for areas to the east and south. watch this as the rain comes through with that system i was talking about earlier, you end up with up to 6 inches of rain in the red areas. your local weather in 30 seconds. first, the tuesday trivia sponsored by target.
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good morning. i'm abc 7 news meteorologist mike nicco. more sunshine, a little bit warmer this afternoon. yeah, there's still a little drizzle out there this morning but it's mainly near the coast. showers possible thursday into friday and temperatures in the 60s and 70s. today that's pretty much where we are also, 60s and 70s. tonight we'll be back to the low to mid-50s under a cloudy sky. totototototototototototototototo fashion on display at the met and michael's tie. we'll be right back. display at the met and michael's tie. we'll be right back. , you're talking about sometthat .
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good morning, east bay. good morning, i'm jessica castro from "abc7 mornings." we have developing news in san jose where police say two men were assaulted overnight. police say a group of teenagers attacked the men near tucson drive and viamonte driver. the two men were taken to the hospital. they will be okay. the teenagers, though, escaped. there were reports of a shooting in the area but they did not find any victims. google's conference kicks off this morning in mountain view. the company is expected to crack down on cookies and limiting ads to consumers. we have a new crash on northbound 101. this is right on first.
7:24 am
it looks like a couple vehicles involved and the second lane from the left is locked, so you are had he eveavy through the 8 interchange. looking pretty average on 84. about a 14-minute drive across the bay bridge
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it's not as widespread as yesterday but there is some drizzle outside. good morning, everybody. especially along the coast, of an inch. we'll be in the 60s around the bay, 70s inland and we'll have more sunshine than we had yesterday, and a little bit warmer tomorrow before a chance of some wet weather thursday night into friday. jessica? >> thank you, mike. coming up on "gma," the latest
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so you wake up rested and ready for anything. save $400 on select sleep number 360 smart beds. only for a limited time. ♪ applause, applause welcome back to "gma." that is zendaya having a full-on cinderella moment at the met ball last night, complete with a fairy godmother helping her transform. i mean, that is so creative. she even left a slipper on the pink carpet. went all out. >> that look and lady gaga's ruling the night and lady gaga knows how to make an entrance. one of our producers caught this moment. that's lady gaga strolling down the street on her way to the ball. of course, it's new york city. >> oh, we'll have more on that coming up. a lot of headlines right now as well. 40 million on alert as severe weather spreads from texas to missouri. tornadoes and flash floods possible from now through thursday.
7:31 am
and there is a new twist in that deadly plane accident that killed 41 people in russia. authorities now believe pilot error may be to blame from deciding to take off during bad weather to making an emergency landing without burning off extra fuel. back here at home, tiger woods receiving the country's highest civilian honor, the presidential medal of freedom. it was woods' first victory at a major tournament in 11 years. tiger even got a little choked up. >> talking about his parents, about his dad. we have an answer to that "game of thrones" mystery that had a lot of people of upset. did they mean to leave a cup of coffee in the scene on sunday's episode? well, the network are now admitting the latte appeared in the episode was a mistake. they said daenerys had ordered an herbal tea. >> still sticking with it. >> probably wrong but that's okay. we move to the latest trouble for jake paul. the youtube star facing
7:32 am
controversy now after a woman comes forward to say she was drugged at a party at his mansion. paula faris is here with the story. she's not saying paul personally drugged her but just one of several incidents. >> reporter: that's right, george. good morning to you. there are allegations that this happened to many young women at this party. during the course of the night fire officials received several calls including for some who had to be transported to the hospital for intoxication. >> good morning, party people. what's going on? >> reporter: he's famous for entertaining young fans with outrageous pranks and antics. >> this is lit! >> reporter: with 18 million subscribers on youtube jake paul is one of the internet's biggest influencers but this morning an investigation is under way after at least one woman claims she was drugged while attending a massive party hosted at paul's mansion. the 22-year-old regularly parties with huge celebrities like drake and 21 savage. >> how you been, man? ♪ >> reporter: this weekend's wild
7:33 am
scene was posted all over social media from the celebrity filled crowd. paul was hosting a birthday party for rapper desiigner at his calabasas home. but one california mom is now claiming that her daughter as well as eight others in al posting in a private facebook group something was put in their drinks. the girls were all half naked and unable to walk or talk. the sheriff's department said they already launched an investigation, saying they were made aware of a possible single occurrence of unwillful impairment, and the sheriff's department treats allegations such as these seriously and will use all known resources to investigate. paul's v of public stunts have made him a big star online but have led to previous run-ins with the law. in july 2017 residents in his beverly grove neighborhood complained about the dangers he caused like setting furniture on fire and driving a motorcycle into a pool.
7:34 am
the lapd says they received about one complaint every day about paul, but that he has yet to do anything illegal. >> yeah. >> reporter: just last year he sat down with "gma" for an exclusive interview with michael. >> i remember growing up i was like wanting to become a big youtuber and it's an honor and a responsibility and like i wouldn't be where i am today without my fans. >> reporter: this morning, paul's attorney tells abc news we take this claim very seriously and are working with authorities to make absolutely sure we do our part to uncover the truth. now, the mom who posted that facebook message claiming the girls were drugged also says these young women were required to sign a waiver just to get into this party. it's important to note that at this point, jake has not been accused of anything and there is an investigation under way but some disturbing details there. >> thanks. >> thank you, paula. coming up, how prince harry and duchess meghan are breaking tradition with the royal baby
7:35 am
and the mystery over where the baby was born. we have that all when we come back with more "gma." ♪ (roosevelt)smoking just messed thaup your lungs. i never thought that at only 45 it would give me a heart attack.
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7:39 am
know where the baby was born. let's go back to amy with more. good morning again, amy. >> hey, good morning again. yeah, so much left to learn and as the world eagerly awaits for those first images of baby sussex, a lot of people are wondering just what role the media will play in this newest royal's life especially given the fact that at times both of his parents have had let's call it a tricky relationship with the press. >> reporter: it's been a royal tradition for generations, a photo-op giving the media that iconic and lucrative first glimpse of baby royalty, you. prince harry and duchess meghan have already made it clear they are not posing on those famous hospital steps but introducing him to the world on their own terms when they're ready. >> with no tradition dictating how harry and meghan share their son, seventh in line to the throne with the world, they are able to do things differently in their way. >> reporter: prince harry has
7:40 am
notoriously been weary of the paparazzi blaming them for the death of his mother princess diana after her limo crash trying to that void photographers when he was just 12. harry has already shown he will protect his wife. the royal family putting out a statement acknowledging their relationship in 2016, before they were even engaged, accused of some media showing a wave of abuse and harassment, racial undertones along with outright sexism and racism towards meghan after the public learned that they were dating. prince harry is worried about ms. markle's safety, it read. it is not right a few months into a relationship with him that ms. markle should be subjected to such a storm and he knows commentators will say this is the price she has to pay and this is all part of the game. he strongly disagrees. this is not a game. of announcing their engagement in 2017, meghan herself admitted it wasn't a life she's accustomed to.
7:41 am
>> the onset, my parents and close friends were concerned because we got very quickly swept up in a media storm that was not part of my life before that. >> reporter: since marrying into royalty, the headlines haven't let up. in february five of meghan's friends coming to her defense after she had been dubbed duchess difficult telling "people" magazine we want to stand up against the global bullying we are seeing. the couple's close friend george clooney telling "who" magazine she has been pursued and vilified and chased in the same way that diana was and it's history repeating itself. we've seen how that ends. i can't tell you how frustrating that is. and of course, there is no denying the role the tabloids played in helping to cripple meghan's relationship with her father, thomas, who infamously staged this photo shoot of himself with paparazzi just days before her wedding. he later said he had a heart attack which made him miss his daughter's big day. >> harry and meghan have had a difficult ride with the british tabloids since the beginning of their relationship. now with baby sussex on board they'll do everything they can
7:42 am
toeea otective world for nm. surpsing with all of tha meghan recently said she doesn't read newspapers and, in fact, she has decided to avoid twitter altogether, saying, it's just safer that way. it certainly makes a lot of sense, michael. >> a lot less stressful too. amy, thank you so much. we'll bring in royal consultant alastair bruce and harry and meghan have definitely had their time in the spotlight, but have been very private so how will they deal with the heightened media attention and paparazzi? >> well, i think prince harry is showing precisely how he will deal with it. that is by somehow setting the terms and that's very much been achieved here. i mean, we're very, very keen to cover the excitement of the story, this delightful royal birth of young lord dumbarton is the only name we have for him at the moment and not seeing anything until tomorrow when there will be a specially organized moment, and we don't
7:43 am
quite yet know how that will be set up, but an exciting moment to see exactly along the lines, agreed by the duke and duchess of sussex. >> being the baby is half american does that change anything and what exactly will his title be? >> well, i think it's an enormous opportunity and i don't think that was lost on anybody when we saw the glorious wedding here at windsor last year. it was the moment when a young american came into the royal family and we know that prince harry and his wife will have the chance to do a great deal for the queen around the world and carrying that element of americanism through all of what they do will be tremendous. now, the young boy at the moment we know carries by courtesy and according to the letter's patterned that were produced when the marriage took place, he will be the earl of dumbarton which is the second title given by the queen to
7:44 am
prince harry when he married. so this young boy will have his name we hope tomorrow. we don't yet know. we'll obviously enjoy his own first name, but his title at the moment will be lord dumbarton. >> you talked about meghan's role around the world. does this affect her role? >> no, i don't think the royal is affected by anything. i think a title is, as it were, an opportunity, and i think the way in which the young prince has got his young son is now, you know, they can develop whatever is right, but i think you're going to watch the duke and duchess of sussex very carefully protecting their young boy as he goes through his education, as he is prepared for the world, and due course, when the queen's life ends, and a new reign begins, it's going to be a possibility that maybe growing up, this young child will be able to do something for the queen and for the royal family. >> well, we saw harry beaming about his son and alastair bruce, thank you so much. we appreciate your time and, you
7:45 am
know, they're excited. the birth of a new baby is always a great time. >> that's right. i love the british accent. i could listen to him. >> i could talk to you like that if you'd like. >> well do that going into commercial. coming up, everyone, we have our "play of the day." tea and crumpets, everyone. >> i love that. ♪ applause, applause our "play of the day." ♪ applause, applause ♪ to inspire confidence through style. ♪ i'm working to make connections of a different kind. ♪ i'm working for beauty that begins with nature. ♪ to treat every car like i treat mine. ♪ at adp we're designing a better way to work, so you can achieve what you're working for. ♪
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7:49 am
lady gaga did too. >> she is amazing. you hear the song, so can we all please applaud the moment for lady gaga or should i say the four moments. it was everything that you would hope for from the queen of camp who took the theme of this year to a whole new level at the met staging a show, if you will, on the red carpet. there she is. not one, but four different looks, all layered under what seemed like acres of billowing pink taffeta. how she made it down fifth avenue, there's the first look. there's the black elegant strapless, the second look, then came a pink marilyn monroe number. acting like, oh, yeah, there she is on a giant pink cell phone. she said that she was calling anna wintour to let her know she was running late because the performance lasted 15 minutes. it ended though with this. hot pants and little else, people. i'm serious.
7:50 am
15 minutes on the red carpet. true performance art complete with props and backup dancers. the media, myself included ate it up. the co-chair of this year's met gala officially earning the title from us at "good morning america," the queen of camp. >> she did not disappoint. >> did i hear you saying she's changing again. >> i felt like you. i was doing play-by-play on the sidelines. oh, my gosh, wait for it. another outfit. another look. it was the greatest. it was so much fun. thank you to everybody who brought their "a" game last night. >> they nailed it and you did too as always. we'll have much more coming up from katy perry to zendaya. >> wait till you see katy. and raising questions about the chemicals in sunscreen and your bloodstream. dr. ashton will be here with that. come on back. come on back.
7:51 am
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back here on "gma," i've got to tell you, i've chased storms for 20 years. still the most frightening thing to me, lightning. this is why. watch this. caught in boynton beach, florida. lightning strike while you're at the window. that's somewhere you don't want to be, even though the winds aren't even that high. how close it got to them there. a quick look at a shelf cloud. it looks peaceful but that comes with wins too. coming up, we have got baby sussex here. we know that, but what role will you in the royal grandparents play? the whole segment brought to you by walgreens. your l
7:55 am
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good morning, south bay. let's get up and get going. hi, good morning. i'm jessica castro from "abc7 mornings" and meteorologist mike nicco is here with our forecast. will there be sunshine, mike? >> yes, more than yesterday. hi, everybody. still a little bit of drizzle in the morning commute, but as we head deeper into the forecast, what we'll deal with is increasing sunshine and also increasing warmth. temperatures will hit the 60s around the bay and 70s inland. let's get to alexis for the commute. >> good morning, mike. we're looking at a new problem in the east bay taking you to the 680 northbound direction. a few vehicles involved in this and your backup is solid behind 580. the beach bay toll plaza, the meter light was on at 5:20 this morning. you'll have your typical wait. alexa?
7:57 am
a new study raising questions about sunscreen. active ingredients may be seeping into your body through your skin. we'll discuss that. we'll have another update here in 30 minutes. and always on our app and we'll see you soon.
7:58 am
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good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. the severe weather threat putting more than 40 million from texas to missouri at risk. more tornados, damaging winds and flash flooding. ginger with the latest track and timing. white house showdown. the battle with democrats escalating this morning. threats of lawsuits over the president's taxes. and will the attorney general be held in contempt of congress? new this morning, that disturbing headline about chemicals in sunscreen. the fda saying they may be seeping into your body instead of staying on your skin. what you need to know. dr. ashton breaks it all down. ♪ baby love baby sussex is here. meghan's motheside. what role will the new grandparents play from charles
8:01 am
and thomas markle and the influence of princess diana. one-on-one with common. the rapper and actor opening up about family, love and for the first time speaking about an experience from childhood that he's never shared before. how he's healing and how it all comes back to music. ♪ larger than life and what a night at the super bowl of fashion. "gma" at the met gala. zendaya's fairy tale moment. katy perry is swinging from the chandelier. j. lo in show-stopping silver. jared leto with his head in his hands. tracee ellis ross, we're taking you behind the scenes and the after party moments you haven't seen yet. and the moment tiffany haddish brought me a snack. look who is saying -- >> good morning, america. she ready. ♪ larger than life
8:02 am
a lot of people sleeping in this morning after the met gala last night. hope you're well this tuesday morning. >> there is so much excitement for the met ball, not just the pink carpet but what was going on inside? take a look at this. that right there is cher performing and harry styles singing along in the crowd. looked like a fun night. >> it did. we'll have much more ahead. first we're going to take a look at the news that's getting around, starting with that powerful new storm on the move. 40 million at risk for severe weather so let's go back to ginger tracking it all from tornadoes to possible flash flooding, ginger? >> yes, robin. you can see behind me that is a tornado caught post-sunset illuminated by the lightning. this was just one of three reported tornadoes, 111 severe storm reports. in colorado, the ground covered in hail so, of course, you have the tornado threat and the hail.
8:03 am
tangeople out of their homes and they have had to be evacuated. kansas city with strong storms. now it's this dry line. with we storm chase we're looking for a division in dew point. very dry air, very moist air, that's going to be the instigator for storms later this afternoon and evening, spring to lubbock, wichita fall, oklahoma city all in the risk region and that's not just for tornadoes. remember, we're talking about especially a severe storm risk that brings in damaging wind, destruction, 70 plus miles per hour. that easily takes down power lines and trees and can even take parts of roofs off. so check this out. by wednesday this goes to joplin down to san antonio and houston and thursday it's jackson, mississippi. and with it flash flooding, up to 6 inches of rain. >> lots of serious may showers. want to go to washington where there is a big showdown between the white house and congress on two fronts. treasury secretary steve mnuchin rejected the democrats' demand to release president trump's tax returns as the democrats consider holding the attorney general in contempt of congress. we wantoo cko our senior congress
8:04 am
good morning, mary. >> reporter: george, there will be one last ditch attempt. the justice department agreeing to send staff to sit down with staff from the house judiciary committee. unless they are hand over the full unredacted mueller report and the underlying evidence, well, the chairman of the judiciary committee jerrold nadler says he will continue tomorrow and move ahead with plans to vote to hold the attorney general in contempt of congress. that move isn't likely to get democrats the answers they are demanding any sooner. it is likely to spark though a very lengthy court battle. also likely headed to court, the fight over the president's tax returns. the treasury secretary says they do not plan to turn those over and says the democrats' request lacks a legitimate legislative purpose. >> mary bruce, thanks very much. we turn to a new warning from the fda about sunscreen. a confusing one. we're told to use it every day but a new study says chemicals from it could enter our bloodstream. dr. jen ashton is here. break it down. >> this is the actual study. it's just out in "the journal of
8:05 am
the american medical association." a small study but interesting, done by the fda, and took about 24 people, had them apply sunscreen to 75% of their body four times a day, tested their blood levels. within 24 hours they found what they called statistically significant levels of four ingredients. now, we have to caution, it does not mean they're harmful. it's not a surprise that things we put on our skin get absorbed into our body but it is prompting more formal studies about the safety of these ingredients because they are being absorbed into our body. >> what should people do? >> still apply sunscreen. at this point we have to be crystal clear on this, melanoma kills people of all sunscreen right now is the best protection we have, an spf of 15 or higher, but also you want to stay out of the sun during those peak hours and use protective clothing but this is important because the way in which we're using it has changed dramatically from when it was first introduced. >> the studies will continue but
8:06 am
for now stick with the sunscreen. >> for now, yes. actor and rapper common opening up and his personal story from his childhood that you'll first hear on "gma" this morning. and lara, what's going on upstairs? >> there she is. katy perry, her show-stopping transformation and the moment when tiffany and i shared fried chicken on the red carpet at the met ball. doesn't usually happen. it did last night. all the details from behind the scenes at the met gala. we'll be right back on "good morning america." we'll be right back on "good morning america." [ applause ] low battery sound. do you want a charge? yeah battery charging. ♪ ♪ thank you so much.
8:07 am
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8:11 am
good morning, america, from the met ball. [ applause ] >> love tracee ellis ross. welcome back, everyone, to "gma" and this wednesday tuesday morning audience that we have with us. and tomorrow, speaking of the met, "american idol" judge katy perry is going to be here tomorrow. plus -- but, wait, there's more, one of the avengers, benedict cumberbatch, will be here live, as well. >> that's a good day. >> but you also have a very special "pop news" for us right now. >> that's right. nothing is popping today more than the met gala, of course, so we are dedicating this entire "pop news" to the night, the super bowl of fashion. it was all about fun thanks to the theme for this year's ball, it was called camp. exaggerated, outrageous, over the top and, oh, yes, the stars did not disappoint. take a look. ♪ >> how do you hope camp is
8:12 am
interpreted by your guests? >> i hope they all have a lot of fun. >> the bigger the better? >> the more crazy, the better. >> what a campy night it was starting with lady gaga. >> no one does camp like this woman. get in there. you have to get a close-up. not one, but four different looks using the pink carpet like a broadway stage, backup dancers and all, and the night had just begun. appropriately for the night the costumes a work of art literally. >> you know, sometimes you wear the art. >> yes. >> sometimes you are the art and sometimes you're both. >> you are one of a kind. a masterpiece i dare say. >> you are the kindest. >> katy perry arguably the most lit at the gala. >> oh. ♪ i want to swing from the chandelier ♪ >> the stipulation is that you
8:13 am
can't touch me because i will go down. >> our favorite funny lady, tiffany haddish, bringing snacks just in case. >> wait a minute. what is happening inside your bag? >> stop hating on my chicken, girl. you want a piece? i cooked it myself. >> i do want a piece. it's so good. >> reporter: actor billy porter ready to take off. >> i'm going to keep these wings on all night. >> you are. >> it's time to [bleep] fly. >> reporter: the stars unafraid to push boundaries. >> camp light? >> i think it's camp medium for regina but it worked out, though. >> it's kind of scary. how over the top are they going to take it? you don't want to be the boring belle at the ball. >> i had this vision of being this california girl stepping out of the ocean onto the red carpet at the met. >> rami malek taking inspiration from his most recent role as freddie mercury. >> i think you know camp pretty well. >> yes, i've gotten pretty good at understanding what that's
8:14 am
like. >> and the couple, j. rod, making a '70s statement. >> i think it's just the glamour of the '70s. for me that was a very -- on stage personas like tina turner and cher and everybody like that. they are so many of my inspirations, diana ross, so we kind of went with this for versace's look this year. >> all right, there you have it. joining us now to talk more about the camp on the carpet, vogue editor allie michler who was there. [ applause ] >> thank you so much. >> looking very refreshed from a very long night. >> thank you so much. it was an incredible night. >> wasn't it? it was really fun this year. >> this was unbelievable. >> i felt the stars took camp seriously if you will. >> they really did. it was all exaggerated, over the top, and it was just an unbelievable night for fashion. >> did the woman behind it all anna wintour, did she approve? >> absolutely. absolutely. >> i want to get into some of these pictures. let's start with zendaya. she did this cinderella thing that was so magical. no pun intended on the red carpet.
8:15 am
her fairy god stylist jay roach said this was sort of a nod to the end of her disney days, that she's growing up now and this is the last time we see her as a disney princess. >> that's exactly right. had her cinderella moment. >> totally camp. so fun. saw a sneak peek of kim kardashian giving a whole new meaning to the wet look. i mean, she really -- robin, i'm looking at you look at that. i mean, wow, it looks like her hair was wet. it looks like she was dripping but the water was actually crystals. >> she was absolutely beautiful. it was iconic. >> mugler has not designed in many, many years. kim was telling me on the carpet this took many trips to paris, many fittings and months and months in the making and she was thrilled with the results. >> super special. >> this is a great example of how everybody interpreted camp in their own way. an exaggerated version of our best self or what you felt like being that night.
8:16 am
here's another example, serena wearing tennis ball yellow as i am this morning. she went with neon. [ applause ] >> she looked so beautiful in versace and funny enough, she had on sneakers. we can all appreciate how comfortable she was. >> good idea. i can tell you firsthand, the dogs are barking this morning. janelle monae, robin's favorite, wearing many hats as we often do. she also -- christian siriano added a fun touch. do you see on her corset, on her bustier -- >> it was winking. >> it was an eye with very long lashes and winked to you. wink-wink. give a wink. come on. there you go. >> that is just a little sampling of what we saw. thank you so much. we love having "vogue" be part of our family. thank you for giving us a prime spot and tell anna, keep the fun up. she outdid herself. >> it was amazing. thank you so much. [ applause ]
8:17 am
>> we're going to go take a nap. michael, to you now. >> all right, i think we need a "gma" camp episode ourselves. we could dress like that but we have more now on the royal baby. duchess meghan and prince harry come from different backgrounds, continents and families. we're in t go back to amy with more on the royal grandparents. hey, one more time, amy. >> reporter: all right, michael. here we know the saying it all takes a village to raise a child. well, baby sussex's village actually spans two different continents and will reeve has much more on that. >> of course, baby sussex's grandparents come from completely different worlds on each side but there is nothing like a baby to bring a family together. the world has been with him every step of the way from that heart-wrenching day as a 12-year-old walking behind his mother's coffin to joining the army to his rambunctious royal romances. >> the world has watched prince
8:18 am
harry, the son of princess diana, grow up with such a huge amount of interest and affection and we've really kind of lived and breathed everything with him. >> reporter: now a married man and first-time father, while clearly overjoyed now of all times he'll surely be missing his mom. diana revolutionized the role of royal mother. >> princess diana famously tried to give the boys as normal a life as possible and take them to mcdonald's and disney world and would try to give them fun, normal kid lives. >> reporter: meghan's mom doria ragland now in windsor and also overjoyed but for some royal fatherly advice who better than harry to turn to his own dad, prince charles. >> charles is a very warm and affectionate grandfather. he's very close with harry and meghan. >> reporter: one grandfather nearby, the other an ocean away. meghan and her father thomas remain estranged after a public falling out. still, meghan's dad wished his daughter and the royal family well as they celebrate its newest member.
8:19 am
so, meghan markle and prince harry, their new kid, hopefully this will bring the family together. >> that's right and we know they have a good relationship with their in-laws, at least meghan does. prince charles walked her down the aisle at the royal wedding just last year and i'm going to say this is going to wrap up my royal duty. i'll be walking through heathrow momentarily, this time for real. you got will here sticking around, though. >> i'll be here. i'm manning the castle here with my royal blue in charge of the royal baby watch that goes on until we get a name. >> i got to say, will, enjoy yourself, amy, we look forward to you walking through the doors here at "gma" next week or this week, all right? have a safe flight. you can get all the latest on the royal baby on our website, and now we'll go over to ginger. hey, giger. >> thanks, michael. a little "gma" moment. this one comes to us from dallas, texas. 3-month-old remington, not the best jenga player. watch, uh-huh, uh-huh. >> don't do it. >> remington, oh.
8:20 am
almost goes down. wait. he stole it. yeah. stole it. took it away. so it actually worked. remington is on my t good morning. i'm abc 7 news meteorologist mike nicco. more sunshine, a little bit warmer this afternoon. yeah, there's still a little drizzle out there this morning but it's mainly near the coast. showers possible thursday into friday and temperatures in the 60s and 70s. today that's pretty much where we are also, 60s and 70s. tonight we'll be back to the low to mid-50s under a cloudy sky. ea is [ applause ] i sat down with common, the rapper and actor, talking about his new book "let love have the
8:21 am
last word" opening up about family, talking about the power of love and for the first time he speaks about an experience from childhood that he says happened with a family friend. lonnie rashid lynn, we know him as common, the multitalented hip-hop artist. ♪ every day >> reporter: actor and author. his latest book "let love have the last word," a deeply personal memoir. >> "let love have the last word," what do you mean by that title? >> i'm talking about love for god, for community, for self and love in action. if we look at things and put love in our core and work from that place, then things will shift and change. >> you do not hold back. your daughter, she really took you there and let you know that, you know, you were out there hustling, providing, but you weren't there for her and it hurt her. how is it to receive that from her and for her to open up and share that with you?
8:22 am
>> it was tough, you know, because i believed that i was doing a good job, right? and when she told me those things, it kind of shook me because at first i was defensive, i was getting angry at some of the things she was saying. it was all of that, but then that really sparked the book in many ways, because i was like, man, what's the best way for me it's to listen and hear her perspective because no matter what i feel and what i think i did, she's telling me her side of things and this is the way she feels. through me hearing her out and us discussing things, you know, our relationship has been able to grow. >> you do address something that no one has really heard before when you talked about as a child experiencing sexual abuse. >> yes. >> why did you feel it was important to share that now? >> well, yeah, that was something that i didn't know if i wanted to talk about, but i really believe that in telling my story other people will be okay with talking about that
8:23 am
situation. and me, i'm a black man. we don't talk about those issues in ways that we could so i felt i wanted to create a space for people who have experienced that to be able to share that. that's part of the healing, to be honest. no sooner than i told the story, one of my good friends came out and told me it happened to him. >> you have gotten to a place of forgiveness for this person? >> yes, for sure. i mean, i'm -- it's still a process for me like in certain ways, but i have to look at my life and know that, man, that's somebody else's pain that they kind of distributed to me and i don't want to carry that so let me figure out where -- how it is affecting me and approach it head on, deal with it and let it go. >> common also reflects on his very personal journey to discovering his true self and how he works to stay present. >> i pray right before i go on
8:24 am
to do certain things. i have these mindful techniques and one of them is just like putting my hand over my heart and putting my hand on my stomach and taking a breath and, like, whoo. but it calms me down. >> reporter: and he says the work he's doing on himself will help him fulfill a lifelong dream. you write a lot about you want to be a husband one day. you have a rather famous relationship coach. >> oh, yeah, yeah, yes, michelle obama. she has definitely helped talk me through. certain moments of relationships we had conversations and she has given me a lot of wisdom. one great thing that she told me as i was going through this journey was that you have to understand you're not going to get anybody this perfect because you're not perfect so understand that there's certain things you will compromise in choosing that partner, but as long as the core
8:25 am
value, the values that are most important to you, that person, you know, marks off on that list then you are good. >> she gave you some good advice there. >> that's good wisdom. >> really good wisdom. and for this award-winning artist, it always comes back to this. freestyling. >> yeah, freestyling. that's it. >> still your love. >> yeah, i love freestyling. >> can you do a little freestyle? >> this is a freestyle verse. i'll tell you why you should read "let love" first, it comes down in different types of words. i told you what happened in my life, how it occurred. this place they call mindfulness i got into an abyss, i got into a bliss and then i talked about the girl that i should kiss and think first i need to mess with this and that's my heart, i took my part, so, robin, you are smart so you know what we do, we let love spark the whole situation. it all occurred so now i'm here to let love have the last word. >> boom! that was beautiful. >> thank you, thank you. [ applause ]
8:26 am
>> oh, my gosh. >> right there. >> the full one on my instagram page. this is not a plug for my instagram page. >> it is a plug for his book. >> no, no. but he is just -- he's a special soul. he's a gentle soul as well and he is -- he wants to be a husband. he owns up to some of the issues that he's had and he just wants everyone to in this world that we're living in come back to love. it's all about love. >> "let love have the last word" is available now and my instagram is robin roberts, "gma." [ applause ]
8:27 am
good morning, north bay. let's get up and get going. >> this is "abc7 mornings.." good morning. i'm reggie aqui from "abc7 mornings." police say two men were assaulted overnight. a group of teenagers attacked the men near tucson drive and viamonte drive. the two victims were taken to the hospital. they are going to be okay. police say the teens escaped. officers also responded to reports of a shooting in the area but didn't find any victims. let's see how traffic is shaping up. good morning, alexis. >> we are getting a little busier. we have a crash on the peninsula to talk about t. northbound 101 before the peninsula, a
8:28 am
8:29 am
now your accuweather forecast with mike nicco. >> temperatures mainly in the 50s right now. good morning, everybody. 40 in clear lake and 61 in brentwood. if you're heading out, everything is pretty dry right now except near the coast. chance of rain thursday and friday. looks great for mother's day, though.
8:30 am
>> that's good news. thanks, mike. another abc 7 update in about 30 minutes. ♪ suddenly i see this is where i to "gma" and we have a wonderful audience. you have to bring out a wonderful guest and our guest is an academy award winning actress and back on the big screen in a new comedy "the hustle." please welcome anne hathaway. [ applause ] >> hi. [ applause ] >> hi. >> how are you? >> good. >> you look so good. >> thank you. oh, thank you very, very much. hi, guys. ♪ >> such grace. >> me? so nice to hear. i don't feel graceful at this
8:31 am
hour but i love we picked up on the same vibes this morning. >> i'm feeling it. >> i feel you all day long. i love you. i love you. >> thank you. thank you. thank you. you are?ow, i'm feelis tnku.rema o i was describing to robin earlier, i cried watching that movie. absolutely cried with steve martin and michael caine. were you a fan of -- o another movie called "bedtime stories" starring david niven. this is the third time with girls. i was a huge fan. how could you not be. two legends at the top of their game. such a pleasure to watch. >> two legends at the top of their game. big shoes to fill. >> no, i didn't think about that but ours are heels. so they're kind of cute on their own. [ laughter ] >> you and rebel wilson, you are
8:32 am
magic on -- >> rebel wilson. >> tell me when the cameras weren't rolling were you laughing as well? >> most -- yes, we were but rebel is this -- gosh, she's so incredible, you guys and she has this gift. when she's on and she's doing her come di thing, it's so hard not to break but in between shots she's actually kind of quiet. she can be shy, reserved when you first meet her. we reached a point where we're really comfortable with each other and she's funny. how they are on camera. don't take my word for it. do you want to see a little bit? here you go. [ applause ] >> penny. >> delighted. >> hey, what's up. listen, i think this is going to be a really long ride and clearly like you're an exhausting person so i'm just going to say this. i don't even have a sister. >> are you say you lied to that man. >> i don't want to say it too loudly. i'm a con artist. i con. >> are there many women in your
8:33 am
industry, sisters in arms as it were? >> well, not at my level. >> yes, clearly you're in a class of your own. [ applause ] >> you mastered the english accent. we can tell your character is british. >> my character iri against my will my character is british. i didn't want to do it. i just thought, god, if i mess this up, it could just be such a face plant and the director insisted and i had an amazing dialect coach and i'm really happy because for the first time 20-year career i've gotten comments from the british press on my british accent. never happened before. [ applause ] i'm so relieved. aracter. inkunds le >> well, when the director asked me to play it british, one reason i didn't want to do it i just thought this could be exhausting for everybody. everybody knows i'm not british and it's like, oh, anne hathaway doing a british accent. eh and so i just kind of didn't
8:34 am
want to put myself or you through that so then so i thought, okay, well, maybe my character isn't necessarily british. maybe she's just -- she's a con woman. maybe she just decided she's british and wants to sound british so i thought what would be her main influences? so i really love joanna lumley from "absolutely fabulous" and it would have been such a shame not to put a little julianne drews in there. so i put a little julianne drews in there but mainly it was st stewie from "family guy. >> that's not the only ones. you did german, french, australian. how did rebel coach you through australian. >> oh, i was just trying to offend her because my character is so mad at hero be as broad and harsh and do owe an apology to greater australia for the way i did it but i have to say god, she was such a dream partner in this one. you look at the two of us and, you know, i've made comedies but not necessarily known for being
8:35 am
fuvenny and rebel is definitely known for being funny and i think a lot of people would have looked at the two of us and said, okay, rebel is the funny one and anne can be the straight person. i know i can be fung think and she was just like, you're right. you can be and we'll figure out how our two styles work together so we were both funny and setting each other up. she was an amazing partner in that. [ applause ] >> and she produced the movie as well. rebel produced -- >> it was rebel's idea. rebel went to mgm. hey, from what our catalog do you want to do? "dirty rotten scoundrels" with two women. that's why i wanted to show up in addition to loving the part and the clothes are amazing. was that i just love that rebel bet on herself. she bet on herself and went, mgm, give me the money. i'm going to give you a great movie and i just love that. >> let me tell you, you always show up. you always show up. >> oh, michael. thank you very much. >> and the movie, "the hustle"
8:36 am
is in theaters on friday with anne hathaway. make sure you check it out. we'll be right back. (dad) this i(mom)eam cake needs a freezefreezer's full. (vo) only frigidaire's custom flex temp drawer can switch from fridge to freezer. (son) nice save! (vo) that's using your frigidaire.
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make room for the judge! live together. lounge differently. ikea. we are back with our dr. jen ashton who shared her family's painful experience after the suicide of her former husband and father of her children in her new book "life after suicide: finding courage, comfort & community after unthinkable loss," glad to talk about this again. i call it a painful experience
8:39 am
but one thing you learned is sharing part of that pain is part of the healing process. >> it definitely has been for us, george. you know, when suicide hit our family, we felt like we were the only ones going through it, which i've now learned is a really common reaction, but it's estimated that for every death by suicide in this country that 135 people are directly affected. if you crunch the numbers, that's over 6 million people a year, so for us knowing that was really -- brought us comfort. >> for so many survivors so hard to share their stories. >> yeah, because we feel like we have this scarlett letter, you know, this "s" for suicide and even in 2019 it's not talked about. it's whispered about or there's so much blame and shame and anger and guilt and i think that the first thing we realize is talking about it, asking for help is the most important thing
8:40 am
and for me as a doctor, it's so much easier for me to be the one giving the help than asking for it. >> and asking is so difficult so for all of us who may know someone who is a survivor what's the best way to reach out? >> you know, i think so many people, it's such a horrible situation for anyone to be in, people don't know what to say or what to do. just have to be there. you literally -- you don't have to say anything. you just have to sit with someone or look at them or hold their hand or send a text saying i'm thinking about you and that is so helpful. >> every time you come on to talk about this we see a huge reaction. we saw a lot of it yesterday again on social media. what have you learned about that and about from the whole experience that you want to bring to others. >> oh, my god. i mean the social media response has been massive. we've learned so much that so many people are in this club that no one wants to be in. i think some of the things
8:41 am
learned because we're lucky to have had a lot of therapy is if you want to heal, you have to feel and if you fight that, you know, my therapist has a line that if you resist, it will persist and so you just have to go through it and, you know, we learned that this saying, i forget where it comes from but no one gets through life without pain but suffering is optional and this concept of posttraumatic growth which i had never heard before, it was actually developed by two psychologists in the '90s, and it describes how people's lives can actually change and our understanding of ourselves be so much deeper after a major tragedy and i definitely have experienced that. i know my kids have. a different appreciation for life as they say, death is the ultimate educator and -- >> different people coming out
8:42 am
of it. >> yeah, absolutely, and i think that these are some of the five pillars which, again, i didn't know any of this before that it impacts sometimes for the worst but most of the time for the better your relationship with others, spiritual change can be a part of it, the finding of personal strength that we didn't really know we had and, you know, george, you've seen me through the last just over two years that -- since this happened and since rob's death and there are days that i feel like i'm the strongest person ever and there are days when i feel like the weakest person ever and there are also days that i feel like i'll never be the same but i think we're trying to look at the incredible inspiring stories of the people i interviewed for the book that shared with me the lessons they've learned and open this dialogue because if we don't talk about it we can't fix it. >> people have to know there are resources out there for them as well. >> and ask for that help. it's critical.
8:43 am
>> jen ashton, thanks very much. "life after suicide" is out today and proceeds will be donated to suicide organizations in rob's honor. if you're worried about a friend or loved one help is available. call the national suicide prevention lifeline. ginger. >> thank you so much, george and thank you, dr. ashton for kids too. this was just taken. you see that is snow. still eight feet of snow. yes, in yosemite. there are a lot of areas that had significant if not the most snow on record. they don't have a projected date of when they can open the road. they'll just keep digging and see how it goes. they we're off to a cloudy and mild start with a little drizzle near the coast. hello, i'm abc 7 meteorologi
8:44 am
are you ready? >> yes, i'm ready. >> more met. >> the incredible met gala. what does it take to get ready for fashion's biggest night out? we got the chance to follow actress emily ratajkowski as she went to her final fittings to that met pink carpet and, man, she looked good. ♪ this was a moment five months in the making for actress and model emily ratajkowski who is known for her roles in "gone girl" and "i feel pretty." >> your first time? >> uh-huh. >> me too. >> when it came time to design a dress for her fifth met gala, emily took inspiration from the one and only cher. for emily the legendary singer and actress embodies the theme of camp defined by writer susan son tag as a love for the unnatural and exaggerated. >> for me cher is such an icon. someone i've always looked up to.
8:45 am
"moonstruck" was one of my favorite movies growing up. still is and, you know, there's not always a moment to really pay homage to her. we have this really great vision of doing that and pushing that limit and this is the opportunity to do it. >> emily turning to peter and evangela who custom designed this hand beaded dress with that goes from -- out from the dress in the back. >> the showstopper. this swarovski crystal and feathered headpiece which took about three weeks to make. >> i'm just obsessed that this is like that moment where you're like, oh, my god, it's coming together. it's going to happen. >> let me tell you, it happened. and it looked really good and tomorrow we'll have zac posen, the amazing designer here and he will reveal how he created multiple the looks for the met gala for some of the biggest
8:46 am
stars. that will be fun. >> you looked so great too. we don't give enough attention to that. sara haines who looks greatest are i day doing "strahan & sara." what 'coming up? >> come hang out with us at 1:00 p.m. we have insider information on whatped aghtlu torhnson, "deal> ounsoio1:p.m.? come wch us. >> stay with us because next on "gma," the stars of the new live action "aladdin" are here. yes.
8:47 am
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[ applause ] time now to meet the stars of the new live action "aladdin." they are taking us to a whole new world as aladdin and princess jasmine and they're flying into times square. please welcome mena massoud and naomi scott.
8:49 am
oh. [ applause ] >> hi. >> thanks for having us. >> you're welcome. >> have a seat. >> hi, how are you? >> mwah. >> thank you, thank you, thank you. [ applause ] >> come on. >> here we go. >> first time here at "gma." so we have a little swag for you to take home with you. >> can i see? >> absolutely. >> it was your birthday yesterday so happy birthday. >> thank you. [ applause ] and mena, i'm telling you this is your first time but it won't be your only time. you guys are rock stars. >> thank you. >> i love seeing you in this. this is a beloved -- this is a beloved story for many of us. no pressure especially these characters. did you guys have to help each other to realize a little reality check of what was happening? >> yeah, it's funny, naomi would -- naomi would always check in with me and be like, you realize you're playing aladdin, right? and i'm like --
8:50 am
>> i'm like, come on. >> naomi, i'm trying to work here. don't. >> she was your hype girl. >> she was. >> you realized the moment too. it wasn't lost on you. >> oh, my gosh, no. there were so many moment, ray lot probably involving mr. will smith where i was like -- [ applause ] >> who was here yesterday. >> and who you saw was so excited and such genuine excitement. i mean we adore this movie and we -- yeah, i mean, you've seen it. >> it comes through on the screen. here's a little bit of "aladdin" right now. >> what. is this? >> a magic carpet. do you trust me? >> what did you say? >> do you trust me? >> yes.
8:51 am
[ applause ] >> so beautiful. oh, i'm telling you. it's big. it's epic. >> it is big. it's a spectacle. you know and there's a lot of things -- there's singing and dancing and stunt work and -- >> creating some of these iconic scenes had to be a little nerve-racking to say the least. >> yeah, i guess -- you know, the way i put it is we definitely all felt the responsibility to do it justice but at the end of the day i think we just viewed it as we're doing the work and trying to bring this to life. >> trying to humanize the characters. i think that was what was really fun. >> yeah, because you made it your own. you were honoring the -- >> absolutely. >> but making it your own. i heard will say there are a lot of breaking out and dancing. >> yeah, all the time. just that's just what we did all day. >> yeah, we had like -- we had amazing dancers and there's a
8:52 am
lot. i think for prince ali we probably had 300 dancers. >> 300? [ applause ] >> and they're amazing. >> i feel like when we would like break out into dance it would be very different to the professional dancers. we'd be like maybe we should stop now because they were like, yeah, incredible. >> thaim would be silly then they would come in and literally being doing backflips. okay, all right. we'll just -- we'll let you guys take it from here. >> exactly. >> you all more than hold your own. let me just say that. >> thank you. >> you are delightful. >> thank you. >> naomi, mwah. cupcakes for her birthday. cupcakes for your birthday. [ applause ] >> yeah. >> oh, my gosh. >> a little red velvet. >> do you see how excited i am about cupcakes? >> and we are excited that "aladdin" hits thesers, friday, may 24th. we'll be right back.
8:53 am
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claritin. live claritin clear. >> ginger's reporting from holland tomorrow. >> yes. holland, michigan. >> that's right. i'll see you.
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good morning, it's 8:59. i'm reggie aqui from " mornings,"nicco with aook accer forecast. >> hi d drizzle and a little more wet weather. 60s on the bay and 70s inland. slight chance of rain tomorrow, slight chance on thursday and friday. if you're commuting by train here this morning, we ever about a 10-minute delay on the san francisco line. that's from an earlier medical emergency but normal service is resuming. taking you into the peninsula, still have a crash northbound 101 before the peninsula exit. still backed up in two lanes.
9:00 am
that's creating heavy traffic as you come off the san mateo >> announcer: it's "live with kelly and ryan!" today, from the new film "aladdin," will smith. an emmy award-winning host"dragu and moms know best when it comes to taking the perfect family photo. it all next on "live!" and now, here are kelly ripa and ryan seacrest! [cheers and applause] ♪


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