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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  May 7, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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officers' cars. you can stay up to date on this story through the abc seven mobile app on our website. good afternoon. thank you for joining us today. >> now to today's other top story. a proposal so extend family leave and end sales tax on tampons and dippers. >> i don't care how well you're doing it hits the pocketbook for families. it's not the most comfortable u issues. i'm just being honest about that. it's important. guys, yeah, pay attention. >> today's announcement is a preview to the annual budget the governor will present later this week. >> keep in mind that 15 years ago california led the way with the nation's first paid leave program. today many moms told me they are
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looking forward to this proposal and wondering why it took so long. >> no matter the zip code or the family that they're born into, we'll have the best possible start in life. >> to have a good life, time is lier and the agda.nor annoued aen they say this puts families first by extending parental leave. >> i'm taking six months off right now. my company gives me about two months, three mohs. >> a time that the san francisco children's council believes is essential for a newborn to develop and for a mother to recover. >> it promotes better breast-feeding outcomes
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>> we also need to be able to care for our loved ones when they get sick so we are expanding the definition of family member to include grandparents and grandchildren and in-laws. >> our estimates that roughly 14% of after tax income of low income family, 14% just go to pay for diapers, just to pay for diapers. so this is indeed a big deal. >> the six to eight weeks extension for parents to bond with their babies will go into effect july 1st of 2020. >> before you go, this has got to cost tens of millions of dollars. so how is california planning to pay for this? do we have a big budget surplus? >> reporter: nothing is free in this world. in january the governor proposed a $209 billion budget. this money will be used to pay
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for this child care initiative and also for homelessness, housing and education here in california. on child care, newsome wants to use the tax revenue on legalized marijuana to pay for child care programs across the state. family leave is one of the factors considered in a survey that ranked states as being friendly for working mothers and california didn't do well. california finished 40th overall in's survey. that included ranki ining 49th child care. california came in seventh for work/life balance. massachusetts topped the overall survey. also overall women still earn less than men. they made 85 cents for every dollar a man earned last year a skateboarder accused of attacking a security guard in san francisco will walk away a free man. a judge said a jury is dead locked and declared a mistrial
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in the case of 24-year-old jesse vie viera. he beat dan jansen when jansen tried to prevent him from skating around a high-rise. one person died after two cars crashed into each other in oakland. the highway patrol tells us one of the cars involved went off of that roadway. you can see exactly where this happened on eastbound 580. >> turning now to our weather, you can see it is sunny now but it didn't start out that way. >> no. it was pretty gray still this morning but there may be some more clouds out this evening. let's get to spencer christian with the latest. >> it didn't start gather and t during the evening hours. check out the 24-hour
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temperature change. it is milder, warmer in most locations at this hour than it was yesterday, three degrees warmer in oakland, 7 degrees warmer in concord. current temperatures are 63 in sfwrae san francisco, 6 8 in san jose. clouds are going to return to the coast and beyond. look at the areas of green there. we're going to see some isolated sprinkles and drizzle during the early morning hours. maybe even wet pavement in the morning for morning commuters. however, tomorrow is going to be another brighter day. i'll have a complete forecast for you in just a few minutes. new details now on the dead whale found at san francisco's ocean beach. scientists just confirmed that the whale was killed by a ship strike. it was the ninth gray whale to watch ashore in the bay area in just the last two months. >> reporter: a sight at ocean beach is drawing people from all over. >> i just thought this was kind of a once in a lifetime thing
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that might not be able to see ever again. >> reporter: but it can be pretty disturbing to look at. >> yeah. i wasn't expecting such a crazy smell. >> reporter: scientists have begun the neck rop si on the gray whale. it washed up on its stomach. >> it's difficult for us because normally when a whale notes in on its back, it gives us access to the internal organs. >> reporter: there are usually 5-10 gray whales found in the entire year. scientists have already found significant trauma to the ocean beach mammal. >> back of the head, back along the thorax consistent with blunt trauma with something big like a ship. >> reporter: the marine mammal center has seen an increasing number in ship strikes in recent years. so this is alarming. he says of the nine dead gray whales this year, three are confirmed ship strike deaths and another was both malnourished
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and ship struck. before the ocean beach whale was roped up, spectators could be seen touching it and in one case standing on top of the whale. >> it's not good for health reasons, but it's also illegal. >> i take my hats off to them, get a chance to find out what's really going on out here. >> reporter: what scientists find out here will be fed back to a number of different agencies including the shipping industry. the reason we are standing here instead of up close to the whale is it is just a bit too graphic for tv. the bay area, it is a beautiful place to live, although doesn't always look that way. >> yeah but now efforts are under way to help build a better bay area by cleaning things up. so complaints about trash are nothing new from the eastbound to san francisco to the south bay. you've probably seen it where you live. >> now the bay area's biggest city has at least one program that's working. and now there's money for a newr
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support. >> reporter: good afternoon. we the program beautify has been so successful that the demand for trash pickup has actually gone up, especially through the my san jose app where you can report sites like this one where illegal dumping has taken place. sites like this one are all over san jose. the silver lining is that volunteers are stepping up and the mayor of san jose is proposing a fresh injection of cash to expand the program. >> this is an old toilet that someone exploded here so we go pick
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>> reporter: it's one of the many sites dustin has cleaned up with volunteers through his own initiative called trash punks. >> that's why we're called the trash punks because we get dirty. >> reporter: he is a star volunteer inspired by a program the mayor launched in 2017. today the mayor announced that the program is so successful he's asking for another $3.5 million to expand the program. the city's volunteer group has tripled in size but still has the demand for cleanup. >> this is our city. we need to take back these public spaces so that people recognize this is ours and they're not going to simply trash it. >> reporter: exactly the kind of message he hopes to spread. he's now picked up more than a thousand bags and counting. does it discourage youis trash keeps showing up no matter how many times you clean it up? >> it can get discouraging but honestly i'm just here to clean up the environment.
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that's all i want to do. that's what i'm going to keep doing because i have a passion for it. >> reporter: so we only had about 15 minutes to spend with justin but i'm sure through the story as we felt, you can just feel how infectious his energy is. the mayor knows him by name and hopes for more volunteers like dustin. >> i'm sure a lot of people do want to get involved. how do they do that and what kind of support do they get? >> reporter: go to the website and the city is willing to provide all kind of resources including gloves and bags and stickers to help bring communities around a volunteer effort that anybody is willing to organize. take a picture of a trash site like this maybe in your neighborhood. you can ep load it through the app and the city will respond. coming up,
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teachers on this teacher appreciation day, including one teacher turned principal celebrating nearly 50 years helping kids. who says retail is dead? it's now about how retailers are changing the way they do business. the lengths some companies are going to get you through the door. and a look back at 70 years of kgo. one o
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the google developers conference is in full swing in the south bay.
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google io kicked off at the shoreline amphitheater in mountain view. various google executives spoke about new updates including privacy features. >> includes almost 50 features focused on security and privacy, all providing more protection, transparency and control. so first, in cue we've brought privacy to the top level in settings. there you'll find a number of important controls all in one place, activity data, location history, ad settings. and you decide what's on or off. >> google also announced two new pixel phones on sail todale tod blame it on the internet and the high cost of doing business. across the country there have been more retail closures so far this year than all of last year but there are signs in the bay area that retail is bouncing back. how companies are changing the way they do business to get you back to the store. >> this new store is actually
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our largest store to date. >> reporter: this isn't a story just about the once online only retail clothing company rent the runway opening their flag ship retail space in san francisco. it's about what else is in e. >> to have a work space and a lounge space and a beauty bar and a place where she can really hang out in addition to getting amazing clothing. >> reporter: in an age of rising rents and retail closures outnumbering grand openings in america and more store fronts in san francisco looking like this, rent the runway knew they had to off their clients more. >> everything and our store design is really meant to save her time. >> some really traditionally all online retailers have been very successful in opening up brick and mortar stores because they're new, they feel really fresh. >> reporter: there are a number of retailers taking some big chances hoping for a big payoff. in new york the recently opened hudson yards features 750,000 square feet of retail space paired with a hotel, restaurants
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and any service a person could need. decathlon sport who is provided this video recently decided to open its first full scare store in emeryville. while online shopping still tops brick and mortar for general merchandise, consumer psychologist kit yaro says humans still want that retail experience. >> they just don't want to do it in the old fashioned boring way that it has been. be more exciting >> reporter: something rent the runway and other retailers are counting on. in san francisco, abc 7 news. we are very proud to be celebrating our 70 anniversary of serving the bay area here at abc 7. we've been digging through the station archives and at memorable moments from abc 7's history. here's a look at 1965 and beatle mania.
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>> san francisco is once again in the grip of that malady known as beatle mania. what's fast becoming an annual invasion by the english species of the beatles. while hundreds of young things, hearts fluttering the quartet instead put in at the old pan american air base. >> it certainly is nice to be here in san francisco. >> is this going to be a yearly thing, ringo? >> i hope so. >> who gave you the cigarette? >> john lennon. >> hold it up. better put it out. it's going to burn down. what are you going to do with it? >> i think i'm going to frame it. >> their arrival at the cow palace was less eventful than at the airport. this is beatle reporter bentley inside the cow palace. they're not making much of a racket yet, but show time is
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still a few seconds away. we're estimating that crowd a 1 million which is probably a little high. the next sound you hear will be that unique beatles scream. ♪ ♪ twist and shout, twist and shout ♪ ♪ come on, come on, come on baby now ♪ >> you could tell the reporters weren't quite used to the sound. >> it's so fun to look back, though. >> it certainly was. you want to check back a historical look at how it all began 70 years ago, you can find the stories on any abc 7 platform including amazon fire which they didn't have 70 years ago. >> technology. >> great memories. wow. what a nice look back in time. >> i was just woonthinking thatl still had that rolled cigarette that john lennon gave her. she framed it. >> let's look ahead of time. that's what forecasts do. we'll start looking at the time
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right now. we've got sunny skies across the bay area with a few clouds beginning to show up in the view here from sutro tower over san francisco. it's 59 degrees in the city, 63 in santa cruz and 57 at half moon bay. it is 67 degrees in santa rosa, napa 65, vacaville at 71, 69 at livermo livermore. mainly blue sky over the golden gate for now. we'll see a few more cloud features developing overnight with spotty drizzle. unsettled pattern late thursday into friday. we might see some showers ther. overnight a few spotty sprinkles or showers along the coastline, perhaps even a few across the bay and inland. overnight lows will generally be in the low 50s. look out for that drizzle along
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the coastline. this early tomorrow morning look for lingering clouds and possibly some drizzle even during the morning commute. by noon we'll see mainly sunny skies going into the late afternoon. it will be warming up to low 80s inland, mid 70s around the bay, shoreline, around 60 on the coast. then it will start to cool down after sunset. highs tomorrow under breezy conditions about 63 degrees at half moon bay. fremont 77 the expected high. and looking even farther ahead, thursday morning 10:00 area of low pressure from inland will drop in our direction and bring more moisture in, which will produce the likelihood of some
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showers late thursday into early friday. so it's not going to be a heavy storm but we will probably get some wet weather out of that system. our projection for rainfall totals looks like this, not much expected in the north bay but down onto the peninsula a few hundredths of an inch it's going to be wet in parts of the east bay. right around the shoreline on the peninsula, not so much so on the east bay. dry conditions tomorrow under mainly sunny skies, high temperatures up to or above 80 degrees inland. it will cool down a little bit on thursday as the clouds increase. once again, bear in mind that chance of showers late thursday into early friday. we'll get partial clearing late friday and then the weekend gloriously sunny and mild, high temperatures up to about 80 degrees inland on sunday and monday. mid 70s around the bay and about 62 on the coast. couldn't be better. >> i think moms will agree that they like gloriously sunny for
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the dubs dropped game four to the rockets in houston last night. golden state could not contain houston's three-point shooting. and james harden was awesome last night. the rockets hit 17 threes and suddenly the series is now tied at 2-2. game five is tomorrow back here l so and we are you've probably heard about steph curry's popcorn obsession. he ranked the popcorn at toyota center fairly high but it's not his favorite.
4:25 pm
>> the popcorn guru there is trying to change that. >> reporter: between the chaos of music and bodies, rockets fans filling the toyota center are also hit with the sweet smell of popcorn. chris thompson has scooped his buttery bliss for more than ten year years. he's caught the attention of one of the nba's best players. steph curry has a popcorn problem. before each game he requests a bucket at the toyota center. it comes right from thompson's popper. recently curry ranked each arena's popcorn. the toyota center placed seventh. >> it's pretty competitive. honestly i don't know what the big between like number three and number seven. >> reporter: curry ranked each of the arenas' popcorns based on a series of factors. he judged it on freshness,
4:26 pm
saltiness, crunchiness, butter and of course presentation. the rockets say it's no surprise thompson's bucket made curry's top ten because those are factors he works on with each batch. >> it has to be perfect. >> reporter: but it's not perfect according to curry. the mavericks, he says, come close to perfection. you are dallas as number one. >> i don't know where they source their kernels from. >> reporter: the toyota center staff hear his concerns. a challenge the rockets' popcorn guru is ready to tackle so fans have even more to cheer about when they enter the toyota cent oracle's popcorn ranked hi in the crunchiness category but ranked low marked for freshness. the worst l.a. staples center. construction of the ware
4:27 pm
you warriors new arena is in the home stretch. workers were led through a yoga session as part of construction safety week. the chase center is set to hold its first center on november 6th when metallica performs with the san francisco symphony. the number of measles continues to rise across the country and right here in california. >> first, pot, now to simone, i leave the van gogh. to harrison, the wine collection. to craig, this rock. the redwoods to the redheads. the rainbows to the proud. i leave these things to my heirs, all 39 million of you, on one condition. that you do everything in your power to preserve and protect them. with love, california.
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here are the stories making headlines at 4:30. a man accused of attacking and injuries a security guard in san francisco is a freeman. the jury dead locked and the judge declared a mistrial in the case of jesse viera. prosecutors say he beat the security guard because he tried to stop him from skating around a high-rise. this update on the second day of testimony of the goet sh ghost ship warehouse trial. this alert about a shooting at a school near denver colorado. at least eight people were hurt and two suspects are in custody. the shooting comes just weeks
4:31 pm
after the 20th anniversary of the attack on columbine high school. the search is still going on for a 4-year-old girl in houston, texas. adding to the investigation, the girl's two siblings were taken from their home by child protective services. >> reporter: search crews in houston continuing to look for the missing 4-year-old girl who disappeared in a strange series of events. malia davis's step father said he was heading to the airport to pick up mall leah malia's mothe. >> two hispanic men get out saying malia looks very nice. the other male hits darien in
4:32 pm
the head. >> reporter: he says he was kidnapped and woke up with malia gone. >> i just buried my father and i can't even properly grieve. and then to come home to my daughter missing -- >> abc learned that malia and her two brothers were removed from the home by child protective services last august over allegations of physical abuse. the children returned home in february. time is of the essence. malia has had several brain surgeries and requires medication and constant care. police are still searching for the car. malia was last seen wearing blue jeans and a pink bow in her hair. r. kelly appeared in court in chicago for the latest hearing on the assault charges filed against him. he arrived with six defense attorneys. prosecutors gave kelly's defense team several hundred pages of
4:33 pm
discovery and they promised to turn over even more. those papers detail the evidence against kelly. kelly will return to criminal court for another hearing next month. he's also due in family court tomorrow regardin ining child support. several groups plan to challenge a law in georgia which bans abortions once a fetal heartbeat can be detected. doctors can usually discover a fetal heartbeat about six weeks after conception. that's before most women even know they are pregnant. other states are considering similar laws. mississippi, kentucky and ohio have enacted similar laws that are also being challenged. the measles outbreak showing no signs of slowing down. >> 746 have now contracted the virus. california has 42 cases now.
4:34 pm
>> reporter: rachel barrett is one of manyxiously watching as the number of people with measles continues to climb. 764 people have contracted the virus in 23 states. that's the highest nationwide count in the last quarter century. a third of those people are under 5 years of age. barrett says her 5-year-old is immunized but her 3 month old is too young to get vaccinated. >> the most important is the group that's say 6 months old to 11 months old in an outbreak area. normally we would postpone that vaccination to 12 months. we like to get those unvaccinated children in. >> reporter: doctors are urging people who are not sure of their immunity to ask the doctor to verify their immunization status. >> there's a concern when there's outbreaks that adults who might assume that they're protects are not.
4:35 pm
>> reporter: the cdc recommends that babies get vaccinated at their first birthday unless they live in an outbreak area or are traveling internationally. in that case they can get vaccinated at 6 months old. parents like rachel are hoping everyone who can will get vaccinated. >> my fears of her contracting please els would prevent me from going out into the world and taking her places but i can't shut down our lives zblrchg. >> doctors are urging people who are unsure of their immunity to speak to their health care provider for more guidance. psychedeliclawed in the u.s 1968. backers say they want to prevent people from going to jail for possessing them or using them.
4:36 pm
beverly hills considering outlawing the sale of tobacco products. if approved, it would the first in the nation to draft the ban. only three existing high end cigar lounges would be exempt. still ahead, acclaimed actress glenn close comes to our studio to explain by mental health awareness month is so important to her. plus, the east bay man who opened up his home to a homeless couple. the story with a few lessons for us all. mostly sunny skies over the bay area but
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4:39 pm
as we work on helping build a better bay area, we are bringing attention to people who are making a difference. one man even opened his home to help a homeless te inves >> thank you for having me. >> this couple actually lived on the streets for nearly a decade and one man stepped forward, he wanted to help. you spent time with the couple. tell me about their situation. >> they stayed in the doorway of a county building on broadway and oakland. they stayed away from most of the camps that have been set up around there in downtown oakland. they rarely wanted to be a part because they didn't want to be known as part of the riffraff. very jovial, nice couple.
4:40 pm
they spent their time during the day just watching boats. and they made friend with people with homes. that's why i was so fascinated by their stories. here's a homeless people that's just part of the community like you and i and i think that's how they should be looked at. >> they didn't want to be seen as troublemakers. they are good people. how did the homeowner find out about their plight? >> he read my column and he e-mailed me that morning. i said sure, let's set up a meeting. he and i met and he wanted to meet them. i connected them to a friend he had made at jack london square, a guy who walked his dogs every day and they had been friend for two years. >> how long did they stay with him and how does he feel it worked out? >> they were there for three months and he wants them to stay as long as necessary because he wants to help them get on their feet to where they can be
4:41 pm
place, manage their money in a different way. he's willing to work with them because he knows that this is an example that if this works, it could inspire more people to do something similar. >> absolutely. what an incredible outlook he has and hope for the future and for the other people who are home less. so he would consider opening his doors again if he helped get those people on their feet and maybe do this another time? >> i believe he wants to inspire people to do the same thing and he wants to create something that's more lasting. now, i can't say what he's discussed with me, but i think there's something in the works that would shatter this myth that homeowners cannot help homeless people, that it's unsafe to let people who live on the streets move into your home. >> is he getting anything else out of this besides the joy from helping people? >> no, not at all. in fact, he has made wealth, he has become a developer and earned his money, but he reminds
4:42 pm
him of his childhood when his family spent significant portions of time on welfare. so what it really is, is taking him back to his roots and realizing now that he's had this success, it's time to help others. >> he has made this choice but it does affect other people. this is a neighborhood. so it hasn't always been easy. what has the response been like? >> the primary response is that there are some homeowners who have called the police about greg and marie being on the sidewalk. now, as i pointed out in the story, they are black. piedmont is 74% white, 18% asian and 2% black, so they stick out. but what the homeowner terry mcgrath is really interested in is people don't trust him. he's been there 23 years and he says i didn't have to call the police and let them know that my sister or brother or cousin or intern stayed with me. why do you have to call to let
4:43 pm
you know that a black couple is staying with me? it's actually made his devotion to making this work much more steadfast that people have complained. >> this is fascinating and it definitely makes a lot of people think as we think about solutions and ways to make this a better bay area. now your accuweather forecast with spencer christian. >> we've got baseball tonight at the oakland coliseum. game time 7:07. we're going to have mainly skies at the stoart of the game. clouds increase as the game goes on. it also gets cooler as the game goes on. we may have a little drizzle during the overnight hours. we'll call it spotty drizzle. overnight lows mainly in the low 50s. tomorrow look for bright sunny skies once again, breezy at the coast. upper 70s to even above 80 in some inland locations tomorrow. it so will be nice and mild
4:44 pm
inland. here's the accuweather seven day forecast. we have a great mother's day m coi coming up. temperatures up to around 80 degrees inland around mother's day. i think that will bring a smile to moms and dads and kids well. >> academy award nominee glenn close gets personal right here on abc 7. her push to improve mental health awareness. no more cashless stores in san francisco, that was decided san francisco, that was decided to are we tnot yet.? at crystal geyser we put our mountain source on our bottle... that's cool. ...because we bottle at our mountain source. crystal geyser alpine spring water. always bottled at the mountain source.
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get started with internet and tv for $35.00 each a month for a 1 year when you bundle both with 20 hours of cloud dvr service included. click, call, or visit a store today. when you can't get to the mountain... that's cool. ...we bring the mountain to you. let's go hike over there. i'm out. i'm out. me too. guys! crystal geyser alpine spring water. always bottled at the mountain source. critically acclaimed actress glenn close is in the bay area to talk about mental health. nearly a decade ago she cofounded an organize called bring change to mind. her sister had been diagnosed with bipolar dird a her
4:48 pm
nephew diagnosed with skrits fr schizophrenia. we talked with close and her nephew about the work they're doing. >> we started with to mind. these incredible clubs in high schools. and it started in the bay area. it's now we're in 16 different states. this is where kids with mentors but basically it's peer to peer talking to each other, dealing with the anxiety and depression and the suicidal ideation that they're going through, they have found a way to be there for each other, to understand each other, to learn about the vocabulary. to me, that is the most exciting development that's happened. >> glenn close and her nephew will talk more about this in a commonwealth club event tonight at 7:00
4:49 pm
one thing she said that was so interesting is if she could do "fatal attraction" over again, she'd want to tell it from the perspective of she was chinearacterized as a psychopath. she would tell that story again differently now. we have a list of resources here in the bay area. you just have to go to to find your ally. the san francisco board of supervisors just voted to ban credit only stores. >> yeah. 7 on your side michael finney is here with more. >> unanimous vote. everybody absolutely agreed on this one. the legislation requires brick and mortar businesses to accept cash payments. food trucks, popups are exempt from this all. supporters say cashless merchants discriminate against the poor by requiring credit and
4:50 pm
debit cards for purchases. many low income residents simply can't afford or can't get those cards. the new law goes into effect in store that accepts cash. it opened today in new york city. ap z amazon employees will assist cash paying customers through turnstiles. customers pay before leaving the store but amazon says it won't use cash registers, at least not now. amazon hasn't said when its other stores will start accepting cash. the consumer financial protection bureau proposed new rules for debt collectors today. they include limiting collectors to seven phone calls a week to debtors. but they'd be allowed to send an unlimited amount of text messages and e-mails. consumer advocates worry that could give the industry a new way to violate consumers'
4:51 pm
privacy. a santa clara company will pay $15,000 in a settlement over toxic jewelry. labelle merchandise corporation and four other companies sold jewelry with lead or cadmium in violation of state law. in some cases the level was exceeded by 1,000 times. >> it's the ones for kids and teens that have the highest levels. those waiting for the sequel to avatar are going to have to wait a little bit longer. disney has pushed the release back to december of 2021. disney announced three more "star wars" films will be coming to three teaters. additional avatar films are pola planned for 2023 and 25. all of the movies are scheduled for release around christmas time. disney is the parent company of abc 7. lots to look forward to.
4:52 pm
watch out for a bay area teacher on jeopardy tonight. he teaches spanish at palo alto high school. >> and he is competing in the teacher's tournament. >> trevor crowell. >> the name of this juz brand that comes in a pouch evokes a warm italian island. >> what's capri sun? >> trevor? >> what is observe. >> that's the word. >> what is curiosity? >> yes. >> limited knowledge here. crowell will put his knowledge to the test against a physics type e teacher from new york and an english featuteacher from arizo up next, honoring teachers this teach appreciation day and one woman whose career has spanned nearly five decades in san francisco. >> and dan's here with what's
4:53 pm
ahead at 5:00. new at 5:00, the investigation into what happened in this video. did police in solano county use excessive force? also -- what have you learned out of all this? >> cherish what you have. >> signs of progress and signs of hope six months after the state's deadliest and most destructive wildfire. those stories and a lot more at 5:00.
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remember that one teacher who made a difference in your life? today is teacher appreciation day and abc 7 news would like to highlight the career of sophie lee. this abc 7 star has spent the past 47 years with the san francisco unified school district as a teacher, administrator and principal. >> reporter: principal sophie lee also knew she wanted to be a teacher. her father made sure of it. it turns out that she and her two sisters all became educators. that's her on the right. >> he really wanted us to pursue a professional career. at that time we said teacher is a professional career. >> reporter: lee began working as a kindergarten teacher in san francisco in 1972. >> oh, i just loved the
4:57 pm
children. the joy they bring to me when i teach. >> reporter: 1972, what was happening in 1972? in 1972 the average price for a gallon of gasoline was just under 40 cents. american troops were still in vietnam and nixon was president but not for long. she says what has not changed since 1972 is the passion they all have for teaching. lee eventually went on to be an administrator with the school district and then a principal. on this teacher appreciation day, her students had much to say about her. >> she knows everyone. she's like caring to everyone. >> you feel like she's an actual person. >> she's very nice and she's not like other principals that are mean and rude. >> reporter: this year principal leanne nounsed she was retiring. what are you going to do without
4:58 pm
these kids? >> i'm going to have -- you know, school is my home and now i'm going to tend to my own home and enjoy some time with family and friends and do some traveling. >> reporter: she leaves knowing she fulfilled one of the most honorable of careers. in san francisco, labc 7 news. >> she certainly is a star. if you'd like to nominate someone to be an abc 7 star go to our several businesses are offering freebies and deals to celebrate national teacher appreciation week. we have a full list of offers on get your news any time with the abc 7 news app. it has enhanced live video features, more kusaizaticustomi. that will do it for this
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edition of abc 7 news at 4:00. abc 7 news at 5:00 starts now. smoke that was traveling so quickly with such intensity it was breaking lightbulbs out. >> new details on the ghost ship fire. cell phone video that shows a local police officer body slamming a woman. the family is outraged and demanding action. governor newsome wants to cut taxes. it's all about gender equality. the man with the broken arm and the electric bikes that are out of service but perhaps not off the hook. progress in paradise comes in all forms from cleaning up to chowing down. witness to the ghost ship fire, this man was at the door to the warehouse the night it ignited. his testimony today may be crucial to the case. thanks for joining us. a ghost ship survivor took the stand in day two of testimony,
5:00 pm
describing the terrifying seconds when the fire consumed the warehouse with dozens of people still inside. >> laura anthony is live from oakland with today's top story. >> reporter: late today we heard from a almena who tried to warn him that conditions inside were dangerous. first we heard from a young man who barely escaped the flames. a witness who was inside the ghost ship warehouse testified the deadly fire started small in the rear of the building but then became huge instantaneously. ryan o'keefe was a volunteer at a music event inside the warehouse the night of december 22nd 2016. he told the jury he first saw an orange cloglow. just the speed at whi


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