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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  May 7, 2019 11:00pm-11:34pm PDT

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cancer is now facing a financial crisis as well.
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a deadly school shooting outside denver. students run in terror as two classmates open fire. >> in san francisco where a teacher on medical leave is forced to pay for her own sub. it's a state law that's causing an up roar. >> reporter: i'm kate larson in san francisco. how the city's new fire chief plans to build a better bay area. graffiti on some of our freeway signs are frustrating drivers. what some viewers are suggesting to help build a better bay area. abc 7 news starts right now. >> announcer: now news to build. i don't think she would be paying for that out of her market. >> parents are outraged a beloved san francisco teacher
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battling cancer is forced to pay for her own substitute while on medical leave. >> lisa, how long has this law been on the books? >> at least 40 years, and now a gofundme exists to help this long time teacher with a substitute teacher and other costs. >> that's not fair. that's like crazy. >> reporter: she's a second grade teacher we've chosen not to identify. she suffers from breast cancer and all the attention is causing her extra stress. that includes this gofundme page that has recently stopped accepting donations for her. it was started to help pay for the substitute teachers her paychecks were funding. >> it's kind of like a slap in the face. >> reporter: but it's aerallity all public schoolteachers in the state have to pay for. they can take medical leave for 100 days. during that entire time the cost of a substitute teacher is taken out of the paycheck. if more time is needed teachers
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can take from a catastrophic sick leave bank donated by other teachers for 85 days. no extra money is taken out of that pool. >> we'd love to change it, but we're working in a public school system that's been financially on starvation. >> reporter: it's a hard pill to swallow especially for those who know this teacher and who work in the school. >> she's wonderful. she's a beautiful, lovely great teacher. she's one of the best teachers so it's terrible. >> makes me worry, you know, like later on if that were to happen to me. you know, i have to plan accordingly and that's not fair, you know? >> and we contacted the school district. a rep there referred us back to the state law. >> we spent a week digging into these issues that teachers face all over the bay area. it's part of our building a better bay area series. you can find all the sfories on our website, now to developing news. one student is dead and at least eight others injured after a shooting near denver, colorado.
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the suspects are two of their classmates. one of them has been identified as an 18-year-old.18-year-old.1l >> second shooter still on the loose. >> reporter: officers taking two suspects into custody after police say they opened fire inside their highlands ranch colorado school. >> when we were walking out i don't know if it was a dead body or something to my right with bullet shells and a cracked phone. as we were exiting the building there was a trail of blood. >> reporter: officers quick response credited with helping save lives. >> as officers were arriving at the school they could still hear gunshots and as they were entering the school. >> reporter: the school was so big it took officers two hours to clear every room. >> we believe we have one adult male and one juvenile male. >> reporter: the k through 12 school has over 1,800 students who were immediately put on lock down.
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one sixth grader describing the scene. >> a bunch of kids running out and saying school shooter, school shooter and i'm like, what? is this real or fake, and then i just go after them. >> reporter: authorities asking worried parents to please be patient as they picked up their kids from the nearby recreation center. >> i just want to hold my son. i'm sure he's terrified. >> reporter: one of the suspect's vehicles was contained in the parking lot as authorities work on search warrants. the white house released a statement saying tragically this community and those surrounding it know all too well these hateful and horrible acts of violence. the denver nuggets played tonight and the shooting weighed heavily on the minds of their head coach and staff. he lives near the school and was trying to comfort his daughter. >> i'm texting my daughter telling her she's going to be okay. i don't know even know if she
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will be okay. >> malone says the issue is personal for him. he says his daughter's school has been locked down twice this year. the rio vista police department is investigating the incident you are seeing on the monitor here. >> a police officer picks up a body slams a woman during a traffic stop. >> it's along the sacramento river and about 20 minutes north of antioch. >> the people inside the car say they had just gone to the store to pick up a few things on sunday. when they were pulled over they say the officer told them the vehicle's registration was suspended and it was going to be towed. >> things quickly escalated and police say two of the women ignored officers directions. the driver's mother, though, tells a different story. >> he's aggressing her. she's walking towards her. he had slapped the phone out her hand. >> reporter: the woman who was slammed to the ground says she is sore and has been having
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headaches. a's fans are in for late night baseball. a lighting issue forced a delay of nearly an hour and 40 minutes. it was supposed to start 7:07 tonight in oakland. both teams agreed to play like this with a partial blackout ofr a lighting bank. there's no word yet exactly what caused this weird problem. this is the second game delay in a row involving the reds. just yesterday a swarm of bees caused a 20 minute delay in the game against the giants. one viewer in the south bay reached out on our better bay area facebook group about graffiti on freeway says. the vandalism is a safety hazard and wants cal trans crews in the bay area to consider more proactive changes. amanda
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>> reporter: we found graffiti on easily accessible signs, but there were others up high, a risk for vandals, drivers and the crews have to clean it all up. a south bay resident posted about an issue he couldn't ignore. >> i see a lot of tagging on our signage on the overhead freeway signs out there. >> reporter: we didn't have to travel far to find exactly what he was talking about. graffiti. drivers don't want to see it. the bigger problem, they can't see through it. his post mentioned measures he's noticed around southern california, steps taken to prevent graffiti vandals. so we reached out to cal trans district 7 in southern california. special crews plastic film around signs, and spiked columns just a few ways to deter vandals. >> we used barbed wire that we post up on seeigns that are abo
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the freeway. >> reporter: violators grow more creative ultimately costing taxpayers millions. >> put yourself in harms way just to get a tag up on a high location. >> reporter: we reached out to our local cal trans district. while no one was immediately available to comment the district says it works with chp and has crews focused specifically on graffiti removal. >> if l.a. can do that and orange can do that, why can't we do that up here? >> reporter: something you can do now is report any graffiti you come across to cal trans. in san jose, abc 7 news. >> and you too can share your ideas by joining our building a btter bay area facebook group. er ao strike in several cities including san francisco. airports nationwide are urging
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travelers to brace for a day without ride sharing services. drivers they they want livable wages, regulated fares and job security. it comes of uber's ipo on saturday which is expected to have a evaluation of over billion. the terrifying seconds when fire consumed the warehouse with dozens of people still inside. also on the stand a former construction worker who said he warned almena that the warehouse was quote a death trap. a musical tribute tonight to the son of an oakland city councilwoman. he was shot and killed during an attempted robbery in march. the cal state east bay jazz band in hayward put on the show in honor of victor, his mother was
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among those in attendance of course. victor went to the school before transferring to usc. new details, scientists today confirm the gray whale found at san francisco's ocean beach died because a ship hit it. the marine mammal center says the whale was a 41-foot adult female. it was the ninth gray whale found washed ashore in the last two months and the fourth to die by ship strike. she was once captain of this engine and now she's chief of the san francisco fire department. how she wants to build a better bay area. also here a plan aimed at helping women and parents. the big budget changed announced today for californians. and tomato prices are about to take off. what's behind the sudden jump in cost. i'm meteorologist sandhya patel. tracking fog for your morning commute and a shower possibility later on this week. i'll break it all down for you coming right up. all that's ahead, but first
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here's a look what's coming up tonight on jimmy kimmel live. >> you will not believe what you are about to see. >> we went to bonos house for easter as you do. it's sad
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a federal judge is plannig to order pg&e's directrs to visit the sites of paradise and san bruno. judge william says he wants the board to see the damage first-hand. the order came after the board found pg&e violated.
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kate larson sat down with chief janine nicholson to discuss how she plans to help build a better bay area. >> so my friends call me mine. >> reporter: but you may known her as chief janine nicholson who was sworn in as san francisco's top new firefighter. now that she's had two whole days on the job i sat down with the chief to discuss her priorities. >> number one the homelessness and opioid crisis. >> reporter: chief nicholson says drug related medical calls have gone way up over the past five years. so she hopes to hire more paramedics but also work with services in san francisco to reduce medical emergencies. >> we do fire prevention. why don't we do ems prevention, so we can get ahead of the problem? >> reporter: we've all been warned about the next big earthquake. they hope to ramp up their emergency response program. >> to get more people in the
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city trained to take care of themselves and their families. >> reporter: chief nicholson was 20 years old when she started. she was out then and out now first gay chief of the fired. >> the fire department is currently my significant other, and i'm super happy about that right now. >> reporter: she's also a breast cancer survivor. >> premenopauseal women, so women in their 40s were getting breast cancer at an astronomical rate. they really are my family, and i want to do the best that i can for them. >> reporter: nicholson lives in san francisco and hopes to hire more firefighters from the city. kate larson, abc 7 news. well, california is on its way to eliminating the sales tax on
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>> he'll submit a revised state budget on thursday. >> it doubles a proposed tax credit. the governor also wants to extend paid family leave from 6 weeks to 8 weeks. >> lawmakers have previously pushed on eliminating the sales tax but governor jerry brown vetoed those proposals. we could soon notice a big spike in the price of tomatoes. the united states is teat to impose a 17.5% tariff on tomatoes. the united states ended an agreement earlier this year in which mexican growers promised to sell at fair prices. there are negotiations under way for a new deal. all right, let's turn your attention now to the weather forecast as we hit midweek. >> are we maybe getting rid of the drizzle or more to come, sandhya? >> a tiny bit more, but overall we're going with the weather pattern for tomorrow.
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look what's rolling in toomt as the sun went down. yeah, the fog. and the fog is going to be with us tomorrow morning. so for the commute this is something you'll need to watch out for. it's pushed pretty much into the north bay. you can see a pretty big footprint there across the north bay. it's socked in along the coastline. so tomorrow morning for your commute watch out if you are driving. foggy areas, light chop if you're taking the ferry cross the bay. but if you're walking gray and cool. so a little bit of spotty drizzle tomorrow morning and then the rest of the day is dry. in case you're thinking i've got to wash my car, you have an opportunity to do it tomorrow. temperatures will be coming up into the 60s, 70s. but i do want to warn you that mother nature may be doing a little washing for you as well. friday there's a 30% chance of seeing some wet whether here in
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the bay area. exploratorium cameras showing you overcast skies right now in san francisco. temperatures, they're uniform in the 50s. out the door this is what you're going to face. fog, low clouds and spotty drizzle overnight. unsettled pattern and bright and beautiful weather for mother's day weekend. tomorrow morning, 5:00 a.m., fog will be reducing the visibility, so allow yourself a little extra time for the commute. by 10:00 a.m. pulling out of the inland area, and most of the bay area will be enjoying a nice afternoon. it was a little milder today, we'll keep with that trend tomorrow. yes, you will need a light jacket tomorrow afternoon. you can pretty much shed it. look at the weather. low 60s at the coast, breezy. all the way to the low 80s inland, a mix of sun and clouds. if you're going to the a's game against the reds tomorrow at the colosseum, 62 degrees. dropping down to about 57, so good idea to take the sweatshirt with you. you may need those umbrellas thursdoingnty
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morning. not expecting a whole lot. but as that low tracks into southern california it may just bring in some moisture. it is traversing land so not as much moisture associated with it, and it is late in the season. some of you will see zero. some have the potential to see 0.2 to 0.10 of rain. it goes back to dry, milder and wonderful for mothers day. low 60s to low 80s, another chance of showers next tuesday. is this the accuweather seven day forecast for the area? you might be asking that. we need to get showers in may, but this is becoming a little bit more of a pattern now. >> thanksch, sandhya. large black crows are overtaking a peninsula yard but these won't be flying off anytime soon. we'll explain. tomorrow on good morning america live
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lights out. that was the reason the start of tonight's a's-reds game was delayed. it also described mike on the mound. it was delayed because of issues with the lights in the left field bleachers. came through with two outs, single to right. stev steven piscotti slides under the tag, that was a close one. gt a little help from his friends. laying out to keep his no hitters going. the next batter joey goes deep to center. ramone is there for the robbery. unbelievable catch, saves the no hitter and the shutout. then in the ninth to end it. the a's win it
11:30 pm
and the eight no hitter in team history. >> i'm just glad they got those lights working. that could have been a a three run shot to the left. giants are up for a season high 14 runs. they win it 14-4. back in the bay after losing games three and four in houston the warriors arriving back home earlier today. the series is now at best of three after the rockets beat the warriors by four points last night. the dubs have two great looks to the send it into overtime, but kd and stefwere oph were off th. >> we're used to this. this is all part of it.
11:31 pm
you know, 2-2, home court advantage. we're in a good spot. we've just got to get back to work. >> he's win skating during practice. if he's able to return tomorrow night it'll give a huge emotional boost to the sharks who will play in a do or die game 7 for the second straight playoff series this year. this abc 7 sports report sponsored by river rock casino. a great night for sports. >> game 7 tomorrow, the warriors and the rockets at 7:30. it's your time... .lf... . own it... take off in 3... 2... .aww it's time to get more.
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all right, that's our report. we appreciate your time.
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>> for all of us, thanks


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