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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  May 8, 2019 1:42am-2:12am PDT

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>> whoa! >> that's a woman that just escaped out of that car. the second she manages to get on her feet and run toward the sidewalk, a man also coming from that car chases right after her. >> do something. right there. do something, man. that woman just tucked and rolled for a reason. >> yeah. >> before she is able to go into the house she was aiming for, the man, her exboyfriend grabbed her again and started pulling her toward the vehicle. you did see one person on a bicycle, instead of getting involved, took off. another person on a bike that also takes off and doesn't help this woman. >> guys. >> the man then drags her to the back of the car, starts pushing her in when you see a second man from inside the car get out, as if to help the exboyfriend get this woman back in the car. unfortunately, he manages to get her back in the car.
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the whole thing caught on video. >> that's where the story ends? >> no, amazingly, she was released, somehow, the next day. she was interviewed and told people she was afraid that he was going to kill her. >> surely, he must be going to jail. >> he has been arrested and you can imagine he is going to face serious consequences. according to reports, after she broke up, she moved to a different city to try to stay away from him. he still found her and this happened. the good thing is she survived and made it out of this situation. in my mind, paragliding is exciting enough. but some people like to add the ac acro in front of it and call it acro paragliding. this is what's known as the infinity tumble. known by many to be the most radical and risky of the tricks.
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>> holy cow. >> look how fast he is going doing that. they hold the world record for infinity tumbling. >> anybody want to throw a number out? >> how many in a row? >> 613. >> how long did that take? where is that video? >> i don't know how your brains don't scramble in pieces. they love their road trip, so -- >> you wonder, what would happen if 100 people went on one massive road trip together to a certain destination. >> the road trip is to find where he is going to be and crash his date. >> start dating. they have been talking online. they have known each other for a while. the guy figures why not crash that first date with 100 people. three days later, they put out a
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call on instagram. >> we are going, but waiting -- >> it's what they like to do. >> thomas! thomas! >> this point, 100 strangers make a convoy down to san diego. >> we are coming to san diego, dude. >> how many people are coming? >> surprise. >> you are going to end up making friends with people you never would have met otherwise. >> the biggest third wheel of all time. >> managed to get 100 followers. >> they come up with a plan. >> we laid out the lead the path design. >> they have been given a time and location. >> hopefully they will not be making this too awkward. >> this is about the time we discovered it. it is cool.
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>> one of the most -- humans i have ever met. traveled to every country in the world. the range of stories and experiences she lived makes her good. >> she won't freak out when -- >> head down, around, walk over the rocks. >> oh, my gosh. >> she walks down this tunnel of flowers. is this a sign in the background? >> oh! >> didn't plan that part. >> it was every sweet moment. >> thomas! thomas! >> it's time to give away another ipad. you need tuesday's buzz word, be 18 years of age or older and legal resident of the u.s.
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>> when you think of time away in the caribbean, you think of warm, aqua >> right. >> take you somewhere just a little bit different, still in the caribbean. this is northeast columbia and this is -- this video was captured by gigi joseph. they reopened the salt mine and the pink colors caused by salt loving micros. some were calling it the red sea at easter time and taking pictures of it. >> this is a recent development? it's not always been the pink sea? >> it's been pink before, but the salt mine was closed. it was a ghost town. when it reopened, tourists are like, ooh, let's go see it. >> the reason is instagram. >> people are fascinated by the
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look of it because it's something you don't see very often. there are pink lakes around the world, bolivia, australian has a couple and other countries have pink bodies of water. it's simply what's in the water that turns it that color. caught up on the train, but we need to get this train going. >> on or off, pal. big decision. >> why it goes a bit off the rail. >> the slomo guys get a closer look. >> we see it all the time. >> how fire sprinklers really work, coming up. ♪ [coughing]
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public transit system. in this case, things are about to go off the rails. what's he doing? >> trying to hold the train for somebody or being a jerk? >> the latter. >> we are in hong kong. go behind him. push him back out. let the doors close. >> one of the train officials come up. that's when he starts shouting, we need to get this train going. on or off, make a decision. >> no, he's shouting to get started. >> pretty clear. >> you be the judge. >> i'm judging guilty. >> as he's fussing and cussing, he's still delaying the train.
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>> london, new york, this would have been fixed in seconds. they would have found an unconscious body. clean up the video and get things moving. >> apparently, he was asked leave. police weren't so kind. [ bleep ]. >> do not go, voluntary male gorilla. >> he gets a lot of extra attention and extracurricular. >> he let his check up be viewed. is this a privacy club. going to the doctor and swing open the curtain. i don't want to see all that. the first thing, though, is they have to tranquilize him. they do it by injection training. >> they come over and present your shoulder. give the injection, which the
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alternative would be a dart gun. anima ss>> >> once sedated, he goes to sleep. then they have to get him in the room to get checked out. they are checking him out because once a gorilla gets to a certain age, they have a tendency to get diseases. they get him in the room, hands bound up. >> we draw blood, where we give the vaccines and the footprints for the gift shop. >> you get to see everything. even the littlest visitors know you get a shot to get healthy. once they give him the test and examination. they want him to wake up quietly without the presence of people. wake up in a quiet environment. there's a treat for him back
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there. when he wakes up, all is well. let's take a closer, slower look at one of those things you see all the time, but don't give much thought to. >> slomo guys are here to show exactly how they work. they set up a device, that has red cap on the inside. >> the juice expands. it smashes the glass and lets the water breakthrough and dump the fire. >> he has to heat it up. instantly, it goes. didn't take very long. nope. they get a couple angles. i it's neat to see. that's what's holding the valve in place. it opens up the valve and this wide open jet of water hits that dispursing plate. >> huh. fascinating. >> yeah. >> this is so slow, you can see
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that's why there'serent gold bond overnight lotion. works while you sleep, as hyaluronic acid locks in moisture. gold bond overnight lotion. ♪ ♪ (clap, clap) olly. next time you look at your electric toothbrush, you are going to call it incompetent. can your toothbrush play music? >> what? ♪ >> oh. >> this toothbrush is making a
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sound track. >> no, no, no. that toothbrush is part of the device orchestra. it is the brain child of 28-year-old former software developer from finland. he originally did it as a project and posted a video, forgot about it and it suddenly went viral. he quit his job as a software developer to focus on this. it's working for him. this happens to be "wanna be" by the spice girls. this is a famous one from an opera. it's a toothbrush and couple receipt machines. ♪ >> it's an annoying sound.
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>> hey! >> this one, you may recognize. we have several credit card machines and a small minisort machine. ♪ >> yep, "happy" by ferrell williams. this one, he uses several credit card machines for "the star-spangled banner." this has a surprise at the end. if your family is crazy like my wife's family is, then i may have the perfect place for that family reunion. the great escape. it's in orlando, florida.
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13 bathrooms, sleeps up to people. >> i can bring all my cousins, plus one. >> as you can see, there is ten acres of fun to be had. check out the pool. it's like a stable. lazy river. super fast slide as well. when you get inside, there's a laser to try to find your way through. you have two escape rooms, you know the things you go in? there's an arcade. there's the game show themed bedroom, casino suite, with roulette, scrabble. there's something for everybody. there's an incredible home theater to enjoy and get the latest movies. >> so much going on, you never see other people that show up. >> 100% kids. there's a video game room. six separate screens and
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multiple gaming units. >> this is a family reunion destination or rented for anybody? >> they say sure a family reunion but team building, things like that. >> you covered everything except the price. >> base price is 1400 a night. divide it by 54. it's very affordable. >> it's time to give away another ipad. to ender, you need the buzz word, be 18 years or older and legal resident of the u.s. head over to and click on win ipad. let's reveal tuesday's buzz word. it's space. >> enter tuesday's buzz word, space. good luck, everybody. tiffany's tackling top
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secret beauty trends. >> change your life. >> why beauty is painfullll
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considering the amount brought in, if you can do it, go for it. we have the chicks. ♪ we have all seen and heard the claims about top secret beauty projukts. they promise to change their life. you are right. it's tight. >> i want to be right. and tight. >> hey, ladies, if you like to stay on top of the latest fashion trends like i do, you are not going to want to miss this video. >> try two of the top beauty products. >> face, cheek, mask, lip -- >> sounds like spanx for your
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face. >> that's basically what it is. >> hello. >> now, to strap this thing on. >> okay. >> this is your neck character. >> yeah. yeah. >> i just don't understand beauty. >> up next -- >> facial cupping. >> oh, cupping. >> why is there a test tube. >> it increases blood flood. it is going to make you look younger. >> leaving the cup on the sink. permanent bruising may occur. >> the lotions and mask. >> i don't know where these things are supposed to go. >> she's trying to figure it out. let it fill and drag. i did it. >> oh, my goodness. if people are making money off stuff like this, i'm going to come up with some crazy, useless
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product to make money. >> i honestly feel likes doing something. i really do. >> that's our show. join us next time for a brand-new episode of rtm. >> our contestant today wren schultz of anacortes, washington is a professional juggler. let's hope he doesn't drop the ball when he gets to that million-dollar question today on "who wants to be a millionaire." [dramatic music] ♪ [cheers and applause] you got fans. you got fans. hey, everybody, welcome to the show. are you ready to play "millionaire" today? [cheers and applause] you ready to go, wren? >> i sure am. >> all right, let's set up the board. 14 questions between you and that million dollars. you have those three lifelines up there if you need 'em. let's make some money.
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>> sure. >> let's play "who wants to be a millionaire." [dramatic musical flourish] ♪ deep breath. $500 question starts us off. good luck, here we go. ♪ all of these are names of noticeable formations in the atmosphere of jupiter, saturn, or neptune--except for which? [laughter] >> uh, well, gosh, luckily there's that easy answer number d because i've never heard of the white spot or the dark spot, but i'm gonna go with d, great parking spot, final answer. >> of course. $500. >> whoo. >> you did it. >> yeah. >> second question worth $1000. according to a famous 2011 beyoncé hit, which of the following "run the world"? girls, squirrels, two guys named earl, elite squads of super-intelligent babies. >> i really like these low-value
2:10 am
questions because they're so funny. they get to [indistinct]. >> you would be surprised. [laughter] >> yeah, and i guess i shouldn't say that before i answer correctly here, but i just can't imagine that it's anything but a, girls, final answer. >> of course. that's right. $1000. [cheers and applause] ♪ all right, third question moves us up to $2000 on the ladder. for the 13th edition of encyclopedia britannica, published in 1926, none other than harry houdini fittingly wrote the entry for which topic? >> that's gotta be conjuring. he did magic. conjuring, magic. um, conjunctivitis, no. conga line, no. that'd be pretty funny, though. condominium, no. so, c, conjuring, final answer. >> how about that little known fact? houdini writing
2:11 am
for the encyclopedia. kinda cool. ♪ all right, $3000 question. right here. which of these is a type of alcoholic drink and not a common type of baseball pitch? >> which of these is a type of alcoholic drink and not a common baseball pitch? forkball, baseball pitch. screwball, baseball pitch. knuckleball, baseball pitch. so a highball has to be a type of alcoholic drink. so i'll go with b, highball, final answer. >> moves you to $3000. >> all right. >> and the next step is $5000. >> okay. >> that's the first threshold we can get to. here's the question. more than a century before the avengers and the justice league, what mythical hero "crossed over," appearing in "ivanhoe," the 1820 novel by sir walter scott?
2:12 am
♪ they go from easy to hard pretty quick. >> self-respect. >> yeah, right. >> so i think i would rule out robin hood and beelzebub. ♪ and then "ivanhoe," i'm not familiar with that book. i'm gonna take my chance and use a "50/50" on this one, final answer. >> okay, all right, i'll take away two incorrect answers. you're left with robin hood and goliath. b and d. >> like i said, i haven't read "ivanhoe," but i do picture it being a horseback-style tale, which does fit with the robin hood thing, and goliath is a giant monster, and that doesn't kind of fit with "ivanhoe." but also, mythical hero. i--i hate to do this, but i'm gonna ask the audience now. >> okay. >> yeah, final


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