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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  May 8, 2019 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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look at this lunch time temperature with sunshine around our bay and inland neighborhoods. 67 to 68. great to be outside. 74 to 78, not too bad either. we'll be right in the mid-70s. alexis? okay, mike. take you out to the discovery bay area where we have a crash on highway 4. reports of a collision involving some injuries so they're trying to get more lanes open. emergency crews just arrived to assist. we are seeing back yuups on the westbound side. westbound 580 tracy into dublin. that's been heavy all morning. if you're continuing on antioch to concord, slow at 27 minutes. southbound 101 san rafael to san francisco, north bay commute looks good in the green at 18 minutes.
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authorities in colorado just wrapped up a news conference to update us on the school shooting outside denver. we brought this to you live from the live desk. one 18-year-old student dead and eight injured. they used handguns when they fired shots inside the school in highlands ranch yesterday. one suspect is identified as 18-year-old devon erickson. he's scheduled to make his first court appearance this afternoon and now we've learned the other suspect is a teenaged girl. >> we got to the office where we were able to determine that one of the suspects was a female. this individual is a young person, this individual is a small, young person. the identity wasn't definitive when they were taken into custody.
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>> the two teenagers began firing shots in two separate locations. we have learned that three students are still in intensive care this morning. reggie? the mother of a murdered college student with bay area ties is speaking for the first time. molly tibbetts was murdered in iowa in july, and police say her killer was an undocumented immigrant. he's now awaiting trial. the mother says she is trying to move forward on what would have been molly's 21st birthday. >> i don't want to feel anger. people have asked me, you know, will you ever forgive him? i've gotten nowhere near that. coming up at 7:00 on "gma" how calderwood continues to celebrate her daughter's memory. a musical tribute for the son of city councilwoman.
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this show was put on in his honor, he was shot and killed in an attempted robbery in march. his mother was among those in attendance. victor went to cal state east bay before he transferred to usc. 6:03 now. a san francisco teacher fighting breast cancer is paying for her own substitute while on medical leave because of a state law that's been around for at least 40 years. abc 7 news is not identifying the glen park elementary teacher because her friends say the attention is causing her extra stress. right now teachers get ten sick days per year followed by medical leave for 100 days. during that time the cost of a substitute teacher is taken out of their paycheck. if they need more time teachers can use money from a, quote, catastrophic sick leave bank for up to 85 days and other teachers can donate to that bank. >> i would love to change it but we're working in a public school system that's been financially
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>> it makes me worry later on if that were to happen to me. i have to plan accordingly and that's not fair. >> abc 7 news contacted the school district about this and a representative referred us back to that decades old state law. we spent a week digging into the issues teachers face all over the bay area. it is part of our building a better bay area series. you can find all of the stories on our website, california is on its way to eliminating the sales tax on diapers and tampons. governor newsom says it's part of his parents agenda. the governor will submit a revised state budget tomorrow. the proposa30 million for child care and doubles a proposed tax credit. the governor wants to extend paid family leave from six weeks to eight weeks. lawmakers have pushed for eliminating the sales tax but governor jerry brown vetoed those proposals. new this morning san francisco's oldest comedy club is moving but they don't know where they're
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going. punch line is leaving in august after it was unable to renew its lease for its longtime space on battery street. the club opened in 1978. it is where legendary comics like robin williams, dana carvey, ellen degeneres, wanda sykes took the stage before they became famous. the club says it is looking for a new venue. san francisco's new fire chief says her first priority is to deal with homelessness and the opioid crisis. >> in a one-on-one interview with abc 7 news chief jeanine nicholson says drug-related medical calls have gone way up in the past five years. she wants to hire more paramedics. first, she wants to work with homeless service agencies to reduce the number of medical calls. >> we do fire prevention. why don't we do ems prevention. so we can get ahead of problem, get ahead of the high call volume, and help people at the same time get into services.
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let's take a look at neighborhood temperatures in san francisco, the cool spot, 56 in ocean beach. the warm spot you're going to see temperatures in the low to mid-50s everywhere this morning thanks to the effect of the cloud cover. a west wind at 13 at the golden gate that will temper our sunshine. watch out for the pollen if you're going to be outside. let's take a look at some more neighborhoods. a 12-hour look. the cloud cover hanging on, some 60s there. almost total sunshine and right around 70 to 73 degrees. really comfortable. east bay valleys warmer with that sunshine in the afternoon hours. mid-70s. wouldn't be surprised if some of us hit 80s as we're driving around. in the south bay, cloudy through 11:00. clouds and sunshine. a few clouds hanging around at 1:00.
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mid-70s throughout the afternoon hours dropping down to 68 at 7:00. in the south bay thinking about the sharks game. i'll have that forecast coming up. over to alexis and the morning commute. good morning, mike. we're looking at the backup that, unfortunately, is a daily thing on the richmond side of the bridge. westbound 580 has about a ten-minute delay on the approach there to get on to the span. that is due to the emergency road repair and the metal plates in the roadway. they are about halfway done. i guess that means there's an end in sight. walnut creek to dublin looking good, in the green at 14 minutes. 101 santa rosa to san francisco, one hour and four minutes. highway 1 to los gatos looking good at 23 minutes. lyft riders may soon hail rides from wamo driving bans. they will offer self-driving. they will have access to ten
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vehicles and will be able to choose on the lyft app whether they want to ride in a self-driving vehicle or one with an actual human behind the wheel. would you do it? >> i was confused because so far still only a safety driver. >> is that person still friend? >> they will still be there. they can take over in case something goes wrong. >> okay. yes, in that case. >> i agree with that. >> i'm going to give it like ten years and then maybe i'll try it. >> once you see alexis do it, then you know it's totally safe. >> alexis, thank you. a transportation problem and now a possible solution. students try to get better bus serve ir peers. a revolutionary temperament for people with addition being i'm just a normal person who got an awful skin condition.
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now to the breaking news out of england this morning, our first introduction to the newes. >> they revealed their son to the world less than two hours ago. live in windsor this morning with the images everyone wants to see. good morning. >> reporter: hey, reggie and
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natasha. what an exciting morning it has been indeed. harry and meghan have just given us our first look at their little boy. the moment the world has been waiting for, baby sussex, the newest royal peeking out from under a white bonnet, just 2 days old, saying hello to us all for the first time. >> it's magic. it's pretty amazing. i have the two best guys in the world, so i'm really happy. >> reporter: the proud parents harry and meghan promised to share this happy moment with all the world's media but after they had a little time to soak up their joy in private. >> it's great. parenting is amazing. it's only been, what, two and a half days, three days, but we're just so thrilled to have our own bundle of joy to spend precious time with him as he starts to grow up. >> reporter: the new parents have received well wishes from around the world but some
6:16 am
solidarity from their closest relatives will and kate welcoming them to the basy world of parenting. >> i'm very pleased to welcome my brother to sleep deprivation of parenting. >> reporter: no one knows if they'll go with an american or a british traditional name. we'll find out soon enough. all smiles there and just toward the end of the broadcast meghan redeveloping they were off to see the queen. he's not going to be short of playmates. reggie, natasha? >> i have a question. there was a lot of talk about where harry is going to move with meghan and their baby after this. it seems to be tough to bring an infant to california or africa so soon? >> reporter: so, yeah, there was a lot of speculation a few months ago, the rumor maybe
6:17 am
harry and meghan would move to africa because, of course, the continent has many special places close to their hearts. they have a humanitarian trip to africa in i think about a couple weeks. the baby may join them. that's a nice wayntrodu to a lifetime of charitable endeavor. as for now we expect them to stay in windsor. maybe they'll bring the baby to california to visit her mom's homeland. we'll wait and see. full of love and joy all around. >> they're welcome to california anytime. >> swing on by. you're never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. good morning. thank you very much. you can see a gorgeous morning unfolding. this is what it looks like at pier 15. we're starting off with some may gray but plenty of sunshine and warmer temperatures this
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afternoon. drizzle near the coast. today's temperatures, you can see a sprinkling of 80s inland. lake port, 81. 82 in ukiah and mid to upper 70s inland to the south bay. low to mid-70s. tonight you can see the green along the coast signifying some drizzle even in the santa cruz mountains, temperatures in the low to mid-50s. an area of low pressure will move from east to west firing up showers and thunderstorms across the sierra but with that counterclockwise flow it will steer back to us. you can see a green blob over the top of us at 8:30 and then quietness friday during the early morning and afternoon hours. you can see a few more chances of showers during the afternoon hours friday. everything should start to calm
6:19 am
down. look at the rain totals. wave t in friday a couple hundreds of an inch. the sunshine returns and makes it a gorgeous really comfortable mother's day weekend. have a good one. here's alexis. good morning, mike. taking a look at the roads this morning, we do have one new issue in a tough spot here southbound 880 under state route 92. a crash is blocking at least one lane. you are heavy that will make it heavier. and some better news in discovery bay, westbound 4 before discovery bay boulevard. an earlier crash had lanes alternating through the area. the roadway has fully cleared. i am seeing a backup in both directions but that is start to go recover.
6:20 am
we're looking okay here but i am just getting reports of a new crash in the richmond area. thanks, alexis. "good morning america" coming up here on abc 7. >> rob marciano with a look at what's ahead. good morning, rob. great to be with you on this wednesday. lots coming up on "gma." live in colorado with the very latest on the deadly school shooting. two teens in custody this morning. accused of opening fire in that school. the hero students who tried to stop them. plus, an abc news exclusive, the mother of molly tibbetts, that iowa college student, killed jogging last year. her mom is speaking to us this morning only on "gma. "it's a big morning otherwise. judge katy perry
6:21 am
and the "sports illustrated" swimsuit issue revealing who is on it live. it's a "gma" exclusive. jam packed. >> you have a lot going on. >> they don't have a name yet for baby sussex, is that right? reginald is very regal -- >> what did i say? rob marciano this is what i have been pushing for. >> you said, too? >> you can dress it up or down. it can be reg or reggie or reginald. we should start a hash tag campaign. >> reginald. to the west palace. >>he palace. >> i don't know the royals, obviously. london bridge, tower bridge.
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it's the warm-up before the chance of showers. check out the temperatures this afternoon.
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just about all of us in the low to upper 70s, a few degrees above average. this morning i am tracking what could be a major breakthrough in treating drug addicts. curing addiction with the flip of a switch. an implant that can stimulate the brain. basically a pace make they're targets areas of the brain connected to addiction. it's not without some concerns. efforts to advance in the u.s. and europe have not been successful because of ethical questions surrounding it. it is also extremely expensive. back to you. >> jessica, thank you. >> students of color are asking the municipal transportation
6:26 am
agency for faster and better service. they say bus service is too slow, too crowded and not reliable. they say it's keeping some students from attending highly competitive lowell which is located on the city's west side in the sunset district. students spoke to the mta board and asked for better service to get to school. >> geography is one of the reasons some don't want to attend lowell because lowell is pretty far awa >> the mta says it will look at providing an express or limited stop bus service before and after school starting in the next school year. >> did you see it? history made at the oakland coliseum. >> and six months after the campfire a look at the progress to rebuild in butte county. here at the live desk i'm tracking the investigation into that deadly school shooting in colorado.
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and because is america's #1 brokerage site our agents get more eyes on your home so you sell for thousands more than the one next door. don't get stuck in the past. sell with a redfin agent. and right now at 6:30, the breaking news everybody is talking about this morning, our first look at baby sussex and now a closer look at the newest member of the royal family. >> reporter: uber and lyft drivers will strike at noon today. i'm jobina fortson live at sfo this morning with what travelers and riders should be prepared for. and at the live desk i am tracking new details coming in
6:30 am
this morning on the colorado school shooting. we'll take you live to highlands ranch with the investigation. plus, a shocking surprise for one man when a snake lurches from a wall in his home and bites him right in the face. you have to wait for what he says when that happens. okay. >> is it worthy of air? do we have to beep it out? seriously. >> you shall say. >> you'd have to beep me out. >> you're never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. a beautiful day ahead. >> nothing that startling. let's take a look. we're starting off with may gray. much drier than yesterday morning. a look above t fray. a ton of sunshine. a little patchy fog is possible but so far it's been about as nonexistent as the drizzle has been.
6:31 am
bay and inland will be around 74 to 78 at 4:00. a comfortable evening at 7:00. let's say hello to alexis. >> i want to take you to the east bay where we had a new problem come and go. we had a four-car collision blocking the left lane that has already been moved. someone called chp back and that almost caused a second crash. going to leave that crash icon up there. we could have a traffic break or some lanes blocked. you are heavy from beyond highway 4. vta, we have a light rail service disruption due to a car that is reported on the tracks. no light rail service between that area and a bus bridge is in place until further notice. and a big update here from
6:32 am
colorado where police have just revealed this morning that one of the suspects in a deadly school shooting was a girl. the other an 18-year-old boy who is expected to be in court later today and police are saying that they used two handguns to open fire on their classmates killing one of them. eight are hurt. danya bacchus joining us live from highlands ranch, colorado, with the latest. >> reporter: good morning, jessica. we are hearing from parents and students who experienced pure panic after yesterday's shootings. many can't believe they are dealing with yet another deadly school shooting. the barrage of bullets erupting just after lunch time sending terror through the colorado s.t.e.m. school. >> we were exiting the building, there was a of blood. >> reporter: one student, an 18-year-old, was killed.
6:33 am
fernando montoya's 17-year-old son is one of the wounded. >> the guy pulled a pistol, i'm not sure, out of a guitar case and started to shoot. >> reporter: the students immediately put on lockdown as police went on the hunt for the shooters. >> as officers were arriving at the school they could still hear gunshots and as they were entering the school. >> reporter: parents waiting to be reunited with their children. >> you have no idea what's going on and the children are texting they're hiding under a desk and bullets are hitting their window, or things are hitting their window. it's a horrible feeling. >> reporter: investigators say two shooters began firing in two separate locations. the school so big it took officers two hours to clear every room. >> the first shooter. the second shooter is still on the loose. dark hair, nirvana hoodie. second shooter has purple and blue hair and black hoodie. >> reporter: this morning both suspects are in custody. stents at the school
6:34 am
identifying one as 18-year-old devon erickson, the other a transgender teen. police tow erickson's from this home. and out of the eight injured, all but three released from the hop. they have not released a possible motive and say they do not know if the victims were targeted. reporting live from highlands ranch, colorado, danya bacchus, abc 7 news. new this morning one person is being treated for smoke inhalation after a two-alarm fire. fire erupted in a six floor unit just after midnight. firefighters responded within minutes. it was contained to the unit. a dozen people displaced have been taken care of by the red cross. the cause is still under investigation. in just a few hours uber and lyft drivers will go on strike.
6:35 am
drivers expected to stop picking up passengers for 12 hours starting at noon. >> jobina live for us at sfo. >> reporter: good morning. other transportation survivors are ready to capitalize on the driver strike. many travelers heavily rely to get to and from their destinations. sfo has come out with some warnings, for starters, with the company companies. b.a.r.t. was tweeting earlier this week about discount options to get to the airport. they will save 25% with the airport discount app. strike organizers say at noon today they will expect more than 200 uber drivers to protest outside uber's san francisco headquarters as part of a national day of action. lyft drivers will all be participating as well. the demonstration happening in seven major cities across the country, on the west coast that includes san francisco, l.a. and
6:36 am
san diego. the strike is in response to uber's multibillion dollar public offering set for friday. frusn began to grow following lyft's ipo in march. strike organizers claim while the ipo will make millionaires of many uber investors and executives, the company has cut the pay of drivers often leaving them earning less than minimum wage after expenses. they will be turning off their apps at noon and that will last for 12 hours. >> jobina, thank you. we spent a week digging into the issues surrounding ride sharing in the bay area, call it ride share realities and all of the stories as part of our better bay area can be found on our website. six months to the day since the towns of paradise burned in the campfire. the worst in california history.
6:37 am
rebuilding is under way in paradise with 100 crews of 10 to 15 people each cleaning up every day. businesses are suffering. the may 7 news that in a recent poll only 51% say they intend to move back. 18,000 structures burned. >> visiting the cities of paradise and san bruno because of pg&e equipment. the judge says he wan the board to see the results of the damage firsthand. he wants the board to meet with city leaders in san bruno. a gas pipeline explosion killed eight people in 2010. the judge wants all of this to happen by july. pg&e is warning to prepare for planned power shutdowns this summer and this fall to prevent wildfires.
6:38 am
county supervisors pressed pg&e to find out what residents should expect. pg&e officials say power could be turned off as a last resort when a wind event happens throughout sonoma and napa counties. the utility says it will try to send alerts 48 hours before shutting power off. officials expect the outages to happen four or five times between july and november. now we turn to dub nation. >> tonight could be the final warriors game at oracle arena. to oakland for game five. the rockets won both games in houston to even the series at two games apiece. if the warriors lose tonight they could wrap up the series friday in houston. tipoff is at 7:30. the a's take on the reds at home tonight. >> the a's beat cincinnati and they made history at the observing coliseum.
6:39 am
>> swing and a miss. he did it! >> and with that it was official. reds' third baseman to complete his second career no-hitter in oakland's 2-0 history. it's also just the 300th time a no-hitter has happened in major league baseball history. >> we've all seen it, right? they're stopping it in southern california so why not here? >> and live at the big board and the stock exchange. maybe. maybe not. no. you're not. but we will in just a few moments. first, you're never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. here is meteorologist mike nicco. temperatures in the mid-50s throughout the south bay. los gatos, 46. mountain view the warmer spot at 57 and uniform temperatures, 52
6:40 am
to about 56 everywhere this morning due to the cloud cover. your commute is much drier, haven't seen any fog yet and light breezes on the bay today. let's talk more about our neighborhoods, 12-hour planner. we start off with some cloud cover through at least 9:00 and get to 60 with sunshine. we'll hang right around 70 degrees. east bay a little bit cooler. almost total sunshine this afternoon and upper 60s. as you look at san francisco we'll have a mixture of clouds and sunshine. just about total sunshine this afternoon. a little breezy as you get to the golden gate and that area. two games tonight. you want to talk about that or something else in traffic? >> yeah, i'll talk about that. that's going to be a headache for the afternoon and evening
6:41 am
commute here if you are traveling through the oakland area, 880 and all these surface streets. the a's taking on the reds, first pitch and right next door warriors versus rockets. the parking lots will fill up very quickly. get there early and use mass transit if possible. richmond side of the bridge, of course those metal plates. a quick check of drive times. another 16-minute commute westbound 580 to the maze. that's in the yellow but 16 minutes as well. i'm david louie, i harken back to 1972 at kgo-tv. happy 70th anniversary.
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tto harrison, the wine tcollection.. grace, you get the beach house, just don't leave the lights on, okay? to mateo, my favorite chair. to chris, the family recipes. to craig, this rock. to jamie, well, let's just say, enjoy the ride. the redwoods to the redheads. the rainbows to the proud. the almonds to walter.
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the beaches to the bums. and the fog to, who else, karl. i leave these things to my heirs, all 39 million of you, on one condition. that you do everything in your power to preserve and protect them. with love, california. one of those days where you need to make sure the kids bring the hoodies and coats home. stuck in the 50s to near 60, mid-50s at 7:00. 62 to 64, away from the coast at 11:00. cool but at least a lot of sunshine. 75 inland. the central valley. low to mid-60s along the coast
6:45 am
until you get to los angeles, 67 with a lot of cloud cover today. we'll be watching thunderstorms tomorrow and again saturday and for mother's day. for those of you just joining us this morning, a horrible story overnight in new york city where a family of six was killed in an apartment fire. four of the family members said to be children. it happened in harlem in a seven-story apartment building owned by the new york city housing authority. investigators still determining a cause, but the fire appears to be an accident. an adult man, adult woman, two young boys and girls were killed at the scene. others in the building did manage to escape. this is the deadliest since the 2017 fire that killed 13 people. >> thank you, jessica. new this morning b.a.r.t. police searching for a hit-and-run driver.
6:46 am
you're looking at surveillance photos of the suspect and his gray honda civic. he was driving out of the station's parking lot when he hit the victim. abc 7 news viewers joining in on our effort to build a better bay area. >> one viewer reached out to us on our better bay area facebook group about graffiti. his name is brian and he says it's a safety hazard. he wants crews to consider more proactive changes. his post mentions steps take tone stop vandals in l.a. and ventura counties. we reached out to caltrans district seven. special crews, plastic film around signs and spiked columns are a few ways they're trying to deter vandals. >> some of the methods are barbed wire that we post up on signs that are sometimes above the freeway. >> if l.a. can do that and orange county can do that why can't we up here?
6:47 am
>> something can you do report graffiti to caltrans. click on the story. 6:47. the world getting their first look at baby sussex. the first public appearance early this morning. they have not yet revealed the baby's name but are excited to introduce to family members and take on their new role as parents. britney spears' mother says her daughter's in dire straights and a judge needs to take action. lynne spears is asking a court for a say in her daughter's care t. comes after britney left a facility where she was treated for mental health issues. britney's father is the permanent conservator of her
6:48 am
affairs but is facing problems of his own. kim car dakardashian west a years away from becoming a criminal attorney. "the washington post" reports that kardashian west has funded a legal team that has already helped free 17 inmates. kardashian west worked with a bay area attorney to free alice marie johnson. president trump granted clemency last year after she served 21 years for drug charges. eight burn victims are suing the maker of pam cooking spray. >> they say they suffered severe injuries after cans exploded in their kishens. one is new york city resident maria. 30% of her body was burned when cans of pam exploded in her kitchen. she wants people to stop using pam.
6:49 am
>> you're still burning, you're still burning. i felt like skin was melting off my flesh. >> another restaurant worker in houston was also severely injured when a can exploded. and now your morning money report. the major losses on wall street. >> the worst day since january 3rd. a live look at the big board right now with trading under way. we're up about 31 points right now. investors are worried president trump will impose new tariffs on china friday. analysts are warning we should be ready to be unsettled the rest of the week at best. brand-new on our live desk new rules for pharmaceutical companies who advertise on tv. they will have to tell you just
6:50 am
how much the drugs cost. this will shame the drug industry about their skyrocketing prices. the ten most commonly advertised cost up to $11,000 per month. companies have 60 days to comply and you will see the changes shortly. jessica, thank you. the husband of candidate and south bend, indiana, mayor pete buttigieg will speak at stanford university tonight. she will discuss life on t he will discuss what it is like to be the spouse of the candidate. the event is invitation only. a snake attack in oklahoma was caught on camera. >> oh, [ bleep ]. take me to the hospital. >> the man was opening the screen door when that snake bit him in the face. the snake was wrapped around a porch light. a doorbell camera recorded the whole thing. the man says his friend killed the snake and then took him to
6:51 am
the hospital. doctors determned it was not poisonous. >> that narrowly missed his eye. >> and one more time. >> goodness gracious. that is awful. and may we all have a friend who would jump into action, kill the snake and take you to the hospital. am i right? >> snakes, why does it have to be snakes, mike? >> very nice reference, i like that. >> you're welcome. >> i thought we would have to beep out some of his reaction and sure enough i think we all would have reacted that way. a couple of the fangs looked like they went under his eyelid. terrible. mt. tam, something nicer. we have that gray. we're just of the shark tank. if you're going to be out there partying temperatures in the mid-70s, about 60 once the game is over. more sunshine warmer this afternoon,shows, en trackihe
6:52 am
here is a look at some 80s. they stick out in antioch, santa rosa and ukiah and then mid to upper 70s for the rest of our inland neighborhoods and down into the south bay. into san francisco, tonight, drizzle. green there. also along the peninsula coast. cloudy to partly cloudy. here we are at 2:30 tomorrow afternoon. our first shot of some showers and thunderstorms and in the east bay as we head into the evening hours rotating to the southwest and the south bay. clearing out and calming down friday morning. maybe leftover drizzle. friday evening we have a chance of another stray shower or two in the south bay. that will knock the pollen down. otherwise pretty high as temperatures will rebound quickly in the 70s to near 80s of mother's day.
6:53 am
>> past highway 4, we had a crash involving four vehicles that was in the left lane and then several calls said there's still some big debris in the roadway. they ran a break. they cleared the big pieces. there are a few little pieces still. all lanes are back open. you are stop and go through the highway four split. we did have some heavy traffic a few minutes ago. and a quick update for mass transit, vta, light rail service, normal service is resuming. that car has been cleared from the tracks. we no longer have a bus bridge. new light rail fleet is bigger than they first thought. "the chronicle" reports between 25 and 30 train car couplers are damaged on the new vehicles.
6:54 am
muni first became aware of the problem last month. trains have limited to one car. muni hopes to have it fixed next month. siemen's will be paying for the redesign. set to vote on a major change to sex education. some angry parents are expected to voice opposition to the plan this morning. the proposal doesn't require schools to teach anything in particular. it does give guidance including how to talk about gender identity, puberty and safer lgbtq sex. this is interesting. a new study says that pregnant women who eat nuts are more likely to have smarter kids. researchers from the barcelona institute of global health say mothers who ate more nuts in the first try muimester had childre with better cognitive function and attention span. scientists say the benefit may be linked to high levels of folic acid in nuts.
6:55 am
the author says more research is still needed but is recommending nuts like almonds, walnuts and hazelnuts. first our instagram photo of the day. please follow us. you can see a lot more great, dramatic photos like this one.
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6:57. if you're just joining us or heading out the door here are the seven things to know before you go. number one, one of the suspects in yesterday's deadly school shooting in colorado is scheduled to make his first court appearance this afternoon. the other suspect has been identified as a teenaged girl. authorities say they used handguns killing one student and hurting eight. number two, a family of six has been killed in an apartment fire in new york city. four of them are believed to be children. this happened overnight in harlem and the fire appears to be an accident. number three, a dozen people are out of their homes this morning after an overnight fire in santa rosa. it happened inside after six-floor unit there just after midnight. the fire was quickly put out. number four, some uber and lyft drivers plan to strike today by turning off their apps for 12 hours starting at noon. drivers have a series of demands including increased job security, livable incomes and a cap on the company's commission.
6:59 am
number five, a blanket, a dry blanket of gray covers us. temperatures in the 60s. the rest of us in the mid to upper 70s. number six, looking at our now typical delay richmond side of the bridge, 580. definitely hurts right now. marina bay parkway will take you about 15 minutes. >> wow. number seven, one more look at the still nameless baby sussex. the big reveal made this morning at windsor castle after the public debut, harry and meghan want to introduce the new baby to the queen. >> that photo is the best shot we have of his little face because otherwise he was bundled up and keeping warm. >> they had to zoom in to get that one this morning. >> that's okay. >> very sweet. >> yeah, little baby reginald is shaping up -- >> i'm so glad you have finally come over and are pushing for this as well. i think reginald is the perfect name. >> we have no idea.
7:00 am
just kidding. thanks for watching this morning. good morning, america. horror and heartbreak after another deadly school shooting. one person killed and eight others injured when two students go on a shooting rampage at a colorado school just miles from columbine. students as young as those in kindergarten running for their lives, some calling for help. >> i see just a bunch of kids running out and saying school shooter, school shooter. >> as panicked parents rush in, police rush in to stop the teen gunman. now new details about the suspects and the students who risked their lives to save others. also this morning, double trouble. dangerous tornadoes and flooding pummeling the plains forcing water rescues in houston. dren t schools overnight.


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