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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  May 8, 2019 4:00pm-4:59pm PDT

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before marching at noon. >> you can see the roadway below. it does not look like we see any protesters there at the moment. >> they were busy today. vick lee has been following the story all day. he joins us live with details. >> reporter: you're absolutely right. the rally of some 100 people ended. it lasted several hours. it was loud but peaceful. >> uber, uber, you're no good. treat your drivers like you should. >> about 100 drivers and rt spokers showed up at the rally outside the nondecember headquarters. the ipo launched friday. >> there are about to be some newly minted millionaires upstairs, they continuously cut our y.e rode with long time ube
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driver derrek baker today before the noontime strike. >> i love this industry. i love to drive and i love to meet people. >> the $200 he makes a day plus gas is not enough to live on. >> we want a living wage. we're asking for benefits such as medical, dental. >> at one point, they took over the streets. the protesters allowed buses to go through but not other traffic. they eventually returned to the sidewalk. sarah small usually rides uber and lyft. today was different. >> are you going to take uber during the strike? >> absolutely not. >> reporter: cab drivers we spoke with had different responses. >> hopefully they'll keep going like this. >>. >> reporter: have you noticed an increase in your business today? . no even slower than a normal day. >> reporter: it has been said on an average weekday, there are
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some 10,000 ride share cars in san francisco. but the cabbie did notice something different today. >> there's not as many cars. >> reporter: here on market street where we were, there seemed to be no problem catching an uber despite the strike. shortly after 12:00 noon, there were six available rides. an hour later at 1:00 p.m., five cars. again, the strike is a 12-hour app shutdown. it ends at midnight. again, some ten cities participated. abc7 news. >> did it appear to be business as usual out there? or could you tell if it really did have an effect on commuters. >> reporter: well, like everything else, it depends on who you talked to. they said they saw no difference in their business. now, others did notice as you heard in my story, did notice a drop in the traffic. but we while we were at the
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saint francis hotel, we did notice a whole line of cabbies stretched out in front of the entrance and a couple of ubers picking up passengers presume reply to the airport. >> thank you. as part of our efforts to build a better bay area, we sp ride share industry including how drivers make a which they say is getting harder to do. we looked at background checks and what kind of inspection the car you go in has to go through. the changes being made at sfo to divert traffic away from the terminals. check out our facebook group and you can share your ideas. what you post could turn into a story on tv. today marks six months since the devastating camp fire destroyed much of paradise. the fire was the deadliest and most destructive wildfire ever
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in california. more than 18,000 buildings were destroyed and 85 people died. that's notice% of the housing stock in paradise alone. just 1,400 out of 14,000 homes have been cleared away. and 1.3 billion pounds of m has en so wayne friedman has a look at the recovery effort. >> a memorial by the side of the road just outside paradise. mostly overlooked along with its significance. >> do you know what day it is? >> this >> wednesday? >> wednesday since months after -- >> armageddon. >> it is not as if they've forgotten. though this is much they would like to forget. begin with the passage through hell that so many took escape. >> i would have never guessed something like this could happen here. >> it was something you could not even put into words.
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>> look around. you begin to get a sense of the unprecedented task people face. 11,500 homes burned. that's 90% ofthem. some people wonder, why come back at all in. >> i'm chen leaving, surveys show someone else to say. why? >> it's hole. >> or it will be, as soon as they can get the permits and clear it. >> reporter: does it feel longer or shorter? >> much, much longer. >> reporter: because? some will be getting there faster than others. >> kitchen, dining room. >> reporter: steve, proud owner of building number three and on it.
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>> as soon as they put out the rules and could i apply for something, ied my for it and i was persistent. >> and he has friends in the building business. >> gone of. >> reporter: in keeping with the human spirit, it >> time will tell. >> reporter: all that after six months. in paradise, abc7 abc7 abc7 a >> for so some students in paradise, recovering means driving many miles to go to school. >> it hasn't been easy. paradise high school -- >> it's across the aisle.
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aisle 17 now. no problem. you need to see the office or the nurse. you go to customer service. they're this for you. >> so from the front of the store to here, there aren't any outlets. it's old school. here's the band room. it's kind of neat. they have it all partitioned off. they have a few kids and thanks to donations and our amazing
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band teacher, they have new instruments and they all worked together in big collaboration. >> i'll take you down and show you our library. so everything you see here. they're all donations from again, all over. we're so grateful. at first, everything, you were not able to get to it at school. the library is this because of the smoke damage. they had to certify it. everything here has been catalogued. here's the principal's office right here. i don't remember which aisle was. they had to take numbers down. we're heading toward the eighth gray areas. i know they've been to go some physics with roller coasters
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over there. stuff that is hard to do in a normal classroom. this is our cordoned off area. tables, poem, there's lots off lemonade to be made here. >> amazing what they've been able to do. coming up at 5:00, public comment in sacramento about the wildfire report released last month. what difference could it make for californians? >> we are focused on building a we are bay area and that includes education. ghos for teachers.
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>> abc7 news reporter chris reyes is live at a rally in san carlos with the details. >> reporter: good afternoon. we've seen teachernatiwi. is is called stand up for public schools. it was started this year when it was announce that had schools would be may be facing the same cuts in san carlos. what's the message? a quick read of the signs. we'll tell you. this says i am worth the investment. there is another sign that speaks right to the governor saying, give us some cash. and this one sums it this is littizzy. they know what their teachers deserve. >> how hard does your teacher
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work for you? >> very hard. >> what would you like to say to your teacher? >> thank you. thank you, mrs. b. >> the reality is a teacher thank you in the bay area doesn't cover the costs. >> our teachers start at $50,000 a year. then after a 23-84 >> that's considered low income in the bay area. if he lost his rent controlled apartment, he couldn't live here. he wants governor newsom to listen up. that the funning in now new budget isn't enough. some key demands from parents and teachers. increase per pupil spending to at least $12,400. california ranks 41st in the u.s. in per student spending. they want a regional supplement to ahove great the high cost living. >> i see people trying to work
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on 280 with their teslas and i am a little resentful that this is so much wealth and it doesn't down. this is a grassroots movement at its best. if this has you can see more on the website. >> and it is part of our building a better bay area series. losing leases.leases. now it's having a big effect on one south bay golf course as well. walking into oracle arena this afternoon, it felt surreal
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knowing this might be the night of the final warriors home game ever in this building. draymond green wants to make sure that's not the case. we continue tower look back at 70 years of kgo. coming it's your time... .lf... . own it... take off in 3... 2... .aww it's time to get more. lower fares. better service. sweeter rewards. alaska airlines.
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the warriors are back on home court ready to take on the rockets. >> the series is tied 2-2. larry beal has a look at the
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game. a big game. >> reporter: it is a huge game, dan, the warriors, the franchise, the whole season. a week ago the warriors had won the first two games of the series over the rockets. people were thinking, they might sweep or maybe they'll win in five. suddenly we're back here. the series is tied 2-2 and this might be the final home game ever for the warriors in this building. if the warriors should lose this game tonight, and then lose game six in houston, hey, the season is over. maybe the durant era is over. the run to a three peat. five straight final appearances is over. the warriors have been in oakland 47 years. nobody expected the possible last game might come in round. two draymond green said the warriors need to match houston's physicality. >> they're doing whatever it takes on win. oh, yeah. we'll box.
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and they're slamming us. we have to change our mind set but we haven't. >> reporter: there will be about 20,000 people in this building tonight trying to will the warriors to victory. one thing is for sure. when draymond says he will get physical, he will get physical. >> the shark tank will be rocking as sacramento faces the colorado avalanche in game seven. captain joe pavelski could return to the ice for the first time since a brutal hit in game seven against las vegas last month. he'll be a game time decision. the winner moves on to the western conference finals to face the st. louis blues. we'll see what happens at the tank tonight. >> and we are very proud to be celebrating our 70th anniversary of serving the bay area here.
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>> we've been digging through the station archives. all this week we'll be hook back at memorable moments. >> here's a look back at some of our most more memorable consumel finney. >> over, that's tough. we'd better get over this right away. >> when it comes to getting things done, action 7 does it best. so if you're a wicked politician, a dishonest businessman or a scheming land lord, smile. you're on action 7. >> oh, thank you! thank you! >> action 7. you scene 4:30. ♪ >> a fiery horse to the speed of light. a cloud of dust and a hi ho 7.
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>> if you're going to bust a door, make sure it's worth the wait. >> how to get great money for the holidays. what does we know about fashion? he knows where to find it for less. >> that was hysterical. >> back in the day, as you saw, our correspondents could actually fly. >> that's true. we've lost our powers now. be sure to check out the his, toal look at how it all began seven years ago. >> you can find it on any platform including amazon fire. >> a lot of clips. >> kryptonite has had no effect on the sunny weather. beautiful weather the last found days although a little drizzle overnight. we had a view from the tower. it 59 degrees in san francisco.
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64 across the bay. mountain view, san jose, in saz this is the way it looks. 73 at both concord and livermore. at the golden gate, this is the view with lowering clouds. these are our forecast features. low clouds and drizzle returning. that has been the pattern the last couple nights. scattered showers are likely to develop late tonight into early friday. and we can expect a bright and beautiful mother's day weekend. that's the good news, i believe. game five of the warriors and rockets. the semifinal western conference, the western conference semifinal series is what i'll trying to say. on the way to the game you'll encounter sunnyieovernight, thi.
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we'll see widespread low clouds and fog moving across the bay. locally inland, spotted drizzle again. here's what's producing our chance of showers tomorrow night into friday. we've got a developing system. a little area developing over idaho. that is likely to swing southward and then southwestward. it may bring us some showers tomorrow night into friday morning. here's the forecast animation. late tomorrow afternoon, after a basically sunny day. we'll see lots of clouds near the coast. and a little energy moving down into the sierra and into the central valley. it will swing through during the late night and overnight hours. it looks like any showers we get out of the system will be in the east bay and the south bay. the north bay afcted at all. and then midday fr be looking at partial cheeri
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clearing. there is a chance, a slight chance of an isolated evening into friday morning. otherwise, things are pretty calm. partly to mostly sunny skies. highs will range from low 60s at the coast to upper 60s and low 70s along the bayshore line. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. after the clouds begin to move out on friday, we can expect mostly sunny skies saturday and sunday. mother's day is looking very nice. highs around 80 degrees inland. low 60s on the coast. and not much change on monday. it will start to get cooler on tuesday and wednesday of next week. despite the ups and downs, the chances of showers, the weekend is looking great. >> that's all that matters. >> thank you very much. a look at the newest royal, including the british bundle of jos name and
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the world got its first glimpse at the new british royal. >> his name was finally revealed. what do you think about archie? >> it's adorable. >> julia has more on today's announcement. >> royal watchers delighted to finally learn the nail of prince harry and meghan's first born son. archie. with typical modernity, it came via instagram and a beautiful family portrait of the moment meghan and harry introduced him to the queen. little archie's first moment in front of the camera, a few hours earlier. peeking out from under a white bonnet and shawl. it is our first glimpse of meghan, too. she was all smiles, happy and relaxed in a smart trench dress. >> pretty amazing.
4:26 pm
i have the two best guys in the >> reporter: prince harry beaming with adoration at his growing family. as always, pointing out his first born already has a little bit of facial hair. >> wonderful. >> reporter: baby is quiet and well behaved. as for his looks? >> monitoring how the changing process happens over the next month, really. but his looks are changing every day. >> reporter: royal watchers observing the little one looks just like mom. in a touching moment, meghan addressing royal fans around the world. >> thank you, everybody, for all the well wishes and the kindness. it means so much. >> reporter: all smiles. and it was right after that broadcast that meghan and harry took little archie to meet the queen. he is, of course, her eighth great grand child. archie will not have a royal title. he will not be a your ghness, >> wn the name was announced,
4:27 pm
a lot of discussion on social media about the character archie andrews from the tv show riverdale. of course, inspired by the archy comics, or archie bunker from the '70s tv show "all in the family." it isn't a common nail in the u.s. but it is in the u.k. it is the 11th most pop hard baby name in 2019. a archie means truly brave. >> i didn't know that. some changes coming to the south bay. no more walking the links. why it will soon be closing for good. good. >> and you know when you're at ross and you find that perfect spring dress at that "oh, yeah" price? yes! at tatt "oh, yeah" price? score the latest spring dresses at 20% to 60% off department store prices, every day. at ross. yes for less. georgand a busy day ahead. at ross. george has entresto, a heart failure pill that helped keep people alive
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breaking news in fairfield. at least one person has died in a crash near beck avenue. the scene is southeast of interstate 80. near the jelly belly factory if you know where that is. we're told the white van from sky 7, apparently from what police say, rear ended another car and caused a chain reaction crash. four cars in all involved. one person has died. all lanes are blocked and drivers are urngd to avoid the area for a while. turned t protestlt in san francisco. they want increased wages and
4:31 pm
job security. those involved in the protest are urging passengers to boycott uber and lyft today. it has been six months since the deadly camp fire broke out in butte county. some people are starting to rebuilding but there's debris everywhere, including several rusted cars. the house judiciary committee voted to advance a resolution to hold the attorney general in contempt for not complying with the subpoena for the unredacted mueller report. it came just hours after the president exerted executive privilege to withhold materials from congress. one of two suspects appeared in court today. we're learning more about the student who was killed. danya bacchus has more. >> reporter: the pair of shooters walked into stem school using pistols to unleash a barrage of bullets. the shooters began firing in two separate locations.
4:32 pm
>> we exited the building, there was a trail of blood. >> reporter: police swarming the school in less than three minutes. bullets still flying as they arrived. encountering at least one suspect immediately. >> they happened to pick a door that they forced into, that one of the suspects was right down . >> reporter: eight students were injured. one police say was shot while trying to stop one of the shooters. some entered fleeing the campus to neighbors' yards. >> there was a young man with a bullet wound in the back west got them up. into the backyard. and slowly up the steps into the kitchen. >> reporter: kendrick castillo has died. the 18-year-old set to finish class in just three days. then graduate. police say the alleged shooters are both students at the school, identifying one as 18-year-old devon erickson. the other was a juvenile who they believed was
4:33 pm
female. seven miles away, in columbine, the massacre that killed 12, a message of support reading our hearts are with you stem. the school will remain closed the rest of the week. as far as a motive. police are working toward developing one. and the suspects so far are cooperating. abc news, highlands ranch, colorado. >> we're hearing from a young man who is being called a hero for his role in helping subdue one of the suspects. the singer brendan bialy says the student who was kill, kendrick castillo, also tried to stop the shooters. >> i saw it happening. i want to make something very, very clear. kendrick castillo died a legend. he died a trooper. he got his ticket to valhalla and i know he will be with me for the rest of my life. >> brendan has already signed a contract to enlist in the marine
4:34 pm
corps. he'll start basic training with the marines this summer. and you can share your respects for the student killed on social media. there will be a considerable marine presence after more threatening graffiti was found in a bathroom. it referenced a shooting tomorrow. you may remember last week similar graffiti was found on campus. the school says it understands some families will keep their kids home tomorrow. the city of santa clara is hoping to improve quality of life in the south bay. for the past 50 years, it has been planning major entertainment hub. >> it will be built, it is what they're taking away to build that has some people upset. >> the reporter is live at the santa clara golf and tennis club with the story. >> reporter: get a good look. soon this golf course will be
4:35 pm
gone. the golf club has given its official six-month notice. they have to chose by october 15th. the mega city place project can break ground. for the past six years, twice a week during the lunch break, hunter hanson comes to the santa clara golf and tennis club to hit balls with his boss. he has heard the rumors that it is set to chose. >> the golf course never went away. we just figured they were crying wolf. >> reporter: that changed today when the city told the golf club it has to t years o. our numbers are down. >> reporter: they said the 230 acre site will be could not verdict into an entertainment hub. it will be one of the largest retail development areas in the country. >> a place to work, play, an arts district, to provide a quality of life here for the people who work here.
4:36 pm
>> i think it is ridiculous. >> reporter: she doesn't like the idea of taking one of the only open spaces and converting it into indo restaurants. plus, she says this place is affordable. >> if you join a club or a country club, no, it is way off the charts. the prices here are fabulous. you can get a really good round in. >> reporter: the mayor says the new place will incorporate the outdoor elements. >> we'll connect with it our trails. we're building a 35 acre north. it will be an outdoor mall area as well. >> reporter: so again, the golf course and the tennis club will be open until october 15th. the first phase of the project, which includes the restaurants and shops, will be opening in about three years. reporting live in santa clara. the next time you see a tv commercial advertising a prescription drug, you may find out how much it actually costs. the new federal regulations will apply to any prescription
4:37 pm
costing more than $35 for one month's supply. health and human services second says drug makers should charge less if they're worried high prices might scare people. starting in july, walmart will only sell cigarettes and other tobacco products to people 21 and older. it will apply to sam's club warehouses too. light now they is toll 18-year-olds in states where that's allowed. you already have to be 21 to buy tobacco products in california. a dramatic rescue, a fawn pulled out by a firefighter. >> we have the video coming up. >> reporter: the warriors have been down this road before. we'll hear from head coach steve kerr.
4:38 pm
it's no ordinary day at denny's it's crepe day. a family tradition we started about twenty-two minutes ago. and from the looks of it, this tradition is going to last awhile. denny's has new crepes!yo's
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4:40 pm
. the warriors and rockets are tied 2-2. >> larry has the details. >> reporter: first turnover of the day came from me grabbing the wrong micro phone in the previous segment. these are the kinds of bone head mistakes that steve kerr does not want to see.
4:41 pm
biel, get your head in the game! life comes ought fast. that's what a warrior staffer mentioned to me as we strolled in, pondering the possibility that this might be the final home game at oracle cs here is the scenario. it is one that nobody wants to think about. certainly not the warriors. despite their struggles, now 2-2 with the rockets, remained favorites. while a game five is stressful, steve kerr knows, you know what? we have been down this road before. >> we went seven games with these guys last year. this is not anything unusual. so it's been an unbelievable run the last five years. we've had plenty of series that have gone quickly. but we've been down in the series before. we were down 3-1 a if you years ago and came back. we're used to this.
4:42 pm
>> and beat the rockets in seven. last year on the rockets' home court. so steve kerr, we'll see what he does with the starting lineup. we'll 73 andre iguodala will be in. this is the right one. we're holding on to this. larry biel, live at oracle. nobody is getting this away. nobody is getting this rebound. thanks very much. >> well, we are, a lot of people have been checking out this next story. aisha is opening up on red table talk. she said she was breast feeding riley in the car years agoa gupo ask her husband for autographs. she said a woman opened the car door and stuck her head in the car asking to see the baby. she said she asked for privacy but the woman that, oh, honey. you know what you signed up for.
4:43 pm
>> sometimes fans can be a little out of control. >> spencer is here with the latest. >> we have mainly sunny skies. we'll see an increase in clouds. especially near the coast and out over the bay. expect a little spotty drizzle. overnight lows will be mainly in the low to mid 50s. relatively mild overnight. then tomorrow, the clouds will linger at the coast. inland until tomorrow night, the cloudscrease. from low 60s at the coast mae low 60s to low 7then overni showers to move through. mainly in the east bay and the south bay. there may not be any measurable rainfall as itetit could be wet. here's the seven-day forecast. after friday's little light rain event is over, we'll get clearing for the weekend.
4:44 pm
mother's day weekend, looking bright, breezy and pleasant with high temperatures near 80 degrees inland. mid 70s along the bay. some clouds will increase in the skies monday, tuesday, wednesday. the temperatures will be below average this time of year. no significant or dramatic change in the weather. >> okay. steady as she goes. firefighters and police in pacifica are calling it, a quote, fantastic rescue after they freed a baby deer from a storm drain. >> one firefighter squeezed as much of his body into the drain as he. could the firefighter shot this video this morning. the firefighter who rescued it made sure to pet the little newborn a few times to make it comfortable before trying to pull it from the drain. it took little special handling to make sure wasn't hurt. >> we learned the firefighter who asked the deer has been on the job for only three months. the rescuers have left it in the
4:45 pm
neighbor's yard to wait for the mother to come get it. >> 49ers quarterback jimmy garoppolo is helping bay area teenagers get on work of his push for jobs, coming up next. a whole lot of graduates are a whole lot of graduates are goin what does help for heart failure look like? it looks like george having a busy day. ♪ the beat goes on george has entresto, a heart failure medicine that helps his heart... so he can keep on doing what he loves. in the largest heart failure study ever, entresto was proven superior at helping people stay alive and out of the hospital. it helps improve your heart's ability to pump blood to the body. don't take entresto if pregnant; it can cause harm or death to an unborn baby. don't take entresto with an ace inhibitor or aliskiren,
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or if you've had angioedema with an ace or arb. the most serious side effects are angioedema, low blood pressure, kidney problems, or high blood potassium. ♪ the beat goes on th was! entrust your heart to entresto. ♪ the beat goes on
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i want to wish abc7 a happy 70th anniversary. >> so nice. the national center for education statistics says about 2 million students will graduate with a bachelor's degree this year. >> is it possible for the college graduate to start investing? michael finney is here with some tips. >> we're going for the long shot today. we are all told to put 10% of our income away from the very first day we go to work. with college so expensive and the debt is such a burden, is it even a possibility? here to talk to us, advice for
4:49 pm
graduates and their appearance how to help new grads start investing. let's start with the major question. where should you be standing financially before you invest a penny? >> well, for college graduates, you should be employed, to begin with. so that you're making a salary. and then it is about saving right away. if you have a 401(k) that's offered through your moyer, then definitely participate in that at the highest rate you can. once you begin saving like that, you don't miss it. it is already being put away. >> should you begin saving before you paid off your student loans? >> you have to do both. so it's a challenge, right? you have to save. but always make the minimum payment on your loan. never get behind. always stay current. if you're fortunate enough not to have a student loan, you should save even more. >> so the 401(k), for those that match. some of them don't match. so let's go through how a 401(k) works. since we are talking on new
4:50 pm
graduates. you put money away. you're not taxed on it. it's tax-free. you'll be taxed later. what does your employer do? >> your employer typically does match. there are very few these days that don't match your 401(k). once you get match, that's free money to you. investing soon ends moo you have more time in the market. not timing the market. that had compound over time and you'll end up with a lot more for retirement. >> so what should you invest in? >> if you're young, you're a little intimidated. there's a couple of great programs. simple etfs that you can purchase. there is also the algorithm model. you put a little money in and it rebalances based on your risk. >> etf is stock rather than a moul you'll fund. a whole group of company put together, correct?
4:51 pm
>> it's an index. it is pass reply managed. a lot less cost to it than a mutual fund. a great way to participate in a o'a broad index. >> and then the other things you mentioned, i'm spacing on it. i'll move on. let's talk about helicopter parents. so they've been following this kid all the way through. now they go to work. i assume they want to be involved. can they be involved? >> they can be involved. if you want to help your student get more interest in investing. or they're not yet employed. also, you can gift them to help them get a little more interested in investing. >> that way they can see it happening. thanks for joining us. >> thank you.
4:52 pm
seniors took their first steps in skilled construction trades. the silicon valley careers, that's where they encouraged young people who want to build america. jimmy garoppolo said he learned many lessons from the example his father set. >> what you get out of it is what you put into it. so it's a lot of hard work put into this. it's no joke. >> is the students signed letters of intent. sponsors models it after signing day activities for college bound athletes. >> local scientists believe they've developed a new type of mass that can be recycled over and over again and it can be searer lawrence berkeleys of anm
4:53 pm
laboratory provided the pictures. it can be disassembles down to the molecular level. tourists and locals have a now way of sampling different neighborhoods by way of a three-wheel vehicle. each motorized rickshaw carries six people. they run on battery power. right now, they're offering a too far 15 san francisco neighborhoods. that looks like a fun way to do it. cleaning up graffiti. one woman's fight to clean up freeways. and a san francisco doctor was under investigation for allegedly giving out vaccine exemptions for patient that's don't qualify. >> today marks six months since the camp fire and voters are getting their chance to weigh in
4:54 pm
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one viewer in the south bay reached out on our better bay area facebook group about graffiti on freeway signs. >> yeah. the viewer says the vandalism is a safety hazard. once the crews to consider a more proactive change to deal with it. >> reporter: the south bay resident post tower building a better bay area facebook group about something he could not ignore. >> i see the signage out. there. >> reporter: we didn't to have travel far to discover what he was talking about. graffiti. drivers don't want to see it. the bigger problem, they can't see through it. the post mentioned measures he's noticed around southern california. steps taken on prevent graffiti. so we reached out to district seven in southern califoria.
4:58 pm
they placed plastic around the signs. >> some of the methods we use are barbed wire that we post up on signs that are sometimes above the freeway. >> reporter: he calls it an everyday battle as firefighters grow more creative. costing the taxpayers millions to clean up. >> reporter: we've reached out to our local caltrans district. while nobody was available to speak with, they said they are focused specifically on removal. still, he said more should be done. if l.a. can do it, orange county can do it, why can't we do it up here? >> reporter: something you can do more is report back to abc7 news. that will do it for this
4:59 pm
edition of abc7 news at 4:00. >> abc7 news at 5:00 starts now. >> a lot of people moved into the area. lifelong friends, gone. >> today marks six months cynic the camp fire began. we went there today to check on the progress families are making as they rebuild. >> a doctor is under investigation for allegedly giving out vaccine exemptions for patient who's did not qualify. how the doctor is violating his oath to do no harm. >> uber drivers on the streets of san francisco. and the changes that could be coming to sex education in california schools. tonight the san francisco city attorney says one doctor is doing more harm than good. >> thank you for joining us.
5:00 pm
sacramento wants to come down hard on doctors who issue medical exemptions to children whose parents don't want them vaccinate. >> today, the city attorney responded by issuing a subpoena to get the medical records of a doctor he says may be unlawfully providing these exemptions. >> in the newsroom with this, racking down. >> the first in san francisco. since 2016, california has seen the number of medical exemptions specifically dealing with the vaccination issue, triple. this according to the city attorney's office puts everyone at greater risk of contracting certain diseases like the measles. >> we showed up at the doctor's office. >> this is part of an ongoing investigation into who are not this particular doctor was granting medical exemptions to


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