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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  May 8, 2019 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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>> thank you for joining us. sacramento wants to come down hard on doctors who issue medical exemptions to children whose parents don't want them vaccinate. >> today, the city attorney responded by issuing a subpoena to get the medical records of a doctor he says may be unlawfully providing these exemptions. >> in the newsroom with this, racking down. >> the first in san francisco. since 2016, california has seen the number of medical exemptions specifically dealing with the vaccination issue, triple. this according to the city attorney's office puts everyone at greater risk of contracting certain diseases like the measles. >> we showed up at the doctor's office. >> this is part of an ongoing investigation into who are not this particular doctor was granting medical exemptions to
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patient that's didn't qualify for them. >> there's no hiding the fact stoller has issued medical exemptions for vaccination purposes. we found google had written reviews about his work. >> i am so grateful. >> we saw that he went in the middle of spring last year. my daughters were being asked for new vaccine exemptions. senate bill 277 which went into effect says you can no longer cite religious or personal beliefs to get out of vaccinating children. but the two state senators behind two 77 allowed for medical exemptions, which chous the history. >> so there are a group of doctors in california who have taken them at their word and have taken it based on broader
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family history. >> now one of the authors of the bill says the law has been exploited by some doctors. >> as you know, we're having measles showing up. people are bringing it into our state and we can't have it spreading rapidly through the school. >> he is now behind another bill. 276. this time calling for the state health department. >> and they are saying they are most concerned with kids who have a compromised immune system. abc7 news. >> today marks sixonths since the fire broke out in paradise. it would become the deadliest and most destructionive wildfire ever recorded in california. it killed 85 people.
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it burned more than 153,000 acres and destroyed more than 14,000 homes. 1.3 billion pounds of debris has been removed from the fire area. we have our reporter in and in sacramento, people are weighing in on the governor's fire plan. >> reporter: we can call it an anniversary in butte county but nobody celebrated. >> armageddon. >> you could not even put it into words. it would be impossible. it only hints of the complexities. begin the victims. noteages. the average, 71 years old.
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>> some didn't have transportation. >> the former mayor. we found him at his home construction sight. he has merry mit number they have. that is no small miracle compared to others. they only got here they have weeks ago of they're doing the clean-up themselves. >> the bureaucracy. you get a sense of the unprecedented. 11,500 homes burned. that's 90% of them. many of the small businesses are gone. they won't return. some people wonder, why come back at all? >> it doesn't look like home nil. >> that would be the state of optimism in a disaster zone. >> but hard to leave, he says.
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after 55 years. everything he grew one in town is gone. >> but paradise remains in name, anyway. and in ruins. it survives you this hope after a hard dose of reality. >> he'll never be the same. everybody says it will be better. hopefully it will be. time will tell. >> all that after six months. in paradise, wayne freedman, abc7 news. today californians got a chance to weigh in on the wildfire man. >> live with more on that. >> this was a different side of things. this was the legislature looking at the governor's 62-page strike force report on the future of wildfires. how severe they'll be and how the state can mitigate that.
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expert testimony from things like the tubbs fire. the cheryl of the committee is from napa so he knows this very well. the 62-page report. concern beefing up fire prevention. making communities more resilient. investing more in fire suppression plan. cal fire has fewer fire trucks today than they had in 1975. it will implement some of the findings of the strike report. >> there's 25,000 families in 15, 16. >> the quofr set out this goal for the legislature to have some action by july 10th.
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that's very ambitious. but we're working hard to try to exceed that goal. >> some of action involves the possibility of setting up a state high built fund for fire victims and future wildfires. they also heard just how staggering the cost of that could be. setting up a $40 billion high built fund to help bail out people who are affected by wildfires and cover some of the costs associated with them in the put to. there's a lot of work ahead before they could get something together by early july which is when the governor wants to at least see the start of legislation. we have additional content about how paradise is rebuilding.
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>> some parents have to drive a long way to get to school. how some went a different route. one person has died in a chain reaction crash in fairfield happened about 90 minutes ago on highway 12. four cars were stopped. the white service van rear ended one of the cars, causing the chain reaction. the driver was pronounced dead at the scene. families who died at the ghost ship warehouse fire looked at exexcruciating video. >> in court for the third day of testimony in the case. >> the faces and names of eight of the thing ghostship victims flashed up on the screen in court today as the forensic pathologist testified they all
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died of smoke inhalation. she said they had extremely high level of black soot in their lungs. what she called a very stressful way to die. all morning, the assistant fear marshal at the time of the fire, was on the stand. the judge deemed him an expert witness as he outlined stringent safety requirements for things like sprinklers, used as residences or assembly. when asked if parking was permissible, he said no. absolutely no. they are not allowed as living structures in a warehouse. you could have fumes, fuel, and propane tanks. prosecutors say there were rvs and trailers in the ghost ship. they asked whose responsible it was if the building's use has changed. they said the operator, the person making the change. >> they're trying to say my client didn't come my with the
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fire code requirements. they're based on the occupancy chafgs was. they don't know what it is because the city has no records with it. >> the fire department unofficially made inspections. the fire department was constantly inside. they knew what it was like. and this witness has said it is incumbent upon the fire department to issue a citation. hey, you're not in compliance! >> in the afternoon you said cross-examination, he fetched after the fire he was unable to find any documentation of inspections or citations issued at the warehouse. testimony continues tomorrow happening now, may have trouble catching a ride with uber or lyft. that's because some drivers are on strike dpengs two ride
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hailing giants, including in san francisco. they're protesting by turning off their apps fromoo midnight. currently they work as independent contractors, rather than as employees so they lack workers' compensation rnlg cover and they must pay for their own benefits. >> they still don't make enough to afford a basic health coverage man. >> there are some newly minted millionaires upstairs but they continue to cut our pay. >> it comes as the suspect ipo on friday. >> all right. now let's turn our attention to the weather forecast as we ink a little closer to the weekend and things are changing. >> yes. sandy? >> yes. it will get interesting. for the time being, enjoy the sunshine that you're seeing i know what the fog. we're going to change things up. hive doppler 7 showing you the
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fog is hugging the coast. as we take a look at a wider picture here, look at that x. that's the system developing. it will dive down into california. that's the system that will bring us the thunder chance and also, the possibility of showers between tomorrow night and friday. it's not everywhere. i'll be back with the hour by hour time line. graphic and disgusting. those two words used today by parents to describe new efforts for sex education programs in schools. a group of parents rallied in a show of opposition to the guidelines. parents stay concerns centered around four recommended books. one is intended for children through third grade. opponents stay books are too explicit. >> the information or state board seems to want to give our third and fourth graders is too graphic to be shown on the nightly news. and why, my friends, why are we robbing our children of their
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youth? >> the board of education is expected to vote on the curriculum guidance tomorrow. parents at the rally say they expected the framework to pass despite the opposition. we'll keep you up to date. and coming up, the royal baby now has a name. >> how tourists and royal watchers camped out in pubs today and how they feel about the name archie. >> i think it is adorable. a bird scooter known for its rentals is making scooters you can buy for yourself. can buy for yourself. plus, a salsa you know when you're at ross and you find that perfect spring dress at that "oh, yeah" price? yes! that's yes for less. score the latest spring dresses at 20% to 60% off department store prices, every day. at ross. yes for less.
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the grocery store and cause prices to climb up to 70%. family owned restaurants say they will likely pass on the increase to their customers. >> it is awful for the small business owners to try to deal with something like that. it's going to be hard. >> domestic growers saying they charge below fair prices and talks are underway to reach a new trade deal. the officials say the country supplies about half the tomatoes eaten in the u.s. annually. a kitchen stap people some say is a safety hazard. >> you know google owns nest, right? google and nest have joined together to be google nest. the two big takeaways for nest users are, one, they can migrate their nest accounts to have there google accounts.
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and two, the third party app there's lose connectivity with the google nest devices. you may remember, as i said earlier, that google bought nest labs in 2014. the group of consumers say the cans were near their stoves and exploded as they cooked, causing burns. pam's maker says it says when used and stored properly. the label says it is flammable and should not be left on a stove or near a heating source. the escooter rental company bird will be selling a new scooter direct to customers. the new bird model is called the bird one. it will be available both as a rental and for purchase for $1,300. it can travel 30 miles on a
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single charge. the new scooters are expected to be available summer of next year. the message a new report is making for bay area investment firms. it analyzed the start-up that's it invested in. coil like block power working to improve their communities. and environment. while the firms may think these are not good investments, they said it is 2 impact start-ups outperformed other venture funds of similar size. >> there is a deeply imprinted but mistaken belief that if you're going to do things for impact, you're giving up financial returns. not the case. >> that's the report that comes from studying 102 of the start-ups. it encourages the firms to invest regardless of race or
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gender as well. >> it is time get a check on the forecast. we're getting closer to the end of the week. >> sandy is here with the forecast that includes mother's day. >> it is hook fantastic. right now, i want to show you live doppler 7. you will notice the coast is pretty much socked in. the fog did not quite clear away. we're going into our typical pattern here. one thing to show you, while it was milder in most areas, notice the marine push into santa rosa. pretty heavy marine layer. never quite cheered. that's why the airport, only 66 degrees. you didn't see mild conditions. the kgo roof camera. this is what makes it so interesting. showing you a view of the bay. here are the temperatures. 64, owing. in the upper 60s from mountain view. half moon bay, one of the coolest spots. i want to show you a lovely
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view. it will be changing. a chance of showers and thunderstorms form afternoon. the numbers right now. 78 in vallejo. concord, 70. in livermore, it is 71 degrees. it is game five of excitement. rockets, warriors. it is really going to be nice weather outside of the arena as you might be getting there and lining up. the temperature will be slowly dropping. by the time you come out, you will need a jacket. make sure you grab it before you go and enjoy the game. a live look now. you are seeing the mix of fog over san francisco, sunshine up above. emeryville enjoying the sun. bright skies right now in the south bay. a chance of showers tomorrow night into friday. and it is going to be mild and mainly sunny for your mother's day weekend a few exceptions
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near the coast. first thing tomorrow morning, upper 40s to the mid 50s. as we head into tomorrow afternoon, it will be a nice day. a little bit of a drop in temperatures in some areas. 75 in livermore. 69 in san rafael. 74 in san jose sfooflt in palo alto. you will notice that the cloud cover starts to increase which is going to lead to us what will happen tomorrow night. 5:00 a.m. tomorrow. you see the overcast conditions to start off your day, most areas. 7:30, 8:00 in the morning. as we head into the evening hours, notice the energy starts to move southward. into the east bay. 9:00 p.m. tomorrow night. a few showers this as we head toward friday afternoon. another possibility in the south bay. and then it starts to wind down. the potential is there between tomorrow evening and friday morning. it won't be a widespread event.
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to be on the safe side, keep the umbrellas handy. the possibility of thunder. drying out for the weekend. mother's day is hook fantastic. anywhere from the upper 50s, low 60s, to the upper 70s inland. the temperatures will fluctuate very little as we head toward monday through wednesday of next week. >> reporter: the warriors dropped two games. when we come back, you will hear why they are incredibly confident tonight. and coming up, warren county says it has a plan to house the homeless that'
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the rockets are on cou court-the warriors are at home taking on the rockets. >> reporter: it was kind of interesting. after the warriors lost their second game on monday night to the rockets in houston, all of the players were incredibly positive and confident. mainly, they say, because they know what it takes to beat houston. it is not a secret. they didn't play their game. they said they just need to slow down. not rush their shots. and be poised with what they know will be a very physical game five tonight. returning to oracle. that's a benefit as well. we haven't played our best game yet. we know what it takes to win the game. >> anything can happen. we feel very confident.
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i won't spend much time thinking about the variance >> steph curry had a double double. a few starters haven't had big games yet. so even if that complete game doesn't come, he's confident the team will do well. we're good enough to win and he likes that. it will be a fun game. we'll have more at 6:00. >> all right. thank you. today world met baby archy, prince harry and meghan markle. his full name, archie harrison windsor. yes. the news and the name, they've ben trending online all day. fans celebrated in the streets
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and watched on tv in local pubs. one woman was visiting from california. >> he's beautiful. we knew he would be. meghan is so beautiful. it's so exciting. an american princess. >> they've chosen not to use a title for their first born. he could have become the earl of done barton. >> so cute. frogs took over the capitol today. >> they were competng against each other all for a good cause.
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coming up, a shower support from teachers and parents hoping their message goes from san carlos to sacramento. >> the future looks rough for the santa clara golf course. >> and what happens when fast track bills you for a toll for a bridge you didn't even cross? you call michael finney's 7 on your side, of course. >> that's frustrating. finally jumping frogs took to the lawn of the state capitol as part of a legislative tradition. >> instead of leaping lizards. they hosted the annual frog jump to promote the frog jubilee. >> jump little guy, jump! >> they competed to see who could get their frog to jump the farthest. this 84's winner backed by the office of los angeles.
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>> the frogs came from all over central and southern california. no harm, no fowl. >> thanks for joining us. tonight, several developing stories as we come on the air. the deadly school shooting. inside the horror tonight. the children rushing out, tears streaming down their faces. and this evening, the two suspects in court. both students, and tonight, the description, what happened in that classroom. students who rushed the gunman, one, a marine recruit. the other student losing his life to save others, and what he had told his family beforehand. also tonight, the severe weather outbreak at this hour. it has turned deadly. a man swept away in the floods. new tornado watches in effect right now. roads washed away. students who could not leave school forced to sleep there overnight. rob has the new track tonight. the breaking headline at this hour involving donald trump jr. subpoenaed by the senate
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intelligence committee. that committee led by republicans.


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