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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  May 9, 2019 1:07am-1:42am PDT

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♪ the warriors win crucial
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game five but come at a cost. >> i'm amanda del castillo, where the california high school community is on high alert. another message was discovered threatening a scoot shooting tomorrow. how a criminal nanny scams her way into bay area homes. >> "abc7 news" starts right now. >> now, from abc 7, live, breaking news. >> i'm larry beil, live at oracle arena. it's win and a loss for warriors. they beat the rockets but lose kevin durant. in the third quarter, durant takes a shot, lands, and the fear is a torn achilles. but the warriors said that injury is a strained calf. the ws with the heroic steph curry hang on 104-99 to take a 3-2 series lead. here's steve kerr after the game.
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>> we are obviously disappointed for him. and excited about the win, but, you know, concerned for kevin and disappointed for him. he's been on this incredible playoff run, and i'm proud of our guys for pulling the game out and we'll see how kevin is doing tomorrow. >> so durant will have an mri tomorrow as the team flies out to houston. whether he can play on friday or a possible game seven back here on oracle on sunday remains unclear. lots more on this game later on in sports. larry beil, "abc7 news." >> a win and a loss there tonight. thank you. fans we spoke to after the game kay k.d. is tough, he'll be >>f he can'tom ck he b here ino. he'll make it. >> larry will have all the highlights, including the sharks
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big win in sports. and east bay high school community is on high alert. a new threatening message was discovered at california high school promising a may 9th shooting. >> amanda del castillo is live from the campus with the story. amanda? >> reporter: dan, ama, because of that threat, some california high school parents say their children won't be coming to school tomorrow. this message was found in a boy's restroom at california high school in san ramone, detailing when, where, and who would be targeted in the shooting. the threat, calling out african-americans. >> you don't know who they're going to target. that's even more scary for people like us. >> reporter: her 10th grade daughter will be staying home thursday. it's a move many are making consider thing is not the first. >> i feel like i'm sending her to a war zone every day. it's really scary. >> reporter: in a letter to the
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community, the principal said there would be considerable police presence. and additional administrators on hand thursday. in wake of the school shooting, parents are not taking any chances. >> we know a lot of the parents and students. >> reporter: what isn't known is who is behind the threats. this parent wanted to remain anonymous, concerned his kids would be targeted. >> it's very hurtful, very, very hurtful. if it is a joke, it's not funny. >> reporter: the cal high community on high alert. >> that's a terrible conversation to have with your child. this is a time when they're finishing their school year, getting ready to graduate. oh, yeah, by the way, you have to be careful because there might be a shooting tomorrow. >> reporter: parents and students say the concern will last far past may 9. amanda del castillo, "abc7 news." >> amanda, thank you very much. new details, that fear for parents became a reality in
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colorado, where a community mourned a young man who lost his life protecting his classmates. witnesses say 18-year-old kendrick castillo jumped into action when a student started shooting. here's the latest now from highlands ranch. >> reporter: a community mourns an unspeakable tragedy. tuesday, gunfire shattered the classroom. and moments of heroism. >> the next thing i know, he's pulling out a gun. as soon as he said, don't you move, kendrick lunged, giving all of us enough time to hide under our desks and the shooter ended up shooting kendrick. >> reporter: 18-year-old kendrick castillo sacrificed his life to save his classmates. >> be selfless, that's what my son was. it got him killed but he saved others. >> if it had not been for him, i wouldn't have my baby today. >> reporter: other students
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followed castillo's heed and were able to subdue the shooter. >> it's either fight or flight, and i'm happy to know what i thought i would be able to do in a situation like that is what i did. >> they risked their lives so we could have our own. >> reporter: students held one gunman, another shooter opened fire on a different classroom. police say each shooter had a hand gun. in total, they shot nine people. about 24 hours later, 18-year-old devin erickson appeared in court, his head hung low for much of the hearing. erickson is scheduled to be back in court friday, when formal charges are expected. >> a community ripped apart. just last week at the university of north carolina, charlotte campus, student riley howell charged a gunman who opened fire inside a classroom there. two students died and four
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others injured. witnesses say howell sacrificed his life to save others. the woman arrested for impersonating a nanny is due in court tomorrow. she's accused of fraud and identity theft and has a lengthy criminal history dating back decades. kate larson spoke to a mother who almost hired her to take care of her kids. >> reporter: last week, marianna was arrested for identity threat and cruelty to a child. parents all over the bay area who have hired her to care for their children, say she used fake names to land jobs. >> the name was allie. >> reporter: this mother saw this post from a woman claiming to be the previous employer. >> i was like, this is the type of nanny i'm looking for. >> reporter: but this mom doesn't want to be identified, she says there were red flags. >> the first person sounded like
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her, with an campaign traaustra accident. >> reporter: she invited her for a trial day. >> she didn't know how to install the nipple on the bottle. >> reporter: after three hours, she told her to leave. she then says she badgered her with text messages. then she found a 2004 article about the previous threat and fraud charges. >> i couldn't believe my eyes. how could i let somebody in my house that was a criminal around my children? >> reporter: this east bay mom has spoken to police. she was due in court in oakland on thursday for different charges. new details in the case of a headless body found in a fish tank in san francisco. the medical examiner has ruled
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that brian egg's death was a homicide. that's not a surprise given the circumstances. the body was found inside the home last summer. police can now go to the district attorney to see if they can make an arrest in the case. lance silva was released from jail two weeks ago. he was serving time on an unrelated parole violation. teachers in the east bay announced a strike tonight. they're set to walk off a job in union city on may 20th. teachers in the new haven unified school district want a 20% raise over two years. in the north bay, a couple has to pay more than $500,000 for uprooting a historic oak tree. this heritage oak was believed to be 180 years old. the damage was discovered when a neighbor reported digging on the property in 2014. the tree was protected by an easement. it sued the couple and a judge ordered them to pay for environmental restoration.
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we'll tell you why this is a dream come true for maria and greg who were living on the streets. that story is coming up. a cute little baby with a big name. we got our first difference of the newest member of the royal family. i'm meteorologist sandhya patel, tracking fog and drizzle for your morning commute. there may be more than drizzle later on. i'll have the details coming up. here's a look at what's coming up on jimmy kimmel live right after "abc7 news" at 11:00. you seen like an adventurous type, give this is a shot. >> i'm here and i've got my premiere down the street. >> it's a big deal. who did you bring with you, a big group, friend
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we love to tell you about uplifting stories. a homeless couple now has a place to live thanks to generosity of a man living in an affluent neighborhood. tonight, the couple got the vip treatment at a warriors game. cornell bernard met up with them. >> reporter: watching the
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warriors take on the rockets in game five at oracle arena is the last place greg and marie ever thought they would be. >> awesome. never dreamed i would ever be at a playoff game. >> i know. >> reporter: just three months ago, they were homeless, living on the streets of oakland. that sun till a man saw their story profiled by the chronicle, and offered them a place free of charge at his home located inside a pricey east bay neighborhood. did you ever think you would be there? >> no. >> you would never would think a person with a heart hike that lives in this world. >> reporter: at first, some neighbors weren't very welcoming. >> we got looked at suspiciously. that really offended us. >> reporter: they received an invite to the game by the warriors. they got a vip behind the scenes tour and got to meanoint guard quinn cook.
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>> it's an honor to have them here tonight. >> reporter: greg and marie say there are still challenges ahead but hope to become self-sufficient and set out on their t eoy their favorite heel liteam live person. cornell bernard, "abc7 news." a vanldal defaced a veterans memorial in san jose. crews spent hours on tuesday cleaning graffiti from the memorial. the memorial sits along park avenue in downtown san jose. as you can see, it's now been cleaned up. the memorial honors those who have served in the military. a grand entrance for the newest member of the british royal family. >> the duke ad duchess of sussex into rl both appear to be overcome with joy. >> it's pretty amazing. i have the two best guys in the world. >> we're just thrilled to have our own little bundle of joy and
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want to spend precious time with him as he grows up. >> archie's busy day including meeting the queen and prince phillip for the first time. he is 7th in the in the in the i throne. >> let's turn our attention to the forecast, which includes mother's day. >> sandhya? >> the mother's day forecast looks terrific. right now i want to show you a time lapse from our east bay hills camera. sun went down at 8:06 and you have to watch this. all right, this has never gotten old, watching the fog rolling in and the sun setting, the two together just really make for a great time lapse. live doppler 7 showing you the cloud cover. we are going to start off with low clouds and fog. i want to show you a system that is developing. you can see what i'm talking about. this area of disturbance that is
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right ore the great basin is going to make its way southward into southern california. but as it does, we're going to see some changes here in the form of more cloud cover, a possibility of a few showers. right now, 50s, 60s for your temperatures. and since we're talking about mother's day pretty early on in the top of the show, let's talk about the weekend. a nice looking weekend. low 60s to upper 70s. mother's day, it's really going to be nice for mom. no matter what plans you have, the weather looks fantastic. from our kgo roof camera, overcast conditions. here's another vantage point from our south beach ca we're and spotty drizzle, shower chance tomorrow and mild for the weekend. watch out for slippery spots in the morning. fog around, upper 40s to mid 50s. you will need a jacket in the
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afternoon. some of the low cloudiness is going to hang tough near the coastline. low 60s at the beaches. 73 in santa rosa. upper 70s in concord. 75 in livermore. 74 in san jose. watch the cloud cover. 5:00 a.m., it's heavy overcast. 8:00 a.m., still around. this is a typical pattern for this time of the year. 9:00 p.m., we're watching showers tomorrow night starting to come in from the east. eventually from the south friday morning, and friday afternoon, as well. the system is not a game changer, but there is a possibility of showers, maybe thunderstorms right on through fray kpour ndake sure you carry an umbrella to be on the safe side. showers and thunder in tahoe tomorrow afternoon. unsettled friday. slight chance saturday and on sunday with milder conditions. accuweather seven-day forecast.
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we're going to a dry pattern for the weekend. some clouds monday through wednesday. not much variation in the temperatures. so steady pattern over there. >> sandhya, thank you. a dramatic rescue caught on camera. see what firefighters pulled out of this storm drain. and tomorrow on "good morning america" the hit song "carey helps you sleep cooler. so no more nocturnal baking. because the tempur-breeze™ transfers heat away from your body. so you sleep cool, all night long. save up to $700 on select adjustable mattress sets. this spring, it's out with the old and in with the awesome.
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on the peninsula, you're looking at what firefighters and police officers are calling a fawntastic rescue. a neighbor heard a newborn drain trapped in a storm dream. a firefighter reached into the drain to save it. >> once we found it, we were able to work with it and i just went in there and gave it a few pets before i started to try and mess with him. as a team, we figured it out. >> three months on the job, that's it, and sprangnt action da>> look how he pointed
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one trained him to do that. a wild, intense night for the warriors. >> let's go back to larry beil, live at oracle tonight. larry? >> dan, ama, the warriors were funtastic themselves. they beat the rockets without kevin durant. we'll show you the bigger, tastier strips of juicy chicken with crunchy batter. spice them up with hot sauce or cool them down with buttermilk ranch. try my 100% all-white meat spicy chicken strips combo today. only at jack in the box.
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you had me at fried chicken pacifier. try my new spicy chicken strips combo today. with 100% all-white meat chicken. larry beil live at oracle arena. the warriors rely on pure grip. they lose kevin durant and dig deep, find a way to beat the rockets to take a 3-2 series lead. let's go all the way back to the beginning, and kevin durant fired up with the rest of the warriors. i tell you, this mace was electrified early. it's k.d., long distance to steph curry. lays it in, plus the foul. next possession, kevin durant knocks down the three. he had 22 points, but his night would be cut short. the rockets come back. third quarter, james harden,
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drives, scores. houston goes up 69-66. it gets worse. here's the injury. third quarter, as k.d. grabs at his right calf. the warriors say it's a strained calf, not an achilles injury. so steph curry had to take over, which he did. he had 25. the lead is up to four. five minutes left, can they hold on? 2:30 left. looney with the rebound. klay thompson, splash. 12 seconds left, klay thompson throws it to nobody. shawn livingston and looney hustle to save the day. and the warriors hold on 104-99, to take series lead without k.d., who may be done for this series. >> the series has been a battle. each game has been such little margin for error. we know we're going to have to be perfect to go down to houston without kemp to win a game. that's what the playoffs are all about. >> it's hard to remove yourself
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thinking about your teammate and brother, as he's back in the locker room getting checked out. you know, we were able to lock back in and just find a way to win the game. now we can regroup and understand whatever the situation is going forward. >> i apologize to my mom, who is probably watching. but our guys are [ bleep ] giants. that was an unbelievable giant tonight. what's that? after dark, i'm a different guy right now. >> steve kerr, after dark, clearly very different. game seven, sharks and avalanche in san jose. joe pavelski, the captain, backa he redirects this shot and scores.te it's pavelski again, feeding hertl. sharks, what a boost pavelski gave them. marten jones, stopped 14 of 15
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avs' shots in the third. san jose wins game seven to get to the western conference semifinals. baseball. reds and a's, they go 13 innings. steven piscotty with the walkoff bomb. it was piscotty's first career walkoff hit. what a night t the coliseum. a's win and warriors win. abc 7 sports. i saw kevin durant in the locker room limping. you know, hard to imagine that there's any way that he would be able to play in a game six and maybe not a game seven. the warriors have to find a way, which they did earlier in the regular season. they beat houston when durmt was injured. they'll need that performance again. that's a wrap from oracle. back to you.
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tv's number-one viral video show, "right this minute." the buses are lined up when you see -- >> a ton of motorcycles pulling up, revving that engine. >> how they made an 8-year-old the coolest kid in kids on the bus still -- >> yeah. a perfect example of the idea. >> ignorance is bliss. >> the wart hog who has no idea what's behind him. ♪ some guys are on the pier. >> where they made this bet -- >> see who wound up on the losing side. >> whoa! plus, the buzz iword for yo shot to win an ipad. and customers thrown into complete confusion. >> anything else? >> a large double-double. >> the sticky pranksters changing orders at the drive-thru. >> the speaker is a guy. i want my coffee! this video was sherrared onr
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facebook page by chris, and we're glad she did. it starts off, and you see a bunch of school buses being loaded one kids. and then a ton of motorcycles just pulling up, revving that engine. >> you kind of hope that like one of them is your mom or dad coming to pick up from school. instead of like those -- the lame family cruiser. you get to hop on a bike and cruise off like the coolest kid in school. >> that's exactly what's happening. >> really? >> because they are picking up little 8-year-o -year-ol-year-o. >> yeah, zeke. >> check out the helmet he gets to wear. >> oh, no way. >> yeah. >> also look at the -- >> yeah. the wind there -- >> i want to go. >> they sit him on that bike, and off into the sunset they go. zeke apparently had been bullied at school. they just recently had moved to this


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