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tv   America This Morning  ABC  May 9, 2019 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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making news in america this morning, paying tribute to a student hero who gave his life to protect his classmates. >> that was my son's nature. that was who he was. >> new details about the 18-year-old's heroic sacrifice the moment shots were fired inside his colorado classroom. what he previously told his dad about being a hero, and overnight the vigils for the victims. why students walked out in protest. also new this morning, an astounding stash. more than 1,000 weapons inside one home. >> we were surprised. you know, it's kind of scary. >> the disturbing discovery inside a california mansion and the man now in custody. >> patient's rights versus parents' rights. >> i think it's really important that people know that there are other options other than chemotherapy. >> should the parents of a 3-year-old cancer patient be
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allowed to deny him chemotherapy? the judge's new ruling and what happens now. plus, the cruise ship nightmare. hundreds of passengers stranded in a storm. this morning the major class action lawsuit. an alert for parents. the new concern about your child's privacy and a popular amazon product. and meet archie. >> it's magic. >> why duchess meghan markle is getting high praise after the first public appearance with her royal baby. good thursday morning, everyone. we'll get to all those stories in a moment, but we begin with the battle lines being drawn in washington. one leading democrat is now calling it a constitutional crisis. >> president trump has now asserted executive privilege over the entire mueller report. meanwhile at a rally in florida last night trump ignited new controversy for his response after someone in the crowd suggested migrants crossing the
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border should be shot. >> in the meantime, the president's don junior is back in the headlines again. abc's trevor ault has all the details from washington. trevor, a busy morning for you. >> reporter: it really, truly is. good morning. it does seem to get more heated by the day. we have both sides of the aisle accusing the other of severely pushing or even violating what they're legally allowed to do. the battle for the full mueller report ratcheting up even higher. president trump asserting executive privilege over the report wednesday then blasting democrats at a florida campaign rally. >> after two years, nothing. no collusion. now the democrats are saying we want more. >> reporter: the president's comments come as his son donald trump jr. is subpoenaed in a surprising move by the republican-led senate intelligence committee. they want to question him again following his involvement in that trump tower meeting with a russian lawyer. the war between the white house and congressional democrats now
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reaching a boiling point as the house judiciary committee votes to advance the contempt resolution against attorney general william barr for refusing to hand over the unredacted report. chairman jerry nadler says we're in a constitutional crisis. >> they're stonewalling the american people from all information, and this cannot be. >> reporter: the white house accusing nadler of a blatant abuse of power. the president's assertion of executive privilege blocking democrats from getting the unredacted mueller report and republicans saying the continued investigation is about protecting themselves. >> i think it's all about trying to destroy bill barr because democrats are nervous he's going to get to the bottom of everything. >> reporter: high-ranking democrats including speaker nancy pelosi say this is the latest action in a pattern of obstruction from the president. >> every single day the president is making a case. he's becoming self-impeachable. >> reporter: meanwhile, another moment at last night's trump
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rally is in the spotlight this morning. this moment when president trump asked how the u.s. can stop migrants from crossing the border. someone in the crowd responding, shoot them. the president then pausing but not condemning the remark. >> but how do you stop these people? you can't. there's -- that's only in the panhandle you can get away with that statement. >> reporter: moving forward, the battles over releasing the full unredacted mueller report and holding the attorney general in contempt will both likely be resolved in court. janai and kenneth, back to you. >> our thanks to you, trevor, in d.c. this morning. new tensions between the u.s. and iran. the trump administration has imposed new sanctions on iran's profitable metals industry. president trump signed the executive order as iran threatened to resume enriching uranium. u.s. officials are dismissing the threat as a bluff despite concerns about a potential attack on american troops in the region. we're learning more about the hero student who police say
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tackled the gunman. kendrick castillo lost his life trying to protect his classmates. overnight a vigil was held to honor him and the eight other students wounded, but that vigil suddenly ended with students leaving in protest. overnight an abrupt walkout at this vigil for the victims of the deadly shooting at the stem school in highlands ranch, colorado. >> i'm going to stop everybody because i don't know -- i don't know what's happening. >> reporter: students angered by speeches from politicians and anti-gun advocates claim they were not allowed to speak. one man identifying himself as a parent tweeted, tonight wasn't a vigil. it was a political event. save the politics for another time. the community in mourning but also celebrating the bravery of 18-year-old kendrick castillo. police say he charged the gunman who burst into his class pinning him against the wall protecting other students before being fatally shot. >> he did what he had to do and i knew that was my son's nature. that was who he was. >> reporter: kendrick's father says he once said if there was ever a school shooter, he wouldn't think twice about acting.
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his dad urging him not to play hero but that wasn't kendrick's nature. >> when i see the people that he saved, it makes me happy, and i know that my son wouldn't have had it any other way but as any parent will tell you, you know, it's a heck of a trade-off. i mean, what are we supposed to do? he was our everything. >> reporter: brandon biali, a marine recruit, also lunged at the shooter. >> there was fear. i look back at it and still feel fear when i think back to it, but after that point it is just doing what i thought i should do. >> reporter: during the attack another student, christian elledge, texted his father, the school is on an unexpected lockdown. there is a bunch of yelling in the hallway. his dad saying, i'm coming then christian heard gunshots. >> i have never been in a situation like this. i was scared out of my mind. everyone else was scared out of their mind and it was painful to look around. i can't comprehend this even happened. >> reporter: the two suspects in the attack made their first court appearances wednesday.
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one of them, this 18-year-old hair covering his face said only a single word when asked if he had any questions about the proceedings. >> no. >> he and his alleged juvenile accomplice, also a student at the school, face nearly 30 charges including murder. authorities have not yet revealed a motive or any information on the weapons used. just seven miles away at columbine high school this message, our hearts are with you. the transgender juvenile suspect who was born a female has petitioned the court to be recognized as male. the district attorney has not yet decided whether to charge him as an adult. federal agents have confiscated more than 1,000 guns from a single home in an upscale los angeles neighborhood. investigators say they got an anonymous tip and found a mansion filled with firearms and thousands of rounds of ammo. the stockpile, look at it there, includes various makes and models and even some collectibles from the civil war. the stash came as a shock to neighbors. >> just beyond comprehension
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that somebody can have so many weapons in a residence like this in a neighborhood such like this. >> but i would never ever think anybody would be wanting to pack so much in this neighborhood. i mean, it scares the wits out of you. >> investigators arrested a man who appeared to be living at the house. neighbors say the homeowner lives in europe. a suspected tornado slammed the city of pine bluff, arkansas, overnight injuring at least four people virtually destroying an apartment complex and knocking out power, and the threat for severe storms is far from over. let's take a look at your thursday forecast. good morning. severe storms spreading from the deep south, midwest and the ohio valley region. first of all, heaviest rain where we don't need it in omaha, davenport and kansas city, urban even stream flooding and even planting delays. then the storms. severe storms in houston, little rock just shy of st. louis over towards nashville involving isolated tornadoes and damaging
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winds, and then it's going to carry right into the ohio valley region over towards pittsburgh and down towards louisville and indianapolis. i'm accuweather meteorologist paul williams. coming up, a record from the beatles considered the rarest in the world goes up for sale. but first your children's privacy and a popular amazon product. the new complaint being filed with the government.
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>> no, no, no. we're back with some very quick thinking by a bus driver in upstate new york. you saw it right there. she just grabbed that student just as he was about to step off when a car went speeding by. she says drivers often ignore her flashing lights, so she always checks her mirrors.
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according to state law, the driver won't be ticketed because no police officer saw it. >> great work by that bus driver. new privacy concerns surrounding the popular amazon advocates say the device violates online privacy laws because its remember feature won't forget what children say to it. parents say they can't delete the data. consumer advocates are now asking the federal trade commission to investigate. amazon says the device meets the requirements of the law. "good morning america" will have the exclusive details about these concerns coming up at 7:00 a.m. denver as become the first american city to decriminalize so-called magic mushrooms. the final count is expected next week, but voters appeared to have narrowly approved the measure. it makes use or possession a low law enforcement priority. supporters say the goal is to keep people who use the psychedelic drug for depression and other conditions out of jail. in new york authorities have revealed one of the largest cocaine busts in recent history. they seized nearly 200 pounds of the drug with a street value of
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$3 million. they say rival gangs joined forces to corner the market for the new york club scene. 19 people were arrested. some of the drugs were laced with fentanyl for those addicted to opioids. what's being called the most rare beatles record in the world is being auctioned today. the cover of the so-called butcher edition of the band's 1966 "yesterday and today" album shows the fab four covered in raw meat and headless dolls. john lennon once owned the record, which is signed by paul mccartney and ringo starr and is expected to sell for nearly $200,000. >> interesting. coming up, dolphins put on a rare show off the california coast. but first a judge rules whether a young cancer patient will get chemotherapy despite his parents' objection. and the new legal battle after this cruise ship nightmare stranded passengers during a storm. this cruise ship nightmare stranded passengers during a storm.
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off the coast of california showing the unique ability of dolphins to perform backflips in the water. they're obviously having a good time. >> yeah. these are pacific white-sided dolphins recorded from a whale watch boat off monterey. quite a show there. ♪ flipper, flipper, flipper >> yeah. >> doing what dolphins do. all right, so we turn now to the court battle involving a sick child, his parents and the state of florida. >> the parents have refused to get chemotherapy for their 3-year-old son with leukemia, but now a judge has ruled against their wishes. this morning, the parents of a florida boy at the center of a medical dispute grabbing national attention no longer have a say over whether he'll receive chemotherapy. a judge ruling against them wednesday. >> we were intimidated to not seek a second opinion, which is why we felt that we had to leave state. >> reporter: the parents of 3-year-old noah mcadams who was diagnosed with leukemia last month say they took their son to kentucky to search for alternatts after they say noah experienced mood
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swings and became violent after chemotherapy. they claim tests showed his cancer was gone, so they decided to end chemo. when they didn't show up for a scheduled treatment, the state of florida stepped in tracking the couple down in kentucky filing an emergency order and removing noah from their home. >> this is not about whether we're choosing alternative therapies, natural therapies. this is about our rights as parents to seek other options. >> reporter: doctors who treat this kind of cancer say just because the leukemia isn't showing up in tests does not mean noah is cured. >> we have no way of saying that he is cured of leukemia this early in therapy. >> reporter: the judge now ruling noah must undergo 28 days of chemo. after that time doctors will determine if he still has cancer. the judge also ruled the family can use other treatments including medical marijuana to help ease his symptoms, but noah's parents are vowing to appeal the decision.
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>> i think it's really important that people know that there are other options other than really opened up a good discussion on parental rights about patient rights. >> noah is in state custody, but his parents are allowed to visit. he's expected to get his next chemo treatment today. a multimillion dollar class action lawsuit is being filed by patients who had to be airlifted from a cruise ship nightmare back in march. nearly 1,000 passengers were stranded on this viking sky cruise that lost power during a storm off the coast of norway. their ordeal lasted nearly 18 hours. the suit claims viking was negligent and sailed through notoriously dangerous waters. one woman was celebrating her 40th anniversary. she says the ordeal left her husband unable to walk, and he now requires a feeding tube. >> we were in a situation where we didn't know from moment to moment whether we would make it. we felt that we were in a condition where we both got influenza a within days of being
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confined. before that we had gone to the restaurant. we were in perfect health. nothing was wrong with us. >> a vessebeg without power in the middle of a storm subject to the mercy of 30, 40, 50-foot waves, hurricane-force winds, but this was this close to being a disaster of the scope of the "costa concordia" where 32 people died. >> viking sky cruise line says it launched an investigation and is working to establish a complete understanding of what happened. in sports good news and bad news for golden state. the warriors beat houston, 104-99 last night to take the lead in their series, but the bad news, kevin durant strained his calf. meanwhile, the bucks eliminated the celtics, and in hockey the sharks eliminated the avalanche. up next in "the pulse," the unusual items coming to the menu at mcdonald's. also ahead, an easy way to save time and money flying if you're willing to wake up very early. and why duchess meghan markle is winning big praise after her first public appearance with archie.
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♪ ♪ time to check "the pulse." we begin with a possible way to save time and money the next time you fly. how about leaving in the middle of the night? we're already up. >> a travel log found spirit airlines offering flights departing from some cities in the northeast to florida and leaving around 3:00 a.m. and arriving when the sun rises. >> also there's also an alaska airlines flight at 1:00 a.m., and hawaiian flies from vegas to honolulu at 2:00 a.m. and helps the airline improve efficiency if people are willing to fly at those times. >> typically when we think of red-eye, that's before midnight and just overnight. that's pretty early. >> early, early. >> illsea rhen'doy t ke pond,
4:23 am
sh yand prince is getting some online praising meghan for not hiding her post baby bump. >> the proud parents revealed their son's full name, archie harrison mountbatten-windsor. >> ooh. >> it's magic. it's pretty amazing, and i mean i have the two best guys in the world, so i'm really happy. >> we're just so thrilled to have our own little bundle of joy. we get to spend some precious time with him as he slowly s the sweetest up. temperament. he's really calm and -- >> i don't know where he gets that from. >> and he's been just a dream so it's been a special couple of days. >> they've decided not to give their son a title. they want him to be known simply as archie, which has german roots meaning genuine and bold. >> archie comics posted this tribute on twitter saying, i'm baby. >> i'm baby. >> getting in on the fun there.
4:24 am
next some news from mcdonald's. the company is bringing back some of its most popular overseas menu items here to the u.s. next month. >> first the grand extreme bacon burger from spain. it's topped with bacon, sauce, gouda cheese and onions. >> okay, they're also bringing the tomato mozzarella chicken sandwich from canada, as well as the cheesy bacon fries from australia. goodness. >> and for dessert, the stroopwafel mcflurry from holland with ice cream and caramel waffle cookies. >> so will the ice cream machine be working? >> that's all i want to know. will it be working? >> is the ice cream working. >> why is your ice cream machine down? >> always. >> we roll up to the drive-through. >> sorry, the machine is down. finally, it's hard to outshine a pair of cute kids but one father did just that. >> as you can see, the dad had all the right moves at his daughter's talent performance doing the hula. >> yeah, he says he was only trying to help his daughter get over her stage fright. you're doing a good job, dad.
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an "unjection™". breaking news right now at 4:27, an inferno lights up the sky in the east bay. firefighters are on the scene right now.% they are guarding against flare-ups. and an east bay community is on alert this morning. a second message is threatening a high school shooting today. it's a win and a loss for the warriors. they win game five against the rockets. it was a nailbiter. but they lose kevin durant to what appears to be a pretty serious injury. good morning on this thursday, may 9th. >> we're glad you're with us. mike nicco has a look at your day ahead. watch out for some drizzle this morning and temperatures in the low to mid-50s in most neighborhoods. milder around brentwood, san jose and mountain view. 57 to 58 degrees. a look at our high temperatures this afternoon, not quite as warm as yesterday.
4:28 am
we'll have mid 60s along the coast from 66 in santa cruz, half moon bay in san francisco, 63. upper 60s around the bay and low to mid-70s inland. a look at your 12-hour planner and see if there's any rain in the forecast. i had to flip my wipers on a couple times, just a little bit of mist, heavy fog there for my commute, so that could be part of yours as well. not much on the radar either. 28 miles an hour westbound 205 and 39 miles an hour 580. a big difference yesterday. nothing like that today. and here's a live look outside at the bay bridge if you're coming into san francisco, volumes are still light. same thing if you're leaving the city. firefighters in hayward just put out a fire at what appears to be a construction site and let me show you these pictures
4:29 am
from a witness who posted on twitter. you can see the flames burning several buildings in a fenced lot on olympic way here huntwood avenue. no word yet on what caused the fire. we've heard there are firefighters out there monitoring the scene in case there's any flare-ups and we're sending a crew to the scene. we hope to get more information as the newscast progresses. i will be sure to keep you updated. this afternoon the warriors are flying back to houston for game six of their playoff series after grinding out a victory last night. >> it was a close one. we don't know if kevin durant will be joining the team on the an mri on his strained right calf. he injured it late. it was not an achilles injury. in k.d.'s absence steph curry came alive scoring 14 points. and the dubs held off the rockets 104-99 to take a 3-2
4:30 am
series lead. kerr talked about the win after the game, and let's just say his mom probably isn't too thrilled. watch. probab watch guys are [ bleep ] giants. that was an unbelievable victory tonight. what's that? yes, yes. after dark, i'm a different guy right now. >> we do not usually hear him say that kind of language. >> no. and to be fair, he was quoting a soccer coach who said a similar thing this week. the warriors can advance to the western conference finals with a win tomorrow night, and you can watch at 6:00 p.m. on our sister network espn. >> we're all thinking about k.d. meanwhile, the sharks have already advanced to the stanley cup playoffs. joe pavelski returned from his concussion against vegas and scored the sharks' first goal. san jose never trailed, beating the avalanche 3-2 in game


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