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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  May 9, 2019 5:00am-5:59am PDT

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now at 5:00 an east bay community on high alert. a note on a bathroom stall threatens a school shooting today, and this isn't the first time the school has found something like this. good morning on this thursday, may 9th. thank you for joining us. europe never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. over to meteorologist mike nicco. tracking some may gray this morning and every once in a while the clouds are letting up. a little mist and drizzle. don't be surprised if you need the windshield wipers once or twice. looking northbound. you see a deck of clouds over the top. temperatures running 51 to 56 at 7:00. as we stay in the upper 50s to near 60 at the coast, 66 to 67, pretty close around the bay and inland. mid-60s. notice there's not much of a chance of a shower or thunderstorm on this forecast, but it lurks in the seven day.
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i'll have that coming up. here is alexis. the bay bridge toll plaza we briefly had a problem. sounds like a disabled vehicle westbound 80. that has cleared from the board. it was a minor issue. if you're using cash or fastrak but so far not terrible. we should have 15 or 20 minutes to go before they flip the metering lights on. much, much better day out of the central valley tracy to dublin, 43 minutes. in the yellow but not bad. 680 dublin to mission boulevard about 16 minutes and 101 to cupertino in the green at 15 minutes. i want to update you on what's happening in hayward right now. a live look at a construction site that went up in flames. this is near huntwood avenue a. fire reported there overnight. the construction site buildings charred at the top where the
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roof is. several buildings on that lot burned overnight and look at these videos and pictures of the fire. they came through on twitter. the cause of the fire still under investigation. as you saw we have that live picture, a crew on the scene. we will keep you updated on what happened. i want to share a developing story at our live desk. students at california high school in san ramon will see a lot more police on campus today. it comes after at least two messages threatening a school shooting and i want to show you one of the newest threats we saw discovered yesterday inside a boys restroom and it reads, quote, tomorrow library will be shot up first, then court yard and then myself. get ready. and in a letter to parents the principal said there will be a considerable police presence and additional administrators on hand today. i want to show you this live picture we're monitoring. the threat yesterday follows another message that was also
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found last week. some say despite the extra safety measures they are keeping their kids from school today. no one out there quite yet. we do have a crew on the scene as well, and the deadly school shooting in colorado fresh on everyone's minds, so major concern at the school this morning. jobina fortson will be live later, getting information right now. we're going to check in with her at 5:30. the woman arrested for impersonating a nanny is due in bay area court today accused of identity theft and fraud and has a lengthy criminal history dating back decades. kate larsen spoke to a mother who almost hired marianna monticalvo to take care of her kids. >> reporter: last week marianna monticalvo was arrested for identity theft and cruelty to a child. parents all over the bay area who have interviewed and hired monticalvo to care for their
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children tell me she used multiple phone numbers and fake names to land jobs. >> the name was ali as the post. >> reporter: thinking it was ali she considered hiring her last september after she saw this post from a woman claiming to be monticalvo's previous employer. >> this is the type of nanny i'm looking for. >> reporter: this mom so afraid of monticalvo she doesn't want to be identified says there were red flags when she called monticalvo's references. >> the first person sounded like her. >> reporter: desperate to find child care for her toddler and soon-to-be born twins she invited monticalvo to her home for a trial day which didn't last long. >> she didn't know how to install the nipple on the sippy cup, didn't know how to change a diaper and put a tub of grapes in front of him. >> reporter: after three hours she paid her and told her to leave. monticalvo badgered her with text messages. then she found a 2004 article about monticalvo's previous
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theft and fraud charges with a photo of monticalvo. >> i couldn't believe my eyes. how could i let somebody in my house that was a criminal around my children? >> reporter: this mom has spoken to police. monticalvo was due in court on thursday for separate but similar cases. case larsen, abc 7 news. today marks day four of testimony in the ghost ship warehouse trial in observing. yesterday the form earp assistant fire marshal for the oakland fire department at the time of the fire was on the stand. the judge deemed him an expert witness as he outlined stringent safety requirements for things like sprinklers and lighted exit signs. used as residences or assembly. when asked if parking and rv was permissible he said, no, absolutely no. they are not allowed as living structures in a warehouse. you could have fume, fuels and propane tanks.
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>> trying to say that my client didn't comply with fire code requirements and those are based on what the occupancy classification was but they don't know what the classification was because the city has no record of it. >> after the fire he admitted he was unable to find records or inspections or citations involving the warehouse. new details in the kals of a headless body found in a fish tank in san francisco. the medical examine earp officially ruled brian egg's death a homicide. inside his south of market home. the ruling means police can go to the distrit attorney to see if they can make an arrest. lance silva was released from jail two weeks ago serving time on an unrelated parole violation. investigating a doctor who may be unlawfully providing
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vaccinations. a subpoena to obtain the medical records at the offices of dr. kenneth stoler. there is no hiding the fact that he issued exemptions. some google reviews read i am so grateful to have found him to help my son regarding vaccinations and we sought out dr. stoller when my daughters were being asked for new exemptions. state law says you can no longer cite religious or personal beliefs to get out of vaccinating children but medical exemptions are allowed and that can include a person's family history. >> there are a group of doctors in california that have taken the two senators at their word and are issuing broader indications based on family history just like they said they could do. >> do you know we're having measles showing up, people are bringing it into our state and we can't have measles spreading rapidly through the school. >> that state senator is behind another bill calling for the
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state department to vet all medical exemptions. hundreds of students will race to the first ever special olympics track meet in contra costa county. 300 students will compete. pittsburg high school is hosting the meet up. 100 student volunteers will be on hand to help out. it's awesome. it will be breezy through 72, 73 this afternoon with a whole lot of sunshine. 55 right now. pretty much mid-50s throughout. antioch, 57. warmer up on top of mt. diablo. 62 degrees. that cold air draining into the valleys. 51 in pacifica. 55 in novato. 56 in hayward. what wrae'll be dealing with if
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you're one of the early risers you may run into mist. small craft advisory. pretty stout through about 11:00. 50s. we break out in the sunshine at noon and hit the mid-60s this afternoon. for the east bay cloud cover stout even a few clouds hanging around at 1:00. 50s at 9:00 to the 60s at 10:00 to mid-and upper 60s and our last stop across the bay in francoeur whefrasan francisco where the cloud cover is hefty hanging around. low 60s. we'll take a look at our chance of a thunderstorm up next. here's alexis. good morning, mike. looking live at the south bay. northbound 101 at 880 heavier than normal on the northbound side. i can take you in on our traffic maps. we do have the slow lane blocked
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but it doeigue northbound, southbound 101 between san antonio road and oregon expressway some earlier road work has cleared up. happening today thousands of cyclists are hitting the road for bike to work day, even if they don't own a bike. you can rent a jump bike for free. the first 30 minutes -- excuse me, for the first 30 minutes with a promo code bike month 19. that offer is good if it's your first time renting. so a bike with a low battery pack to the energizer station you're your ride will be free and you will get $3 in uber cash. the goal of today's event is, of course, to get more people to commute on bikes. very nice. thank you, alexis. up next, the 7 things you need to know as you start your day. rough seas on a cruiseship and now a new legal battle. what some passengers are saying after their vacation turned into a nightmare. if you hate moving you are certainly not alone. the odd thing some people say they would rather experience.
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5: 13. here are the seven things to know this morning. number one is from our live desk. we had a construction site in hayward that went up in flames overnight. it appear to be homes under construction that burned around 2:00 this morning. these are pictures from one of our viewers on twitter this is at olympic avenue near hunt wood avenue. number two, another threatening message at california high in san ramon has
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some people kems theeping their at school. there will be additional police presence at that school. just 14 minutes ago the beginning of our thunderstorm threat began at 5:00. not all of us will get the possibility during this time. kevin durant will get an mri to determine the severity of his strained right calf. the warriors hung on to beat the rockets and take a 3-2 series lead. shares of uber are expected to be between $34 and $50. trading expected to start tomorrow on the new york stock exchange. number six, off to a quiet start for the commute this morning looking live at the bay bridge toll plaza. it is filling in, one of our slowest spots. so far no metering lights. thousands of cyclists are hitting the streets for bike to work day. 400 energizer stations are providing water and snacks
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around the bay area and the goal, of course, is to get more people to commute on their bikes. in today's "gma first look" a new lawsuit against viking cruises that comes after this ship encountered really rough seas off norway in march. hundreds of passengers had to be evacuated. here's kenneth mouton. >> reporter: terror on the high seas. massive waves crashed against this cruiseship. nearly 1,000 were rescued in march after being stranded in the norwegian sea almost 18 hours. passenger shannon and daniel were celebrating their 40th anniversary but instead landed in the hospital. now this connecticut couple is part of a multimillion dollar proposed class action lawsuit. >> we felt we were in a condition where we both got influenza a within days of being confined before that. >> reporter: shannon claims the damage to her husband's health was extensive.
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>> he can't walk and can't utilize his arms legs. he also has to have a feeding tube. >> reporter: coming up at 7:00 a.m. more details on the lawsuit against the luxury cruise liner. happening today amazon ceo jeff bezos top-secret space company is hosting an event in washington, d.c. >> blue origin is described as his, quote, most important work. the firm has spent 20 years testing and designing rocket technologies. he hopes this will start a new era where people can live in outer space. he is expected to speak at today's event. it is unclear what he will discuss. traffic congestion in san francisco has risen 62% and finds uber and lift are partially to blame. a look at traffic delays between 2010 and 2016 and that's when uber and lyft gained popularity. they say ride hailing services account for two-thirds of the rise in congestion.
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it is published in the journal "science advances." >> it takes people away from public transportation. >> does it? >> everything is bad. >> a life storage surveyed 2,000 americans last month, more than one in ten people surveyed said they find moving more stressful than a week in jail. they would know that? >> yeah. >> the survey found moving day is just part of the battle. people spent on average three hours procrastinating, two hours arguing with their partner or roommate and two hours crying happy and sad tears. >> also, they just don't know what a week in jail is like. >> they don't know. i don't know either. >> neither do i but i'm assuming it's really bad. >> freedom is good. >> freedom imi
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bere. i youviamilh. >>an stuff, plan, start your new utilities, moving into an apartment -- >> this is giving me it. >> it's not something i want to do anytime soon. kgo roof camera looking down towards the bay bridge where you may find drizzle. mild this afternoon. drizzle to even a stray shower or thunderstorm possible tonight. not quite as warm as yesterday where the sun will come out first. 67 in oakland. 74 in san jose. we have concord at 77 and santa rosa and napa at 73 degrees. tonight low to mid-50s, mostly .
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that's the possibiliray sher, e. weedabt, the storms sierra.s will they back their way towards us. the area of low pressure farther south and a greater chance as we head through the afternoon and night hours. there's a possibility we could have a stray shower but by tomorrow evening it starts to fall apart. there is just not much out there. a couple hundredths of an inch of rain at the most. keep those sprinklers running and those gardens looking good. friday temperatures about the same as today, a little bit farmer for saturday and mother's day sunday. a live look at san mateo
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bridge. westbound 92, those volumes picking up just a little bit. we don't have anyly our even reports after crash in san jose, northbound 101 past the 880 interchange before you get to brokaw road. a sedan and a semi. a sedan spun out that was facing the wrong way and was blocking the slow lane. emergency crews are on the scene. really it is not causing any issues for your commute right now. and drive times in the green all the way around, southbound 680 walnut creek to dublin, 13 minutes. still under an hour. santa rosa to san francisco and northbound 17, highway 1 to los gatos in the green at 23 minutes. north korea has launched a projectile into the air. that's according to the south korean military. the second launch of this type in just the last five days. to be clear the video was a previous launch.
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the same base north korea uses to develop and test its weapons. this could be an escalation of their weapons program again, north korea and the u.s. on talks to get north korea to get rid of its nuclear article. amanda knox has announced plans to return to italy for the first time since her murder conviction was overturned. according to cnn the american former exchange student is scheduled to speak at a criminal justice conference in northern italy. the murder of her housemate, british student meredith kircher. mcdonald's brings its foreign favorites. the four new menu items. >> long lines for a special pop-up. what all these people were waiting for. a live look outside along the embarcadero. do you know the sneaky new way to get the very best price
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dupixent is not a steroid, and it continuously treats your eczema even when you can't see it. at 16 weeks, nearly four times more patients taking dupixent saw clear or almost clear skin compared to those not taking it, and patients saw a significant reduction in itch. do not use if you are allergic to dupixent. seous allergic reactions can occur, including anaphylaxis, a severe reaction. tell your doctor if you have new or worsening eye problem including eye pain or changes in vision. if you are taking asthma medicines, do not change or stop your asthma medicine without talking to your doctor. help heal your skin from within. ask your eczema specialist about dupixent. you know what sunday is. it's time to show our moms even more appreciation than we normally do the other 360-some days of the year. temperatures in the low 50s.
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60s at the coast with low to mid-70s and total sunshine elsewhere. >> mike, thank you. walmar o tpply its sam's club membership warp houses as well. they plan to sell to 18-year-olds where that's allowed. you already have to be 21 to buy products here in california. mcdonald's is giving the u.s. a taste of their most popular menu items from around the world. the stroop waffle mcflurry, the extreme that features bacon sauce and gouda. the mozzarella tomato chicken sandwich. and cheesy bacon fries. the items will be available at select locations. >> that epic mcflurry with the caramel and the waffle and the strudel, i'm into it, reggie.
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>> i don't mess with the waffle. >> really? >> that's what they serve on united airlines and i'm over it. i don't know. people really like it. there's often a crowd at this bakery. >> the line was unusually long, stretching all around the block because after pop-up. midnight bagel sold its brown, slightly oven chared between 7:00 and 9:00 p.m. it is rumored this is a project of one of tartine's bakery staff. >> they burn the bagel? >> a little bit. >> we have burned bagels and stroop-waffles. >> why are you being shady? >> today is not my morning for eats, i guess. we're coming back with another full 90 minutes of news including that big fire in hayward. jessica will have an update from the live desk. >> reporter: the threat of a school shooting was found at california high school. i'm jobina fortson live in san ramon with what we know.
5:27 am
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now at 5:30, a disturbing message found in the boys bathroom. the school that will have extra security because of this threat today. also an overnight fire at a construction site. what we know so far. >> the warriors go up three games to two. he called it after dark steve kerr. >> you're never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. good morning. let me show you plenty of cloud
5:30 am
cover in gray. straight off the peninsula coast making that right hand turn at the golden gate and shooting through the delta and that will be slow sunshine and a tempering of our temperatures today. we end up cooler than yesterday. we'll be in the upper 50s to upper 60s inland by noon. 60 to 74 and then 56 to at 7:00. probably a thunderstorm. first i want to bring alexis in and talk about the we've been quiet so far. looking live where we did get official word that those metering lights turned on at 5:20 this morning. car-pool lanes moving on through just fine. cash and fastrak not so much. your typical delays. we just flipped over tracy to dublin. nothing blocking along that
5:31 am
stretch. 680 dublin to mission boulevard in the green at 16. still in the green at 15 minutes. and i'm following breaking news here at the live desk throughout the morning. i want to show you that live picture from the scene in hayward. this right here is on a lot at olympic and hunt wood avenues and earlier this morning we weren't quite sure exactly what burned. from our photographer on scene you can see these appear to be homes or the minimum some buildings with garage units attached. we don't know how many buildings were damaged. i want to show you the video that came in overnight while you were sleeping. they were posted on twitter. you can see the flames from pretty far away according to our viewers there. still no word on what caused the fire or if anyone was hurt right now and a call in to firefighters.
5:32 am
reggie? thank you, jessica. developing news in the east bay, some parents in san ramon won't be sending their kids to school this morning. >> they are very concerned following two threatening messages of a shooting today at california high where jobina fortson is live for us this morning. good morning, jobina. >> reporter: yes, we found parents who told us they were not planning to bring their children to school. they don't think it's worth it in a school there. the message here at california high school of the threat of the shooting was found in the boys' bathroom. it included a racial slur and called out black students. the message detailed who would be targeted and where in a may 9th shooting. california high school principal sent a letter saying there would be a heavy police presence and additional administrators on
5:33 am
hand today but that message of reassurance still didn't seem to be enough for some parents. >> one always thinks it's not going to happen in our school. we know the parents and students. it's hurtful. very, very hurtful. if it is a joke, it's not funny. >> reporter: california high school does have a history with threats and at this point it is not clear who is responsible for this latest one. for now reporting live this morning in san ramon, jobina fortson, abc 7 news. >> jobina, thank you. in colorado students walked out of last night's vigil for the victims of the deadly shooting at the s.t.e.m. school in highland ranch. >> i'm going to stop everybody because i don't know -- i don't know what's happening. >> students got frustrated because they were listening to speeches from politicians and t really said they needed the time to speak. students returned to the gym as spoke as part of an open
5:34 am
microphone gathering. and this morning we're learning more about this hero student who police say tackled the gunman during tuesday's school shooting in colorado. police say 18-year-old kendrick castillo charged the gunman who burst into his class pinning him against a wall protecting other students before being fatally shot. >> when i see the people that he saved, it makes me happy, and i know that my son wouldn't have had it any other way. but as any parent will tell you, you know, it's a heck of a tradeoff. >> the two suspects in the attack made their first court appearances yesterday. an 18-year-old boy and teenaged girl face nearly 30 charges including murder. in the east bay hundreds of teachers are ready to go on strike. teachers in the new haven unified school district voted to walk off the job on may 20th if a contract agreement can't be reached. it includes nine schools and 11,000 students across union city and south hayward.
5:35 am
teachers are asking for a 20% raise and they want a $1,500 stipend. the district says it can't afford the demands. governor gavin newsom will provide a revised budget today. the one initially proposed in january allots more money for public education, expands paid parental leave and sets aside funding for more navigation centers. he wants to eliminate the sales tax on diapers and menstrual products and create a new income tax credit for low-income parents and expand child care io work day. it is one of the most popular biking events of the year.tionst up. the goal is to get more people to com their bikes. more than 400 stations will be
5:36 am
available through all nine bay area counties. this afternoon the warriors will be flying back to houston for game six of their playoff series after grind iing out a victory. >> we don't know what will happen to kevin durant. will he join the team on the flight? this morning k.d. will undergo an mri on his strained right calf. steve kerr says it is not an achilles tendon injury so that's at least some good news. the dubs held off the rockets, 104-99 to take a 3-2 series le kerr talked about the win, of course, after the game. let's just say his mom probably isn't too thrilled and here is why. >> i apologize to my mom who is probably watching but our guys are [ ble ] that was a unbelievable victory
5:37 am
tonight. what's that? yes, yes, after dark. i'm a different guy right now. >> after dark. >> got it. the warriors can advance to the western conference finals with a win tomorrow night and watch the game at 6:00 p.m. on our sister network espn. meanwhile, the sharks have already advanced to the western conference finals. last night team captain joe pavelski returned from his concussion and scored the sharks' first goal. san jose never trailed beating the avalanche, 3-2 in game seven. the sharks will face the st. louis blues in the conference final. game one is saturday at s.a.p. center and tickets go on sale today at noon. much more ahead including ayesha curry responding to criticism. the message she shared on social media. also, google is getting ready to release more than 50 new emojis for its sfoephones. a live look outside right now at 5:38.
5:38 am
i wanted to wait to make sure i was exactly on time. a check on your weather with meteorologist mike nicco. >> we appreciate your profession there, reggie. here is a look at what's going on weatherwise. if you step outside or when you do or if you have already, maybe you're at the gym watching us, you notice it's just exactly like it was yesterday. in fact, look at these temperatures. 52 in san leandro. 57 in union city and fremont. elsewhere we've got 50 in albany. 52 in santa rosa. everybody else around 53 to about 58 degrees. in fact, look at the 24-hour change. only novato and brentwood are more than one degree different than yesterday. tse zeros. that means patchy drizzle in the same area we had yesterday, maybe a little bit more widespread. it looks dry as we look westbound on the san mateo bridge here and that's my only caution for the commute is the drizzle and breezy north of the
5:39 am
bay bridge this afternoon into the delta where we have a small craft advisory for gusty conditions. on the peninsula today look at the cloud cover, stubborn through 11:00. in the afternoon increasing sunshine. about 65 if you're heading out this evening. clouds stubborn through 7:00. total sunshine this afternoon and low to mid-70s and down in the south bay may see the sun sooner. about 66 at 7:00. let's talk about the commute this morning. bring alex nis in and good morng and what's going on. one of our only incidents so far was a crash on northbound 101 north of 880 and brokaw. we did have the right lane blocked for 20 minutes. that is fully cleared to the shoulder and never did see a backup form from that. northbound 17 past the summit, a
5:40 am
two-car crash. one of the vehicles spun out and that is a few feet off the roadway. not sure if it is drivable. right now no lanes are blocked. no delays from the moment approaching that scene either. mass transit looking good. ace 1 and 3
5:41 am
5:42 am
5:43 am
time for that school day forecast. what should the kids expect today? if you're dressing them, mid-50s this morning, a little drizzle. not enough for an umbrella. the sun starts to break out. they head out for recess. and notice a little bit of a spread at 3:00. 60 at the coast. 71 inland. we're going to keep an eye on the sierra where the thunderstorms will blow up this afternoon and drift our way. 78 in sacramento. if you're heading down to socal morning drizzle, partly sunny and 67 degrees for san diego and l.a. natasha? mike, thank you. los angeles police are crediting an anonymous tip for leading them to a huge stockpile of weapons. investigators seized more than 1,000 rifles, handguns and semiautomatic weapons at a house. aerial video shows federal
5:44 am
agents sorting and documenting the weapons. wow, it's really a sight to behold. officers also found ammunition and equipment to make guns. police arrested a man on charges of selling weapons legally. >> the owner of the flintstones house is officially fighting back. homeowner florence fang has filed a complaint claiming city leaders are harassing her and discriminating against her. the town says the home is a public nuisance and modificat n modifications violate code. fang added actual flintstones to her yard when she bought it in 2017. >> yes, she did. nspl now living in one of the east bay's wealthiest neighborhoods got a special night out. only three months ago greg dunston and marie mckenzie were homeless living on the streets of oakland until "the chronicle" profiled the couple. a man saw the story and offer t pimohome. the warriors invited the couple to the warriors playoff game.
5:45 am
they got a vip behind-the-scenes tour of oracle. >> awesome. i never dreamed i would be at a playoff game. >> it's an honor to have them here tonight and i think their story inspires all of us. >> greg and melanie are still facing charges ahead. >> one act of generosity can change the course of an entire life, right? i like what everyone did there. prince harry is traveling to the netherlands to launch the countdown to the invictus games. archie is the first bi-racial baby in the family. prince harry and duchess meghan introduced him to the public. queen fawned over him. >> seeing the queen, the proud
5:46 am
great-grandmother alongside doria from a different background and culture proudly standing next to archie signified a new era for the royal family. >> he is seventh in line to the throne. >> a quick work trip and he'll be right back. >> here is mike nicco. thank you very much. good morning. isn't it gorgeous? you can see the clouds as they cascade over the top of tam. it will be brighter, slightly cooler as the clouds roll back. a chance of a shower or a stray thunderstorm and then mostly sunny and mild. we have mid to upper 60s. just mainly mid-60s there. 63 to 66.
5:47 am
mid to upper 60s around the bay. we start to hit the 70s around fremont, palo alto into the south bay. 69 in san rafael to 73 in santa rosa and napa to 83 in ukiah in the north bay. tonight you can seep the cloud cover around once again and notice you see a few specks of green. thunderstorms are possible in the entire area. you see shaded here that started at about 47 minutes ago. take a look and watch as the storm backs its way towards us. a couple tower cams there. they're on our website if you want to see them and then you can see as we head to the more likely you'll see a shower.
5:48 am
close to average monday, tuesday and wednesday. looking live and a new problem a. two-car crash blocking one lane westbound 80 inside the tunnel right at the treasure island on ramp there. it is blocked, just a little bit of a delay formed behind that right now. that's a tough spot to have any lanes blocked so if that's there for long that will turn into a bigger issue. drive times looking great. still in the green at 54 and a crash just north of the summit. so far, though, that's not blocking and is not slowing you down. >> thanks, alexis. there is new concern this morning involving the amazon echo dot kids edition. >> a complaint saying the device violates child online privacy
5:49 am
laws. it has a remember me feature. a child can potentially ask the device to remember private information like social security number, address and phone number. can you delete the recordings two different ways, the data is still there. >> i was shocked the fact amazon keeps that information is extremely concerning. we believe the privacy policies are confusing and contradictory and there's no way for parents to meaningfully consent to them. >> the echo dot kids edition is compliant with the law. more on the privacy policy coming up at 7:00 on "gma." google has created gender neutral emojis. there are 53 nonbinary emojis now. they've launched on pixel smartphones as a beta release and will be available in the next version of google's operating system later this
5:50 am
year. the key to all of this in bridging the gap between male and female was in the hair style. new at 6:00, pope francis issuing groundbreaking rules for reporting abuse overnight. jessica is breaking down the changes at the live desk. >> the city that's about to decriminalize something that has not been legal in the u.s. since 1968. and a live look outside as the sun is coming up at 5:50. because we bring information to television viewers, reporters are messengers, and i was fortunate enough to have been one of those messengers for more than three decades. happy birthday, channel 7. i'm paige, and well the little thing that i like about the grilled chicken sandwich is that it's picture perfect. it's juicy and it just has all the right combinations.
5:51 am
i think i could be considered a grilled chicken sandwich influencer. my name is frank and the little thing i like about the grilled chicken sandwich is the first bite. i love how juicy the chicken is but there's also the tomatoes and the lettuce and it's incredible. make sure you get it with waffle fries, because that's my favorite.
5:52 am
5:53 am
sunglasses, check, sunscreen, check. broom? yep. going for the sweep today. 12:37, it will feel warmer in the sunshine. wanted to take a look at the rainfall potential and there's just not a lot and where the rain is showing up like along the coast and the east bay shoreline looks more like drizzle will be an issue tomorrow morning than any showers and thunderstorms. mother's day absolutely gorgeous. 62 but the rest of us in the low to mid-70s. here is alexis. >> we're taking a look at the road
5:54 am
we do have a problem on the bay bridge. a crash blocking the left lane. on the upper deck of the bridge. it's not a huge backup yet but could turn into one. southbound 101 to sfo. ayesha curry wants her haters to know she does not care what they think. ayesha was featured on monday's episode of the facebook show red tble talk and talked about what it's like being married to steph curry and dealing with some of his fans. critics pounced about a few things but also after she said at times feeling insecure about not receiving attention from men. ayesha posted on her instagram this photo and a caption reading in part this is me throwing a pair of spanx in a bin?
5:55 am
it brings me pure joy to speak my mind, be vulnerable at times and know myself inside and out. go find your joy. >> i've watched it twice now, it was great. denver will be the first city in the u.s. to decriminalize the use of psychedelic mushroom measure. that's according to unofficial results. the mushrooms have been outlawed since 1968. backers didn't want to legalize magic mushrooms in denver but prevent people from possessing them. firefighters and police officers are credited for a fawn-tastic rescue. a neighbor called for help after hearing a newborn deer trapped. the rookie firefighter squeezed,
5:56 am
stretched and reached into the drain and finally saved the little bambi. >> once we found it we were able to work with it. i gave it a few pets before i started to try and mess with him too much. no one ever trained me to pull a deer out of a storm drain. as a team we figured it out. >> the fawn is doing just fine. morales has been on the job just about three months now. bird is unveiling a new electric scooter it plans to let you buy. it will have a battery designed to last twice as long as current models. bird will use the new scooter in its rental business. it will go on sale next summer for $1,300 and color options, too, black, pink and white. finding solutions to build affordable housing is an issue that impacts every city in the bay area. the options san jose is considering. >> why one state senator is pushing for a new rule when it comes to making sure kids get
5:57 am
their shots. and this is just coming in this morning. a facebook co-founder calling on the government to break up the menlo park company. why he says it would be the best thing for everyone. right now we leave you with this nice look at the sun coming up at 5:57.
5:58 am
roxana: when i got into teaching, it was this idea of really transforming our schools. marisa: one of my biggest responsibilities as a teacher is to serve as an advocate for my kids. newscaster: hundreds of teachers are hitting the picket lines. newscaster: thousands gathered here. rosanne: we need smaller class sizes.
5:59 am
angelia: more counselors and more nurses. roxana: we have to be able to invest in our young people. angelia: every student has a right to quality education. ever: no matter what neighborhood you live in. roxana: our students don't have part-time needs, so they can't have part-time solutions. rodney: because we know quality public schools... roxana: make a better california... marisa: for all of us. now at 6:00 a.m. a live look, metering lights are on and you might see a fewer cars because it is bike to work day. if you are riding, you might need a raincoat or maybe one of those unfashionable ponchos. we'll leave it up to you. good morning on this thursday, may 9th. >> you're never more than seven minutes away from the accuweather forecast. here is meteorologist mike nicco. >> the color gray. you can see the cloudiness there. above it up to 2,600 feet and
6:00 am
see a gorgeous sun rise about to unfold. 50 to 57, almost exactly where we were yesterday. 66 to 67 for our bay and inland neighborhoods. dry and mild at noon. coat weather starts to develop as you head to 7:00, mid-60s. a check of the commute and say good morning, alexis. we do have a new crash in the concord area right around concord avenue. sounds like one vehicle spun out that went across all the lanes and ended up on the right shoulder. so we have emergency crews on the way to the scene. we could have part of that far right lane blocked. 242 is heavier.


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