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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  May 9, 2019 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>> the color gray. you can see the cloudiness there. this just in. facebook co-founder chris hughes above it up to 2,600 feet and calling for the social media see a gorgeous sun rise about to company to be broken up. unfold. in a very lengthy piece published by "the new york times" this morning, hughes says it's time for regulators to 50 to 57, almost exactly where break up the company. he says founder mark zuckerberg we were yesterday. has, quote,eaking apart the com 66 to 67 for our bay and inland crucial to protecting people's privacy. neighborhoods. he wrote, i'm disappointed in dry and mild at noon. myself and the early facebook coat weather starts to develop team for not thinking more how as you head to 7:00, mid-60s. the news feed algorithm could a check of the commute and say good morning, alexis. change our culture, influence elections and empower nationalist leaders. we do have a new crash in the concord area right around i worry mark has surrounded concord avenue. sounds like one vehicle spun out himself with a team that that went across all the lanes reinforces his beliefs instead and ended up on the right of challenges him. shoulder. so we have emergency crews on the way to the scene. call for stricter regulation of we could have part of that far facee right lane blocked. 242 is heavier. to some regulation. we have reached out but have no comment yet.
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i am keeping an eye on that. also better news on the bay bridge commute, westbound 80 right at treasure saying things like a monopoly stifles innovation. he has not been at the company for ten years now. >> this is very interesting, though. this is an ongoing conversation. are they a bad actor when it comes to our culture and in this technology landscape. >> the conversation continues this morning with a notable figure, the co-founder of the company. >> we appreciate it. thank you, jessica. the woman arrested for impersonating a nanny is due in court in oakland today. marianna monticalvo is accused of identity theft and fraud and has a lengthy criminal history. parents say she used fake names and several phone numbers to land jobs. abc 7 news spoke with a mom who wants to remain anonymous. she says she invited monticalvo to her home for a trial day even though there were some red flags
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when she called the woman's references. >> the first person sounded like her with an australian accent. she didn't know how to install the nipple on the sippy cup. didn't have a changed diaper. >> after watching monticalvo struggle to care for her child for three hours, she paid her and asked her to police. monticalvo's hearing today is for separate but similar cases. today marks day four in the ghost ship warehouse trial in oakland. yesterday the former assistant fire marshal for the oakland fire department at the time of the fire was on the stand. the judge deemed him an expert witness for things like sprinklers and lighted exit signs in buildings used as residences. when asked if parking an rv in such a building was permissible avila said, no, absolutely no. they are not allowed as living structures in a warehouse. you could have fumes, fuel and propane tanks. prosecutors say there were
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rvs and two trailers inside the ghost ship. >> trying to say my client didn't comply with fire code requirements but -- and those requirements are based on the occupancy classification was but they don't know because the city of oakland has no record of it. >> avila admitted after the fire he was unable to find records of inspections or citations involving the warehouse. the san francisco city's attorney's office is investigating a doctor who may be unlawfully providing vaccination exemptions. city attorney dennis herrera obtained a subpoena to obtain records. there's no hiding the fact stoller has issued exemptions. some read, quote, i am so grateful to have found him to help my son and, quote, we sought out dr. stoller when in the middle of spring of last year my daughters were being asked for new vaccine exemptions. state law says you can no longer
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cite religious beliefs. >> there are a group of doctors in california that have taken these two senators at their word and are issuing broader indications based on family history like the senator said they could do. >> people are bringing measles into our state and we can't have measles spreading rapidly through a school. >> that state senator is now behind another bill and it calls for the state health department to vet all medical exemptions. >> building a better bay area means providing housing for everyone who lives here. san jose taking on that challenge and now the city is considering proposals to bring more affordable units to the market. some of them are controversial. according to our news partner "the mercury news" options include rezoning single family neighborhoods to allow for duplexes and town homes, replacing outdated community centers with mixed use
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development and creating a database of sites suitable for affordable housing to help developers. city officials say many times residents approve affordable housing measures but then oppose the proposed projects filing appeals that stall or kill the plans altogether. you can check out our better bay area facebook group. it is bike to work day. next, how you can take part for free even if you don't own a bike. and at the live desk, pope francis has issued groundbreaking new rules for reporting abuse within the catholic church. i have been looking at it and am breaking it all down for you up next. and here is a look at our chance of thunderstorms. it started at 5:00 and goes through 5:00 tomorrow morning. a threat for the next 23 hours
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take a look at neighborhood temperatures, 54 to 58 degrees in the valley there. it's 47 up in the hills in los gatos. we have a west/southwest wind at
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16. you can see the cloud deck sitting just above the road deck. no fog to speak of so far that i've seen. we have small craft advisory north of the bay bridge starting at 9:00 this morning. that drizzle making it damp for your outdoor activities. along the east bay clouds all the way up until 1:00 with some sunshine. upper 60s, a mixture of clouds and sunshine all day today and low 60s. you know who has the answer? alexis. >> we thought we were going to have a problem in the mountains northbound 17 north of the summit. that did clear. it never was blocking on the shoulder. back on to the roadway. highway 4 looking good.
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and welcome back. this is brand-new at 6:00 a.m. the pope has issued new rules for reporting sexual abuse and the important thing about the change is that it affects every catholic church around the world. it's an unprecedented move because it mandates all diocese across the globe to set up for abuse. the vatican wants each diocese
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to reply by 2020. under this new rule the investigations into credible reports have to be completed within 90 days and a no retaliation clause which is hopefully going to protect people who are reporting the abuse. back to you. >> thank you, jessica. amanda knox has announced plans to return to italy next month. according to cnn the american former exchange student is scheduled to speak at a criminal conference in northern italy. 2015 of her housemate. traffic congestion has risen 62% in recent years and guess why. a new study says that uber and lyft are partially to blame. looking at traffic delays between 2010 and 2016.
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they say ride hailing accounts for two-thirds in the rise. they worked with researchers from the university of kentucky on the study. some people would rather spend time in jail than deal with the stress of moving. >> apparently more than one in ten people surveyed said they find moving more stressful than a week in jail. the survey found moving day is just part of the battle. people spent on average three hours procrastinating, two hours arguing with their partner or roommate, and two hours crying either happy or sad tears. what? i mean, moving sucks, okay? moving is the worst. i think we can all agree on that. >> but jail? jail is a lot, mike. >> i like to know where they found the sample size of people
6:16 am
who have been in jail more than a week who move a lot. >> who is in the middle of that one? >> i guess you get a meal and a bed ifyou get some other things. let's talk about what's moving outside the clouds, all about us this morning. in fact this is what it looks like if you're on mt. tam. and that's about the only thing and this is what it looks like underneath. delays at sfo. partly cloudy. a little drizzle for your commute this morning. possible tonight with a stray shower. check out our temperatures. the sprinkling of 70s from fremont, palo alto southward, low to mid-70s. should see the sunshine first. 83 in ukiah and then 63 in half
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moon bay. walk-off home run, going for the sweet this afternoon. 63. warming up to 67. lows tonight, a few sprinkling of showers out there. a look at the area of low pressure. it's hard to watch them move backwards because it goes against all of our thinking to have something move backwards. there's not a lot of green. anything that does blow up over the sierra today and tomorrow could back its way towards us. the chance leaves us for sunshine in the afternoon and a comfortable mother's day weekend. hey, alexis. we have reports of a disabled vehicle. that is blocking one lane.
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moving over to our traffic mabs maps and to concord one lane blocked before concord avenue. maybe hanging over into the right lane. maybe a tiny backup. no delays for b.a.r.t. normal service and no delays for ac transit. good morning america coming up at 7:00 right here on abc 7. ginger zee with a look at what's ahead in the show. great to be with both of you. coming up why protests broke out at a vigil for that school shooting in colorado overnight. new details about the hero who sacrificed his life to save classmates. the major new lawsuit over this cruiseship nightmare caught in storms, never understand how them get there in the first
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place as a meteorologist. passengers had to be airlifted to safety. how the royal baby is making history. the beautiful photo with the queen and grandmother doria. this is one of the best days, our annual breakfast in bed, one deserving mother is about to get the surprise of her life. you're not going to want to miss it. such a deserving mom of all the deserves moms. >> oh, i love that. >> do your boys have anything planned for mother's day or is it under wraps? >> i think they're so young it will be all dad driven. he is the worst at surprises. he's like, can i tell you yet? no. >> and what did you say you wanted? >> i said i wanted skin cleanser so -- i don't care. i don't really need anything. i just want to spend the day with them. >> so sweet.
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i like that. that's perfect. >> thank you, ginger. mcdonald's is bringing some of its foreign favorites to restaurants in the u.s. also, long lines for a special pop-up in san francisco, what all these people were waiting for. it's 6:21 as you get your day into gear a live look outside this morning.
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did i mention there's just a chance of scattered to isolated shower or thunderstorms? look at the rainfall amounts. falling along the peninsula coast and the east bay hills more likely more drizzle tonight than thunderstorm or a shower. in south bay police are searching for people who vandalize add memorial. crews spent hours cleaning this graffiti in san jose. it stands along park avenue in the downtown area. the crews did the job and that memorial, thankfully, is clean once again. walmart will only sell cigarettes and other tobacco products to those 21 and older. the policy will apply at sam's club membership warehouses, too. right now walmart sells tobacco
6:24 am
products to 18-year-olds in states where that's allowed. you already have to be 21 to buy tobacco products here in california. liquid death looks ominous but it's just water. it's advertised as murdering your thirst and comes in a pack of 12 tall boys. the creator says it's inspired by his background playing in punk and heavy metal bands. right now you can only buy liquid death online. mcdonald's is giving the u.s. a taste of some of their most popular menu items from around the world a. few of the items that made the cup the stroop-waffle mcflurry from the netherlands, the grand extreme bacon burger from spain which features something called mcbacon sauce and gouda. canada shares its tomato mozzarella sandwich. from australia cheesy bacon
6:25 am
fries. the items available june 5th at select locations. >> i am intrigued by all of this. give me a mcflurry and i'm there. the stroop-waffle is exciting to me. they have a pie in china i would like to try. also a mcnoodle stir fry, not in asia, in austria. >> interesting. and that is your mcdonald's roundup. >> there's often a crowd at this bakery. >> this line was unusually stre the block last night because of a bagel pop-up. it sold its browned bagels. it's rumored to be a project of one of the staff. it looks like it has a spray tan. >> it's burnt. it comes out, oops, and you throw it away.
6:26 am
>> maybe it will be chewy and delicious. >> people are drinking black death or liquid death, burned bagels and trying to put a waffle in my mcflurry. >> i don't think it fits in that category. >> the warning about a popular version of the echo device. removing an oak tree is costing more than half a million dollars. >> i'm tracking the investigation into an early morning fire that i do. check out the united explorer card. savin' on this! savin' on this!
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right now at 6:30 flames shooting into the night sky destroying par ining part of an neighborhood. an investigation that's under way right now. some parents are planning to keep their children home after a school shooting threat was made at california high. i'm jobina fortson live in san ramon this morning with what parents should know. and students storm out after vigil for the victims of the latest school shooting. wy they say their voices were not being heard. a bus driver saves a student from being hit by a car with seconds to spare.
6:30 am
what prompted steve kerr to drop a couple f-bombs postgame. >> it was perhaps warranted. that was a nailbiter. steph brought it out in the end. >> i hope he's not injured too badly. thankfully klay and steph stepped up. good morning. you can see by jobina's shot some drizzle in san ramon. it took me all 25 years of being in the business to dedeuce that. a look at the winds. shooting straight into the central valley and this is what it looks like from our tam cam. so temperatures mainly in the low to mid-50s through 7:00. near 60 at the coast. the rest of us hit 66 to 67 at noon with increasing sunshine. about 74 to 70.
6:31 am
not quite as warm as yesterday. that's your 12-hour planner. the thunderstorm threat up next. good morning to alexis. good morning. and we are looking at the bay bridge commute where we had a couple issues this morning. a crash inside the tunnel and reports near the fremont exit. we still have the right lane blocked looking heavier than a few minutes ago. not a major delay yet. westbound 580 tracy into dublin an hour. you're in the red. 680 dublin to mission boulevard. northbound 85 to cupertino holding on to the green at 20 minutes. >> i've been watching this breaking news for you throughout the morning and i want to give you big updays and show you the live picture from the scene in hayward, if you're just joining us. a home construction site went up in flames overnight.
6:32 am
you still see smoke coming from some hot spots. this is on a lot on olympic and hunt wood avenues and fire officials have just told abc 7 news that four homes under construction were destroyed. we thought they were homes, they are indeed. these pictures around 2:00 a.m. on witter where you can see the names from far away. we have confirmed that no one was hurt in this fire. we'll keep you updated if we get any new information. back to you. some parents won't be sending their kids to school this morning. >> they are concerned following two messages warning of a shooting today at california high where reporter jobina fortson is live for thus morning. good morning, jobina. >> reporter: good morning. california high school has a
6:33 am
history with threats. this latest of a school shooting was found in the boys bathroom. it included a racial slur and specifically called out black students. the message detailed who and where these people would be targeted on may 9th for a shooting which we know is today. a letter was sent to the communities saying there would be a heavy police presence and additional administrators on hand. parents plan to keep their children home especially with the deadly shooting in colorado top of mind for people this morning. >> it's a terrible conversation to have with your child, getting ready to graduate. by the way, you also have to be careful because there might be a shooting tomorrow. >> i feel like i'm sending her to the war zone. it's really scary.
6:34 am
>> reporter: it is not known who is responsible for this threat. reporting live this morning jobina fortson abc 7 news. jobina, thank you. in colorado stuns walked out of a vigil for the victims for the deadly shooting in highlands ranch. >> i'm going to stop everybody because i don't know what's happening. students say they were frustrated because all they saw were speeches from anti-gun advocates. they say their trauma was being politicized. students eventually returned to the gym and spoke as part of an open microphone gathering. this morning we are learning more about the hero student police say tackled the gunman during tuesday's school shooting in colorado. police say kendrick castillo charged the gunman, pinning him against the wall, protecting other students before being fatally shot. >> when i see the people that he saved, it makes me happy and i
6:35 am
know my son wouldn't have had it any other way. as any parent will tell you, it's a heck of a tradeoff. >> it's hard to imagine. they made their first court appearances yesterday and an 18-year-old boy and teenage girl face charges including murder. hundreds of teachers are ready to go on strike. teachers in the new haven unified school district voted to walk off the job on may 20th if a contract agreement can't be reached. it includes nine schools and 11,000 students across union city. teachers are asking for a 20% raise over two years and they also want a $ 1,500 stipend. the district says they can't afford the demands. gavin newsom is expected to release a new plan today. the $144 billion budget proposed in january allots for more money for public education, expands
6:36 am
paid parental leave and funding for more navigation centers. newsom has announced more proposals. he wants to eliminate the sales tax on diaper and feminine products and to create a new income tax credit for low-income parents and expand child care services. the warriors are flying back for game six of their playoff series after just grinding out a victory last night. >> it was quite a game. we don't know if ken durant will be on that flight. this morning he's going to undergo an mri on his strained right calf that he injured late in the third quarter. steve kerr says it is not an achilles tendon injury which was originally feared. in k.d.'s absence steph curry came alive with a big fourth quarter scoring 12 points and the dubs held off the rockets rr talked about the win in very colorful language. m mom w
6:37 am
probably watching but our guys are [ bleep ] giants. that was an unbelievable victory tonight. what's that? yes, after dark. i'm a differengu >> might have to put that on tape delay. the warriors can advance with a win tomorrow night. you can wrach watch the game on espn. the sharks have alread advanced to the western conference final of the stanley cup playoffs. team captain joe pavelski returned from hagainst vegas an sharks' first goal. san jose never trailed. game one is saturday at 5:00 p.m. at s.a.p. center. tickets for the series night. just going to throw that in there. a privacy alert for parents about amazon's echo. new concerns the kids edition
6:38 am
might be storing personal information even if you think it's been deleted. looking live at the big board right now. we are down 207 points. ayesha curry respond to go criticism following a recent th social media. a lot of people talking about that. first, you're never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. it's kind of gray, mike. it is. may gray as the pattern is locked in for one more day. temperatures mainly in the mid-50s on the peninsula until you get to pacifica and daly city. good morning, san francisco. you're at 53. 51 as you travel up 101 from san rafael to santa rosa. oakland, fremont, san jose and concord 57 degrees. a look at san rafael. no fog out there. a little bit of drizzle for your commute and that's about it. breezy at 9:00. winds 25 to 35 miles an hour. the peninsula, look at the cloud
6:39 am
cover. stubborn through 11:00. temperatures right around 70 degrees. east bay valley, you can see temperatures in the 90s this time of the year, not even close. we're in the 60s through 1:00 and then with total sunshine, low to mid-70s this afternoon. in the south bay about the same. locked in with clouds and sunshine through 11:00. down to 67 by 7:00. a comfortable evening on the way. overall we are looking good at this point. the san francisco side, looking better now. they were able to get that off on their own. no longer seeing the heavier traffic coming from the treasure island area. we are starting to see a backup build westbound 580 approaching the richmond/san rafael bridge down to 6 miles an hour and
6:40 am
about a 15-minute delay and that, of course, is due to the emergency road repair and metal plates in the roadway. tracy to dublin in the red. san rafael to san francisco, you're in the green at 17 minutes. this is why you need to be careful around school buses. a bus driver grabbing a student just in the knick of time all caught on camera. you can see a car drove around that bus just as a student was about to step off. the driver grabbed the student's jacket, slammed the door in his face likely saving him from being hit. from our "gma" family in new york -- >> to all of you in the bay area. happy 70th anniversary. >> here is to many more good mornings with you.
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so you can be in with brilliantly connected devices in every room. and in with finding all your favorites on live tv and streaming apps with just your voice. this spring it's out with the old, and in with simple, easy, awesome. during the xfinity spring sale, get started with internet and tv for $35.00 each a month for a 1 year when you bundle both with 20 hours of cloud dvr service included. click, call, or visit a store today. while we continue to transition into the dry season, people in kansas are drying up, heavy rain. this is the turnpike and this video shows just how bad it got yesterday. you can see the kansas turnpike washed out near the town of wellington in the southern part of the state. that is an incredible amount of water.
6:44 am
to actually pile up and cause flooding, very impressive. unfortunately, crop damage, also. we have jacket weather this morning. a little bit of drizzle. 60s and 70s later on. upper 60s in l.a. and san diego with a little bit of sunshine today. the same thing around monterey. look at the temperatures through the central valley. 88 in chico and up in the sierra a chance of thunderstorms and this is what we'll be watching as they back their way towards us. we'll be able to see them and track them with our app. make sure you have that. i'll talk more about that coming up. natasha? i cannot get over this video. police are crediting an anonymous tip for leading them to this huge stockpile of weapons. investigators seized more than 1,000 rifles, handguns and semiautomatic weapons at a house in bel air. federal agents are shown sorting
6:45 am
and documenting the weapons. officers found ammunition and equipment to make guns.policerro of selling illegally. it is 6:46. happening today in the east bay an oakland jury will begin deliberating a lawsuit. they used roundup while landscaping over 30 years. they want a billion dollars in damages. bayer, which bought the company that makes roundup, has lost two similar lawsuits in the bay area. they claim the weed killer is safe and is appealing the two verdicts. a sonoma county couple will have to pay almost $600,000 because they uprooted a historic oak tree. the tree is believed to be 180 years old and was legally protected. the couple dug up the oak with the intention of moving it to another piece of land but then it died. the uprooted tree was discovered in 2014 when a neighbor reported
6:46 am
heavy equipment. a conservation group sued the couple and a judge ordered them to pay for environmental restoration. the owner of the flintstone house in hillsborough is officially fighting back. the homeowner has filed a complaint claiming city leaders are harassing her and discriminating against her. the town says the home is, quote, a public nuisance and that modifications violate municipal codes adding dinosaur sculptures when she bought it in 2017. a homeless couple now living in one of the east bay's wealthiest neighborhoods got a special night out. only three months ago greg dunston and marie mckenzie were homeless living on the streets of oakland. that is until the chronicle profiled the couple. a man saw their story and offered them a place to live at his piedmont home. the warriorsed to the warriors playoff game. they got a vip behind-the-scenes tour. they even got to meet point guard quinn cook before the game.
6:47 am
>> awesome. never dreamed i would ever be at a playoff game. >> i know. >> it's an honor and a privilege for us to have them tonight. i think their story inspires all of us. >> maybe they were the lucky charms to get that win. they say they are still facing some challenges. they hope to become self-sufficient and get out and be on their own soon. >> what an encouraging fresh start. love that story. some new concerns involving the amazon echo dot kids edition. an advocacy group filed a complaint with the federal trade commission and it says it violates online privacy laws. it has a remember me feature. a child can potentially ask the device to remember private information like a social security number, address, or phone number. and even though there are ways to delete the recordings, the data is still there. >> you told me my phone number -- >> i was shocked the fact amazon keeps that information is extremely concerning.
6:48 am
they are confusing and contradictory and there's no way for parents to consent to them. >> amazon says the echo dot kids edition is compliant with the law. we have more on the story and amazon's privacy policy coming up at 7:00 on "gma." a live look at the new york stock exchange and you can see we are once again this week considerably down about 277 points. markets were all down. investors are still nervous about trade talks. beijing now promising to retaliate if the u.s. follows through with a plan to raise tariffs on chinese imports tomorrow. soon you won't have to rent a bird e-scooter. you can buy one. it can go twice as fast as older models up to 30 miles on a charge. the bird one is expected to be available next summer. it will cost you $1,300 to get
6:49 am
one for yourself. ayesha curry wants her haters on social media to know she doesn't care what they think. she was featured on the facebook show red table talk and she talked about what it's like being married to steph curry and dealing with his fans. critics really pounced on her after she said she at times feels insecure about not receiving a great deal of attention from men especially when compared with the overwhelming attention steph receives from many women. ayesha post this hed this photo is me throwing a pair of spanx in a bin. does it spark joy? it brings me pure joy to speak my mind, be vulnerable at times, and to know myself inside and out. go find your joy and speak your truth unapologetically. there you go. >> i still say people have taken her out of context many times over the past few days. you do need to watch the whole thing. >> i wonder if everyone tweeting and instagraming actually watched the episode.
6:50 am
right? >> i'm going to say a big old no to that. so check it out because it's totally worth seeing. hi, mike nicco. hey, guys. let's take a look at what's going on as far as our forecast. you can see plenty of cloud cover out there. can't see the top of the sales force tower there and it's a little juicier. so look for more drizzle this morning. you have to go up to mt. tam to see some of the beautiful sunshine that will be here in the afternoon hours with slightly cooler conditions. unsettled tonight and tomorrow. there's a chance of a stray shower or thunderstorm and mostly sunny and mild for mother's day. take a look at our high temperatures. a lot of 60s, san rafael, richmond, san mateo, san francisco, down the coast. everybody else from fremont to the south bay, inland, east bay and the north bay in 70s. going for the sweep, extra innings, walk-off home run last night. when the a's do it, they it dramatically. 12:37. bring your brooms and your sunscreen. 63 degrees, warming to 66 by the time this game is over. if it goes nine innings.
6:51 am
you can see the entirp bay area and our neighborhoods are under a threat of thunderstorms from now through 5:00 tomorrow morning. we have to watch what's happening over the sierras. that area of low pressure backs its way towards us. not a lot of green showing up on this computer model over the top of us. it may be underdoing it a little bit and you can see even tomorrow during the afternoon and evening hours before we get to about midnight there's still anothr slight chance of some thunderstorms. rainfall amounts from this model, a couple hundredths from the drizzle possible. temperatures coolest today and tomorrow. much warmer saturday and sunday as the sun breaks out and pretty much seasonal next week. have a great day. hey, alexis. good morning, mike. back to highway 17. if you are trying to come up through the santa cruz mountains we have a pretty big issue. a crash is blocking the right lane northbound 17 near laurel road. it sounds like someone was driving recklessly and weaving in and out of lanes causing this
6:52 am
collision. taking you further south, look at the speeds, 7 miles an hour through scotts valley. 4 miles an hour once you get closer to that scene. definitely plan on long delays, programs you can delay your trip until they get that cleared. we had two earlier issues on the bridge. we had a crash right around treasure island and a disabled vehicle near fremont. both are cleared. those have been on since 5:20. denver will be the first city in the u.s. to decriminalize the use of psychedelic mushrooms. the magic mushroom measure narrowly passed with 50.56% of the vote according to unofficial results. they have been outlawed since 1968. backers did not try to legalize magic mushrooms. tey want people to be prevented from going to jail for possessing or using them. 6:54.
6:53 am
coming up next the seven things you need to know before you go. first, our instagram picture of the day. use the #abc7now. >> reporter: do you know the sneaky new way to get the very best price on airline tickets? i'm michael finney and this is a 7 on your side quick tip. you've probably been told since you were a little kid the cheapest tickets were roundtrip from the same airline. that advice no longer holds true. new fares called hacker fares can offer you an 11% to 18% discount. a hacker fare is when you book a one-way trip with one airline and a one-way trip back with another airline. many online travel agencies are posting the hacker fares now. well, you can check out their deal but you can look for your own, too. and if you take
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♪ ♪ they're the moderne stone age family. ♪ ♪ from the town of bedrock. ♪ meet george jetson. ♪ ♪ his boy elroy. with instant acceleration, electric cars are more fun to drive and more affordable than ever. electric cars are here. plug into the present. 6:57. if you're just joining us or heading out the door the seven things to know before you go. number one the story i brought you from the live desk. facebook co-founder chris hughes is calling for the social media company to be broken up. in a lengthy op-ed piece in "the times" hughes says founder mark zuckerberg has, quote, unchecked power. number two, a fire at a construction site in hayward destroyed four homes overnight. nobody was hurt and the cause is
6:57 am
under investigation. number three, another threatening message at california high in san ramon has some parents keeping their kids at home. there will be additional police presence at the school. number four, kevin durant will get an mri this morning to determine the severity of his strained right calf. the injury came after k.d. made a short jumper in the third quarter. the warriors beat the rockets to take a 3-2 series lead. all right. it's may gray once again this morning. it's damp and cool with a little bit of drizzle and temperatures in the 50s. we're on our way to a partly cloudy afternoon. theiggest issue on the roads is a crash in the san cruz mountains northbound highway 17 right around laurel road. still have the right lane block. sounds like someone was driving recklessly causing the collision. speeds not great if you're coming up from santa cruz, boy, take state route 9 or delay the trip. thousands of cyclists hitting the streets for bike to work day. 400 energizing stations are
6:58 am
providing water and snacks all around the bay area and the goal, of course, to get more people to commute on their bikes. >> i ride my bike around town a lot in san francisco. it's nice to see people encouraged to use their bikes. be careful. i think market street has the distinction of one of the most biked streets west of the mississippi. >> wow. >> pretty cool. >> i believe it. >> can you just get snacks if you're not on a bike? >> i don't think so. >> just borrow someone's bike. i'll lend you my bike. >> what if i pretend i'm on a bike like a mime on a bike? >> we'll see if that cuts it. as charming as you are, reginald, it may not work out. >> i see a social media post coming. >> don't tempt me. thanks for watching this morning. we'll be back in 25 minutes with an abc 7 news update. >> and the sea lions are out early this morning looking as lazy as i feel on the inside. good morning, america. protests breaking out over that deadly school shooting in colorado.
6:59 am
overnight why students stormed out of a vigil to honor the victims of that deadly shooting. [ chanting ] >> this as we learn new details about the hero student who tried to stop one of the shooters, rushing the gunman, sacrificing his life just three days before graduation. also this morning, the new severe weather threat after storms blast the south overnigh this apartment building and washing cars off roads. now that system is moving east. president trump defiant overnight as he uses executive privilege to block democrats from getting the unedited mueller report and now a top democrat claims we're in a
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