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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  May 10, 2019 7:00am-8:59am PDT

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young brother, much younger brother. it's creepy that he has a grown man's voice. >> this is true. >> i'll just wait for the sonic movie. good morning, americ breaking news this morning. the stock market bracing after a $200 billion escalation in our trade war with china. at the stroke of midnight new tariffs by president trump hit chinese exports to the u.s. hundreds of billions of dollars at stake. now how china is fighting back. what this could mean for consumers here. the market's already reacting this morning. flash flooding emergency. severe storms slamming the south overnight stranding drivers forcing these water rescues and a possible lightning strike sparking this massive mansion fire. now the new alerts as that system moves east right now. all eyes on uber. as the company goes public, ang e co oyour ride.
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new questions this morning after that deadly school shooting. the anonymous warning now revealed. a parent calls the school a perfect storm for trouble months before the rampage. and this morning an exclusive, one of the hero students shot trying to stop the gunman joins us live. the fake heiress. convicted of stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars to live a life of luxury in manhattan, now breaking her silence as she's sentenced to years behind bars. and why new parents prince harry and duchess meghan are teaming up with will and kate. the fab four's new mission this morning inspired by princess diana. >> this will make a huge difference to people's lives and i really hope you'll come and join our team. >> how they're trying to help people in crisis using text messages. good morning, america. it's great to have you with us on this friday morning. it is mother's day weekend and we got a big mother's day
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surprise right here in our studio. you don't want to miss that and in case we forget on air, happy mother's day. >> happy mother's day. >> thank you so much. i appreciate that. we can't wait to celebrate with this military family. we have a military union nearly a year in the making. this dad is going to surprise his wife and here's the big surprise, he's going to meet his baby for the first time. it's going to be an incredible celebration for the whole family and we all get to watch it. >> they're all here but no idea what's going on right now. we begin with that breaking news overnight. right at midnight president trump imposed new tariffs on $200 billion worth of chinese imports to the u.s. this dramatic escalation in the trade war comes just ahead of last-ditch talks today with china promising to retaliate and american consumers caught in the middle and terry moran covering the latest from the white house. terry, the president with tweets in this last several minutes on this. >> reporter: he's busy on this subject because the stakes could not be higher. the world's two largest
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economies already locked in a trade war and now president trump escalating. as of today as you just pointed out massive new 25% tariffs. those are u.s. imposed government taxes on everything imported from china on thousands of goods from frozen fish to building materials to consumer goods like televisions, consumers are going to pay and so likely will china. that is the theory, anyway. president trump declaring yesterday he's different from other presidents. he doesn't back away from tariffs. he likes to impose them, use them as a weapon and argues that china is to blame. there were months of negotiations on a trade deal and at the 11th hour the u.s. says china started back-pedaling on key demands so the new tariffs were slapped on. it is a good time, president trump says, for the u.s. to do this. the u.s. economy is strong, china is hurting. one thing we should say, in this list of tweets that the president has put out he is telling a falsehood. he is saying that china pays those tariffs directly into the u.s. treasury.
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that is not how it works. u.s. importers pay the tax. they pass that on to consumers. that eventually goes into the treasury but china is not paying us a dime and the president is claiming they do. >> not with tariffs. the financial markets seem to still be cautiously betting on a deal. >> reporter: that is the hope certainly. chinese negotiators are in town right now. they will meet with their u.s. counterparts all day. they did not get a deal last night. these are very frantic negotiations. president trump looking for a deal. we may get one today. we may not. right now we're in a bigger trade war than we were. george? >> president trump calls the talks congenial. okay, terry, thanks very much. michael? >> thank you, george. now to that dangerous rain and flooding affecting millions in the south. at least ten inches of rain coming down forcing water rescues overnight. abc's maggie rulli is there in the houston area and, maggie, you're standing outside a home they believe was struck by lightning. >> reporter: yeah, michael. we were out driving around overnight and the sky was absolutely lit up with streaks
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of lightning nonstop. now, showing you how dangerous it can be, right behind me is a house that investigators believe was potentially hit by one of those lightning strikes and burst into flames overnight. overnight fire sweeping through this houston mansion. a lightning strike possibly causing flames to quickly engulf the home estimated to be worth over $2 million. the area continuing to get hammered with more rain. people at this gas station taking shelter from heavy winds and rain as garbage cans fly across the parking lot. drivers attempting to maneuver the flooded streets getting stuck after another five inches of rainfall. cars completely submerged. >> a lot of people out here stranded. >> reporter: at least 400 homes now suffering flood damage in the kingwood area. >> i've lost everything. >> reporter: many proactively packing up in the town of rosenberg in anticipation of floodwaters rising. a downpour right through the
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roof of the stadium. one of the major concerns is right here.and cutting off this neighborhood. this driver in baton rouge, louisiana, her toyota prius started floating. luckily there was someone on hand to help. in kansas, drone footage capturing the magnitude of the flooding there. the governor issuing a state of disaster emergency declaration in 16 counties. and the rain here just keeps coming down. the people are preparing for a long day ahead with most schools and businesses already closed. >> all right, thank you so much, maggie. now we're going to go to ginger. and, ginger, the floods have been dangerous and more rain coming to the south and it's heading east. >> that's right through the weekend through mother's day. so let's start with the images from highway 190 plowing through the water in louisiana. it wasn't just there but people were stuck on interstate 10 for hours in places. close to houston and into louisiana too so this is a
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problem not just there but this morning, flash floods all over corpus christi. so the heavy rain training over southern texas into louisiana and eventually will get to mississippi who has already had 3 to 6 inches of rain this week. that's the problem. this slow-moving system stationary fronts on the front end. what it'll mean is tomorrow morning houston gets more rain. by sunday, north carolina, south carolina and georgia have to look out not just for flash flooding but tornadoes, damaging wind and hail, amy. >> a lot to talk about, thank you. tensions are rising with north korea this morning. new images showing kim jong-un watching that missile test on thursday and now the u.s. is announcing the seizure of a north korean cargo ship. chief global affairs correspondent martha raddatz is tracking all the latest on this. good morning, martha. >> reporter: good morning, amy. this morning, kim jong-un ramping up the pressure with the north korean leader ordering his military to be at the ready because peace, he said, can only be achieved through physical strength.
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new alarming images released by north korea show kim directing the firing of at least two powerful short-range ballistic missiles, which he says hit their designated targets, the waters off the coast, with great energy. this was the second missile launch in just five days. these latest missiles traveling nearly 200 miles and creating serious concern. >> this missile design is new. it's more capable. it's more sophisticated and potentially could carry a nuclear weapon. >> reporter: president trump saying the actions of the dictator he has called his friend are being looked at very closely now. >> the relationship continues, but we'll see what happens. i know they want to negotiate. they're talking about negotiating but i don't think they're ready to negotiate. >> reporter: just hours after the missile launch, the justice department announcing that the u.s. seized this massive north korean cargo ship. the first time the u.s. has seized a north korean cargo vessel for violating u.s.
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sanctions. found off the coast of indonesia, one of a fleet of so-called ghost ships illegally and secretly transporting shipments of coal forbidden under the strict sanctions imposed to force the north to give up its nuclear weapons. but this morning it looks like north korea has no intention of giving up its weapons. the newly nominated defense secretary saying, diplomacy is still on the table but the u.s. military will continue to stand ready in case diplomacy fails. george? >> and the talks are stalled. thanks very much. also, russian secret agent maria butina is speaking out for the first time since pleading guilty, sentenced to more than a year behind bars. our chief justice correspondent pierre thomas has the details. good morning, pierre. >> reporter: george, good morning. that's right. facing 18 months in prison, butina gives a jailhouse interview to npr. she's accused of infiltrating the nra and american politics and passing information back to
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a key putin ally. she expresses regret for the controversy she's caused but butina says she's no spy. >> i love both countries. this is the worst pain of my situation now was that i am embarrassed that instead of creating peace by not registering, i created discord. that is what i'm going to carry for the whole of my life. >> reporter: the fbi believes she was an operative potentially identifying u.s. targets for russian intelligence to later compromise. they maintain russia is an adversary who is always seeking to undermine the u.s. putin claims butina was treated unfairly and is a scapegoat. bottom line she is going to prison and scheduled to begin her sentence soon. >> then back to russia. pierre thomas, thanks very much. michael? now to one of the most highly anticipated ipos in years. uber is making its stock market debut today and janai norman is here with how it could affect the price of your ride. good morning, janai. >> good morning. this is the day investors have been waiting for. uber's ipo, it stands to make
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investors a lot of money, but it could mean riders will end up paying more. asking price is $45 per share. so uber's value could top $80 billion, more than companies like ford and gm. but the company has been at the center of controversy since it was launched. almost constant lawsuits from cities trying to fight its very existence, questionable behavior that forced travis kalanick to step down and two days ago drivers across the u.s. and in other countries went on strike demanding better pay and benefits and still uber anticipates driver dissatisfaction will increase as it makes changes aimed at ng pr. >> so the bottom line, what does it mean for those who use uber? >> the thing is it could mean prices will likely go up and that's because becoming a public company means investors will now be more focused on uber's earnings. to this point uber has never made a profit. the company lost $1.8 billion last year alone. so uber will likely have to raise prices and, guys, for riders that means spending more money.
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>> somehow i knew you were going to say that. >> me too. >> a lot of questions about how much the drivers are getting paid as well. thanks very much. now to some good news this morning. 7-week-old baby who was reported kidnapped in north carolina was found safe overnight. police are now investigating the mystery over her disappearance and abc's steve osunsami is in asheville, north carolina, with the latest. good morning, steve. >> reporter: good morning to you, george. it is quite the mystery and it is fortunate that this child lived. asheville police who are investigating this behind me are trying to figure out how in the world a baby got to a lawn some 20 miles away from where the mother says the child went missing. this morning, a 7-week-old baby girl whose mother says she was kidnapped is safe and sound after a homeowner happened to hear the baby crying in his front yard in rural north carolina. >> we just heard a baby crying. and my wife said, scott, there's a baby crying down there over the driveway somewhere. i went to looking and i seen it down over the bank. >> reporter: the baby's mother
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told police a frightening story, that she and the newborn were kidnapped by a man and woman wearing ski masks around 4:30 thursday afternoon, but the mom said only she was able to escape. two hours later the police found the missing car but not the baby. then at 8:00 p.m. scott fowler heard the cries of an infant outside his home. he and his wife found the child in a car seat placed next to a rock in his yard. he's thankful the child was left close to his home. we expect police to share more details today to answer some of those questions. as far as the child's condition, amy, they tell us that she is in good condition, was not hurt and that, of course, is a blessing. >> yeah, thank goodness for that. steve, thanks so much. and now to the big initiative from the fab four, new parents harry and meghan teaming up with will and kate to try to help people in crisis. and linsey davis is in london with all of those details. good morning, linsey. >> reporter: good morning, amy.
7:14 am
you know, they just had a baby four days ago but of course the work of a royal continues. and while the duke and duchess of sussex were unable to attend, will and kate were on hand for the big announcement. the young royals foundation making its biggest investment ever, taking on mental health. this morning, the fab four's banding together for mental health. the young royals announcing a new phone messaging service called shout to help those struggling with mental health issues. >> shout is a new text line that supports people who need advice in a tough moment. it operates 24/7 and connects people to trained volunteers who provide help at a time when it is most needed. enabling them to move from crisis to calm and to find longer-term support. >> reporter: prince william appears in the video about the initiative. >> texting is private and silent. it opens up a whole new way to find help. it provides instant support. you can have a conversation anywhere at any time. at school, at home, on the bus,
7:15 am
anywhere. i am incredibly excited to be launching this service knowing it has the potential to reach thousands of vulnerable people r >> thereanto bable to do something to help and a big part of what they bring is alleviating the stigma around talking about the issue. >> we wanted to do our bit to make it easier for people to start to get the help they need. and crucially we wanted to back new innovative ways for people to have conversations wherever they are at whatever time they need someone to talk to. >> reporter: the princes have both widely been praised for being open about their own struggle with their mental health in the wake of the death of their mother princess diana in 1997. they've been meeting with volunteers along with duchesses kate and meghan. >> over the last few months shout has started working quietly behind the scenes. harry, meghan, katherine and i have been able to see it working up close and are very excited for its future. >> reporter: during the trial
7:16 am
there were 60,000 text conversations, mostly people under the age of 25 years old wanting to talk about suicide, anxiety and depression. this is a free service and clearly a much needed service, guys. >> yeah, linsey, thanks very much. that's so great. that's the best way to reach young people, through texting. >> that's where they live. >> doing great work there. now we're going to go to a big announcement from ceo jeff bezos, amazon's ceo, about a plan to send people to the moon. t.j. holmes is here with the details. >> this is a lot of american pride, history and lore. being the first to the moon. we haven't been back since 1972. that's 47 years. jeff bezos says it's time to go back and it's time to stay. the first step he claims is the announcement that he made -- look at that. there it is. this could be the thing that takes us back to the moon. this is a lunar lander he calls blue moon. he said this thing could be ready to go within five years. initially the one you're seeing, someone describe it as a small house, this one could initially
7:17 am
take equipment, payloads, to get set for people to come to the moon and then modify this one a little bit, but he says within five years they could have this ready to take astronauts and put americans back on the moon. >> was this more of an ambitious goal to build space colonies? >> he's talking about putting millions in space, setting up industry in space. remember, it was the trump administration this year that gave nasa the goal of putting americans back on the moon within five years, by 2024. but nasa is behind and maybe a little under budget so private industry stepped in. he's been working on this three years quietly. now it's been unveiled. we have a space race going on, a moon race, a business race going on, a lot of companies are popping up. >> he thinks he's going to make money on this? >> because nasa needs -- might need his equipment and from private industry. so you start building these things, nasa says, we don't have -- we're not ready so we'll take yours. we'll take yours and there is an industry popping up. >> and when it happens if we need you to cover it, will you go? >> i think laguardia to l.a.x. is a long flight so no. >> that's a hard no.
7:18 am
>> thank you, t.j. we are following a lot of other headlines including one of the hero students shot and wounded trying to stop the gunman in colorado is joining us for his first live interview on "gma." also this morning, that fake german heiress who swindled banks and hotels and her friends out of hundreds of thousands of dollars, well, she is breaking her silence as she's sentenced to prison. first let's go back to ginger. >> i don't know if you heard of this, it's called snow-mencement, like it's the commencement, but with snow. the university of boulder got one to three inches of snow and that's spectacular. the commencement speaker taking it all in. caps and gowns, looks like a snowball fight, all you want in life. joshua jones helped tackle a
7:19 am
good morning. welcome to friday. look for faster sunshine and warmer temperatures today through the weekend and pretty close to average all the way through next week. here's a look at what's happening this afternoon. mid to upper 60s along the coast, to santa cruz, san francisco. mid-70s around the bay and mid-70s inland. a little drizzle near the coast of the north bay. temperatures close to upper 50s. joshua jones helped tackle a school shooter. we'll talk to him next xt. helped tackle a school shooter. we're going to talk to him next. ♪
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keep loving who you are, inside and out. ask your doctor if biktarvy is right for you. good morning, east bay. let's get up and get going. this is "abc7 mornings." >> good morning. i'm jessica castro with "abc7 mornings," and with the push of a button, uber rang the bell in the new york stock exchange. trading will start at $45 per share. it will raise more than $8 billion for the san francisco-based company. taking you to the richmond side of the richmond-san rafael bridge, this seems to be the worst spot this time of day. probably for a few more months due to that emergency road repair. a 20-minute delay on westbound 580 trying to get out to the span.and northbound 13 before jn
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morning. looks and feels the same as it has all week. a little mist at the coast, cloud cover for the rest of us and low to upper 50s. but it will be different this afternoon. a lot of the sunshine and warmer temperatures. in fact, just a little mist along the coast and some choppy water north of the bay bridge after 9:00 this morning if you're going to be out on a ferry or just playing, for that matter. for the kids, look at this. temperatures 11:00, 50s and 60s, and 60s and 70s. so get outside and have some fun on this friday. my accuweather 7-day forecast, we'll see the same pattern hold all the way through monday, a little cooler next week. still ahead on "gma," an abc
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news exclusive. one of the hero students who helped take down the shooter in that colorado
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...ancestrydna can help her uncover her history... tell a story as unique as she is. order a kit for mom (or dad) at ♪ oh, yeah, welcome back to "gma" and, amy, you're over here elp it. >> k pop super group bts with their song "idol" a big hit for those guys and we're getting excited because bts is opening our first concert of the summer right here on "gma" this wednesday and the best place to do it, in central park. >> i think a few people might show up for that. remember last time they were here? it was insane. we can't wait for that. first the top headlines that we're following. the stock market bracing for impact after president trump's intot overnight.
7:31 am
hu at stake in the escalating trade war and more than 55 million americans from texas to the carolinas on alert for severe weather as that storm system moves east. overnight flash flooding forced water rescues in houston and drivers had to abandon their cars on a highway. and this is something you probably don't expect to see in your front yard not that far from here actually. two bears brawling on the front lawn of a new jersey home. the person that lived there capturing it on camera. the hoowner says he believes it was over a mate but i just find that kind of funny how he thinks he knows that. >> i'll be honest with you, i don't think it's a surprise if it is. >> just don't get anywhere near in the middle of that. we start with new developmen school shooting in colorado. as police investigate whether security guard may have accidentally fired on authorities during the chaos, one of the students who helped stop the shooter is speaking out live for the first time. we'll talk to joshua jones in a moment.
7:32 am
first to our chief national correspondent matt gutman on the scene in colorado. good morning, matt. >> reporter: george, good morning. in the chaos of that shooting, the police say they never fired a single shot but apparently that security guard did and right now investigators are trying to map out the trajectory that his bullet or bullets took, that as another controversy is brewing here. did a parent call the school board months before warning that conditions were ripe at the school here? five months before the gunfire erupted and sirens screamed at this s.t.e.m. school -- >> i have a shooter in classroom 105. >> reporter: an anonymous parent claiming to be the mother of a senior warning of a troubled school. in a document obtained by abc news which outlines the call to the school bhoord board, back in december the caller warned of a school leadership that ignored complaints of students self-harming and chillingly raised concerns about student violence due to a high pressure environment. all of it she said could lead to
7:33 am
a repeat of columbine. the school says it sent the document to the parents of the school's 1850 students but it tells abc news in a statement, while s.t.e.m. took the allegations seriously our investigation revealed no evidence to support any of the allegations raised in the anonymous complaint. but this morning additional questions about efforts to protect the students. law enforcement sources telling abc news a security guard hired by the school from a private firm accidentally fired at least one round in the direction of responding officers. his lawyer says the security guard heard the gunshots and raced towards them. the former marine acted immediately. >> he ran as fast as he could to the hallway where that school classroom is located. >> reporter: it's what happened then that's clouded by chaos. still, the sheriff has hailed him as a hero.
7:34 am
>> this was, i think, an issue that i would say saved lives. >> reporter: three students tackled and disarmed 18-year-old classmate devon erickson. kendrick castillo was there first, paying for his courage with his life. brandon bailey lunged also. also there, joshua jones. now, as it was with those boy, no one is accusing the security guard of running from the fight or shirking his duties. his company tells me schools tend to hire private security firms because they are far cheaper than badged police officers. now, we're told that guard has not yet been interviewed by police and it's unclear whether he'll face charges. george. >> okay, matt, thanks so much. we're joined by joshua jones and his parents david and lori. thank you all for joining us this morning. josh, i know you took a couple hits during the shooting. how are you doing right now? >> i'm doing all right, you know. my leg's a bit sore and i'm upset that kendrick died but
7:35 am
overall, you know, not doing too bad. >> take us back to that moment if you can, what you saw, what you heard, what happened next. >> you know, i saw the gunman come in the room, you know, brandishing a weapon saying nobody move and then i saw kendrick and brendan get up and, you know, i was right there with them. we, you know, we rushed him, kendrick pushed him against the wall. me and brendan grabbed him and threw him to the ground. you know, i stayed on top of hin off and, you know, tried to help kendrick, you know. then the police arrived soon after and, you know, it was harrowing but, you know, i got out of there. >> it all happened so fast. was it just instinct for you?
7:36 am
>> it was instinct after about the half second where i wasn't sure what was truly happening, because it was confusing, you know. you never expect that to happen at your school so when it does it's, you know, confusing and scary but, you know, then you go for it. >> kendrick castillo was first out of his seat. tell us about your friend. >> kendrick was a kind person. he, you know, always had a kind word for someone. you know, he loved his car. he loved his parents, you know. it was evident if you talked to him that he would, you know, help you out if you ever needed it. he was just a lovely person, you know. he had so many plans for the future too, you know. he was, you know, going to go to college and be a mechanical engineer so -- >> what a brave, brave young man.
7:37 am
you know, we've all, unfortunately, become accustomed to news of these school shootings. everyone we talk to says they can't imagine it will happen in their school but is this something you had thought about, had prepared for? >> i mean, it happens so often nowadays that i kind of couldn't help but think about it, you know, but i never thought about like specifically how i would react, you know. i would, you know, just say, yeah, if it happens i'll try and get away from the gunman, i guess. i mean, that's what we're told and then, you know, when it actually happened i had to make that decision that nobody should really ever have to make which was run towards a gunman or run away from them and, you know, i chose to run towards him. >> with that decision you likely saved lives as we heard from the sheriff. had you heard about any problems like this at the school before? >> no, no.
7:38 am
the school generally, you know, it's filled with, you know, a bunch of s.t.e.m. kids so they're all interesting to talk to and smart but none of them really give off that kind of, you know, i'm gonna do something bad kind of vibe. they all, you know, are just kind and caring for each other because they all understand what everybody goes through. >> david and lori, you have your son there between you. i can't imagine the feelings you have right now, relief, pride, but, of course, also sadness for kendrick. >> of course, we're sad for kendrick and his family and our thoughts and hearts go out to them but we're so grateful for the actions of our son and for brendan and for kendrick and for the school community as they have come to love us and honestly for the nation and the world as we feel their prayers
7:39 am
and thoughts. we can feel those in our hearts. they help us heal and we thank you. >> david. >> very much so. i just -- i'm proud to have a son that when faced with that sort of decision made a decision that i feel is the right decision. he maybe even saved his own sister's life. she also attends that same school. kendrick, it's horrible for his parents. i'm glad that my son came home. i feel so bad for them that theirs didn't. just everybody here loses. i'm glad that our loss is not as great as others. >> well, josh, you said it. you made a choice that no young man, no young woman should ever have to make but a lot of people are grateful that you did. thank you all for joining us this morning. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> so much courage, so much kindness, so much warmth and i hope everyone can grow and learn from this, we hope, right? that's all we can do. coming up next the woman accused of being a fake heiress breaking her silence as she gets sentenced to years behind bars
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about a meningitis b vaccine. we are back now with the woman accused of pretending to be an heiress convicted of stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars but now she's breaking her silence as she's sentenced up to a dozen years in prison. abc's paula faris has the latest. >> reporter: for the first time the woman who notoriously faked her life as a russian heiress breaks her silence.
7:44 am
>> i apologize for the mistakes i made. >> reporter: 28-year-old anna sorokin making that short statement in a manhattan courtroom speaking in public for the first time sentenced thursday to up to 12 years in prison, depending on behavior, plus almost $200,000 in restitution and a $24,000 fine. >> prepared ourselves for the worst and hoped for the best but four to 12 is a fair sentence. >> reporter: the crime, stealing more than 200 grand and attempting to steal millions more from banks, hotels, even friends through elaborate scams. >> -- was blinded by the glitter of new york city. >> reporter: prosecutors say sorokin, a german citizen who went by the name anna delvey, was pretending to be a high-flying wealthy heiress living the life of glamour amongst manhattan's elite. >> she seems to be basking in the press attention. >> reporter: she claims she had
7:45 am
a multimillion dollar trust fund as she attended exclusive parties and lived in a luxury new york hotel, reportedly tipping hotel workers with $100 bills. authorities say sorokin even forged financial documents hoping to get a $22 million loan to open a private club in new york city, claims her lawyer denies. the scam lasted almost four years. meantime, prosecutors say she had no money to her name. >> she is a strong woman. i mean she's been incarcerated for two years by herself in america in rikers island. one of the world's most notorious jails. >> reporter: always looking glamorous on her social media pages. her defense team hiring a stylist to help her prepare for court appearances. but no matter how sorokin's story end, it's going to live on in hollywood. her tale has already caught the eyes of both lena dunham and shonda rhimes for two upcoming docu-series, sorokin reportedly hoping jennifer lawrence or
7:46 am
margot robbie will play her. and the judge who sentenced her did not hold back saying sorokin seemed more concerned about which actresses would play her in those upcoming specials and about what clothes she was wearing during the trial. clothing attire and wardrobe delayed the trial one day for two hours. >> probably not a good thing around sentencing to have happen. >> bad choice. >> didn't make the jurors happy eith >> orange is the new black. >> ooh. coming up, we have our play of the day. so stay right there. we'll be right back. we'll be right back. well, dad. so when his joint pain from psoriatic arthritis got really bad it scared me. and what could that pain mean? joint pain could mean joint damage. enbrel helps relieve joint pain helps stop irreversible joint damage. and helps skin get clearer. enbrel may lower your ability to fight infections. serious, sometimes fatal events including infections, tuberculosis, lymphoma, other cancers, nervous system and blood disorders,
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♪ this is gonna be the best day of my l ♪ this is gonna be the best day of my life ♪ special for the right then, here's the "play of the day." celebrating mother's day, new mom cassie has no idea her husband, josh, is here. >> that's right. josh was deployed to iraq when cassie was six months pregnant. now he's going to surprise his wife and meet his daughter for the first time. michael is with josh now. >> yes, i am. i'm here with sergeant josh sarpu. you're 100 feet away from your wife. you're about to see your wife and meet your daughter for the first time. so how do you feel about that? >> it's an amazing feeling. i can't get over it. i'm ready to just run down the hall. this is going to be something so special. i'm so grateful to be here to do this and i really can't wait to see my wife and hold my baby. >> i'm going to hold you here because we can't have you running yet. cassie has no idea, okay, so this is going to be a great surprise when we come back. whew! she's either going to be very
7:51 am
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7:56 am
blomqvist. good morning, south bay. let's get up and get going. >> this is "abc7 mornings.." good morning, i'm jessica castro from "abc7 mornings." here's mike nicco with the forecast. >> look how light things are at the bay bridge. still a crash north of the bay bridge and the delta. upper 60s to mid-70s around the inland. in fact, we have a stretch of slightly above average weather all the way through mother's day. alexis? >> i want to take you to oakland where we do have a crash on highway 18 at joaquin miller. we ever a car that hit a tree, unfortunately. i don't think we have lanes blocked but a lot of folks slowing down to take a look at that. westbound highway 4 to the maze,
7:57 am
33 minutes, the bay bridge 11 minutes. still ahead, new details on this is not a bed. it's a revolution in sleep. the sleep number 360 smart bed is on sale now during our memorial day sale. it senses your movement, and automatically adjusts to keep you both comfortable. it even helps with this. so you wake up ready to hit the ground running. only at a sleep number store. during the memorial day sale, save $1000 on the new queen sleep number 360 special edition smart bed, now only $1,799. only for a limited time. sleep number. proven, quality sleep.
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good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. heavy rain, powerful storms, more than 55 million americans from texas to the carolinas at risk for flash floods and more severe weather on the way. ginger tracking the latest. new this morning, the fab four back together on a mission to help with mental health. william, kate, harry and meghan teaming up asking thousands to join them and how princess diana helped inspire the initiative. the brand-new facebook features designed to bring you closer to your friends. will this change how you mark your birthday? and the questions about the secret crush feature. what does it mean for your privacy online? ♪ high high hopes for a living what happens when jessica alba and gabrielle union interview each other? their pet peeves, their dream roles, who loves beef jerky and which one's dream job is playing
8:01 am
point guard for the knicks. ♪ surprise of a lifetime. that's little baby savanna and her dad josh has never met her in person. deployed while his wife cassie was six months pregnant. this morning cassie thinks she's here to be part of "deals & steals" but we're getting ready for a mother's day surprise like we've never done before. josh has flown back early. now he's here in times square about to reunite with his wife and baby girl just moments away as we say good morning, america. ♪ i promise that you'll never find another like me ♪ and good morning, america. happy friday. it is going to be such a happy friday right here. >> oh, yeah. mother's day is on sunday but we can't help -- can't wait to help give new mom cassie her gift a little early. i had a chance to speak to her husband josh a little early. he was deployed when she was six
8:02 am
months pregnant and hasn't gotten a chance to meet his baby daughter savanna. so he is so excited to see his wife again and meet his baby girl. >> when you were with him, he was already starting to get emotional so i started getting emotional. but i can't wait because cassie thinks he's coming home next week. she has no idea he's actually 100 feet away right now from her about to give her the surprise of a lifetime. that incredible reunion is coming up live right here on "gma." >> exciting. >> we cannot wait. first the latest on that severe weather threat. more than 55 million americans from texas to the carolinas are now at risk. ginger tracking the latest. >> so many people, george, looking forward to mother's day weekend and i have to tell you it's not going to be pretty. some new numbers overnight. in harris county, texas, more than 6 and a half inches of rain. look at these images. the wind blowing, up to 76-mile-per-hour winds. you had lightning that was coming and putting homes on fire so houston, texas, again, interstate 10, people were stuck for hours on there. from there through louisiana, highway 190 looked like this and
8:03 am
this morning, flash flooding happening in corpus christi so we're nearing that emergency state from texas along the gulf coast. but let's go ahead and trail over and show you what is the culprit. stationary front showing you that houston gets it this morning. the axis moves east and then tomorrow morning houston gets another layer of rain then watch this. it's sunday itself. if you have plans to barbecue in north carolina, south carolina or georgia, you see sunshine and say, okay, let's go outside. that's the fuel for severe storms. that would not be good sunday afternoon an evening. amy? >> looks like an indoors mother's day for a lot of people. thank you. we turn to the royals revealing their groundbreaking new project to help people in crisis. new parents, harry and meghan teaming up with will and kate so let's go back to abc's linsey davis in london with all the latest on that. good morning, linsey. >> reporter: good morning, again, to you, amy. based on that year-long trial that they did, it seems there are a lot of people under the age of 25 here in the uk who are suffering from depression and
8:04 am
suicidal thoughts. so here you have now the dukes and dutchs of cambridge and sussex teaming up for one common message. with this text service, the fab four launching a new mental health initiative today. it's called shout. a text messaging service for people struggling with mental health issues. >> we want to develop new, innovative ways for people to have conversations wherever they are at whatever time they need someone to talk to. >> reporter: the 24-hour help line is based on the u.s. crisis text line and the young royals version has been unofficially running for a year. >> harry, meghan, katherine and i have been able to see the service working up close and are very excited for its future. >> reporter: tackling mental health has been a top priority for the fab four particularly the princes who have been widely praised for being open about their own mental health problems in the wake of the death of their mother, princess diana, in 1997. >> mental health is a hugely important issue to the young royals. they recognize that it's a big problem, and they really want to make a difference.
8:05 am
one of the areas where they believe they can do that is by using their profiles to alleviate the stigma about talking about this. >> reporter: prince harry opening up during his trip yesterday saying basically how becoming a parent himself also makes him realize how much he misses his own mom so some really sweet and tender moments from him there and also some really sweet and adorable baby gifts that he received including a little invictus onesie which is just too cute, guys. >> his smile says it all, linsey. thanks so much. >> it sure does. coming up an exclusive look at how facebook is changing birthday celebrations and how facebook's new secret crush feature will work. also just ahead, our epic mother's day surprise. sergeant josh sarpu is just minutes away from surprising his wife and meeting his daughter for the first time. she has no idea he's in the next room. we'll be right back. ♪
8:06 am
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♪ welcome back to "gma." welcome to our wonderful audience. look at all these beautiful babies in the front row. so cute. [ cheers and applause ] >> and next week, a new series about how dogs are helping people heal in surprising ways. that's coming up next week, but right now time for janai and "pop news." [ applause ] guys, we begin with a first look at renee zellweger as judy garland. the actress is taking on the role in the showbiz legend in a new biopic entitled "judy" and follows her 30 years after her famed "wizard of oz" days and focuses on the final year of her life.
8:11 am
set it londs london, the movie depicts her comeback concerts that span five weeks at the talk of the town nightclub in 1969 and now we have an exclusive first look at the trailer. ♪ somewhere over the rainbow ♪ way up high >> you guys said it. see even sounds like judy garland. yeah. >> amazing. >> it's going to be good. zellweger showing off her singing chops for the first time since "chicago." saying of garland, quote, she's beloved and internationally revered as arguably the best entertainer who has ever lived. those are some big, red, shiny shoes to fill. "judy" hits theaters september 27th. >> that's going to be great. [ applause ]>>so now to a clon james cameron is saluting
8:12 am
"aye jeng "avengers: endgame" knocking his "titanic" down to the third biggest movie of all time. the director tweeting this photo writing, an iceberg sank the real titanic. it took the avengers to sink my "titanic." you've shown that the movie industry is not only alive and well, it's bigger than ever. it absolutely is. [ applause ] so what's the avengers' next and final target. james cameron's "avatar" at number one. so "avengers: endgame" is not that far off. they're only a couple weeks in. >> amazing how incredible james cameron is, had the top two movies. >> yeah. >> says a lot about his work. >> classy move by him to salute them. finally, ed sheeran and justin bieber, they are back. they've been teasing their new
8:13 am
music. now it's finally here. the new song "i don't care" dropped overnight. the biebs tweeting, it's out. i don't care. maybe we do. take a listen. ♪ because i don't care when i'm with my baby yeah ♪ ♪ all the bad things disappear ♪ and you making me feel that maybe i am somebody ♪ ♪ i can deal with the bad nights when i'm with my baby yeah ♪ ♪ ooh, ooh, ooh >> yeah. you guys are feeling it. the single, sheeran's first new music in two years and bieber's first since his 2015 album "purpose." so we've needed this. >> love he went from "purpose" to "i don't care." >> three years. >> a lot can happen. >> thank you. we move to our "gma" cover story. a look at the facebook feature secret crush and birthday stories that promise to help users find romance, enjoy their
8:14 am
birthday but raise new privacy concerns. our tech guru becky worley has all the details. hey, becky. >> reporter: good morning, george. we turn to social media for connection and warm fuzzies but as new features are rolled out we've learned to ask, how will they affect our privacy and safety? this morning, facebook users have a new way to say happy birthday. >> with this new feature we think that people are going to wish their friends a happy birthday in more immersive ways. >> reporter: on your birthday an icon will appear in story, round bubbles on top your feed and friends can post pictures or record short videos. ♪ happy birthday to you happy birthday to you ♪ >> reporter: this feel good moment following on the announcement of a new dating service that facebook is rolling out in the u.s. by year's end. it's called secret crush. you i.d. up to nine people in your friend list you might be interested in romantically. call it your more than friends
8:15 am
list. if someone on that list has picked you, the match is revealed. >> so we've really focused facebook dating to be about finding meaningful connections in your life. >> reporter: w the privacy abuses, users are wary. >> you're letting facebook know who you have a crush on. if that is leaked in the future or have a data breach it could be concerning. >> reporter: how do these new features enhance the information that you're using for advertising? >> these new features are actually not contributing to how we deliver ads. so, for example, in the case of facebook dating, the information that you share in dating stays within facebook dating and does not inform the advertisers that you see on the site. >> reporter: many users have concerns about past leaks of private data on facebook. >> this can be used for bullying or mess with someone and there are serious privacy concerns about giving that information to facebook. >> reporter: facebook says they
8:16 am
take those concerns seriously. >> we're really not the same company that we were a year ago and the reason for that is because we've invested a lot in our people and expertise to figure out a lot of these issues and be a lot more practical in addressing them. >> reporter: the secret crush app doesn't roll out in the u.s. until the end of the year. the company tells me, though, that to avoid any risk of bullying through that app, they limit the number of people you can put on your crush list to nine and you can only change out one person a day. so you can't troll your whole friend list to see who has the hots for you, guys. >> nine? >> only nine crushes? that's outrageous. [ laughter ] >> all right. thank you so much, becky. now we turn to a major milestone for "wheel of fortune." pat sajak entering the guinness book of world records for the longest career as a game show host of the same show and tonight the 7,000th episode is
8:17 am
airing. abc's adrienne bankert got a chance to go backstage to get secrets to their success. >> can you use a million dollars? >> you won a million dollars. >> we have a million dollar winner. >> reporter: it's the longest running syndicated game show in u.s. history. >> we're like the sunset. even though you don't see it, it's nice to know it's there. >> ah. i like that. >> reporter: today beloved host pat sajak, vanna white and their crew celebrate 7,000 episodes. >> people look at us as part of their lives. >> there it is. >> you did it. >> reporter: their contestants never cease to surprise them. >> the most amazing solve i've ever seen was -- >> new baby buggy. >> it could have been a new anything. >> reporter: four decades later people are still buying vowels.
8:18 am
did you think this show would last that long? >> i remember when i first started sitting in the makeup chair next to pat. i said i wonder where we'll be in ten years. it's been 36. >> we're still in the same makeup chair. >> reporter: pat and vanna have made solving puzzles and spinning the wheel an art. >> what do you think is the secret to your longevity. >> we don't take it too seriously. we take our work seriously but not ourselves. >> hey. >> obviously people, 36 years -- >> they look almost the same. it's pretty remarkable. gamehow that record is safe t of from me. >> congratulations to them. as we head by the way into mother's day weekend we met up with two hollywood moms also a-list actresses, gabrielle union and jessica alba and they're teaming up to play detectives on the new show "l.a.'s finest." they have so much chemistry, we decided to have them interview each other. >> think i won't?
8:19 am
huh? >> get off me. >> why do i always have to play the good cop? >> you have no poker face. >> i remember the first time we hung out and i was like, i don't know why we didn't ever do this earlier and i instantly felt really comfortable when i was chatting with you. >> what is your favorite thing about working with me? >> oh, my favorite thing about working with you -- >> i want both. i want your least favorite thing about working with me and then your favorite thing about working with me. >> oh, okay, so my least favorite thing is easy. your beef jerky habit. it's aggressive. i've never been around anybody who eats as much beef jerky with as much glee as you do. so it's your jerky. that's my least favorite. the best thing, there's like -- it's all upside. you're a boss chick. you're dope. you're in on the joke and we're super like-minded. what do you love about the show? what do you love about playing nancy?
8:20 am
>> it's a party up in here. >> what i love about this show is the fact that you created it. i think you can really tell that a woman is really at the heart of the show. i've never seen women depicted this way. >> i notified for backup so if anything happens to us -- >> i wanted to make people laugh but also wanted to kick ass and take names. women aren't allowed to do that in movies. the way we're normally written is we're the damsel in distress or we're this super stoic serious woman who has to save the day, you know, and very earnest. >> get off the bike. he's getting away. >> seriously? >> seriously. >> okay, how would you describe our show? is our show a drama? is it a comedy? >> i would describe it as an action dramedy. >> oh. did you just create your own category? >> i think i did. >> so you've played all sorts of characters. if you could switch to another profession in real life, what
8:21 am
would you like to try? >> my fake profession would be i would want to be the starting point guard for the new york knicks and play in the garden. >> really? >> yeah. realistic job, a lawyer. >> a lawyer, okay. >> for closing argument sake. >> i mean, your closing arguments would be three hours long. [ applause ] >> now, "l.a.'s finest" premieres monday and they'll be here monday so we get to and mbeet a lit clnt >> exactly. >> amy, there is nothing better than a "gma" moment like this on a friday. please take a look, everyone. that is a chicken with a helmet riding a bicycle in australia. yeah, riding in a basket of a bicycle. >> you never can be too safe. >> we wondered were there like chicken helmet manufacturers. that's a barbie helmet they put on buffy.
8:22 am
real quick what she looks like without the helmet so she kind of needs i good morning. welcome to friday. look for faster sunshine and warmer temperatures today through the weekend and pretty close to average all the way through next week. here's a look at what's happening this afternoon. mid to upper 60s along the coast, to santa cruz, san francisco. mid-70s around the bay and mid-70s inland. a little drizzle near the coast of the north bay. temperatures close to upper 50s. all right, t tory johnson with cosmetic and skin care products made with ou mind. and i love this first product because i just got this. >> yes, you're telling me a salesperson convinced you to do it.
8:23 am
he made the right choice because juice beauty is great. all the ingredients are certified organic. two different collections from them. their green apple skin care collection which is what you bought and phyto pigments make up collection. one of the cool things about this is typically color comes from synthetic dyes. in this particular case it comes from plant pigment so everything is natural. normally $12 to $48 slashed in half today, $6 to $24. >> this stuff smells so good. it smells amazing. >> green apple collection. okay, this is all about hydrating your skin. we've got a couple of standouts. their roller which is great so if you've got puffing and want to depuff, keep it in the freezer. this which i love is their micro needling. people typically think it hurts. it doesn't. >> just like a little prick. >> but not painful. if you use that with their hyaloronic acid hydrating serum this is going to leave your face with that great dewy glow. everything from this line is giving your face a great dewy
8:24 am
glo. normally $26 to $130, today slashed in half, $13 to $65. >> incredible. okay. >> so this a great one. i need you to smell this one. so if you put this on your hand. normally you put it under your eyes called 100% pure. it's their coffee bean caffeine eye cream. >> wow. that smells amazing. >> the company says they've sold over a million of these tubes for this under eye area for the depuffing and the appearance of dark circles, normally $29, today it's $14.50. >> it feels great. >> it feels good. >> and it works. okay. this line is great because everything here is all about using the most natural ingredients so whether it is mintz, lavender. something called squalene oil from olives. it's very poise moisturizing. their roll-ons are one of their most popular. it's a great line. $6 to $18. great for travel as well. slashed in half, $3 to $9 for this collection. >> incredible.
8:25 am
>> okay, another great one. so this company is the first time we're featuring them on "deals & steals" and what's cool about it, all of the products include their propriety aloe vera that is also certified organic. a makeup and skin care line. one of my favorites, this is an enzyme peel that is -- it's all natural. very gentle but it's exfoliator so it will do the job. so what i love is that it's great for sensitive skin but it's also effective and that's what we look for with any kind of skin care. normally $7 to $58. today it's slashed in half, $3.50 to $29. >> beautiful palette colors. >> their palette colors are beautiful and they're great for really all skin types, all skin tones. finally organic bath company. this is a husband and wife team in massachusetts. it's all natural products for your bath. they also use fair trade ingredients like their raw sugar in the scrub.
8:26 am
the scrubs and body wash, the scents are spectacular. $20 to $36 regularly. today slashed in half, $10 to $18. ght. we partnered with all of these companies on these great deals. get them on our website and, by the way, everyone here is going home with products from rinse, aloette, 100% pure and we'll be right back. >> announcer: do you love "star wars"? okay, how would your family like to win a trip to the most highly anticipated land this side of the galaxy. disneyland, star wars galaxy's edge in anaheim, california. set your course to to tell us why your family should experience the world of "star wars" like never before. may your creativity be with you. "gma's" live your "star wars" challenge is on. "gma's" live your "star wars" challenge is on.
8:27 am
good morning, north bay. let's get up and get going. >> this is "abc7 mornings." good morning, i'm reggie aqui from "abc7 mornings." the warriors will try to close out the rockets tonight in game 6 of the playoff series. kevin durant is out with a mild calf strain. you can watch that at 6:00 p.m. right now, here's alexis with your traffic. >> we're looking live at the bay bridge toll plaza, so hemeter lights are still on. maybe a little lighter since it's friday. we're in recovery mode in the fremont area southbound to stephenson. we had an earlier
8:28 am
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good morning. temperatures still in the 50s but mid to upper 50s. even 60 in brent wood as sunshine is breaking out a little earlier there. your commute is going to be pretty good. haven't heard of any mist or drizzle near the coast lately. my accuweather 7-day forecast, warm today and it will stay a little above average through mother's day. >> thanks, mike. another update it 30 mnutes and you can always find us on our
8:30 am
the news continues right now with "good morning america." ♪ you don't own me i'm not one of your many toys ♪ ♪ you don't own me >> that's "the bachelorette" and next week the new season kicks off and hannah b. will join us live in times square on monday. we'll have a little sneak peek. [ cheers and applause ] >> the new season of "the bachelorette." and now we're going to switch gears to mother's day, it's on sunday but we have so many incredible moms here in our audience. let's go give them a round of applause and thank you for joining us this morning. [ applause ] this morning, we have one v. so where is cassie? hey, cassie. >> hi.
8:31 am
>> how are you doing? >> good. how are you? >> cassie, why do you think you're here thiis glfenn ntwelle actually not really why you're here. >> really? >> yeah, well, there's more. there's more because your friends and your family reached out to tell us what an amazing mom you are raising your daughter savanna belle who is sitting there on your lap and you've been raising her for the past year by yourself because your husband has been in iraq and we're going to take a look at your story right now. sergeant josh sarpu and his wife cassie seemed to always be on their honeymoon. but one year ago duty called and life changed for the young couple. josh a medevac cue chief for the national guard was sent on a one-year deployment to iraq. cassie, six months pregnant with their first child, was without her husband. >> it's definitely tough to not know day to day, not really be
8:32 am
able to understand where he is or what he's doing. >> it was hard on her. >> reporter: alone for her last trimester and then for the birth of their new baby girl savanna. friends and family were there instead. >> the moment she came out and did the skin to skin, it was beautiful. >> reporter: cassie put josh's picture all over her bassinet in the hospital. >> she wanted everyone to know who the father was and wanted savanna to see him even if she was just born but still. >> reporter: but new motherhood by herself made cassie stronger. >> she made sure to jump right into it and devote everything to savanna. >> reporter: then a medical crisis when savanna was four months old. >> savanna couldn't really open her eyes. she was crying constantly in pain. for a new mother you don't know how to process it. >> her skin was red and raw and eyes swollen shut. >> that hit her the most without josh being there. >> reporter: but savanna fully recovered and every day working to keep their daughter connected to josh while he's thousands of
8:33 am
miles away they facetime often. >> hi, honey. how are yoorr: she even pys peof joshsanncre her and even stops crying. >> i love her. i'm so proud of her. she's an amazing mom. >> cassie's lovedne of savanna d them. >> we're here for her and i couldn't be prouder. >> she's such a strongdepeent mg she's been through, everything that she, you know, in her whole life leading up to this, it's just wonderful. i'm getting emotional. you're also making me emotional. i'm so proud to see her grow into such a wonderful mom. [ applause ] >> yes. >> so, cassie, why don't you come up with baby savanna and your mom, eileen. come on. come on up and join me. [ applause ] hello, savanna.
8:34 am
now, i know that's a big surprise for you. opre in it. >> no, i totally believed them. >> as you should have. this is your first mother's day. >> yes. >> and we wanted to surprise you with something. we know your husband is not home yet but we do have him via skype, so come on over here. come on over. [ applause ] we have your husband josh via skype and. hello, josh. he's on the base in texas right now. josh is on a military base in texas right now. but he wanted to talk to you. josh, i want to ask you first. you're coming home in the next few days. how excited are you to see your wife and to meet your baby girl for the first time. >> you know what, it's going to be incredible. it's been a long time coming. i can't say nothing who are than the best for her. i love you so much, honey. thank you for everything you do. thank you for taking care of the baby. you know what, can we move the wall? [ cheers and applause ]
8:35 am
♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> oh. you know what, i got to say that -- you stand next to your husband, yes. so how does it teal to see your wife, josh and to come on and sit on the couch. how does it feel to see your wife and to meet your baby girl for the first time? >> that's daddy. >> i can't even -- hey. hello. what are you doing? >> well, you know, i know you two would facetime and you would let her listen.
8:36 am
>> yeah. >> to josh's voice. >> yeah. >> so she is so calm in youms and, ssie for u,rprise? you thought he was coming home a little bit later. >> he told me monday so i wasn't expecting this. >> can you believe we pulled this surprise off? you've been backstage bouncing off the walls. >> yep, yep. i'm so thankful everything worked out. everyone came together like -- >> ah. it's okay. it's okay. thank you. it's okay. >> josh, i can tell you, get used to that. >> he shaved his mustache. that's why. >> how is it for you to see them finally reunited with your granddaughter? >> it's amazing. like we said he wasn't there for the birth. i was. whoo-hoo! but you don't have to go away again. it was very interesting compared
8:37 am
to years ago when i had kids you couldn't see anyone for them to be able to at least facetime. when savanna was sick in the hospital, the only way to calm her down was the video of his voice. >> wow. >> yeah. >> wow. and, cassie, for you, your first pore's day. how is it for you now? you're going to spend it with your family. >> it's going to be even better now. i thought i would spend it alone so, yeah. [ applause ] >> i just have to say this, it's really amazing to bring you guys together a little earlier than you expected right before mother's day and you really are an incredible mother an inspiration to a lot of young mothers out there and i want to thank all the mothers in our audience again. [ cheers and applause ] for what you guys have done and thank my mom as well and got to say, josh, thank you for your service too. >> thank you very much. >> really appreciate that. >> thank you. > we hope you guys have the best
8:38 am
reunion and mother's day ever and thank youngs brg youogetr on "gms morning. uch.applause ] all right. josh, cassie, savanna and eileen, thank you all so much and before we go, let's te. ♪[ ] who does not love love? we'll be right back, everybody. [ applause ] ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
8:39 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> announcer: to kick off "gma's" summer concert series in the biggest way ever, who do you call? one of the biggest bands in the world. that's who. wednesday, it's bts only on "gma." and they're taking over central park like never before. bts, the epic summer party event wednesday presented by king's hawaiian. [ applause ] ryan reynolds rocking around tokyo behind the scenes with his brand-new movie "pokemon: detective pikachu." adrienne bankert was along for the ride. >> i know you can't understand me. but put down the stapler or i will electrocute you. >> ryan reynolds' charming smile shines through as pikachu in the
8:42 am
new film "pokemon: detective pikachu." >> pika, pika. >> probably one of the most adorable characters i have ever personally seen and that says a lot but what's inside is just rat crap and broken glass. >> see. >> that's what's coming out of his mouth 24/7. >> reporter: in order to catch them all all the movie details we headed across the ocean to tokyo, home of pokemon and invited ryan to sushi mafia. >> wrong hand already. >> come on. get it together or get out. >> very good. >> hey. >> see. >> that's -- i am like a bottomless pit for approval. thank you so much. >> where did you get the sense of humor you have. >> i'm just compensating for -- >> for what. >> horrifying things. pretty good. >> yeah. >> reporter: between told us how he mastered the
8:43 am
role. >> i just got to do it in motion capture. never done a film that really was truly suited for everyone in our family which is kind of fun for me. >> i'm sure people will see it and think is this a family movie because ryan reynolds is like -- he's ryan reynolds. >> i can assure all the parents out there that not -- the only "f" bomb i drop is fuzzy. >> i have a gift for you. >> i love gifts. >> sushi chef coat. >> i love my "good morning america" sushi jacket. each morning i want my kids dad the network. >> reporter: after our lesson i co-star. >> let's go in. >> reporter: to experience some tokyo entertainment at the popular robot restaurant. ♪ obots took me bk tooviell trans youth. >> a lot of my stuff was working with nothing and so i tapped
8:44 am
into that thing you have as a kid where you play with an imaginary friend. >> we had to go back to our childlike ways and just pretend which was awesome. >> do you characterize justice as a brother or bestie. >> brother because i'm never going to get rid of you but because my best friend because we've gone on so many adventures that you can only do with a friend. >> reporter: i met up with the man behind it all. >> this man engineered something pretty amazing -- i've never done motion capture like that. >> it's daunting taking on something like this, justice and katherine acting to nothing sometimes. >> thank you. thank you. >> people already think you're adorable and now they'll fall in love with you more. >> to play pikachu in a movie like that you just have an ocean of disappointment in front of you. every kid i meet from this point forward will be like, oh, really? [ applause ]otngo his head. movie looks like a lot of fun in
8:45 am
theaters now. >> i'd say even cuter. i'm going there. let's do this. let's look for awe cute forecast. this time of year on sunday everybody wants to know what it's going to be like on mother's day. in duluth, minnesota, they just had snow. look how quickly it's gone, right? in the mid-50s as but into the weekend. a little mother's day forecast for other folks. in lily, kentucky, close to 70 and mother's hill, good morning. we're waking up to the same conditions, clouds and temperatures in the 50s and near 60 at 9:00, but we end up with a lot more sunshine and warmer temperatures this afternoon. in fact, this forecast holololol >> full tears in your eye. >> i cried through the whole surprise then i just saw them again then i started crying more.
8:46 am
then the baby started crying. >> all right. well, we know there's something to be so much happiness for mother's day. >> do you want me to help? >> please help me. >> they have an audience full of moms and a mother's day gift guide. [ applause ] next on "gma." some incredible young students that make a difference in their community.
8:47 am
♪ ♪ star wars galaxy's edge opening may 31st at the disneyland resort
8:48 am
>> announcer: do you love "star wars"? okay, how would your family like to win a trip to the most highly anticipated land this side of the galaxy. disneyland, star wars galaxy's edge in anaheim, california. well, just set your course to now to tell us why your family should experience the world of "star wars" like never before. and may your creativity be with you. "gma's" live your "star wars"
8:49 am
adventure challenge is on. we are back nowngstents. we have enthty in areaow o resources, they hatched a plan to help out. ♪ >> reporter: in the heart of atlanta, georgia, these bright young girls are looking to build and feed their community one egg at a time. they're called the quail guardians, a class of sixth grader at the coretta scott king women's young leader chmielewski academy who raise and sell quail eggs in a neighborhood where they have limited access to fresh food. >> i knew the school i'm in is a food desert and the way i like to engage students is look for a problem and be problem solvers. >> reporter: and problem solvers they became. deciding to raise quail instead of chickens because they were smaller and easier to raise at their school. they began their mission. >> we're helping out the community and the community is el eggsoning
8:50 am
in return and that's how we way for their food and that's how they get the eggs again. >> reporter: and residents are thankful. >> the accessibility to high quality foods, fruits, vegetables and meats is not the greatest along with the transportation in the area as well. >> being a quail guardian has taught me like respect and responsibility. >> reporter: and though the girls' mission has meant a lot for their community they say the classes help them bond as a group. >> i was friends with them but then it just created a bigger bond once we all became quail guardians and i consider them as family now. >> rather not a group but a whole family. >> reporter: developing into the future leaders. >> i will not take shortcuts. >> reporter: named after the wife of martin luther king jr., coretta scott king is georgia's
8:51 am
first to receive s.t.e.m. certification. their goal, to increase the number of women of color in s.t.e.m. fields. >> i feel like we should make a difference and step up because we can do what guys do. >> wow! the future is in good hands with young women like that listen to your mom, aknuckleheads. hand em over.. hand what over? video games, whatever you got. let's go. you can watch videos
8:52 am
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>> announcer: to kick off "gma's" summer concert series in the biggest way ever, who do you call? one of the biggest bands in the world. that's who. ♪ on my mind >> announcer: wednesday, it's bts, only on "gma" and they're taking over central park like never before. bts, the epic summer party event. wednesday, presented by king's hawaiian. so, cassie, you'll never forget your first mother's day. >> never. >> thank you for joining us and thanks to all the moms here today as well. >> and speaking of mothers before we go we want to welcome the newest member of our "gma" family, our producer sabrina peduto gave birth to a beautiful baby girl violet antonia. so sweet, she and her husband steve are over the moon and so happy for them so congratulations. >> such great news there. happy mother's day to all the moms out there. have a great weekend.
8:55 am
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. good morning, bay area. let's get up and get going. >> this is "abc7 mornings.." it is friday. i'm reggie aqui and here is mike nicco with your forecast. >> hi, reggie. we do have a small craft advisory that starts in about 15 minutes in the bay area and goes until tomorrow afternoon. 60s and 70s around the bay. look at the 70s and 80s in the inland neighborhoods and temperatures and the sunshine are going to be really nice through mother's day. alexis? checking out the roads, we ever a new problem near vinton avenue. a motorcycle crash with debris
9:00 am
in the roadway. >> announcer: it's "live with kelly and ryan!" today, from the new film "aladdin," princess jasmine herself, naomi scott. and we wrap up moms know best week with a family favorite dish from ryan's mom connie seacrest. plus, your comments and questions when we open up our inbox. all next on "live!" and now, here are kelly ripa and ryan seacrest! [cheers and applause] ♪


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