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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  May 10, 2019 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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buildings and a landlord the tenants say had done nothing. in richmond today, a formal response. i'm dan ashley. > >> duane. >> you might call it spore wars. today the showdown. when we first saw jerry miller last night. >> that's mold. mildew. termites. >> reporter: he was finally getting some attention to a problem he says he's battled over with his landlord for three years. most of us would call this an apartment from hell. >> watery eyes. you get up in the middle of the night you start hard breathing. >> reporter: it's worse for his mother. >> terrible. terrible. breathe in, breathe out. >> reporter: we returned today when the city of richmond got in touch saying they would be there at the apartment with the
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landlord, castle management, at 10:30 a.m. but then -- a change. the building department wanted the meeting at city hall and without the presence of a news crew. >> they told me that they don't want the media coverage at their facility. >> excuse me. >> is that accurate? >> i told you i have no further comment. >> reporter: ultimately, they met behind closed doors. meantime other tenants confirmed problems in other units. >> it's frustrating. a lot of us live here because we didn't have any other options. >> reporter: an independent environmental inspector. he rates the mold problem eight out of a solid ten. >> by the time they're done, probably 30,000, 25,000, 30,000. >> for one apartment or for all? >> for one. >> the building department exercised its leverage. after half an hour jerry miller emerged with fixes in his unit and attention to the others.
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here's castle management, joe lawton. why has it taken so long to get action? >> we disagree. we've got some other issues with that. i don't think we have them delayed or haven't done anything slowly at all. >> then, again, he hasn't been living there. neither has his boss. jerry miller says it seems like it has been ann eternity. castle management promised to begin work on the apartment as early as next week. they will put jerry and his family in a hotel room in the meantime and they will look at the other units. live in richmond, wayne friedman. >> thank you. in san jose, police have arrested five people accused of using a fake tinder dating profile to rob and carjack their victims s victims. >> reporter: a lesson to think twice before you possibly swipe right. >> it doesn't help us as a
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society to just brush over it and ignore these things that are like happening online. >> reporter: this week, san jose police announced the arrest of five people who they say were responsible for an alleged robbery and carjacking ring. the suspects ranging in age from 15 to 19 used a fake tinder profile to bait their victims. >> we're talking about the emotions and logic. when the emotion takes over, the suffering. and the consequences could be deadly. >> reporter: during a two-week stretch in march, at least 11 men were beaten or carjacked typically in the late evening hours. the victim supposedly thought they were meeting with someone named becky or victoria for a date. >> tried text from a fake phone number and can i see your instagram or snapchat of you right now. if they don't provide something like that, then no. >> reporter: police say a break in the case came when a
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detective found surveillance footage of the suspects in one of the alleged areas where the crimes took place. all were arrested and booked into the county jail on multiple charges. cybersecurity expert says people should always use common sense when meeting up with someone for the first time. >> make sure that somebody else knows about that. family, friends and going to be even better if that person within the vicinity of the meeting. so, just in case something happened. >> reporter: a step from the virtual world into real life. now a little more daunting for some. in san jose, chris nguyen. oakland a's received a big boost in the team's efforts to build a new ballpark at howard terminal. the east bay labor organization that represents more than 130 unions threw support behind the plan today. three days before the port commission will take a crucial vote on the project. abc 7 news reporter laura anthony is more in oakland with more.
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laura? >> we're standing by a mural here in downtown oakland. it's actually called fields of dreams. this was painted in 2015. fields is plural and that's exactly what all the various ballpark proposals have become over the years for a's fans. basically a dream. at this point it looks like that dream is at least closer to becoming a retally. >> let's go, oakland. >> reporter: with a crucial vote on the a's stadium deal set for monday, the alameda labor council went public with its support for the team's desired site at howard terminal. >> we are excited to say that all of our union jobs will be protected and covered. >> reporter: the proposal for howard terminal would include construction of a 35,000 seat stadium, retail and several thousand housing units. >> really critical as we have a critical piece of investment in our community and economical development and a sports franchise that wants to stay and
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that workers benefit along the way. >> reporter: the labor council and its 135 unions may be behind the a's move but a group called the east oakland stadium aliance is not. it includes the maritime association and the longshoreman's union among others. they like that the a's are rooted in oakland. but they want them to stay on the east side of town. >> yes, the port of oakland is iconic but it is iconic for a readsen a e reason and we believe that any encroachment will have devastating impact on the port. >> we had meetings with that group. >> reporter: a' manager believes the concerns of the east oakland alliance can be worked out and hopeful port commissioners will vote the a's way come monday. >> i think we're at an important stage to make sure we're calling a vote and the commission can weigh in on the project in general and the economic benefits and the job benefits and the assurances we have provided to the maritime community.
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>> now, on monday, the port commission will vote on a term sheet whether to enter into an agreement with the a's for the purchase of the property to the team. if that goes the a's way, then the team is hoping to break ground on that howard terminal site some time in 2021. in oakland, laura anthony, abc 7 news. >> laura, thank you. a former oakland police chief howard jordan has a new job. today the city of vallejo announced that jordan has been appointed to senior adviser to help in the search for an interim police chief and the recruitment of a permanent chief. jordan will also be involved in the city's effort to address police and community relations after a number of officer-involved shootings. jordan served as oakland's police chief from 2011 to 2013 and most recently served as a police auditor for the city of roanoke park.
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uber capped off a rocky firsh d first day of trading on wall street. shares closed at just below $42. down 8% from their starting price. the disappointing performance reflects financial market turmoil due to trade tensions and laboring doubts about whether fast-growing, ride-hailing companies will turn a profit. wednesday's driver stik in several u.s. cities including san francisco and other countries may have affected the stock. experts say it's wear for a well-known ipo to dip below the ipo price. they also say the lack of big excitement for the biggest tech ipo since facebook suggests investors are becoming more choosey. u.s. regulators have approved a new silicon valley stock exchange. the long-term stock exchange was proposed to the securities and exchange commission by tech
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entrepreneur reece. raised $19 million from peter thiel and marc andreeseen. borp out of concern of the tech elite about the focus on nearterm profit instead they will focus on long-term innovation. a couple presidential candidates are in the bay area. this is a live look at the regency ball room in san francisco. that's where pete buttigieg is holding a fund-raiser. folks are waiting in line. it is supposed to start at 6:30, about an hour and a fl half fro now. you'll hear from kamala harris coming up in that interview on abc 7 news at 6:00. happening now activists are gathering to commemorate on what
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they call 5/10 day. a reference to today's date. may 10th. the time the event starts, as well as oakland being in the 510 area code. the goal of this event is to celebrate oakland's culture and stand up against what they call displacement and it is now literally 5:10. well, san jose is a hot destination right now and that's because a top k pop band is playing there and fans are lining up to see them. we're live with that story, next. road map to a target. how a virtual world is reenvisioning the reality of surgery. and today's day at the beach that could save lives. i'm meteorologist sandhya.
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it's no ordinary day at denny's it's crepe day. a family tradition we started about twenty-two minutes ago. and from the looks of it, this tradition is going to last awhile. denny's has new crepes! see you at denny's. happening now. hordes of eager fans are lined
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up to see a popular k pop band. >> nct 127 second performance at city national civic. they played to a huge crowd last night. >> the concert is at 8:00, which is still hours away. but chris is there now and so are all those fans. >> good afternoon, guys. i'm not saying i am a newly minted fan but these cards are a big deal. i was asking for trades earlier. my biggest fear that i will get some small detail about this bapd wrong because i'm surrounded by a bunch of loyal fans, many of whom would have my head if that happened. i talked to girls earlier this afternoon who were able to give me the nct 127 101. i need my own debrief. >> just a subunit of nct. >> neoculture technology. like 22 members in total.
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these are just like nine of them. >> 127 longitude. >> what do i need to know about their fans? >> we would do anything for them. >> like line-up for hours. this was for thursday's show and this crowd at least eight hours early for the concert. on top of that, they're trekking many miles to show their love. >> i flew from texas to phoenix and then back home and then over here to san jose for both days. >> i'm from hawaii. so, i would say 5,200 miles just to see my nct 127 boys. >> for the past month i was stuck in the hospital with my grandma and i only found comfort with them and they just brighten my day each and every time i listen to their songs. >> reporter: nct 127 rocked the stage on "good morning america" in april and first time in the bay area and first north american tour. worth pointing out especially on
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mother's day weekend that madison's dream came true because of mom. >> my mom right here. mom, come here. i'm going to start crying. >> called her mom, too. so, i share a mom. >> wasn't that the sweetest. i don't want to date myself but my mom took me to my first boy band concert. the show starts at 8:00. in san jose for abc 7 news. >> thank you so much, kris. those fans are awesome. they really love their group. by the way, nct 127 was included in our special on korea in the efforts to find peace after the 2018 winter games. you can watch it on a virtual reality is revolutionizing and now one bay
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area hospital is using it to prepare its patients for surgery. anna has volunteered to take a journey inside a child's brain. it's an experience that is helping parents and young patients at ucsf children's hospital oakland to navigate a scary situation with much more confidence. >> the not knowing is the hardest part. there is so much fear that comes out of the unknown. >> reporter: dr. curtis is demonstrating a virtual reality system known as surgical theater. the technology has helped revolutionize brain surgeries by creating a precise 3d pathway into a patient's brain. >> just take a walk with me. look to your left. >> reporter: now doctors at children's are tweaking that experience to help families follow along. parents and young patients are projected as avatars using a point and view game set and gamer-style controls. they can explore the area doctors plan to operate on.
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families can see the doctor's avatar as they wander into virtual space. they can point to anything they may have a question about with a single click. >> i can point things out with my hands as pointers and then she can point, she can point out the things with her pointer. the reality is, we're not sharing with them, they're sharing with us this video game world. by communicating their anatomy using this medium, they understand. >> reporter: made possible by donors who can adopt and doctors have been able to lower anxiety for families and even very young patients. >> this cloud parting moment and this epiphany where they understand. >> reporter: and to understand with much more confidence how surgeons at children's will step in and change the course of their lives. >> as we mention the vr program at children's hospital is supported by donations. we have links and information o
5:17 pm beach rescues are on the way up this year, but this wasn't one of them. this helicopter rescue at ocean beach was just a training exercise. the surf is so hazardous on this stretch of sand. they urge people not to swim there. so far this year, 68 people have been rescued after being swept out to sea by the dangerous rip currents. these are can look like calm sections of water, but looks can be deceiving. >> so, this is not a swimming beach. strong rip currents and cold water and sneaker waves. we have such dynamic wave activity here that it is extremeextreme ly dangerous. >> if you want to go swimming, authorities ask you go to stinson beach, instead, because there are life guards on duty there. >> go out and enjoy the beach and be safe about it. will it be beach weather this weekend and mother's day? >> sandhya has that answer for us. >> if you don't mind a little fog, good weekend to hit the beach.
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that system that was supposed to bring us some showers, thunderstorms a chance. skipped right over us and in southern california. triggering thunderstorms and heavy rain and that is starting to wind down. here in the bay area, we have the usual fog right along the coastline, but not the entire coast. you will notice it is clear from parts of san mateo down towards the santa cruz county line. compared to 24 hours ago, noticing it is warmer across parts of the bay area. up to 14 degrees warmer in brentwood. live picture from our camera showing the fog layer. 60 in the city and 66 in oakland and very comfortable 71 in san jose and 6 in santa cruz. emoryville camera showing you a mix of sun and clouds. mid-60s santa rosa napa. definitely feeling better out there, especially out of the coastline. vaccaville 82 and concord 74 and in livermore it is a very comfortable 72 degrees.
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here's a look at what you can expect as we head towards this weekend. really nice-looking weather. so, the low clouds and the fog wll be advancing, spreading overnight tonight. mainly sunny and mild for your mother's day weekend and we are expecting a cooler pattern next week. we may even add in a few chances of some showers. a live look right now from our golden gate bridge camera. a pretty view as you notice. mainly sunny still. bay area airports mostly sunny tomorrow. light wind. 70 to 77 degrees. and i want to show you the forecast for honolulu. 86 rve 86, sunshine, warm weather there. and in los angeles, a chance of showers and thunderstorms. same system going to head south. 73 degrees. want to show you the hour-by-hour forecast. 7:00 a.m. tomorrow, gray skies and early plans do be prepared for the cool weather with the clouds and the fog. noontime, the fog will peel back to the coast and just sit there all afternoon and into the evening as we expect around this time of year.
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so, for those of you who love the fog, you're going to see plenty of it tomorrow. in the morning, numbers in the upper 40s to mid-50s. might see a little bit of drizzle out there and then tomorrow afternoon in the south bay, 77 san jose, los gatos and 72 in santa cruz and 82 in morgan hill. on the peninsula, pretty mild day. 72 san mateo and 62 in pacifica and 66 in downtown san francisco and north bay up to 77. c 73 in vallejo and it doesn't get much better than this. in the east bay, 71 oakland, richmond and 74 in free mont and inland areas 78 degrees in livermore. so, pretty mild. and for your mother's day for planner, temperatures in the 50s. sun comes up at 6:03. if you're taking mom out, just a jacket in the morning and the rest of the day pretty nice. low 50 60s to the low 50s.
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near average temperatures next week but certainly cooler as we head towards mid-week below average. slight chance to a chance of showers between thursday and friday. i have to be very honest with you, not that i'm not normally. we keep saying chances of showers and it disappears. just a word of caution. >> is it the truth this time? >> do we believe her? >>. all right, well
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mother's day spending is at a record. americans are expected to shell out $25 billion on everything from flowers to spa treatments to restaurant meals. analysts say stronger millennial spending is behind the uptick and may partly reflect the high number of millennials still living with their mom. the day became an official holiday in 1914. jarvis later denounced the
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holid holiday's commercialization and tried the rest of her lying to get rid of it. you don't have to spend a thing to take part of finney's friday free stuff. >> the chamber music guys that do a modern take. listen to this. ♪ >> those guys go for it. a free pair of tickets for earplays final home season concert of this year. earplay is a chamber music ensemble founded right here in san francisco back in 1985. this concert is on may 20th monday at may 30th. it's a $50 value and you will pay nothing. >> of course. >> and then we have a couple, these would be good for mother's day. >> what is this? >> this is a headbound for when
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you're putting on this mask. so, that's pretty cool. so, listen to what this is. it is a new type of mask with a combination of super eight red ingredients and it is filtrate. the mask will improve overall skin condition and your skin will appear more youthful infused with rose, red bean and pomegranate. snail secretion help stimulate collagen production. isn't that stuff cool? >> interesting. >> seems like it would cost more than 12 bucks. but that's what you're going to get for free. >> is this spoken for, michael? that's a look. >> wear it for the rest of the newscast. >> get a call from the boss. >> what do we do? >> go to our website and look for the finney's friday free stuff. >> i think i can talk about baby names with it on. >> that's cute. the most popular baby names
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are finally here. what is making the list, next. first, we want to thank chris for this picture of the fog. share your pictures with us. now you can see it on air or online at
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coming up on abc 7 news at 6 6, be here for our conversation with kamala harris. what does she think of her campaign so far? the question we tried to get her
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to answer three times. also -- >> a rough ride for uber's ipo. it's six weeks in and what lies ahead for the company and why may 20th is such a big day. from california dreaming to california drilling. there is a new effort to expand oil exploration, including right here in the bay area all coming up on abc 7 news at 6:00. finally tonight one of the uk's newest royals has not only influenced fashion but baby names. >> meghan markle turned duchess of sussex was the fastest rising girl's name in 2018. >> according to social security top list of baby names. emma and liam were the most popular followed by olivia and noah. >>ava and william round out the top three. archie that the duke and duchess chose and seventh in line to the british throne didn't make the list this year but in the next
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year or two. >> i bet you. "world news" is next. >> for all of us, thank you for being here tonight. tonight, breaking news as we come on the air. the american rescued overseas. a deadly mission. tourists on safari involved. two french commandos killed. what we just learned. >> a major shipping channel shut down after a collision involving a barge. fears tonight of a chemical spill in the severe weather zone. 40 million americans in the path. heavy rains, high winds, dangerous hail. drivers stranded as flash floods strike. dangerous high water rescues and more is on the way this mother's day weekend. also breaking tonight, the showdown over the president's tax returns. who was just subpoenaed and what democrats are demanding. the superpower trade war. new tariffs slapped on chinese goods after the white house failed to strike a deal with china.


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