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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  May 13, 2019 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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good morning, america. an attack this morning raising tensions between the u.s. and iran. breaking overnight, two oil tankers attacked, one about to head to the u.s., on the heels of that warning from american officials about threats from iran. now officials calling this a serious escalation. oil prices already surgery. also this morning, bracing for a nor'easter. a storm moving in after more than a foot of rain forces water rescues across the south. these train tracks underwater and more than two dozen cars derailed. heading to court, felicity huffman about to appear before a judge to plead guilty in the college cheating scandal. how much time could she get behind bars? the pilot pulled off a
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flight minutes before takeoff, now facing murder charges for three people. abc news exclusive, the first look inside notre dame cathedral nearly a month after that devastating fire, and david muir is here with the stunning images first on "gma." one-on-one with howard stern like you've never seen him before. what he's revealing about his relationship with donald trump. >> do you feel in some way you helped make him president? >> what he wishes he could ask hillary clinton. plus the one interview he regrets the most and the health scare that changed everything. >> i was freaking out. i go, this can't be. >> only on "gma" this morning. ♪ jump around the incredible buzzer beater. the four nail-biting bounces, the raptors putting away the sixers and now the showdown cooking between steph curry and his brother seth. ♪ everybody jump
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bouncers, bounces. there were four of them. >> whatever it takes. >> good morning, america. great to have you with us on this monday morning. what a finish in that sixers game. the raptors with the win. >> and i couldn't believe -- it is the first time ever, game seven has been won by a buzzer beater. >> i'm surprised. >> first time it's ever happened but a great game and i can't wait. i tell you, george, i cannot wait for your interview with howard stern. >> it was so much fun. we sat down and had a long, long conversation. he has a brand-new book. it's called "howard stern comes again." we had a little bet. he thought i wouldn't say that on the air. it is howard stern. he turned the tables on me a couple of times. the book is fantastic and i think it will surprise a lot of people. we'll have a that later, but first, we begin with that attack overseas on saudi ships and oil tankers. one about to head to the u.s.
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this comes in the wake of that warning about threats from iran. our chief global affairs correspondent martha raddatz starts us off with the very latest. good morning, martha. >> reporter: good morning, robin. this comes at an extremely tense time in the region with the u.s. warning that just days ago that iran or its proxies could be targeting maritime traffic in the oil rich persian gulf region. although we do not know who carried out this morning's attack on these ships, we know four ships were sabotaged off the coast of the united arab emirates in the persian gulf and it caused significant structural damage to two saudi oil tankers. one of the saudi ships was on its way to pick up saudi oil for delivery to the u.s. last week the u.s. urgently dispatched a carrier strike group, b-52 bombers and patriot missile battery to the region after it said there were unspecified threats to american forces in the region. iran's news agency this morning saying the dispatch of the warships was to exaggerate the
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shadow of war and frighten the iranian people, but this is a very dangerous development. michael? >> all right, thank you, martha. increased tensions there. now we go to here at home to that nor'easter moving in on the heels of that severe weather in the south. more than a foot of rain in some areas leading to water rescues. ginger is here with the very latest. good morning, ginger. >> reporter: michael, it was a cold drenching mother's day here in the northeast. but you go to the deep south, it was downright dangerous and that's where states of emergency are in place right now. dozens of rivers under flood warning. >> look at that. >> reporter: at least two reported tornadoes. and torrential rain made for a super soaker of a mother's day weekend. poplarville, mississippi just one of the towns swallowed by water. >> it's just amazing what water can do. the damage is insane. >> reporter: up to 15 inches of rain fell in southern misleading to a flash flood emergency. >> lost everything. >> reporter: first responders in
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harrison county using boats to search for those stranded. a man comforting his young daughter. this woman carried to safety. huge sections of this road collapsing from so much saturation cutting off exit routes. more than two dozen train cars in hillsboro, mississippi crashing after the tracks were washed out. miraculously no one injured there. in alabama winds topping 60 miles per hour tearing through this parking lot. louisiana declaring a state of emergency. in new orleans, the streets overflowing. and that likely tornado near lynchburg, virginia. so watch this low pressure system as it rides up the coast. we'll see more rain here in new york city up to connecticut. we have coastal flood advisories up because the winds will start pushing the water right up along the coast and squeezed together with that other low means more heavy rain and even, yes, some mountain snow. that's how cold and wet this is. it'll eventually all dry out by
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the midweek but ugly up until then. george? >> we can feel it this morning. okay, thank you, ginger. we go to the white house now and president trump's escalating trade war with china. financial markets on edge this morning after the president imposes new tariffs, threatens more with both sides far from a possible deal. our senior national correspondent terry moran is tracking it all. terry, after the president imposed those tariffs, some candid concessions from his top economic adviser. >> reporter: that's right. donald trump's top economic adviser larry kudlow is contradicting the president. donald trump once said trade wars are easy to win and claims china is the only one paying in this one, but kudlow saying yesterday that the american consumers now caught in the crossfire. prices on consumer goods like televisions and cars and even some food items, beauty products, they're going to go up and the president says it's all worth it. he like other presidents has been targeting china's unfair trade practices. he's using the tariffs but he wants to tell people there's no pain. he's wrong. there will be. >> there will be pain. meantime, terry, he's up and he's tweeting about it again
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this morning and it's unclear when and whether these new negotiations will take place, whether they can be successful. >> reporter: that's right. these two sides, china and the united states, the two largest economies at loggerheads. they were close to a deal, but that's fallen apart. they're scheduled to talk next month but this is a long way from being done. >> terry, on another front also a great deal of uncertainty now about whether the special counsel robert mueller is going to testify to congress. it was first scheduled or at least asked for this week. >> reporter: that's probably not going to happen, george. even democrats on the house judiciary committee who want to hear from robert mueller acknowledge that he's probably not going to show up. the attorney general has said he's got no problem -- bill barr says he's got no problem with robert mueller showing up and testifying before congress. donald trump who is the boss ultimately may have other ideas. george? >> he certainly does. so a lot of uncertainty there. terry, thanks very much. now to that dramatic hostage rescue and the mystery of the american woman who was saved. u.s. officials say they weren't
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aware she was kidnapped along with three others held in burkina faso. james longman has the latest. good morning, james. >> reporter: good morning, michael. yeah, we're learning more about that american woman who was among four hostages freed after a daring rescue operation in west africa. the raid which was conducted by 20 members of france's special forces saved two french nationals, one south korean and the american whose identity is still publicly unknown. sources say, though, she's in her 60s and a private citizen not working for any u.s. government agency but was held captive for 28 days. american officials confirm that no one was aware until the rescue that she was even among those hostages. abc news has learned she is being debriefed by u.s. authorities. they want to uncover how she became a hostage and why no one knew about it. two french special forces soldiers were killed in the raid, which left the four kidnappers dead. the group was saved just in time as it was feared their kidnappers were planning to hand
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them over to an islamist group over in mali. george? >> james longman, thank you very much. now to new developments in the college admissions cheating scandal. felicity huffman is headed to a boston courtroom this afternoon to file a guilty plea for paying $15,000 to boost h daughter's s.a.t. scores. abc's linsey davis is at the courthouse with the latest. good morning to you, linsey. >> reporter: good morning to you, michael. of course, it's the day after mother's day and here we are talking about a mother who was willing to go to extraordinary lengths, even illegal measures to help her child succeed. as you mentioned, actress felicity huffman will appear inside this boston courtroom. this afternoon, once again, this time to enter a plea of guilty. the "desperate housewives" star is 1 of 33 stars caught up in the scandal. she signed a plea deal back in april admitting to paying $15,000 to have an s.a.t. proctor correct the answers on her daughter's exam improving her score by 400 points. huffman later expressed deep regret and shame.
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she said, my daughter knew nothing about any actions. my desire to help my daughter is no excuse to break the law or engage in dishonesty. the investigation is continuing. prosecutors are suggesting they still may charge more parents, coaches and even potentially students, michael. >> huffman is expected to get four to ten months behind bars. >> reporter: yeah, that's most likely along with a $20,000 fine but it is in the realm of possibilities that the judge could just give her probation and then she would have no prison time at all but that's just a possibility, michael. >> all right, thank you so much, linsey. a lot of eyes on this case. >> yes, indeedy. we have breaking news. let's go amy robach. >> we have breaking news for our viewers in the west. doris day has died at 90 years old. her smile and sweet voice lighting up the screen in the 1950s and '60s. her work with the animal foundation helping so many, and her presence already missed.
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♪ once i had a secret love >> reporter: she was measurinam sweetheart in the 1950s with her bubbly personality. >> arrest this man. he's taking me to his apartment. >> reporter: this was her favorite role, in "love me or leave me." >> and you'll never see me again. >> why? >> that makes me a tramp and i'm not a tramp no matter what you think. >> reporter: and she was fierce in "calamity jane." her voice soothed souls and won awards. ♪ ♪ whatever will be will be >> reporter: that became her signature song. it was also her theme for life. >> i say it all the time because it's really what life is, suspect it? >> reporter: years later when she was honored for her work on screen, she told the audience,
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it's been a wonderful life. >> that's all i wanted to know. >> according to the a.p., she died after contracting a serious case of pneumonia. her last moments were spent surrounded by close friends and loved ones. robin? now to an abc news exclusive. the first american anchor allowed inside notre dame cathedral nearly a month after that disastrous fire shocked the world. "world news tonight" anchor david muir is just back from paris, extraordinary reporting. >> wow, robin, george, michael, great to be with you. it was haunting, but it was equal parts hopeful when you get inside that cathedral and you're about to see why. the first chance for anyone so see what's left, the spire still sitting in the middle of the cathedral. the organ didn't survive, and to see it up close in this monumental effort to bring notre
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dame back. here's what we found. take a look. >> reporter: it was nearly one month ago the flames leaping from notre dame cathedral. the spire engulfed and then the moment it came down. the spire collapsed along with the hearts of the people of paris and the world. we traveled to paris to see what remains. we pull up to the flashing lights. there are still police keeping everyone away. but we have been invited by the retired general put in charge by the french president to rebuild notre dame. [ speaking a foreign language ] >> good morning. >> good morning. >> reporter: this is the first time he has invited anyone in. you have been tasked with some would say the impossible. >> nothing is impossible to a french general. >> reporter: the workers here wear protective suits and masks. 400 tons of lead were lost in that fire. he takes us in. >> this is the wood of the top part of the spire. >> this is the top of the spire right here. >> yes. >> reporter: right beside us, the spire, the world watched it pierce that roof. >> that was the moment the world
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gasped in horror. >> yes, that was the moment. when everybody, people, ah. >> reporter: we stand in the shadow of one of the giant holes in the cathedral's roof. the rain coming right through. this is just remarkable that this was saved. the giant rose windows survived, 42 feet across. and there was another question so many asked, what about the organ? through this small doorway we climb the stairs to the upper level of the cathedral. wow. much of it untouched. >> this is it. it survived. the gray organ, 8,000 pipes, it's believed a small number of them even date back to the 13th century. they're going to be examining each of the pipes of this great organ to make sure that they haven't been permanently damaged but just to give you an idea, you can't help but notice the ash and likely lead in here as well that remains. the soot all over the cathedral.
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part of the restoration that lies ahead. and back down stairs we go in search for that early symbol of hope. wow. we now stand at the front of the cathedral. general, this is the cross that the world saw. >> yes, the entire cross of god shining despite the fire. >> there was so much hope that next morning when people saw the cross, the smoke still rising in the cathedral, but that it was still intact. >> they see the cross. >> still intact. the cross still standing there. the organ with the sheet music from holy week still sitting on it, the last time it was played. and there was something else there that has so many people talking, the statue of the virgin mary once sat atop the pillar at the altar at the front of the church. they took me to see the virgin mary. as we were looking at the statue, they told me there is something happening here in this moment that hasn't happened since the 14th century. it took our breath away and
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we'll explain what that was all about. >> you can't do that. >> oh! >> we're sitting here like this. >> he's got a show tonight, come on. >> listen, i'll tell you this, it's been atop that pillar for 14 centuries. nobody has been able to look at it at eye level. we'll take you through that moment. >> dude, that's a tease. that is a tease. >> it's going to feel like 14 centuries waiting for that. >> 6:30. >> 6:30. exclusive report inside notre dame on "world news tonight." thanks for coming in this morning. "nightline" as well. >> later tonight. >> all right. we're going to turn to that not as thrilling finish now in the nba playoffs overnight. yes, it was. t.j. holmes is here to break it down. t.j. >> reporter: well done, muir. now what do i do? something happened last night that we have never seen before in the nba. let's get right to that. this is not just a buzzer beater. this is a history making buzzer beater. you see this. kawhi leonard from the toronto raptors. five seconds left. game tied. he gets the show in the corner and it doesn't just go in, folks. it took a while to go in and let's show you this on the
7:17 am
replay now. i know you stayed up for this last night, george. >> of course i did. >> of course you did. it bounced around that rim some four times before going in. joel embiid of the 76ers, needed to be 7'3" to block that. he's got a huge future ahead of him. this was sad and tough to watch him afterward. brother, just broke down in tears. you can understand why. they're millionaires and athletes but these guys, this means a lot to them and he broke down. last night. had to be comforted. the other thing history making out west. the brothers, the curry brothers, are going head-to-head first time ever in an nba finals oronference finals. steph curry and seth curry are going to be going at it for a chance to go to the nba finals. >> mom and dad had to flip a coin. >> tough more mom and dad. >> you do have one son who won a few times and one who hasn't won. >> but like the parents say, we're going to the nba finals. one of our sons ain't. >> oh. >> so we'll be there no matter what.
7:18 am
it's going to be fun. >> they said it, robin. >> that's cold, t.j. we have a lot more coming up. talking to howard stern about his brand-new book. surprising in so many ways, so candid, so reflective. he's going to tell us now what he really thinks now about donald trump. >> really looking forward to that. then why this airline pilot and army veteran arrested at the moment before taking off. now he's facing murder charges. first, let's get it back to ginger. >> i was teasing snow but it already fell, mt. snow, vermont. a half foot of fresh snow, and then it made it down into lower areas in massachusetts. this was the turnpike. just ugly and the i mentioned, more coming. it's not like a david muir tease because you don't want to hear it, but it is coming. your local weather in 30 seconds. first, though, the select cities sponsored by progressive insurance.
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good morning. waking up around mt. tam, nice afternoon today, certainly the warmest and driest day of the week. mix of clouds and sun to start ott. wet weather arrives on wednesday. 69 today in freemont, look for about 70 in napa and santa cruz. dry for the first part of the our week is off to a great start. howard stern. >> just a few minutes away. >> next half hour. come on back. rn. >> just a few minutes away. >> next half h come on back. back.
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good morning, i'm jessica castro from abc 7 mornings. four people were hurt in shootings across richmond overnight. there were three shootings after 10:00 last night. so far they don't know if the shootings are unrelated. bart is slowing trains, the plan to have 775 new cars in service by 2022 may not happen now until the year 2023. now, let's take a look at traffic. good morning, unfortunately, we have a new crash that is a sig alert. westbound 880, we have 4 to 5 vehicles involved, sounds like a motorcycle rider is down.
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they just issued that sig alert, you are jammed solid from highway 4, two sig alerts did clear. you are in the red.
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you need confidence in the appliances you select to build the home and life you love. our products and services bring moments like this to every family. shop top-brand appliances at sears, including kenmore. sears, making moments matter. good monday morning to you, look at the clouds here. kind of nice with the clouds trying to break out here in san francisco. we will see more sun lost in here, with the fog in our east bay valleys. you will be a bit cooler today, in concord and livermore. 65 in oakland, 70 in palo alto. certainly cool here with that afternoon sea breeze. 70 in napa, enjoy today, the sunny and warmest day of the week, and we're clouding up tomorrow. look at all the chances of rain, wednesday, thursday, a breakout friday, and more rain into the
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♪ what about us ♪ what about all the times you said you had the answer ♪ welcome back to "gma." that's "american idol" contestant madison vandenberg singing pink's "what about us" on last night's show. she made it to the final three last night. she's been called the next kelly clarkson. that is a heck of a compliment. but does she have what it takes to be the next "american idol"? you can find out when the finale kicks off sunday. we'll have the winner and runner-up here live next week on "gma." >> the thing about kelly, first "american idol" winner way back when. >> what a career she's had since then. >> well deserved. following a lot of headlines
7:31 am
this morning, including an investigation into ships and tankers attacked. one about to head to the u.s. coming on the heels of the warning from american officials will threats from iran. tensions rising in that region this morning. nor'easter is moving in with rain and chilly temperatures in the east after bringing more than a foot of rain to the south leading to flash floods and water rescues. take a look at this. duchess meghan sharing a special photo for her first mother's day. that was so sweet holding the feet of newborn archie in front of forget-me-nots. of course, that was a favorite of princess diana. the photo posted as a tribute to all mothers and we'll have much more on meghan's first mother's day in our next half hour. but now we're going to turn to george's interview with radio legend, howard stern. we hear it's very candid. >> it is candid. he has no filter but this book is still full of surprises, a lot of self-reflection from howard as well. takes us inside how he's changed over the years and the art of interviewing. he also opens up about his most famous guest president trump and
7:32 am
hillary clinton, the one that got away. coming to the howard stern show. >> let me take five minutes. >> reporter: when you interview howard stern -- >> i'm in charge. this is my interview. >> right. this is difficult for me. >> reporter: -- the mic is always hot. >> completely hijacked. >> reporter: but now he has a new book. "howard stern comes again." he's trying to answer questions about his most memorable moments and personal journey on air. we have to talk about donald trump. he is a big character in the book because -- >> big character on my show. >> that's what i was going to say. you say one of your best guests ever. >> donald trump hands down whenever you put him on the air, now this, is before he was running for president, he was an open book. he would say anything. and, you know, oddly enough during the campaign and even now people quote these interviews that i did. >> big time. >> big time. i was quite surprised when they dragged out every single donald trump interview i had done and
7:33 am
in some ways i felt it was unfair to trump because, like, for example, they were fond of quoting that donald trump had something -- said something to the effect that stds were his personal vietnam. but really it was in a very joking scenario. he was not comparing his life to a vietnam vet. it was ha, ha, ha and this and that, but when journalists took it was a little unfair.i thought having said that, though, donald trump would come on my show and this is why he was great there was no filter, i'd go, donald, angelina jolie, one of the most beautiful actresses -- ah, she's a 6, you know. now, who says that? you know? most people if they're having that thought keep that pretty guarded. not donald. he was right into it. ivanka trump. >> you know who's one of the great beauties of the world according to everybody, and i helped create her?
7:34 am
>> who? >> ivanka. >> most beautiful girl in the world. i would marry her. these types of things, certainly politicians don't say. >> did you feel in some way you helped make him president? >> absolutely. because donald would come on my show. i mean, look -- >> does it make you feel bad or good? >> well, look, i did not vote for donald trump. i go into great lengths in this book and i think people will be interested in this. hillary clinton, you know, like in "moby dick" i was chasing her. she was my obsession. i wanted to see hillary clinton win, and i thought if she had come on the show -- the way i helped donald was i let him come on and be a personality. whether you liked him or not, people related to him as a human being. i wanted to do that for hillary. the big knock against hillary, especially with some of the male audience was, eh, we don't le her. >> you could feel that on the air. >> i absolutely could feel it on the air. >> all during that time you do write about this, you're trying
7:35 am
to get hillary clinton on your show as you said, she's afraid of you. >> hillary clinton is afraid of me and justifiably. look, she's got a big campaign. she doesn't know about i'm in therapy and doesn't know that what i really wanted to do -- i didn't want to ask her about her sex life. i didn't want to ask her about bill clinton and his affairs. the woman has devoted her life to public service. why? what is it about public service? what is it that drives her? what was it like when she saw her -- when her husband became president. was there envy there? what was her climb? i thought that perhaps if she came on my show, we could have stripped away some of e pomp and circumstance or the tightness that comes with running for president and like donald she could have been seen in a different light. >> you believe if she had done that she'd be president? >> that's an arrogant statement and, you know, to sit here and
7:36 am
cavalierly say, yeah, she would have been president. no, but look at the electoral college and look at that. it came down to a couple of states and it was -- >> 70,000 votes. >> 70,000 votes. on sirius xm we have 33 million subscribers and we calculate that at a minimum per subscription there are two people listening per family. let's say there's 66 million people, they tell me 60% of sirius' audience listening to me. out of that audience if hillary had come on in the same way that lady gaga came on or gwyneth paltrow or rosie o'donnell and guys call me afterward, man, i never liked lady gaga. but i just heard her talking, i'm going to her concert. these are hard-core dudes who don't get sometimes -- they're too caught up in she is a woman or i look like a wuss if i'm listening to this. if hillary could have come in and maybe persuaded 70,000 people out of those millions of
7:37 am
people that listened and come off in such a way, maybe we would be looking at a different scenario. >> reporter: now stern and trump not as close as they used to be. >> the turning point in my relationship with donald was he did ask me to speak at the convention. and i had to say no. and -- >> were you tempted at all? >> well, since i was a hillary supporter, for a minute i thought, well, i'll go up and endorse hillary, which would have been a great moment. >> you wish you would have done that now? >> no, i wouldn't do that to donald. you know, it's a weird relationship. donald was at my wedding. i remember having very warm feelings for donald and i do. i mean, he was always very nice to me. i have had dinner at mar-a-lago many times, and that's why i couldn't even believe donald wanted this all to work out for him. if you go to mar-a-lago, it's like a piece of heaven. it's a beautiful place. and i'd go there to eat dinner with my wife. and by the way i was never
7:38 am
comped. i paid. so we weren't that good of friends and i remember thinking why would a guy want to leave this? he plays golf every day. >> you don't want him to be president but you can't help like him? >> well, i have a real problem as you can tell, if i was a hillary clinton supporter you can tell i have a real problem with what's going on so i'm very conflicted now. the guy i knew doesn't -- i didn't know this was him. i don't believe his stance on abortion, for example. the donald i know i think he'd probably get a few people abortions. i don't know what he's doing. the stance, the women don't have a right to choose what -- you don't have to get an abortion. but if you want the right -- i remember the days of women in the back alleys with coat hangers, that's not acceptable and you know who used to be able to get abortions? rich people. they could get them, and so, you know, let's face it. it is really unthinkable to me about what's going on in the country right now. >> howard doesn't like to think
7:39 am
about his previous books either. the new one inspired by a health scare he kept secret from his listeners. >> i had been diagnosed with kidney cancer and i had to go in for surgery and i was freaking out. i go, this can't be and they had told me it was 95% chance it was cancer. it turned out not to be cancer. it was a miracle. >> when it passes did you have that winston churchill feeling of nothing being more exhilarated than being shot at and missed? >> well, that's why i think i also wrote this book. all of a sudden it brought me to some kind of reality, you're not going to live forever and what am i most proud of? what do i want my children to see? what do i -- and these interviews and what i've written here represents to me the best of me. >> the best but he does not shy away from the worst of himself either. like i said, he talked about his past books and said he can't even look at them anymore, and he also opens up about what he considered his worst interview ever and that is revealing as well. we'll talk about that in our
7:40 am
next hour. >> you also have an extended version on "nightline." >> and hulu will play basically the whole interview. >> oh, wow. >> he doesn't hold back. we see that. we'll have more in our next half hour as we. coming up, why this airline pilot is now behind bars facing murder charges. come on back. come on back. so, i started with the stats regarding my moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. like how humira has been prescribed to over 300,000 patients.
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(adrienne) only on facebook watch. i'm and i'm an emt.erer when i get a migraine at work, it's debilitating. if i call out with a migraine, that's one less ambulance to serve a community. i just don't want to let these people down. excedrin migraine. relief that works as hard as you do. we are back now with that pilot arrested at the airport just moments before his plane was about to depart now facing
7:44 am
charges in a triple murder. amy is here with that story. good morning, amy. >> reporter: can you imagine, guys? you're a passenger about to board a flight in louisville. they were all stunned when they found out they weren't going anywhere because their pilot was being marched out in handcuffs accused of murdering three people in 2015. this morning, an airline pilot behind bars. a grand jury indicting him for the deaths of three of his neighbors in 2015. >> today we can announce an indictment of christian richard martin for three counts of murder. >> reporter: christian martin, a pilot for american airlines subsidiary psa airlines since 2018, was arrested at louisville international airport saturday just moments before his flight was set to take off, booked into a kentucky jail still wearing his pilot uniform. martin who had served in the army for nearly 30 years spoke to wsmv-tv nashville one year
7:45 am
after the murders of calvin and pamela phillips and edward dansereau. he claimed he had nothing to do with the murders. >> i had met them when i first moved here in the fall of 2011. i don't know why anybody would want to do something to them. >> reporter: authorities have not released a motive for the murders, but calvin was slated to testify in a sexual assault case against martin which was scheduled to take place two weeks after the murders. >> we're seeking justice relentlessly. it's not okay that he's walking around living his life flying people around the country putting their lives at risk. >> reporter: now martin is being held without bond. in 2016, he was found not guilty in that sexual assault case, but was found guilty of assault and mishandling classified information. now, american airlines says it's cooperating in the investigation, that a criminal background check was conducted by the tsa on martin and found
7:46 am
no criminal history that would disqualify him from being a commercial pilot. american airlines says it has put martin on administrative suspension. i saw your reaction. so many questions swirling about how he was hired with those assault convictions. >> assault is not disqualifying? >> which is interesting, right? something to think about next time you jump on a plane. >> thank you, amy. >> sure. coming up, everybody, we have our "play of the day," and this song is a clue. we'll be right back with more. ♪ i think i like it ♪ i'm so excited ground] [music and singing in the background] [music and singing in the background]
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♪ i'm so excited ♪ i'm so excited we're back now with our "play of the day." an nfl quarterback russell wilson's epic mother's day surprise that may have some mothers out there looking at their kids going, hmm, flowers, that's it. take a look at this moment. he hands his mom the keys to her new dream home. >> are you serious? aaagh! are you serious? are you serious? no. are you serious? >> his wife ciara is in on this as well. it's a family affair. >> oh, my god. >> and i love it when she said does the key work? does it really work? she finally opens the door and says the key opens the door and good to see someone do something really nice for their mothers. we hope all the mothers out there had an incredible mother's
7:51 am
day. >> we do. we do. coming up, actress selma blair's special honor for her brave might against ms and her dream for herself and her young son. we'll be right back. right back. ♪ enhanced up to 48 hours. unbelieva-brow longwear brow gel, by l'oreal paris.
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hi there, i'm jessica castro with your abc 7 mornings. >> we'll get into a partly cloudy afternoon. this is the north bay, san rafael, sunshine. it is 61 by the del far, sunny in our east bay, today slightly cooler, 59 in san francisco, you're cooler here, 65 in oakland. 68 in vallejo, and a few clouds around the beach. the accuweather 7-day forecast, we're getting rainy into the weekend. >> we have a big issue on the lower deck of the bay bridge. sig alert issue, i know it's tough to see, but traffic not moving here, just past treasure island. two vehicles involved in this
7:57 am
one. that is in the middle lane, and you are stacked up solid all the way back into san francisco. that is going to get worse before it gets better. we're improving, westbound 80 -- >> coming up on gma, an exclusive first look at the season premiere of the bachelorette. we'll see you here in about 30 minutes.
7:58 am
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good morning, america. sabotage. it's 8:00 a.m. two oil tankers attacked, one about to head to the u.s. right after that warning from american officials about threats from iran. officials now calling this a serious escalation. tensions running high. oil prices already rising at this hour. selma blair's health struggle. we're side by side with the ms warrior as she talks about her future, motherhood and the dream that keeps her going. ♪ baby love new this morning, duchess meghan's first mother's day. sharing this photo of baby archie, the tribute to princess diana and the big royal visit ahead. ♪ the bachelorette is back.
8:01 am
hannah b. kicks off her search for love. your exclusive first look at the dramatic first night. more from howard stern in a frank and funny one-on-one. why he says he's embarrassed by his shock jock past. what he reveals as the worst interview he ever did. and what he's like off the air. ♪ and gabrielle union and jessica alba, their brand-new show, the dance parties on set and they're here this morning saying -- >> good morning, america. >> we're here. just us. ♪ i wanna dance with somebody >> have you seen their dance videos? >> oh, yeah. >> pretty good. good morning, america. great to have you with us on this monday morning and great to have gabrielle union and jessica alba here as well. they're -- the roles that they play, much love. much respect. thank you, girl power.
8:02 am
yes. >> you don't want to mess with either one of them. as the school year comes to a close we're celebrating with our own "gma" yearbook and brought in a marching band and cheerleaders to get us in the spirit. there they are and wait till you see some of our favorite moments from the past year and who will be crowned the life of the party. who gets that award? >> it's a big day when we bring in the marching band. >> that's true. we have a lot of news to get to as well, including that attack overseas on saudi ships and oil tankers. one about to head to the u.s. and martha raddatz has more on those rising tensions with iran. good morning, martha. >> reporter: good morning, george. we don't know who sabotaged these ships, but this comes at a very tense time in the persian gulf region. we know this morning that the saudi oil tankers that were attacked off the coast of the united arab emirates sustained significant structural damage. one of the saudi ships was on its way to pick up saudi oil for two other ships were sabotaged as well.
8:03 am
it was just days ago that the u.s. issued a warning that iran or its proxies could be targeting maritime traffic in the gulf and it was just last week that the u.s. dispatched a carrier strike group and b-52 bombers to the region after it said there were unspecified threats to american forces. iran's news agency this morning saying the dispatch of the warships was to exaggerate the shadow of war and frighten the iranian people. as for this sabotage, iran expressed concern and said maritime security is highly important, but certainly increased tensions today, george. >> that is so dangerous. okay, martha, thanks very much. robin. now we have a celebration of peggy lipton. the golden globe winning actress a television star for two different generation us and she passed away on saturday. she broke through in the late '60s hit "the mod squad" then put her career on hold for nearly a decade raising her two daughter,
8:04 am
actresses rashida jones and kidada jes with quincy jones. in a statement, her daughters said, we feel so lucky for every moment we spent with her. lipton's career took off again in the '90s as norma on the cult hit, "twin peaks." she passed away from cancer at the age of 72. remember "the mod squad." >> she broke through in that. >> she really did. >> thank you for that. we'll turn to duchess meghan celebrating her first mother's day just days after giving birth to baby archie and amy is back with that. good morning again, amy. >> reporter: that's right. good morning again, guys. mother's day was actually at the end of march in the uk, but the american royal celebrated with the rest of us yesterday paying tribute to all mothers, past, present and to be. baby sussex or rather archie mountbatten-windsor as he is now known, making his second public appearance over the weekend. an instagram post to mark mother's day showed a picture perfect pair of feet held in his mother meghan's hand and framed
8:05 am
by some forget me not flowers. his late grandmother princess diana's favorite. harry recently saying how much he missed his mother. the @sussexroyal post read, paying tribute to all mothers today, past, present, mothers-to-be and those lost but forever remembered. since archie was born a week ago prince harry has made two appearances but new mother meghan has stayed at home in frogmore cottage with her mother doria by her and baby archie's side. >> archie's first mother's day at home was quiet. this week t ait's all about the visitors with the duke and duchess of cambridge visiting tomorrow and the prince of wales visiting later this week. >> and we're hearing that harry and meghan have taken to parenting very easily and quickly with harry apparently being hands on and doing his fair share of royal diaper changing, but i know from my time at royal nanny school it's actually called royal nappy changing. >> you did that. >> i did. i pushed a pram and everything. >> you'll get another
8:06 am
assignment. >> oh, no. i'm good. i'm good here in the united states for awhile. >> you're going to get a job as a nanny. i almost hired you right here and i don't even need a nanny. coming up, we have the latest on selma blair's health battle, and robin had a chance to spend time with her this weekend, and also gabrielle union and jessica alba, they are here live. there they are and lara is upstairs. hey, lara. >> reporter: hello, michael. pulling out all the stops. we have a marching band. [ applause ] we have cheerleaders. they are helping us reveal our yearbook. it's got katy perry and gritty. you will find out what we're talking about. please stay with us on "good morning america." greatest audience in the world. [ applause ] hey allergy muddlers... achoo! your sneezes turn heads? ♪
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(son) nice save! (vo) that's using your frigidaire. [ applause ] welcome back to "gma." and as you can hear we have a great audience here to kick off the week. [ applause ] and starting tomorrow, we've got the dogs that helped save lives making a difference when it comes to medicine and health care and something else they say save lives is laughter and lara here for "pop news." have >> thank you. [ cheers and applause ] too kind. good morning to you, guys, good morning to you all. we'll begin with rihanna paving the way in luxury fashion. she is now the first woman ever to create an original brand for lvmh. fenty will be a paris-based ready to wear collection
8:12 am
featuring clothing, shoes, bags, thanking the brand's ceo saying, big day for the culture. thank you for believing in this little girl from the left side of an island and for giving me the opportunity to grow with you. rihanna's cosmetics brand, fenty beauty launched in 2016, and it's so popular that it's regularly sold out at stores like sephora. congratulations to rihanna. [ applause ] like louis vuitton, all of those and now fenty. a big honor for justin timberlake and missy elliott. both were honored with doctor ats degrees from the berkley college of music over the weekend. recognized for their achievements in music and their global impact and the degrees clearly made an impact on both of them. justin speaking to graduates at the ceremony saying, you're defined by what you define as failure. if it leads to you your success, it's all part of the journey. justin also posting on instagram writing, no dream is too big. keep chasing.
8:13 am
trust me, i'm a doctor. [ laughter ] he can now say that. meanwhile, missy celebrating by dancing with her degree writing, create your own lane, sincerely dr. missy elliott. they take their degree very seriously. she would be the first rapper, guys, to receive an honorary doctorate from berklee. congratulations to both of them. and that's "pop news" on a monday. and in funny news, when a guy hears a car horn going off for two minutes solid he is furious. he goes over to give a piece of his mind to the rude driver. and then he saw this guy. you can yell at him if you want. it may not do any good. the dog clearly having no clue. [ laughter ] >> he had plenty of clues. he said, i can do this. this is amazing. >> and i'm not stopping. then finally, finally, guys an exclusive look at tonight's premiere of "the bachelorette."
8:14 am
hannah brown might be the youngest woman they've ever had handing out roses but she says she can handle the drama that comes along with finding love. take a look. >> how are you? >> hey. i'm great. how are you? >> reporter: she captured america's heart on last season of "the bachelor" with her sense of humor. >> arrr. >> and her competitive spirit. >> reporter: and tonight former miss alabama hannah b. who was left brokenhearted begins her own quest for love on the new season of "the bachelorette." >> hey. >> bonjour, hannah. >> oh, bonjour. >> reporter: and in this exclusive first look showing a potentially dramatic first night. >> how are you, scott? >> i'm good. how are you? how has your evening been so far. >> it's been going good. how about yours? >> it's better now. i was so nervous walking out of that limo and seeing you took my breath away. >> you're so sweet. >> that's him. the that's the guy with the girlfriend. we have to warn her. >> need to talk to you. you got a sec?
8:15 am
all right. [ applause ] >> we love you so much. "the bachelorette" premieres tonight at 8:00, 7:00 central, and we'll have hannah b. live in times square on thursday. [ applause ] >> well, a very special honor for selma blair. i had the opportunity to participate in a wonderful event this weekend in l.a. it honored selma blair at the race to erase ms annual gala. the event raises funds for research to find a cause and a cure for ms so when i sat down with her in february, you know, i was struck by her courage, her determination, her very close friend, her bff, sarah michelle geller and i presented selma with the 2019 medal of hope and in her acceptance speech you'll see selma's passion and signature sense of humor were on full display. >> i am really happy that you
8:16 am
are all here, that i get this chance to speak for so many people who don't get a chance to speak and, oh, my god, can you hear i'm talking really well? [ applause ] i wasn't sure. so now that i brought it up, i just -- >> there you go. >> seriously. that's amazing. this woman right here who was a girl once like me. [ laughter ] 120 years ago, she fought for me and then robin, who paved the way herself with so much grit and talent and determination. [ cheers and applause ] she gave me a platform to speak for other people.
8:17 am
i have to tell you, no, don't you worry. everything is for our future, for the people who have immune diseases, my dream is that i get to be a useful mom as long as this kid wants me which is about one more year so that's good. [ cheers and applause ] so i love these people and whoever i forgot to thank, blame it on ms because it's really weird. so anything you want to say? >> no. >> i didn't think so. [ cheers and applause ] >> i know. so great. so great to lay my eyes on her after being here with her in february. she was having a flareup, and we spent some time before and
8:18 am
after, and she is just -- it's infectio infectious. her energy and her spirit and the race to erase ms was founded 26 years ago by ms advocate nancy davis. the work that she has done is simply amazing. this year's event raised close to $2 million. $1.8 million that one night there in l.a. i saw your girl kris jenner. she was out there, a lot of stars were out there. >> a lot of support. >> a lot of support. very happy. [ applause ] i'm telling you, it all goes to groundbreaking research and medicine, the goal of treating and ultimately finding a cure for ms is the goal. now let's get over to ginger. >> so happy to hear that update. thank you, robin. time for our "gma" pollen report sponsored by zyrtec. i have to say a lot of people have pollen pictures, but ryan vaughn, a chief meteorologist and our jonesboro, arkansas affiliate, he really caught it there. that is his tree and that is the pollen he's just shaking from it. oh and i know we're all feeling that so what is the tree pollen like? it's the worst through the mid-atlantic back through kansas city and grass pollen which i
8:19 am
thought was bad for me already is obviously atlanta back to dallas, so i got to check myself on my pollen. good morning. waking up around mt. tam, nice afternoon today, certainly the warmest and driest day of the week. mix of clouds and sun to start ott. wet weather arrives on wednesday. 69 today in freemont, look for about 70 in napa and santa cruz. dry for the first part of the [ cheers and applause ]of the now we have more of my interview with howard stern. his new book is out tomorrow. a collection of his best and worst interviews. a reflection on how he's evolved over the years and it's a revealing look at a man i'm lucky to call a friend.
8:20 am
>> we're such an odd couple. should we give a -- go ahead. >> it's my interview. >> this is difficult for me. >> reporter: meet the kinder gentler howard stern. the old howard before intensive therapy, his wife beth and his sirius xm show, he says he's embarrassed by that guy now. >> my attitude was it was a scorched earth policy. i'm going to blow you out of the water. you know, for years i used to think, well, i'm one type of person on the air and off the air i'm somebody else. i describe in my book i was ward cleaver off the air. you know, go home to the kids and all that stuff. live on long island but the truth is that was me. >> reporter: the new howard tries to be a more generous and thoughtful interviewer. you learned lebron james will come on the program. what's the first thing you do? >> the first thing i do is i try to -- i'm honest. i'm not a sports fan. so for me what is it i'm really interested in. i'm probably more interested in his home life, i'm interested in his climb, hmm. how did he get to where he is? what motivates him, what's his
8:21 am
drive and really i guess what i'm doing is it's my own self-exploration. if somebody asked me that, i think it would be an interesting story. how did you get to the next level? how do you separate yourself from the millions of guys who are doing radio? >> for a long time for you that was using the people you were interviewing as props. that's your word. >> yeah, and that's why i describe in the book. that's why it's painful for me to look back on that. >> reporter: especially painful an interview with robin williams back in the '90s. >> i describe that when robin williams came in, who is one of the most magnificent human beings in the world, who is a tremendous talent, i'm lucky to -- >> the worst interview you ever did. >> the worst i ever did. i blew them right out of the water. why? i'm thinking i'm the most important thing here. if robin williams goes on about something, my audience will tune out. i have to keep their interest and he comes into my studio and what do i do? i go, hey, i read you're
8:22 am
having sex with your nanny. you left your wife for your nanny or something like that. that's clobbering someone over the head. it doesn't lead to discussion. it was insulting to him. but all i cared about was being the man. >> so when you walked off the air that day you said, i nailed it, i got it? >> yeah. yeah. i had -- i was clueless. >> reporter: the one he likes best, conan o'brien in 2015. >> do you suffer from depression? i mean do you -- are you medica medicated? >> i'm medicated. i used to think i needed to be incredibly unhappy to be funny. >> when i was interviewing conan because i was able to listen and not be trying to insert myself i picked up on something he said and then all of a sudden he started talking about that he suffered from depression and we got into this heavy thing and it was -- it was like the cameras disappeared. the microphones disappeared and the two of us were just locked in conversation. >> the best interview you ever did. >> best interview i ever did but people always ask me what is the
8:23 am
best interview i ever did. the reason i chose him as the best one in the book, i felt satisfied. i went home that night, do you ever have this -- you interview someone and you go, why didn't i ask him that? why didn't i think of that? i forgot to say this. here's what happened with conan. i went home and i went why am i having that feeling because i felt we had put everything on the table. >> what's it like to be at howard's table off the air? my wife ali and i love it. >> this might be a shock. george and i are actually friends and get together for dinner with our wives quite often at my house. >> it's true. >> by the way, full disclosure. george is one of the best dinner guests, but you always cause fights at these dinner parties. >> i cause fights? >> and you your wife. i love your wife. >> i love my wife. >> we all love your wife, and >> you and beth don't fight. >> no, beth and i don't fight but you cause a little bit of a
8:24 am
rift. maybe this is too r-rated for your show. if i'm saying out of line -- >> this is my wife's mythmaking. >> we're sitting at dinner and ali will say and george is an intellectual. she's some sort of rhodes scholar. weren't you almost a priest? >> this is me. we knew this would happen. >> inevitably, ali will go, george and i have sex. >> oh. >> every night. i'm like and george sits -- george doesn't laugh. he just sits there like this -- you never let on. i don't know what's going on and then after you leave, you and ali leave, i go to beth. i go, did you hear that? now, i'm going to tell you something. my wife, i love her. she's a wonderful woman. a beautiful woman. we have sex, you know, you know like normal couple, george. you know, i didn't know -- and i never think of you as a sex fiend but i'm like -- i say did you -- >> ah. >> can you picture and george and ali. >> completely hijacked right here. >> oh, my god. [ applause ]
8:25 am
>> robin, look at george. >> i can't look at george right now. [ applause ] >> can we get makeup? >> let's talk about his interview. >> we have -- >> you are sweating. >> of course, i am. >> how did you all become such good friends. >> ali met beth and we had dinner. i really am sweating. >> you're not coming to my house for dinner. [ laughter ] ginger, save george. save him. >> we'll be right back. [ applause ] >> you are sweating. >> you are sweating.
8:26 am
8:27 am
good morning, it's 8:27. four people were hurt in shootings across richmond overnight. there were three shootings after 10:00 p.m. so far, they don't know if these shootings are related. good morning, we had a major problem on the lower deck of the bay bridge. want to take you live to sky 7 right now, where just about a minute and a half ago, they were able to open all lanes up, eastbound 80 before treasure island. that's where a rollover was blocking three lanes. all lanes are back open. significant delays if you're coming from san francisco. we're talking about at least an hour while that thins out.
8:28 am
>> that's tough on a monday ♪ ♪ they're the moderne stone age family. ♪ ♪ from the town of bedrock. ♪ meet george jetson. ♪
8:29 am
♪ his boy elroy. with instant acceleration, electric cars are more fun to drive and more affordable than ever. electric cars are here. plug into the present. morning to you, 51 minute delays here at sfo. 58 in mountain view, trying to get some sun here in the city. upper 50s today. dry day today, the warmest and sunniest day of the week, with 69 in freemont. 72 in livermore. the accuweather seven-day forecast turning wet wednesday and thursday.
8:30 am
>> here comes that rain again. we'll be back with another update in about 30 minutes, and always on our news app and abc 7 right now, we're going to leave you in the good ♪ou in the good oh, welcome back to "gma." that's k-pop supergroup bst with their smash hit "idol." in two days they'll be rocking central park kicking off our summer concert series and you do >> people are already -- they're not supposed to -- but are already camping out for those tickets. they are free. >> they don't want to miss out. >> they don't want to miss out on what we're about to have right now. >> we have two amazing actresses to bring out. teaming up to play a couple of detectives who kick butt and take names on the new show "l.a.'s finest."
8:31 am
please welcome gabrielle union and jessica alba. [ applause ] ♪ ♪ i promise that nobody's gonna love you like me ♪ >> it's been a while. good to see you again. >> you too. [ cheers and applause ] sit here? >> come on down. >> how are you? >> who are you wearing? >> gabrielle union. >> the best for less. >> you both are such successful actresses and businesswomen. i love that. your companies are doing well. >> great examples in everything you both do. >> thank you. >> we found out a little something about you two. we had you two interview each other and have been watching you two for awhile. we understand you have an obsession with beef jerky. >> oh. i mean, yeah. >> your obsession -- >> it is extreme. >> i like crudite and beef jerky
8:32 am
so i eat crunchy things -- >> they don't go together. >> you, on the other hand, you say your dream job would be the point guard for the knicks. >> oh, yeah. especially now with david tisdale as the head coach. come on. >> based on that knowledge we have some mother's day gifts for both of you since you both are both great mothers. jessica, there's your beef jerky. >> oh, thank you. a sausage bouquet. >> there you go. there we go. >> okay. [ cheers and applause ] now, a lot of people -- number 29 is your birthday. >> yes. >> and also that number has never been worn by a knick so it's open for you. >> it can be retired easily. [ laughter ] >> i love how you think. we hope you all had a wonderful mother's day. we know, jessica, because gab was going to have the set be very mom friendly, that was part
8:33 am
of the reason you decided to be part of the show. >> yes. i actually helped create that environment because i was breast-feeding my third baby. >> ah. >> when i joined the show so i'm literally in hair and make up and i'm breast feeding and i was like, i'm going to be nursing so you guys probably don't want me to do the show because i'll be nursing, i have a baby and my kids come with me to work at my office at the honest company. i created an environment where my kids are a part of my life and my workday. and i'm like, so in hollywood i know this doesn't happen so you probably don't want me. she was like, no, no, no we'll make it happen. we'll figure it out. and so we have a set that's family friendly and it's awesome. [ applause ] yeah. yeah, it's really cool. >> and this show, this show is a spin-off of your character from one of my favorite series of movies, "bad boys." >> yes. >> so where did the idea come up to turn this into a show, continue the characters?
8:34 am
>> we were kind of talking -- we were riffing over kellyanne conway tairiffing over cock tai as we do. whatever happened to some of the characters i played over the years, in "bring it on." is she in physical therapy for lower back pain? we were like, did mike -- does mike lowery and sid get married? are they in uples counseling. wait, that might be an idea and took it to jerry bruckheimer. let's find out what happened to sid and that's absolutely a great show so were able to spin her off into her own universe, partner her up with nancy mckenna and set the stage in los angeles in the lapd. >> it's a beautiful stage and thank you, powerful women, seeing you on screen together like that. do you want to see a little bit of "l.a.'s finest"? here you go. [ applause ] >> what are you doing anyway? >> dating. >> online? >> don't judge me just because you're out of the game. >> i'm not out of the game. i won the game. >> you did not win the game. the game played you. >> does the game make you
8:35 am
breakfast in bed or fix a leaky faucet? >> my building has maintenance and food can be delivered. oh, wow, check that out. >> oh. is that a toblerone? >> guess again. >> oh, gods. [ applause ] >> how much fun to play these tough wise cracking detectives? >> it's fun because guys usually play these roles. women in these action genres get to be the damsel in distress or the super kind of masculine asexual woman who just kind of goes through the motions and we were like, no, we're going to be feminine. we're going to be women. my character is a stepmom. she's married. her character is single. we don't always see eye to eye but at the end of the day we're ride or die and we have each other's back. it's important for people out there to see two women kicking butt taking names but doing it together and really partnering
8:36 am
up and not being competitive. >> yes. [ applause ] >> gabby, you like that answer? that was good? >> she's going to steal that next time. >> it's so great that gabrielle union got to create this show. like how amazing is that? and so if i -- i was just so happy to be part of her creation and -- [ applause ] >> we're happy that you both came here to talk about it. and we will be watching it because "l.a.'s finest" premieres today on spectrum originals. make sure you check it out. jessica alba, gabrielle union. [ cheers and applause ] >> coming up, everyone, we have our "gma" yearbook and who will win tea
8:37 am
♪ [ crying ] ♪ you protect them at home. we help protect them online. this is beyond wifi. this is xfi. simple. easy. awesome. xfinity. the future of awesome.
8:38 am
♪ ♪ star wars galaxy's edge opening may 31st at the disneyland resort
8:39 am
♪ 24 karat magic in the air [ applause ] yeah, that time of year again. as the school year comes to a close, we are celebrating with our very own "gma" yearbook. we're looking back on some of the best moments of the year and naming our yearbook favorite. so we'll crack open our yearbook right now and give out our first awards. are you all ready? [ applause ] let's give it up for our cheerleaders and marching band, the new hyde park memorial
8:40 am
high gladiators. [ cheers and applause ] getting us in the spirit and hear from our squad right now. what is our first category, ladies? [ chanting "life of the party" ] >> it's true. they're the ones who have us laughing, the class clown, the comedians, the life of the party. and our contenders are -- ♪ >> please welcome ken jeong. >> that's my go to move. what's up, america? >> yes. >> your daughters have not seen "the hangover." >> my daughters have not seen it, nor will they ever. for them it's an audiobook. >> a little game for you, "american idol" charades. katy, ginger, you're up. go. >> roar. oh, firework. you're a horse. a dark horse. ah. >> winner. >> you're very strong, katy.
8:41 am
>> meet gritty. brand-new mascot for the philadelphia flyers. >> what are you? >> he is a fuzzy orange creature. >> oh, yeah. oh, i like that. >> you're fabulous just the way you are, gritty. [ applause ] >> please welcome jack black. >> pick any card. literally any card. show the crowd your card. good. now put it in here. as you see, there's no way that i could know where that is. then i do this and i do that. all right. is that your card? >> whoa. no, it probably isn't. i don't do magic. i'm an actor. [ applause ] [ cheers and applause ] >> good contenders. it is now time to announce our winner. can we get a drum roll, please. [ drum roll ] it is a tie, everybody. sharing the award, you can see it right there, katy perry and
8:42 am
gritty. and i believe -- i believe that we have a message from our winners. >> i just want to say thank you so much for voting me the life of the party at the "gma" yearbook 2019. party on, wayne. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> both deserving winners. and now it is time for our next category. we're going to go back to our cheer squad. what's our next category? [ chanting "teacher's pet" ] >> that's right but we're going to take teacher's pet literally and take a look back at the animals that won our hearts here on the show. take a look. ♪ >> jack hanna is here from the columbus zoo. tell us about toddy.
8:43 am
>> is this for me or the animal? >> toddy is cute. [ laughter ] >> oh. >> maybe you should have started with a smaller piece, jack. [ laughter ] >> puppies. >> puppy party. >> every one of these dogs you're a seeing is available for adoption. robin and amber's adopted fur baby little man lucas is here. >> see if lucas wants a brother. >> ah. >> we're back now with our good friend bindi irwin. >> hi. they make that very famous sound. let's see if she'll do it for us. ready. [ making bird noises ] >> maybe she'll do it when she wants. >> maybe she'll do it on her own time. [ bird noises ] [ cheers and applause ] >> that was awesome. and the winner is -- robin, i know you're excited about this. but, lea, can i get a drum roll? [ drum roll ]
8:44 am
>> all those adoptable puppies. [ cheers and applause ] and one of those, brodie is here with us with his forever family, ren renee, dean, christopher and evan. you didn't know he was on "gma." >> i had no idea until you contacted us last week. not at all. just fortunate enough to come upon him. fell in love with him and this crazy beard. >> your puppy has grown. how is he doing? he's doing well? >> wonderful. just a wonderful companion. happy. loves running on the beach. playing soccer. he's just a fantastic companion. >> well, thank you. >> adopt, don't shop. >> we have to make sure we give you your yearbook. >> thank you so much. [ applause ] >> michael, this yearbook is going to be about giving. opportunities to join and help schools across the country by partnering with donors choose, that funds teachers and
8:45 am
students, that organization, the craig newmark foundation will match your donations up to a million dollars. go to our website for all the info. [ applause ] let's go to ginger. >> we are all pumped about that. my ladies from southern indiana. a lot of energy out here. now we have actually a special surprise for one of our own, deborah roberts gave the commencement remarks at the university of georgia on saturday. one of her favorite moments was her daughter lila surprising her backstage. then deborah thought, well, none of her siblings could make it. turns out her husband, hey, i know that guy, secretly arranged for all five brothers and sisters to show up just before her speech. she said it was the best surprise of her life and we are good monday morning, waking up to partly cloudy skies throughout the afternoon, we'll see a few high and mid level clouds, otherwise a bit cooler today, 70s
8:46 am
now it's time to spring into action with our sponsor zyrtec and lori bergamotto here to help upgrade our outdoor entertaining. are you ready to transform? i am. let's do it. >> place cards. we wanted to elevate this for when someday it is nice outside. we love the idea of elevating it with wildflower bouquets. get them in your backyard. it's affordable. so cute and doubles as a perfect party favor. >> someone has it to bring home with them. beyond that -- >> that's so beautiful. mine never looks like that. >> the cooler is never chic, right? we love the idea of take a planter, filling it with ice and soda and fruit juice and just throwing it in then the great thing is it has a drainage hole which makes cleaning effortless because it just drains out. >> no dumping that out. >> edible centerpiece.
8:47 am
>> so people can pick at that. >> you have a little dip on the side. >> different scale heights and things like that. perfect for vegetables. >> i have so many vases i could do that with. >> healthy, right? then, of course, everybody needs a snack bar. we have these cute little beach bucks with shovels and just can make it like that and you can make easy diy bumper bowling. here we go. >> bumper bowl. >> you've got a ladder. so many great tips. thanks as always. we have so much more. it will get nice out, guys. i promise. all right. stay with us. we'll be right back. let's eat some, huh? let's do it. "gma's" spring into action sponsored by zyrtec. powerful allergy relief day after day.
8:48 am
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8:50 am
updated version of her 1960's classic with "what the world needs now is love." [ cheers and applause ] ♪ what the world needs now is love sweet love ♪ ♪ it's the only thing that there's just too little of ♪ ♪ what the world needs now is love sweet love ♪ ♪ no, not just for some but for everyone ♪ ♪ lord, we don't need another mountain ♪ ♪ there are mountains and
8:51 am
hillsides enough to climb ♪ ♪ and there are oceans and rivers enough to cross to last till the end of time ♪ ♪ what the world needs right now is love sweet love ♪ ♪ sweet love ♪ it's the only thing that there's just too little of ♪ ♪ what the world needs now we need right now is love sweet love ♪ ♪ is love sweet love ♪ no, not just for some but for everyone ♪ ♪ lord, we don't need another
8:52 am
meadow ♪ ♪ there are corn fields and wheat fields enough to grow ♪ ♪ and there are sunbeams and moonbeams enough to shine ♪ ♪ oh, listen, lord, if you want to know, if you want to know ♪ ♪ if you want to know what the world needs now sing the song love sweet love ♪ ♪ ooh ♪ it's the only thing that there's just too little of ♪ ♪ what the world needs now needs now love sweet sweet love ♪ ♪ no, not just for some
8:53 am
♪ oh, but for just every -- everyone ♪ ♪ what the world what the word needs now is love, love sweet love ♪ ♪ what the world what the world needs now ♪ ♪ needs now is love is love sweet love ♪ ♪ what the world what the world needs now needs now ♪ ♪ is love, sweet love ♪ what the world what the world needs now needs right now is love, is love, sweet love ♪ >> yes, sir. [ cheers and applause ]
8:54 am
8:55 am
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"good morning america" is "good morning america" is sponsored by safelite autoglass. >> she's back. miss dionne warwick. have a great day. [ cheers and applause ]
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and good morning, it's 8:59. i'm reggie aqui from abc 7 mornings. >> taking to you the beach in santa cruz. we have the sunshine coming out, it's going to be a nice tape today. 60 in mountainview. still waiting on the sun in san francisco. we will see a cooler day today. 62 in concord right now. 60s and 70s around the bay. mild and cool in spots, rain arrives thursday. >> taking a look at the roads, we are in recovery mode here. the lower deck is looking much better. that's where we had a sig alert as i flip over to the traffic maps and show you what that looks like, it's really most of the delay is on to 101 and 280,
9:00 am
once you get on to eastbound 80 on the bridge. thank you. time now for live with kelly ♪ >> announcer: it "live with kelly and ryan"! today, talk show, jimmy kimmel. and star of the series, "barry," bill hader. we are kicking off "broadway week" with rodgers and hammerstein's "oklahoma!" all next on "live!" ♪ [cheers and applause] and now, here are kelly ripa and ryan seacrest! [cheers and applause] ♪ >> kelly: hi, how are you?


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