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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  May 14, 2019 4:30am-4:59am PDT

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well, $2 billion have been awarded to an east bay >> they sprayed roundup at their home and both developed non-lodge kins lymphoma. the husband diagnosed in 2011. the wife in 2015. >> it's changed our lives forever. we can't do the things that we used to be able to do and we really resent monsanto for that fact. >> this is the third case to prove that round-up can cause cancer. bayer, which now owns monsanto called the latest verdict disappointing. it says it will apeople. there are more than 13,000 other case in the country against monsanto and round-up. let's get a quick look at your day ahead, starting with
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meteorologist mike mikko. hey, mick. >> good morning. let's take a look at the winds. it will be an indicator of what we will have. you are seeing they are pulling yo see the wind unfurling to the east. a day most of us will need the sun glasses. we are waking up mid-50s, we hit the mid-60s at noon. upper 60s at 4:00. back down into the 50s by 7:00. you don't need the umbrella today. starting tonight, that all changes. here's alexis. good morning, mike. we do have a crash, i should say, a solo collision.collision. it sound like a vehicle somehow went over the center divide. emergency crews are on the
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scene. they are blocking thewo left s through that stretch. ink we will be okay. hopefully they can clear that. westbound 80. highway 4 to the maze, 16 minutes, 9 across the bay bridge. southbound 101 still in the green in ten minutes. here's a look at what's now, a live desk update. going to happen across the two planes collided in state, sunshine around palmetto midair. here at the live desk, i am following a tragedy in alaska. springs. mostly 70s around san diego and this morning, investigators will los angeles. dropping temperatures of 72 in arrive on the site to figure out what went wrong. sacramento. 56 in eurico. four people died yesterday. ten people were taken to nearby hospitals and two are still in fact, we got a winter storm missing right now. the planes were carrying watch starting midnight friday, tourists from the royal princess cruise ship. we could have five to ten abc 7 news spoke with a cruise passenger who took an air tour inches, locally 20. almost two feet of snow in earlier that day. >> i, you know, r lake you unde mid-may? and the chance continues with snow showers friday. light amounts of rain and snow saturday. a heavier amount of rain and
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snow for sunday. >> now a live desk update with it could happen at any time jessica castro. >> the trade war between the u.s. and china is still ramping up. all eyes after yesteray's huge anywhere. >> vessel. stock sell-off. trade tensions mean we could see the company says it has prices rise across the board at stores like target, costco and suspended all flights and is cooperating with the walmart. the u.s. is threatening to investigation. >> jessica, thank you. impose additional tariffs on it's 4:33 now. in the east bay, police say chinese goods. an uber passenger had top jump yesterday, chosen announina ann out of a moving car to escape the driver. taris.s retaliating after the >> they tell us the driver tried to assault a second woman. u.s. first raised tariffs last friday. it could be weeks before the amy. >> reporter: hi, yeah, berkeley police have made an arrest. countries reach adedeal. they say this man is going to president trump will be meeting face kidnapping charges. with china's president xi at the we do have a picture of him. end of june. >> thank you. a one-day strike at ucf he is 23-year-old cabrel amar'e. medical centers this thursday is forcing hundreds of appointments and procedures to be rescheduled. he is accused of trying to keep this one-day strike will leave a fifth in the last year. the women from getting out of the union represents thousands
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the car and assault them. one woman jumped out of the of technical workers is calming for higher wages, retirement moving car to escape. the women say the two incidents benefits and job security. happened within hours of each other. this was about two weeks to ago the emergency departments at the here in berkeley. mission bay campuses will remain opened. in a statement, ucf says it uber offers safety tips for riders when they are in an uber. respects employees rights to one tip is to share your trip's represent representation and status with a friend or family freedom of speech. now a possible strike. member. you can do that through the uber parents will hold a community app. they can see where you are and meeting as hundreds of teachers who you are with. prepare for ait for all the other safety tips that uber offers, go to our it starts at 7:00 in logan city. website teachers in the new haven we have them listed for you unified district will box up and there. reporting live in berkeley, amy remove their personal belonging hollyfield, abc news. next tuesday if a contract >> those accusations are agreement can't be reached. the district includes nine horrifying. schools and 11,00020% amy, thank you. the board of supervisors raise over two years. will vote on facial technology. the district says it can't afford those many use it to identify suspects if crimes. we all know how expensive real critics say facial recognition estate is in the bay area. is prone to inaccuracies and after all, san francisco's average price per square foot is poses a threat to 1i68 rights. around $1,200. >> one listing caught our
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opponents say police need these attention. a tear down at 3900 per square tools to check criminals. foot. abc 7 news anchor dion lynn the ban would not apply to sfo or the port. testimony in the ghostship trial are continuing today. shows us a tour and the reason for that price tag. they are giving dramatic first >> it's stunning, gorgeous, i want it. moments the time it happened in >> that's probably what you think when viewing 869 carolina oakland. a man staying in the back of the building says he smelled smoke street from drone view 7. are you going to put in a while a large party went on. he and the tenant went to >> if i had a dime to my name. investigate. they say the flames went up so >> 20 years i walk by with my quickly that they barely had dogs. if you look at the way it is time to yell out a warning. now, in a million years you they zoo say the speed leads to wouldn't think you could do something unless you start with arson. this morning a leader is scratch. >> reporter: which is what she is telling a tear down complete accused of sex crimes against children. sarah to go federated church, original 1,900s era stove and three young men reported they comes with this beautiful washer had been sexually abused over the last five years. and dryer set. but it's the potential that's they were juveniles at the time. the suspect is identified as really for sale. >> it's plans are too hot. 31-year-old joseph silva, jr., from campbell. a two car garage, a four bedroom, four bathroom.
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silva is a youth leader at the amazing living space on the top church and teaches at the west valley church in cupertino. floor. >> reporter: sure, you are paying for the million dollar in the east bay, the oakland view. many would make the argument that the real value in this home as have been given the green is the permits. light four years to >> tear down permits are extremely rare because the city carry out environmental studies does not like seeing any for any and apply for a permit. the howard terminal site sits along oakland's water front. fear of it not coming back. supporters say it will create >> reporter: prominent san hundreds of construction jobs. francisco architect believes you opponents say it will drive can't put a value on time. existing core businesses away and cost jobs. >> two frustration and the as want to build a stadium by 2023. delay that carries a lot of oakland coliseum about to weight. >> reporter: back at 863 undergo another fame change. the san francisco chronicle carolina street with 22 days on the market, there have been 22 reports the long-time home will become the ring central disclosure packets to buyers. coliseum. >> we have a lot of interest and the deal is valued at a million bucks a year for the next three years with an option for a parties around. >> reporter: final selling fourth year. price, tbd. coliseum executives expect a name change friday. ring central specializes in dionne lynn, abc 7 news. corporate communicationles. >> it is a nice lot. they voted to go on strike. >> nice view.
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today hundreds 067 teachers will but, it needs a little bit of up the ante with their school work. mike, i know have you the elbow district. a trade war between the u.s. grease, you do a lot of home and coin continues to heat up and even more tariffs could be renovation and stuff like that. announced soon. we can put you to work. much more ahead. >> for 50 bucks and a pizza and one day it could look like this, but right now, it looks i'll build you a 3 or $4 million like this. the one thing that makes this home. >> sounds good. shack worth $2.35 million bucks. >> you guys, yeah. >> thank you, meek. >> all right. that's all ahead. first, it is 4:37. >> let's take a look at what's going on in san jose, the you are never more than 37 minutes away from your temperature about 56 degrees. less sunshine, warm today, don't accuweather forecast. >> it's looking nice, good need the umbrella today. morning. it's grey out there. we got temperatures in the 50s, except in santa rosa it's 48. storm door opens tomorrow. remember how to drive in the we have low 40s to upper 50s in rain. it will be a round, at least a the north bay. chance all the way through the weekendn our coolest spots, everybody else in the mid- to upper-50s. temperatures. we will not warm a lot today. if you planted some stuff this weekend, it's going to thrive we could have highs today, even this week with that rain. 90s inland. all right, let's talk about mid- we will be lucky if we get into to upper-60s. let's talk about gardens. 70s.look ath beach. mid and upper 60s, up into the it's very quiet. mainly cloudy on the roads today, mass transit coolafrnoon. north bay. bay.
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the ferry rides been breezy at that's about it. that's as warm as we can squeeze times, especially around angel island and alcatraz. the atmosphere today. tonight we will be back in the it will be windy tomorrow. low- to mid-50s. it's socked in with clouds, we notice the rain move in. stair step slowly from 57 at some drizzle along the coast. we've got nearly a 4,000 mile 8:00. noon 54 to 67 at 4:00. stretch or parade if you will of down to 61 at 8:00. east bay valleys, look at that. storms coming our way. normally, we see this during the 70? maybe? winter. especially in el nino winter. hopefully, for some areas, that's it. after starting off at 58. look at that solid deck of we're talking about this, look clouds, same thing in the south at this. bay, 67 the morning. at midnight tonight. here is a look at the cloud noon time temperatures, 65, cover. you see scattered showers, upper 60s this afternoon. steady rain falls in the north ho 60s at 7:00. ba in it's going to get cooler. it7-day forecast. of that hour, later on,n you say you found some breezes out there already? >> there is a high wind advisory wednesday, thursday, a chance of thunderstorms, we have a 1 on for the bay bridge. the storm impact scale, i'll say that's the only one we have so far this morning. we'll keep an eye on that, we'll it through sunday, alexis. let you know if they have any >> all right, thank you, lk at additional locations there, for now, we are looking at that one spot. right now we are checking out pavement for now. it will be a different story.
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walnut creek. we are trying to figure out what very light here. no issues for you, we are the slow down is on the bay. looking at light volumes almost it still looks okay at the bay all the way around. we are off to a good start, bart bridge toll plaza. trains begin running at heavy traffic around treasure island. it looks like we have 5:00 a.m. no delays there. ace one out of the central maintenance crews out. valley several people saying there is a crew set up there. so we could have lanes closed. we are working on getting that confirmed by chp. we are in recovery mode, getting out of tracy into dublin, 51 minutes, we are back in the pyellow. we were in the red for wet pavement work. dublin to mission boulevard, northbound 85, you are in the green at 15 minutes. >> thanks a lot. iphone users who say apple overcharges them for apps will have their day in court. >> first a foldable phone. now a foldable pc. here's today's tech bytes. >> overcharging for iphone apps will proceed. >> the scream court dismissed the lawsuit. apple requires all iphone
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software be sold and bought through the app store. critics say that makes the apps more expensive with apple getting a cut. take a look at the first foldable computer. >> this flexible thinkpad from lenovo works like a foldable cell phone. it turns into a traditional laptop. this is a prototype. the company plans to launch it next year, online shipping wars are heatiingut deliveries free. the company says the service will be available by most u.s. . >>bytes. >> remember when a foldable phone was a phone, leak one of those cool motorola raiz razors. >> i still don't care about a foldable phone. you can keep trying. this morning, a way to stop your brain's senior moments. a scientist may have found a way. >> you love salmon and think
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it's too expensive. hang on a
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we have giants taking on the blue jays tonight at oracle park in san francisco. 6:45 first pitch. 59, developing down to 57 degrees by the time the game the over. warriors taking on the trail blazers. i'm working on that forecast right now. we'll have that shortly. >> thanks, mike. it may not be a cure for memory loss, it's close.
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scientists have been able to reverse forgetfulness in aging mice by blocking a molecule in their brain, older rodents who were treated tore through a maze with the ability of mice half their age. it treated the ability to generate new nerve cells and dampened information which can cause brain ine a could be a way to stop it. former president jimmy carter is recovering from a broken hip this morning. a spokesperson says the 39th president fell at his home in plains, georgia, as he left to go turkey hunting yesterday. mr. cooperateer underwent surgery and it was successful. they say it came at an inconvenient time because turkey hunting ends this week. if you bought king salmon mucd.eek, you know how when aulde d thursda help the fisecover fro osed
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drough iyou are stuck in apparently you can get a whopper on wheels from burger king. the fast food chain now has an app that lets you have a hamburger delivered right to your car. car deliveries are a thing right now many mexico city. it's coming to los angeles, shanghai and sao paulo. they have to be in a zone to make sheer beverages are cold and food is hot. >> what could go wrong, mike? >> so many things. we'll make a list, get back to you. >> here's a look at warriors basketball tonight. yes, we made it to the western conference type also and we're playing the portland trail blazers, watch out for damian willard. 64 at 9:00. 65 by the time the game ends. look at potential for our first storm. look at this, wednesday evening, we're around a half inch to
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three-quarters of an inch to more tn an inch i arease in gre. as we head deeper into the forecast. by sunday, we could have almost double to triple the usual amount of alexis. >> all right. good morning, mike, yeah. we will be ready for that on the road, obviously, it's been a while since we have been driving with wet pavement too. get ready for that this morning. here's a live look at our traffic maps, we are seeing quite a bit of red on the bay bridge this morning. it does sound like there is a maintenance crew out there. so they're doing bridge work, they're saying they should be done by a 5:00. you are down to 19 miles an hour as you get through the buena island tunnel, on your way into san francisco. you saw that backup get a little longer, too, so far that has not gotten back to the bay bridge toll plaza. we could have the metering lights on a few minutes early due to that maintenance work and it does look like we are
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starting to fill in. next traffic update coming up just after 5:00. a japanese coast guard cutter in san francisco, the visit docked south of the bay bridge. the cutter is on an ocean training crew for g speed at 18 knots. rh b area ties is te episode of game of thrones. >> quarterback aaron roger es showed up as a soldier, circled if red right there. he said the cameo was quote just for a few seconds, but i'll always be thankful to have been on the penultimate episode of "game of thrones." he played at cal before going to the big network. he looks good. >> next at 5:00 a.m. it is steph versus seth as the trail blazers take each other on at oracle areinto.
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news to build a better bay area. this is abc 7 mornings. i'm steve bullock and i'm running for president. >> well, now at 5:00, the democratic field for president even more crowded now as another politician entered the race for the white house overnight. the issue he says he wants to tackle and a look at the bigger picture. >> good morning, welcome to tuesday, may 14th. >> glad you are here with us. you are never more than 7 minutes away from the accuweather forecast. >> let's look at live doppler 7 showing you that wet weather we have been talking about not quite here not yet. it's closer. you can see some radar returns
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off the mendocino county coast. those will move to the northeast and stay away from us. >> that cloud cover you see overtop of us. right here on our exploratory camera, tho
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