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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  May 14, 2019 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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now from abc 7 live breaking news. right now at 6:00, sky 7 live over that major traffic issue in the east bay. this is a big rig fire. it is out now at macarthur maze, fire crews are on that scene. >> the fire is out. good morning let's go right to alexis smith. what are we seeing now? >> i want to go to cal-trans. calls came in about that tanker truck. this is in a really tough spot in oakland, emeryville area, westbound 580 connector. so everyone trying to get to the
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maze, fire crews are on the scene. they got this stamped out quickly. kudos to them. we got calls the tires were on fire. that's all that burned there. they were hauling cooking oil, so farce i can tell, just from looking at these pictures from sky 7 and from that cal-trans camera, i don't think that the actual contents of that fire burned. they would still be working on putting that out if it caught on fire, sky 7 zooming back here, giving us an idea how long that backup here. it looks like you are backed up into the piedmont area, that stretches to about broadway. this is stilling over on to 24 as well, that goes to oh about 50 seconds, if you are coming in through the stretch from a lot of the east bay commutes there, into lafayette, walnut creek might be a good day to take
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bart. we had earlier problems on the bay bridge as well. we had the metering lights on due to bridge maintenance so that is just really tough commute here this morning. so we're keeping a close eye on this, it looks like the fire is contained. i'll have an update in a few minutes. let's check in with meteorologist mike nikko. >> we know that all so well. 24 is backed up to children's hospital, my goodness. here's a look at the grey out there. good morning, everybody. even some showers starting to show up. those will head up to the north and part of the state. it may clip mendcy no county -- men docino county. yesterday was the last day of widespread 70s. we're starting in the low- to upper-50s. we'll say near 60 at the coast all day. mid-60s for the inland neighborhoods. clouds may be thin enough at times for sun glasses, it definitely will be cloudy all
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day today. new from our live desk this morning, montana's governor steve bullock is entering the 2020 race. he formally announced his bid for the democratic nomination in this video released this morning, while you were sleeping. the big issue that he wants to tackle is getting dark money out of politics. >> we need to defeat donald trump in 2020 and defeat the corrupt system that lets campaign money drown out the people's voice, so we can finally make good on the promise of a fair shot for everyone. >> bullock is pro choice and he is for marriage equality. as governor, he's expanded medicaid and spending on education in montana. bullock thinks that being a democrat gof in a red state could give him an advantage. he says he has the ability to bring democrats and republicans together so he is really touting that. he is the 22nd in the democratic run for president for the nomination. so it's quite the list of people
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at this point. 22. >> it's hard to differentiating yourself in such a crowded field. >> yeah. he is hoping that being progressive in a conservative state is his ticket. >> see if it works. thank you. new this morning, it took about 115 firefighters to put out this massive fire at the blue diamond factory in downtown sacramento. the four alarm fire broke out around 9:30 last night. firefighters found however smoke an flames. 250 employees were evacuated. three people were treated for smoke inhalation and the cause of the fire is under investigation. in the east bay, family and friends are mourning the death of a high school student who was killed in a drunk driving crash. the chronicle reports the suspected drunk driver ashley marie oliver of san jose will be arraigned in court tomorrow. police say she drove head on into another car on saturday killing 15-year-old amman do canales. last night they held a vigil for
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the student and football player. his mom says he was just getting started with his life. >> he was looking forward to graduating. going to fire tech. okay. he wanted to do the marines. he wanted to do, to be a fireman. >> authorities say canales was headed to the beach with four other teens. he and two others were not wearing seatbelts. walk san frncisco came together to honor pedestrians who have died in traffic crashes on city treats this year. this was last night on hyde street and golden gate avenue. the latest victim a 65-year-old man, a bus hit him saturday night. less than three hours later, a motorcyclist died. vision zero says there have been 14 traffic deaths in san francisco this year. eight were pedestrians. for go bike is bringing back its popular bike. this is one manth after they pulled it off the seats to safety. ebikes are expected to return
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next month. the company removed the bikes in april after receiving complaints about the brakes. some riders hurt themselves after they say the brakes locked up and caused the bike to flip over. lyft, which owns go bike, says that the ebikes will have a new design. those details have not been released. it is warrior's quest for their third straight nba title and it continues today. >> game one of the western conference finals against the trail blazers is tonight at oracle arena. this is the fifth consecutive year they made the finals. this year will feature stefan versus steph curry. seth plays for the players. it's the first time in nba history two brothers will play against each other in the kaumpbts fi-- conference finals. mi . meanwhile, the sharks are headed to the finals. bruce bocce served a it is door
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opener, the blues won the game 4-2. the sharks won the opener and lost game two in all three playoff series this year. the series is tied now at one game apiece, game three is tomorrow fight at 5:00. a warning going on to what's app users this morning, why you need to update the app right now. >> marin county dixie school district voted to change its name last month. now you can have a say in what that new name will be. >> as for me, changing my mind. i have been looking over new data. i have bumped tomorrow's storm up to a 2. i don't think we've had a 2 in may. it's a moderate storm. part of the reason. look at those rainfall totals, a three-quarters of an inch, gusty winds up to 40 miles per hour. i'll have more on that coming up, first i want to turn it over to alexis with more on that accident. >> actually, it wasn't a crash. this is a tanker truck, connector to westbound 80 is fwully closed here. so a really tough spot in the oakland, emoeryville area.
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flip over to sky 7. as you can see, the fire is out. i believe it was mostly the tires that burned. but we have seen cars reversing on the freeway. they're getting them out of being stuck in this area and detouring them right now. so hopefully these vehicles have been sitting there for close to an
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we'll start with neighboring temperatures, pretty mild. 51, most of us are at 54 to 57 in the south bay. pretty much everywhere else, upper 40s in napa. your planner today, you can see may grey out there, it will be pretty comfortable for all outdoor activities, in fact, do all the yardwork you can before the rain comes n. you want to plan some stuff, bought some stuff over the weekend, get it in the ground now, let mother nature take care of it the next several days, alexis will take care of your commute, it needs tlc, alexis. >> it's really tough in the east bay. our cal-trans camera, this is a live picture of a tanker that tires caught fire about almost an hour ago. 5:16 at first call into chp. as you can see, no more smoke, no more flames, it looks like that fire is tapped out. fire crews are still on the
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scene. we still have a full closure of westbound 3580 at westbound 80. let's take you back live to sky 7 now. >> that is a hume area of the maze, just a very heavily traveled route this time of day. i've actually seen vehicles that were stuck within this backup for about 45 minutes. they have them reverse and they are shifting everyone over here to eastbound 80. that's where the flares are set up. >> that is a heck of a detour as you know if you have to head eastbound on 80, you have to go on emeryville commute and do a u-turn to get back to the maze. do not drive through this stretch if at all possible. 880 is okay. bart also an option. >> that or delay your trip. >> that or delay your trip. this will not be a lot of fun woman 1: this... woman 2: ...this... man 1: ...this is my body of proof. man 2: proof of less joint pain... woman 3: ...and clearer skin. man 3: proof that i can fight psoriatic arthritis... woman 4: ...with humira.
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it's 6:15. actress felicity huffman is set to be sentenced if september. >> they are suggesting two years in prison and a fine. huffman pled guilty to a charge of conspiracy to commit nail i mail fraud and honest services mail fraud, through tears, she acknowledged she paid $15,000 to arrange for an s.a.t. prompter to correct her daughter's
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answers. her daughter received more time to take the test. more than a dozen bay area parents have been charged in the college admissions scandal. we have a list of who they are and what they are accused of and updates on our website after dropping a name they used for more than 100 years, marin county will hold a renaming party to rename the dixie school district. opponents of the name felt it honored slavery and racism. thursday's naming party will take place at miller creek elementary from 5:30 to 7:00. people can submit suggestions for names in boxes in schools across the district. if you woke up this morning, wonder earlying why the pbs show arthur is one of the top twitter moments, this is why, mr. wrapper and the teacher came out. he got married to a man. the internet responded, some say he was the gaye icon they
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needed. others praising pbs for a main character who is gaye. they handled it skillfully. >> no you, he is the one who is a rat. >> who are they? is it hello kitty is a girl, they're not a cat. they're all animals. >> i'm trying to figure out the one on the right with the longer nose. >> maybe it's and aardvark. who knows? the key is that they're happy together. >> congrats, mr. rapper. >> and all the viewers. congratulations, here's a look t sfo.tulations, here's a look we have delays today because of that cloud deck you see behind it. the rest of the week could be because of rain. hi, everybody, less sunshine and warmth today. storm door opens tomorrow, specifically tonight. but that is tomorrow, technically also, unsettled and cool through the entire weekend. highs today, we have a few 70s, ukiah, a sprinkleing, down into the south bay, that leaves the rest of us in the mid- to
6:18 am
upper-60s, 60s at half moon bay, notice the green showing up tonight. our first sign that things are changing. we'll have mid- to upper-50s in most neighborhoods, low-to-mid-50s. mild again in the north bay. i poured over the data. new data will come in, in three hours. it looks like it should be a 2. it's hard to forecast a modern storm in may when we're not supposed to get them. we will have light showers in the morning, moderate showers in the afternoon, a quarter, three quarters of an inch, some areas, more than an inch, all right, let me show you how it plays out, here we are tonight, pretty cloudy out there. notice scattered showers, just about everywhere, then we focus our attention on the north bay, the steadier rain, especially highway 101 towards the coast. scattered showers develop as we head towards mid-morning, mid-afternoon. here's the heaest stuff that comes in. during the evening commute, it's going to be a mess, please
6:19 am
remember how to drive in the rain. slow down, moderate rain. there could be ponding on the roadways tomorrow during the evening commute. in fact, that's why i put it up to a 2. we got a 1 for thursday, friday, saturday, sunday, highs in the 50s and 60s. let's get back to this morning's commute, here's alexis. >> not a lot of fun. here's that tanker truck. the wheels caught fire earlier this morning. westbound 580 connector. we'll take a look at this from sky 7. it looks like we got charred marks on the actual tank mark. reports into chp say it was hauling cooking oil. so definitely have some major delays here. i believe it was a bike maybe going the opposite way. they have been releasing that traffic on to eastbound 80 towards emeryville. again a full closure of westbound 80, the connector to -- from westbound 580 to westbound 580. so everyone from oakland trying to get to the bay bridge. not fun this morning. let me flip over and show you what this looks like on our traffic maps as well.
6:20 am
you see that long line of vehicles from sky 7. you see it on the maps, too, well into the oakland area into piedmont. >> that spilled over as well. >> that is not a fun detour. flip around in emeryville to get back to the maze, 880 looks okay. not good here, though, i want to give you a quick heads up. southbound 880 at industrial. we have the right lane blocked with a long backup. sounds like a fed-ex truck hits four to five other vehicles. >> thank you. walmart shipping board what that i are doing to compete with amazon. as sprint is now lin
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with our famous pastrami and a bigger soft pretzel roll. and try the new turkey bistro with warm turkey and smokehouse bacon. or the new hot club chicken dijon with dijon mayo and black forest ham. how far would you go for a togo? all right. here's a look at the rainfall totals just from tomorrow's storms. you can see half inch to more than that in many neighborhoods. one of the reasons why i bumped the storms up to a 2. now the potential through the entire week looks like an
6:24 am
atmospheric river event from the winter. an inch-and-a-half to more than 3 inches. it will be amazing if it unfolds this way. >> and a live look right now at a massive fire in stockton. this is happening at a pellet company. >> that has exceeded five alarms. >> that means all hands on deck in that area. so all firefighters in the area being called out there to help and if you are getting a bit of d ja vu with this and you are right, because this is the second huge pellet fire in less than a month in stockton. you can really see those flames someing up there past those buildings. i want to show you video we have from earlier. you can see what a big deal this thing is right now. if you are familiar with market street and a street in stockton, we are getting word from our affiliate, our abc affiliate there in the area because this was from a transformer that exploded so right now they are still dealing with this, a very
6:25 am
big scene. we will keep our eye on things as they progress throughout the morning. >> jessica, thank you for that. many people take aspirin every day to reduce the rick of heart attack and a stroke. a new study show aspirin can increase pleading in the skull, it showed people with a low bmi or with asian heritage may face the highest risk. doctors consider a low dose by the way to be between 76 and 100 milligrams. this is important. what's app is urging users to update their apps right now after a security flaw was installed, they allowed hackers to install spyware. what's app doesn't know how many were affected. the best advice is for all users to update their app to the latest version. some facebook workers are getting a raise. all contract workers will be paid $20 an hour by the middle
6:26 am
of next year. >> that includes shuttle drivers, cafeteria workers and jaen tores, facebook says it's raising wages because of the bay area's high cost of living. still ahead, uber driver arrests. what this man is accused of trying to do to two passengers. live desk, princess cruise passenger killed during an excursion in alaska. i'll tell awe we know. >> we have a serious issue in the east bay. major delays in oakland, due to a tanker truck fire. the fire is out. we have a full closure at westbound 580, the connector to westbound 280.
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you see there right now at 6:30, the opening bell on wall street, trading about to begin after a massive sell-off. in nearly 50 years, there you see the bell. overnight, researchers indicating there could be a change today. we are tracking the very wild ride for you. all right, let's go live to sky 7 there over a major traffic alert we are tracking in the east bay this morning. a tanker truck caught fire on the 580 connector to westbound 80. [ music playing ] . i am tracking the major delays for your commute [ music playing ] >> reporter: police arrest an uber driver trying to make passes at his victims. did you ride in his car? we'll show you a picture up next. a major change for the coliseum. our first look at the new trailer for the mistress of evil. she's giving us cheek bones for
6:31 am
day days. >> good morning on this tuesday, may 14th. >> you can open a letter with those cheek bones. >> they were pretty sharp. >> three word, winter is coming. seriously, the pattern looks like an atmospheric river. in may, it's phenomenal. hi, everybody, maybe the last morning. all those wind barbs are pushing off to the east. all that grey you see is typical may grey, like here in san jose, 87. the thing is, it's not going to peel back to the coast today. it will hang around all day today, fit ter sunshine, keep our temperatures, after being mild this morning, well below average. mid-60s to upper 60s from noon to 4:00 elsewhere, back into the mid- to upper-70s. we'll have an hour by hour look tomorrow. alexis. we will take you to the traffic alert in the emeryville area. here's a look at the westbound
6:32 am
3580 connector from oakland to the bay bridge. it will not be easy this morning. as you see, the fire happen tapped out. it sounded like the truck that tire caught fire there. so most of the truck is intact. kudos for fire crews for getting there as soon as possible and knocking that down there. i want to take you to a major transition ramp closed. we have major delays. they let the traffic behind that reverse to the eastbound 80 connector. >> that is a long detour. i would definitely stick to 880. bart is a great option this morning. we're not seeing delays there or delaying your trip at this point. abc 7 reporter jobina fortson can tell us that as well. she can vouch for us. she is stuck on that backup. jobina, how is it looking for you? >> reporter: oh, yes, we are
6:33 am
certainly stuck. we seen a complete stop about a few seconds ago. we are crawling. i want to let you look at what we see here. we are on 580, close to the connector. at this point. we're trying to get to 80. you see over often the left-hand side here, a tow truck, not sure if that's headed to the issue, but if you can see right around that corner all of the cars at the bottom there, it's going to be a long haul. i can show you that tanker that was involved this morning. it is costing lots of issues. people as you are watching at home, alexis is saying, public transit, bart, sountsdz like a good move for this morning. we look at this video from earlier, you can see the fire around this tanker that's caused such an issue this morning. we were traveling from the coliseum. we were reporting on the warriors this morning, coasting all the way up until about this point. so when you are further into the east bay, you might think are you all in the clear, then it
6:34 am
comes to a complete stop. now, they are diverting traffic eastbound 280. we are going to keep monitoring the situation and see how long it takes to us get to 80. right now it is looking like it will be a long haul, for now, reporting live in the car, jobina fortson, abc 7 news. >> people will be sitting for a long time. thank you. also in the east bay, police say an uber passenger had to trump u jump out of her -- owe jump out of her uber ride. >> he tried to assault a second one. amy hollyfield is live for us in berkeley. good morning, amy. >> reporter: hi, good morning, police have made an arrest. they think there could be other victim itself out there. they are hoping they will come forward to take a look at this uber driver's picture. see if you recognize him, this is 22-year-old gabrielle amar'e. he is accused of trying to have sex with two of his passengers, investigators say he tried to keep the women from getting out
6:35 am
of the car anded to have sex with him. one of the women jumped out of the moving car to escape. the women say the two incidents happened within hours of each other. this was about two weeks ago. uber told berkeley side the allegations are troubling and say the driver no longer has access to the app. uber offers safety tips for riders when they are in an uber. one tip is to share your trip's status with a friend or family member. you can do it through the uber app. they can track where you are and who you are with. for other safety tips when you are in a uber, go to we have listed them there. amar'e, he is in jamie. he is being held without bail. reporting live in berkeley, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> now an abc 7 news live desk update. >> new information on that deadly plane crash in alaska, where two sight seeing planes collided in midair. the death toll went up overnight. a major investigation is under way right now.
6:36 am
we learned in the last hour that federal investigators with the ntsb are flying right now from d.c. to alaska. they're expected to arrive on the site later this afternoon, four people died yesterday in the crash. ten people were hospitalized. two are still missing right now. the planes were carrying tourists from the royal princess cruise ship and abc 7 news spoke with a cruise passenger who took an air tour earlier in the day. >> i you know, on that plane, if i decided to choose the laker tour, you understand that it will happen at any time anywhere. >> taquan air runs the tour. the company says it has to schedule all of its flights and is cooperating with the investigation. back to you. jessica, thank you. $2 billion in damages have been awarded to on east bay couple. >> after the jury found round-up
6:37 am
caused the couple's cancer. they sprayed mon tan to's round-up at their livermore home and a few more properties for more than 30 years. both developed non-hodgkin's lymphoma. the husband diagnosed in 2011. the wife in 2015. >> it's changed our lives forever. we can't do the things that we used to be able to do and we really resent monsanto for that fact. >> this is the third case against monsanto to prove that round-up can cause cancer. bayer, which owns monsanto calls the latest verdict disappointing. there are 13,000 other cases against monsanto and round-up. 6 l. 37, in the east bay, the oakland as have been given the green light to develop a new ballpark. the port of oakland will give the team four years to carry out environmental studies and apply
6:38 am
for permits. the 50 acre howard terminal site sits along oakland e oakland's water front. supporters say it will create hundreds of construction jobs, opponent say lit cost jobs. the as want to build the stadium by 2023. sticking in oakland, the coliseum about to undergo another name change. the san francisco chronicle says the long-time home of the as and the raiders will become the ring central coliseum. the deal is volontsoved at a million bucks for the next three years and option for a fourth year. ring central specializes in corporate communications. walmart is ramping up the shipping wars. the new offer to take on amazon. >> i am keeping my eye on two breaking stories, first the stockmarket opened just for a few minutes. now with rein the green. that's good news after that massive sell justify yesterday. former congressman anthony weiner out of the halfway house,
6:39 am
what he is looking forward to now he is a free man. first you are never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. >> let's talk about may grey, mild temperatures 52 in san lean dra, 51 in hills burg, richmond 55 along with palo alto, santa clara and pleasanton. here's a look at the san mateo bridge, looking into that may grey. that's going to keep things just cloudy today on the roads, not wet, not until tomorrow, cool, mild, mass transit ferry ride, breezy at times. not for tomorrow, when all that rain comes in, here's a peninsula, starting at 8:00, mid- to upper-60s, once with we get to 2:00 through about 4:00, for the east bay valleys, we're in the 50s through 8:00. 60s at 10:00. mid- to upper-60s from noon until 6:00. then for the south bay, yep, still in the 50s through 8:00.
6:40 am
60 at 10:00. mid- to upper-60s from noon to 6:00. noon to 8:00. notice just about every single neighborhood will be gray all day today. i hope tomorrow's storm on our impact scale. i will show you that, how much rain to expect and when. we have a major bugaboo out there right now. >> we definitely do. let's take you live to sky 7 right now. they are over the 580 connector, to westbound 80. so a tough spot there, trying to get into the bays into oakland, emeryville area and this is a tanker from you can that caught fire. the tires caught fire, anyway, about 5:15 this morning. they are waiting for the tow from you can to arrive. they have clearance to get to the scene there, the tow is stuck if traffic as well they are saying they are almost there. they are creep ache long within this major backup. about 30 minute delays, i would say from oakland on 3580 and then you will be forced over to eastbound 80 towards emeryville and berkeley instead. they are fought going to lets you on to that transition ramp
6:41 am
so 880 certainly a much better bet, mass transit is an option, too, bart, we have not had delays this morning. here's a quick check on our traffic flow. so you are backed up to broadway from the piedmont area and highway 24. you are getting closer to the rock bridge area for that backup. emeryville is extra heavy with all that traffic being filtered in there as well. really you do not want to go that route. a quick check of the hayward area, this has been our only other major issue. southbound 880 at industrial. a fed-ex truck hit about four other vehicles. still had the right
6:42 am
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by the laughing cow you can dunk, snap, or twirl. so however you snack, snack like you. the laughing cow.
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. hi there, your school day forecast features cool, grey, dry conditions, starting in the mid- to upper-50s, ends up near 60s at the coast. around the state, 99 palm springs. that's where the sun shine and the warmth is. 66 in monterey, 67 yosemite. i want to show you this, thursday into friday morning, don't travel in the sierra more than a foot to nearly 2 feet of snow is possible above 6,000 feet. >> let me show you this brand-new video coming in. former congressman anthony weiner is a free man after leaving a halfway house, he
6:45 am
finished his sentence with sexting a 15-year-old girl, weiner spent the last few months in a halfway house after beginning his sentence in massachusetts. weiner now must register as a sex offender for the next 20 years. he spoke to reporters briefly as he was being driven away. >> it's good to be out. i hope to get back to my family and make up for some lost time. >> reporter: do you feel you've learned any lessons, do you feel are you a new man? >> look, i feel i am glad to be getting back to my family and hope to live a life of integrity in service and i'm flood this chapter in my life is behind me. >> reporter: he is married to a top aide to former secretary of state hillary clinton and the up can him has a young son. ab were deny has filed for divorce. weiner was once considered to be a rising star in the democratic party and he represented new york city in congress for 12 years. back to you. >> thank you for that video. now to your morning money report, burger king is turning
6:46 am
out to be lucrative based if possible foods. >> according to tech crimes, the company raised $300 million since announcing a deal with the fast food chain earlier this deal. the impossible burger has now sold in more than 7,000 restaurants in the u.s. and europe and burger king says it has been driving new foot traffic into its stores. walmart is competing with amazon by rolling out it's own delivery service. it will start out in phoenix and las vegas and will expand to southern california in the coming day, more than 220 items qualify for the service. examiner versus to spend at least there are 35 to become eligible. it comes after they are make free next day shipping the standard for prime members. look at this we are in the green.
6:47 am
quite the difference we saw yesterday when markets opened up. yesterday, stock also had their worst day since the beginning of the year as investors reacted to china imposing those new tariffs on u.s. imports, something i have been talking about at the live desk. you can see these are the numbers from yesterday. we are down 617 points on the dow and the nasdaq and s&p 500 also down quite significantly. so, a beg change as we look at those live numbers this morning. back to you, guy zbs i appreciate you tracking that back to our breaking news that big rig fire creating huge problems this morning in oakland. >> jobina fortson is stuck in the backup and jones us live with an update. >> reporter: good morning. we traveled about a half mile, maybe, in the last 15 minutes, so i will flip the camera around here so you can see what's going on, on 3580. we came off the mini maze here. everything is backed up. people are trying to push through different lanes, people
6:48 am
getting through quickly are folks on motorcycles here. we did see a tow truck weaveing in and out of traffic. i did here alexis say that a tow truck driver was on the way and stuck in traffic. we do not know for sure if that was the tow truck drive it appears so, because everyone was letting this man get through the crowd here. really backed up for anyone watching at home right now. avoid this if you can. take bart. any other alternative here. again that fire is out. if you see off to the right of the screen here, those flashing lights, that is the tow truck. so it's made a significant progress i should say because it was behind us when it got started here on the road. back out here live. we are not going anywhere any time soon so make sure to stay up to date with us on twitter. we will let you know when this all clears up, reporting live, jobina fortson, abc 7 news. >> we appreciate the update. thank you. going over to alexis to see how we are doing. >> we are not doing great.
6:49 am
as jobina told us. we are looking at sky 7 in the traffic center. i'm watching crews put down some type of absorbing agent there. it looks like maybe that was some of the substance that they used to tap out the fire that started with the tires. i think they almost contained it to the tires on that truck. there is some type of tow truck on the scene him i'm not sure if that's a big rig tow or if that is going to possibly carry some debris. but they have not started hooking it up yet. no traffic is anywhere close to that truck. they set up the detour prior to that location. so the actual truck fire was on the ramp from westbound 3580 to westbound 580 in the maze, they are forcing everyone off. will you have to go to emeryville toward berkeley. turn around there and head back towards the maze if that was your plan here this morning. so 880 much better, bart looking good as well, everybody else for the most part looking okay. i wanted to check some drive times. with reheavy tracy into dublin, one hour, 8 minutes.
6:50 am
dub will into mission boulevard in the yellow at 25 and northbound 101 to cupertino. you are in the yellow as well. let's check in with meteorologist mike nikko. i have a feeling we will have a lot of long drive times. >> a lot of accidents if people don't slow down and remember the drive and the rain, it is coming. hi, everybody, here's a look at our roof camera. may grey. you see the sea breeze on the ferry building blowing off towards the inland neighborhoods. stubborn grey, cooler tan average, zscattered like shower, storm door opens tonight. today, you iia towards fairfield, east bay valleys in the south bay, low- to mid-70s, otherwise, the rest of us in the 60s in half moon bay, tonight you see green showing up. that's the first shot of wet weather, temperatures mild under all that great. mainly mid- to upper-50s, cooler in the north bay, low- to mid-50s.
6:51 am
you have a chance of rain cooled air. i've upped the storm impact scale to a 2. even in more than an inch in some of our wettest areas. winds gutting o -- gusting up t miles per hour. we transition to steadier rain mainly up in the north bay, especially along the coast and 101. scaterred showers mid-moning to mid-afternoon. look at the big deal, the yellows, the oranges, right as we begin the evening commute. it lasts for several hours. and then it goes away. and that's just the first storm and it could be the strongest. that's why i pushed it to a 2. mod raft. thursday, a chance of thunderstorms. it's a 1 and 1 for friday, saturday, sunday, those temperatures only in the 50s and 60s. >> all right, mike, thank you. the mistress of evil is back. disney has dropped the new trailer for the sequel to malificent. >> i remember the story of an evil witch
6:52 am
♪ well look out my window >> as the princess she cursed to sleep forever ♪ many signs to see >> the story became legend. ♪ our work -- >> but this is no fairy tale. >> oh. >> a great voiceover. the mistress of evil starring angelina jolie pick itself up after the original 2014 movie. disney continues to explore the let's call it complex relationship, she is about to become queen. the movie will hit theaters october 18th. disney is the parent company of abc 7 news. i saw the first one in the theater. i really enjoyed it. it was interesting to see the back story. >> i like that, it's sort of a wicked. >> wicked, compassion for the evil one, who maybe isn't as
6:53 am
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this is why we plan. ♪ ♪ you never cease to amaze me, maya. see how investing with a j.p. morgan advisor can help you. visit your local chase branch. . time now is 6:55. these are the 7 things to know before you go, number one, a major traffic issue in the east bay. we want to take you to that tanker fire that is tapped out. a little good news in the last few minutes, a big rig tow truck has arrived on the scene, still no estimate. take 880 or bart this morning.
6:56 am
alexis, it's dry today. when we get wet tomorrow, we may be busy, along with our commuters. temperatures below average, 50s and 60s. number 3, an uber driver is accused of trying to rape two of his passengers, berkeley police arrested gabrielle amar'e after two separate incidents. he released one of the woman the others jumped out of a moving car. steve bullock announced overnight he is running for president. the what's app, what it says it will fix a security flaw which allows hackers to install spyware. jet blue is black to normal after a global computer outage. this is lines of jfk earlier. jet blue says the outage affected its airlines system. the blazers play at oracle arena, game one of the western conference final. steph curry is taking on brother steph. you can watch our sister network
6:57 am
on espn. >> i will be watching what the currys will be wearing and their parents.
6:58 am
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the new hot pretzels, only at togos. how far would you go for a togo? - i own you, doug. good morning, america. the search right now for survivors after two sightseeing planes filled with tourists collide. horror in the air. at least four people killed, ten others injured when two planes carrying passengers from a cruise ship crashed in midair. now the race to find those still missing. investigators on the scene. we're live in alaska with the latest. also this morning, a startling new report about a plan to send 120,000 u.s. troops to the middle east if iran attacks or restarts their nuclear program. will the president send troops back in? wicked weather. that nor'easter slamming the coast. hailstorms and even snow, and now the new storm brewing out west. >> i'm pregnant!


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