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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  May 14, 2019 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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tonight, new images coming in after two planes collide. tourists killed as those two sight-seeing planes crash over alaska. at least four people dead, ten injured. and the search at this hour for survivors. our team is there tonight. there is also breaking news tonight involving the president's son, donald trump jr. he will testify after being subpoenaed by the republican-led senate intelligence committee. also tonight, our correspondent asking president trump about the report that the administration is considering sending 120,000 american troops to the middle east, amid tensions with iran. how the president responds, suggesting any force would be even larger. the deadly police shooting. the violent struggle between an officer and a woman. the video showing the moment she allegedly hit him with his own taser. the officer opening fire.
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the traveling carnival worker accused of being a possible serial killer tonight. authorities on the case, and what he has allegedly now told police. the new lawsuit against tiger woods at his restaurant. the employee killed while driving drunk. what tiger woods is now saying tonight. the school bus in a chain reaction crash late today. landing on its side. more than a dozen children onboard. the health warning tonight about aspirin. and we celebrate a comedy legend, tim conway, who famously cracked up his costars over and over again. what carol burnett is saying tonight, and how conway wanted to be remembered. good evening and it's great good evening as we come on the air in the west tonight, it's great to have you with us here on a tuesday. and we do begin tonight with the search for the missing after a vacation nightmare. two planes colliding. tourists on sight-seeing planes over alaska when the planes collided. one of the planes seen taxiing for takeoff on an earlier flight.
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one plane sank into the water. the pontoons of the other seen floating near the shore. the coast guard and good samaritans responding to the scene. 16 people were onboard the two planes. at least four dead, several more are in the hospital tonight. and as i mentioned, the search is under way at this hour for the missing. abc's will carr leads us off tonight from ketchikan, alaska. >> reporter: tonight, the coast guard combing this rugged stretch of alaskan shoreline, urgently searching for two people missing after that deadly mid-air collision. for the first time, we're seeing the wreckage from this single engine plane. the pontoon floats flipped upside down, jutting out of the ice cold water. >> the aircraft were in various states. one was overturned. the other was in the water, but upright. >> reporter: the first call came monday around 1:00 on a clear afternoon. a float plane with ten passengers from the royal princess cruise ship was just returning from a breathtakin fo more passengessedying the two aircraft collided, killing at least four.
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several survivors swam to shore. some hurt so badly, they were airlifted to the hospital. rescuers, including good samaritans, raced to help, searching a massive debris field scattered across both the land and the water. the larger plane sinking. >> one thing is very clear, and that is the larger airplane, the otter, was partially controllable, while the smaller one came apart in midair. >> reporter: that smaller plane run by mountain air service, a family operation. air tours are popular adventures for cruise passengers who want to see alaska's cascading frontier. this video was taken just three days ago from inside the larger plane involved in the accident, operated by taquan air. last year, another one of the company's planes crash-landed into this mountainside. the coast guard had to rescue 11 people. tonight, taquan air has suspended operations and says it's cooperating with investigators. >> all right, so, let's get to will carr. he's live in ketchikan, alaska, tonight. and will, we can see that float plane hangar there right behind you. ntsb investigators, you were telling us, just now arriving?
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>> reporter: that's right, david. the ntsb had a long way to go, coming in from washington, d.c. the go team literally just got on the ground. they're planning to go to the scene and to interview survivors as they try to figure out exactly what caused this crash. david? >> will carr leading us off tonight. will, thank you. we are also following a breaking headline at this hour from washington, involving the president's son, donald trump jr. we have learned tonight that trump jr. has struck a last-minute deal. he will testify behind closed doors after being subpoenaed. until now, it had been unclear if he would comply with the subpoena. and mary bruce has late reporting now from the hill. >> reporter: faced with a subpoena, tonight, the president's son is agreeing to go another round, striking a deal to testify again before the republican-led senate intelligence committee. priden frurated. >> well, you know, it's really a tough situation, because my son spent, i guess over 20 hours testifying about something that
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mueller said was 100% okay. and now they want him to testify again. i don't know why. i have no idea why. but it seems very unfair to me. >> reporter: but now, donald trump jr. has agreed to testify behind closed doors in mid-june. the interview will be limited in time and scope. the deal ends a tense standoff between the president's son and the republican-controlled committee, that had put many senate republicans in an awkward position. >> i wouldn't put him back into the circus. >> there's a lot of political motivation for keeping this story going. >> at some point, this is not about finding facts, this smacks of politics. >> reporter: tonight, trump jr. is promising to repay those loyal republicans. a source saying trump jr. is "incredibly appreciative to the members that went to bat for him, and he will return the favor come the 2020 campaign." >> all right, mary bruce live up on the hill tonight for us. and mary, there had been so many questions about this, but tonight you're learning why the committee decided to subpoena the president's son in the first place? >> reporter: well, david,
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sources tell us that twice donald trump jr. agreed to appear voluntarily before the committee, but then both times he failed to show up. that then forced the committee to issue that subpoena. and tonight, it is still unclear what exactly they want to ask him about, but there are many remaining questions about trump jr.'s role in that trump tower meeting with the russian lawyer and negotiations over trump tower in moscow. david? >> all right, mary bruce on a windy night there in d.c. mary, thank you. meanwhile, our cecilia vega today asking president trump about that report that the administration was considering sending 120,000 u.s. troops to the middle east amid these rising tensions with iran. how the president answered. here's cecilia now. >> reporter: today, we asked president trump about that "new york times" report, claiming his administration is weighing a plan to send 120,000 troops to the middle east if iran strikes u.s. forces or resumes its nuclear program. mr. president, are you planning to send 120,000 troops to the middle east in response to iran? >> i think it's fake news, okay?
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now, would i do that? absolutely. but we have not planned for that. hopefully we're not going to have to plan for that. and if we did that, we'd send a hell of a lot more troops than that. >> reporter: 120,000 troops would rival the number of americans sent to invade iraq. today, a senior iranian official reportedly accused the u.s. of playing a "very dangerous game" and attempting to "drag iran into an unnecessary war." the boiling point comes one year after the president pulled out of the iran nuclear deal and amid increasing flareups. on sunday in the persian gulf, four oil tankers, including two from saudi arabia, were attacked at the entrance to the world's most important oil trading route. and american official telling abc news the initial u.s. assessment is that iran or groups supported by iran placed explosive charges on four of the ships, blowing a five to ten-foot hole in each of them. the u.s. has also deployed a carrier battle group and b-52 bombers to the region. >> if they do anything, it would
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be a very bad mistake. if they do anything. i'm hearing little stories about iran. if they do anything, they will suffer greatly. we'll see what happens with iran. >> all right, so, let's get right to cecilia vega, here with us in new york tonight. and i understand iran's supreme leader is now weighing in tonight? >> reporter: david, the ayatollah says that neither side wants a war. he says, in fact, there is not going to be a war. you just saw that exchange that i had there with the president today. he said he doesn't want to have to send a large deployment of troops into that region, but he says he will if he has to. >> all right, cecilia vega, always great to have you in new york, by the way. we move onto other news tonight, and a chilling investigation. a man who worked as a traveling carnival worker is now accused of being a possible serial killer. authorities in virginia tonight say the suspect has now confessed to killing two women and a teenage girl. and this question, could there now be other possible victims in other cities? the investigation widening, and here's abc's linsey davis. >> reporter: tonight, a suspected serial killer is behind bars. police in washington county, virginia, say 23-year-old
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james michael wright admitted to killing three women, 22-year-old elizabeth vanmeter, 17-year-old jocelyn alsup and 25-year-old athina hopson. police say wright told them he met all the women while working at a traveling carnival, but claimed all three shootings were accidents. wright collided head-on with a school bus in march which police say helped to crack the case. >> a cell phone belonging to the missing johnson city woman, hopson, was located in the suspect's truck. >> reporter: police say they found two victims. they're still searching for the body of hopson. the women were allegedly murdered over an 18-day span in tennessee and georgia. >> the information gained from that initial interview regarding ms. hopson led to information about the other victims. >> reporter: the sheriff's office is now reaching out to investigators in other areas where the carnival traveled to see if there are possibly more victims. david? >> linsey davis with us tonight. linsey, thank you. there is an investigation tonight after a deadly altercation between a police
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officer and a woman near bay town, texas, that's near houston. police are looking closely at eyewitness video. police say the officer was trying to take a woman into custody for outstanding warrants, trying to grab her hands. authorities say she grabbed the officer's stun gun and used it on him. the officer firing his weapon several times, one bullet killing her. at one point, they say she yelled she was pregnant. police now say she was not. the incident is under invest glags. next here this evening, a wet and windy night in much of the northeast for the commute home, as that nor'easter now moves out. dumping more than three inches of snow in vermont before leaving. in florida, a trooper working an accident in i-95 there nearly killed when a car skids towards him. he jumps up. only breaking his ankle, luckily. and in new mexico, a flash flood rescue, a good samaritan helping a woman with two children. but tonight, a new system we're now watching, and chief meteorologist ginger zee is back with us this evening on a very wet night here in new york. hey, ginger. >> reporter: david, wet and laguardia airport broke a record low temperature for the second morning in a row.
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i've got gloves on and it's may 14th, but we are about to change this miserable weather here. from miserable here to dangerous on the west coast. let's look at that storm. the low comes on, especially tomorrow into thursday. two to four inches of rain in northern california. that's a big deal this late in the season. one to two feet of snow in parts of the sierra and the rockies. then, it is friday and saturday that i'm really concerned, from south dakota to texas, we're talking about severe storms, including large tornadoes, hail and of course wind that can take out power. david? >> ginger zee with us again tonight. ginger, thank you. in the meantime, we turn to the desperate search for a hiker missing in maui, last seen a week ago now. amanda eller's wallet and cell phone were found in her suv at the foot of the hiking trail. her family, from maryland now, asking experienced hunters to join the search. here's abc's chief national affairs correspondent matt gutman. >> reporter: tonight, the increasingly desperate search for amanda eller, missing now for six days. >> i am a physical therapist and a certified yoga instructor.
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>> reporter: the 35-year-old's family relying on a small army of volunteers as the mystery deepens. >> there's been no evidence whatsoever of where she is. >> reporter: maui police calling off the search after 72 hours, as is their procedure, but volunteers still fanning out amidst the eucalyptus groves of this maui reserve. >> there's cliffs, there's ravines. there are so many places you can fall and be unseen. it's a bit of a treacherous forest. >> reporter: an avid hiker, eller disappeared wednesday after shipping her mom a mother's day gift. she left her keys under a tire, wallet and phone in her white suv. her family now fearing the worst. >> she's probably injured and weak at this point. it's making it very difficult. >> reporter: david, eller's family hopes her conditioning and athleticism will help keep her alive. now police tell us they are still investigating and haven't ruled anything out, including foul play. david? >> matt gutman with us again tonight. thank you, matt. next tonight here, the wrongful death lawsuit against tiger woods. parents of a bartender at tiger
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woods' restaurant are now suing the golf star, his girlfriend and the restaurant for allegedly overserving their son, who then died in a drunk driving accident. tonight, tiger woods is now responding, and here's abc's victor oquendo. >> reporter: fresh off an historic win at the masters, the most famous golfer on the planet, tiger woods, finding himself in legal trouble again tonight. >> he was a wonderful son. >> reporter: the family of 24-year-old nicholas immesberger, who worked as a bartender at woods' florida restaurant, filing a wrongful death lawsuit against the 15-time major winner, his girlfriend, erica herman, who works as general manager and the restaurant, alleging immesberger was served alcohol to "severe intoxication." then crashed his car and died in the accident last december. woods was not at the restaurant that night, but the family's lawyers allege woods was aware of his addiction to alcohol and say immesberger's blood alcohol level was more than three times the legal limit when he crashed. >> they fueled his addiction with more alcohol instead of help. >> reporter: woods, who just received the medal of freedom from president trump last week,
5:44 pm
addressed the issue at a news conference for this week's pga championship. >> well, we're all very sad that nick passed air way. it was a terrible, terrible night, a terrible ending and just -- we feel bad for him and his entire family. >> reporter: the parents say their son was planning on going back to school. they're now seeking unspecified monetary damages. david? >> victor, thank you. the school bus today involved in a chain reaction accident on a north carolina highway. take a look. the bus was carrying 15 children from a head start program, ending up on its side there after a pickup truck missed a stop sign and slammed into it. another car was hit, as well. paramedics treating 17 people. case that made national headlines and is back in the city.tonight here in new th train now disciplinary trial, saying he used a banned chokehold, trying to arrest eric garner in 2014. the defense claims he never put pressure on garner's neck. garner's last words, telling officers, quote, i can't breathe. there is still much more ahead on "world news tonight"
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this tuesday. the new health warning tonight about aspirin affecting millions. we'll have that for you. also the major headline about that horrifying scene at the mall. the defendant accused of throwing a boy off the balcony. and we do have news on that boy's condition and on the defendant tonight. also, new developments in the college admissions cheating scandal tonight. the former coach pleading guilty after being accused of helping actress lori loughlin and her husband. what we learned today. and tonight, we're learning more about the accident involving president trump's motorcade. a lot more news ahead. stay tuned here. well, managing my a1c, so i should be all set. actually, you're still at risk for a fatal heart attack or stroke. that's where jardiance comes in. it reduces the risk of dying from a cardiovascular event for adults who have type 2 diabetes and known heart diseas. that's why the american diabetes association recommends the active ingredient in jardiance. and it lowers a1c? with diet and exercise. jardiance can cause serious side effects including dehydration, genital yeast or urinary tract infections,
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5:48 pm
who did it, emmanuel aranda, pleading guilty to premeditated attempted murder. now facing up to 19 years behind bars after telling investigators he cased the mall "looking for someone to kill." he claimed he was searching for an adult, but instead grabbed little landon. >> at this time, we do not believe there is a relationship between the suspect and the child. >> reporter: prosecutors say today's deal will give comfort to the boy's family after the harrowing incident in april. aranda's family today saying he suffers from mental illness, claiming they've been trying unsuccessfully to get him help for years. >> we pray for the family, we still have the family s,fobeery.t goes out to baby landon. >> reporter: david, tonight, we s mi he'll be home by june. david? >> erielle, thank you. when we come back toni the new health warning involving aspirin, affecting millions of americans. and more on that accident involving president trump's motorcade. officers injured. in a moment. in a moment. will it feel like the end of a journey?
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then we found freshpet. now rudy's 13, and going on 3. ♪ anna? did you make two identical purchases of $104 at cut and cloth? life doesn't update you about your credit card. so, meet eno. the capital one assistant that catches things that might look wrong, and helps you fix them. what's in your wallet? to the index of other news tonight, and the accident involving president trump's motorcade. four motorcycle officers t asnge charles, louisiana. it happened today. three officers are being treated tonight for minor injuries. president trump's limousine was not involved. there is a mosque fire under investigation tonight as possible arson in new haven, connecticut. authorities say the fire was deliberately set. flames breaking out on the first floor and quickly spreading. the mosque heavily damaged during the month of ramadan. no one was hurt.
5:52 pm
no arrests have been made. federal authorities have now joined that investigation. to the new headline tonight in the college admissions cheating scandal. former usc soccer coach laura janke pleading guilty today, admitting she took bribes to create fake athletic profiles, including for actress lori loughlin's daughters, she says. janke agreed to cooperate with authorities for minimal prison time. loughlin and her husband face up to 40 years in prison if convicted. and the new health warning tonight about aspirin. a new study confirming regularly taking low dose aspirin may actually increase the risk of bleeding in the skull. the american heart association, as we reported here, recently changed its recommendations, no longer suggesting aspirin to prevent a first-time heart problem. it's still recommended for patients who already have had heart issues. as always, the best advice comes from your doctor. that study appearing in "jama neurology." when we come back tonight, remembering a comedy legend. what carol burnett is saying
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finally tonight here, celebrating actor tim conway, who made us laugh, made his costars laugh, and tonight carol burnett saying, i cherished the times with him. tim conway always making us
5:57 pm
laugh, making us roll, too. but what was so funny was that he always made his costars laugh, even when it wasn't planned. [ laughter ] harvey korman could not contain himself, all of those appearances on "the carol burnett show." >> we're getting this -- >> reporter: there were so many memorable characters. there was the oldest man, here as a butcher. >> 13? >> will you stop with that? >> reporter: and mr. tudball with that accent, inspired by his romanian mother. >> it didn't come out here to break this machine. >> reporter: all of those moments making each other laugh, and carol burnett loved them. >> your first patient is waiting. conway's goal in life is to destroy harvey. he just -- the dentist sketch that was just
5:58 pm
absolutely -- harvey was a prisoner in the chair and tim was a new dentist. >> be right with you. >> reporter: tonight, carol burnett saying of tim conway, "i'm heartbroken. he was one in a million. he'll be in my heart forever." and how did he want to be remembered? >> oh, i think maybe with a smile. >> tim conway, as carol burnett said today, one in a million. i hope to see you right back here tomorrow. good night. a grab and go robbery caught on camera and san jose police
5:59 pm
say it is not the only crime. and delays and denials. live in san francisco with the problems that have again pushed back the central south bay project. i'm spencer christian. level two storms with a lot of punches bearing down on the bay area and we'll feel the effects in a matter of hours. i'll have a closer look coming up. >> get used to seeing green on that doppler 7. a series of storms moving in and that means wet weather for the rest of the week. i'm ama daetz. thanks for joini. >> a i dan blaetin the b area and within 12 hours we'll feel the first rain drops. >> this storm ranks a 2 on the impact scale. >> spencer christian is tracking it all and has more on what we could expect. >> we could expect downpours and strong gusty wind. here is a look at live doppler 7 and you see the wide area of moisture in the atmosphere. starting to feel rain drops as the storm draws closer to the
6:00 pm
coast. once again ranking two on the storm impact scale and moderate intensity and this is a series of storms riding this atmospheric river aiming almost directly at the bay area but this is the first to arrive coming in during the overnight hours and early tomorrow starting in the north bay and then spreading to the bay area. a storm of moderate intensity. most areas could expect a quarter to three quarters of an inch of rainfall and the wettest areas over a inch and gusts from 40 to 20 miles per hour, i'll give you a look at the time frame hour by hour in a few minutes. >> can you believe it is mid may. check the weather conditions where you live on the abc 7 news app to give you access to live


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