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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  May 14, 2019 6:00pm-6:58pm PDT

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moisture in the atmosphere. starting to feel rain drops as the storm draws closer to the coast. once again ranking two on the storm impact scale and moderate this is the "jeopardy!" teachers tournament, intensity and this is a series of storms riding this presented by amazon alexa. atmospheric river aiming almost here is our second group of semifinalists. directly at the bay area but this is the first to arrive coming in during the overnight a tenth-grade chemistry teacher from austin, texas... hours and early tomorrow starting in the north bay and then spreading to the bay area. a storm of moderate intensity. most areas could expect a an 11th-grade physics teacher from new paltz, new york... quarter to three quarters of an inch of rainfall and the wettest areas over a inch and gusts from and a middle school english teacher from stamford, connecticut... 40 to 20 miles per hour, i'll give you a look at the time [ applause ] frame hour by hour in a few and now, here is the host of "jeopardy!"-- minutes. >> can you believe it is mid alex trebek! may. check the weather conditions where you live on the abc 7 news thank you, johnny gilbert. thank you, ladies and gentlemen, app to give you access to live and welcome once again. i have my pal here with me. doppler 7, the same system that spencer used. but julia, i have to ask you, what does that signify-- the march by that motion you did in the introduction? uh, well, i have a daughter who's about to turn two. coit this time?
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and we taught her to fist bump. and after she fist bumps you, she fist bumps herself. that report was delivered to the ah. okay. [ laughter ] federal transit administration with interesting findings. well, for you, francois, and benjamin, i wish all three of you luck. lyan lyanne melendez is live with the benjamin, you were the high scorer story. in the quarterfinal matches, so you pick first >> reporter: as we know, a delay will hurt merchants here in from these categories in the jeopardy! round. ♪ chinatown even more and they've been dealing with this for years alexa, ask "jeopardy!" for today's categories. and years and the city said the only thing it could do is alexa: the categories are... continue offering them financial help. people in chinatown refer to the central south bay as the never ending project. it was supposed to be completedt nament oversight committee reports its cd the south bay construction affecting the business here. >> reporter: but the san francisco municipal transportation agency still stands by the december 2019 deadline. by the way, that is one year after the very first original completion date.
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>> all of our focus is -- and plans are set for december. >> reporter: to that, the corporation responded by saying the sfmta has known since 2016 the project would not be open to the public on time because of the delays that caused. the project began in february of 2010 and supposed to take passengers from the fourth street cal train station to -- right here. the heart of chinatown. but this 1.7 mile extension has seen delays. >> delays. >> delays. >> reporter: the report delivered to the federal transit administration on may 8th states that the project management oversight committee, the pmoc, is concerned there may be an additional cost increase of $102 million. >> we're working together to work out any differences and the challenges that arise as we complete this project. >> reporter: here is how
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supervisor aaron peskin who represents that district sees it. >> we'll work all of that out. but right now everybody got to keep their eye on the prize which is to finish the project and get into revenue service. >> reporter: now according to the sfmta, if this project is not finished by december of this year, the contractor faces fines of $50,000 per day. i'm live in san francisco, lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. >> thanks very much. happening now, san francisco transportation agency is getting its first look at data from the first phase of the city's scooter pilot program. according to the report there were 242,000 trips taken during the six months. since two companies were given permission to operate in the city. the vast majority took less than 25 minutes and went less than two miles, mostly around downtown. the report recommends increasing the number of scooters from 625
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to to 800 during the second phase through october. e bikes come back to the bay area. it is a month since they were pulled out of the system and the bike share system for safety because of concerns about the brakes. abc 7 news had an exclusive interview with an east bay man who fell from one of the electric bicycles when the brakes locked up and ended up with a broken arm. he now has a lawsuit. fort go bike is operated by motivate owned by lyft. in the south bay, a man who grabbed a woman's purse dragged her and her young daughter down a flight of stairs to the concrete below is now in custody. you'll see it happen. pablo cabrera is the man seen in the surveillance from last week watch as the victim and thedapps robberies as well. investigators also say all of the victims were women and all
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were carrying expensive purse ce one reason why we have devoted this entire week to safety information for you. as part of the effort to build a better bay area. a story about seven ways to physically protect yourself from attack is just ten minutes away so stay tuned. last month we dedicated a week of our building a bay area to ride share reality and that included the safety risks that both drivers and passengers face. now a new example. this time a woman jumped from the moving car to escape. abc 7 news reporter liz krois has the story from the east bay. >> reporter: this is the uber driver behind bars attempting to rape two female passengers. >> the suspect also admitted to attempting to pimp out the victim. >> reporter: police say on may 2nd, tma andefedo let her out of his car. she escaped by jumping out as it was moving. less than two hours later,
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police say he picked up a second victim. they say he released her only after she threatened to break out of the window. ammary arrested days later in berkeley, uber telling us in a statement they are deeply troubled by what happened and have removed the access to the app but this is not isolated and comes as ride-share companies face increased scrutiny over passenger safety. >> they could do more to kind of screen out the bad apples. >> jay crater, a long time uber driver told us believes uber needs to beef up the back ground checks. >> how long does it take to become a uber driver. >> 24 hours. >> wow! >> yeah. and it took me like three or four days to become a taxi driver. >> reporter: in 2017 state regulator as dopted new safety rules for uber and lyft and decided against requiring the company to figurer print the drivers. for now this is crater's l and en onc you're should be going because if that
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driver diverts off that path, then something is wrong. >> reporter: and if that does haenhe panic button on your uber app and we're here at telegraph and ash by where the woman escaped the driver and ran into this convenience store. police say they do believe there might be more victims out there. they are hoping that they will come forward. in berkeley, liz kroits, abc 7 news. >> we did more than a dozen stories about ride sharing. the drivers and the cars and the rules and more during our ride share reality week. read the stories our website at look for the building a better bay area section. the defense in the ghost ship trial attacked the oakland fire department for its actions before the warouse fe 2016. attorney tony serra cross-examined fire captain george freeland about an informal inspection at the warehouse following a small fire there in 2014. he challenged freeland for failing to confirm the occupancy rules for the warehouse even
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after he expressed concerns about flammable materials and trailers parked inside. freeland testified that the defendant derrick almena told him no one was living in the space. tanker caused a shut down of the 80 in oakland bringing traffic to a stand stihl during the morning commute and carrying cooking oil. they had to bring in a second tanker to transfer the oil and two tow trucks to get the truck off the road. if it had been carrying fuel this could have ended very differently soir differently. >> so this was stired by a tire blowout so it was luckily nothing blew up. >> the driver tried to put out the fire with the help of a good samaritan but wasnscessfu it no carry gasoline on the bridge. in general trucks are allowed on 580 in the area where the crash happened.
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this truck was when three -- was three miles away. trucks over 4.5tons are prohibits between grant and san leandro since 1963. in that area trucks have to take 238 and 880 and the ban is only lifted when there is a major back-up on either road. the san francisco board of supervisors today banned the use of facial recognition technology by police and all other municipal agencies. that is not all the board voted on. liz pena was inside of the meeting and joins us live with more. luz? >> reporter: dan, san francisco is known as the city of technology and also as a sanctuary city and those two roles played a big part tonight at this board of supervisors meeting. >> when personal information of innocent members of the public is shared with third parties in ways that would make anyone uncomfortable -- >> reporter: the first ban by a major city, san francisco said no to facial recognition by police, but not to personal business or federal use.
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>> city departments who purchase access or use surveillance technology to develop use policies for that technology through a publicetng process -- >> reporter: with several security concerns, supervisor st stephanie was the only one to reject this ban. >> whether or not this could potentially limit the ability to use technology to keep riders and operators safe. >> well it depends. if the board doesn't approve the policy that we create, then we have to shut down thousands of cameras on our media buses, and then it will create an unsafe environment for the patrons an the operators. >> reporter: on the other hand they said the ordinance will prevent law enforcement from targeting marginalized communities. >> i.c.e., immigration, customs enforcement is accessing location data from license plate readers owned by major cities across the country in order to track and facilitate deportation of migrants. >> reporter: but some residents want this technology for large events. >> if people know that we're not using certain technology, then
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we become an open target. >> reporter: in san francisco this technology is used by the san francisco police in the form of license plate readers. and by sfmta in public transit and the use of this technology needs to be approved by the board. >> it does raise concerns about privacy and how much the government is using it is how much the government is in truding on our lives. >> reporter: now the technology here on the iphone, if you have the iphone x is kind of like the same facial recognition that we're used to. we have the camera looking at me so we can see it but the point is that it is a little bit different. it is not like the facial recognition that we see using by departound tt isitnowsnou a gng to open the phone but this is not the same thing that is being used back to you. >> luz, thank you. luz pena reporting. well california is one of
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the most expensive places to live in the country but owning a home may be getting easier. of course it depends on where you live. find out the bay area most affordable place tonight. stop. go away. i don't know this person. >> using your voice loudly and firmly is one way to protect yourself from attack and one of seven steps to take to find out what the other six are next because this is safety week here on abc 7 news. part of our commitment to bu
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this is safety week on abc 7 and we are looking at crime in our community. >> 5 million americans are the victim of violent crime every year and that staggering statistic comes from the u.s. department of justice. >> and knowing how not to become a statistic is what kristen zse has been finding out. >> i don't know this man. leave me alone. >> reporter: these women are with girls leading girls. a nonprofit that helps empower young girls through soccer. >> no! >> reporter: on this day they were learning how to keep safe by another nonprofit, impact bay area. they have empowered more than 15,000 people to protect themselves with a range of classes. from basic moves like at this class, to more advanced classes that are hands-on. >> what we really try to focus on is sometimes the physical stuff happens but the best fight is no fight. >> reporter: according to the national sexual violence resource center one in five women and one in 71 men will be raped at some point in their
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lives. simply putting your hands up creates a defensive space and stay away and yelling loudly will get the attention of people nearby. >> i don't know this person. >> it is much more powerful to say something like i don't know this man. i'm being attacked, leave me alone. >> reporter: it is hard not to leave a class feeling empowered. >> knowing that i have these tools and i practiced it and gone through it in a safe place makes me feel like i could do it in a normal situation on the street. >> i think we're uncomfortable with it at first not sure what to expect and not sure if we could do it. and i think that is something girls do, we question how strong we are and then once we get it, we're good. >> it is hard to set boundaries and what we 50 80% ofex >> reporter: linda stopped by the newsroom to give me seven tips to stay safe. the fst ti
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intuition. >> be in tune with what it feels like in your body to feel like you could be in danger. >> reporter: tip number two, always have situational awareness, know exits and where you could escape to safely. >> where are you physically in relationship to where safety miets might be. >> reporter: three, use your voice. >> go for the deep short sharp syllables so maybe say -- no! >> reporter: four, protect your personal space. >> say somebody is getting too close to you and you are feeling uncomfortable. >> you have the right to say, hey, you're making my a little uncomfortable. >> reporter: five, as a last resort, defend yourself. >> one of the strikes that we teach is an eye strike and so what we do is you make -- stick your thumbs out and wrap fingers around like little bird beaks and then imagine your scary face and do this -- >> reporter: six, get to safety. >> the idea is to get yourself to safety as quickly as
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possible. >> reporter: and number seven, share these tips with a friend. kristen zse, abc 7 news. >> great tips, aren't they. abc 7 news is committed to building a better bay area and all this week we're focused on safety because one of the issues that is a top concern for people in every bay area city and neighborhood that we speak with is protecting themselves and their family and their property. learn how by watching this week. we have a lot more powerful and useful information for you. >> that is right. well spencer has great information. he was telling us to grab our umbrella. >> which we need this week. >> keep it handy for a while because we have rain coming not but from a series of storms coming our way. here is live doppler 7 and the buildup of moisture in the atmosphere showing up as green on our live doppler 7 radar image. look at over san francisco cloudy skies from sutro tower and 59 here in the city with low 60s at oakland, mountain view and 57 at half moon bay. here is the view from
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emeryville. and see a little sliver of sunlight breaking through the low clouds. it is 60 degrees at napa and 60 at santa rosa and 61 at napa. mid-60s at fairfield and concord. 69 in vaca ville and 62 at livermore and from the rooftop camera showing clouds getting thicker over the bay and these are the forecast features, a level two storm will arrive tomorrow first in the north bay and expand to the bay area. wet and windy tomorrow with possibility of isolated thunderstorms late tomorrow into thursday. and another storm will arrive this weekend. so we don't get much of a break over the next several days. overnight as the rain starts to push in, look for low temperatures in the low to mid-50s. and this storm once again ranks two on the storm impact scale, moderate intensity and expect some occasional downpours. most locations will receive rainfall totals between a quarter and three quarters of an inch but some locations especially in the north bay could expect over an inch with wind gusts from 20 to miles per hour. forecast animation at midnight.
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showing rain arriving in the early morning hours even before the morning commute begins. in the north bay some lighter rain will reach other parts of the bay area but in the early part of the day, the rain will focus mainly on the north bay until midday and into the afternoon. then we see it expanding to other regions and by mid to late afternoon, it is just a mess with many areas of heavy downpours, moderate to heavy and strong gusty wind and that pattern will continue through the evening commute into the night time hours before it starts to taper off around 11:00, 11:30 tomorrow night. now the rainfall totals will been -- will be between half an inch and an inch in most regions, in the peninsula and south bay but in the north bay most locations will receive over an inch of rain and let's take a look at wind gusts. starting at noon tomorrow to the afternoon hours, we'll see by 2:00 p.m., 20 to 35-mile-per-hour gusts. later in the afternoon, 25 to n
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just as the rain is winding down as well. on we go to look at high 60 at . low to mid-60s just about everywhere else. and as we look at accuweather seven-day forecast, you could see we have quite a series of rainy days coming our way. storm on thursday will rank only one on the storm impact scale. as will all of the storms to follow. we don't get much of a break. maybe friday partial clearing before the next storm comes in on saturday. sunday maybe some partial clearing later in the day. then on monday the storm arrives at night and continues into tuesday. this is not the kind of weather we ever expect to see in may. >> no. >> but this is what we have. >> thanks, spencer. coming up next, even more
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stocks closed in the green today coming off steep losses yesterday and made escalating tension between the u.s. and china. the dow logged the best one-day gain since april 12th. it was more than 200 points and the nasdaq gained 87. uber had the first positive day since going public on friday closing shy of 40 and the ipo price was $45. major money for a bay area company that is yet to go public. and that leads to tonight's bay area business watch. next door, which is a social media network for your neighborhood announced that it
6:25 pm
raised12 expanding to sweden and denmark. about a quarter million neighborhoods around the world use next door to share information like local crime and recommendations and events. impossible foods has raised $300 million in capital. thanks in part to burger king. burger king is going to use the plant-based patties in three more cities after debuting the meatle meatless whopper in st. louis last month. diocese is taking control of hulu from comcast as they respond to declining traditional tv audience. the companies say that comcast, which owns one-third of hulu, can sell the stake to disney starting in 2024 for a minimum of $5.8 billion. hulu launched more than a decade ago and made shows from disney and comcast available online after they aired on television
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and hulu still shows original series for $6 a month and disney is the parent company of abc 7. well the comedy world is mourning the loss of a legend. comedian tim conway died in los angeles at the age of 85. he is best known as being part of the cast on the carol burnett show and he won six emmys during his career. he was 85 years old. my family loved tim conway and the carol burnett show. wonderful. well former president barack obama has schools and streets named after him. >> and san jose wants to join that list but it is not as easy as it sounds. we dug into what it takes. and the street parking battle in one -- in the sbouth bay. one city is called cruel and unusual punishment by the aclu.
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>> announcer: now news to build a better bay area from abc 7 news. across the country you'll find barack obama schools and barack obama streets. but not here in the bay area. at least not yet. but a community organizer is petitioning for barack obama boulevard in san jose sooner than later. >> but unlike in los angeles, where they recently unveiled a street in honor of the former president, this san jose group is slowed down by city hall. >> chris rayes has the story. >> i was knocking on doors for barack obama in the primary in cleveland, ohio. >> reporter: this was alex shore in 2008. that is when he met two african-american kids whose faces lit up at the mention of then-candidate barack obama. >> that moment just stuck with me. as i thought about those boys over the years, i thought this would be a great tribute to their pa boulevard after a two-year process and shore said his committee hasn't
6:31 pm
had the same momentum. >> committee members and i will go through whatever the city pr processes to get this down. it is taking time. >> reporter: judging from the application one alone, the los angeles one is more simple. just get 500 signatures or 20% if the population is less than 2500 but for san jose not only you do need more than 50% of residents affected, their signature and the utility bill to prove it and you need to collect the name of every single property owner in that neighborhood. we remembered ros way, the san jose street named for steve wozniak and the children discovery museum spearheaded that nearly 30 years ago and back then they remember t ps t ihe process as simple and easy. >> here in a city like san jose we want to send a symbol that anyone could become president. >> reporter: chris rayes, abc 7 news. the field of candidates
6:32 pm
seeking the presidential nomination just got bigger. montana governor steel bullock will seek the presidentancy and le take on money and politics and push progressive policies from his red state perspective. bullock is now the 23rd candidate seeking the democratic presidential nomination. you could read up about all of them on our website donald trump jr. will appear before the senate intelligence committee sometime next month. that is after a subpoena was issued and sources tell abc news the interview is limited in scope and time. senators are expected to ask about a involvement at a meeting with a russian delegation. former new york congressman anthony wiener said it is good to be out. he left a halfway house in new york city this morning after completing his 21-month sentence for sexting with a 15-year-old girl. the once rising star in the democratic party had been living
6:33 pm
in the halfway house since february after serving prison time in massachusetts. >> do you feel like you've learned any lessons or do you feel like you're a new man. >> look, i feel like i am glad to be getting back to my family and hope to be able to live a life of integrity and service and i'm glad this chapter in my life is behind me. >> he has been ordered to register as a sex offenders. aman has been attack by a electric scooter. this video shows him taken into custody by long beach police. police say he attacked 63-year-old rosa hernandez at random yesterday afternoon and used a nearby scooter as a weapon. hernandez is a long-time resident of the neighborhood. >> i just heard the news and it is shocking. she was a nice woman. everybody in the neighborhood knew her. she's always walking. she didn't drive. >> police say the suspect is a transient and being held on
6:34 pm
$2 million bail. breaking news in richmond where police found a man shot to death on the sidewalk this evening. this is on chancellor avenue at 16th street. sky 7 is live overhead. officers showed up there when they got an alert from the shot spotter system which zeros in where gunshots are heard and right now there is no information on who the shooter is and what happened before the gunfire. it has been a violent week in richmond. on sunday gunfi on sunday gunfire wounded people. people living in rvs will be banned from living on public streets and we've told but this before. the decision was made in march. and now two civil clhe acla are calling th punishment. we have stayed on the story for months and we have the update. >> reporter: francisco ram ram is preparing to enter her trailer and she and her husband were both -- have full time jobs but can't afford the
6:35 pm
skyrocketing rent. >> do you feel safe at night. >> no good. >> it is not good here? >> no. >> reporter: safety is a concern but the bigger threat is the possible ordinance by the city that would force them to move. >> parking restrictions at -- that deal with the problem by trying to force people out of the city is not a solution. >> reporter: this lawyer with the law foundation of silicon valley co-authored a letter with the aclu demanding the city stop advancing an ordinance to ban oversize vehicle parking citywide because the ordinance violates the california and u.s. constitution saying it punished people for, quote, merely trying to survive and stay in their own community. >> the case law in the eighth amendment is the city has to provide an option to sleep indoors and not just a safe place to park. >> reporter: he applauds the city's effort to come up with alternatives like safe parking program but said it is not enough. >> the need for affordable
6:36 pm
housing and shelter housing is just vastly outstripping the city's ability to provide safe parking spaces. >> i wouldn't see anything that stood out in my mind. >> reporter: the mayor said the city is looking over the letter and will consider the claims being made. >> at this point it really is in the hands of our city attorney and her staff to take a look at and keep that in mind as they draft the ordinance that will come back to counsel. >> reporter: a draft ordinance is expected to be ready this summer. in mountain view, abc 7 news. in the peninsula, east palo alto will open an rv safe lot parking lot approved last year. the parking lot provides not only a safe and designated place to park overnight but also affordable showers, restrooms and laundry facilities paid for by the city and by a nonprofit. in the east bay, alameda county launched safe parking for
6:37 pm
people who sleep in their cars. abc 7 news was there as -- in march when the first one opened at williams chapel baptist church in oakland. a second one is now open and two more are plans. money from the city and county funds a security guard and freshwater and bathrooms. a new report offers some hope on the ability to buy a home. the california association of realtors said that almost a third of california households can now afford to buy a median priced home and the first time that number has been above 30% in a year. housing affordable ranges from a low of 17% in san francisco, to a high of 46% in solano county making it the bay area most affordable count in which to live. more than 100 miles long and almost 10,000 feet of climbing. that is what cli faced today in the am gen tour of california. >> the goal to get to m
6:38 pm
tto harrison, the wine tcollection.. to craig, this rock. the redwoods to the redheads. the rainbows to the proud. i leave these things to my heirs, all 39 million of you, on one condition. that you do everything in your power to preserve and protect them. with love, california.
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livermore, santa rosa, santa clara and san mateo. well a date is set for when food critic guy fieri gets his own star on the hollywood walk of fame. the host of food network diners and drive-ins and dives will be honored next wednesday. be side the tv show he came to the town of paradise on thanksgiving to serve firefighters battling the campfire and did the same in the santa rosa during the north bay fires in 2017. sky 7 was in the south bay where world class cyclists traversed rolling hills for stage three of the am gen tour crowds gathered at the finish line to welcome the 1 hundel eat athletes. today's race started in stockton and endedt e o s the 126fch co bgest in the entire
6:42 pm
world. >> incredible. okay, so are you ready for the rain? we're about to get several days of it whether you are or not. >> spencer ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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we have breaking news out of
6:45 pm
los angeles. the poor thing. this horse that is stuck in belly deep in mud near hanson dam in l.a. well rescue crews have just arrived. we've been watching this live feed. you see the rider trying to keep the horse calm. the rescuers say this will be challenging because of the terrain but bet they will work hard to get that poor horse out of the mud. >> a tough job. >> definitely. poor thing. okay. we'll stay on that. abc 7 news is committed to building a better area and this week we're focused on safety of our home and family and ourselves. >> michael finney, you are answering questions and you have the first one. >> i do. it is how can i say stay safe while traveling. that is a question we received. here is what i want to you do. research your destination thoroughly before your trip including checking with the state department website they offer current threats so it is very important to know. get travel insurance to offer
6:46 pm
medical evacuation and once you are on the ground, blend in. do you not want to look like a tourist. so keep the cameras hidden, don't wear expensve jewelry and watch out for locals that seem a tad too friendly. >> that is suspicious. >> the second question is from twitter. my home was burglarized and a jade pennant necklace was important to me and i would like to find it. where do burglars sell stolen jewelry. >> finding this is tough like finding a needle in hay stack but check on e-bay and local pawn shops and craigslist. police recover an amazing amount of stuff so you if have a photograph and give a copy to the local police and it can come through. and then you'll get it back. it is tough. >> product safety issue here. how do i know what furniture, clothes, baby products are safe for my kids? >> that is a great question. we do a good job here at 7 on your side so k tckf th webte t head's
6:47 pm
up. and then when buying an item check out that is with an "s", a government website that people don't know b because it is the central clearing house of all of the websites for all of the mandates recalls by the u.s. government. so go there and search by item. that is my starting point often many days. >> great. thanks, michael. and this week we are focused on safety as part of the effort to build a better bay area. protect yourself and your family and your home. watch abc 7 news all this week. now update the weather forecast and a week of rain. >> spencer is here with that. >> keep several umbrellas handy. a look at live doppler 7, moisture in the atmosphere as the storm gets closer and rain will probably begin falling in the north bay overnight. the storm that is approaching us ranks 2 on the storm impact scale. a storm of moderate intensity which will produce strong gusty wind from time to time and maybe even some brief heavy downpours. overnight lows -- or highs
6:48 pm
tomorrow rather in the mid-60s. low to mid-60s for most part. not a very mild day. it is windy at the coast. and over in the sierra, the storm will produce snow so there is a winter storm warning in effect from midnight tomorrow night to 6:00 a.m. friday and we expect six to 12 inches of snow above 6,000 feet and maybe up to two feet in the highest peaks. on to the accuweather seven-day forecast. after the level two storm tomorrow, we have ling earling showers on thursday, possibly lightning and thunder. each of the days to follow will bring storm activity ranking one on the impact scale. so even after tomorrow, we're not getting a break through next tuesday expect periods of rain just about every day. >> we don't see many seven-day panels like that during the rainy season. >> the warriors in action tonight. western conference finals. >> the warriors would like to mark a ve tonight. with a victory. without kevin durant but they do
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have steph. look at rebound. and they have
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it was five years ago that the warrior hired steve kerr. warriors hoping to reach the finals for the fifth consecutive year and stal blazers, game one oracle arena. damian lillard back in the jersey on the way into his hometown arena. lillard can launch from -- look
6:52 pm
at step-back right there. with seven points early on in this game. two great backcourts in the series. klay thompson back down and fadeaway jumper on the baseline and he 11 point in 11:00. steph curry battling for the rebound and gives it to up to draymond green and freeway to the basket. 15-11 warriors first quarter off the mark and curry the rebound and out to draymond for the hoop. and then curry gives up the ball. this is where he kills you. the they are in the second quarter. >> the second pick will be made by the memphis grizzlies and that means that the number one pick in the 2019 nba draft goes to the new orleans pelicans. >> and look at that reaction from the pelicans front office, ecstatic. this is the team that refused to
6:53 pm
trade anthony davis to the lakers mid-season and now they could entice him to stay with zion williamson coming to new orleans. memphis will pick second and the knicks tanked all year and only get the third pick. and the lakers got the fourth selection. that was mean. as for the other western finals, on the ice the sharks head to st. louis tied at a game apiece and best player in all of the playoffs has been san jose logan couture. leads all with 13 goals, two in less than 2:00 last night and also leads in total points. this not a new thing. when the sharks made the finals for the first time back there 16heedn goals bac the and his follow his example if the sharks want to plaque it to the finals. >> he's a stud. he's been carrying this timeop e
6:54 pm
too. >> he's been playing phenomenal. you could see the commitment and the passion he wants and we know we need more of that from everybody, i think. >> we haven't played our best hockey since the vegas series and it is frustrating because we're going to need everyone here if we want to beat these guys because they're a very good hockey team. >> for the first time since 1949 the pga is being played in may. used to be the final major of the year in august and now a major in four consecutive months. the question, can tiger woods duplicate his masters success at beth page where he won in 2002. temperate 4 for to be near 70 by thursday. tiger was asked about john daly using a cart because of arthritis and he said i walked with a broken leg and asked if he would consider during one of the behind the scenes all access shows like curry is doing. >> lebron james haswn show, i'm wondering --
6:55 pm
>> no. >> if you would ever -- >> no. >> and why not. >> no. i'm good. i like playing. i've had quite a few chances and i feel like a few of them i really didn't do anything. i played well and but that is how it is. it is hard to win majors. if it was easy a lot of guys would have more than they do. >> on to the bay area stage for the tour of california. 129 mile ride and stockton to morgan hill and the kids there getting creative. francis remi cavanaugh so far ahead there was nobody around him.dohill. ill 7:30 minutes ahead at thefif the frleaders. the warriors are up by 8 with 4:00 left heading to halftime. totally different feel watching the game. james harden and the rockets are like oh, no.
6:56 pm
so stressed. oh, the blazers -- oh -- i'm just holding the warriors players don't feel the way i do watching all of -- like oh, it is a nice little series. a little sweep and we'll win in five but it is not as stressful as the rockets. >> not yet. >> thanks, larry. join us tonight at 9:00 on kofi tv. >> get ready for the most rain we've seen in two months. what to expect when you wake up in the morning. >> and then on abc 7 news at 11:00, helping build a better bay area by keeping you and your family safe. it is our focus all week long. tonight the skills that your child can learn to stop a potential abduction. >> and tonight on abc 7 at 8:00, catch american housewife followed by the kids are all right and blackish and bless this mess and then at 10:00 it is 1969, the fbi and the panther. stay tuned for abc 7 news at 11:00. and at 11:35, it is jimmy
6:57 pm
kimmel live and tonight's guest includes actor george clooney, one of ama's favorites. >> i like george clooney but not necessarily my favorite but a good actor. >> ryan gosling. >> you are implying things or making up. >> what it is work. >> thanks for joining us. i'm ama daetz. i like george clooney. >>
6:58 pm
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