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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  May 15, 2019 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> grab your umbrella, maybe your rain boots, some of those devastatingly attractive ponchos. a live look outside this morning. you can see the wet weather is arriving right now, and it may impact your commute. good morning, welcome to wednesday, may 15th. >> the storm ranks as a two on our storm impact scale. let's get right over to mike nicco for the very latest on the storm's track and time line. the bulk of the wet weather is shifting into the north bay. bodega avenue, stony point, street level to rohnert park where we have light to moderate rain. here in san francisco you can see the embarcadero is wet. looks like a few sprinkles showing up. here's what will happen today. increasing rain in the north bay. coming at us from the south another round between 7:00 and 9:00. after that scattered showers from mid morning.
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what happens from 4:00 to 7:00, that's when the heaviest of the rain starts to roll in. temperatures are very mild this morning, mid-50s to near 60. we'll hang out in the mid to upper 60s this afternoon. a check on that increasingly wet commute. here is alexis. looking live at the richmond side of the bridge. chp has been asked to provide traffic krl 580 just before the toll plaza. i'm not sure what the issue is. perhaps a disabled vehicle or a minor collision in the area. i will keep an eye on that. right now it looks like that is slowly starting to fill in. a quick check of drive times. 52 minutes now westbound 580 tracy to dublin. you're in the red. no delays 680 dublin to mission boulevard or northbound 85. we do have a crash in solano county i'll talk about next. alexis, thank you. in the south bay a man grabbed a woman's purse and, watch this, he drags her and her daughter down a flight of stairs. >> the video is just terrible, and it's from surveillance from
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last week. police say the man they think is responsible will be in court today. abc 7 news reporter jobina fortson live for us in san jose this morning. good morning, jobina. >> reporter: according to jail records pablo cabrera is being held behind bars without bail. police have linked him to other purse snatching cases. let's look at the stunning video from the most recent incident here. you can see police say is cabrera walked over as the mother and daughter head up the stairs of a building off towers lane in san jose. police say that's cabrera snatching the purse and dragging the mother and her daughter down the stairs with it. investigators say another camera showed cabrera take off from the scene in a black four-door lexus. when he was arrested they found items in his home linking him to other purse snatching cases. san jose police are asking for the public's help to reach out if you have information about cabrera's involvement in other crimes. investigators say all of cabrera's victims were asian
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females carrying expensive handbags and were attacked from behind. for now reporting live in san jose this morning, jobina fortson, abc 7 news. >> jobina, thank you. also today in san jose the woman accused of the dui crash that killed a 17-year-old boy is due in court. the highway patrol says ashley marie oliver was driving the wrong way on highway 17 over the weekend. she crashed no a car that had five teens from fremont inside. armando was killed, a junior in fremont where he played football. he and two of the other teens in the car were not wearing seat belts. uc berkeley police are trying to find a man who took pictures of people in a campus bathroom. investigators say they believe this man placed a camera in a restroom stall on the fourth floor of moffitt library discovered march 15th. photographs of five people had been taken that day. 13 people had been photographed at that same location in
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october. investigators do not know if the man is a uc berkeley student or if he's in any way affiliated with the university. senator kamala harris taking a hard stance on assault style weapons saying if she's elected in 2020, she would take executive action to ban imports of all ar-15 style weapons like these ones. harris will share her new pledge in new hampshire. harris has already called for near universal background of her gun control agenda.lation and today she'll reportedly pledge to ban imports of assault weapons until the atf can analyze a permanent ban. developing news, the state department ordered all nonemergency government employees it leave iraq overnight. this comes amid rising tensions between the u.s. and iran. last week officials said they detected urgent threats targeting americans in the
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region. donald trump jr. will appear before the senate intelligence committee some time next month. that's after a subpoena of issued. the interview will be a closed door session and limited in scope and time. senators are expected to ask about a proposed trump tower project in moscow. also trump junior's involvement at a meeting with a russian delegation. new developments, governor newsom's administration is calling for changes at the dmv. according to "the sacramento bee" the strike team turned in a 100-page report to lawmakers saying the organizational structure is outdated and employees need better training. recommendations include redesigning the department's website and creating a chat bot to filter and respond to customer complaints. the dmv says some of the recommended changes are under way. along the peninsula rv dwellers kicked off city streets and now have a safe place to park overnight. the mayor was on hand to mark the start of the rv safe lot parking program. the parking lot has portable
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showers, restrooms, and laundry facilities. the lot is on bay road in east palo alto. it is paid for by the city and also by a nonprofit. san francisco school district moving ahead to build affordable housing on land it already owns. officials are considering three sites, one in the sunset district, another on cook street and third in the bayview. "the examiner" reports the school district loses 10% of its teachers every year, and the district believes providing affordable housing will help it retain experienced educators. a fire in sacramento could mean you will be paying more for almonds at the grocery store. america's fittest cities -- where san francisco and other bay area cities stand. and i want to show you today's potential rain versus our average. most of us could get right near it if not exceed it, just today's storm we could get a month's worth of rain. rain the next seven days. today's two on the
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the laughing cow cheese is dip-able.ble. dunk-able. whatever you want-able. so however you snack. snack like you now in a resealable spread. good morning. let's take a look at live dom letter 7, showing steady rain, heavier rain right now around santa rosa. down south of that there may be some residual moisture on the roads but it's not raining nearly as much, if at all.
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a look at the golden gate bridge and some of that residual moisture we were talking about. out and about exercising may play all around the rain and the wind is a small craft advisory develops north of the bay bridge starting at 9:00 this morning, south of the bay bridge starting at 3:00. the evening commute, everything will be wet and the cross winds will come across the east/west bridges. peninsula, we have light rain through 10:00. a little bit of a break through noon and better chances this evening. you'll see in the east bay valleys scattered showers from 8:00 to 2:00, steadier rain from 4:00 on and the south bay. a chance of light rain around 8:00, some scattered showers 10:00 through 4:00. just when you're sitting down to watch the sharks game, the rain really unloads o you. here is alexis. good morning, mike. unfortunately we have a new problem on the bay bridge. we're looking at a cal trans camera. heavy traffic is on the westbound side. a collision is blocking the far right past treasure island. sounds like perhaps an airport
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shuttle bus and tanker truck involved in that one. we haven't gotten word on injuries yet. i don't believe chp has made it to the scene. you are heavy heading into the tunnel and beyond at this point. of course the metering lights as well. they did issue the sig alert. as soon as we have a better view i will pass that along. sky 7 is on the way to the scene. westbound 80 past travis boulevard, a nine car crash just pushed off to the shoulder. however, residual delay of about 30 minutes. and now we want to get to some breaking news i'm watching here at the live desk, an emergency situation happening in oklahoma city and look at that. there are two people on that scaffolding that broke off of the side of the building. they have been dangling there for quite some time and they keep hitting the side of the building there. you can see they're suspended on some sort of crane or pole and are just hanging on there as we continue to watch this. i don't see any emergency personnel there in this shot but
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surely there are people down there, fire crews, assessing how to get these people down from that situation. it appears to be pretty windy out there and, again, they're just swinging back and forth. right now, thankfully, they are not hitting the side of the building but they were for some time as i was watching and, again, they are just hanging on there hoping that they are able to somehow get these guys down there. it's very unclear exactly how that's going to work. i'm going to keep my eye on things throughout the morning here at the live desk. if we have a major update i will let you know and, yeah, really hard to watch this but, again, we'll be right back. a lot will happen in your life.
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you never cease to amaze me, maya. see how investing with a j.p. morgan advisor can help you. visit your local chase branch. welcome back, everyone. 6:15. and right now we're watching this dire situation in oklahoma city where we've learned these are window washers that are trapped on some sort of lift there above this building. you can see how high that building is, as that camera zooms away. washing those windows when something went wrong and they have been dangling there for quite some time. we've seen wind gusts pick up and so the platform they are on to wash those windows has been flying around back and forth, and there is damage to the building on the right-hand side. it looks like some of the windows have been knocked out as
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a result of this. they've been hanging on. right now it is quiet, which is nice to see. reggie and natasha, before the break we were seeing them swing wildly back and forth and as i mentioned they have been hitting the side of the building as well, so there's major concern for these folks that are up there and it's a very tall building. emergency crews have to assess how they're about to get these guys down. my producer saying this building is 50 stories high. >> the top floor is 746 feet high and they're close to the top. >> wow. it looks like they're -- it looks like the two people on there are okay. they seem to be walking around and assisting and now they're grabbing some sort of rope from a person who is assisting them from the top of the building. at least they look like they are stabilized. >> let's hope there's not
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another strong wind gust causing it to twist and turn the way it was before. we appreciate you tracking this. 6:16 now. we will soon learn how the fire at the blue diamond factory in sacramento will affect our almond prices. a four-alarm fire broke out monday night. fire officials say there is significant damage on the second floor as well as smoke damage on the third floor. the $21.5 billion industry. according to "the sacramento bee" the state processes nearly 80% of the world's almond supply. >> a big day is the weather. a lot of you are feeling the effects of our storm. >> yes, from the san mateo bridge northward so far measurable rain, not quite in the south bay, not quite in the east bay valleys but it's coming. everybody traveling rather freely there without the rain and not too much traffic, it looks like. to the san mateo bridge especially on the hayward side
6:18 am
and you can see .01 of an inch. a little bit of sheen on the road right there as you see the cars coming at us, the headlights showing that more so. rain to showers heaviest this evening during the commute. that's when the winds will be fastest crossing our bridges from south to north. watch out for that crosswind. a chance of rain the next seven days. yes, it's may. it doesn't happen often. friday and monday the least amount of rainfall. low 60s along the coast in san francisco, mid to upper 60s for the rest of us. cooler than average. not chilly. tonight cooler than this morning. low to mid-50s. notice the rainfall, not quite as prevalent as today. so the steadiest of the rain is in the north bay. also you could see across the bay bridge into the richmond bridge getting wet right now. 7:00, we see an uptick in the yellows. more moderate rain on the way through about 9:00, 10:00. then a little bit of a break. we're trying to get the giants game in, 12:45. you can see there's going to be
6:19 am
scattered showers, once we get to 4:00 all bets are off as the heaviest part is moving in just in time for the evening commute. look at that, 7:00, widespread yellows over the top of us. as we head to 11:30 we taper to ska scattered, lighter showers. look at the totals increase as we head through that heavier batch during the evening. a half inch in many neighborhoods to an inch in the north bay to two inches in the santa cruz mountains. today storm a two moderate. ones across the board through tuesday. alexis? checking out the roads this morning, i want to take you back to the bay bridge commute where we're already moving along quite a bit better. a sig alert for about five minutes. that is it. westbound 80 just past treasure island. a two vehicle collision blocking the right lane. chp didn't even have time to get there before it was canceled. all lanes are open and filtering out. taking you to the santa cruz mountains, still trying to bounce back from two earlier
6:20 am
crashes north of the summit. as you can see you're down to about ten miles an hour. that is not great. and if anything that line of red has gotten longer not shorter. that commute is going to continue to get soggier throughout the morning. southbound 680 walnut creek to dublin in the green. 101 santa rosa to san francisco filling in in the yellow. make that four minutes. and northbound 17 through the santa cruz mountains, highway 1 to los gatos, not terrible. it is in the yellow at 32
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hydro planing my biggest concern out of the storm today. to a lesser extent trees and power lines down as we have leaves on the trees that will catch the water and wind which could bring them down. a small chance of that. our driest time will be friday afternoon a sunday afternoon. it's a major update here from our live desk at the situation we've been watching this morning in oklahoma city.
6:24 am
window washers were trapped on this ledge they use above a 50-story building. they were swinging wildly. and you can see it has been stabilized now. fire crews out there helping to secure the platform they're on. they're still standing there but very close to being rescued and assessing the situation. everyone very calm. you can see on the right-hand side of your screen the damage to the building in oklahoma city. this is a huge building. it's 50 stories tall and there is significant damage. the public told to stay away from the building as the situation wraps up. looks like they're in good hands now, and that's great to see. >> imagine what was going through their behinds? >> such a relief. if i were them, today would be the day i quit. facebook may face a threat of mandatory privacy audits for the next 20 years. that's part of a settlement being brokered with u.s.
6:25 am
officials. reuters reports the federal trade commission may also fine menlo park facebook $5 billion. this stems from an investigation into facebook's role in the cambridge analytica scandal, exploited a loophole that scraped data from up to 87 million facebook users without their consent. american tourists can soon order more than just a big mac or a quarter pounder when they visit mcdonald's in austria. starting today they will assist u.s. citizens in need to contact the u.s. embassy in vienna. you can turn to the golden arches if you require assista e assistance. employees will be unable to issue a new passport, but they're receiving training how to get in touch with officials who can. the 2019 american fitness index is out and san francisco ranking pretty high on the list of 100 cities. researchers looked at both personal fitness like exercise
6:26 am
and community fitness like access to parks and fresh groceries. and here are your top five fittest cities in the u.s. arlington, virginia, is number one. seattle, number two. then minneapolis. and then san francisco at four. number five is madison, wisconsin. three other bay area cities made the list. oakland and number 11 san jose. fremont number 34. i guess all those classes are paying off. >> getting swole daily. >> paying $1 million to spin. >> sounds about right. sounds good. up next at 6:30, storm watch. we're live in the north bay with how people are bracing for the spring storms hitting right now. san francisco supervisors taking another step to ban facial recognition technology. how the mayor is reacting. plus, at the live desk the battle over abortion, alabama lawmakers
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it's no ordinary day at denny's it's crepe day. a family tradition we started about twenty-two minutes ago. and from the looks of it, this tradition is going to last awhile. denny's has new crepes! see you at denny's.
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right now 6:30 bracing for the first storm. live doppler 7 tracking the first in a string of storms headed right for the bay area over the next seven days. i'm breaking down the storm's time line for your commute. >> reporter: the rain is here. we're getting some light showers here in the north bay and more is on the way. we'll show you the latest conditions coming up next. protests erupting after lawmakers in alabama vote on the most restrictive abortion law in the country and what it could mean for roe v. wade. impacting bay area
6:31 am
companies, the local business pulling production out of the country. ♪ are you ready? bts taking over central park. you can see them perform live in 29 minutes. >> those are the only lyrics i know. oh, yeah, oh, yeah. are they saying oh, yeah, oh, yeah or okay, okay? i don't know the lyrics. >> the hearts. >> don't take my word for it. >> pretty sure i don't know. >> we're very hip to what the kids are into. >> you know what you do know on this wednesday, may 15, mike nicco? >> busy watching the rain, i will say that. >> we're tracking it on the storm impact scale. >> it's a two and it's here. right to it. it's coming down kind of light. now we did have some rain elsewhere like we talked about we would yesterday and more is on the way with that low
6:32 am
developing this afternoon and evening. a look at some of the rain on the embarcadero on front street. areas of rain through 7:00, 9:00. some scattered showers and then the heavier, more widespread showers come in from 4:00 to 7:00 and that's why the storm is a two. >> we have had several issues already this morning, mike. the first time in a long time we've had any sheen on the pavement. it's not a washout this morning. it will be different conditions this afternoon. looking live at the toll plaza at the moment. right around the metering lights sounds like a truck to assist went through and missed them the first time. they are looping back around. once you make it on to the bridge things are looking better. that cleared and the backup is thinning out quickly.
6:33 am
if you're coming into the cal did i could the tunn dicott tunnel, about a 15-minute delay through orinda. the rain falls first in the north bay. >> reporter amy hollyfield live for us in larkspur. >> reporter: good morning. it does not feel like may. we have had rain. we're getting some wind. it is just a unique morning, it doesn't feel like spring in the bay area. we know people are curious about the may storm and businesses that rely on spring weather will take a hit. they think they will lose $20,000 to $30,000 because of this rain. >> the rain that will start some
6:34 am
time this evening and tomorrow and then into this week is forcing us to cancel trips and potentially close down during the peak of the storm. >> reporter: fish restaurant is bracing for a quiet weekend. the manager says people don't think about heading out to eat fish especially sitting out on the beautiful deck of theirs when it is raining. they have cut down their staff for the weekend. they aren't buying as much fish as usual. baseball playoffs now on hold all throughout the bay area. everyone is having to adjust to the surprise may storm. reporting live in larkspur, amy hollyfield. cities offering free sandbags including hillsborough, millbrae and burlingame. you can track the rain where you
6:35 am
live anytime. it is free to download. and breaking news from the east bay just in to the abc 7 newsroom. police are investigating a deadly shooting right now. opd on the scene at east 17th street and 18th avenue next to san antonio park. a victim suffered from multiple gunshot wounds, was pronounced dead at the scene and police say there are no suspects. a bill for a near total ban on abortion has passed in alabama. it's headed to the governor's desk now. the aclu of alabama is saying it is planning to sue. here at the live desk all morning looking into what this means for roe v. wade, a felony for doctors to perform abortions. they could spend up to 99 years in prison. it exempts women who are at grave health risk but in the
6:36 am
cases of rape and incest women would have to carry their pregnancies to term. the bill's author says they hope to appeal to the supreme court with a conservative majority and they want to challenge roe v. wade. >> trying to keep it just as it was, to address the issue roe v. wade was decided on which the baby in a womb is a person. >> i apologize to the women that we passed. there are women protesting. they have dressed as hand maids from "the handmaids tale. "this was the scene yesterday. jessica, thank you. san francisco is one step closer to banning police from using facial recognition technology. the board of supervisors voted 8-1 to approve the stop secret surveillance ordinance late yesterday. the ban would apply to all city departments except sfo and the
6:37 am
port. police used the technology for license plate readers. mayor london breed has not decided if she supports that ban. this morning dub nation feeling confident after the warriors trounced the trail blazeers in game one of the western conference finals. stefan curry dominated scoring 36 points and draining nine three-pointers. the dubs beat portland 116-94. the game was the first time two brothers faced off on the court during the conference finals with steph facing his brother seth. their parents did a coin toss to decide which parent would wear which team's jersey. >> i told my mom, who are you with? i saw her stand up and cheer but saw all portland gear, and it's just weird. it's probably more nerve-racking for them. >> and a surprise for all the fans leaving oracle arena,
6:38 am
20,000 people got free google home minis, making it the largest tech giveaway. >> that's not bad. tell me, do you hate talking to your ride share driver? uber coming out with a new solution. the preferences you can select. >> a live look at the new york stock exchange. you can see that ride continues down. more on what's happening ahead. jessica is tracking the boeing bombshell, pilots confronted boeing about the problems with the 737 max jets. and this morning congress is taking action. but first, you're never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. here is mike nicco. we'll start with live doppler 7. make sure you have our app or use it on our website. active with steady, light rain. some showers finally moving into the south bay possibly on the dumbarton bridge, across highway 17 is just green. very light. some yellow around monterey and
6:39 am
that will move into the santa cruz mountains by 9:00. while it's dry right now on 87 in san jose and dry now, walnut creek, it's not going to be that way all day. if you're traveling north or west from either of those areas you're going to run into the rain. caution for your commute. slow down. it's been a long time since we had bad weather. gusty breezes if you're on a ferry ride. you can see showers, light rain, i think, through at least 9:00. and it's just steady all day today. gusty and heavier. in the east bay a chance of light rain, maybe lighter rain at 10:00. scattered showers noon to 2:00. 4:00 it starts to pick up in intensity and at 6:00 to 8:00 is our heaviest amount. in san francisco we have a chance of scattered showers through about 1:00. you can see by 3:00 the rain coming down and going sideways. that's when the heaviest rain
6:40 am
and fastest winds kick in. i'll take look at future radar coming up. we're going to need it in may. seven days worth of forecast for rain. can you believe that? >> it is hard to believe. my yard is liking it. >> time to put the plants in before it rains. let's take a look at the roads. nothing major right now. we're getting reports of a crash westbound 80 around powell and emeryville, a hit-and-run collision. i'm not sure about lanes blocked but it is stop and go through this area. moving over to our traffic maps, the usual crawl if you're coming across the richmond/san rafael bridge on 580. that is starting to fill in. you're down to nine miles an hour for quite a few miles there so that typical backup now that we're seeing every day due to the emergency road repair is there and heavier drive times, 580 tracy to dublin, 56 minutes in the red. westbound 4, antioch to concord in the yellow at 29 minutes.
6:41 am
southbound 101 san rafael to san francisco not terrible but you are in the yellow at 18 minutes. police in dubai have a pricey new police car. it is masarati. the italian super car is capable of speeds up to 186 miles an hour. dubai pd has 15 super cars in their fleet but, hey, they're not the only ones with luxury cruisers. fremont police added a tesla earlier this year. they only have one fancy car. that one happened to be preowned. it was a couple years old. it's still fancy. >> it is fancy. dubai seems like an alternate universe to me. >> it really does. las vegas. >> or oz. >> a maserati, can you imagine that pulling up next to you, driver, license and registration, please? thanks, alexis. up next, saving money on your grocery bill.
6:42 am
the most and least expensive grocery stores have just been named. >> reporter: when should you call 911? i'm kristen sze. 40% of 911 calls are not real emergencies, and they waste valuable time of first responders. how do you know? one, is there an immediate danger to life or property? such as maybe a medical emergency or a fire? two, is there an actual crime in progress? three, if you answer no but still want help, you can call 311, and those situations might include things like a car burglary that's already happened or the reporting of
6:43 am
6:44 am
6:45 am
let's take a look at what's going on with the school day forecast. it may not be raining in your neighborhood now but your kids will be caught by rain during the afternoon hours so maybe have them prepared for that plus it's pretty mild this morning, upper 50s to 60s. a look at some of the light rain falling. hydro planing is my biggest concern. trees and power lines coming down. we have new growth on the trees which is weaker plus leaves on the trees which catch the wind and the rain. we can expect wet weather northward. turning over to snow through 6:00 a.m. friday, a foot to two feet of snow possible from 6,000 feet up and more wintry mix all the way through the weekend.
6:46 am
now a live desk update. right now back to what happened in oklahoma city this morning. we saw some terrifying moments for two window washers, video from earlier, about 30 minutes ago two window washers were on top of the 50 story tower, the tallest building in oklahoma city, and you can see there they were swinging back and forth hitting the side of the building and the building was damaged. first responders were able to get to the top of the tower and this is the video from just a few moments ago. you can see that they are safe. not clear yet exactly what went wrong this morning, guys. >> that was so scary. thank you. a man grabbed a woman's purse and then dragged her and her daughter down that flight of stairs. >> it's horrible. you'll see it there. look at that. this is surveillance video from last week. the man has been arrested for the crime. he's going to be in court. reporter jobina fortson is live in san jose this morning. jobina? >> reporter: hi, reggie and
6:47 am
natasha. investigators say all of pablo cabrera's victims were asian femas carrying expensive handbags and were attacked from behind. let's look at the most recent incident. police say that is cabrera slowly walking over as the mother and daughter head up the stairs of the building off towers lane in san jose. then he drags the mother and her daughter down the stairs. investigators say another camera showed cabrera take off from the scene in a black four-door lexus. when he was arrested they found items in his home linking him to other purse snatching cases. according to jail records cabrera is due in court today and police are asking for the public's help. they say if you recognize cabrera please contact them right away. you can do that anonymously. jobina fortson, abc 7 news. >> thank you, jobina. now your morning money report.
6:48 am
>> later this year google will begin showing advertisements on the app's home page. p>> despite a big price cut whoe foods is still the most expensive grocery store in america. that's according to analysts at bank of america. walmart has the lowest overall prices. san mateo-based go pro will shift a big portion of camera production from china to mexico. that's in an evident to avoid president trump's escalating tariffs on items shipped from china. the trade tension with china is still causing a wild ride on wall street. here is a quick look at the new york stock exchange down this morning. the dow rebounded yesterday closing up more than 200 points. we'll see if that happens again today. 48. some people think the best uber driver is a silent uber driver. and now you can request just that. uber is offering a quiet mode. when selected uber drivers are notified the passenger does not
6:49 am
want to chat. and passengers can also pick their preferred temperature and request to get help with luggage when booking a ride. >> it continues to rain across the bay area. hi, mike. are you ready? delays at sfo though we had a little bit of light rain a couple hours ago roll through. a two still for today. this morning's rain, don't let that fool you. scattered overnight but chances of rain every day in the seven-day forecast. santa cruz mountains, highway 9 is wetter than highway 17. it goes right down in the hills, cupertino. middle field road as you head up to palo alto for mountain view.
6:50 am
all those areas getting wet right now and at 7:00 you can see some yellow starting to line up into the north bay. a break from 9:00 on. we'll try to get the giants game first pitch. look at the moderate rain. it keeps getting heavier during the evening hours. a solid shield. a thunderstorm not out of the offing. by 11:00, we're out of here. by 9:00 just about all of us having some light to measurable rain. we'll get up to half an inch around most of the bay area. up in the north bay and our fastest winds at noon but at 7:00 will be around 30 to 40 miles an hour. a chance of rain, dry saturday,
6:51 am
sunday morning, sunday afternoon dry. we had another sig alert issued. i did tell you about an issue, a crash ending up the wrong way on the shoulder. they had to shut down a couple lanes to get that hooked up to the tow truck. now everything is back open and you are quite heavy. that is a long backup. if you're coming from 680. 27 miles an hour through lafayette and then about 9 miles an hour. it is looking better and here is a live look at walnut creek. we have some heavier stop and go volumes. normal service, no delays for capital corridor. apparently no one is having babies. the u.s. birthrate has fallen.
6:52 am
a government report released this morning, i want to show you the numbers we have. the rate for 2018 was 59 births per 1,000 women between 15 and 44. that is lower than in the great depression and the reason for the low birthrate, women are waiting longer and longer to have children. up next the seven things you need to know before you go. >> first, our instagram pictu bigger, tastier strips of juicy chicken with crunchy batter. spice them up with hot sauce or cool them down with buttermilk ranch. try my 100% all-white meat spicy chicken strips combo today. only at jack in the box. ♪ ♪ they're the moderne stone age family. ♪ spicy chicken strips combo today. ♪ from the town of bedrock.
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you had me at fried chicken pacifier. try my new spicy chicken strips combo today. with 100% all-white meat chicken. 6:55 on the dot. seven things to know before you go. hydroplaning a little bit this morning. a much better chance this evening. trees and power lines down. there's a slight chance of it happening. it's a two, moderate on our storm impact scale. heavier rain this evening. the man accused of violently dragging a woman and child downstairs during a purse snatching is due in court today. they say pablo cabrera targeted asian females carrying expensive handbags. number three, two window washers are safe in oklahoma ci city. it happened at the top of the
6:56 am
tallest tower in the city. questions from a house committee about how boeing's 737 max jet was approved to fly in the u.s. number five, checking out the roads this morning, some wet pavement and we had a problem westbound 24 just before you get inside the tunnel. you're heavy all the way from 680 down until you get inside the tunnel. number six, the warriors cruise to a 116-94 victory over the trail blazers number seven, an anonymous buyer has paid more than $110 million for this painting by monet, double what was expected. sotheby's saying it's the most ever paid for an impressionist painting.
6:57 am
>> part of the haystack series. >> it feels like there's a million of them. >> there are. there's a series. and because is america's #1 brokerage site our agents get more eyes on your home
6:58 am
so you sell for thousands more than the one next door. don't get stuck in the past. sell with a redfin agent.
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7:00 am
good morning, america. breaking news. the urgent new warning for american personnel in iraq. the state department's new alert this morning ordering all non-emergency staff to leave iraq immediately as tensions rise with iran. u.s. troops now on high alert. we're live with the latest. breaking overnight, abortion ban. protests erupting as lawmakers in alabama vote for the most restrictive abortion law in the country, making it a felony for doctors to perform one. the bill now on the governor's desk. will this fight head to the supreme court? also overnight, boeing bombshell. the new audio recording revealed. the heated meeting between pilots and executives before that second fatal crash. were the pilots' warnings


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