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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  May 16, 2019 3:30pm-3:59pm PDT

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tonight, bracing for severe storms. the watches up right now as we come on, as a wall of severe weather moves across the u.s. more than a dozen states in the path. forecasters warning tornado alley is about to get hit. dangerous winds, blinding rain and won marciano times it out. the horrific scene tonight. police before the cameras just moments ago. authorities calling it unspeakab unspeakable. the mother strangles, her unborn baby stolen. what police have just revealed. also tonight, another state, this time, missouri. the senate passing a strict ant anti-abortion law just 24 hours after alabama effectively out w outlawed abortion. tonight, even some conservatives now arguing, this has gone too far. the the president is asked today, is
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the u.s. going to war with iran? martha raddatz standing by with the president's answer. the deputy under fire for a case of mistaken identity, trying to arrest a black man in his own front yard, believing he was a frujive. he was not. what can be heard in the audio. the remarkable new images tonight. the 22-month-old lost in the woods. what he asked for when authorities found him. the abc news exclusive tonight. the notorious drug cartel taking advantage of impoverished americans. what they are getting them to do. dan harris tonight on the border for the bust. tonight, walmart now says some prices are going up and they give their reason. and the major change for the s.a.t.s. what they will now take into account. good evening. and it's great to haveh us here t. lot toet but wego begin tonight with thees right now. that w stormy. mli americans6
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stat bracing for the thundering sound of giant hail right there in hazelton, north dakota, already. driving rain for the evening commute in st. john, indiana. and in a sign they do not need another round of this, look at this, the collapsing dam in texas. but the storms are coming. more than a dozen states, as i said, as this moves west to east tonight. let's get to rob marciano, leading us off with the track. rob? >> reporter: david, this is a powerful storm moving through the west right now. and it's going to cause some dangerous conditions over the weekend. right now, though, we have a tornado watch out for illinois and indiana. a tornado warning just southwest of indianapolis. that's heading towards cincinnati. but the big storm is coming in the intermountain west. one to two feet of snow. it gets into the plains tomorrow. and here comes tornado alley, g hail,igwind.e srmstorrow. like lly some tornadoes. chicago, i think, late saturday into sunday. and that, of course, that does move to the east.
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and right behind that is another system for next week. david? >> tracking it all for us. rob, thank you. next tonight to the growing battle over abortion tonight. another state in the news, this time, missouri where the senate there has passed a very strict abortion bill and it comes after alabama virtually banned all abortions. the governor there signing that bill 24 hours ago. but tonight, even some conser conservatives say this might be a step too far. mary bruce on the hill tonight. >> reporter: for the second day in a row, a state taking sweeping new action to eliminate abortions. >> the time of choice is the time of conception, not after conception. >> reporter: early this morning, missouri lawmakers agreed to ban most abortions after eight weeks, even if the pregnancy is caused by rape or incest. doctors would face prison time. the governor promising to sign it into law. >> i am honored to lead a state standing here today with many of my colleagues and with so many e standir ththout a voice. oabortion, impong9-arn k
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sentences on doctors. the only exception, if the mother's life is in danger. in the alabama state house, an opponent of the bill pressed a supporter on why that's the only exception. the answer puzzling. >> does the bill make exception for patients who are victim of rape? and, of course, i kind of know the answer. can you tell me why it doesn't? >> it allows for anything that's available today is still available up until that woman knows she's pregnant. >> reporter: the alabama decision has jolted e national debate over abortion rights. >> i don't want to be a fear monger, but i do believe that they're trying to go on a path that would totally dismantle roe v. wade and we have to be vigilant and express our concerns on this.
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led ledgislativ legislatively and in. >> reporter: even the top republican in the house says the bill goes too far. >> but in my whole political career, i also believed in rape, incest, or life of the mother. there was exceptions, that's exactly what republicans have voted on in this house. >> reporter: but the bill's sponsors have a clear goal. they want this challenged before the u.s. supreme court. >> my goal with this bill, and i think all of our goal, is to have roe versus wade defeat -- turned over. >> reporter: but even televangelist pat robertson, who shares that same goal, worried the alabama bill is too extreme to make it to the highest court in the land. >> it's an extreme law and they want to challenge roe versus wade, but my humble view is that this is not the case we want to bring to the supreme court, because i think this one will lose. >> mary bruce with us live tonight from the hill. and mary, legal scholars have said that the conservativ conservative-leaning court has
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seemed more inclined to ship away at roe versus wade, and that's led somethat this alabam hurt their cause? >> reporter: yeah, david, there is a real divide here in the ant anti-abortion community in how to challenge this in the courts. some worry that the sweeping bans like the law in alabama may simply be too extreme for this court to even take up, and there are several more measured state laws they might be more inclined to take up instead. david? >> mary bruce with us again tonight. thank you, mary. now, the conference held just a short time ago, news conference, police revealing the horror tonight. a young pregnant mother targeted. her unborn baby stolen. her family says she communicated with a woman through facebook for free baby clothes. the mother did not survive. the baby is fighting for its life tonight. and abc's alex perez is in chicago. >> reporter: tonight, a chilling crime in chicago. police say pregnant 19-year-old marlen ochoa-lopez was brutally murdered and her unborn child then forcibly taken from her body. tonight, three suspects under arrest. >> words really cannot express
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how disgusting and thoroughly disturbing these allegations are. >> reporter: ochoa-lopez was cae 46-year-old woman claimed to have just given birth. >> the baby isn't breathing. baby is pale and blue. they're doing cpr. >> reporter: that newborn, police now say, was actually ochoa-lopez's baby. the young mother's body found yesterday at that home. >> i just don't get and understand how you can harm such a young, beautiful person. >> reporter: the 46-year-old woman and two other people now in custody. ochoa-lopez's family devastated. that newborn in grave condition. his heartbroken father asking everyone to pray for his little angel. and david, those three people charged, a mother and daughter, chmoer's yfd arged with t
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concl the cre. dad? >>ust alex, thank you. we turn now to the deputy under fire tonight for a case of mistaken identity, trying to arrest a black man in his own front yard, believing he was a fugitive. he was not.ight there, recording it all, and what you can hear in the audio. abc's marcus moore is in next texas tonight. >> he don't even know my name and he's telling me i have a warrant? >> reporter: clarence evans says he was racially profiled by houston police. he was playing with his kids and dog in front of his home when the officer you see in the video told him there was a felony warrant for his arrest in louisiana. the officer calling clarence as as joke at first. thought it was a prank or something. >> his name is not quentin! >> you just stopped in front of my [ bleep ] house! >> yes, i know who you are. >> what's my name? >> give it. >> showing him my i.d. wouldn't have helped. he had it set in his mind that i was quentin. >> just walk with me. >> no. >> no, walk with me. >> no, no, no. >> please, he's not going nowhere, he's not going nowhere. >> reporter: after several minutes, another deputy arrives
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and they show evans a photo of the man they're looking for. >> you're pulling on me, so just, okay. right here? we're good. >> okay. here's the deal. doesn't that look a lot like you? >> no, that don't look like me! >> that's not him! >> he looked like he was in his mid 50s, early 60s. the only thing we had in common was dreads and skin complexion. >> reporter: david, authorities here in houston say this was handled correctly and that there is more to this story that you didn't see in the video. meantime, evans has hired an attorney. david? >> marcus moore tonight. mar does, think. and president trump was asked today, are we going to war with iran? how he answered, and here's abc's chief global affairs correspondent martha raddatz tonight. >> reporter: today, with that u.s carrier strike group now in the arabian sea and bombers at th t pnt as- >> i hope not. >> reporter: but with the evacuation of personnel from the american embassy in iraq and the
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sabotage of four oil tankers for which u.s. officials say iranian operatives are to blame, congress wants answers. today, the director of national intelligence dan coats holding a classified briefing leadership in the house and senate. with members saying it was an important first step. the full house and senate will be briefed next week. the administration also working to declassify some of the most troubling intelligence,. an official tells abc news there are images which show iranian cruise missal missals on small boats in the port city of chabahar, missiles officials feared could be used to attack ships or land targets. >> and martha raddatz with us tonight. we hear the president there says he hopes we don't go to war. what are your sources telling you tonight? >> reporter: david, a senior u.s. official says the president truly does not want to go to war with iran. he is hoping iranians will, instead, meet with the u.s. team, but the iraniansdavid? >> martha raddatz with us again tonight. thank you, martha. and we turn next here to new
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images this evening after that amazing story of survival from kentucky. a missing was rescued from a ledge. and what he asked for when he was found. abc's t.j. holmes is in kentucky for us. >> reporter: tonight, inside the miracle rescue of that kentucky toddler. new images of little kenneth howard just moments after searchers found him on a 50-foot cliff. the boy found barefoot, wet and cold. >> we gave him some gatorade, and he chugged a gatorade, so he wanted a second one. they gave him a second one. he chugged the second one. and then he went to a powerade, so we slowed him down a little bit. >> reporter: for three days, this community prayed. crews searching these dense woods until they heard that cry. >> all you see is a little blond head with blue eyes that you was expecting not to be alive and he was alive talking -- screaming at you. that's something that hits the heart. >> reporter: little kenneth airlifted to the hospital where he's eat egg on his own tonight and is expected to make a full recovery. how in the world does a
3:42 pm
22-month-old navigate this terrain? >> i don't know. but this kid, he is a mountain kid, because i'm telling you, he done very well for where he ended up at. >> reporter: david, rescuers tell me they didn't believe a kid kenneth's age could even climb to that steep area where he was found, so, lucky they even checked there. and david, when rescuers got to him, he two words for them. "mommy, daddy. kws. >> that's understandable. t.j. holmes. we are glad he is safe and sound. thank you. president trump today unveiling his new plan for immigration, saying america will welcome those with, quote, top talent, rather than the current system that he says favors family connections. >> future immigrants will be required to learn english and to pass a civics exam prior to admission. >> applause in the rose garden, but on the hill tonight, both democrats and republicans say this plan has little chance of getting through congress. next tonight, to the abc news exclusive tonight, from the
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southern border. aby news on the front lines, where a major cartel is taking advantage of impov rishls americans. what they are paying them to do. abc's dan harris is right there on the u.s. border ashe bust plays out. >> reporter: we' in e arizona desert, on a native american reservation. the man in the mask is an undercover federal agent. that is 200 pounds of marijuana. and this is a sting. the agal cartel, which has for years exploited the impoverished native american tribe here. enlisting members in their relentless efforts to smuggle drugs into america. in just a few minutes, we're expecting a tribe member to pull up in a vehicle and he will load ten bales of marijuana that are out here in the desert with an undercover i.c.e. agent. >> contraband's being loaded into the sedan. >> reporter: the smuggler's vehicle then taking off, driving
3:44 pm
further away from the border and deeper into the united states. >> i'm going in. 're moving right nowstoppi t ca suspects. the adrenaline of the chase now gives way to the kind of depressing reality of the people who have been the most powerful drug cartels on earth. the reservation of the tohono o'dham tribe takes up 60 miles of the u.s./mexico border. in march alone, the i.c.e. team seized about 30,000 fentanyl pills and other illegal drugs right here. we drive 100 miles south into mexico, where the supply chain begins. here, the cartel pays impoverished migrants, like 17-year-old elmer, to carry the drugs over the border and onto the arizona reservation.
3:45 pm
>> reporter: as one young man waits to commit a crime, back on the reservation, we watch as another young man, an american, is arrested. >> do you want to talk to grandma before we leave? >> yeah. >> okay. so, he has a warrant for his arrest. >> for what? >> for conspiracy to smuggle narcotics. >> and dan harris is back in new york tonight, after his reporting trip. and dan, we were talking about this earlier, as long as you have these impoverished communities on the border, don't you have the risk of people being lured in? >> reporter: that's exactly right. as long as you have this level of poverty paired with amics intiable appetite for drugs, it's hard to see the problem go away. >> dan, thank you. and again, dan's full report, his reporting from the border later tonight on "nightline" after kimmel right here. dan, we'll be watching. thank you. there is still much her mirom maryland asking
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(announcer) you can quit. for free help, call 1-800-quit-now. newly released surveillance of that missing who we a h i hawaii. t public's help. and this evening right here, the new surveillance. where she was last seen. and we hear from her boyfriend. here's abc's chief national correspondent matt gutman tonight. >> reporter: tonight, new surveillance images showing yoga instructor and avid hiker amanda eller just minutes before she vanished more than a week ago. eller, shopping at a local market, wearing yoga pants and flip-flops, then driving off in her white suv. >> aloha from maui, hawaii. my name is amanda eller. >> reporter: her boyfriend
3:49 pm
telling us he directed police to where he thought she might be. >> i said, you know, maybe the makawao forest. and so, they sent out a bunch of patrol cars and sure enough, someone found her car in the parking lot. >> reporter: inside, eller's wallet and phone. authorities say they don't consider her boyfriend a suspect. >> had to go to the police station and take a lie detector test, which i passed. >> repanda's angels still searching the area, dense with eucalyptus groves and ravines hundreds of feet deep. >> unfortunately, the situation hasn't changed. it's only getting, you know, more dire at this point. >> reporter: david, her fall bly believes that amanda fell during that hike, but that forest is so lush, they simply can't find her through all that fom yaj. david? >> all right, matt, thank you. and when we come back here, news coming in on former president jimmy carter tonight. also, the major change coming to the s.a.t.s. what they'll soon take into account. and why walmart is hiking some prices. their reason. of psoriatic arthritis. but you're still moved by moments like this.
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or swelling of the face. most common side effects include runny nose, sore throat, common cold symptoms, flu or flu-like symptoms back pain, high blood sugar, and redness, pain, or bruising at the injection site. and everything i love. te you to or bruising at the injection site. wer your l pay no more than $5 per month with the repatha® copay card. to the index of other news, and a major change coming to the s.a.t.s. the college board will now include an adversity score, taking into account such factors as crime rates and poverty levels affecting students. the goal, they say, is to give everyone an equal chance. former president jimmy carter is out of the hospital tonight after undergoing surgery for a broken hip. he plans to teach his regular sunday school class this weekend. great news. tonight, your money. walmart says it is raising some prices, blaming the trade war with china. the company says increased tariffs will lead to increased
3:53 pm
prices. walmart did not say which items will go up. a passing to note tonight. world renowned architect i.m. pei has died. he was 102. and noaa tonight is releasing its summer outlook for the u.s. june, july and august are expected to be warmer than norm on on both coasts. cooler and wetter conditions from dallas up through chicago and minneapolis. when we come back tonight, the mother and daughter who never met, 70 years after she was born. shell op she opens her eyes to meet her mom, next. when you retire will you or will you just be you, without the constraints of a full time job? you can grow your retirement savings with pacific life and create the future that's most meaningful to you.
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finally tonight here, america strong. a mother and daughter meeting 70 years after she was born. lynn wray is now 70. she was born in north carolina in 1948, adopted when she was just a baby. she would grow up, start her own family, but she would always wonder about her biological mother. all these years later, after taking a dna test, lynn would get a phone call from a woman named elizabeth pullen. lynn's mother. her mother has a granddaughter who is a photographer, and she had an idea. how to capture the moment at sugar mill pond in youngsville, louisiana. lynn covering her eyes. they bring her over to her mother where they are soon back to back. >> lynn, i'm so excited. >> reporter: and mom could tell something already. you're taller than momma. >> reporter: lynn asks for her
3:58 pm
mother's hand. >> give me your hand. >> there we go. >> reporter: they wait for their cue. >> okay. turn around. >> okay. >> you look like me, don't you? >> we look alike. you're beautiful. >> you are, too. >> reporter: all these years later, and a message from her daughter. >> you are wonderful, and i love you. i love you. >> they've already spent a week together. they are now planning a family reunion this summer. i'm david muir. we'll see you tomorrow. good night. a major break in a czech aids-sold cold case. and police say it is not the only time the suspect was accused of murder. >> he was guilty in the '70sape
3:59 pm
murder. >> the arrest thanks to new and improved technology. >> the break the santa clara county came up with the crime lab was critical to solve the case. >> once again, dna was the key. good afternoon, thanks for joining us, i'm larry beil. >> and i'm ama daetz. we'll have more on that story in a moment. but first the rain. it is still hanging around. live pictures from our sutro and mt. tam pal miss. there could be showers tonight. >> not just talking rain. snow. lots and lots of snow. the rare may storm brought snow to the sierra and closed roads. even more snow is expected. you won't believe how much snow. spencer christian is here to showers scattered around the area and some are quite strong. we'll zoom in on the heavier
4:00 pm
downpours between fremont and livermore and out on to the mt. hamilton area, some of the heaviest downpours at the moment. and how unusual, how unstable is this storm today? well we had reports of a funnel cloud near patterson this morning and we've had reports of downed trees later in the day nor orinda and portola valley. this storm still ranks one on the storm impact scale and through tonight expect to see more scattered showers. a slight chance of lightning strikes and breezy with occasional strong wind gusts. our forecast animation into the evening hours. notice we continue to see pockets of showers occasionally heavy, brief heavy showers moving through the area and


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