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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  May 16, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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thunderstorms. a lot happening with the weather in northern california right now. even though this storm only ranks one on the abc7 news impact scale. >> in the north bay, wet roads factored into the car you just saw that flipped over on highway 116 inmont rio this morning. a tree fell on to power lines on moscow road in monterey earlier today. pg&e workers responded quickly, cutting the branches as you see here away from the wires. >> to air travel. a traffic management program is in effect for flight arrivals at sfo because of bad weather and low cloud cover. that's causing delays on average of one and a half hours. by late this afternoon, some arrivals were up to three hours late, however. airport officials say departing flights may also be affected. they're advising passengers to check with their airline to see if their flights are delayed. more than two feet of snow could fall in the sierra by the weekend. it's why there is a winter storm warning in effect. you can see the flakes falling in this web cam at squaw valley ski resort.
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>> a little weird for mid-may. spencer christian is tracking all of it for us. >> yes, dan, all of this as memorial day approaches. let's take another look at live doppler 7. although the storm is winding down, we still have some patches of precipitation here and there. right there. let's give you a closer look, and you can see that we have scattered showers, but among these scattered showers are some locally heavy downpours. some right now just south of livermore east of fremont. some in the mt. hamilton area. some near los gatos as well. on we go for a look at the storm impact scale. only 1 right now on the impact scale. it was a level 2 when it arrived yesterday and remained level 2 this morning. through tonight, look for scattered showers. slight chance some solve thunder mixing in. it will be breezy and occasionally gusty. the forecast animation starting at 7:00 p.m. for most of this evening, we'll continue to see scattered showers. in fact, they'll become more widely scattered as we get later into the evening hours. but that pattern will continue overnight. so there will likely be some wet
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spots for the early morning commute. however, tomorrow will be a brighter and dryer day. a closer look at the forecast in a few minutes. ama? >> thank you so much. you can always check the weather conditions where you live on the abc7 news app. it gives you access to doppler 7, the same system spencer uses. a pilot walked away after crashing an f-16 fighter jet at march air force base in southern california hours ago. the pilot was able to parachute out safely before the crash which happened at about 3:15 this afternoon. here is a look from inside the warehouse, boxes all over the place. look, there is the plane. the warehouse houses multiple civilian businesses. someone who works there took this photo. no one on the ground was injured. all right. another look now at the large hole in the roof of the n on board that fighter jet. again, parachuted to safety. he is part of a national guard unit at the base. there is no information at this point on what caused the crash. an arrest has been made in a
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murder that dates back to 1974 on the peninsula. the suspect is the same man who was arrested last year in another cold case killing. abc7 news reporter kris reyes has been following the story and joins us live with the latest on this investigation. chris? >> good evening, ama. 74-year-old john getreu was arrested this morning by san mateo officials. he barely said a few words and appeared for less than five minutes here inside the san mateo courtroom. outside the courthouse, the d.a.'s office did speak to us and told us that both counties, santa clara and san mateo are determined to work together for a swift verdict. >> the clock is ticking. mr. getreu has not been held to account for decades for these crimes. so moving them as quickly as we can through the system is i know the priority of both counties. >> thursday morning, the san mateo sheriff's office issued a warrant for getreu's arrest for the murder of 21-year-old janet
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taylor. getreu was already in custody in santa clara county. he was arrested last year in connection to the murder of 21-year-old leslie perloff. the two murders happened one year apart in the '70s. >> the suspect's m.o.s were very similar and both victims were last seen leaving the stanford campus area before their murders. >> the san mateo office said they reopened their investigation into janet taylor's murder after santa clara county did the dna legwork to break the perloff case. taylor was last seen in march 1974. her body was found near santo road off the side of the highway. she was strangled. her family issued this statement -- >> we have missed being able to have her in our lives. janet's future was bright. it would have been wonderful to see what she would have done. >> san mateo detectives shared what else they now know about getreu, that he was convicted of rape in santa clara county in 1975. he was also on trial for another
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rape that led to the death of a 16-year-old in germany. getreu was 18 at the time. outside the courthouse, the assistant d.a. said this is a break his team has been waiting for a long time. >> this is why we go into the business is to be able to solve cases like this and the technology has allowed us to reach back and solve these cases is really gratifying. >> getreu's arraignment has been postponed, his bail set at $10 million. in san mateo, kris reyes for abc7 news. >> kris, thank you. in the east bay, a berkeley student has been charged with sexually assaulting two women. the suspect's attorney says the encounters were consensual, but police believe there are more victims who have not yet come forward. abc7 news reporter lyanne melendez is on the story. >> 20-year-old uc berkeley
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student finn wolf was arrested on may 14th for according to police sexually assaulting two women. the first incident happened in november 2017 at his fraternity. his attorney says wolf and his date had been drinking a lot. he added that anything that occurred between them was consensual. >> he is an honorable person. he checks in with people when he is being romantic with them, makes sure everything is consensual and appropriate. >> his attorney was aware of these allegations and removed him from the chapter in december. police say in march, this year wolf assaulted another woman at his residence. investigators say he punched, grabbed, and/or bit the two women. >> we're releasing this information now because we believe there may be more victims who have not come forward. >> again, his attorney says it was all consensual. his parents flew from salt lake city once they found out he had been arrested. bail was set at $750,000.
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and he will be back in court on wednesday, may 22nd to ask that that bail be reduced. in the meantime, his parents said they are devastated. in oakland, lyanne melendez, abc7 news. a tense courtroom exchange today over decisions made at the height of the deadly ghost ship fire in oakland. the defense challenged battalion chief james bowron about his order to deploy crews to attack the flames but not attempt to locate potential survivors and stage a rescue. bowron countered that without knowing their location, knocking dwn the flames would give anyone inside the best chance atsat survival. 36 people died when the warehouse caught fire on december 2nd, 2016. in sonoma county, more survivors of the tubbs fire have filed complaints against a central valley contractor for not delivering homes as promised.
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wayne freedman has been following this story of broken promises and now joins us live from coffey park in santa rosa. wayne? >> this has become an interesting neighborhood at this point. i'm standing in an empty lot surrounded by homes in various stages of construction. but it's the empty lots that have people concerned. it's the half-built homes that have people concerned, and they're all telling different stories. from the house of their dreams to burnscape to a vacant lot and now a fear that this may be as far as they get. >> the promise was they were going get us back into our home. >> tom lanning and his wife shelly. today they became the ninth customers to file a complaint with the state contractors licensing boit against chiaramonte construction, a central valley company that clients say has taken their money and not delivered. for the lannings, that is $76,000 paid in january with nothing to show for it. >> i don't think we'll see the money. >> we're not going get it back. >> it makes me wonder if i can afford the rebuild at this
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point. >> chiaramonte came to sonoma county, promising it would build better and for less money by using central valley labor and materials. they still insist it's working, pam chiaramonte told us. >> we are finishing homes within budget, and we are working on our homes diligently. >> customers tell a different story. eric edenfield cancelled the contract and changed his locks after countless delays and a home that remains unfinished. today he shows a $14,000 bill from a flooring subcontractor who he says chiaramonte should have already paid. >> and the guy on the phone was almost sad, well, chiaramonte told me to call you to collect money. he goes i don't think it's right, but i don't know where else to go. >> subcontractor problems are becoming problem. more than one sub has told abc7 that chiaramonte owes them money. chiaramonte still owns the construction permits of subcontracted properties even after clients fired them. >> we paid for it, but he has to
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release it. >> has he released it? >> no. >> chiaramonte construction asks for patience. >> the more we get harassed and the more we get asked and the more we get bugged and the more we get questioned and, you know, followed around by people, the harder it is for us to do just do our job. >> i don't believe that they came up here with the intent to rip people off, but i think that they may have bit off more than they could chew. >> as for those permits, sonoma county is expediting the return of the permits to people who own the properties. santa rosa is working to do the same. they were hoping to have something in place by tend of the day, but we haven't heard of it yet. chiaramonte construction has 28 permits in santa rosa alone. in santa rosa in coffey park, wayne freedman, abc7 news. >> all right, wayne, thank you so much. now a bill to allow more housing near transit has been put on hold until next year.
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senate bill 50 authored by scott wiener would preempt local zoning laws to allow denser and taller housing near jobs and public transit to help combat the housing prices. the senate appropriations committee chair today made it a two-year deal meaning it won't be eligible for a vote until january. wiener tweeted quote, while i am extremely disappointed, i am 100% committed to moving the bill forward. the fight is far from over. it's been years of discussion and a lot of controversy, but now the first sections of a suicide net for the golden gate bridge are being fabricated in richmond. here is laura anthony. >> it doesn't look like much, but it's expected to save hundreds of lives, people who might otherwise decide to take their lives by jumping off the golden gate bridge. >> the devastation is unimaginable. >> the gamboa family lost 18-year-old kyle to suicide in 2013. >> after all of these years, to see and touch a net, a net that will actually save lives on the golden gate bridge is very
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emotional and surreal. >> the 300-foot sections are being fabricated at plant in richmond. installation of the steel supports has already begun on the bridge in san francisco. >> you're talking about 1.7 miles on both sides of the bridge. you're talking about a net system 20 feet below. if you talk to people who have jumped and lived, most of them will say the minute they let go, they wish they hadn't and they have regret. and so this gives people a second chance. >> the system is similar to others already installed on nearly two dozen bridges around the world. the bridge opened in 1937, and within the first week, there was a suicide. >> more than 1700 people have jumped to their deaths from the golden gate in the years since. for the hundreds of families who have lost loved ones to suicide on the golden gate bridge, this relatively low tech solution is extremely important. it means more families won't
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have to suffer like they have. >> i always saw it as a beautiful bridge, and now i see it only as a bridge of death. now with this barrier being put on, it will give people time to think about what they want to do and hopefully find help. >> in richmond, laura anthony, abc7 news. >> now, if you or someone you love is struggling with suicidal thoughts, you can find your ally at abc7 action. we have links to resources on suicide prevention and other issues like bullying, domestic violence, and school safety. there are resources on our website available for you. >> absolutely. and abc7 news is committed to building a better bay area. we dig deep into the big issues that affect where you live. if you think you're seeing more homeless people lately, you're right. we have the data to prove it, as well as some perspective that it could be worse. car break-ins, they can happen in an instant. i'm dion lim in
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abc7 news is committed to building a better bay area, and what that means is we look at quality of life issues and look for improvements, a way to make things better. when it comes to the homeless, it's hard to see improvement, especially when you're seeing more people on the street these days, and today two of the three biggest counties in the bay area reported large increases. the numbers come from this year's homeless census taken in january. the federal government requires counties to count the homeless every two yearsing to eligible for federal funding. in alameda county, the homeless polaon is over 8,000. it went up by more than 40% since the last census. for every person who manages to
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find a home, two other people become homeless. the county says the solution is preventing people from becoming homeless in the first place and expanding affordable housing. and the situation is worse in santa clara county. nearly 10,000 homeless people live there. this graph illustrates what a big increase that is. since 2007, the number of homeless in santa clara county had hovered right around 7,000. you see 2007 right there. now for every person who gets off the streets, three more become homeless. homelessness has gone up by almost a third since the last census in 2017. but the county's office of supportive housing says it could have been worse. >> that 31% increase is unacceptable. it's not surprising because homelessness is extremely visible in this county. it could have been worse. in the last two years, the county and our partners have housed or stopped coming into the homeless system 5,500
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people. so that's a shout out to folks who have been really diligent about the work that we've done to both stop people coming into the system, and if they're in the system, move them out into a permanent house. >> abc7 news was in san francisco today with people trying to help the homeless. the salvation army set up at two bart stations, civic center and 16th street mission. volunteers passed out sandwiches, socks, hygiene kits and information about the salvation army's services. >> you're seeing people with all different diverse backgrounds, cult checks, and you know what? it's a human being. someone needs to care for them, and that's the work of the salvation army, to care for people. at the end of the day, if we fed someone, and that's all we did, that's all right. if we got them into a homeless treatment program, even better. >> they do great work. it's been a year since bart and the salvation army first partnered on homeless outreach. last year they served 750 people. homelessness is an issue across the bay area. that's why we have information for all nine counties on our
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website, going back over a decade. you'll find it on abc7 and while you're online, go to facebook and join our better bay area facebook group. well, the weekend is almost here, and could see some rain all weekend. >> let's get to spencer for what's ahead. spencer? >> looks like we have more wet weather ahead. live doppler 7. not getting much of a break right now. we have scattered showers around the bay area. it's quite obviously not so heavy as some of the rain we had last night and early this morning, but we have a couple of little pockets of steady rain. one is over near san leandro, san ramon and oakland. it's pretty wet in that spot. heavy downpours in that little cell. and wove got lighter showers moving through san francisco and through marin county right now. but in the overall picture of things, the storm is winding down a bit. but compare the average, the monthly average for the month of may rainfall for these locations with what we've received from just this storm alone. santa rosa has received 2.4 inches of rain from this storm which far exceeds 1 1/3 inches
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of rain. san jose and hayward have both exceeded the monthly average from just this one storm. and livermore at .62 has tied the monthly average for may. this has been quite an unusual weather event. this is the view. cloudy skies over the bay from our rooftop cam rat at abc7 news. 54 in san francisco. upper 50s oakland and 57 at santa cruz and half moon bay. check out this view of dark low clouds looking westward from the east bay hills camera. mid-50s at santa rosa and napa. upper 50s at concord and livermore, and still wet and windy atop mount tam, as you can see here. showers will taper off overnight a bit. our next storm arrives over the weekend. so we get a break tomorrow. and then this unsettled pattern continues into early next week. what's left of this storm ranks one on the storm impact scale through tonight we can expect to see more scattered showers. they'll become more widespread as the night goes on. a slight chance of thunder
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mixi will reerally and occasionally gusty. forecast animation shows how the showers will taper off and become more widely scattered overnight. even as we get into the early morning, commute time, there will still be a few wet spots. so the storm will not end until, oh, some time around midmorning tomorrow. overnight lows will be generally in the low 50s and highs tomorrow under brighter skies and dryer conditions will range from upper 50s at the coast to mainly low 60s around the bay shoreline and mid- to upper 60s inland. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. now we have another series of storms coming in. the one over the weekend ranks only 1 on the storm impact scale. it will be rainy and breezy on saturday with scattered showers on sunday. maybe a few sunny breaks late sunday. monday we'll start the day with some sunshine. partly sunny skies. but skies will get cloudier and cloudier as the day guess on. our next storm arrives late on the day on monday. continues into tuesday. i think it's probably going to be midweek next week, wednesday or thursday before we get a
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continuous string of sunny day or mostly sunny days. >> remarkable. >> goodness. >> it is pretty remarkable. >> thanks, spencer. this is safety week on abc7 news. >> as part of our efforts to build a better bay area, we're showing ways to protect your car showing ways to protect your car and avoid are we tnot yet.? at crystal geyser we put our mountain source on our bottle... that's cool. ...because we bottle at our mountain source. crystal geyser alpine spring water. always bottled at the mountain source.
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when you can't get to the mountain... that's cool. ...we bring the mountain to you. let's go hike over there. i'm out. i'm out. me too. guys! crystal geyser alpine spring water. always bottled at the mountain source. preventing car break-ins. >> abc7 news, building a better
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bay area. >> abc7 news is working to help build a better bay area. this week we're looking at ways to improve your safety. >> in the bay area, car break-ins have hit record levels recently. so what can you do to protect your vehicle? >> dion lim has some tips. >> breaking into a car can happen in an instant. so here at able towing in redwood city, they have been so kind to offer me the cinder block and a junk car to test it out. so as you can see, it just took a second to gain access to your vehicle. joining me right now is officer art montiel with the chp to talk about ways you can keep yourself safe from a break-in like this. let's take a look inside the car right i know. what are some things that you would recommend people do to prevent a break-in? >> when a crook is walking by, they're going to look for something of value. for one thing, you always want to lock your vehicle. the other thing will be to make sure nothing of value is left visible. >> even though we broke the side windows, we say drivers should be aware of the back seat as
6:26 pm
well. >> correct. even though you put the stuff in the trunk thinking it's going to be safe, once they break the window, they have access to being able to open the trunk. so you can always lock your glove compartment. a lot of cars will have the lock over there, or just don't leave anything in the vehicle. >> some drivers also feel compelled to write a little sign that says there is nothing in their car, whether or not that's something law enforcement officials recommend you do, it is at your own risk. something you may not have heard of, oakland police tell me thieves will sometimes walk around your car, when they get a bluetooth signal know there is a device in your car and target it. in the end, the bottom line when it comes to keeping yourself safe is using common sense. in redwood city, i'm dion lim, abc7 news. >> all good information. >> definitely. in our efforts to build a better area continue at 6:30. >> next, see what it makes a difference when a crime like a car break-in, for example, caught on camera.
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now news to build a better bay area, from abc7. >> live doppler 7 shows waves of scattered showers moving through the bay area. it looks like a bit calmer than it was 24 hours ago. and in 24 hours it will look even clearer. >> abc7 news weather anchor spencer christian is tracking who is getting rained on. >> here is doppler 7 once again. i'll show you where we're getting our steadiest and heaviest showers right now. over in the east bay near san ramon, hayward, pleasanton, down toward union city, that's the area. we see a cell developing over the bay now, in between it looks li r along the bay bridge, near emeryville. we'll keep an you on that. in the sierra, it is snowing. it is windy, and winter storm warning in effect there until 6:00 tomorrow morning. we expect another foot or more of snow for most locations above 6,000 feet. i'll give you a quick look at
6:31 pm
our wet weekend forecast in a few minutes. ama? >> thank you so much, spencer. president trump says if democrats won't adopt his merit-based immigration plan, he'll get it passed after the 2020 election. today he unveiled his new immigration proposal during a speech in the rose garden. the new plan changes the point system to favor high-level skilled workers and people with college degrees. it would also mandate immigrants learn english and pass a civics test, what the president calls patriotic assimilation. >> we cherish the open door, but a big proportion of those immigrants must come in through merit and skill. >> most of the people who have ever come to the united states in the history of our country are without merit because they don't have an engineering degree. >> the plan does not address what to do about the millions of immigrants already living in the u.s. illegally, or daca. tomorrow state representatives in missouri are expected to approve a bill that bans most abortions after eight
6:32 pm
weeks. they face a deadline of 6:00 p.m. when the legislative session ends. the senate passed the bill overnight. missouri is the latest state to get tough on abortion. >> the time of choice is the time of conception, not after conception. >> it's so heartbreaking to think about the threats to access and the women whose lives could be impacted by this type of legislation. >> some of the recent laws passed have already been challenged in court, and the others are likely to be challenged as well. back now to our building a better bay area coverage, and we are talking about auto burglaries. >> new tools like a dash camera can capture hd video of each crime in action, but does that actually help police catch the criminal. >> as one man in vallejo found out, not always. kristen sze has this exclusive story. >> joe frega, his fiancee holly, and their kids live in reno. but they often visit the bay area. their favorite destination, six flags discovery kingdom.
6:33 pm
but in march their trip to vallejo ended in disappointment. >> we were in denny's eating there was some commotion. someone's car had been broken into. >> that morning, joe's truck was one of three vehicles in the denny's parking lot that were vandalized. >> and one of the guys said if s that your truck? yep. well that. >> got you too. >> fortunately for joe and unfortunately for the burglar, it was recorded by a dash cam. the former sheriff's deputy had recently invested in a security system made by palo alto's al cam. >> he reaches in and grabs my fiancee's bag and then my bag and pulls them both out through the window. >> how much is the value of the stuff that you lost? >> about $2,000. >> that much? >> a laptop alone is 1100. >> reporter: joe's mc book pro, their clothing and medication gone in 20 seconds. >> we called the police. sometimes they come and sometimes they not because we know they're busy also.
6:34 pm
>> denny's general manager says an officer did come out that morning. he says he showed the officer the restaurant surveillance video and then show joe showed the officer his video. >> and then said if we had gotten the license plate, we could probably do something bout this.ably do something but just seeing this guy's face isn't going to be enough. >> joe says the officer told him to file a report online. he did, but he got an email rejection saying to make a report, he needs to call or show up in person. we reached out to vallejo police. they declined to do an on camera interview, but they told us, one, a license plate is not required for them to take action. and, two, the officer on scene should have taken a report. fbi statistics show vallejo has one of the highest rates of burglary in california for a city of its size. in 2017, the city had 1261 thefts from autos. police say they're trying new deterrents programs such as more patrols at shopping centers and visible police lights. but at hotels, restaurants, and parking lots, the broken glass,
6:35 pm
surveillance cameras, and warning signs all tell a story, one that denny's long-time manager knows all too well. has the auto break-in gotten worse in 12 years? >> uh-huh. >> have you been broken into? >> my car? yes. >> oh, okay. >> they took my navigation system. >> i don't have too much hope that anything is going to be recovered. but i'll take every step i can. >> we checked with vallejo police. they say they're using the video to try to identify the suspect, but they have not put it out on social. meantime, joe and holly accomplished what they intended. they took their kids for a day of fun at six flags discovery kingdom. kristen sze, abc7 news. >> and all this week we are focused on safety as part of our efforts to build a better bay area. learn how to protect yourself, your family and your home by watching abc7 news all this week. >> and our next report on safety is just ten minutes away. 7 on your side's michael finley will join our effort to build a better bay area by answering
6:36 pm
your questions. also ahead -- >> okay, here we go. three, two, one. >> that's the countdown to something that years ago may have been called miraculous, but thanks to ucf doctors is now called reality.
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a technology we've been following since the testing phase could now be delivering the gift of sight to thousands of people. >> and major bay area medical center has been chosen as one of the providers. >> for linda johnson, walking into this small room at ucsf could be the light at the end of a life-long tunnel. her vision began slipping into darkness at an early age from a condition known as retinitis pigmentosa. >> you're legally blind because the fields are narrow. and then with mine it kept closing down, down, down. >> linda, i'm going to hand you your glasses here. >> but in a moment, linda coat good the chance to see light again in decades.
6:40 pm
the glasses she put are part of those developed by second sight. >> this device is an electronic chip that delivers little electrical impulses to the inner parts of the retina. >> we first met dr. jackie duncan nearly a decade ago when she and her colleagues were spearheading clinical search into this system. it signals to a tiny strip implanted behind the eye. the signals essentially bypass the retina and stimulate the patient's optic transmitters directly. >> some of them cannot see any light at all. with this device, when they can see some light, it's really a tremendous improvement for them. >> after years of development, the second sight system has received fda approval, and now it's available to patients through selected sites like ucsf. patients must train their brains to interpret the signals, linda johnson isn't sure what to expect when a technician flips the switch for the first time since her implant. >> okay, here we go. three, two, one.
6:41 pm
>> there is this little light that is kind of moving around. oh, there is another one. >> point to it. where do you see it? >> it's like it's kind of popping. >> with her family watching in excitement, linda explores the edges of light and darkness, the borders of her new world. >> point to what it is. >> like a bright. >> good. was there something? >> yeah. >> point to it again. so you just picked up one of the lights, one of a fluorescent lights. >> by distinguishing contrast, linda can begin to interpret shapes, like her own mother's hand. ultimately, she has another family member in mind too. >> i have a 21-year-old son, and i'm a blind mom. so i would like to be able to see his figure, but i'm just really grateful. >> grateful and ready to enjoy a whole new world. >> it's truly remarkable. >> definitely. >> life changing. doctors say insurance for the second sight system can vary on
6:42 pm
the carrier, but they expect ultimately thousands of patients across the country could benefit from this technology. all right. we are going to be getting a break from the rain, but not for very lo
6:43 pm
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protecting your neighborhood. >> abc7, building a better bay area. >> all this week we're focused on the topic of safety for our homes, our families and ourselves. >> 7 on your side's michael finney is answering questions. first up this question, michael, from bonnie. a common question, we'd love to know what camera system you recommend, nest, ring? >> i don't recommend an individual product. however, we've got a bunch of great information on this. so for the answer to this, let's turn to our partners at consumer reports. the folks there spend countless hours testing these products in its laboratory. recent consumer reports blog on wireless security cameras listed two nest cameras in the top four. it rated the nest indoor cam number 2 and the nest cam third best. the amazon cloud come was ranked best buy and the arlo pro 2
6:46 pm
smart camera number four. it's a lot to keep track of. go online. we've got some stuff on this. >> steve also has a great question. he asks what are your suggestions for home security for apartment dwellers? >> that's a great question. things are really changing for renters. nowadays many landlords encourage their tenants to get security for their units. others may not want you to drill holes or install wiring, however. so several companies offer specialized systems designed for renters. they use wireless cameras and monitoring or adhesive so you don't need to drill some. some of them even offer services without a long-term contract, which a lot of renters dent hang around for a long time, which can be ideal for renters. and then of course all of the units we've used you can set up yourself. so go online. put "renter" when you're searching for this. >> here is a question from nancy on facebook. she wants to know what if you have pets roaming around the house. will motion detectors go off?
6:47 pm
>> that's a great question. generally they don't. how big is your pet? if you have a tiny dog or cat, that's not much of a problem at all. motion detectors can also be requipped with facial recognition systems. these types of systems can minimize false alarms by training the system not to go off if it detects family members or even pets. some can be trained to ignore motion in certain zones of the home. now we found one camera with facial recognition for as low as 60 bucks. the name of that is tend secure links. this is an area that is exploding. >> oh, i'll bet. facial recognition. >> at home. >> my home system, the dog used to trip that. >> thanks, michael. >> all right. one last time, i want to update the weather forecast for you and this rain. spencer? >> it's beginning to go away, but it's still wet in some spots. here is live doppler 7. we have widely scattered showers. some of these areas of yellow
6:48 pm
and orange represent some pretty heavy downpours right now, especially over in the santa cruz mountains. parts of the peninsula in the east bay near livermore. the storm impact scale, the storm ranks 1, producing scattered showers tonight and maybe some occasionally heavy downpours. slight chance of thunder, and there will be breezy conditions with occasional gusts. the overnight lows will be mainly in the low 50s. a little chillier in the north bay valleys where lows will drop into the mid-40s. tomorrow brighter skies, breezy at the coast. high temperatures will range from only mid and upper 50s a the coast to low 60s around the bay. mid and upper 60s inland, but at least it will be dry and it will be brighter than today. on the weekend we get stormy weather once again. the storm comes in on saturday that will produce rainy, breezy conditions with showers lingering into saturday morning. a storm arrives and continues into tuesday. wednesday and thursday, it looks like mostly sunny skies. how unusual. that's what we expect to develop
6:49 pm
midweek next week, and perhaps that will last a while. and it will feel more like late may.orial day weekend. >> next weekend. >> all right, thanks, spencer. all right. warriors in action tonight. >> yeah, larry is here. >> without kd. and get used to watching the warriors without kevin durant. we'll have the latest on his injury. and game two at oracle. will steph ♪ ♪
6:50 pm
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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. now abc7 sports with larry beil. >> good evening. kevin durant not playing tonight in game two of the western conference finals against the blazers. he is going to be out for at least another week because of his strained calf. the official word from the team, kd will be reevaluated in a week. he is out at least until game six of this series should it go that far. steph curry messing with his little brother, seth, in warm-ups before game two. draymond green turns it over here. a bad pass. damian lillard up to al-farouq aminu with the gentle jam. draymond gets it back right to the rack. he had six of the warriors' first ten points. the blazers change up their defense. they're trying to swarm steph. easier said than done. shot from out there. steph had 12 after one quarter of play. and seth trying to get off a shot. draymond erases it. he had three blocks in the first quarter. damian lillard lillard scoreless after one but three assists to evan turner. right now the blazers, game two,
6:53 pm
a different story. they lead 38-34 in the second quarter. all right. nhl rule 67.1 says a player shall not be permitted to bat a puck in the air with his hand to deliberately direct that puck to a teammate. one other thing about rule 67.1, it's not reviewable by replay and the sharks benefitted from that in last night. timo meier appears to bat the puck. i looked at this frame by frame future a long time. it's actually hard to tell if meier hit that fluttering puck. the goal counted. sharks one 5-4 to take a 2-1 series lead, and no, they're not apologizing for that. >> we found a way, and we faced a lot of adversity. we've had calls go against us, and we've had calls go for us, and we're still standing. and, you know, for anybody to minimize that i think is
6:54 pm
disrespectful to our group and what we've done. >> there is a lot of calls that go both ways during the play-off round. right now we've got some in big areas of games, but there is some throughout the games that go against us as well. so it's part of the game. it's people making mistakes. that's it. >> afternoon baseball. a's in detroit against the tigers. chris bassett, eight scoreless innings. struck out 7. nice effort. he got plenty of run support. the a's erupted for six in the third. how about the grand slam by profar. that was his only hit of the game. but four rbis up on one swing. josh phegley, makes it 8-0. oakland scores four more times in the seventh. like to be able to save these up. marcus simion, high, deep, aloha means goodbye. homer his fifth of the year. a's get 16 hits, 17-3 the final. they snap a three-game losing
6:55 pm
streak. brooks koepka says his confidence is at an all-time high. round one of the pga championship bethpage black in new york is the scene. not much to celebrate for tiger woods. two double bogeys. a nice eagle putt. curls it in on 4. 2 over 72. 9 strokes back. two players full away, danny lee with a 6 under 63 birdie putt on 18. just has enough oomph to trickle in. one shot back. koepka, 7 birdies, no bogeys in round one. started the day on 10. beautiful putt from the fringe right there. ending his day, kind of bookend birds here. set the course record with a 63, and is 7 under for the tournament, one shot ahead of danny lee. tommy fleetwood is the next closest at 3 under. phil mickelson tied for ninth. >> when the putt went in on number 10, that was kind of the momentum that set me.
6:56 pm
but i never once thought about course record, anything. you know, i was just trying to shoot the best i could. simple. just keep going and total them up at the end. >> total 'em up at the end. golf is so different, and tiger woods changed it. because you look at brooks koepka now. everybody is jacked up like they've been in the weight room forever. >> you used to not want to work out when you were a golfer. that was the word. >> now it's all change. now everybody is swoll. >> look out! thanks, larry. >> join us tonight at 9:00 on kofy tv 20, cable channel 7/13. it's raining. it's snowing. so hey, why not go skiing? we'll show you the conditions exactly six months since opening di at tahoe. that's at 9:00. then on abc7 news at 11:00, we're focusing on your safety in our efforts to build a better bay area. do the 9:00 p.m. routine. how the nightly reminder could help you avoid becoming a crime victim. and coming up tonight on abc7 at 8:00, it's "grey's
6:57 pm
anatomy." at 9:00 catch "station 19" followed by "for the people" at 10:00. and then stay with us at abc7 news at 11:00. and jimmy kimmel, tonight's guests include trevor noah. >> look for breaking news whenever you like on the abc7 news app. we appreciate your time. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama daetz. for the entire abc7 news team, have a great evening. >> my evening is great already. >> continue that. you know when you're at ross and you find.hmmm. a price that has you, like... okay. that's yes for less. say yes to the latest spring trends at 20 to 60 percent off department store prices every day. at ross. yes for less. ♪ ♪ they're the moderne stone age family. ♪ ♪ from the town of bedrock. ♪ meet george jetson.
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