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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  May 17, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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leave the city because of the problems. good evening, i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm kristen zse. homelessness is a tough issue and one we've addressed many times in to build a better bay area. >> let's get to laura anthony live at home depot live with the story tonight. >> reporter: hi, dan. i'm standing here in the parking lot of the home depot and this is what is right next to it. according to the company things get worse. they are saying two of the employees had a gun pulled on them just a couple of days ago. the company won't come out and say it, but some are definitely worried the national chain will pull out of oakland if things here don't change. it's no way to run a business. at least that is what home depot is telling the city of oakland. the company now fed up with the expansive homeless encampment encircling the oakland store. >> the biggest issue they have is aggressive individuals in the encampment and theft.
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>> reporter: officials met this week with the mayor libby schaaf to insist the city do something immediately. >> do you worry that a big company like home depot might leave oakland? >> absolutely. and let me just be clear, no one deserves the unpleasant impacts of large-scale encampments. the trash, the blight, the human waste, we need to clean these impacts up while being compassionate. >> reporter: as shown from sky 7, the problems around home depot are many and highly visible. most of the encampment is on city property adjacent to the store's front parking lot. the metal fencing has been cut in various places. shopping carts and merchandise apparently stolen could be seen throughout the camp. along with mounds of garbage and tents and various structures. abandoned cars and dozens of rvs both in the camp and out on the street. >> the reality is i don't want
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to lose 200, 300 jobs hoar at home depot and those are entry-level jobs and if i lose homeland island have more people on the street. >> reporter: guyer shared an email from home depot describing how two employees were confronted surveilling the area along 37th area. homeland plays overtime for two officers to patrol full time and there are portable security cameras in the parking lot but still some shoppers are leery. >> you never know when people will approach you and you don't know their intentions. they may be well intended and you don't know because they are aggressive sometimes. >> reporter: and we're lack live here. this is typical of what you're finding around thisrea. one of the residents here behind me a little bit upset that we're here. the city said they do have some solutions including moving some of the folks into the community cabin sites which they're trying to put nearby.
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here in oakland, laura anthony, abc7 news. >> laura, thanks so much. and in alameda county, homelessness is up 43%. more than 8,000 homeless were counted in alameda county during this year's tally. two years ago there were 5600. county supervisor wilma chan is considering a half cent sales tax increae for the november ballot to raise millions to pay for homeless shelters in the east bay. the number of homeless in san francisco is also up. now more than 8,000 homeless in the city. that is an increase of 17% this year compared with 2017. and in santa clara county the crisis is just as bad. up 31% in two years. all of the increases are despite regional efforts to fight the crisis raising questions about whether the strategies are actually effective. hemelessness is an issue across the bay area. that is why we have information for all nine counties on our website going back a decade. find it at police are searching for
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five men who assaulted and robbed a random driver in san francisco. it happened just before 9:00 last night at 25th and cap streets in the mission. police say the driver was stopped at a light when the men came up to his car. the assault left him unconscious. police have not specified what was taken from him precisely. he was taken to the hospital for head injuries that were not considered life-threatening. berkeley public health department is issuing a measles alert. officials say a person with the virus visited the berkeley bowl on oregon street on may 7th between 3:00 and 5:00 p.m. symptoms start to emerge seven to 21 days after exposure. those include fever, cough, runny nose and red eyes. in the north bay, a road is still closed after a truck carrying potentially dangerous gases crashed. the truck wound up on its side in a napa nand -- napa nand and was removed and the crews are still cleaning up the mess from the gas canisters. it crashed on redwood road near
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lynn drive. people were told to stay in homes because sulfur dioxide was leaking and can be hazardous if inhaled. that order was lifted a couple of hours ago and the intersection should reopen soon. since last week we've been reporting on the concerns of north bay fire storm victim bhoz trusted a central valley contractor to rebuild homes but most of them have seen delays and a warning now from the state. more on the story from wayne freedman. >> reporter: every week in the north bay fire storm zone we hear more good stories about people returning to rebuild homes but not all of them. some projects are stalled or never even started. >> i think you would have a house by now? >> of course. >> how much money are you out? >> about a quarter million dollars so far. >> they can say nothing to reassure me. >> the skplarnt -- complaints around a central valley contractor that took tens of thousands of dollars in deposits and more the most part has not delivered a. now the state
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contractor licensing board has issued a warning. >> we have gotten such a number of complaints in a short time that we believe that there are some reason to believe that there is a problem here. we are at stage where we believe that there is probably violation that would lead either to the suspension or revocation of their license. >> reporter: chairamonte insists they will honor the contracts. they tell of hun paid bills and cust calls unreturned and a company that took on too much. >> i could tell you it was never their intentions at all and it makes me sad. for both parties. because chairamonte was my family and i know in my heart they meant no wrong. >> reporter: but now chairamonte faces complaint of diverse and fraud and lack of reasonable diligence and failure to pay for materials abandonment and they're all on the sonoma county
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district attorney's watch list. >> it is possible that they could look at things as serious as grand theft. >> i'm into the here to talk about the financial stuff. but there is a big list. >> we see abandonment, those are signs that a company is about to go under. >> reporter: all of which remains to be determined. chairamonte construction did not return our calls for comment today. in san francisco, wayne freedman, abc7 news. it looks like a case of bad sportsmanship caught on camera at a basketball tournament for kids ages 10 and under. >> you'll see it. abc 7 news anchor dion lim shows you the video that paz parents outraged. >> when the video was shown to me i was appalled. it is very dirt. >> reporter: the dirt he's talking about is seen in this video from a tournament. his team, the cornerstone basketball academy was playing against the folsom academy on the weekend. >> in the video you see one player, he's 9 years old,
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dribbling up the sideline and as he's dribbling up the side line he's passing a woman in a pink hat and you see her leg extend as to attempt to trip him as he's passing by. >> reporter: the mystery woman in the pink hat later identified as a parent from the folsom team. >> almost 15 years or so i've never seen a parent physically try to trip a child. >> reporter: with a front row seetd, this woman was legs than a foot away from the court meaning the slightest kick could take out a player. >> he didn't fall. so we're very fortunate for that. >> reporter: but that is not all this woman is accused of doing. >> earlier in the game the kids came over to us during a timeout and said, hey, coach, there is a woman over there on the side line, she's wearing a pink hat and she's telling their kids to elbow us in the face. >> reporter: the attempted foul didn't deter this 9-year-old players who went on to score 11 points. and later told his dad another day, another hater. >> he's always in a good mood. he's a great kid.
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always smiles. >> reporter: and despite cornerstone losing by just two points, in many ways the coach believes this is a greater purpose by sending a strong message to the community. >> we pride ourselves on being teachers and so teaching how to play the right way with integrity. it is not okay to act in that manner. >> reporter: in vallejo, i'm dion lim, abc7 news. >> well the parent who apparently kicked the 9-year-old has been banned from attending any future games at that facility. in 1988 labor leader dell ores wart was beat and was 58 and suffered several broken ribds an a shattered spleen and 30 years later the san francisco school board has renamed a school after her. leeann melendez has the story. >> reporter: doppleres huerta never asked for permission to rally for migrant workers and she and cesar chavez pushed for
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what they believe in. in 1988 she was betten by police in a protest in san francisco. >> we'll change the world. and we save the world. >> reporter: today that same city honored her by renaming a school after the civil rights activist. it was a vindication of sorts. >> very grateful and at the same time humble. >> reporter: the soid yeah surfaced years ago. >> but i kept pushing it and people started listening and others started pushing it more than i did and finally the principal here with his community, they pushed. >> reporter: huerta came up with one of the most popular phrases in america. she was also there the night robert kennedy was shot in 1978. she was awarded the presidential medal of freedom, the highest award in the united states. she told me the struggle towards
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equality and justice has never ended. >> young people are the forefront and people of color and we are going to see a change in our society and it is happening right now as we speak. >> reporter: at 89, huerta is still a motivating force. [ crowd chanting ] >> reporter: in san francisco, leeann melendez, abc7 news. >> wow! >> she could still fire up the people. >> that is great. will the rain impact your plans for the weekend? >> that is the question. and i'll have the answer. and yes is the answer. basically i'll let you know when you need the umbrellas. it is not a washout for the weekend. details are coming up. and a stunning scene on a sacramento freeway. it started as a theft and quickly turned into a life-changing moment. a sweeping piece of anti-abortion legislation passes in missouri. will the governor criminalize
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abortion at eight weeks. and skyrocketing
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a four mile stretch of freeway is close in the riverside after an f-16 fighter jet crashed. the military has brought in an explosive ordinance team as part of the investigation. but it is not clear if the jet was armed. although there have been some reports to suggest that it is the case. it slammed into a warehouse yesterday and in moreno valley and no one was seriously hurt or killed. pilot had ejected before the crash and is said to be doing fine. the jet was on a training mission. missouri governor said he will sign a bill just passed by the state house of representatives that bans most abortions at eight weeks of pregnancy. this bill like the one just sig include exemptions for rape or for incest. lawmakers say the bills were drafted so they could be challenged by the supreme court
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or at the supreme court and potentially overturn roe v. wade. >> it has value. all life does. and i've been clear about that my entire career and i'll stand up for the people that don't have a voice. and everybody should have a right to life and i believe that. >> a win for life is making sure that people don't die from poverty all around us as we sit and try to take more and more of their rights away. >> it feels like we're failing the state of missouri. >> planned parenthood is calling on supporters to rally at all 50 state capitols next tuesday calling it a stop the ban day of action. missouri is now the eighth state to pass abortion restrictions. a similar bill in louisiana is awaiting one final vote before it goes to the stoet democratic governor who said he will sign it. the house passed a sweeping bill that extends federal civil rights protection to gay and transgender people. it addresses what is viewed as a gap in civil rights laws. discrimination gent lgbtq people
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are not allowed when it comes to employment, housing, education and public accommodations and other areas and faces a tough hurdle in the senate which is controlled by republicans. this is a first for asia. taiwan legislature has passed a law to allow same-sex marriage. crowds were emotional as they celebrated the monumental decision outside of parliament. lawmakers faced pressure from lgbt groups as well as church organizations that opposed this decision. the law recognizes same-sex marriage and gives couples the same tax and insurance and child custody benefits that straight couples receive. a man could face attempted murder charges for throwing a try pod off an overpass and hitting a minivan. take a look at the stunning damage to the vehicle. the trispod spash -- through the window shield on i-5. this is yesterday in sacramento. the highway patrol shared these pictures on their facebook page.
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the chp said the man stole the tri-pad from a caltrans survey team near old sacramento. chp found surveillance video of the man taking the tri-pod and eventually arrested him. farmers in the central valley are scramblek to pick cherries that could be damaged by rainfall. we show youed a scene in gilroy amid the may storms. now rain can soak under the stems of cherries but then when it dries out the cherries expand and could crack. cherry harvest must be completed within a window that is just a few weeks and right now trees are loaded with the sweet fruit. the farmers say they know the drill. >> well, it is like every time during cherry season you get a storm. the two times a year you get storms it is during cherry season and the farm show. >> the farmers say they do work to air out the orchards as soon as any rain ends. if all goes well, this year's chop of california cherries could be the biggest on record. a blue moon is coming this weekend. and it is not the craft beer and not amazon new space shift.
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both of which have the same name. it is actually just a full moon with a colorful nickname. when a season like this the spring has four full moons, the third one is called a blue moon and it is happening tomorrow. so there you go. >> you know you want to sing that beautiful song, right. the question is will we get to see a blue moon? >> meteorologist sandhya patel is here with the weekend forecast. >> why don't we have you sing first, kristin. oh, there you go. just having fun on a friday. all right. probably won't get a chance to see that moon because we do have rain coming. enjoy what we have now. let's take a look at live doppler 7. a few clouds around. no rain in sight yet. that will be changing. from our east bay hills camera, looking at mt. diablo, a few clouds overhead and that is about it. but we did see some sun today. 58 in the city and low 60s from oakland to san jose to santa cruz. half moon bay 57 degrees. nice view of -- from mt. tam cam
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of sunshine out there. 63 in santa rosa. it is warmer today compared to yesterday by a good two to 10 degree. 65 in con card. a nice way to end with blue skies from our golden gate bridge camera. next storm arrives tomorrow. we're expecting scattered showers on sunday and more rain next week. if you are getting away for the weekend, here is a look at your travel forecast. our bay area airports rainy and windy tomorrow, wind gusts up to 30 plus. 56 to 63 degrees. could could encounter delays at sfo because of weather. honolulu showers and 85 and new york city sunshine and 74. going to chicago be prepared for some thunderstorms. 83. and in los angeles dry, 71 degrees. not going to be dry here. this weekend we do have a level one system, light to moderate rain half an inch to just over an inch. wind gusts up to 30 miles per hour and possibly higher. so 4:30 saturday morning north bay starts to see wet weather.
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by 11:00 a.m. it is beginning to spread across our region. and in the afternoon the rainfall intensity does pick up. pockets of moderate to heavy rain at 3:00 p.m. and then going into the evening hours very scattered in nature. 10:00 p.m., can't rule out an isolated thunderstorm tomorrow night as we go into sunday there will be some scattered showers around. light to moderate once again. going into 9:00 a.m., by noontime the activity is starting to push on out and it is pretty much going away by the evening hours. so if you do have plans, second half of sunday definitely will be your better time to get outside. if you have to get outside before that, just take your rain gear and it is not the end of the world here. we're just looking at rainfall here anywhere from about half an inch to just over an inch of rain through sunday night. take a look at the wind gusts. they're increasing towards saturday evening. 30, 35 miles per hour along the coast out of the south. winter storm watch for the sierra goes up until 5:00 a.m.
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monday, above 6,000 feet, six to 12 inches of snow. up to 20 inches over the peaks. carry the chains because travel is tough. temperatures low 40s to low 50s tomorrow morning and afternoon it is a stormy one. numbers in the low 50s to 60s and for beta breakers cloudy and cool and showers and low 50s at 8:00 and 10:00 a.m. it is perfect and keeping the runners cool. accuweather seven-day forecast, level one windy and maybe thunder and next storm is monday night into tuesday. that is a level one and then we dry out mid to latter part of next week and warm it back to average by friday. >> oh! >> 80s. >> we'll be so ready for it. >> thank you very much. high gas price across california. is it a deliberate move. and then on 5:35 on world news. >> the new images of the school
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shooting and the gunman tackled and a jet with hundreds of rounds o
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it's no ordinary day at denny's it's crepe day. a family tradition we started about twenty-two minutes ago. and from the looks of it, this tradition is going to last awhile. denny's has new crepes! see you at denny's.
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oh, if your experiencing pain at the pump you are not alone. gas prices continue to rise in california. >> and tonight we're getting a better idea of why they're going up so dramatically. >> reporter jash haskell with our sister station in los angeles explains. >> reporter: at the end of april the difference between california's gas and the national average jumped to $1.10. the highest increase ever seen according to the california energy commission. that government agency now said one of the contributing factors could be market manipulation by some retailers including chevron, shell, exxon, mobile and 76. >> something is off. and there is no reason we should be $1.10 higher than the national average. i get why we're a little higher but not $1 plus higher. >> according to our industry
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sources, the west coast gasoline business is doing very well profit-wise. >> reporter: the high price of crude and the explosion in torrance back in 2015 have impacted gas prices as well as refinery maintenance but the torrance refinery is back to normal administrations. if market manipulation is taking place retailers will be charging higher prices for the same product. before 2015 the average difference between california and u.s. gas prices was 34 cents. since 2015 that number has doubled to 69 cents a gallon. the auto club of southern california urging motorists to do their research when it comes to buying gas as there is cleaner unbranded retailers, hyper mart locations and arco. >> it is very important for consumers to shop around. use an app like the free triple-a app to tell you where the cheapest gas prices closest to you. >> rachel said the high price of gas has impacted her spending
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and saving. >> you have to cut back on things that you were planning to do because gas is -- depending on what kind of car, you fill up like $100 a week. >> reporter: josh haskell, abc7 news. >> getting really expensive. >> and more pain to talk about. >> kevin durant and buster posey. >> we have updates tonight on two of your favorite bay area athletes next. >> stay with us.
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abc7 news at 6:00, the advocacy of a volleyball player and three big jury verdicts prompt the u.c. system to spike a controversial product. also this little boy's case left doctors baffled and he wasn't talking or crawling until a freshman helped solve the mystery. and then a person hired a dog walker and caught them doing other things and they tracked her down to get an explanation. that is coming up on abc7 news at 6:00. >> thanks very much. see you then. the warriors just boarded the team plane to portland. but kevin durant won't travel north with them. >> durant, who was at oracle arena last night, is out at least one more week with a right calf strain. best case scenario he wouldn't
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be eligible to return unless the conference finals go six games. last night coach steve kerr said the injury was more serious than expected and today he walked that back a bit. >> just taking a little bit longer than the ones he's had in the past but that is okay. he's come ago long well. and if he continues to improve at the rate he's improving now we're confident that he'll be we just don't know when. >> there is good health news for one bay area sports star. the giants have reinstated catcher buster posey. he been on the concussion list since may after a foul ball hit his helmet. >> the giants manager said she were being extra cautious since he's suffered multiple concussions. so far this season he has two home runs and 13 rbis for the giants. >> welcome back, buster. and as for kevin durant, hopefully to take care of business in four or five. >> and then rest for the finals. >> now they just have to execute our game plan. >> world news tonight with david
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muir is next. >> for all of us here. >> tonight, several developing stories as we come on the air. the images coming in right now. the school shooting narrowly averted. the alleged gunman tackled. on campus with a gun. the staff member who jumped in. the evacuations and what authorities have just revealed tonight. also, the f-16 crash right into a ware house. the workers stunned and tonight we have learned the fighter jet had missiles and hundreds of rounds of ammunition on board. the severe weather threat as we come on the air tonight. watches and warnings right now. tornadoes and severe thunderstorms. 17 states. rob marciano time this is out. where it hits and went. the newest state, missouri passing its strict abortion law. it comes with possible prison time. days


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